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Real Debate Wisconsin

Welcome to Real Debate Wisconsin (RDW). This is primarily a conservative blog but we always welcome input from all points of view. Things get heated upon occasion but we ask that our readers do their best to keep things civil and respect all participants

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New joint.


I moved....



Your evil hate, explained...

Hank's contract included a new House


Cozy new digs for Hank - the BrewersBallPark PUP Hank’s house, which features a miniature slide like the one Bernie Brewer uses to celebrate home runs, will be placed beyond center field for tonight’s game, and moved to different places in the park as the season progresses.

Hank got signed....


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Why is curling at 4 am so intense?!?   The look in the eye of Olympic curlers defines intensity.... Seriously check it out 

Another day another delay....


Obama has waved his magic wand again and delayed the business mandate of Obamacare yet again.....Politics?!?Nah.  I'm sure Nancy Pelosi is offended by this post.   Too bad.

Super Fail


No, not Denver....

Good stuff.


Obama's minimum wage....


Obama is going to increase the minimum wage for everyone who does business with the federal government tonight in the SOTU speech.He is unilaterally increasing the cost of doing business with the federal government and passing that price increase onto you the taxpayers.   It will not hurt these employers as they will just pass the cost of doing business back to the federal taxpayers, you.

Guess the number game



United States vs. The Worm....


I'm good with it.



I really wish the global warming crowd was right for once.  I am sick and tired of this eternal damned cold.



That's a stabbin'

I absolutely Love the Olympics.


The winter Olympics will be upon us again in February...  I for one look forward to this event every two years.  There is something about the world coming together in peace in a spirit of friendly human competition.  The pageantry and competition is infectious Besides, when else can you watch curling at 3am?

Wal-Mart coming to the rescue for Obama?!?


Truth stranger than fiction...

Phasers on stun....


If the army switches to red uniform shirts our guys are doomed...

How should Emperor Obama have remembered and honored Mandela?


By now we all have seen or heard of the STUPID "Selfee" photo at the Mandela funeral and how Michelle had to move to sit between them as a subtle reminder of why they were in South Africa in the 1st place. Just another example of our Narcisist in Chief being himself not really understanding what the event was really about. Emperor Obama did a decent job with his eulogy and even resisted using I

Freedom of Religion? Not in Racine, WI public schools.


As I look out the window of my home office I can see Jerstead school.  This is an elementary/middle school and apparently the policy there is it is not appropriate for a child to be thankful for God or Jesus. As a Thanksgiving exercise there an image of a turkey was handed out with fanned feathers and an assignment was given, write on those feathers what you are thankful for. One child wrote

A blog update....


Yeah, I'm still out there... Frankly my life has changed quite a bit and blogging just has not been there on the priority list. Plus my laptop died, so there's that.  In the Obanomy I make half what I used to right now so I just haven't had the resources to replace it. I'm going to try and be more active here. 

John Doe.


Only in Wisconsin where left-wing special interests obviously colluded in the recall effort of Scott Walker can those groups escape any scrutiny while every Conservative group gets subpena after subpena in a fishing expedition for the crime of defeating the leftist temper tantrum. Hey, John Chisolm, could you be any more partisan if you tried? Meanwhile, the democrats are using Obamacare as a

The list of Obama Lies....


It is longer than you might think it is.

Great Presidential Lies


I am not a crook. Read my lips, no new taxes. I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinski. If you like your insurance you can keep it, period. President Barack Obama repeated his healthcare promise dozens of times to sell the "Affordable Care Act". So far more than 7,000,000 people have had their health insurance policies cancelled, whether they liked them or not, for

Caption Contest - what do ya think?


  Time for a Caption Contest In the midst of our current Government problems it's useful to step back and have a little fun with the Emperor and his Princess

0bama support down to 38% of all adults...


11 September 2013 According to the latest poll from 'The Economist' 0bama's support is down to 38% among all adults. Here's a link to the actual report

Why stop at Watertown? Michelle O. should visit Egg Harbor to promote eggs


"Drink more water" is the message of Michelle Obama in coming to Watertown, WI this week. But man, woman and child do not live by water alone. So, here is a suggested 3-meal trip (on tax payer dollars) for the First Lady to promote a balanced diet nationwide! BREAKFAST: Egg Harbor, WI Orange, CA Hot Coffee, MS Toast, NC   LUNCHEON: Sandwich, MA Tea, SD     HEALTHY SNACK: