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Preview: viral marketing romania

viral marketing romania

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[Spoof] Coca Cola Train

Wed, 06 Aug 2008 14:31:33 PDT

brand: Coca Cola/ Coke
agency: Rofilco (see another creation here)
what's supposed to be catchy: the original Italian - German conversation of characters is replaced with one between a roman citizen and an inhabitant of con-quested Dacia. The name of soccer players were replaced with Latin expressions and words in Romanian supposed to be of Dacian origin. And the parody doesn't stop here...
the spoof:
(object) (embed)

the original:
(object) (embed) (image)

Media Files:

Delaco and the Mafia

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 07:46:06 PDT

agency: don't know yet
received: April 21st, 2008
message: TV commercial, second episode of 'Delaco sta bine pe cascaval' campaign.
what's supposed to be catchy: the super is "delaco sta bine pe cascaval" wich in Romanian slang can be translated approximatelly as 'delaco has plenty of bucks', speculating the cascaval alternative meanings of cheese and money.
the thing: links to YouTube locations of the commercials.

(object) (embed)

my comment: the campaign includes also a blog of Toni Delaco (which reminds me of Tony Soprano) a fictional mafioso character... Not my favorite approach but I admire these guys for trying to integrate new media in their campaigns.(image)

Media Files:

Crai: when you know you became totally fucked up by alcoohol

Fri, 12 Oct 2007 05:43:08 PDT

brand: Crai
agency: don't know
recieved: October 12th, 2007
message: the coolest commercial! (ROM: 'a mai belea reclama!')
what's supposed to be catchy:The ideea of killing your wife and demolish your house for a bottle of low-end liquor?! It sucks!
the thing:
(object) (embed)
my comment: Not my type of liquor, not my type of ideea. It sucks, again!!! It seems the commercial will run on tv also! Ay!(image)

Media Files:

Vulva original: woman... scent?!

Fri, 14 Sep 2007 01:35:22 PDT

agency: don't know
recieved:September 10th, 2007
message: new perfume collection
what's supposed to be catchy: sex?! scent? perfume? nude pictures? wallpapers? screensavers? videos?
the thing: this link.

my comment: I did n't know of the existence of such products before. I'm learning! Sex can sell everithing, they say... Sex can sell sex.(image)

durex: New career opportunity. In Thailand!

Fri, 14 Sep 2007 00:38:01 PDT

agency: don't know
recieved:September 13th, 2007
message: New career opportunity
what's supposed to be catchy: c'mon!
the thing:.jpg below


my comment: a little bit immature. but hey, this is the target of this ad... look at their faces! are they young and restless or what!(image)

Irinel and Monica strikes back: French Toast

Wed, 18 Jul 2007 10:04:41 PDT

brand: French Toast/Vel Pitar
agency: Next Advertising, Bucharest
creative director: Liviu David
recieved: 18 July 2007
message: "material for your blog"
what's supposed to be catchy: The characters in the commercial are Irinel Columbeanu and Monica (his whife now). You can see another explanatory posts here and here. The copy: As many slices, So many possibilities. (I will review the translation later).
the thing: a YouTube link. See below the embed.

(object) (embed)

my comment: for sure the commercial is viral. I think is a very good execution. I will not comment if this execution is suitable for the French Toast brand or not. It seems that the commercial reached the internet by "mistake"... Hm! I know some guys who will not agree.

Other reactions (in Romanian): here

Thanx, Razvan!(image)

Media Files:

Ikea: Freedom

Tue, 08 May 2007 04:38:04 PDT

brand: Ikea
agency:I don't know
recieved: 8 May 2007
message: pour le connaisseurs
what's supposed to be catchy: i don't knoy, it didn't caught me
the thing: a .mpeg

(object) (embed)

my comment: the super is 'if it cost less you can work less'. The viral character of this commercial for Romanians can be identified only if you relate it with an very 'advertised' event which took place several days ago in Romania, when a girl (Raluca Stroescu) was found dead in her apartment; Romanian media speculated that the cause of death was exhaustion caused by exagerated work. But this association is quite morbid, isnt'it?(image)

Media Files:

Yale: locks breaking contest

Tue, 17 Apr 2007 13:08:00 PDT

brand: Yale/ Assa Abloy
agency: Graffiti BBDO (post related on their blog: here)
recieved: 17 April 2007
message: Promo Yale
what's supposed to be catchy: the copy of the ad - "We are working with real professionals" vs. the 'professionals' in the image, which are 'The Research and Testing Department'. Also, the 'job description' in the the job opening ad for 'Lock Tester' (second image which I suppose it comes always together with the first) describes best a very good burglar:
- minimum 5 years imprisonment for burglary (repeatedly imprisonment is considered a plus);
- 'street-school' graduated;
- Romanian resident (interdiction for leaving the country is considered a plus);

the thing: two attached images
Image one:
Image two:
my comment: The ad is pretty viral, but I think they originally made it for print and/or outdoor.

