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Preview: Former Fat Guy - Weight Loss Blog

Former Fat Guy - Weight Loss Blog

The incredible story and weight loss blog about a man who dropped almost 300 pounds. now leading a very active lifestyle at a lean, successful 220 pounds. learn weight loss skills from someone who's been there and done that!

Updated: 2010-04-12T13:03:41.091-06:00


The NEW Former Fat Guy Website


(image) A brand new version of this Natural Weight Loss website has been released, transforming it from web 1.0 to a full on web 2.0 Wordpress blog, complete with a health, nutrition and fitness discussion area.

I began this weight loss blog in 2004 using Blogger and tacked it onto the back end of my natural weight loss website on this page you see here. I never really knew where it was going to go, or what blogging was all about, but after 5 years, I've finally upgraded to Wordpress.

It's taken a bit of tweaking to get things all running nice and smooth, but after testing out 3 different servers that were supposed to run both Microsoft Active Server Pages (.asp) and PHP, I've found a home on a server I'm happy with.

While writing Fat Loss Fundamentals, I've also been building the new version of Former Fat Guy behind the scenes and testing things out without anyone really knowing it was even there. Well, the mighty Google found it, indexed it, and traffic began to flow to the "secret" pages.

I decided to finish the tweaks on the theme I'd had installed and finally release it to the world.

So, there will be little if any blogging here on this page (/weblog/blogger.asp) as I've now transformed the front of the site into a much more robust system.

However, the RSS feed is only showing short excerpts of the content, not the whole thing, so until I get that issue fixed, I don't want to change the RSS source location and as such, you dear reader do not get my updates delivered to you by email just yet.

So consider this your alert.

Some of the initial posts include:
I've also redirected the links at the top of the old website for my before and after weight loss photos to the new website where I have better control over them. And, as a big plus, my "Current Photo" section, which hadn't been updated in a bunch of years (because it was a pain in the butt to be quite honest) has been improved and will be regularly updated over time. There are current photos on there from my Kilimanjaro climb, my Mt Everest hike, Singapore and my Mens Fitness photo shoot from last year.

This is Why You're Fat


Ever ask the question "Why am I fat?" after spending a day eating fast food or after warming up frozen food in your stove or microwave? The website, This Is Why You're Fat clearly shows the various reasons. We have some very odd food choices on this planet of ours, and through the contributions of visitors to the website, an amazing collection of the most revolting foods has come to be


I dont even want to begin to think of the amount of calories in that food choice.

Another possible option is the deep fried cheese-stuffed portabello mushroom between two cheeseburgers as seen in this picture:


and then there's the 3000 calorie (estimate) two pound McDonalds cheeseburger


If you're interested in being really grossed out, fascinated with the food choices that people make or want a laugh, PLEASE, go to This Is Why You're Fat, and if you want to do something about it, get my book and learn the techniques and foods to eat to get the results you're looking for.

Abraham on Natural Weight Loss : Video


Abraham, translated by Esther Hicks, responds to a question from a woman has tried every diet, done every exercise, and still cannot lose weight.

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Effortless Weight Loss

Sidestepping the usual - and often frustrating - approaches to the problem, Abraham lays the foundation of a mental attitude that brings to bear the power of Law of Attraction to create the most effective technique ever presented for losing weight.

Excerpted from the 2 hour and 20 minute program "Think And Get Slim: Natural Weight Loss" which is available on DVD and CD from Amazon.

Farmed Fish vs Wild Fish - Another Reason


(image) In a paper that shows just how strange our modern world has become, Robert P. Friedland, neurologist from the University of Louisville, warns that farmed fish could be at risk of Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, or mad cow disease.

Currently, farmed fish are fed cow byproducts-a food source they would never find natural environment (unless society started dumping cow carcasses in oceans or lakes).

