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Preview: Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Author of Inspirational fiction set in historical Europe and the Carolinas.

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The American Dream (romance collection) - Now Available!


9 inspirational historical novellas In the turbulent yet thrilling days of forming a new country, these Americans build their lives upon a foundation of faith and love. From Colonial days in Connecticut to a Quaker settlement in North Carolina to settlers of the great frontier, readers will experience nine adventures embarked by those who dare to dream of a better life for themselves and the ones they have found to love. ~1753 - Carving a Future by Carl Olson Gade1754 - Trading Hearts by Amber Stockton1758 - Over a Barrel by Laurie Alice Eakes1762 - Impressed by Love by Lisa Karon Richardson1763 - When the Shadow Falls by DiAnn Mills1808 - New Garden's Hope by Jennifer Hudson Taylor1840 - New Garden's Crossroads by Ann E. Schrock1859 - Free Indeed by Kristy Dykes1859 - A Mother's Cry by Jane Kirkpatrick~Available now!Print &  e-books[...]

The Home of Author Thomas Wolfe


Thomas Wolfe was one of the great American classic writers of all times, a novelist who perfected the ability of combining impressionistic prose with autobiographical fiction. While he is considered to be North Carolina's most famous writer, I like to remind people that O. Henry (William Sidney Porter) was just as famous and born in Greensboro, North Carolina, a generation earlier.

Thomas Wolfe House, Asheville, NC
Born in Asheville, NC in 1900, Wolfe only lived to be 37 before he perished of tuberculosis of the brain. During his short life, Wolfe wrote four novels, many short stories and several novellas. When he was 15, Wolfe studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He graduated five years later with a B.A. and later graduated from Harvard University with a masters degree.

While he also wrote a few plays, Wolfe was unable to sell them due to their extreme length. His writing was more appropriate to the length of novels. He traveled to New York where he tried to sell some of his plays to Broadway and later settled on a position teaching English at New York University. He traveled abroad to Europe, where he continued writing on his journeys through England, France, Italy and Switzerland.

Wolfe wrote an autobiographical novel entitled O. Lost. It was based on his hometown of Asheville, although he changed the town's name to Altamont. Several of the characters were loosely based on true-life people, including family, friends and boarders who lived at his mother's boarding house. Even though he changed their names in the book, many of the people did not appreciate how they were portrayed in the novel when it was released in its final version as Look Homeward, Angel. The novel caused an uproar in Asheville, and as a result, Wolfe chose to stay away from his hometown for the next eight years.

Once Wolfe's second novel was published as The October Fair, the people of Asheville were upset that they were not included, an ironic twist after their reaction from his portrayal of them in his first book. After Wolfe passed away, two more books were discovered among his written works. They were edited and published after his death.

"Awakened Redemption" on Sale for Christmas!


Only $0.99 until Dec 31st! 

Preston Mallory hires Elyse Brigham as a nursemaid for his son. Recovering from an abused past, she begins to open her heart to him until she discovers Preston's true identity. Betrayed, she flees to London and Preston follows hoping to mend things. His plans are thwarted when his former fiancée is murdered. With plenty of motive and no alibi, he's arrested. How will he prove his innocence and convince Elyse to forgive him? 

Elyse has nowhere to turn and believes the Almighty has forsaken her. As her life unravels, a new foundation and path are laid before her if she has the courage to forgive and cling to a forgotten faith.

"For Love or Liberty" by Jennifer Hudson Taylor Releases Today!


#MacGregorLegacy #4LoveLoyaltyBook 3, The MacGregor LegacyFor Love or Liberty is the story about a family learning to battle the heartache of grief, while growing in their faith, and risking the opportunity to love again.From Publisher's Weekly"Taylor channels Jane Austen as Conrad’s and Charlotte’s bickering fuels their attraction to each other, in a manner reminiscent of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet." Read the whole review, here. From RT Book Reviews"Taylor's latest historical romance centers on the strong-willed Conrad and the intelligent, sharp-tongued Charlotte. The battle of wills that constantly happens between them will keep readers invested. With an easy pace, beautiful language and a strong historical plot, Taylor writes a story of substance about two people who, belief and faith, find their way to each other." Read the whole review, here. (4.5 Stars)Back Cover DescriptionGrieving over her twin’s death, Charlotte Morgan leaves the Carolina coast for the shores of Lake Erie, Ohio to help care for her niece and nephew. Captain Conrad Deaton goes along to support his brother in the role of a widowed parent. Soon, Conrad and Charlotte are locked in a battle of wills, as The War of 1812 rages around them.Charlotte wants to preserve her sister’s memory, while Conrad believes they should not dwell on the past. In spite of their differences, Conrad has a certain charm and magnetism that draws her. Afraid of their past history, his rejection, and loving a man duty-bound to war and sailing the high seas, she tries her best to resist her growing feelings for him. As the battle on Lake Erie breaks out, fear and tension escalates. When neither brother returns with the others, Charlotte fears the worst.         [...]

SS American Victory WWII Ship


By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Floating in Tampa Bay at the Channelside is the SS American Victory WWII Ship--a historic national treasure. She is one of only 4 fully-operational WWII ships in America. Built in 1945 in California, she is 455 feet long and 62 feet wide. The SS American Victory is able to travel up to 17 knots at top speed. The ship has 9 decks and carried 62 Merchant Marines and U.S. Armed Guard officers and crew.

While she current serves as a Mariners Memorial & Museum Ship, she was once responsible for carrying food, machinery, vehicles, and other supplies to war ravaged areas of Europe and the near East for the U.S. Government's United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. She carries 8.20mm caliber Oerlikon guns, one 3-inch 50 caliber gun, and one 5-inch 38 caliber gun. 

