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More On Multilevel Marketing


A reader wrote to me regarding an online multilevel marketing article I wrote and felt I did not do justice to representing MLM properly. Message sent: I read your article on Multi-level Marketing where you state 'We tell it like it is.' You've really missed the mark with this one. There are hundreds of multi-level marketing companies from Avon to Watkins. Companies like Mary Kay, Shaklee,

Affiliates of XLPharmacy Beware!


Subject: Canadian Pharmacies, Discount Pharmacies, Online Drug Stores, Canadian Discount Pharmacy Message from ML, one of our readers about online prescription drug companies: Website - Affiliate of XL Pharmacy. What would be the cost of getting to page 1 or 2 of the major search engines using 24-30 keywords? How long would it take? Reply: We need some other information before we can give a

Internet Explorer and the Malware Alarm


I got tired of fighting a virus problem with Internet Explorer 6.0 on my Wife's computer. This was after using all types of Spybot Search and Destroy, Ad-Aware, and registry checkers/repair programs; these on top of the McAfee Security Center software that was installed on the computer to begin with. Nothing was able to find and discover the source of the virus. I did find long file names that

.CN Chinese Domain Name Scams From China


US Now Being Shanghai'd too - Australia: Shanghai'd Domain Names United States of America and the World take WARNING! .CN Domain Name Registrars From China Pulling Fast Ones in America. The following letter was submitted by a subscriber. The China Registrar is trying to get the company to register the domain name through in order to supposedly protect it from someone else

Honesty Is The Best Policy B 2 HR


Unethical Hiring Practices That Involve Bait And Switch Tactics Can Hurt Company Brands On The WebThe Internet as a marketing media outlet for both B2B and B2C has been a great reward to the consumer and other businesses looking to do business with other companies. However, the Internet is also a source for exposing the unethical hiring practices or any type of poor customer service provided by

Contrived Word Of Mouth Marketing


Up In Arms With The Paid Writers On BlogsSome bloggers are getting paid for product reviews, but they are not being up front about it. For those unaware, some companies are paying individuals and bloggers to say good things about their products and even about the companies themselves.Here is a good article on The Ethical Boundaries of Online Marketing, by Douglas Gantenbein.For marketers, the

Honesty Is The Best Policy


Right And WrongEveryone Is Doing Searches OnlineCorporations are using search engines to check up on individuals before they are hired. The same goes true for individuals, also using the search engines, to check up on corporations before they go to work for them. Corporations have been known to take advantage of new people in deceiving and exploitative ways. Consumers, customers, and other

Number 1 on Google Search Guaranteed


Sounds Too Good To Be TrueThe emails arrive by the hundreds. The promises of guaranteed number one on Google, Yahoo, and MSN search or your money back.If we were to believe these con artists, everyone would be number one for their keywords in the search engine results pages.Let's face it, the numbers don't lie. Not everyone can be number one on Google.Many of these shysters and search engine con

20/20 Business Vision


Let The World See Your Business In 20/20 Internet VisionBy: James WarholicNot everyone sees the world the same way.In a story from, Dennis Rogers writes, Don't Let Politics Blind You.This is a fascinating article because I can relate to it with both Eyes. It really is not so much about politics as it is about our children not being able to see at an early age. Though the

B2C Marketing and Advertising


B2C Marketing And AdvertisingMuch has been written about the various aspects of marketing and advertising to the consumer.Here is a story that I first came upon through a Google AdWords Success Story and One On One With RayRay Allen, founder of American Meadows, is a company that definitely caters to the B2C, business to consumer market. It is quite facinating to read how Ray has intergrated his

Some Things Women Can't Do In Public


There Really Are Some Things Women Can't Or Shouldn't Do In your own videos at Google Videos.Professional Web Services, Inc. Internet Marketing Services, Online Advertising Strategies, And Web Branding Solutions To Help Create More Sales For Your Company.