Friedland and co-authors raise the issue in the Journal of Alzhemier's Disease and call on food regulators to ban feeding cow bone or meat to farmed fish until it can be determined if the practice of feeding fish cow-parts is safe.

keep reading

Two Reasons NOT to Eat Farmed Fish

1. Because they're stuffed into small net ponds, farmed fish are more susceptible to disease and it can spread quickly to the other fish. To counter this, farmers use antibiotics, which is then incorporated into the fish meat. When we eat the fish, we eat the antibiotics as well.

2. Raised in pens, farmed fish are fed grain, just like the cattle in their respective factory farms. Grain is not what the fish are supposed to eat and because of this, the fat they provide changes from Omega 3 to Omega 6. Most humans are already low on Omega 3, so increasing Omega 6 is not what we're looking for.

In my opinion, wild fish is much better than farmed. Just as grass fed cattle is much healthier for us than factory farmed, so is fish. Factory farmed animals are cheaper, but in the long run, we pay with our health don't we?

Advanced Bodybuilding Principles


by Paul Becker of Truly Huge

Forced reps

This is a technique for when you reach failure in a set but you have your training partner help you 'force' out 2 or 3 more reps by taking some of the weight. These can be helpful to break a sticking point.


Negatives provide the muscle with eccentric tension, that is lengthening of the muscle while under tension. For example this occurs when lowering the weights in a bench press or barbell curl. This negative stage should be controlled and slow. You can also have your partner assist in the raising of the weight in order to perform more negatives.

Where the concentric portion should be explosive, the eccentric should be controlled and slow. A count of 1 while going up and a 2 to 3 count while lowering.


These are two or more exercises performed in a row with no rest
in between.

[Rob's Note : I wrote about supersets for a few months ago where it applies to .]

Stripping method

This is used to completely exhaust the muscle. When you reach failure on the set remove a small amount of weight and do some more reps. Again when failure is met remove some more weight. This should be done only on the last set for that exercise.

[Rob's note: this is also know as "running the rack"]


This is a series of half reps performed at the lower, middle and upper section of the full movement. Traditionally it is 7 reps in each section giving a total of 21 reps in a set.

[Rob's note: for instance, during the side laterals, one might raise the weight from your waist to a 45 degree angle for 7 reps, then 7 reps of full range (lowest position to 90 degrees), then complete the last 7 reps using just the top of the range of motion (from 45 degrees to 90 degrees). I do this exact set of 21's while kneeling on a stability ball which works the core at the same time as the shoulders. Doing it while balancing on the ball requires strict form.

(image) Another example might be the bench press. While fresh, do the bottom portion of the press from chest to half way for 7, then full presses for 7, then when getting tired, press only the top portion of the movement, from half way to the top for 7]

Tom Venuto Interview


(image) Tom Venuto author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle has turned 40, and was recently interviewed about the success of his book (being readied for a version 2.0 to be released later this year). I reviewed Burn the Fat a few years ago and got great results with it myself.

If getting into single digit body fat is your goal, and you’re serious about your training and nutrition lifestyle, then Tom’s book may very well give you the guidance you need to fulfill your dream.

Find out what’s new with Tom Venuto and read what he has to say about the Internets most famous and effective weight loss system.

Pesticides In Food


Pesticides in food

One of the first reasons I began eating organic was because of the pesticides in food, but quickly learned that they also taste a lot better too. I find that the people who grow the organic food take more pride in their work which gives the food a better energy. If you’re not eating organic, it’s pretty hard to avoid pesticides in the food, but with a little help from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) list of good and bad foods, you can avoid the chemicals as much as possible.

The EWG always recommends organic produce choices. For those that are not able to source it out, here is their list of the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Dozen


According to their Shoppers Guide to Pesticides, the EWG tells us that those who eat the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables consume an average of 10 pesticides a day compared to 2 for those who eat conventionally grown produce.

Pesticides are toxic.

The Environmental Working Group has a downloadable PDF with more information as well as a new iPhone app so you can carry the shoppers guide to pesticides with you when you’re out.

