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Tirhatuan Wetlands Conservation Reserve - Rowville


A circuit hike around the Lake on March 23, 2017.[...]

Churchill National Park - Kangaroo Trail


🙆 A 4 km hike on March 20 2017, following Channel Track,  starting at the Main Car Park on Army Rd.[...]

O'Shannaassy Aqueduct Trail - Dee River Ssction


A 4 km (return) hike on March 19, 2017, starting at the Dee River car park and continuing to the Dee Slip Bridge. [...]

Shepherds Bush - Wantirna South


A 2 km exploration on March 18, 2017.[...]

Churchill National Park - Army Rd Lookout


😈 A 3 km hike on March 15 2017, starting at the picnic area on Army Rd, then the ascent to the viewpoint to North Boundary Rd. Good views to the Rowville area. Change in altitude was about 30m,  tough goling in 36 degrees![...]

Furness Park - Blackburn Creeklands


👹 A 2 km circuit on March 14, 2017, along the Gardiner's Creek Trails.[...]

Kestrel Creek Wetlands - Westerfolds' Park - Templestowe


😸An exploration on March 13, 2017, visiting the Wetlands and Wattleview areas.[...]

Ruffey Lake Park - Doncaster


👽A 2 km circuit on March 11, 2017.[...]

Wadinong Sanctuary Blackburn


A 2 km circuit hike on Mach 10, 2017. The main entrance is on Ronley St - the site also fronts on to Canterbury Rd.Wandinong Reserve is a nature reserve in the middle of suburban Blackburn which was bequeathed to the people of the former Nunawading Shire by the Hoare Family in 1973. Each year, the descendants of the donors gather to celebrate the generosity of their forebears.The original owners of the property planted trees with signage marking the names and birthdays of their 20 grandchildren.The homestead, built in 1913, and outbuldings were demolished in the mid-1970s. The homestead stood near the large pine trees, at the end of the main pathway; commmorative plaques on a large granite boulder and an information board mark the actual site.  [...]

Wombolano Bushland Reserve - East Ringwood


A 2 km circuit hike on March 8 2017. Reached from Canterbury Rd.[...]

Candlebark Park - Templestowe


👽 A 2 km circuit on March 7, 2017.[...]

Jells Park - Wheelers Hill


A 3 km hike on March 4, 2017, starting at the main car park on Waverley Rd.[...]

Shepherd's Bush (Wantirna South) in early autumn


A 3 km hike on March 5, 2017, starting at the entrance on High St Rd. Megabeasts inhabit this bushland - beware![...]

Westerfolds Park Trails


👲A 2 km circuit hike on March 3, 2017.[...]

Yarra Flats Park Bushland Hike


A 2 km circuit hike on March 2, 2017 , starting at the main car park off the Boulevard.[...]

Birrarrung Park - Templestowe


☺Pix of a 2 km hike  in 35 degrees on February 28, 2017.[...]

Campbell's Croft Reserve - Vermont


These pix were taken on February 27, 2017, on  2 km hike through the Reserve. Together Abbey Walk and Campbells Croft are approximately 14 hectares of bushland and open space. Dandenong Creek runs along the east with Boronia Road to the South.Abbey Walk, in thde northern section of the Reserve, is approximately 4ha of native vegetation and gently rising grassed areas.  Campbells Croft falls into at least five distinctive areas being:The Pines - about 2 ha of extensive plantation of Pinus radiata located on the high western slops.The Meadow - large grassy open space located centrally within the Croft. Exotic trees including Elms, Poplars, Oaks, Silver Birch gives the park user a relaxing English feel to the Croft.The Ridge - northern section of the Croft this area is thickly vegetated with a large variety of both native and exotic plantings, Eucalyptus, Pines, Cotoneaster, Pittosporum etc. This area gives a wilderness feel to the Croft.Remnant Swamp Woodland - a very cherished area of the Croft, consisting of significant areas of high quality remnant vegetation. Much work by the committee volunteers and 'Practical Ecology' has been done within this area, weeding invasive exotic vegetation and replanting with indigenous species.Wetlands - recently upgraded, this magnificent area is a natural overflow for the Dandenong Creek floodings. It is a large area of indigenous vegetation with thriving aquatic and fauna species.   [...]

