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The blog of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church's Christian Endeavor Association in Lebanon - (Հայ Աւետարանական Էմմանուէլ Եկեղեցիի Քրիստ. Ջանից Միութիւն). You will find reviews, pictures, videos of ou

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Interview With Rev. Raffi Messerlian Regarding His Participation in the Board Meeting of the World Christian Endeavour Union


In 2014, Rev. Raffi Messerlian was elected as a member of the World Christian Endeavour Union (WCEU) and in the Summer of 2015, the Board of WCEU held their meeting in Germany.In order to further explain to our readers about the connection of the Armenian Chrisitan Endeavour Societies of Lebanon and Syria with the WCEU we conducted this interview.(interview conducted by Mr. R. Chilingirian)Raffi- What is the relationship of the Armenian Krisdoneyagan Chanits (Christian Endeavour) with the World Christian Endeavor Union? Can you give us a brief history?Rev. Raffi- As the Christian Endeavour Body of Lebanon and Syria we have created connections with the World Christian Endeavour Union, and during the years the relationship has fluctuated due to various reasons including the wars in Lebanon.Our Armenian Evangelical Churches had adopted the Christian Endeavour work among our youth, and we have created junior and youth Christian Endeavour Societies within our Armenian Evangelical Churches in Cilicia (currently Turkey).Our Armenian Evangelical Christian Endeavour Societies in Lebanon and Syria have a special standing within the WCEU, since we are not independent youth organisations but are part of the local church, hence our motto: "For Christ and For the Church". Raffi- Did anyone in the CE executive meeting know about the CE existence in the Armenian Evangelical Churches of Lebanon and Syria?Rev. Raffi- Yes there were various members of the WCEU, who had heard about us, and they asked me several questions regarding our work, and I gave a presentation about our youth groups and youth-related work and services and camps in both Lebanon and Syria. The president of the WCEU showed interest in our work here in Lebanon and he would like to give us a visit within next year in 2016. Raffi- What were the main topics discussed during the CE executive meeting in Germany?Rev. Raffi- The Executive Body's meeting was held in Germany in a very nice campsite. There were several delegations present during the meeting. There were 2 main important topics:The general executive Mr. Andreas Rudolf will be retiring in 2017 and we decided to ask the national Christian Endeavour Societies to send their nominees for the general executive position. During this meeting there were several question raised and discussed, one of which is to know and announce the role and responsibilities of the general executive. All the world Christian Endeavour Societies will be receiving an official letter regarding this subject matter.The financial situation is getting tough and we have to come up with means to close the gap between our inflows and outflows. Hence, after extensive discussions during the meeting, we decided to ask all the national Christian Endeavour Societies to help the WCEU financially.Raffi- How do you see the future of the relationship with the World Christian Endeavour Union?Rev. Raffi- I think that this connection with the WCEU should be revitalised and in 2018 there is a convention that is going to be held in San Diego. We need to select a few of our members to participate in this convention.[...]

Church Leadership Gathering of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church in Kchag


On the 14th of November 2015, the committees and the  leadership of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church around 30 people gathered in KCHAG Lebanon. The program included worship, short meditation from scripture, prayer time followed by  social time and dinner.  The meditation was from Mark 6:32-44 the miracle of the multiplication of  the 5 loaves and the 2 fish. The challenge from the text was to focus on opportunities that God puts before us and to serve His people trusting His mighty hand.After the meditation, church committee members, blog committee members, leaders from the Sunday school, Teens group, Young adults, couples group and the ladies group committee gathered in mixed groups for prayer. Each group prayed thanking God for a certain ministry in the church. The prayer time was followed by a social time where the same groups had to work together preparing a scene from the parables and miracles of Jesus. At the end of the gathering, dinner was served.We praise the Lord for giving us the opportunity to serve at different capacities within his Church. We believe that The Emmanuel church is blessed with its different active groups and their enthusiastic leaders. November the 14th was a blessed day, a day of fellowship, a day of renewal. May the Lord increase the workers in His vineyard for his glory.Badveli Sevag Trashian[...]

