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Churchill Park Drive


Summer flowers on Powerline TrackA 2 km hike on Feb 24, 2017. This started at the small car park at the gated entrance to the Arthur G. Robinson bushland reserve, opposite Churchill Park, then along the powerline maintenance track to Power Rd, then continuing to the northern end of Clifford Park Drive. This roadway can no longer be accessed from this point, being blocked by a recently constructed high cyclone wire fence. However, Clifford Park Drive can be reached from its open southern end, which starts at Lansdowne Rd, off Baden Powell Drive or Power Rd.The Robinson Reserve is next to the Churchill Park Golf Club and a partly overgrown sign (c.1966) indicates that the area is part of the Girl Guides scouting organization.   .Signage for Robinson ReservePowerline TrackJunction of Power Rd and Churchill Park DriveBig sign next to Power  RdNorthern end of Clifford Park Drive (seen through the fence!)Northern end of Clifford Park Drive (seen through the fence!)Northern end of Clifford Park Drive (seen through the fence!)Powerline TrackPowerline TrackPowerline TrackPowerline TrackPowerline TrackRobinson TrackCar park next to start of Robinson TrackCar park next to start of Robinson TrackDeteriorating bitumen in carpark (1966)Walking route[...]

Wetland Walk - Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve


A  3 km hike on February 23, 2017. The area, wthin the Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve, was reached from the Wonga Track, starting at gated Baden Powell Drive, passing through bushland and scrub. This large property was once forest, cleared in 1963 for the nine-day 1964/65 National Scout Jamboree, as the site for many of the competitive physical and activity-based events for the 16,000 scouts who attended. A watercourse ran through the area, which assisted in "mud action" competitions for the scouts!Following the Jamboree, the land was taken over by Parks Victoria and a walking track, bridge and boardwalk were constructed.[...]

Wurundjeri Walk - Blackburn South


 🙋 A 2 km circuit on Feb 22, 2017. The Reserve is the site of a former orchard.[...]

Melbourne Water Recreation Reserve - Dandenong Norfth


😸A 2 km exploration on February 21, 2017.[...]

Jell's Park East - Wheeler's Hill


A 3 km hike on February 18, 2017.[...]

Clifford Park Drive - Police Paddocks Reserve


Clifford Park Drive👨Photos of February 17, 2017.  3 km hike. Clifford Park Drive has been blocked off at the northern end by a high cyclone wire fence - access is now only from the south (Lansdowne Rd)Baden Powell DriveNorth entrance, Baden Powell DriveStructure from Scout Jamboree (1964) Baden Powell DriveOff Lansdown Rd, site of Jamboree sub-camp no. 3Track signage, cnr Baden Powell Rd and Landsdowne RdNotice, Landsdowne RdClifford Park DriveClifford Park DriveClifford Park DriveSite of Jamboree sub-site no, 3, Landsdown RdSite of Jamboree sub-site no. 4, Clifford Park DriveSite of Jamboree sub-site no. 4, Clifford Park DriveClifford Park DrivePlants, Lansdowne RdSignage, Baden Powell DriveBaden Powell DriveClose-up, road surface, Baden Powell DriveWalking RouteStructure from Scout Jamboree (1964) Baden Powell Drive[...]

Westerfolds' Park - Templestowe - Boardwalk Loop Hike


A 2 km circuit on February 16, 2017 - hot day![...]

Churchill National Park - Nature Walk


👪  Photos of February 15 2017, starting at the main car park off Churchill Park Drive. This was a shorter walk, following the Nature Loop Track.This park was formerly part of the Dandenong Police Paddocks and was created in 1943, named after Sir Winston Churchill.   [...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve - walk into History


The CairnI visited the Reserve on February 14, 2017, on a 3 km "research hike." The Reserve is a 499-ha park managed by Parks Victoria and includes areas of significant indigenous flora.The CairnThe site was used as a native Police Headquarters and an Aboriginal Protectorate Station from 1837 to 1853, and subsequently used as the Victoria Police Stud Depot from 1853 to 1931. Since then it has been used as a public purposes reserve for, among other things, grazing, a military camp and recreation.The CairnThe site was also home to the 7th Australian Scouts Jamboree in 1964-65; ownership was transferred to Parks Victoria following the Jamboree,  and the roadways built for that event are now shared walking trails through bushland and grassland.   Rusting fence in front of mound - building foundations are believed to lie beneathIn 1972 a Commemorative Plaque was erected by local Councils at the former site. This is rarely visited, situated on a hill in the central grassland area and reached by foot from the end of Frankston Drive (a gated roadway built for the Jamboree, from Churchill Park Drive).  The Plaque may also by accessed from a gated fire management track starting at Brady Rd, next to  the Dandenong Creek.Walking route to the CairnNotice at entrance gate on Frankston DriveFrankston DriveOn Frankston DriveSite of Jamboree Chief Commissioners' Headquarters, Franston DriveLooking towards Historic Area from Frankston DriveVehicle turning circle at end of Frankston DriveVandalised notice board at Historic Area Lookout   Looking north from Historic LookoutInfo on top of Cairn Track to CairnHistoric Site showing area of PeriwinkleCairn Track towards Brady RdLooking towards site of Jamboree Main Arena from Historic AreaThe CairnCairn Track to Brady RdGreen tree in grassland!Yellow flowering Wattle in grasslandVehicle turning circle at end of Frankston DriveFrankston DriveWalking track to Brady Rd from Frankston DriveOn Frankston DriveAt the Historic Site[...]





