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Norlton Park Circuit Hike - Wantirna South


👨Photos of a 2 km circuit of the Park on June 24, 2017, starting at  the main carpark off Norton's Lane. The route passed the old reservoir in adjacent Shepherd's Bush Park. frameborder="0" height="400px" id="mapmyfitness_route" src="//" width="100%">Create Routes or Search for a route from millions at MapMyWalk [...]

Bushy Park Wetlands - Glen Waverley


👻 A 2 km hike along the Dandenong Creek Trail on June 23 2017. This started at the small car park at the end of Highbury Rd, visiting the Bird Hide.[...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve - Brady Rd (Endeavour Hills)


Site of the former Jamboree Main Arena, now a soccer field. A temporary grandstand once stood on this site.These photos of June 20, 2017, show the environment and scenery along Brady Rd, east of the Dandenong Creek.This section of Brady Rd was constructed in 1964 as the main entry point to the 7th National Australian Scout Jamboree, held for nine days over the Xmas/NY period 1964/65, on a large area of the Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve.  Some 16,000 scouts attended.My visit was exploratory, in researching key locations used for some of the Jamboree activities, which included the Main Arena, the Main Asembly Area, the Camp Shopping Area, the Interstate Contingent Headquarters, the Main Gate, the Tree Conservation Area, the Camp Water Channel, the Camp Radio Station, and sites of the Lost Cubs and Information booths.For guidance, I used a copy of the official Jamboree Camp Map!Jamboree Water Channel, now overgrownJamboree Water Channel, now overgrownSite of the former Jamboree Tree Conservation Area. now bushlandJamboree Water Channel, now overgrownBrady RdBrady RdBrady RdSite of the former Jamboree Tree Conservation Area. now bushlandJamboree Water Channel, now overgrownJamboree Water Channel, now overgrownTrack to Jamboree Water Channel, now overgrownDandenong Softball Centre, on site of former Jamboree Contingent areaDandenong Softball Centre, on site of former Jamboree Contingent areaDandenong Softball Centre, on site of former Jamboree Contingent areaBrady RdSite of the former Jamboree Tree Conservation Area. now bushlandSite of the former Jamboree Main Arena, now a soccer field.Site of the former Jamboree Main Arena, now a soccer field.Brady Rd - car park, on site of formerJamboree Tree Conservation area[...]

Koomba Park Bushland - Wantirna


😈 Photos of the scenery and environment on a  2 km hike on June 19, 2017. This started at the car park on Boronia Rd,  and followed the Eastlink Trail and Dandenong Creek Wetlands. The Wetlands Trail is unformed, with several fallen logs and a watercourse to negotiate.[...]

Eastlink Trail - Wheeler's Hill


👽Photos of June 18, 2017, on a 3 km hike, starting at the Jells East car park at the end of Waverly Rd, then along the Eastlink Trail, crossing the Dandenong Creek to Shepherd's Bush, then past the Gold Course and agistment paddock next to bushland. Good views to the Dandenongs on a sunny midwinter day.[...]

Jells' Park Bushland and Eastlink Trail


🙊 Photos on a 3 km hike on June 17, 2017, starting at the main car park off Ferntree Gully Rd.   [...]

Dandenong Valley Wetland - Mulrave


☺A 2 km hike on June 16, 2017. The Wetland is accessed from the Dandenong Creek (Eastlink) Trail, reached from Ferntree Gully Rd, or via the Service Centre on Eastlink.[...]

Westerfolds' Park - River Walk


😼A mid-winter hike of about 2 km on June 14 2017.[...]

Dandenong Creek Bushland - Police Paddocks Reserve


These photos show the scenery and environment along the bushland on the eastern bank of the Dandenong Creek, next to the Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve, on June 11, 2017. This area, part of Melbourne Water,  is not often visited - a stormwater channel is adjacent. There are nice views of the Creek, with the Dandenong Creek Trail on the opposite bank. Access is from Brady Rd next to the bridge. [...]

Yarra Flats Park


 A 2 km hike in the bushland area of the park, on June 7, 2017.[...]