If the dirty dozen include any of your favorite foods, I suggest you at least source out cleaner versions of them.

Avoiding the pesticides in food is but one reason to eat organic, but it’s a real compelling one. Personally? I find the taste of organic to be much better and the price of organic to conventional really is comparable.

McDonalds Hits Africa



You've got to laugh when you see that. It's so true. There is a direct relationship between McDonalds arriving in a town, city, state, country and the average weight of the population going up.

Organic Dairy Farmers Need Support


(image) As you may be aware, I'm not the least bit for dairy. I don't believe it has any place in our diet. There is ample evidence by major universities and organizations in the world about the adverse effect of dairy on our bodies. T. Colin Campbell, in his book The China Study, proved a direct link between dairy and both diabetes and prostate cancer (pg 178).

Of course there is research done that shows the benefits of dairy, but when you look at who's performed them and dig deeper into the testing, you can clearly see that they're "making the science work" in their favor.

Some approve of dairy, many disapprove. It's not "pseudo-science" at all - it's real.

With both sides weighing in on the subject, it's up to us to make the final decision about what goes in our bodies. Weigh the evidence for yourself and come to your own conclusions. If you've been eating dairy for years, then I suggest taking the "" for yourself for 90 days and see what happens.

Supporting Local Farmers

Now, hat said, I am very much for local farmers and especially like to support organic and bio diverse farming.

I believe that it's critically important to support local foods and to actually meet the people who grow it for us. If you eat meat, visit the farms of the local growers and see their operation first hand. Visit and support farmers markets. Know where you food comes from.

For those who want to consume dairy, there are better alternatives than cartons of milk for sale in the supermarket, and that is what this post is about. It's about knowing what's going on in or around your community. It's about becoming aware and support those who are doing good work.

from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA):

Boycott Bogus Organic Dairy Brands

The OCA has called for a boycott of bogus organic dairy brands such as Horizon and Aurora (suppliers to Wal-Mart, Safeway and other giant chains), who have inundated the market with misleadingly labeled "organic" milk produced on factory farms. Recently, the situation has worsened as organic feed prices have increased and recession-pummeled consumers have cut back on the amount of organic milk they are purchasing. The result is a surplus of organic milk, depressed milk prices, and an increasing number of organic dairy farmers across the U.S. being driven into bankruptcy. Consumers can support ethical organic dairy farmers and preserve organic integrity by boycotting Horizon and Aurora products and instead supporting local organic farmers and dairy cooperatives like Organic Valley and others.

read more about "When Dairies Watch the Good Times Turn Bad" (the NYTimes)

Gratitude - Setting Things Free


The other day on twitter, @privatestudmuff asked me in a humorous way about what I think about before going to bed. As a way of role modeling, by getting into someone's head and finding out what they think about, they can duplicate the results. I believe this is what he was doing (or at least hope so).


My answer was "Things I'm grateful for", and it wasn't the answer he was expecting.

Gratitude is everything.

I am grateful even for having weighed 475 pounds because of all the lessons I learned that stemmed from the experience. It was exactly as it should have been and I'm grateful.

I have a friend on facebook who writes a note every day with 10 things she's grateful for and it's a wonderful exercise to witness.

An affirmation from Louise L Hay in relation to finding a new job sums it up perfectly.

"I now create a wonderful new job."

If you are unhappy with the job you currently hold, you don't have to stay in that state of mind. You can thank that job for all it has provided and affirm "It is now time to create a wonderful new job."

If we show gratitude and set something free, we're not feeding it with negative thoughts and feelings, and keeping it in our energy space to be worked through time and time again. We can thank "it" for what it's provided and let it go...opening the door to new possibility.

What will you create today?

If you're not familiar with Louise Hay, I'll give you a little background. She was diagnosed with cancer, accepted it, but refused to accept the treatment doctors prescribed.