I have published this free, comprehensive on-line, research project which describes in words and pictures the history, geomorphology, heritage and evolution of the Balnarring Coastline, extending from Somers to Point Leo and nearby areas, centred on Balnarring Township, 80 km south of Melbourne, located on Westernport Bay.

The Project includes many public-domain out-of-copyright images, drawings, maps, engravings and photographs, dating back to the 1870s, supplemented with recent photos and videos taken by the author.

It's at 

Balnarring Coastline Pictorial History


Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve - Rowville


👿 Photos of February 13, 2017, taken on the unsealed gated 2 km section of Police Rd, reached from Stud Rd. This dirt road marks the northern boundary of the Reserve, and runs next to the large East Rowville Terminal Station (ERTS) of the Ausnet Transmission Group and adjcacent to the Waverley Golf Club grounds. The track ends at Churchill  Park Drive. HF Power Lines seen in the photos are twin 220 kV, supplied from the Cranbourne and Rowville Terminal Stations on double circuit towers.This hilly area of the Reserve is an interesting example of the original bushland, which was never cleared. The flat land was cleared of timber in the mid-1850s, and then used for grazing. The reserve is owned and managed by Parks Victoria - grazing was phased out in the early 1900s. The name "Police Rd" is a legacy of early use of part of the land between 1830 and 1931 for the Native Police facility.[...]

Winton Wetlands - Wantirna


👿 A 3 km exploration on February 12, 2017, starting at the Koomba Park carpark on Boronia Rd.The area is managed by Melbourne Water.Site Significance: Two regionally threatened vegetation types are represented Floodplain Wetland Complex and Riparian Forest Locally rare flora are present, and the rare waterbird, Latham’s Snipe, has been observed there;Being on Dandenong Creek, the site is on a major corridor for daily and seasonal movements of birds and insects (particularly waterbirds, several species of which are threatened)[...]

Norton's Park and Shepherd's Bush, Wantirna South


👿 Photos of February 12 2017, 2 km return,  starting at Norton's Park, then into Shepherd's Bush and along the Linear Trail, following the Dandenong Creek.[...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve, Wetland Walk


🙌These photos were taken on February 10, 2017, on a 3 km exploration, starting at the access gate at the end of Brady Rd. The route passd through the Picnic Area, then downhill along Brady Rd, reaching Baden Powell Drive, then to the Wetland Walk and return. The large Wetland area has been totally dry for some years, and is the site of the  Challenge Valley and Skillorama events. which were part of the 7th Australian National Scout Jamboree of Dec 65-Jan 66. [...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve - Greystanes Cresent


😊Photos on a 2 km hike on February 8, 2017. This roadway was constucted in 1963 for the 7th Australian Scouts Jamboree, and is now part of the track network for walkers, runners, dogs, and cyclists. The track surface has deteriorated, with only traces of  the original asphalt surving. The Maurice Jarvis Reserve is a large fenced bushland area, now home to Guide Scouts Victoria as the Kooronga Camp - the open-air Kinta Chapel occupies part of the Reserve. 16,000 scouts attended the nine-day Jamboree.[...]

Endeavour Hills - Sydney Pargeter Recreation Reserve -


These photos show the scenery and environment of a 3 k m exploration on February 7, 2017. Part of the Reserve is located in the Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve - the main entrance is on Power Rd. Nice views to the Churchill National Park. [...]