Christian Endeavour Delegations (Badkamavoragan) Meeting 2015


On Sunday, 8 November 2015, the annual Christian Endeavour delegations (Badkamavoragan) meeting took place in Kchag, Lebanon. Eighteen delegates of the Christian Endeavour junior and youth group were present from the following churches:Armenian Evangelical First Church (2), Armenian Evangelical Church of Ashrafieh (2), Armenian Evangelical Church of Nor-Marash (2), Armenian Evangelical Church of Anjar (2), Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church (2), The representative of Kchag committee (1), and the representative of the Central Committee of the Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East (UAECNE) were present (1), Members of the C.E. Executive Body (6),As well as three students (as guests) from the Near East School of Theology (NEST).After having lunch and worshipping the Lord together (led by Ms. Nanor Kelenjian), badveli Datev Basmajian led the bible study session, picked from Mark 6:32-44. Then, Badveli Sebouh Terzian welcomed the delegates, and after electing the board for this annual meeting they listened to:the report of the Executive Body, as well as discussed the annual financial figures, the report of Kchag representative, the report of the Armenian Genocide 100-Anniversary Youth Body representative,the encouraging words of the UAECNE CC representative,the reports of each C.E. junior and youth delegate, as well as shared good news and challenges, discussed issues, recommended solutions and requested prayers,the Youth Worker’s report and request for prayersThe delegates presented their recommendations and suggestions regarding the camps, the insurance system, Kchag committee, fixed fiscal year, and how to better show the financial figures.Three new members of the C.E. Executive Body were elected: Rev. Raffi Messerlian (3 years), Mr. Aren Deyirmenjian (3 years) and Mrs. Anita Andonian (1 year).While Badveli Sebouh Terzian, Mrs. Shushan Artinian-Tokatlian and Mrs. Noushig Shanlian-Arzoumanian ended their serving years.The members of the C.E. Executive Body for the year 2016 are:Ms. Nanor KelenjianBadveli Hagop AkbasharianBadveli Sevag TrashianMr. Raffi ChilingirianRev. Raffi MesserlianMr. Aren DeyirmenjianMrs. Anita AndonianAfter reading, correcting and approving this meeting's minutes, the meeting was closed with prayer led by Badveli Hagop Akbasharian and singing together the Christian Endeavour anthem (Chanki Engerner).Rev. Sako Baroudjian (France) surprised us with his presence and he shared with us an encouraging message(Back L to R): Badveli Hagop Akbasharian, Mr. Krikor Aynilian, Mr. Anto Messerlian, Mr. Aren Deyirmenjian, Mr. Assadour Mencherian, Mr. Njteh Mekhsian, Mrs. Lisa Tumberian-Hekimian, Mr. Raffi Chilingirian, Badveli Sebouh Terzian, Badveli Datev Basmajian(Front L to R): Mr. Garo Torkomian, Ms. Garin Haidostian, Ms. Rima Cholakian, Mrs. Shushan Artinian-Tokatlian, Ms. Nanor Kelenjian, Ms. Angie Kirejian, Ms. Christine Keshian, Ms. Maria Kjdrian, Badveli Sevag Trashian, Mr. Shant Agishian, Ms. Arda KerbabianPhoto Shy: Rev. Hrayr Cholakian and Mr. Aram Babajanyan[...]

AMAA Executive Director's Letter Seeking the Complete Return of Camp Armen in Tuzla, Turkey


Below you can read Mr. Zaven Khanjian's letter...

(image) (image)

A Sword


«For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow and discerning the thoughts and intentionsof the heart » Hebrews 4:12 Paul, more than once, refers to the Word of God as a sword. In Ephesians 6:17 we read, «and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God». Jesus said in Matthew 10:34, «Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword». A sword is generally something you would not use in your everyday life. A sword is a violent tool, once used in wars and conflicts. The ideas that come to mind when thinking about a sword are death, attack, violence, power. Do we treat God’s Word as a sword in our daily lives?  Paul didn’t use this word randomly. A sword separates a being into two and an object into two parts. The Word of God is a sword that cuts through us and reveals our true nature. Because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience to the Word of God, they were confronted with their nudity and shame. The Word of God is so powerful that the amazing universe was created through it.Millions of galaxies, stars, moons, planets, and gigantic black holes were created by the Word of God. People have found courage to resist torture through the Word of God. Christians through years have suffered persecution, fed to lions, and beheaded but the Word of God still keeps on changing hearts. The Lord said in Isaiah 55:11, «so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it». God doesn’t need mortals like us to spread His Word, but He trusts and loves us so much that he has given us the privilege to be His hands and feet. How are we dealing then with His Word? Are we giving it the worth it deserves? Are we using the Word of God as a sword or as a pillow? Often, people tell me that as Christians it is hard to debate and that non-Christians have better arguments than we have. It is hard, but a sword always wins the battle. If the Word of God is like a sword, then we should trust it to cut through. We should study it so deeply. The Word ofGod should be so rooted in us that it doesn’t simply become a sword, but mine and your personal sword. People don’t like to be told what is wrong in their lives, and that is exactly what the Word of God does, it cuts through and shows what is really inside. The Word of God cuts through our daily masks and challenges us to become our greater self in Him. God’s Word is a sword, a very sharp one, but it doesn’t stop there, it is a light as well that if we let it shine it will change our and people’s lives forever; if only we believe and trust in it.Vahé Jebejian[...]