If you would like to learn more about this great ship and how to visit and take a tour aboard it, visit Twice a year, the ship relives history by taking people out on a cruise through the Channel in the spring and fall. Cruisers get a chance to experience the ship in action while enjoying music and entertainment as they relive history. 

The ship caught my attention and I snapped a few photos from both angles where she was docked. I wasn't able to research the ship until I returned home. I wish I had had a chance to take a tour, but it is now on my to-do list the next time I return to Tampa. 

Kindle Unlimited: Provides Significant Limitations for Authors & Readers


By Jennifer Hudson TaylorAs you may have heard by now, Amazon has released its latest program, Kindle Unlimited. It's a subscription based service much like Netflix for movies and directly competes against Scribd and Oyster, distributing a list of ebook choices for a monthly subscription fee. Yet, the service is not so unlimited. While Scribd offers up to 400,000 ebooks for a monthly fee of $9, Oyster offers 500,000 and Kindle Unlimited is now offering up to 600,000 for a monthly fee of $10 per month. These services do not offer readers choices from the latest bestsellers lists, unless those books happen to be published through Simon & Schuster or Harper Collins since Scribd and Oyster have made special arrangements with those publishers. Kindle Unlimited Offers Significant Limitations for ReadersThe latest bestsellers will not be offered. If readers want to read these books, they will still have to purchase them separately in addition to paying this monthly fee or find them for free in a library system--when they become available. The big five publishers are not included in the Amazon Unlimited selection. If you have any self-published favorite authors, their works will not be included either--unless they publish exclusively with Amazon in their Kindle Select program. Some Amazon Unlimited books are already offered to Amazon Prime members for free. The difference is, with Prime readers can only download one free book per month and those books must be downloaded on Amazon devices. Kindle Unlimited allows readers to download up to 10 books per month simultaneously, on up to six devices, and those devices do not have to be Amazon devices. Audio books are not available with Prime, but they are with Kindle Unlimited. A portion of Kindle Unlimited ebooks are also available for FREE at Project Gutenberg. As many as 45,000 of these ebooks are available in the public domain at Project Gutenberg. It makes the mind wonder, how many of these books have inflated that 600,000 number that Amazon Unlimited is offering. The service is heavy on classics and self-published books through their Kindle Select program.Readers need to be reading at least 2 books per month for the service to have value. For readers who may only read a book per month, it wouldn't be worth paying the monthly fee. The typical American only reads five books per year. This statistic is from Pew Internet and American Life Project--and could be why so many authors are struggling to make a living at writing books. Most authors have to supplement their writing income with other jobs. For the record, I believe Kindle Unlimited will still be profitable and a successful business model. Netflix and Hulu have proven the success of this business model, and Amazon may be the one to prove it in the book industry, if other services like Scribd and Ortho have yet to prove it to you. There are enough people out there who will subscribe to this service---even in the absence of the big five book publishers and their bestsellers lists. Some of my favorite books never made it to the bestsellers lists, so I wouldn't make my decision based on their absence or presence, and I'm sure there are many others who are like me in that regard. I have other reasons for not subscribing to Kindle Unlimited--at this time.Kindle Unlimited Offers Significant Limitations for AuthorsMost self-published authors must be enrolled in the Kindle Select program. This means they will not be able to sell their books on any other site or platform, including their own website. Their books will not be available on Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Apple's iBook store, etc. A few select bestselling authors may be the exception to this requirement, as well as traditionally published authors.Self-Published authors will not know how much they are being paid per book. Each month Amazon will set aside a pool of money that will be [...]

"For Love or Country" by Jennifer Hudson Taylor (New Book Release!)


By Jennifer Hudson TaylorFor Love or Country  (Book 2)ISBN 978-1426733857Available Now!One spy. One commission. One love.He must risk it all to gain everything.North Carolina, 1781At the height of the Revolutionary War, Tyra MacGregor is successful at thwarting the British Army with her colonial spy efforts. But her sleuthing ways come to a screeching halt when Captain Donahue "Hugh" Morgan puts her under house arrest.Hugh is intrigued by this courageous spy the natives call "War Woman." She's more daring than most men and is intelligent in defending her convictions. Even more impressive to Hugh is the strength of Tyra's unshakeable faith in God.When Tyra saves his life during an attack, Hugh vows to return the favor. Before he can intervene, however, she is caught by his superior officer and imprisoned. Soon Hugh's honor, faith, country, and love are all on the line. Can he risk it all to gain everything?"A terrific tale of sacrifice and love!" Amazon review by April RennRead the First Chapter! For Love or CountryChapter OneWilmington, NC (1781)Tyra MacGregor did not want the Christmas feast to end. She leaned back in her wooden chair and peered at her family gathered around the long dining table, laughing and talking in jovial spirits. It had been a miracle her father, Lieutenant Malcolm MacGregor, and her elder brothers, Callum and Scott, were given a few days off from the Continental Army to spend Christmas with them. This time when they left, they would be taking her younger brother, Alec, now that he had turned ten and five. Tyra blinked back sudden tears as a searing ache twisted her insides.“Lauren, this was a delicious meal.” Da leaned over and gave their mother a kiss on her rosy cheek. They shared an intimate glance of love and devotion. Tears sprang to her mother’s blue eyes. Tyra looked away, unable to witness the emotional exchange as the back of her own throat constricted.“I did not prepare it alone, Malcolm.” Mama’s voice carried down the long table. “Tyra’s cooking skills have greatly improved since ye’ve been away at war.”“Indeed?” Her father lifted a russet eyebrow, as the corners of his mouth curled in an approving grin. A full beard and thick mustache layered with gray specks in his reddish-golden whiskers branded its mark into her memory. “Then I daresay, well done, lass.”“Thank ye, Da.” Tyra forced a tender smile to hide her fearful worry. Thinking of her gift to them, genuine joy crept into the muscles of her tense face. “And now I have a surprise for you all.”“Dessert?” Kirk’s voice cracked as he shoved his empty plate aside. At ten and three, her youngest brother often suffered the embarrassment of his tones vibrating from his throat. He rubbed his hands. “I thought I smelled a sweet treat earlier.”Tyra took his empty plate and placed it on top of hers, biting her bottom lip to keep from blurting out the answer. She whirled and stepped toward Alec.“No, leave mine.” Alec threw a hand out to protect his unfinished plate. “I intend to eat every bite.” He glanced at their father and older brother, Scott. “I do not know when I might have the blessing of another home-cooked meal after this day.”Tyra paused, her gaze meeting Alec’s brown eyes. Her heart thumped against her ribs in an attempt to stomp down the rising grief welling inside her. Even though she was only ten and seven, she believed Alec was too young for war. She didn’t care if other lads his age had already signed up these past five years. Many of them were gone from this world. The knowledge alone made her want to drop the plates and wrap her arms around him and beg Alec to stay. Others who had enlisted at his age continued to survive like her eldest brother, Scott. They had grown into fine young men, accustomed to the ways of war, always fighting for their freedom.“I wanna go!” Kirk plopped h[...]

