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Commentary from a liberal Christian

Updated: 2014-10-03T00:48:56.846-06:00


Willard Romney -- Bush 43 redux


A while back I asked to hear from the Romney supporters among my friends on Facebook. The response was underwhelming, to say the least. Nobody, and I mean nobody, bothered to lay out a case for electing Willard. The few responses that I did get were just attacks on BHO -- their reasons to vote against BHO, but no explanation of why they plan to vote for Romney. Sadly, my Romney supporting friends

Government that works for all us? I don't think so.


Our GOP controlled school board in Douglas County just disclosed that they are working on a voucher program to provide "choice" for parents, even though the public schools in our district are among the highest performers in Colorado. The only private schools in Douglas County are religious, so guess who would benefit.Unfortunately for the school board, Article IX, section 7 of the Colorado

Taxation is slavery?


Taxation is not slavery. To equate the two is an insult to every unfortunate soul who has ever suffered under that despicable institution. And yet, people who know better continue to spout such nonsense.Taxation is legal, constitutional, and necessary.From the Declaration of Independence:"...[G]overnments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."From

Criticism of


A Facebook friend of mine recently repeated the meme that the Obama administration had spent $19 million on the website, and that the erroneous information that has shown up there is all Obama's fault. He also cited examples from Oklahoma and Arizona of spending attributed to nonexistent congressional districts.In fact, the data is provided by the states, who actually spend the money

I wish I was 1/10th as smart as Teddy Roosevelt


During his tenure in the White House, Theodore Roosevelt had shown how powerful that office could be in marshalling reform sentiment. He believed that the president had to be responsive to the will of the people, but that he also had an obligation to lead and not merely follow the mob.Source:

Rich Germans demand higher taxes


Wealthy people who actually give a damn about their fellow citizens? Unthinkable!From the BBC



I've tandem-jumped twice, in 2003 and 2007. Both jumps were part of 21st birthday celebration weekends for our daughters Emilie and Katie, and both jumps were in Las Vegas. The first jump was exhilarating. We jumped from a converted cargo plane that held eight pairs of jumpers. I was the last to go, after my daughters Sara and Emilie and my nephew Chad. The view was fabulous -- we could see the

What is it with politicians from South Carolina?


A [Republican] deputy assistant attorney general who said he was on his lunch break when an officer found him with a stripper and sex toys in his sport utility vehicle has been fired, his boss said Wednesday.From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

More news you won't see on Fox


What kind of person can equate an attempt to provide health coverage to all Americans with the systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews? I just don't understand...Matthew Yglesias » Scenes From a Tea Party

What a shocker!


A Republican chicken hawk blocking improved benefits for our deserving veterans. I wonder what Rush Limbaugh will have to say about this?Take Action: Senator Coburn Blocking Vets' Aid - Will You Stand Up To Him?

More fun and games from South Carolina


Federal judge nixes SC license tag with crossI'm a Christian, and I don't understand why these so-called Christians don't follow Jesus on this one:“Whenever you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, because they love to pray while standing in synagogues and on street corners so that people can see them. Truly I say to you, they have their reward.” (Matthew 6:5)

The Tragedy of the (Unmanaged) Commons


A Libertarian acquaintance insisted that I read The Tragedy of the Commons by Garrett Hardin. I also read Hardin's later comments about his 1974 essay, in which he said:"Individualism is cherished because it produces freedom, but the gift is conditional: The more the population exceeds the carrying capacity of the environment, the more freedoms must be given up...Yet the slightest attempt to

More insanity from South Carolina


Apparently it's now illegal for any Republican to work with Democrats to make the world a better place.The Associated Press: US Sen. Lindsey Graham censured by SC county GOP

Meet the new boss...