Churchill Natioal Park - the Lagoon


Old stone pathway to the lagoon and swimming area My visit on June 6. 2017.It is not commonly knokwn, but a lagoon once exlsted in the Churchill National Park, adjacent to the present-day picnic area. The Lagoon is now totally dry - water entered it via an open channel originating from a long-gone storage dam high up in the hill near North Boundary Track. The channel crossed the disused Dandenong Aqueduct in a 9" pipe -  a section of the pipe survives and passes under the Aqueduct  Walking Track. The lower end of the channel passes beneath Link Track in a cement pipe, near the HV power line towers.The Lagoon was once used for swimming on the 1940s  -  a circuit walking track of about 350 m (Nature Walk) now passes through past of the lagoon site - this starts at the main car-park, and includes three short boardwalks. Remains of the stone pathway to the Lagoon survive, behind the toilet block.Overflow from the Lagoon was via a watercourse (creek) which starts near the present-day toilet block -  this passed under Army Track through a 19" cement pipe, and continued as open channel through the Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve to the Dandenong Creek at Brady Rd. The Army Track crossing is easily located, immediately adjacent to the barrier gate at the end of the carpark.After leaving Army Track, the channel passes under Churchill Park Drive.The Channel passed through the site of the 7th Australian Scout Jamboree, held for nine days in 1964-65 in Police Paddocks Reserve, attended by some 16,000 scouts. Waste water from the campsites entered the channel. The original site layout plan for the Jamboree shows a temporary "Jamboree Pump House" located next to the Army Track undercrossing - this is now in thick bushland. and is unreachable! It is thought that this contained some form of mechanical pump to increase the flow from the lagoon, as it is known that the channel silted up on its way through the Jamboree area. Channel Crossing under Army RdRemains of fence around Jamboree Pump Hut siteArmy Rd, channel crossing just past the gateRemains of old fence in Lagoon areaLagoon siteLagoon siteLagoon siteLagoon siteCar park on Army RdLagoon site (yellow outline)Lagoon site, looking from the northOld pipe which fed water to Lagoon, crossing the disused Dandenong Aqueduct[...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks - Belair Rd


Photos taken on June 5, 2017,  in the area of Police Paddocks,  which was the site of the 1964/65 7th National Australian Scout Jamboree, attended by 16,000 scouts for nine daye. Cartoon from the Jamboree Daily, Jan 5, 1965[...]

Bourke's Lookout - Mt Dandenong


This excellent lookout is best accessed from the Kyema Track, starting at the small car park at the end of Eyre Rd, reached from Ridge Rd. Good views across the eastern and northern suburbs to the CBD and beyond. The Memorial Cairn and Info board about the Kyema air disaster is nearby. Photos of June 4, 2017.[...]

Lysterfield Park - Logan Park Track, East West Break, Pusilla Break


👻 A 2 km exploration on June 3, 2017, starting at the car park on Wellington Rd, then along Logan Park Track, the East West Break, and Pusilla Break. This is the season for the appearance of colorful fungi![...]

Dandenong Creek Trail - Wantirna


😊 Photos of June 2, 2017, on a 2 km (return) hike along the Trail, starting at the Wangtire Reserve car park off the Mountain Highway. A new Wetland Bird Sanctuary has recently been completed, next to the Trail, adjacent to the Dandenong Creek.[...]

Baden Powell Drive


This is a YouTube Slideshow, with music, of a 2 km hike along Baden Powell Drive, Endeavour Hills, on May 31 2017. This roadway was one of several built in 1964 for the 7th National Australian Scout Jamboree, which took place for 11 days over the 1964/65 holiday period. About 16,000 scouts attended. 

The roadways were retained but gated to allow access only to walkers, cyclists, joggers, hounds, horses, runners and authorized vehicles.

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Churchill National Park - Bayvidw Track and the former lagoon


 A 2 km hike mon May 29, 2017. The photos, commentary and music are at this link:


Jell's Park Lake


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jells - Kizoa Movie - Video - Slideshow Maker

Churchill NP - Nature Trail


👾 Photos of May 25, 2017, showing the scenery and environment in and around the Picnic Area, off Churchill Park Drive.[...]