Free Internet Information Repackaged And Sold


Can you believe it!By: James A. WarholicInformation that is free is trying to be peddled and sold as special reports...It is one thing to charge for an article when a publisher has given permission. It is something else altogether, Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement when someone else tries to sell an article without expressed permission to sell it by the original publisher.Print Publishers Vs

Search Engine Optimization Question


How do I get key word searches when using Yahoo or Google to pull up our site? I thought by using Title and Descriptions with key words that would work.What am I missing?Bay Area HuskersSearch Engine Optimization And Internet Marketing AnswerYou got me Internet marketing laughing...Sorry,The simple site that you have without prompting it will not automatically just place you in the results. Take

Hitting The Internet Nail On-the-Head


Clogging Up The Relevant Online WorldBy: James A. WarholicIn a relevant article published online at the Canadian Technology Human Resource Board, Bureau canadien des ressources humaines in technologie, Do Online Business Ethics Exist? By: Niall Roche, the author hits the internet nail on-the-head.Much of the information currently found online is nothing more then chewed up, spit out, copyright

Marketing And Online Advertising Messages


In today's online cynical email times, sometimes the marketing, advertising, and Email messages portrayed seem, too good to be true.Evaluating the website messages to new prospects on the Internet requires continually asking the branding questions: What does this do to my brand? Does it add a plus, minus, or a brand neutral to the overall internet marketing message?Most B2B and B2C companies need

Multi Level Marketing


XYZ eBusiness promises you can earn ten thousand, twenty thousand dollars or more a month, with marketing this new product. Get in early on this eBusiness ground floor oportunity. Looking for executive leaders that can train and lead people by example. Get in early to really make the big money.What do all of these statements have globally in common?Answer: MLM or Multi Level MarketingMulti level

Advertising Scam "Search Engine Data Merging"


Online Advertising Scams "Search Engine Data Merging" Downloading free Web software to do keyword searches in your Web browser address bar can get you more Online advertising than what you asked for. Unethical Marketing And Advertising Spyware and adware companies are promoting themselves as: "get to the top of Google, Yahoo, and MSN search guaranteed for your keywords." Believe it or not,

B2C Web Content for Pay - No Net Way


In some aspects AOL was destined to have the pay for content, all in one place business model, go down ⇓ the eBusiness Route 86 It! Internet highway.When AOL first got started and the Internet was a relatively small net highway, having information content all in one place was a great boom for their bottom line. They were able to charge a premium to their subscriber base for the content and online

Online Tracking online privacy


Most websites use cookies today. Consumers are becoming cookie aware.People are tired of all the viruses and for their privacy concerns are turning off the automatic cookie controls and deciding to accept or reject cookies on an individual basis."I AM TIRED OF IT, AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!"Does this sound like you?Block Or Allow Individual CookiesWell, it might be a little bit of a

Viral Marketing Online


How strong is free WORD-OF-MOUTH marketing?by: James A. WarholicViral marketing is one of those online terms that can have a number of meanings depending on who you talk to. I think it should be renamed to be virile marketing. com (my work definition: of or relating to Website com. strength)In business, one of the keys to success is developing new leads and turning those leads into paying

Internet Marketing Conversions in Online Advertising


Statement: "I am not getting very many e-mails from my online advertising. Oh, By-the-way, a new customer called me on the phone." Question: "How did he find you?" Answer: "Saw my online Ad." Measuring conversions can be very tricky indeed. In the online advertising world a conversion can cover any number of occurrences that are viewed by the Internet advertiser as a positive step in the



by: James A. Warholic Search Engine Optimization What the heck is "Search Engine Optimization?" Internet marketing technical jargon, terms, and phrases can be very misleading. I once made the mistake of referring to my wife as a "school teacher." She promptly corrected me and said, "I am a teacher, not a school teacher! I don't teach schools, I teach children math!" That same logic applies

Thinking Like a Customer


Internet marketing and online advertising have one thing in common. You must think like your customer. It would be great if we could sit behind each and every customer while they are searching on the Internet. Or, know what they are thinking while reading online advertising. There have been Internet marketing studies that say you need to catch the attention of a person in the first few seconds

Global Marketing


So you want to market and advertise to the world? Understanding the cultures of the different targeted countries is important when marketing and advertising globally. Remember all those cultural classes that seemed so boring in high school and college? Well, those classes are more important today then what anyone would have thought of at the time. Even when marketing and advertising with-in a

99 1 Marketing Rule


In web work the 80/20 rule takes on a more significant role.I made a decision a year or so ago that it was not worth supporting the time and effort required to make websites compatible to all the old legacy browsers.I made another discovery for an old legacy browser of IE5/Mac platform that has significant issues when it comes to displaying content using various style sheets and java script for