Anybody else who wants to personally oversee the greedy SOBs on Wall Street being drawn and quartered? I happily contributed money to and voted for Obama, but I cannot believe what is going on in his Treasury Department or in our gutless Congress. This interview by Bill Moyers is simply terrifying.Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. -- Pete Townshend

Sign waving in Highlands Ranch


I finally had some free time today, so I spent two hours waving Obama signs on Broadway just south of C-470. My (admittedly) unscientific observations about the folks who responded:Among the folks who expressed an opinion, Obama supporters outnumbered McCain supporters by about a 2-1 margin.I got three obscene gestures, two from Joe

Curt Dale deserves our pity, not our anger


Submitted to the Highlands Ranch Herald on October 20.Some of your readers have been pretty vocal recently about how upset they are with columnist Curt Dale. I used to feel that way, too, but now I just feel sorry for him. It must be very scary for folks like Curt nowadays. They have been living inside the house of cards that the GOP leadership, the corporate media, and the right wing noise

Blaming the Democrats for high gasoline prices


The latest nonsense coming from the GOP is a lame attempt to blame Democrats for high gasoline prices. The GOP controlled the presidency and the congress from 2001 to 2007. What did they do about energy supplies besides give the oil companies more and more tax breaks? And what was the result? Retail gasoline prices tripled. How exactly is that the Democrat's fault? I challenge anyone to name one

McCain - "I hated the gooks."


From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: On his campaign bus recently, Sen. John McCain told reporters, "I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live." Although McCain said he was referring only to his prison guards, there are many reasons why his use of the word "gook" is offensive and alarming. It is offensive because by using a racial epithet that has historically been used to demean all

Edwards rising in Iowa


Happy new year! I am spending a few days in frigid Iowa to celebrate Christmas with the relatives. John Edwards came through my hometown today for an appearance at the local VFW post, so I took my mom to see him. I have to say that I did not see the "angry" man that the corporate media keeps harping on. Edwards was very personable, and he spoke mostly about the need to rein in corporations,

1000 American lawyers call for Congress to do its job


We are lawyers in the United States of America. As such, we have all taken an oath obligating us to defend the Constitution and the rule of law….We believe the Bush administration has committed numerous offenses against the Constitution and may have violated federal laws….Moreover, the administration has blatantly defied congressional subpoenas, obstructing constitutional oversight ….Thus, we

Who is really totally stupid and insane?


In an October 25th column in the Highlands Ranch Herald, Curt Dale rushed to defend comedian Rush Limbaugh, claiming that Senator Harry Reid had maligned poor Rush by quoting him out of context. Dale referred to Reid as "totally stupid." The broadcast transcript from the September 26, 2007 radio show tells a different tale, however. On that show, Limbaugh had a caller named Mike who said he was

"We don't do body counts." -- General Tommy Franks


Recently I had an exchange with somebody on who was attacking a friend of mine who is a Vietnam vet because my friend opposes the continuing U.S. occupation in Iraq. When I let this person know that I didn't appreciate his remarks, he immediately accused me of being some sort of bleeding heart liberal who didn't understand the nature of terrorism, and asked how liberals compute

Not-so-neighborly new neighbors


We have some new neighbors across our back yard. At least I think we have new neighbors -- I haven't actually seen them yet, but I am well acquainted with their two dogs.The dogs are large -- and loud -- and appear to be the results of an encounter between a Doberman and a St. Bernard. They spend all day, every day, alone in their back yard, and being dogs, they bark at anything, everything, and

Living in the real world


It's hard not to feel sorry for David Cook of Loveland, who lives in a very scary world where liberal bogeymen lurk behind every corner. I sure hope Dave doesn't get too lonesome, though, because the rest of us have to live in the real world.In Dave's world, liberals are disgusting the voters. In the real world, Republican corruption, immorality, malfeasance, and plain old stupidity over the

Both Ways Bob is at it again


I had to laugh this past week when I heard Bob Beauprez defending the illegal use of information from the NCIC crime database, claiming that the ICE agent who passed along the dirt was just a well-meaning whistle blower.Way back in June of this year, Bob voted in favor of a House resolution condemning whistle blowers who uncovered illegal acts committed by the Bush administration and then had the