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The Gospel of John: Jesus on Steroids


Rudolf Karl Bultmann
Sciens in Latin meant “knowing,” that is, as contrary to believing. With the rise of the scientific method following the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, we as a species are no longer left to muddle in ignorance about the framework of reality. Science is turning on the proverbial lights for all to see the nature of the cosmos and our tiny, though distinguished place as a species within this vast, marvelously expansive universe. In my last blog entry, I introduced New Testament scholar Rudolf Bultmann’s pioneering work Neues Testament und Mythologie (1941) in which Bultmann raised a few penetrating questions the answer to which future generations shall no doubt deem embarrassingly obvious, but which modern Biblical scholars apparently find altogether obtuse or baffling. Plainly stated, how can a modern human, one sensibly committed to the barest strictures of a scientific comprehension of reality, hold anything about the New Testament picture of the world as true?

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