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The coffee shops of Mayfair

Paul Fisher on European technology, venture capital and growth business

Updated: 2014-10-09T12:11:32+01:00


British consumers will base more purchasing decisions on provenance, craft, artisanship and local goods


Looking at the market positioning of Lidl from their television ads. Using Lidl's strategy to muse on British consumer purchase decision trends. Using these contention to inform an investment thesis for Hubbub.

Daily Mail goes one step close to retail.


Yesterday was an interesting day for the Daily Mail. Backgrounder: The Daily Mail is a British Tabloid newspaper that has made the segway online to now occupy the charts as the “worlds most visited newspaper site”. I often end up...

AppearHere: why does ecommerce need physical retail and pop up shops?


Forward Venture Partners recently announced an investment in AppearHere. AppearHere is a marketplace for pop up shops: matching vacant retail space with brands and ecommerce companies who need a physical customer experience. Our investment thesis (as always) rests on the...

Can events really be “valuable” to management teams?


At Forward we think they might be. So we’re running an elongated experiment. We have a range portfolio companies at different stages of development. When portfolio CEOs or Executives come to us and ask for help we do we can...

FarFetch gets investment from Conde Nast and the investment thesis starts to take shape


What does the Conde Naste investment in Farfetch mean for the future of publishers and ecommerce?

Entrepreneurship can't be all science


I was yesterday helping an entrepreneur think through the various parts of his business plan before going to talk to external investors. We went through the whole linear logic, the various competencies needed in the team and the strategy over...

The Unfashionable Web


What’s “not hot” on the web?

FarFetch: The investment case


I am delighted that Advent Ventures has announced the FarFetch investment. As many of my venture capital colleagues know, this is a model that I am very excited about and having brought it to Advent some 6 months ago and...

Synchronous games: the investment case.


Much has been written about the genius of Playfish, Zynga and Playdom. Playdom CEO John Pleasants recently said he expected to see “synchronous gameplay as an extension of some asynchronous games”. That struck me as interesting: not so much as...

Multi-niche ecommerce: is it a business model worth the excitement?


Rumours abound of Hayneedle looking at an IPO. CSN stores just reported a record quarter. 4 European multi-niche ecommerce businesses are getting funded (disclaimer: I have invested in one). Why the excitement? Well, in short, the business model is working....