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Why listen to me, espcially when there are thousands of blogs from many extremely gifted people? Well, I have a number of articles on the Answers In Action web site. If you like those, you may like what I contribute here. I have a relatively unusual pe

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Idiots from "Lighting the Way" on Cornerstone 2006 "Days of the Dead."

Fri, 14 Jul 2006 05:53:00 +0000

Dwayna Litz has provided an excellent example of Christian Idiocy in a recent article posted on the Christian World View Network website. The link follows, but let me warn you -- this website is one of the very ugliest sites I have ever seen. Here goes: “Days of the Dead” at Cornerstone “Christian” Youth Camp!Dwayna seems to be horrified at the spectacle of young people attending a Christian festival dressed in black, and adorning themselves with piercings and tattoos. She went undercover in a "furtive" visit to this sinister gathering. Yep, she said "furtive" -- i.e. secret, as if she were not just as welcome as any one else is to a public event. It is like saying that one is going to surreptitiously attend a baseball game by buying tickets and sitting in the stands.She seems offended that Christians would wear black and sport piercings and tattoos! Did it occur to her that many of these kids may not be Christians at all? Is it our practice in the churches to require a dress code before one is permitted to hear the gospel? In her blog, she quotes Lev. 19:28 and 1 Kings 18:28 to show that God is against tattoos. But these are quoted out of context. Chapter 19 of Leviticus gives a list of various laws that the Israelites are to keep. These laws all describe pagan practices common among the Canaanites that are forbidden to the Israelites. One of these laws forbids men from trimming their beards! Is Dwayna prepared to enforce that on modern Christians in America!? How about the Jewish dietary Laws? Or circumcision? Not every law in the Torah is applicable to the church. A fuller explanation is given at Sacred Ink.In her anti-tattoo hysteria, she seriously misunderstands and twists what is mean by "gauging". "AAHHH!! It's voodoo worship!!!" What a joke! Hey Miss Dwayna, gauging is streching out the piercings in your ear lobe. Try googling it and see for your self.Her offense at tattoos and peircings is only preparation for the ridiculous allegations made in this "article." For example: St. Francis Levitated!! Well, I didn't hear the talk, so I don't know if this was St. Francis of Assi or St. Francis Xavier. It is the latter that I know of was supposedly seen to levitate. Yeah, stories from the Catholic mystics can get pretty strange. I have no idea if I would have agreed with the speaker on all that was said -- But, what is eggregious and ridiculous is quoting this claim without any futher explanation or context. Dwayna knows that most people in this country have only heard of levitation being done by quack practitioners of eastern religions like the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Rather than explicate and refute the ideas of the speaker, she chooses to pull out one odd detail and damn the speaker with guilt by association. It is an intellectually lazy and dishonest argument.It seems that she does not like the Passantinos. After all Cornerstone's "Imaginarium" celebrated "Days of the Dead" this year and the Imaginarium was one of Bob's favorite things at Cornerstone. She gives no perspective, but only talks about skulls being presented on the "altar of the dead". Well -- The "Days of the Dead" is a Latin Catholic tradition normally celebrated on Nov. 1st -- All Saints day. As such, it is a Christian celebration and remembrance of the departed. Yes, like Halloween, aspects of this holiday have pagan antecedants. So?? Virtually all of our holidays (including Christmas and "Easter") have aspects with pagan antecedants, some more so, some less. Does this negate the Christian meanings? Read Mike Hertenstein Post-Fest Report to get an idea of what this was really about. Don't ask Dwayna, however, as she seems only interested in misrepresenting events out of context. Regarding A Christian approach to holidays like Halloween or all saints day, see what Gretchen Passantino actually says at What About Halloween.Here is are more examples of how she twists things out of context: The skeleton in the trash heap -- that is a depiction of the valley of dry bones from Ezekiel 37.The Labyrinth was[...]