See It! Celerain Lighthouse in Cozumel, Mexico


By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

#lighthouse #travel 

At the southern tip of Cozumel Island in Mexico is a charming lighthouse that was built in 1901. With today's technology, the use of lighthouses has fallen to a time in the past. The lighthouse is now an historic site with a small museum featuring navigation history and the lighthouse keeper's home as it was back when the lighthouse was in operation, as well as the rich history of seamanship and piracy of the Caribbean. The museum is open daily to the public for a small fee and people can climb to the top for a panoramic view of the beautiful island and its coastal shores. 

The lighthouse is located in Faro Celarain Eco Park, which features nature exhibits and offers important protection to preserve the wildlife in the area. The park serves as a haven for birds and turtles. Located nearby is the ancient Mayan lighthouse, El Caracol, a 700-year old Mayan structure that historians believe was used as a lookout tower.  

Looking to be Published? Write Your Own Ending For Love or Loyalty


#contest, #writing My publisher, Abingdon Press, is hosting a Write Your Own Ending contest for my novel, For Love or Loyalty, book 1 in the MacGregor Legacy. Duncan Campbell's hatred for the rival MacGregor clan nearly consumes him. He's not the only one who wants revenge for a lifetime rivalry between the two families. But when members of both clans try to forge a peaceful bond, what's left for Duncan?You tell us! Write your own ending to For Love or Loyalty.Write your ending as a post on your blog or GoodReads.Post a link to your suggested ending on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #Duncan, AND send a link to by June 30, 2014.Ask your fans, friends, and followers to share, like, and comment to make your ending most popular.If your ending is the most shared, I will send you signed copies of the entire MacGregor Legacy series, feature you and your ending on my blog, and will promote it with several national websites. The writer of the most popular ending will also receive a signed copy of the entire MacGregor Legacy series!Click any link below to tweet this opportunity to your friends... and start writing!What happened to #Duncan Campbell? You decide! Write your own ending to For Love or Loyalty by @jt4novels: wants YOU to write your own ending for #Duncan Campbell. Entries due June 30! Click here for more information: for #Duncan! I'm writing my own ending to For Love or Loyalty by @jt4novels and you can too. Find out more: my blog with Bloglovin[...]

Why Jane Austen Would Be in the Slush Pile Today


By Jennifer Hudson TaylorJane AustenDon't misunderstand me. I am a huge #JaneAusten fan and in many ways I believe she was ahead of her time. In spite of her popularity and movie success, if you compare the quality of her writing to what is required of writers today, she would not be published in today's market. In fact, her manuscripts would be allocated to the slush piles until the dreaded rejection letter arrived in her email box.Getting noticed and published by a traditional publisher has always been hard for new authors--and each year it seems to get harder. There are so many industry standards and writing rules that authors must write by until they have the sales to back them up and they can break those rules.1. Show, Don't TellToo often it is drilled into writers' heads to show a scene unfolding, don't tell the reader about it. Jane Austen breaks this cardinal rule throughout her books and in almost every scene she wrote. Below I have pulled an excerpt from Sense & Sensibility.The carriages were then ordered; Willoughby's was first, and Marianne never looked happier than when she got into it. He drove through the park very fast, and they were soon out of sight; and nothing more of them was seen till their return, which did not happen till after the return of all the rest. Here is an example of how it could have been written to show rather than tell. I've written are article on The Big Show Vs Tell Debate.Curricle ExampleThe servants brought the carriages around, leading with Willoughby's shiny black curricle. He extended his hand to Marianne. She beamed with excitement as her smile reached each glowing cheek. Accepting his assistance, she glanced up at Willoughby with trusting eyes full of adoration. He climbed in beside her and snapped the reins. The horses launched into a canter and the curricle rolled down the lane leaving a cloud of dust trailing behind them. Marianne laughed in delight and gripped her hat to keep it from blowing away.2. Cut Unnecessary WordsWhile Jane Austen's writing style is of another time in our history when people generally talked different, the way she phrased her sentences is often too wordy. Today's readers would never tolerate such wordiness from a new writer, and therefore, neither would today's publishers. Below is another example from Sense & Sensibility. The sudden termination of Colonel Brandon's visit at the park, with his steadiness in concealing its cause, filled the mind, and raised the wonder of Mrs. Jennings for two or three days; she was a great wonderer, as every one must be who takes a lively interest in all the comings and goings of all their acquaintance.It could have been simply stated: For several days, Mrs. Jennings continued to wonder about the reason behind Colonel Brandon's sudden departure. 3. No Head-Hopping, Stay in One POVThe chapters often begin in an omniscient POV, giving a general description of the scene and the feelings and viewpoint of each character. At various times the scenes will swap between Elinor and Marianne's point of view, and on occasion, even their mother within the same scene. Writers today are not allowed to head-hop, which is switching from one character's POV within the same scene without a transition, scene or chapter break.4. Be ConsistentThis may have only been an editing mistake, but there are times when the girls' mother is referred to as Mamma and as Mama. The spelling variations are not always consistent. Writer's today are taught the rule of consistency. If we choose to spell something one way, stay with it throughout the story. For example if you start out spelling inquiry, you cannot later use the spelling of enquiry.I have only listed a few cardinal writing rules, but these few are enough to cause a new writer of today to be rejected by most publishers. Jane Au[...]