She healed herself by deciding that she wanted a different future and then doing a lot of emotional clearing work on herself.

This is a great 5 minute video of Louise L Hay discussing the effect our thoughts have on what we create.

(object) (embed)

Be careful what you think, "thoughts create things"

go now, create your life.

HALF OFF Special Has Been Fixed....


So, I could go into a long description of the technical difficulties that occurred in the previous 7 Minute Muscle Half Off Special offer that I alerted you to earlier in the week in the post "", but I don't see the point.

7 Minute Muscle is simply one of the best muscle building programs that I've ever had the pleasure to experience.

The was an offer by where by if you followed me on twitter, you'd get the program at 50% off the normal price, and also receive a free carb rotation cookbook.

Well, it was... um,

lets just say "it was buggered"

It wasn't the offer or the tweet a sale interface, but rather human error in that something was hard coded into the page for testing.

So, with a GOOD NUMBER of responses from everyone about how they couldn't see the special price, we got into the guts of it and found the error.

As a way of making it up to you, Jon Benson (the author of 7 Minute Muscle) is now offering it at 50% off until the end of the sale without having to do anything else.
Simply go here...

===> 7 Minute Muscle for HALF Price

and you'll get the free carb rotation cookbook AND the special 7 Minute Muscle price.

This is until Saturday at Midnight, and that's it.

We're both terribly sorry for all the trouble and creating the huge amount of email responses about it being broken. (thanks to all who emailed back about it)

How To Cook Quinoa


(image) Quinoa is the superfood grain that’s not a grain and was considered the "food of the Gods" by the Inca’s. Quinoa is more related to the seed family than the grain family and carries a healthy dose of protein along with all 9 essential amino acids. Because quinoa has all 9 essential amino acids, it’s considered a complete protein. If you're wondering how to cook quinoa, the video included here will help.

Of the many reasons I like quinoa, the primary ones are:
  • It’s more related to the seed family than the grain family

  • Gluten free

  • Contains all 8 essential amino acids

  • Almost 25% protein

Quinoa fluffs up to 3x it’s original uncooked size and keeps in the fridge for up to a week, so you can make a good batch ahead of time and then serve it up all week long.

More reasons I like Quinoa. A ¾ cup serving contains:
  • 2.5 grams of fiber

  • 5 grams of protein

  • A whopping 315 mg of potassium

  • A healthy 90 mg of magnesium

That my dear reader is a great nutritional profile!

How To Cook Quinoa

The authors of the upcoming Quinoa 365: the everyday superfood put together this video of how to cook quinoa.

(object) (embed)

The authors Patricia Green and Carolyn Hemming are Canadian (which is awesome) and have been creating quinoa recipes for years. I look forward to their quinoa cookbook when it’s released. You can find out more about them at Quinoa 365.

Quinoa is not really much different than cooking rice. The only thing to keep in mind is how much it expands. A little goes a long way. If you're wondering how to cook quinoa, wonder no more. It's easy.

I thought it was funny that the pots Patricia and Carolyn were using in the video are the same ones I have.

Quinoa plays a part in my soon to be released Fat Loss Fundamentals

How SHORT Is Your Workout?