Fulton Rd Wetlands - Blackburn South


Photos of May 23, 2017.Wurundjeri Walk is a linear park of 20 hectares extending between Middleborough and Blackburn Roads in Blackburn South.The park is made up of the following parks and reserves:Orchard Grove Reserve – including a “Rain Garden” or water quality biofilterWilkes Place LinkHurter / Finch Street LinksThe Wurundjeri Wetlands (on Fulton Reserve, corner of Indra and Fulton Roads).Wurundjeri Walk is named after the Wurundjeri Clan, the Koori people who lived in this area prior to white settlement. The park is a major district park with a balance of recreation facilities in a natural setting.The Wurundjeri Wetlands, completed in 2001, enhance the recreational values of the park with the creation of an attractive habitat for water birds. During 2008 another wetland feature was added – a Rain Garden or Biofilter – which is near the corner of Fulton Road and Samuel Street. The Rain Garden treats local storm water by filtering water through a porous sand medium planted with wetland plants. There are walking paths, seats and viewing points from which the visitor can overlook the wetlands, observe the birds and admire the indigenous trees e.g. Red Stringybark, Yellow Box, Long-leaf Box, Swamp Gum, Sweet Bursaria and Swamp Paperbark plus many other grasses, tufties and shrubs indigenous to Whitehorse.Bird species sighted in the wetlands include the White-faced Heron, Pied Cormorant, Straw-necked Ibis, Black Duck, Black-fronted Dotterell and Australian Wood Duck.[...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks - Woodland Walk


😲 Photos of May 2, 2017, starting at the junction of Brady Rd and Greenbank Avenue. The route followed Greebank Avenue, Belair Avenue, the Woodland Walk and the Nerre Nerre Warren picnic ground.The 7th Australian Scout Jamboree was held in this bushland area from Dec 30 1964 to Jan 10 1965. 16,000 scouts from Australia, Asia and the Pacific attended. [...]

Churchill National Park - Stonemason's Track


🙋 Photos taken May 20, 2017, on a 3 km hike along the Bayview and Stonemason Tracks in the eastern end of the Park. Starting point was the gate on the perimeter fence, just off Churchill Park Drive.Features of interest included:The usual families of kangaoosThe intersection of the syphon pipe of the disused Dandenong AqueductThe eastern end of Syphon TrackThe remains of the small quarry, used for supply of granite stone to MelbourneThe remains of the brick/stone outlet adjacent to the quarry, used for taking excess water into a channelBeautiful views of the Park across the Lagoon ValleyGranite outcrops[...]

Lysterfield Lake Park - Cloverdale Track


👻 A 3 km (return) hike on May 18, 2017, starting at the car park at the end of Hallam North Rd, at West Boundary Track, then reaching Cloverdale Track. The track is steep, ending at the Lake, with a change of altitude of some 50 m. It crosses Tramway Track.[...]

Churchill National Park - the Rowville East-West Firebreak


😈My visit was on May 17 2017, a rainy bleak day!The Rowville East-West Firebreak is next to the western perimeter fence, starting at Army Rd, reached from a gate at the end of Bergin's Rd. Adjacent to it, on private property, is the old Retarding Dam, which was part of the Belgrave to Dandenong Pipe, connected from the larger Dam just to the north.The pipe system was opened in 1899 and was decommissioned in 1950.When the Pipe closed down, the Dam was used as a public swimming facility, until 1955, known as Heany Park Lake. The large Dam is now in private property owned by Scouts Victoria and public access is prohibited.The small Dam contains run-off water, rubbishj and weeds - remains of the wooden platform exist at the western end, which was associated with the outlet pipe.[...]

Churchill National park - the disused Reservoir


👻Photos taken on May 15, 2017, on a 2.5 (return) km hike to the old Reservoir (see photos). This was built in 1915, supplying water to Dandenong via an aqueduct, which snaked its way through what is now the Churchill National Park and the Churchill Park Golf Club. Most of the aqueduct was open channel, but some sections, including a syphon, were pipe. Some parts of the rusting pipe are still visible. A management track is adjacent to the aqueduct, known as "Channel Track", which may be followed for some 3.5 km from the reservoir to Syphon Track. The reservoir and aqueduct were decommisioned in 1936 when the Lysterfield Reservoir was opened.The stone structure stlll intact at the reservoir is the old outlet through which water passed into the aqueduct. Channel Track may be accessed via Army Rd, either from the main car park off Churchill Park Drive, or from the gate at Bergin's Rd.There are splendid views from Channel Track and Army Rd towards Dandenong and the Bay.ReservoirReservoirReservoirReservoirReservoirView from Channel TrackOld pipe crossing Channel TrackView from Channel TrackView from Channel TrackChannel TrackView from Channel TrackOld pipe crossing Channel TrackThe AqueductChannel TrackArmy TrackChannel TrackChannel TrackArmy TrackArmy TrackView from Army TrackArmy TrackWalking RouteArmy TrackView from Army TrackNorth BoundaryTrackArmy TrackRoute of the AqueductChannel Track[...]