How REAL Secret Tunnels Impacted My Upcoming Novel, For Love or Country


By Jennifer Hudson Taylor#MacGregorLegacy #history #colonial #fictionWhile researching my next novel, For Love or Country, book 2 in The MacGregor Legacy, I came across some interesting information regarding real secret tunnels existing under the historic district of Wilmington, NC to the Cape Fear River. Some of these tunnels date back to before the American Revolutionary War made of brick with vaulted ceilings.Lots of legends and rumors have surrounded these tunnels such as pirates stashing their booty, escaped prisoners, and the Underground Railroad. Most historians agree that none of these legends can be verified, but most likely the tunnels were used for sewage and drainage.Burgwin-Wright House (Flickr, NCBrian)The existence of these tunnels gave me the perfect opportunity to use them in my story during the Revolutionary War. One tunnel is known to be under the Burgwin-Wright House built around 1770 and is the location where General Cornwallis set up his headquarters for the British when he took command of Wilmington in 1781. According to one of the legends, Patriot soldiers escaped while being held as prisoners in the Burgwin-Wright House. Since the foundation of the house was built over an old jail, the brick basement was a perfect place for the British to hold Patriot prisoners. Therefore, this house plays a significant role as a setting for several scenes in my novel. To aide me in my research, I found transcribed descriptions written by the family that lived there when Cornwallis took over the house.Of all the tunnels, Jacob's Run is the most famous named for Joseph Jacobs, a prominent merchant tanner. In 1775 he and his brother Benjamin built St. John's Masonic Lodge, now the Children's Museum of Wilmington. According to an April 28, 1967 newspaper article that appeared in the Wilmington Morning Star, contractors once again discovered the tunnel while digging the foundation of a new restaurant they were building in the former Theater Manor building. Fittingly, they named the restaurant, Jacob's Run. The tunnel ran beneath the building and all around it following the flow of natural spring water. City engineers state that there are no authentic records documenting when the tunnel was built or for what purpose--yet they obviously exist and can be dated back to the colonial period.Mitchell Anderson HouseAnother setting that I used in the story was the Mitchell Anderson House built around 1739, the oldest surviving house in Wilmington. When Lord Cornwallis took over the Burgwin-Wright House in 1871, Major James Craig of the British Army was forced to vacate the premises and took over the Mitchell House.Historic homes like this and real existing tunnels with lots of legendary stories surrounding them are great fodder for an author's imagination. Therefore, I used what real historic information that we have about them and took creative license with the rest to fit it into the storyline of my novel, For Love or Country set in 1781, Wilmington, NC.  allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="420">[...]

Book Review - "Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts" by Jerry Bridges


By Jennifer Hudson TaylorBook DescriptionWhen unexpected circumstances arise that appear unjust, irrational, or even dreadful, we feel confused and frustrated. And before long, we begin to doubt God's concern for us or His control over our lives. Adversity is hard to endure and can be even harder to understand. If God were really in control, why would He allow the tragic auto accident or crucial job loss? How could He permit cancer in a loved one or the death of a child? Grappling with His concern for us we ask, "Why is God allowing this?" or "What have I done wrong?"In an effort to strengthen his own trust in God during a time of adversity, Jerry Bridges began a lengthy Bible study on the topic of God's sovereignty. What he learned changed his life, and he now shares the fruit of that study in Trusting God. As you begin to explore the scope of God's power over nations, and the detailed lives of individuals, you'll begin to acknowledge His loving control. And as you come to know Him better, you'll find yourself trusting Him more completely - even when life hurts. Why I Read this BookBefore I get to my review of this book, I want to share my reason for reading it in the first place. Due to so many unexpected difficulties in my life, I was in a place of questioning God's love. Unlike some, I have never questioned God's sovereignty and existence, and I was never the prodigal child. I turned my life over to Christ at age 9 and followed Him through my teen and college years and into my adult life. I always strived to do what was right to the best of my ability. In spite of this, trouble found me through loved ones' poor decisions, finances, medical issues of loved ones, and situations that were truly out of my control. I had to finally accept this, as I prefer to be in control. I came to a place where I felt like God loved everyone else, but me. He loved them so much more because they seemed to be blessed more than me--in everything--or so it seemed. Their testimonies were not an inspiration of what God could do for me, but a painful reminder of what He refused to do for me. He was my bestfriend, my everything, how could He hurt me like this? Yes, Christ died on the cross for me, but He died for everyone and I just happened to be included. I know how illogical this sounds, but feelings and emotions do not always follow logic. It was my "Job" moment. The few Christians I confided in were much like Job's friends, they criticized and judged me and brought up all my failings so I withdrew even more. If God had allowed some serious heartbreaking things to happen to me once, I didn't trust Him not to make me go through it again or something just as heartbreaking. I won't go into the details of all the things that brought me to this state of mind and spiritual heartbreak, but suffice it to say that this book helped bring some perspectives back to my thought process and helped open the door to my healing. My ReviewThis book doesn't sugar coat reality and it deals with hard truths that we have to accept whether or not we understand why God has allowed some tragic events to happen to us and/or our loved ones. First, the author lays the groundwork that God is sovereign over everything. Next, he covers God's love for us as individuals and as humankind. When we question God's reason for allowing things to happen, we question His sovereign power, authority and wisdom. We cannot understand all His reasons, because we cannot know and understand all that He knows. Our faith requires trusting God with what we don't know and cannot understand. Trusting God is very clear in getting this point across. Since this book has so many difficult concepts to accept, I had to read it in slow increments and digest each se[...]