Photos from the AMAA Internship Program in Armenia 2015


We received these photos through George Megerditchian, who participated in the AMAA internship program in Armenian 2015.

(image) (image)



We received the following announcement from Rev. Gilbert Leonian from France:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
The program entails display of paintings, books, decorative items, CDs and clothes. The visitors will taste delightful Armenian specialties, and watch a video about the life of the people of Kessab in 2015. Rev. Serop Megerditchian will give a presentation about the plight of the Syrian Armenians.
The event will also showcase poems in Armenian and French, musical entertainment, meditation and prayer.

All the benefits will be donated to support the people of Kessab in Syria.

(image) (image)

My Personal Experience in AMAA Internship 2015


8 July 2015 was the marvellous day when 20 interns from all around the world (USA, Canada, Greece, Syria and Australia) gathered in Armenia, under the leadership of Rev. Vatche Ekmekjian, to participate in the Summer Internship Program that was organized by AMAA (Armenian Missionary Association Of America). Though we didn’t know it at the time, the following weeks would shape our hearts and lives permanently and help fix our sights on furthering God’s kingdom wherever we went.The theme was “God’s Work in Our Hearts”. Every morning, we started our day with worship and devotion, both of which were very inspirational to me. We ended each worship session with prayer, praying that He would be with us throughout this mission to show us His creation and work around us and in our hearts. For certain designated days, we met with local pastors who graciously opened up their churches to us, even if they were as small as one room. Another day, we fellowshipped and worshipped with youth who shared the hard facts with us about the difficulties of living in Armenia and the emotional, spiritual, and economical challenges the youth there face. On the same day, we also met the Armenia Representative of the AMAA, Harout Nercessian, who detailed to us AMAA’s mission in Armenia and all the projects they currently fund or operate.We were invited to visit several of AMAA’s many mission centers and witness how the AMAA was contributing to uplifting and building up the lives of many impoverished Armenian children. Among the sites we visited were the newly-built Avedissian School, Shogh daycare center and Camp Sheen Shoghig in Hankavan.I know for a fact that our group was most moved and affected by our time spent up at camp in Hankavan. During our three days there, we participated in a wealth of different activities; from sitting in on the children’s morning devotionals to teaching them new worship songs to playing a game of soccer with them on the field. None of us will forget how heartbroken we were when, as we were driving away from camp in our bus, we saw all the children and leaders sorrowfully waving goodbye to us from the soccer field. We truly felt that God was there and that He revealed himself to us through the adoring eyes, the loving hands, and the tender hearts of the children there.Not ones to be kept down after such an emotional experience, we joyfully continued our journey around Armenia. We visited several Armenian Evangelical churches all around Armenia, from Armavir in the south to Vanadzor in the north. We were royally treated to the traditional Armenian hospitality and kindness by the respective congregations, often being offered delicious five-course meals and refreshments. For those who didn’t speak Armenian coming into the trip, they certainly learned a new word after all that food: gshdatsah (I am full).Also, we got the unique opportunity to meet with some very needy families and share the love of God with them. We raised over $400 total out of our own funds to donate to families in Dilijan, Shiragamut, and the suburbs of Yerevan. Seeing how little those families had, yet how happy and upbeat they were, we realized how much we take for granted. The visits really lifted our spirits and made us appreciate all that we have.We attended two Sunday services; one at the Evangelical Church of Armenia, pastored by our local “guide” and dear friend Badveli Hovig Hovsepian, as well as the Harav Aremtyan Taghamas church, where we got the chance to praise the Lord with the congregation. The worship was beautiful both times and both services were punctuated by moving testimonies from Anna Shanazari and Eliz Hovsepian from Burbank, CA, and Nayiri Papazian from Montréal, QC, Canada. Badveli Vatche Ekmejian, our leader, also delivered two powerful sermons during that time.The most amazing part fo[...]

