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The Campus Ministry Prayer Initiative

Establishing & strengthening Wesleyan/Methodist campus ministries to reach, disciple, & raise up Christian servants & leaders for the Church

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New Job Postings to Pray for


The Wesley Foundation at Texas Tech University has two openings:
1. Associate Director
2. Assistant Director of Development

The Texas Tech Wesley Foundation is an exceptional ministry. Please pray for God's provision and discernment for these two positions.

They are listed on the Ivy Jungle job board.

Continue to pray for other current openings listed here.

Welcome to The Campus Ministry Prayer Initiative!


The Campus Ministry Prayer Initiative aims to facilitate a broad prayer movement for establishing and strengthening vital ministries on college and university campuses.

Learn more in the "About" section to the right. Check out articles and resources too.

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The Weekly Prayer Guide is in development and scheduled for launch this summer.

To spread the word, please consider the following: (a) link this site to your personal site/blog, (b) email folks with a heart for campus ministry about the initiative, (c) let campus ministries know so they can link and/or tell alumni about the initiative.

Read on for the latest post...

Chaplain Position


I've listed an update in the current job openings post. It's for a Chaplain/Student Services associate director at the University of Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington. This is an institution with an historic relationship with the United Methodist Church. I've been to the area; it would be a gorgeous place to minister!

Christianity Today Article


There's an interesting article in the current Christianity Today magazine on campus ministry and Asian-Americans. It's not up on the website yet, but I'll get a link as soon as I see it there. If you take the mag or can check it out on the newsstand, look for it: "The Tiger in the Academy".

Prayer for current job openings


Here are some open campus ministry positions to pray over (check the job sites for detailed listings). Pray for a healthy pool of applicants for each position, open minds for those making the decision about who to bring on staff, and for those who fill these positions, that they be men and women who are passionate followers of Christ, well-grounded biblically and theologically, gifted in ministry with college students, and life-long learners about campus ministry.

United Methodist Wesley Foundation Campus Ministers/Directors:
1. University of Michigan, Ministry Director
2. University of Oregon, Campus Minister
3. Kansas State University, Campus Minister
4. Merced, CA (Merced College & UC-Merced campuses), Campus Minister
5. Southern Methodist University (SMU), Campus Minister
6. University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), Campus Minister
7. University of South Alabama, Ministry Director
8. Tennessee State University, Campus Minister
9. Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC, Campus Minister
10. Auburn University, Asst. Director
11. Kilgore College (TX), Campus Minister (3/4 time, 1/4 time Associate Pastor)
12. University of Texas (Austin), Asst. Director (part-time)

13. Texas Tech, Associate Director
14. Texas Tech, Asst Director of Development

College Chaplain positions:
1. Iowa Wesleyan College
2. Columbia College (SC)
3. University of Puget Sound (WA)

1. Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, Executive Director

The Weekly Prayer Guide


The Weekly Prayer Guide consists of the following:

1. A Scripture or brief written prayer to begin
2. A topic relevant to campus ministry for focused prayer that week
3. Several 50/50 campuses to include in prayer (What's 50/50? Read here.)
4. Current campus ministry job openings over which to pray

How to use the Weekly Prayer Guide:

1. Include it in your normal prayer routines or simply take a few moments to pray through the guide as you read it on the site or in your email (we're working enable email subscription)
2. Use it to guide your prayer for campuses and campus ministry in general, bringing to mind especially: (a) campuses and ministries near to your heart, and (b) 50/50 campuses

The Vision


"Reach the Campus, Change the World"

This is the mantra of the Campus Ministry Prayer Initiative (CMPI).

The CMPI exists to establish and strengthen, through strategic and dedicated prayer, evangelistic Wesleyan/Methodist campus ministries in order to reach, disciple, and raise up new Christian leaders and servants for the Church.

Doctrinally and missionally, we stand firmly in the orthodox Wesleyan/Methodist tradition:
1. The Apostles' and Nicene Creeds
2. The full authority of Scripture in all matters of faith and practice
3. The saving grace of God in Jesus Christ for holiness of heart and life
4. Holistic biblical evangelism, holding together: (a) reconciling persons' relationships with God (and others), and (b) restoring persons' lives through ministries of mercy and justice
5. Accountable discipleship for transformation into living in the Way of Christ

The 50/50 Initiative


The 50/50 Initiative focuses on prayer for ministries on the 50 largest college and university campuses and the 50 top academic campuses in the U.S. Establishing and strengthening vital ministries on these "50/50" campuses means engaging some of the most exhilirating and challenging mission frontiers in the world. The results of such ministry (as with all campus ministry) can be the development of many world-changing Christian disciples.

Each week, several 50/50 campuses are included in the Weekly Prayer Guide. Please pray for these fervently, including them with prayers for your alma mater and other campuses near to your heart.