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I Am Chainsaw

"Suppose conventional wisdom to be a forest. I am chainsaw. You are squirrels." Blog on politics/music/technology/movies/whatever by Paul Moloney, a writer from Dublin, Ireland.

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A Short Letter to Lucinda


I sent this letter via email to my local TD Lucinda Creighton on 26th April. No reply as yet: Lucinda Creighton Department of Taoiseach, Merrion Street, Dublin 2.   Dear Ms Creighton, While I do think your recent blog was ill-judged, I accept your claim you're not a fundamentalist or a religious extremist. I just ask a few questions on which I'll be basing my next

Facebook & Violence: Censoring Jane Ruffino


To put it mildly, Facebook has a completely disfunctional censorship policy. Alex Thomson of C4 news has written about how Facebook has defended the upload of a video showing a baby being beaten up: Facebook’s position and argument has oscillated across the day, along with its actions. This afternoon it changed course and said the video would be going back up. Facebook told us they had

Breda O'Brien & Gay Marriage


The following attempt at a fisking of Breda O'Brien's latest in the Irish Times (20 April) is my attempt to try and relaunch the blog. After years of posting only in 140 characters my prose is probably clunky, so bear with me! "It may seem odd to describe

Grey Power, Irish Style


Irish pensioners don't take too kindly to have their medical cards taken away: I didn't know that booing was allowed in churches. I was wondering why the meeting was held in a church in the first place; it turns out that the original meeting room in the nearby Alexander Hotel was far too small for the crowd that turned up (over 1,000), so the local priests kindly obliged. I'm presuming

Palin: Complete Nobody


Sarah Palin, college heavyweight: It's the funniest damn thing," Fisher [Palin's journalism instructor at the University of Idaho] said. "No one can recall her." "I don't remember her," said Roy Atwood, Palin's academic advisor at the university. [...] Indeed, interviews with a dozen professors yielded not a single snippet of a memory. Not that she treated college lightly: Palin



Hmm, about time I started this thing up again. More soon.

Come, Friendly Blogger Bombs, and Fall on Egypt


Yes, I haven't been very active lately - blame a family trip and two weddings to organise plus work-induced scriptophobia - but I thought this story about Egyptian blogger Alaa Ahmed Seif al-Islam, being jailed was worth stirring from my slumber (via Harry's):In addition bloggers are using another technique to bring Egypt and the Egyptian Government and the Egyptian Government’s human rights

"It’s tough to be loved by idiots..."


The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's take on recent events.More at the Beeb:[...] across the country most of the run of 160,000 copies was snapped up by mid-morning. The magazine promised to print thousands more. Charlie Hebdo combines anarchic comic-strip cartoons with serious comment. The latest edition has a double-page spread of drawings satirising political correctness. All

Yahoo Sells Out Another Journalist


Via Slashdot, a BBC report:The internet giant Yahoo has been accused of providing China with information that led to the jailing of a second internet writer. Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders claims that Yahoo released data which led to the arrest of Li Zhi. The online writer was jailed for eight years in 2003, after posting comments that criticised official corruption.Technorati tags:



That's the sound of a million satirists locking their typewriters away, realising their efforts no longer match reality. Via Drink Soaked..., a story from Neandernews:Do these two photos look similiar?They should because they are the same! No, not a satire of Mohammed nor any other sacred Islamic figure but a photo of Jacques Barrot, a pig squealing contestant at the French Pig-Squealing

The Mighty Boosh


Yeah, has been a slow blogging week (or two). But in the meantime, just a recommendation: I caught "The Mighty Boosh" tonight on BBC2 (being repeated from BBC3) for the first time, and it's one of the funniest series I've seen in a long time. It's coming out on DVD next week, I'm tempted to buy it straight away.