How long does your workout have to be to get the optimal results in muscle mass as well as the fat burning benefits? Should it be as long as a 2 hours so that you get a “great workout”, only as long as an hour? It should actually be no longer than 45 minutes and if it is, you’re not training with enough intensity. It should be shorter, not longer. The question the becomes “How short should your workout be to receive the best muscle building stimulus?” 45 minutes? 30 minutes? 15 minutes? How about as low as just 7 minutes?[NOTE: this was a 5 day special that ended Sunday May 24th. This Half price sale is over]I began my muscle building workout program back in 1991 when I was at my lowest weight of 187. At the time, I trained at home and my workout lasted about an hour.I eventually outgrew my home gym and began training at the gym. My workouts grew to be over 2 hours in length with 30 minutes of that being abdominal training alone. I trained 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, but by Friday, I was often too exhausted or just not interested any longer. I battled fatigue, burnout, low sex drive and was sick a lot of the time.Fast forward 17 years.I saw this 7 minute muscle workout routine that Jon Benson was talking about and to be honest thought it was so stupid. 3 minute abs and a complete muscle building workout in 7 minutes.Ya right.Then I listened to his “How It Works” audio, and thought ”hmmmmm”Then I heard from a very fit friend who said she collapsed during one of the workouts from exhaustion and then thought "what the hell is this thing?" and "I have to have a serious look at it"I bit.In January, I began using the it and got gains in strength and size very quickly from using the very short 7 minute routines. I found that it was the most efficient thing I’ve ever done, not only in the time spent in the gym, but in the way it works. I’m able to sufficiently stimulate my muscle groups in the short 7 minutes and then walk out of the gym.I’m saving a lot of time and I’m getting results.I track all my workouts so I know when I’m progressing and by how much. In a couple of instances, I’ve had a 35% increase in strength from one week to the next.I’m actually INTERESTED in going to the gym again, fascinated by the results and crave my workouts. Yes, I crave them again.In February, following a week off in Vegas, I progressed to the second stage of the program which doubles the workout time to 14 minutes (two of the 7 minute routines back to back) and in some cases added in a portion of the 3rd stage.I can split the 14 minutes into two workout sessions, one in the am and one in the afternoon, or if it’s a rushed day, I can do it all in one session.The other day, I was out for lunch with some buddies and one said "holy shit, you’re packing on some upper body size"That was great for the ego, let me tell you.7 Minute Muscle for Half Price If you’re short on time, want to change up your current weight loss workout program, or have NEVER done a workout ever before in your life, this program is for you. For the next 5 days, I can offer the seven minute muscle workout for HALF price if you follow me on twitter.===> Follow Me On Twitter If I didn’t tell you about this amazing half price sale, I wouldn’t be doing my job, and I’d never hear the end of it from my readers and subscribers (who I told about it on Saturday when I first heard)I’ve had a lot of feedback since I began talking about it on facebook that "it sounds good but it’s too much money."Not for the next 5 days.Like I said, when I first heard of it, I thought "How can this be possible in just a short 7 minutes" but in fact, the science behind it is sound. We THINK we need to spend 45 mi[...]

Cat Workouts


I have two cats Pumpkin and Boo and after playing with them just now, receive some great new information on Cat Workouts. Yes, YOU too can now do workouts with your cats. Complete cat training videos for working out with your favorite feline friends.

(object) (embed)

Cat Workout - Lunges

See the complete set of free workout videos for you and your cat at cat workouts. Thanks to Dallas H for bringing this to my attention via facebook.