Camp Armen Returned to Its Rightful Owner


Our friends in Istanbul have confirmed the return of the ownership of Camp Armen in Tuzla to the Armenian Evangelical Church of Gedik Pasha in Istanbul.

The camp was founded by Hrant Guzelian, who has tutored Hrant Dink, Rakel Dink and many orphans and children. After the Turkish authorities unjustly confiscated the camp, Hrant Dink strived and endeavored to get it back to its rightful owner. Before his assassination, he was always visiting the camp from time to time to keep an eye on it.

Today, his dream and the dream of the orphans who have grown up and built part of the camp themselves has come true. Praise be to God!

(image) (image)

Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church's Mission in Mrouj


(image) (image)

The Speech of the Representative of the Christian Endeavor Union at the Night Vigil of the Centennial Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide


It's the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Furthermore, it's the centennial of the shameful crime of the Ottoman government and the continuous denial by the consecutive governments of Turkey, which to this day fabricates lies and plays political games to cover up and distort the truth of the Armenian Genocide.Exacerbating the pain of the genocide, this year Turkey has decided to commemorate the Gallipoli anniversary on April 24, the same day the Armenian intellectuals were imprisoned and sent to their death.More than one and a half million innocent lives were put to death, by starvation, deportation, rape, brutal killing and murder. The Armenians were suddenly uprooted from their fatherland and ancestral lands, and sent to the Syrian desert to perish and die. They were left without food, without water, without shelter. Many children, whose parents died during the genocide, became orphans and were deprived of their natural upbringing and parental care. The whole experience shook the remnants of the Armenian nation. Our fathers and mothers struggled for livelihood, for survival, for bread and water, trying to recover their sanity, dignity and humanity. They survived and then started rebuilding their lives in Lebanon and Syria.Our fathers and mothers came to live in new countries and new lands, whose languages they did not speak. They toiled and labored night and day, putting their skills and talents to the benefit of their hosting countries. They built new houses, new churches, new schools and communal organizations. Together, the Armenians looked to the future, to a better future. They educated themselves and rose to the challenges that the new circumstances brought. Today, the Armenians all around the world are educated, successful men and women. Today, the Armenians are looking at the Genocide not only with sorrow and anguish. No, the Armenian youth today look back and demand retribution and compensation from Turkey, before the whole International community.We demand from the Turkish government compensation for the losses of the Armenian Genocide, both financially and morally. The Armenian monasteries and churches, schools and houses, cultural and economic centers, community and private lands were converted into animal places, military posts and prisons, and modern Turkey was built on the confiscated wealth and lands of the Armenians. Wedemand that Turkey return the public and private lands and properties back to the legal owners, the Armenians.The Western civilized countries, concerned only about their political gain, stood by and only watched the complete annihilation of an ancient civilization and a prosperous nation. But we weren't completely left alone, during these horrible crimes against humanity. Many did reach out to us, leaving their safe countries, to come to our aid, to live with us in our perilous conditions, to endure pain and humiliation with us, and to even die with us. Missionaries, nurses, doctors, teachers, professors, social workers, pastors helped alleviate our conditions and became our Good Samaritans. We hold these noble men and women with high regard and we praise God for their worthy deeds. They became fathers and mothers to the Armenian orphans and sisters and brothers to the Armenian people.Last month, Mr. Robert Fisk, the well-known British journalist, asked what the Armenians would do on the 101st and 102nd anniversaries. Well Mr. Fisk, the Armenians will remember and demand, they will remember and demand, they will remember and demand.Armenians all over the world have gathered tonight. We've always remembered what happened to us. But the centennial marks a new era, an era of transferring the Armenian Genocide from the platform of recognition to the platform of legal[...]