(Via Norm) Polly Toynbee on the idiotic Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill that looks set to be passed in the UK:It would not protect Rowan Atkinson's sketch showing men bowed down praying in a mosque with the voiceover intoning: "And the search goes on for the Ayatollah Khomeini's contact lens." Many were insulted. It would not protect Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses, let alone Christ in

The Mystery of the Flying Car


There's some detective work underway over at The Register as they try to work out why Google Earth appears to show a flying car in Perth:Technorati tags: The Register, Google Earth, flying car.

Boycott Yahoo


In case you're wondering about the new button on the right-hand side, check the following links: tags: Yahoo would sell their mothers as

Oaten Quits Front Bench


Remaining Lib Dem leadership candidates express sympathy and support:Technorati tags: Mark Oaten, Liberal Democrats, who's the next one?.

Hot Gossip Reform


(For those of you too young to remember....)(Hat tip: Harry's)Technorati tags: My eyes, my eyes, dear God, my eyes!,Galloway.

The Dancing Chicken Woman


Coming back along Liffey Street last night, I passed a woman, wearing a cowboy-type outfit, with a chicken mask, dancing while filming herself with a camcorder. Honest:After a few minutes, she packed up and left. I presuming it was just a student art project or something, but it would be great if it was actually due to some rare form of insanity.Technorati tags: The dancing chicken woman of Old

Ireland's Answer to Jackie Harvey


Item! Watch out Jackie, you have a rival: thought fawning gossip columns had gone out of fashion since the arrival of the likes of PopBitch and Holy Moly, but maybe it's postmodern or something.Technorati tags: Dublin, gossip.

The Politics Test


You are a Social Liberal (75% permissive)and an... Economic Moderate (50% permissive)You are best described as a: Democrat Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online DatingAlso: The OkCupid Dating Persona TestI did another one of these quizzes a while back and my answer then was similar with this. Of course, possibly that just means that they're all biased in

Always Backs a Winner


Quote from Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother:"I want Michael [Barrymore] to win and come back to this country and entertain the nation".George, your mate Saddam has more of a chance of a comeback.(And I'm including either coming back as President of Iraq or getting his own quiz show on ITV.)Technorati tags: George Galloway, Big Brother.

Quote of the Day


From tommytwotimes in the PopBitch forum:"You haven't lived until you've seen the Daily Express TV ad where typical readers talk about what they believe in. It's like the BBC Perfect Day ad redirected by Oswald Moseley[sic]."Technorati tags: PopBitch, quotes.

Moore & Moorcock


Not one hairy fantasy genius, but two:Marcus at Blackwells wrote to let me know that I thought I'd let you know that Alan Moore has agreed to host the Moorcock event we have on the 18th January. Blackwell Charing Cross Road present an evening with Michael Moorcock, in conversation with Alan Moore. Wednesday 18 January at 7pm.Tickets £6, concessions £4, from the shop during opening hours (9.30 -

The Revolution will be Televised (in excruciating detail)


Who would have thought that George Galloway entering the Celebrity Big Brother house would lead to a reappraisal of that lowbrow cultural pastime, television? Not since the broadcast of Kenneth Clarke's Civilisation have so many bien-pensants been rushing to reverse their opinion of this previously ridiculed cloaca of hyper-capitalism and objectification. The audacity of Galloway attempting to

Sunday Roundup


Whatever happened to the Jetfoil?The Cu na Mara was eventually bought by a shipping broker who sold it on to the Sado Steam Ship Company Ltd. In 1986, it was re-named the Ginga (Milky Way) and still sails the calmer waters between Niigata and the Sado Islands of Japan to this day. Nick Cohen on Cameron's recycling policies:Nor should it be a surprise that a son of the corporate aristocracy is the



Charles Kennedy has broken into the Celebrity Big Brother house to hide from his front bench, and has climbed onto the roof with a large bottle of Glenfiddich. Sir Menzies "Rhymes with Fish Fingers" Campbell is outside with Davina, pleading with Charlie to come back down for the sake of the party. Speaking of Big Brother:George Galloway's agent sought to quell ongoing rumours this morning