A Solution for Hardgainers and Ectomorphs


There was a time in my life when I was underweight believe it or not. I desperately wanted to gain weight after my 300 pound weight loss, and having no where to start, I just began. Thankfully, my body type is an Endomorph / Mesomorph and has an easier time gaining weight than the Ectomorph. If you’re not familiar with the names Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph, they’re used to describe body types. Mesomorph and Endomorphs are on the larger end of the scale – from naturally muscular and fit like a natural body builder and then moving through the body types that gain weight easily (think Santa Claus or John Goodman). If you’re overweight, your most likely Endomorph.Ectomorphs are HardgainersEctomorph are on the smaller end of the scale. They are small framed body types and have a hard time gaining muscle. They are sometimes referred to as “hardgainers”I certainly did not struggle gaining nearly 60 pounds, even while on a primarily vegetarian diet, but I DO understand how the hard gainer must feel wanting to be bigger while working his ass off and not getting ahead. IIf you’re an Ectomorph hardgainer and have done any sort of research about what to do about it, I’m sure you’ve heard that you’re not eating enough and that you’re not lifting heavy enough.Right?Well, most of the people giving you that advice is wrong. They’re a completely different body type and respond differently. They have no business telling you what to eat and how to train because what THEY do has nothing to do with YOUR body type.Why would an Ectomorph listen to advice from a Mesomorph? That’s like a chess master giving advice to someone playing a video game. They’re both games, but they require a different approach and each have different needs or skills.The Ectomorph has to train differently and eat differently than the Mesomorph. It’s NOT about protein and food overload.Gaining muscle is totally possible, so all is not lost. There are a number of ectomorphs who’ve gotten muscular before you. I see it happen all the time. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do and then putting in the work. It’s the same for fat loss. It’s not impossible, but you have to have a system in place to achieve your goals and a roadmap to get you there. A step by step program if you will.The picture to the right is of a muscular Ectomorph. He’s got the small frame but has packed on the muscle. He’s certainly not going to win Mr Olympia, but I’m sure he’s proud to take his shirt off in public.Hardgainer Diet Plan Jeff Anderson has figured out the science behind gaining weight and put it into a package that makes sense. It’s a 3 step system. Easy as pie, well except for the lifting part.I’ve seen it and I approve of the science behind it. There’s nothing tricky, nothing fishy at all – just a specific type of training and a highly specific type of eating to accompany it.Hardgainer Project X is being released on the 19th of May, but Jeff wants you to know what it’s all about, so he has a free eBook and MP3 to give youGo to the Hard Gainer Project X website and get your free report and MP3.See the before pictures of his 6 guys who have been testing this for him there too.If you've EVER struggled with gaining weight and building muscle, this report will open your eyes and give you a sense of RELIEF that it's NOT because you weren't training's because you were training WRONG![...]

Equmen Undershirt with Core Compression Technology


(image) I just received my Equmen Core precision undershirt. Billed as “compression clothing” that is designed to “immediately improve how men look and feel”, I was quite excited when I was told I would be receiving one to try and review.

Equmen undershirts are designed with something called helix-mapping technology, and from what I can gather, it’s a specially designed fabric that works with your body to improve posture and tighten the core.

(image) The shirt provides shoulder support, core compression, posture improvement, back support and ventilation areas. Truly remarkable. I’ve not seen anything like this before, but then again, I’m not in the market for undershirts – this is unknown territory for me.

Improved Posture

I immediately noticed that I sat and stood more upright with my shoulders back once putting it on and yes, I feel like I’m wearing body armor.

Based on the feeling, I thought I would be restricted in movement. I thought it would be tricky to bend over or move, but that is NOT the case at all. The Equmen undershirt version I got was the large size of the singlet or “muscle shirt”.

I was approached by one of the reps through facebook and after going to their website, I was fascinated with the science behind it and what I was going to be reviewing.

I literally could not wait to receive this product.

You may just want to improve your posture, get rid of back pain, or even make yourself look better in a suit. Equmen may just be the undershirt for you.

Where To Purchase Equmen Undershirts

(image) Originating in Australia, they’ll ship anywhere in the world, but are available in a limited number of places at the moment. Currently available in the United Kingdom, the United States and thankfully, now in Canada (as of June 1st 2009) via Holt Renfrew (Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal) and then Calgary, Edmonton and Yorkville on October 25th. See all the available locations for Equmen on their website.

From what I can tell, the Equmen singlet retails for between $89 and $99 Canadian.

I’ve only worn the Equmen undershirt for less than 6 hours so my review is a little premature, but I’m already quite impressed. It’s incredibly comfortable, I’m warm and my posture improved. So far, I love it.

Swine Flu or Strong Immune System?