Virtual View of Public Historic Buildings in Charleston


By Jennifer Hudson TaylorWhile researching historical Charleston for a few of my historical novels, I came across several significant public buildings that have stood the test of time since Colonial Charles Town. Even though churches are not considered government buildings, I am including them in this blog post since these buildings are valuable to the local community. United States Custom House (1853)Bankers Trust of SC (1853)Corner of Broad St. & E. Bay St. Fireproof Building (1827)The oldest fireproof building in the U.S.Exchange & Provost Building (1767)Public market and meeting place during colonial eraCircular Congregational Church Founded as Independent Church in 1681Current building dates back to 1891St. Michael's Episcopal Church (1752)United States Post Office & Courthouse (1896)Post Office is on 1st floor & Courthouse is on 2nd floorFirst Scots Presbyterian Church (1814)Charleston City Hall (1800)[...]

A Picturesque View of Historic Homes in Charleston


By Jennifer Hudson Taylor#Charleston #Colonial #4LoveLoyaltyOver the years I have taken a number of road trips to Charleston, SC for historical research on my novels. For Love or Loyalty required a lot of research on colonial Charles Towne and I couldn't help but take numerous photos while I was there. I am fascinated by historical homes and the various architecture. Therefore, I want to share a few of these images and I'll be posting them on my Pinterest boards for All Things Carolina and Inspiring Historical Places. Hope you enjoy them!Joseph Manigault House (1803)East Battery St. Tristram Hyde House (1914)74  Murray Blvd.C. Bissell Jenkins House (1913)52 Murray Blvd.32 Murray Blvd. (1929)Archibald Baker Jr. House (1938)36 Murray Blvd.Rainbow Row (mid-1700's - mid-1800's)East Bay St. (13 pastel colored historical homes)Help me identify this house!Help me identify this house!On a Charleston Cobbled St.John C. Doyle Art Gallery (Pink building on left side)Chalmers St.NNathaniel Russell House (1808)51 Meeting St.60 Meeting St.Corner of Meeting St & Atlantic St.Corner of Meeting St. & Lamboll St.Thomas Heyward Jr. House (1772)18 Meeting St.Calhoun Mansion (1876)16 Meeting St.George Eveleigh House (1743)39 Church St.Lewis Timothy Print ShopWorked for Benjamin Franklin & died in 173897 King St.Marx E. Cohen House (1845)The original plot dates back to 168085 King St.Stucco House (1905)2 South Battery St.4 South Battery St. (1892)Edmonston-Alston House (1825)21 East Battery St. (Bed & Breakfast & still part of Alston Family since 1836)22 East Battery St.[...]

What Two Things Must Writers Have?


By Jennifer Hudson Taylor#writing #fiction #plottingNew authors and many seasoned authors alike need to understand one concept:Your stories need to be a tangible experience for YOU before it is possible to be a tangible experience to your readers.We discuss plot twists, deep POV, 3D characterization, realistic dialogue, sensory, emotion and settings, but what it all boils down to is the reader's ability to experience the story as it unfolds. This is something that my graphic design and motion graphics experience has taught me about writing. I learned the individual elements in writing workshops, but it has really come to life for me in my motion graphics tutorials.Are you the type of writer who sees, hears your characters as if you are watching them in a movie as you write the story? Or are you the type of writer who is sees, hears, feels and tastes what the characters are experiencing as you write the story?I propose that you need to do both.Plotters, as you write and plot the story, it isn't enough to know what is going to happen next, you need to imagine it. See it in your mind. Pansters, as it unfolds and you are surprised by what happens next, allow your imagination to see it. This will bring a deeper depth to your story. What are your characters wearing? What is the setting around them? What do they sound like? Reread what you have written and now experience it. What is an appropriate reaction to what just happened? What are they feeling? What is going through the character's mind? Think of the view as your character walks down a hall. What do they see? Let's be realistic. Writing is hard. Critiquers and reviewers are often harsh. When our books go through sales slumps, it seems like no one cares and the effort isn't worth it. Self-doubt attacks us and the negative thoughts challenge our creative spirit. A deadline is like a heavy noose around our neck and the light or spark of creativity seems extinguished. Yet, we write, and as we write, we wonder if everything we are writing will have to be rewritten. It seems as if we are going through the motions of writing. We keep telling ourselves to just get it on the screen. We can fix it later. On and on we struggle. But then, we are inspired by a good review, a happy reader, another writer who understands, or a new idea for a plot twist hits us in the middle of the night.  Then out of no where, the muse is back. The words are pouring out of us. Sometimes these inspirations do not come and nothing sparks the muse or re-inspires us. We can't seem to FEEL the story. What then?When this happens. Stop. Take a break and think back to when you were first inspired to write this story. What was it that motivated you? Go back to that place in your mind and allow your heart to travel with you. Imagine it as a movie and then place yourself in the movie. Writers can't write without imagination and heart...these are God-given gifts...use these gifts to bring your words to life in a tangible experience...first to yourself as the author and then to your readers. [...]