The word 'yale' (in the Romanian phonetically pronunciation) became almost a common noun, and stands for the 'modern door-locks'. You know, as 'adidas', 'xerox' and so on.(image)

olimpiadele comunicarii: naumovici vs capanescu

Thu, 05 Apr 2007 08:01:17 PDT

brand: olimpiadele comunicarii
agency: Leo Burnett Romania
recieved: saw it on many blogs (i.e. here, here and here)
message: 'Think at the mental health of the jury members. Think twice before enroll!'
what's supposed to be catchy: both ads parodiates two campaigns which run in the past year. The main characters in the ads are members of "Olimpiadele Comunicarii" (Communication Olympic Games) contest and are creative directors at two Romanian agencies (Leo Burnett and Publicis). You can see the full campaign details here.
the things:
First Ad:
(object) (embed)
[see the original ad here]

Second Ad:
(object) (embed)
[see the original ad here]

my comment: no comment.(image)

Media Files:

ikea: 3 funny ads

Thu, 29 Mar 2007 09:26:44 PDT

brand: Ikea
agency: don't know
recieved:29 March 2007
message: XXX 3 cool ads for Ikea
what's supposed to be catchy:Ikea
the thing:
(object) (embed)
my comment:Ikea opened the first outlet in Romania on march 23rd this year; it is the subject of this period, and the queues at the outlet entrance are already very well known. everybody wants to see what is Ikea thees days, and the circulation of this ad is not a big surprise.(image)

Media Files:

renault nepta. it does this too?!

Tue, 27 Mar 2007 23:46:34 PDT

brand: renault
agency: don't know
recieved: 28 March 2007
message: "New Renault!!!"
what's supposed to be catchy: the concept car
the thing: a video file

(object) (embed)

my comment:the car looks good, a little too big for my taste. Renault sells good in Romania, but it sells a very different sort of cars (remember renalut logan commercials? this and this). my question is: renault does this too?! :)(image)

Media Files:

Cosmote, from Romania, with love

Fri, 23 Feb 2007 14:49:13 PST

brand: Cosmote Romania
agency:Cohn&Jansen/Ashley&Johnes Bucharest
received: 7 February 2007, via e-mail
message: Super Commercial for Cosmote
what's supposed to be catchy: funny images from Romania can be sent to your friends via MMS
the thing: .mpeg
(object) (embed)
my comment:nice commercial, I did not saw it on TV and that's what I believe is made for 'viral purposes'. It reminds me of URSUS ad, but somehow the opposite(image)

Media Files:

durex and EU entering

Wed, 10 Jan 2007 07:09:24 PST

brand: durex
agency: don't know
recieved: 10 January 2007
message: the best wish
what's supposed to be catchy: the copy of the ad means: "Durex whishes Romanians Pleasant EU entering!".
the thing:.jpg
my comment: there are other brands in Romania which tried to relate their campaigns with Romania's integration in EU, but this is the best one in my oppinion.(image)

jbs men underwear

Wed, 07 Feb 2007 02:36:15 PST

brand: jbs Men Underwear
agency:don't know
recieved:8 January 2007
message:the best way to sell men's underwear...
what's supposed to be catchy: the copy "men don't want to look at naked men" describes it best;
the thing: a .jpg


my comment: the campaign seems very good, even is not made for romania; these guys 'see' the essence: you shouldn't sell men products with naked men isn't it? but what you do if the product is men underwear?!(image)

Media Files:

Tue, 05 Dec 2006 00:00:23 PST

agency: none
recieved: 4 december 2006
message: how to draw a car in ms paint
what's supposed to be catchy: the art of the 'paint'-er
the thing: a link which directed to a page from a website owned by Gazeta Sporturilor. the video:

(object) (embed)

my comment: the movie posted on you tube by picster had pretty good viral effect. The result: 'I had over 83 Gigs of Traffic after 3 Days' says the guy.(image)

Media Files:

purescore, sexquiz

Sun, 26 Nov 2006 23:56:03 PST

brand:purescore (?unicef, ?oxfam)
agency:James McDonald
received: 26 November 2006
message:check your score
what's supposed to be catchy: sex from the sex quiz
the thing: a link which directed to a on-line quiz.

my comment: Very basic graphics. Some figures:

