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Unique news, professional pondering, and irreverent humor on the media relations and PR profession.

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Ego Epidemic Online - Are You in a Nasty Chokehold? A One-winged Bird Has Symbolic Advice


Ego Epidemic Online! Are you in a nasty chokehold? The intensity takes my breath away. I've been caught up in it myself...and have chosen to back off. Klout score is in negative territory! The result? Happiness! And guess what else? It has not led to poverty or lack of business or the respect of my colleagues.(image)

New Year Wishes For Me. What Are Yours?


New Year wishes: Learn to love the joy in solitude. Once done, you can invite your friends back into your life for all the "right reasons." (image)

The Question I Can't Stand to Answer: "What do you do for a living?"


The Question I Can't Stand to Answer: "What do you do for a living?" I don't know anymore. My name is Jeri Cartwright, this is my blog and I'm in public relations.(image)

Sad Times For Public Relations - A Utah Mayor's Ethics Lapse


Sad times for public relations - a Utah Mayor's ethical lapse. Public Relations Society of America issues official statement. Mayor resigns role in PR firm(image)

Dear Mr. Jobs, Thanks For The Magic.


Dear Mr. Jobs, Thanks For The Magic.(image)