Laying the Christian Endeavor (Chanits) Union's Wreath on April 23


Two representatives laid the wreath of the Christian Endeavor Executive Body of the Armenian Evangelical Churches.
Ms. Garin Haidostian (from Ashrafieh Church) and Mr. Garo Torkomian (from Emmanuel Church)

(image) (image)

Armenian Evangelical Christian Endevour Youth Camp 2015 in Kchag


This year, the Chanits youth of the Armenian Evangelical Churches had the privelege of hearing God's word through Rev. Megerdich Melkonian. He shared about 4G connection of the Christian with God.
The youth also had sharing time, worship, played outdoor/indoor games, learned about apologetics.

(Back left-to-right) Mrs. Jimmy Kozman Ohanian, Badveli Datev Basmajian, Mrs. Houry Melkonian, Rev. Hrayr Cholakian
(Front left-to-right) Badveli Hagop Akbasharian, Ms. Shake Geocherian, Rev. Megerdich Melkonian, Badveli Sevag Trashian, Mrs. Yester Kilaghbian

(image) (image)

Chanasser Publication (Ջանասէր) Mar-Apr 2015 Issue


  • Խմբագրական - Ապրելու Ապրիլ... «Ջ.»
  • Յարութեան Մեր Տեղը... Վեր. Մկրտիչ Գարակէօզեան
  • Յարութեան Զօրութիւնը... Վեր. Սողոմոն Ն. Քիլաղպեան
  • Գիտնալ, Հաւատալ, Հասկնալ... Դոկտ. Գնէլ Դուրեան
  • «Գիտէ՞ք, Ինչ Ըրի Ձեզի»... Եսթեր Քիլաղպեան
  • Տիգրանին «Իտէալ»ը... Դոկտ. Հրայր Ճէպէճեան
  • Մերձաւոր Արեւելքի Հայ Հոգեւորականութեան Առաքելութիւնը Հայոց Ձեղասպանութեան Տարիներին.
  • Յիշատակութեան Խօսք... Հայ Աւետ. Համաշ. Խորհուրդ
  • ... Զաւէն Խանճեան
  • Պիտի Յիշենք եւ Պիտի Պահանջենք... Րաֆֆի Չիլինկիրեան
  • «Հայկական Աշխարհը՝ Ձեղասպանութենէն 100 Տարի Ետք»
  • Մեծարանքի Հանդիսութիւն Վաստակաւոր Կրթական Մշակներու
  • «Կէսս Մեղաւոր, Կէսս՝ Զոհ»... Ռ.Ա.Մ.
  • «Դարադարձի Անդոհանք եւ Մարտակոչեր»... Փոխան Երկու Խօսքի Մեթր Գասպար Տէրտէրեան
  • Շնորհահանդէս Մեթր Գ. Տէրտէրեանի «Մեր Հողային Պահանջատիրութիւնը Միջ. Հանրային Իրաւունքի Մէջ» Գիրքին
  • Հայ Աւետարանական Կեանք
  • Լուրեր Հայաշխարհ
  • Մահագրութիւն
    • Նուարդ Քասունի Փանայոթիտիս... Դոկտ. Հրայր Ճէպէճեան
Սեփականատէր՝ Մերձաւոր Արեւելքի Հայ Աւետ. Եկեղեցիներու Միութիւն
Հրատարակիչ՝ Մ.Ա.Հ.Ա.Ե. Միութեան Հրատարակչական Մարմին
Owner: Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East
Publisher: U.A.E.C.N.E. Publications Committee
(image) (image)

Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Chanits Presenting a Resurrection Mime Skit


"He said to them, 'Go into the entire world and preach the gospel to all creation.Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.'"These last verses in Mark 16 which represent Jesus’ final commission after His resurrection were part of the mime skit that the Emmanuel Church’s youth group “CHANITS” of Amanos –Lebanon presented on the fourth of April 2015 at five a.m. in the morning during dawn. On that date, the entire family of the Armenian Evangelical Church in Lebanon had gathered in the campus of KCHAG to celebrate the resurrection of our Holy Lord, the King of Kings Jesus Christ!Joyful preparations had started weeks before that Holy Sunday as the youth-members anticipated the victory of our Savior. The youth divided the roles amongst each other as actors, directors, worship leaders, band members, and audio and visual supervisors. With the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the team was able to put together a sermon or a performance of four scenes found in the book of Mathew and one in the book of Mark, and they were:Mathew 26:36- 45 “The Last Prayer”Mathew 26:69-75 “Peter Disowns Jesus”Mathew 27: 45- 55 “ The Death of Jesus”Mathew 28: 1-10 “Jesus Has Risen”Mark 16 15-18 “Jesus Has Risen” also known as “The Last Commission”Like any Sunday, the Easter celebration included worship as well. Due to the preparations in a very short notice and with all the difficulties the youth members overcame to present that day’s worship session, we can only say that the entire event was entirely supervised by the Holy Spirit, through the victory of our Christ Jesus, to glorify the greatness of our Heavenly Father.A Chanitsagan[...]