Melbourne Water Retarding Basin Park - Lysterfield South


These photos show the scenery and environment at the Essex Park Flood Retarding Basin Extension adjacent to Churchill Park Drive, Lysterfield South, on a 2 km circuit hike on February 25, 2017. [...]

Churchill Park Drive


Summer flowers on Powerline TrackA 2 km hike on Feb 24, 2017. This started at the small car park at the gated entrance to the Arthur G. Robinson bushland reserve, opposite Churchill Park, then along the powerline maintenance track to Power Rd, then continuing to the northern end of Clifford Park Drive. This roadway can no longer be accessed from this point, being blocked by a recently constructed high cyclone wire fence. However, Clifford Park Drive can be reached from its open southern end, which starts at Lansdowne Rd, off Baden Powell Drive or Power Rd.The Robinson Reserve is next to the Churchill Park Golf Club and a partly overgrown sign (c.1966) indicates that the area is part of the Girl Guides scouting organization.   .Signage for Robinson ReservePowerline TrackJunction of Power Rd and Churchill Park DriveBig sign next to Power  RdNorthern end of Clifford Park Drive (seen through the fence!)Northern end of Clifford Park Drive (seen through the fence!)Northern end of Clifford Park Drive (seen through the fence!)Powerline TrackPowerline TrackPowerline TrackPowerline TrackPowerline TrackRobinson TrackCar park next to start of Robinson TrackCar park next to start of Robinson TrackDeteriorating bitumen in carpark (1966)Walking route[...]

Wetland Walk - Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve


A  3 km hike on February 23, 2017. The area, wthin the Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve, was reached from the Wonga Track, starting at gated Baden Powell Drive, passing through bushland and scrub. This large property was once forest, cleared in 1963 for the nine-day 1964/65 National Scout Jamboree, as the site for many of the competitive physical and activity-based events for the 16,000 scouts who attended. A watercourse ran through the area, which assisted in "mud action" competitions for the scouts!Following the Jamboree, the land was taken over by Parks Victoria and a walking track, bridge and boardwalk were constructed.[...]

Wurundjeri Walk - Blackburn South


 🙋 A 2 km circuit on Feb 22, 2017. The Reserve is the site of a former orchard.[...]

Melbourne Water Recreation Reserve - Dandenong Norfth


😸A 2 km exploration on February 21, 2017.[...]

Jell's Park East - Wheeler's Hill


A 3 km hike on February 18, 2017.[...]

Clifford Park Drive - Police Paddocks Reserve


Clifford Park Drive👨Photos of February 17, 2017.  3 km hike. Clifford Park Drive has been blocked off at the northern end by a high cyclone wire fence - access is now only from the south (Lansdowne Rd)Baden Powell DriveNorth entrance, Baden Powell DriveStructure from Scout Jamboree (1964) Baden Powell DriveOff Lansdown Rd, site of Jamboree sub-camp no. 3Track signage, cnr Baden Powell Rd and Landsdowne RdNotice, Landsdowne RdClifford Park DriveClifford Park DriveClifford Park DriveSite of Jamboree sub-site no, 3, Landsdown RdSite of Jamboree sub-site no. 4, Clifford Park DriveSite of Jamboree sub-site no. 4, Clifford Park DriveClifford Park DrivePlants, Lansdowne RdSignage, Baden Powell DriveBaden Powell DriveClose-up, road surface, Baden Powell DriveWalking RouteStructure from Scout Jamboree (1964) Baden Powell Drive[...]

Westerfolds' Park - Templestowe - Boardwalk Loop Hike


A 2 km circuit on February 16, 2017 - hot day![...]