Awakened Redemption by Jennifer Hudson Taylor Is Now Available!


By Jennifer Hudson Taylor#Regency #Christianfiction #christianromance England, 1815 Inspirational Regency Short BlurbAwakened Redemption is the story of Elyse Brigham, an abused woman who believes God has forsaken her, but when Preston Mallory offers her a nursemaid position, freedom is in her grasp. Only one man stands in her way—her abuser.SummaryPreston Mallory hires Elyse Brigham as a nursemaid for his son. Recovering from an abused past, she begins to open her heart to Preston. When she discovers Preston's true identity, she feels betrayed and flees to London. Preston follows hoping to mend things, but his plans are thwarted when his former fiancée is murdered. With plenty of motive and no alibi, he's arrested. How will he prove his innocence and convince Elyse to forgive him?Elyse has nowhere to turn and believes the Almighty has forsaken her. As her life begins to unravel, a new foundation and path are laid before her if she has the courage to forgive and cling to a forgotten faith.Available only on Kindle Select (for now)$3.99 allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="560">[...]

2013 Time Travelers Book Signing at the Carolina Renaissance Festival


By Jennifer Hudson TaylorThis weekend I was blessed to join several other writers in celebrating the Renaissance period in costume and great fun. In years past, I dressed up in my 15th Century Scottish Highland gown, but this year it was warm and I didn't think I could handle all the layers. I did manage to snap a few images of other authors in their costumes. The Carolina Renaissance Festival takes place each year for six weekends throughout October and November. Made up of an 20 acre theme park filled with 16th century European style villages with charming cottages, castles and merchants with kitchens and pubs, arts and crafts. It combines outdoor theater with 11 stages, a jousting tournament, circus entertainment, rides for children powered by people--not electric. I wrote about the Carolina Renaissance Festival in 2007 on my first visit with my family and posted photos of some of their rides, here. Since then I have been attending as a published author at their Time Travelers Book Signing weekend--the perfect place to go back in time and experience one of my historical stories - Highland Blessings, Highland Sanctuary, Path of Freedom, and For Love or Loyalty. Below are some of the authors that I enjoyed meeting and discovering. I've included a link to their site and at least one novel that they have published -- and photos! I have attempted to include everyone who participated. Also, Park Road Bookstore provided the books and made things easier with the sales. It's a great way to work with our local bookstore!Author Anne C. BarnhillAnne Clinard BarnhillMainstream Historical FictionShe writes historical fiction set in the court of King Henry VIII for St. Martin's Press. Her debut novel is At the Mercy of the Queen. Authors Misty Massy & A.J. HartleyA.J. HartleyMainsteam FictionBorn in Great Britain, A.J. is a professor at UNCC and author of MacBeth, a novel version of Shakespeare's original play, MacBeth. Misty MassyMainstream Science Fiction & FantasyShe is author of Mad Kestrel, a rollicking adventure of magic on the high seas. I'm sure it is bound to have a pirate or two in it!Author K.A. ThomasK.A. ThomasChristian Fiction YA Fantasy Kendra is author of Ravenheart and Sorrowheart. She overcame dyslexia and is now a middle school teacher of writing and grammar - a perfect profession for an author. Author Gail Z. MartinGail Z. MartinMainstream FantasyGail creates supernatural worlds of action, magic and adventure. Her series include The Chronicles of Necromancer, the Fallen Kings Cycle, and Ascendant Kingdom Saga.Author John HartnessJohn HartnessMainstream HorrorJohn is the author of the Black Knight Chronicles from Belle Bridge Books. He lives in Charlotte, NC and has a background in theater. I apologize that I missed getting a photo of John, but I have included a publicity photo that was used to promote this event. Authors Joyce & Jim LaveneJoyce and Jim LaveneMainstream Cozy MysteriesJoyce and Jim are a husband and wife team who write cozy mysteries that take place at the Renaissance Faire, including Wicked Weaves, Ghastly Glass, and Deadly Daggers. They have written more than 60 novels for several publishers. Author Timothy W. TronTimothy W. TronBiblical Christian FictionTim is the author of Bruecke to Heaven, a storyteller finds his ancestral roots to the Apostle Speakers - Children of the Light. He brought his guitar to entertain us. [...]

"For Love or Loyalty" by Jennifer Hudson Taylor Releases Today!