Bungalook Conservation Reserve - Kilsyth South


A 3 km exploration of this relatively unknown scenic reserve on February 6, 2017.It's located on Tereddan Drive in Kilsyth South, Chandra Avenue, Ormond Place and Regency Drive. The total size of the reserve is 14.5 ha (35.6 acres) and is made up of three separately managed areas -  6.2 ha (15.2 acres) around the retarding basin, managed by Melbourne Water, a further 2.2 ha (5.4 acres) west of the Melbourne Water reserve is a Trust for Nature reserve,  and the southern section of 6.1 ha (15 acres) is managed by Maroondah Council. The Reserve contains the most intact remnant bushland within the City of Maroondah, featuring several different vegetation types and the only known population of the Kilsyth South Spider Orchid, listed as endangered under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. The reserve is also listed as ‘Land for Wildlife’. [...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve - Baden Powell Drive


Northern entrance to Baden Powell DriveThese photos were taken on February 5, 2017, along the northern (pedestrian only)  section of Baden Powell Drive and adacent roads. This visit was in support of a History Research project being undertaken by the author, in tracing the heritage of the area, and in particular, the state and surface condition of roads built some 46 years ago. Baden Powell Drive was one of many multi-use access roads contructed for the 1964/65 Seventh Australian Scout Jamboree, attended by 16,000 scouts.Baden Powell Drive - Mobile Phone TowerGraystanes CrescentOld truck warning sign - Baden Powell DriveBaden Powell Drive - road surfaceEntrance to Guide Scouts CampBaden Powell DriveStructure remaining from 1964-65 Scouts Jamboree, Baden Powell DriveBaden Powell DriveBelair AvenueBaden Powell DriveBaden Powell DriveOld road feature on Lansdowne RdLansdowne RdLansdowne Rd - old road featureLansdowne Rd - old road featureAdd captionBaden Powell Drive, cnr of Landsdowne RdBaden Powell Drive - regrowth bushlandBaden Powell Drive- entrance to Guides CampBaden Powell Drive - detail,of road surfaceBaden Powell Drive - detail of road surfaceBaden Powell Drive - detail of road surfaceBaden Powell Drive - detail of road surfaceBaden Powell Drive cnr Greystane'e CresdentOn Baden Powell DriveNorthern entrance to Baden Powell DriveNorthern entrance to Baden Powell Drive[...]

Nerre Nerre Warren Reserve - Dandenong Police Paddocks


Greenbank Avenue, cnr of Brady Rd Photos on a 2 km Historical Research exploration of February 4, 2017, starting at the end of Brady Rd.  This area was used for the Seventh Australian Scout Jamboree in Dec 1964-Jan 1965, attended by 16,000 scouts. The overgrown roads seen in the photos were constructed for the Jamboree in 1964, as were the power poles. The roads were asphalted, now closed off for private vehicle traffic, and now used as shared walking/jogging/cyclef/fire management  tracks.  The bushland has regrown since the Jamboree.Remains of road surface, Greenbank Avenue, near Belair AvenueOld water channel, now overgrown, at Greenbank Avenue. This carried waste water from the Jamboree complex to the Dandenong CreekRemains of road surface, Greenbank Avenue, near Belair AvenueRemains of road surface, Greenbank Avenue, near Belair AvenueRemains of road surface, Greenbank Avenue, near Belair Avenue.Walking Trail off Greenbank Avenue, to the Historic Lookout areaRemains of road surface, Greenbank Avenue, near Belair Avenue. In background is the site of the original Jamboree Main Assembly Arena, now used for zporting purposes.Remains of road surface, Greenbank Avenue, near Belair AvenueWalking Trail from Greenbank AvenueWalking Trail from Greenbank AvenueRoad sign, cnr Greenbank Ave and Brady RdStart of Belair Avenue, cnr Greenbank AvenuePower distribution, Greenbank AvenePower distribution, Greenbank AveneBrady Rd, showing layers of old road surfacingPicnic Area, on site originally used for the Jamboree Shopping AreaConcrete base of old power, Picnic AreaOld track, off Picnic Area   Picnic AreaWooden artifacts in the Picnic areaSign on Brady Rd, near Picnic AreaGreenbank Avenue, showing part of surface of old roadOn Greenbank AvenueOn Belair Avenue[...]

Birdsland Reserve and Monbulk Creek Retarding Basin


Photos of a 4 km exploration on February 3, 2017.Birdsland is a 75ha bushland reserve with a long history. The Wurrundjeri people lived in the region around Birdsland, then around 150 years ago the land was cleared for grazing and crop production. The Birds family owned the site from about 1940 and used it for sheep farming. In 1981 in order to save the sight from urban development, the Shire of Sherbrooke purchased Birdsland. The site opened to the public in 1984 as a community bushland reserve.Many species of native wildlife find sanctuary at Birdsland. Over 130 different native birds have been identified in the reserve including the Wedgetail Eagle and Powerful Owl. Birdsland supports over 200 species of native plants.[...]

Yarra Flats Park


 A 2 km exploration on Feb 2, 2017, starting at the main carpark off the Boulevard, Ivanhoe East. [...]

Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve


These photos of February 1 2017 were taken on an exploration of the section of the Reserve bordering Brady Rd, off Stud Rd, in Endeavour Hills.This area of the 990 acre Reserve was the site of the 1964-1965 World Scout Jamboree, attended by 16,000 scouts over a nine-day period.  I attended the event as a visitor. After the Jamboree concluded, known locally as "Jamboree City", management of the Jamboree site was transferred to Parks Victoria, and the paved roads built for the event became a large network of shared walking/cycling tracks, with a picnic ground on Brady Rd. All of the Jamboree's infrastructure was removed and sold at auction in January 1965.The main gate was on Brady Rd. This originally ended at the Dandenong Creek, but was extended for the Jamboree.Power lines and poles built for the Jamboree still exist but most are no longer connected. The names of some roads remain on the power poles. The area adjacent to Brady Rd is now used by various sporting groups, including cricket,  softball and soccer.Locked gates prevent unauthorised vehicle access, as the roads are also used for fire management.Note: The author is preparing an on-line detailed Historical Pictorial Research document about the Police Paddocks Reserve, to be published soon!Brady Rd - the main gate was at this pointRemains of the road leadng to the Main ArenaLooking towards the Main Arena, now used for cricket.Site of Main ArenaOld waste-water channel, next to BradyRd, built for the Jamboree, which ran through the camp in a latge pipe, and ended at the Dandenong Creek. This started in the Churchill National Park, and entered the Jamboree area via a tunnel under Bradfield Rd (now known as Churchill Park Drive)Looking along Brady Rd to the softball complexSite of Main ArenaRemains of original road to the Main Arena Site of Main Arena, now a soccer fieldSite of the former car park, off Brady RdSite of the former car park, off Brady RdSite of the former car park, off Brady RdRemains of old gate near entrance to Main ArenaSite of the former car park, off Brady RdSite of the former car park, off Brady Rd[...]

Quarry Reserve - Ferntree Gully


An exploration of the Quarry Reserve on January 31, 2017, the site of the former CSR quarry.Access is via the car park on Quarry Rd.This story is from the Knox Leader:"Local residents now have a 15.5-hectare neighbourhood park of unique character with a lake, bushland and large flat areas—a rarity in the foothills of the Dandenongs—suited to family ball games, picnics, walking the dog, a spot of fishing, wildlife and plant observations, taking a seat to enjoy the environment, and trekking through nature trails. A meandering, 600-metre accessible pathway down to a lakeside boardwalk and shelter will enable park users to enjoy new vistas of the lake and surrounding cliff faces.Other improvements included as part of the current works are the construction of a proper carpark at the Quarry Road entrance, sealing an unmade portion of Quarry Road, and the installation of seats in some small terraced areas. The park includes plants grown from seeds harvested from the area to keep it as close to the original native bushland types as possible. A swampy woodland has been established around the lake, attractive to local waterbirds.Knox Council’s Open Space and Landscape Design Coordinator Marshall Kelaher says works to deliver on the park’s masterplan are now about 75% complete. “Future works will include a walking trail that properly links Quarry Park’s upper trail into the Dandenong Ranges National Park and extension of that same trail all the way around the park,” Mr Kelaher says. “Revegetation work will also continue.” Bayswater resident and past president of the Knox Environment Society, Darren Wallace, has taken a keen interest in Quarry Park since delivering some early revegetation works on behalf of the previous site user, CSR. “It’s a lovely setting for nature conservation,” Mr Wallace says. “The lake gives it unique habitat attributes, and the experiences it provides with waterbirds and water for children in an urban environment are particularly valued locally.” Parks users should note that the lake is very deep (11 metres), has no shallows and is not safe for swimming. The cliff faces remain dangerous from the former quarrying days and must not be climbed."Sadly, an 18yo Monash student, James Taylor,  was killed in March 2016 after falling 200 metres down the cliff-face. With a mate he was attempting to climb the cliff, and  had reached a point just 10 metres from the top when rocks gave way. Paramedics who arrived quickly at the scene were unable to revive him. (From a report in the Knox Leader, March 31, 2016)[...]

Himalaya Track - Dandenong Ranges NP


A 2 km hike on Janjuary 31, 2017. The Himalaya Track loop is on the western flank of Mt Dandenong, and is one of many fire-management tracks in this section of the Dandeong Ranges National Park. Access is from a gate at the end of Hatherley Rd, Ferntree Gully. It links with other tracks originating on neartby One Tree Hill. It can also be reached from Forest Rd. It is challenging, with a rise in altitude of some 100 metres.Good views to Melbourne CBD and across the eastern suburbs.[...]

Plenty River Trail - Viewbank


✼ A 3 km  hike on Janjuary 29, 2017, starting at the entry point on Banyule Rd. Turnarouind was at the Plenty River pedestrian/bike bridge. Excellent views to the Yarra Ranges and Dandenong Ranges. [...]