Rev. Dr. Avedis Boynerian (USA) Preaching in His Home Church


Rev. Dr. Avedis Boynerian preached in the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church, the church where he grew up, heard the Good news and dedicated his life to full time ministry, serving in His field.
During Rev. Avedis and Arpi's visit to Lebanon, we had the joy to have their two sons, Antranig and Arek, to serve within the Daily Vacation Bible School of Emmanuel Church.

Photos courtesy of Mano Chilingirian
(image) (image)

Three Additional Bungalows Renovated and Dedicated to God in Kchag


On May 9, 2015 the Kchag camp site was flocked with special guests, who had arrived from USA to Beirut in order to inaugurate the newly renovated bungalows.The dedication worship service took place in the chapel of Kchag, after which the families led the unveiling of the plaques of the bungalows, one of which is interestingly named Mishd Chanitzagans (always Christian Endeavorers).Photos courtesy of Hovig Assilian[...]

Interview with Noelle Marie (Badeer) Petersen on the Launching of Her New Book


The Armenian Evangelical Church in Lebanon has had visionary founders, one of whom is Augustine Bedeer. He was instrumental in founding the CMC hospital (now the headquarters of UAECNE), and the Kchag Summer Campsite (now going through renovation and rebuilding).The granddaughter of Henry Bedeer (brother of Augustine Bedeer) has taken the initiative to assemble her family's story and has turned it into a book on the occasion of the Armenian Genocide Centennial. Her name is Noelle Marie (Badeer) Petersen, whom we met online by happenstance through our Chanitz blog. We requested to have an interview, and she gladly accepted.In the book entitled "Survived How & Why", you will find amazing survival story of Hripsime Agnoghian Kassarjian from the genocide, relocation of the Badeer family to Lebanon and then their emigration to USA.(Interview conducted by Raffi Chilingirian)Raffi- What instigated you in the first place to think about writing this book?Noelle and her husbandNoelle- When I lost my paternal grandparents, it felt like losing friends, like losing personal history. I became motivated to share with my nieces and nephews, born and yet to be born, the wonderful people that they would never have a chance to know personally. We have a proud, glorious history as part of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide, and our family history marries it to our life now in America.I never had a chance to meet my greatgrandmother, Hripsime (Agnoghian) Kassarjian. She was an amazing woman who was persuaded by her local church (in Omaha, Nebraska, at that time) to write a short book of her experiences during war, being orphaned, and surviving the Armenian Genocide. After reading her little book for the first time as an adult, it was clear to me that someone needed to digitize the book so it could be preserved and shared with future generations. After I started on her book, the project grew quickly to include photos and other short biographies!Raffi- What are the stages that you passed through from initial phases of thinking about writing this book to actually publishing it?Noelle- I think most people set out to ‘write a book’ and this book sort of just happened to me. It started out with “Survived: How & Why?” by Hripsime, and it grew into photos and other family stories that just couldn’t lay dormant in an old trunk any longer. My parents have all the old documents and photos going back to the 1900’s. After I decided to add a photo gallery to the book, I purchased a scanner and got busy! About 500 photos in, I realized the project was getting bigger than I ever intended it to … and I loved it. The next stage was to round out my written content to equal the number of photos that I wanted to include. I went back to the trunk and searched out other interesting items such as the short autobiography that my Grandpa Henry Sarkis Badeer wrote about his life, and the family history project that was done back in 1997. All of these documents were retyped into a digital format and then matched with photos, page by page.Because I didn’t have the software to finish the layout of the book myself, I enlisted the help of my sisterinlaw, Hannah Badeer, who is both a photographer and graphic designer. She made beautiful, professional pages out of my work! We reviewed and revised the draft several times, consulting family members for missing details and proofreading.We added color photos to the end of the book, along with information about the present members of the family. Weended up with about 69 pages in all.What start[...]