#MacGregorLegacy #4LoveLoyalty(Book 1, The MacGregor Legacy)One conquest could destroy her, but avenge his family.Scotland to the Carolinas, 1760For Love or Loyalty is the story of a highlander seeking revenge, but when the bargaining price becomes too great of a moral sacrifice, he must find a way to reverse his deeds and save the woman he loves.Malcolm MacGregor vows to free his family and exact revenge against Duncan Campbell. When the opportunity arises, Malcolm decides to use Duncan’s daughter as the bargaining price. Lauren Campbell is the perfect answer, until she begins chipping away at the bitterness in Malcolm’s heart and changing everything. Her bold faith and forgiveness ignites guilt he would rather avoid and a love he doesn't deserve.Lauren Campbell never expected to discover such a caring and protective man behind the façade of Malcolm MacGregor’s fierce reputation. When they arrive in America, things turn against them, and Lauren finds herself in a fate worse than death. Now Malcolm has the dilemma of freeing the rest of his family or rescuing Lauren, but time is short and with little means, he needs a miracle.  allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="480">         Read the First Chapter! For Love or LoyaltyChapter One Argyle, Scotland, 1760A feeling of foreboding crawled over Malcolm MacGregor like a colony of insects picking at his skin. He gripped the reins as he inhaled the crisp March air, but it burned his lungs with the residue of tainted fire. A cloud of dark smoke hovered over the wee village of Inverawe—home. Fear coiled inside Malcolm’s gut as he urged his mount forward. His brother kept pace beside him. At a score and four, Thomas was two years Malcolm’s junior. He favored Malcolm with the same stubborn chin and broad shoulders from hard work.Distant moors lined the overcast sky. Morning fog hovered over the glen, blending with heavy smoke. As they drew near, their eyes stung and the burnt smell accosted them until they coughed. Keening scraped his ears like a tormented bagpipe.They reached the stone huts, packed with dirt and straw roofs. At least the village homes weren’t on fire, as he originally feared. Piles of furniture and personal items burned in front of each hut. Sad faces and weeping echoed from every direction.Malcolm’s throat constricted. His chest tightened in a mixture of compassion and fear for his family. He maneuvered his horse between the huts heading toward the center of the village, seeking the home where he had grown from a lad into a man. Engulfed in flames, it blazed to the sky.“Mither an’ Carleen . . .” The words fell from Malcolm’s swollen tongue, stalling in the air as his thoughts shifted to their youngest brother, Graham. At only twenty, the lad would have done aught to protect the women in their absence.“Malcolm, ye’re back!” Heather strode toward him, her eyes red and swollen. Words stalled upon her tongue, increasing his anxiety as he waited for her to collect her emotions and continue.“What happened?” Malcolm asked, pulling his horse to a stop and dismounting. It was an effort to keep his voice calm, but he tried for Heather’s sake, though his insides quaked.  “‘Tis the worst.” Heather succumbed to tears, shaking with grief.“What is it, lass?” Malcom shook her hoping to force her out of her temporary stupor.“Where’s Mither an’ Carleen?” Thomas strode toward them, his voice betraying his fears.Heather sobbed, falling against Malc[...]

Vintage Art by Kate Greenaway in Public Domain


By Jennifer Hudson Taylor#publicdomain #vintageartBelow are a few art images of Kate's work. Most of her artwork was published in children's books and almanacs. If you are interested in the life of Artist Catherine "Kate" Greenaway, I have posted a bit about her bio here. [...]

Jesus' Life, Death & Resurrection Displayed in Statues


By Jennifer Hudson TaylorOver the weekend we went for an afternoon ride and discovered a beautiful story told in statue displays. I thought they were too beautiful not to share. I'll let the story of each image speak for itself as shown below. This is a hidden treasure at the St. Joseph Vietnamese Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC. [...]

Rose Maynard Barton 19th Century Paintings


By Jennifer Hudson Taylor#publicdomain, #vintageartRose painted watercolor images of landscapes, street scenes, gardens, children, and various illustrations in England and Ireland. She was born in Dublin in 1856. Her paintings are in the public domain. Below are a few of my favorites.Grandfather in the garden with his granddaughter Horseback riding on the beach Crowd enjoying the park and women carrying parasolsStreet scene of carriage and people at Westminister Women walking in park Street scene of people waiting on Royalty [...]

Claude Monet Paintings of 19th Century


By Jennifer Hudson TaylorAs the founder of the French Impressionist movement, Claude Monet captured movement against the back drop of nature scenes. Many of his paintings show people living active lives, while others depicted beautiful landscapes. He lived between 1840 - 1926 and spent several years in Paris where he painting most of his art. Monet's art is old enough to be in the public domain. Many of the women in his paintings are of his wife, Camille. I have included a few of my favorite images below. 1868 - Lady on the bank of the Siene River Boardwalk at TrouvilleShips in Harbor Couple in Woods, Claude Monet & wife Camille Couple by the Sea - 1866 Lady on Bench in Garden with man behind her. Lady in Green - 1866 Lighthouse at La Havre  Outdoor Picnic - 1865 Outdoor Picnic in Paris - 1865 Train traveling in the winter snow - 1875 Train Depot at St. Lazare Woman in colorful garden - 1867 Woman sewing - 1875 Woman carrying parasol in a field with a friend - 1875 Women by a tree on a walking path - 1866 Two women in the woods, one painting and the other reading [...]

