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Preview: Mike Biggs on Small Brands

Mike Biggs on Small Brands

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Next Thinking Conference - Malaysia


Regular readers will recall my recent post about the International Thinking Conference held in Sweden in June this year. I was very keen to attend, but I did not.But my chance to attend will come a lot closer in 2009 when the conference is to be hosted in Malaysia. is the conference all about ?Thinking is such an important skill to the business mind, but

Product Line Extensions - Sunny Boy


This product line extension raises a few questions: When is the product no longer the product? With reference to the extension of the brand name. Can this be Sunny Boy? AND what part of the product is the brand? The original Sunny Boy was a triangular shaped cardboard pod with frozen cordial inside. To me, the Sunny Boy was the format of delivery, not the liquid being delivered. In this line

Good Product Packaging is Underrated


Retailing products is an art. To be successful you need one of the following: Hi profile chain brand name: eg. Myer, Woolworths etc, OR a high profile product brand name eg. Sony, Nokia, Johnson. You could also compte with a ridiculously low price ($2 store), or an ultra cutting edge innovation that speaks for itself, but these are outside the scope of normal retail.Big store brands and big

Tradie Humour


I found this on my travels in Brookvale just north of Sydney. It's funny AND eye catching which on the surface isn't groundbreaking, but I wanted to make specific note of it and question exactly what makes it good.Reverse psychology is always an interesting way to either catch attention or to illustrate a point. In this case the sign is apologetic in the first instance, which implies you are

You Can't Have it All


In Advertising, specifically production of TV Ads, Radio Ads, and also Design work including Newspaper Ads there is a delicate balance between good quality work, deadlines, and cost.There are three components that make up a job. They govern the process and the output.The three elements are: QUALITY TIME COSTIt would be great to be able to access ultra high quality work, with one day's turnaround,

Commodore 64 Strikes Back


RSS Logo Rip. Is this lazy design work?


Is this logo for a fire detection company a direct rip of the below RSS feed logo? I'll let you be the judge.Company Logo in question:Original RSS Logo:How could such a close cousin of the RSS logo be produced naturally? Is it really possible that a designer has gazed at the screen for long enough, not realizing that his unconscious has absorbed this image only to regurgitate it as a logo for a

Poor Grammar


In my continuing quest for perfect use of the Queen's English, I report that I have found yet another example of poor grammar in retail signage. This image was taken in one of those healthy fast food stores that I hope know more about making fresh food than they do about grammar. The error in case you can't pick it, is the lack of a comma after the word 'and', as underlined in red. Without the

An Example of Poor Advertising?


Is this an example of really low quality advertising? The production values are poor. It's low tech. It doesn't have much reach OR cut-through. But is it good advertising?Of course it is. This ad has all the elements of great advertising. It's media selection is highly relevant as the likely customer is able to stop, or lives nearby. The only people who see it are able to purchase. It clearly and

International Thinking Conference


Thinking is such an important skill to the business mind, but equally the individual in everyday life. There are experts in the field of thinking who have devoted much time and effort to understanding the way we (the human brain) thinks and sees the word.The international Thinking Conference is held almost every year and this year will be in Sweden. If you are interested in the subject of

McDonalds are way off brand


In their effort to desperately keep up with current health trends, McDonalds are continually re-inventing their menu. The new products appear to be an effort to make more money by offering more product lines, however it is also a retention exercise aimed at keeping tradditional customers who are thinking of lapsing due to the health issues.The lates addition to the menu is a range of Heart Tick

Finally an Outdoor Ad that offers something in return.


Outdoor advertising is the most selfish of all advertising media. It forces you to look at it by blocking the 'would be' beautiful scenery, and gives you, the viewer, nothing in return.I have found the first example (that I have seen), of an Outdoor ad that offers a fair exchange. That is, it gives you something in return for looking at it.You simply point your phone at it and send a picture

Swiss Paper prints Fake Gucci Ad


This sexy man is not a Gucci model. He is a prankster who successfully elevated himslef to fame by creating theis Gucci ad himself. He convinced a Swiss paper to run it, presumably pretending to be an advertising agency, and told them to send the bill directly to Gucci, which they did.I am part of the advertising industry, and probably should be annoyed or offended, but in fact I am impressed at

New Energy Drink - Mother - Uses Channel 10's 'The Wedge'


Mother, one of the newest cans to carry the same old liquid known as an energy drink, is disguising some of it advertising on channel 10 as a 'Wedgedale' news report, where the closest thing you get to any information about what the product is, is a 10 doesn't have much going for it except the Simpsons, which has huge appeal that must be recognised even if

Brand Launch or Re-Launch


Developing or evaluating your brand can be hard when you are so close to your product / business. That' s why we developed a 17 page Brand Launch Primer to aid the process. It covers some of the basic drivers behind brand development then gets into some highly effective creative development tools.Example Tools :The Mood BoardThe Brand OnionCharacterisationIt won't do the work for you, but it's

P Mail and Media Convergence


There's alot of talk about media convergence at the moment and who can ignore the very active blurring of media channels that is taking place. You can watch TV on an Ipod, or view a magazine on the internet. This example is the most fun.Paper Based Email It's Easy! Instructions (taken from the Author) 1. Download the P-Mail template.2. Print it out. (You'll need to scale it, so it all fits on one

Eulogy for Advertising


What a great way to say goodbye to the world of the traditional advertising models. We mourn the loss, and welcome the new. Party hosted by naked ny - Via DiabloguePSFK

Super Biggs at the Canada Bay Go Local Launch


Last night was the launch of the Canada Bay Go Local Guide which will be distributed to all residents soon. As a participant Super Biggs was invited, only it wasn't until a few shandy's had been consumed that the Budgie Smuggling, Big 'B' wearing, Caped Hero emerged.What a night, I really think the cartoonist captured my inner super idiot without my having to show it at all, unfortunately, I



Interesting Sign


The Little Slammer Golf Round


In a continuation of my superb acting career, here I am as a golfer who typifies the attitude AND attire.If nothing else this is a mildly amusing film.

Red Symons on Jaycar Products


Product endorsements can come in many shapes and sizes, but I wonder if this one is an exception to the rules. Red Symons has started to put up some You Tube videos, one of which he points out the ultimate uselessness of a number of USB gadgets that all happen to be stocked by Jaycar Electronics.The saying goes that any PR is good PR, so in this case I wonder whether the crack team over at Jaycar

Bravia Final Edit


This is the final of the much anticipated second execution for the Sony Bravia TV.I am less excited now since I have seen it. It's not as impressive as the handy cam cut that was released during production, plus it looks too digitally modified considering they actually splattered the building with real paint.Give me the bouncy balls any day.And here's the first video that we saw months ago.

A brand is successful when it stops gathering and is gathered.


Brands start by associating themselves with symbols, experiences, emotions and other brands. The process of packaging specifically what values the brand stands for is realized through borrowing from others. How do we know when the brand is successful enough and can stop borrowing? A fundamental shift happens that illustrates and answers this question. Brands know their own success when

Passionate Presentations


I am not specifically a Microsoft supporter, but the clip below shows a level of passion and energy that anyone should envy. If you ever make a presentation, lecture, or pitch there is definitely something to be learned from the insane Steve Ballmer. Take a look, and save up your gusto for your next presentation.