(image) (image)

rosal, cleaning services

Sun, 26 Nov 2006 23:23:34 PST

brand: rosal
agency: don't know
via: zoso, 21 November 2006
message: garbage eradication campaign
what's supposed to be catchy: the guy is the real garbage
the thing:
(object) (embed)
my comment:according to zoso, the video is attached to a mail message signd by the president of Rosal, Silviu Prigoana. The text in Romanian:

Buna ziua!
Un click dreapta cu mouse-ul pe attachment, selectare “Play with Media Player” si veti vedea ca Rosal Grup continua in forta si prin mijloace audio-video campania de eradicare a “gunoaielor” (altfel spus, educarea populatiei Romaniei in spiritul pastrarii curateniei). Va atragem atentia asupra faptului ca serviciile de salubritate stradala consuma bani de la bugetul de stat. Mai putine gunoaie aruncate la intamplare pe strazi inseamna activitate de curatenie mai putin intensa si, implicit, costuri mai mici pentru primariile localitatilor tarii. Inseamna reorientarea de fonduri catre alte prioritati – drumuri, parcuri, canalizare etc. Contam pe complicitatea dumneavoastra! ‘Cititi’ si dati mai departe!

Pentru conformitate, cu stima,
Silviu Prigoana,
Presedinte Rosal Grup

Media Files:


Wed, 22 Nov 2006 00:49:43 PST

brand: danone/actimel
agency: don't know
received: 21 November 2006
message: if you speak louder on the phone...
what's supposed to be catchy:actimel may cause over energetic behaviour
the thing:
my comment: i don't like danone commercials in general. this one is good. i think is pretty viral too, Russia is not so 'close' to Romania nowadays...(image)

Media Files:

speed bandits

Wed, 22 Nov 2006 00:00:40 PST

brand:Danish Road Safety Council
received: 21 November 2006
message:"Vous avez dit femme objet?"/ ("Did you say object woman?")
what's supposed to be catchy:the attempt to draw attention to speed signs and speed limits with half-naked women.
the thing:


my comment: OK, it is about Denmark, but it seems that the 'virus' crossed borders; the movie is made on viral basis, and if you want to know more (although is nothing more to find out), visit the site and put the movie on your blog or send-it via e-mail.(image)

Media Files:

Forum and chat with... Maritza

Fri, 17 Nov 2006 00:14:36 PST

brand: Muzeul Taranului Roman (Romanian Peasant's Museum)
agency: Mercury Promotions
recieved: 17 November 2006
message: ...with sound ('cu sonor')
what's supposed to be catchy:chat and forum vs simple and old fashion life of romanian villagers;
the thing: a .mpeg
(object) (embed)
my comment: i think they made it; the name of characters are very traditional and tipical for a romanian village-woman. the contrast with the terms like chat and forum is huge. also, the cow name, 'joiana' is almost a sinonime with the word 'cow'.(image)

Media Files:

El Fucker

Fri, 27 Oct 2006 01:21:10 PDT

recieved: via manafu
message: the virus is roaming through the country
what's supposed to be catchy: parody of orange ads; the movie poster el futadore is a words-game which stands for el fucker in romanian
the thing: a picture link recieved via e-mail (according to manafu*)

my comment: fac ce vreau dar stiu ce fac (meaning i do what i want but i know what i'm doing) is a anti aids/hiv social campaign sustained by orange(image)

indian light

Thu, 26 Oct 2006 03:21:59 PDT

brand: happy dent/perfetti van melle
agency: don't know
recieved:27 october 2006
message: genial ad (reclama geniala)
what's supposed to be catchy: stunts?!
the thing: a .jpeg


my comment: wrigley has 90% market share though(image)

Media Files: sony bravia

Mon, 23 Oct 2006 06:05:07 PDT

brand: sony/bravia
recieved: seen on many blogs starting with October 17th, 2006
what's supposed to be catchy: spectacular special effects,budget (approx GBP 2 Mil)
the thing:
(object) (embed)
my comment: a superproduction, directed by Jonathan Glazer. like no other. More details: here, here, here, here and here(image)

Media Files:

segal drinks mountain dew

Mon, 16 Oct 2006 00:30:10 PDT

brand: mountain dew
agency: don't know
recieved:16 october 2006
message: it's in his blood
what's supposed to be catchy: segal beats everyone without his notice. it's in his blood
the thing:
my comment:i think the commercial comes from hungary...(image)

Media Files:

bird flu new simptoms: francophony summit

Mon, 02 Oct 2006 00:00:07 PDT

brand:gavrila si asociatii
agency:gavrila si asociatii
recieved:2 october 2006
message: gavrila si asociatii salutes the 11th summit of francophony
what's supposed to be catchy: they know
the thing: a .mpeg
my comment: the summit, organized in bucherest at the end of september, generated some disputes regarding traffic jam, caused by traffic restrictions imposed.(image)

Media Files: