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Melbourne Water Recreation Area - Dandenong North


A 2 km (return) hike on August 14, 2017, to the Bird Hide.[...]

Yarra Flats Park - Wattle Track


Photos of August 12, 2017, showing the pretty displays of early wattle, on a 2 km circuit around the old Billabong,  next to the Yarra. Starting point was the car park, off the Boulevard.[...]

Fulton Rd Wetlands - Blackburn South


Photos on a 2 km circuit hike on August 9, 2017. Saplings have been planted along the embankments of the creek, as part of a revegetation program by Whitehorse Council.[...]

Koomba Park Wetlands


Photos in the rain and icy winds on a 2 km circuit hike on Aug 7, 2017. This started at the car park off Mountain Highway (Wantirna) with an inspection of the new recently constructed Water Bird Habitat adjacent to the Dandenong Creek.[...]

Westerfolds' Park - Orienteering Trail


Photos taken on August 5, 2017. This was a 2 km hike along part of the Park Orienteering Trail, passing the heritage-protected Mia Mia Indigenous Arts Centre and Restaurant (currently not open). Good views to the Melbourne CBD and to the nothern ranges.  [...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks - Bushland Tracks


These photos were taken on August 2, 2017, on a 2 km exploration of the bushland area, between Frankston Drive,  Baden Powell Drive. and Churchill Park Drive.Hidden in the jungle were artefacts dating from early occupation in the early 1900s, including the remains of a brick wall, concrete foundations, corrugated iron, and fencing.A small round metal plate on a powerline pole near the gated entrance to Frankston Drive informs us that the pole was erected in 1969.    [...]

Tirhatuan Park Wetlands - Rowville


Photos of July 31, 2017, on a 2 km circuit. Many ducks! [...]

Norton's Park Bushlands (Wantirna South)


😀 Photos of July 30, 2017. This was a 2 km hike through bushland, adjacent to Norton's Park and Shepherds' Bush. Parks Victoria had arranged a Tree Planting event there. About 20 volunteers assisted.[...]

Winton Wetlands - Vermont


 Photos on a 3 km hike on July 29, 2017, starting at the Koomba Park car park off Boronia Rd, then along the Dandenong Creek Trail, turning in to the Winton Wetlands Trail. Many frogs in the lagoons! [...]

Westerfolds' Park - the Heritage Tree (Templestowe)


The Heritage TreePhotos of Jul 28 2017, a 2 km circuit hike to the Heritage Tree. This passed through the Kangaroo Paddock.[...]

Banksia Park - Cherry Grove Circuit (Bulleen)


👿 Photos of July 26, 2017,  on a circuit hike, which started at the carpark next to the Dog Friendly compound next to the river. Spring is nearly here, and the first wattles are in bloom! [...]

Main Yarra Trail - Lower Plenty - the River of no Return!


Photos on July 25, 2017, starting at Wombat Bend (Templstowe), then over the Suspension Bridge to the Main Yarra Trail, continuing off-trail to the bushland area next to the Yarra near Westerfolds' Park.Nice views of the Yarra - about 2 km.[...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks - Woodland Walk and Lagoon


A 2 km exploration on July 24, 2017, starting at the junction of Brady Rd and Greenbank Avenue.In 1976, when the Brady  Rd Picnic Area was opened,  a Walking Track was constructed, known as the Woodland Walk. This started at the northern edge of the Picnic Ground, and continued as a circuit for 700 metres through the Lagoon Bushland area. The Walk is quite popular - it originally lncluded two boardwalks, which were dismantled in 2015 due to safety issues.Several illustrated Information Boards are located along the Track, which describe the fauna and flora of the area, whnich is home to many kangaroos! The Lagoon itself is now dry - overlow entered into a Creek, which passed through bushland to an undercrossing at Baden Powell Drive, close to the Brady Rd intersection. It then continues into the large cleared area known as Challenge Valley, used for activities of the 7th National Australian Scout Jamboree in 1964-65. [...]

Kilsyth South - Liverpool Rd Retarding Basin Reserve


😀Photos of a 2 km hike on July 23, 2017. Despite the rain, many pedestrians, hounds, and water birds were about![...]

Challenge Valley - Dandenong Police Paddocks


BoardwalkPhotos on a 2 km hike on July 21, 2017. This started at the junction of Brady Rd and Greenbank Avenue, then along Brady Rd though the picnic ground to Baden Powell Drive. Then into Challenge Valley, which was used for the 1964-65 Seventh Australian Scout Jamboree, and on to the Wetland Walk. Sadly, the scouts had gone! The no-name creek running through the Valley was explored, which I named Challenge Creek. Two large black stones were discovered next to the creek - these appeared to be of meteoric origin. the Creek feeds into the Retarding Basin, before crossing under Power Rd.Picnic Ground,  Picnic GroundPicnic Ground, artefact from theJamboreePicnic Ground, original site of the Jamboree Shopping AreaPicnic GroundBaden Powell DriveDirections in Baden Powell DriveChallenge CreekChallenge CreekChallenge CreekChallenge CreekChallenge CreekChallenge CreekChallenge CreekChallenge CreekChallenge CreekChallenge CreekChallenge Creek - artefactChallenge Creek - meteoriteChallenge CreekChallenge Creek - meteoriteChallenge Creek - artefactChallenge Creek Challenge CreekChallenge Creek BoardwalkBoardwalkWetland WalkPower LinesWetland WalkChallenge Creek TrackChallenge Creek TrackWetland Walk Picnic GroundThe route[...]

Churchill National Park - Heritage Features at Picnic Ground


Photos of July 19, 2017, on a short exploration at the Picnic Ground.The former LagoonThe former LagoonJamboree Creek crossing on Army TrackJamboree Creek crossing on Army TrackArmy TrackSite of former Jamboree Pump HouseSite of former Jamboree Pump HouseSite of former Jamboree Pump HouseSite of former Jamboree Pump HouseSite of former Jamboree Pump HouseWestern side of Picnic GroundSite of former Jamboree Creek Pump House[...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks - former Tree Conservation Area and Community Garden


Photos of July 18 2017, a 2 km exploration of the part of the site used for the 7th Australian Scout Jamboree held in 1964-65. The route was along rough paths in the bushland formerly known as the Tree Conservation Area and Community Gardens,  created in January 1965 for the Jamboree. Saplings planted at that time are now mature trees - sadly, some have died due to lack of adequate water - the Area is bisected by the Creek, which is now dry. Many of the surviving trees are non-native, and the area has been invaded by blackberries, weeds and thistles. A central walking track starts at Greenbanks Avenue. [...]

Yarra Flats Park - Eaglemont - River Walk


Photos on July 17, 2017, 2 km circuit hike, starting at the main car park off The Boulevard.[...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks - Narree Worran Precinct


Photos of July 16, 2017, on a 2 km exploration of part of the site of the 7th Australian National Scout Jamboree, which was held in Police Paddocks in January 1965. Nothing remains of the Jamboree - the land is now overgrown with blackberries, thistles, weeds and trees. This area was used for the Camp Shopping Area, Interstate Contingent Headquarters, HQ Subcamp no. 7, the Lost Cubs Hut, and the Camp Radio Transmitter. No Cubs were found!The former Shopping Area is now the Brady Rd Picnic Ground.A Geodetic Survey Marker is located adjacent to the plcnic ground. This is designated PM 264, at an altitude of 54 m above sea level.Plate on power pole at corner of Brady Rd and Greenbanks Avenue, showing date of erection (11 1964) and height (40 feet).Geodetic MarkerAll that remains of an old gate!Location  of  Geodetic MarkerExploration Route[...]

Westerfolds Park - Templestowe - Kangaroo Paddock Track


These photos sholw the scenery, environment and fauna on a 2 km circuit on July 14, 2017. Kangaroos were plentiful, sunning themselves in the winter sunshine![...]

Bungalook Nature Reserve - Kilsyth South


Photos of July 13, 2017, on a 2 km exploration of the Reserve, reached from Liverpool Rd and Lakeside Drive. [...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks - Historic Lookout Track


Photos of the scenery and environment on a 2.5 km hike on July 09, 2017, starting at the car park at the end of Brady Rd. This followed gated Greenbank Avenue, then along the Historic Area Lookout Track, and on to gated Frankston Drive.[...]

Finn's Reserve - Lower Templestowe


Photos of a 2.5 km hike on July 7, 2017, starting at the car parking area off Union St. This followed the Ruffey Trail Loop and then continued along the former Lookout Track, adjacent to the Yarra. The remains of old stonewalk may be seen along this Track, which ends at private property.[...]

Shepherds Bush Conservation Reserve


Photos of a 2 km exploration on July 5, 2017. This started at the end of Links' Court and wound its way along the Paperbark and Shepherds Bush Trails. Very lush and green![...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve - Frankston Drive Precinct


Photos of a 3 km exploration on July 4, 2017,  researching the location of an old Water Channel which was built in the 1915-1920 era, and closed in 1931. The Channel starts at the old Dam high up on Army Rd, in the Churchill National Park, and crosses under Churchill Park Drive, then runs adjacent to Frankston Drive. Some old broken nine inch steel reinforced pipes were discovered, lying in the channel - these were used to carry water under foot crossings. The channel continues past the end of Frankston Drive and carried water for irrigation and agricultural purposes to the site of the former Police Horse Stud Depot, which closed in 1931. Much of the open channel past Frankston Drive is now untraceable, due to high grass, blackberries and weeds.Frankston Drive was built in 1964, one of several roadways for the 7th Australian National Scout Convention held in Police Paddocks, attended by 16,000 scouts.[...]