Chanasser Publication (Ջանասէր) Nov-Dec 2014 Issue


  • Խմբագրական - Ժամանակ, Ժամանակներ եւ Շարունակութիւն... «Ջ.»
  • Ծառայութեան Կեանք Ապրիլ... Վեր. Սողոմոն Ն. Քիլաղպեան
  • Երբ Հոգեւոր Ենք... Վեր. Յովհ. Կ. Սվաճեան
  • Մի՛ Վախնաք... Վեր. Յակոբ Ա. Սարգիսեան
  • Հեղինակաւորը... Վեր. Հրայր Չոլաքեան
  • Եօթը Առաքինութիւնները... Վեր. Դոկտ. Վահան Յ. Թութիկեան
  • Տունդարձի Երկար Ճամբան... Դոկտ. Հրայր Ճէպէճեան
  • Արդի Երիտասարդութիւնը... Մ.Գ. Տոմպալեան
  • Անապատի Խորանը... Արմիս
  • Հեշտասիրութիւն... Ռ.Ա.Մ.
  • Վեր. Սերոբ Մկրտիչեան
  • Տէր Յիսուսի Չպատասխանուած Աղօթքները... Վեր. Սերոբ Մկրտիչեան
  • «Շատ կը Ցաւիմ, Աղջիկս»... Ժանէթ Քասունի
  • «Ռեքվիեմ»էն Հատուածներ... Վահագն Դաւթեան
  • Վեր. Դոկտ. Վահան Թութիկեան. «Հայ Աւետարանական Համաշխարհային Խորհուրդը»... Դոկտ. Արի Թօփուզխանեան
  • Նոր Գիրք Հալէպէն... Կարելի Բա՞ն... Թորոս Թորանեան
  • Հայ Աւետարանական Կեանք
  • Լուրեր Հայաշխարհ
  • Առողջապահական
  • Մահագրութիւն
    • Լեւոն Պետիկեան
Սեփականատէր՝ Մերձաւոր Արեւելքի Հայ Աւետ. Եկեղեցիներու Միութիւն
Հրատարակիչ՝ Մ.Ա.Հ.Ա.Ե. Միութեան Հրատարակչական Մարմին
Owner: Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East
Publisher: U.A.E.C.N.E. Publications Committee
(image) (image)

Gandalf the Gray: Protecting the Fellowship


Galdalf battling with the BalrogToday, I was finally able to finish the trilogy, while reading small parts of it every day on my way to work. I had seen the movies in the theaters, but I had always wanted to read the book by J.R.R. Tolkien. I knew that Tolkien was a friend of C.S. Lewis, but what was interesting to find out was the fact that Tolkien was the reason C.S. Lewis came to accept Christ in his life. Awesome!My favorite character in the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings is none other than Gandalf. What grabs my attention is his traits in his character. He knew that he was sent to Middle-Earth to help the earthlings in their mission. This old wizard knew how to read the social and political situations, had a keen insight, was focused on his mission, and he infused his team with confidence and trust.The epitome of his character shows during the fellowship's escape from Moria, the underground city. While escaping, the Balrog suddenly appears and threatens their progress. Instead of running, Gandalf turns around and faces the giant dark shadow single-handedly, protecting his team from the evil creature. Gandalf battles alone with the Balrog and in the combat the Balrog manages to grab Gandalf's leg with its whip while falling, dragging Gandalf down into the endless pit.In the history of the Armenian nation we encounter our own Gandalfs, who lead the Armenian nation during times of crisis. We read about Hayr Ghevont Yeretz, who plays an important role during the battle of Avarayr.We also read about the Rev. Dikran Antreasian of the Armenian Evangelical Church, who in 1915 having witnessed what had befallen the Armenians of Zeytoun, encourages his fellow Armenians of Musa Dagh to flee to the mountains and are later miraculously saved through the intervention of the French battleship.These courageous men of faith stood up to the challenges and helped their fellow brothers and sisters during troubling times. We are also called to help each other out as brothers and sisters of faith, "carrying one another's burdens, and in this way fulfilling the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2. Raffi Chilingirian[...]

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World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) Held Its Executive Meeting in Lebanon


(L to R) Elder Cheh Liang Mok (Malasia), badveli Sevag Trashian, Rev. Dr. William T. Koopmans (Canada)

Hagop Kelougian playing the duduk(image) (image)