God's Faithful Promises - In the Midst of Adversity


By Jennifer Hudson Taylor"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful." (Hebrews 10:23 NKJV)After reading this verse, you may wonder, what are God's promises? Over the last few months, I have been writing devotions on God's Faithful Promises. You can review them at the links below. ~ Introduction: Join Me in Discovering God's Faithful Promises~ Three Kinds of Promises from God~ Nothing Can Separate Us From God's Love~ Spiritual Salvation~ Our Spiritual Adoption~ God's Promise Through the RainbowThe list above is only the beginning of some of God's promises to us. Once we know these promises, we must believe and trust that God is faithful to His promises. It's one thing to believe that He CAN fulfill His promises, but another to TRUST that He WILL fulfill them. Hebrews 10:23 says that God is faithful to His promises. The verse above also tells us not to waver in our confession of hope. How do we do this when adversity comes and things around us fall apart -- a loved one is in pain or dying, betrayal is penetrating our heart, the bills aren't paid, a loved one self-destructs, or prayers continue to be unanswered days, months....years?If God's promises are faithful, what does this verse mean when things turn out wrong and so painful? Do some prayers go unanswered? Why are some born to struggle in poverty and others to wealth and privilege? Does God have favorites?It boils down to trusting in God's sovereignty.~ God is infinite in wisdom~ God is perfect in love~ God is supreme in power & judgmentIn Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges, he points out that God is still on the throne and in control of our lives when things are both good and bad. God orchestrates things according to His sovereign will without taking away from our free will by working in the hearts of people. Just because God knows what course a person will choose, doesn't mean He will not still give them the chance to choose. And in knowing, He plans around that person's bad choice, because it may hurt us and others. As a result, He helps us overcome it so that we aren't forsaken, and we are never alone. We cannot have the free will choice to choose between good and evil if He erased all the evil. This doesn't mean that God causes evil. He created ALL things to be good, even Satan was created as an heavenly angel named Lucifer, but he CHOSE to be evil. The fallen angels (demons) CHOSE evil as well. As a result, some people will CHOOSE evil. All of them have a choice. For example, it was not God's will for Hitler and the German regime to murder millions of Jews during the Holocaust, but it was His will for the Germans to exist and have free will choice to do good or evil. They were meant to exist--even Hitler. Therefore, God worked in the hearts of Americans and the allied forces to end Hitler's tyranny. The same can be said of the Egyptians and the Israelites, the school bully, the unfair boss.We do not yet live in a perfect heaven. We live in a fallen world where evil exists. God is holy, supreme, sovereign and cannot exist where sin lives except through the hearts of people. He can only dwell in our hearts if we CHOOSE to believe in Jesus Christ as the one-time sacrifice in our place, that He rose again, and His Holy Ghost Spirit was left behind to dwell in us. This belief cleanses our hearts so His Holy Spirit can dwell inside. When [...]

God's Promise Through the Rainbow (See Beautiful Photo)


By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Genesis 9:14-16


"It shall be, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud; and I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh. The rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.”

Lighthouses on The Great Lakes to Visit


By Jennifer Hudson TaylorLighthouses are beautiful and full of history. I enjoy visiting them when I can, and when I can't, I collect miniature lighthouses and paintings of them, including those collector plates. Below is a list of lighthouses on the Great Lakes that I would love to visit. 1. Split Rock LighthouseBuilt in 1909 on a rocky cliff overlooking Lake Superior, the lighthouse is known to be the highest point on The Great Lakes at 130 feet. It's located on the northern side of the lake in Split Rock Lake Park in Minnesota. The lighthouse was equipped with incandescent oil vapor lamp rated at 370,000 candlepower, weighing 5,000 lbs and floats in 250 lbs of mercury. In 1939, the lighthouse was switched to electric power  with a 1,000 watt bulb until it was retired in 1969. The area contains 3 light keeper homes. 2. Point Iroquois LighthouseNamed for the Iroquois warriors massacred in 1662 by Chippewas Indians located in present day Bay Mills, Michigan on Lake Superior. The first lighthouse was built in 1855 at 45 feet tall as a rubble stone tower with a wooden lantern deck with with a flashing white Fourth Order Fresnel Lens. The original lens is on display in the Smithsonian and the lighthouse station is now a museum. In 1871 the second and current lighthouse was built on this site at 65 feet tall made of white brick with the keeper's house right beside it. At the height of operation, it housed 3 families, the head light keeper's family and those of the 2 assistants. A beautiful wall surrounds the premise constructed of various colored rocks found along the Superior Lake shore area. 3. Old Mackinac Point LighthouseIn 1891, the lighthouse was built as a castle style construction on a foundation of ashlar limestone on Lake Huron. The tower rose to a height of 45 feet and is attached to the light keeper's house, also made of limestone. When the Mackinac Bridge was built in 1957, the lighthouse was no longer needed. The tower is open to the public and a museum is onsite in Michillimackinac State Park. 4. Sturgeon Point LighthouseBuilt in 1869 on Lake Huron, this lighthouse was intended to warn mariners from the reef that extends 1.5 miles. The original lens was replaced in 1887. The tower is made of white brick at 70 feet tall and attached to the light keeper's house. It is still operating and open to tourists, including a museum and store. The rooms in the house are decorated as they would have been in the late 1800's. In 1874 the Life Saving Station opened and the first lighthouse keeper became the first captain of the surf team. In 1915 the station became part of the U.S. Coast Guard. In 1940 the lighthouse became fully automated and personnel was removed by 1941. It's currently located in Michigan State Park. 5. Tawas Point LighthouseThe first lighthouse on this site was built in 1853 in Saginaw Bay, Michigan on Lake Huron. The light was fueled by lard oil and later changed to kerosene. Shifting sands and other issues caused several problems and so it was replaced by a second lighthouse in 1875, which is the current lighthouse. The original name was Ottowa Point, but it was officially changed to Tawas Point in 1902. The current tower is 70 feet tall and constructed of brick with an inner and outer wall. The keeper's house is being remodeled. The downstairs will be a museum and the upstairs available for rent to the p[...]