Even without a television, I find it almost impossible to ignore the swine flu messages being bombarded into our brains each and every day. CNN is covering the swine flu as though it was Armageddon. It’s not. Knowing that the media is designed to manipulate our decisions in all facets of our lives, I became fascinated with what message it is that they’re trying to sell.Swine flu “marketing” seems to be about drugs more than anything else. It seems to bring our attention to the precautions we can take to protect ourselves from it, now and for the next round.Drugs are NOT the answer and never have been. Drugs are the PROBLEMIt’s important to clarify something before I move on. Based on the principles of the law of attraction (LOA), if we continue to focus on the swine flu and what the media is reporting as the “dangers of swine flu” then more and more fear is going to develop.What you focus on expands. It’s a simple principleAs you begin to exercise, you begin to lose weight. The more you exercise, the faster you lose the weight and the more interested you become in exercise, exercise routines, good food and better eating. It expands the more you focus on it.Swine Flu SolutionAs a solution to this media based frenzy about the swine flu here is my step by step plan to peace of mind during the pandemic.1. Turn off your television2. Quit reading the paper for at least 2 weeks (or better yet, for good!) 3. Focus on taking care of your immune system, eating well, and exercisingIt’s your immune system and your mind that are your allies now (and forever).Dr Mercola from says that the #1 priority for protecting yourself without drugs, vaccinations or inoculations is :Optimize your vitamin D levels. As I've previously reported, optimizing your vitamin D levels is one of the absolute best strategies for avoiding infections of ALL kinds, and vitamin D deficiency is likely the TRUE culprit behind the seasonality of the flu -- not the flu virus itself.I use this source of Vitamin D which combines calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and Boron along with digestive enzymes to deliver it 100% into my body. It’s wonderful added to my protein shakes because it’s strawberry flavored or mixed with ice and blended by itself as a nice drink.The rest of the strategy for improving your immune system includesAvoid all sugars and processed foods – your immune system simply stops working for 30 minutes or more after the consumption of sugarGet optimal rest – sleep, rest, let your body heal and recover which goes hand in hand with:Reduce your stress – using any techniques you have available. Meditation, yoga, massage etc.Exercise - the simple act of walking pumps your lymph system and allows your body to clean itself. A cleaner body is more efficient, stronger and more able to resist infection. Oxygen is your friendWash your hands – Stay away from hospitals and especially vaccines - I've heard that even doctors are advising that you phone first, before just showing up at the hospital if you think you have the flu, so why go there if you're healthy?Avoid Flying if you can – It’s my belief that it’s the recycling of the air within the cabin of airplanes that create more chances of infection of the flu or swine flu than staying at your destination (but that’s my take).The swine flu scare is based on money, not truth. According the the World Health Organization, there have been 331 reported cases in 11 countries and only 9 deaths, ALL of which were in Mexico (where I suspect their immune systems are a little less than optimum).What scares me the most is that this swine[...]

Make More Money as a Personal Fitness Trainer


(image) If you’re a personal fitness trainer who wants to have a steady stream of clients, earn more money than you ever thought possible plus the free time to enjoy it, then you HAVE to tune into this free call by my personal trainer friend J.J Flizanes.

J.J has consistently earned a 6 figure income over 5 years and has doubled her income 3 times in the past 7 years and now wants to share her "3 Easy Steps" system to you.

On Wednesday April 29th at 12:00 pm PT, 3:00 pm EST, J.J. Flizanes will have 100 lines open for her much anticipated Wealthy Fitness Trainer call.

Get registered and do it now, as you do not want to miss this free training session.


The topic is: "3 Easy Steps to Be A Wealthy Fitness Trainer". You'll discover everything she did to create the blueprint after trial and error to have success with your personal fitness business so you can have more money, more freedom with your time and enjoy your life and business beyond what you imagined!

I've known J.J. for a number of years now and highly recommend her.

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Build Muscle Fast and Rapid Fat Loss (for free)


Who wants to build muscle fast while getting a rapid fat loss result at the same time?Yesterday I told you about Nick Nilsson’s Fitness Bailout Sale where he’s slashed his prices by 50% for FIVE days – this week only, Monday through Friday.Read about the fat loss and muscle building programs from yesterday’s post.Get Them For FreeAs a special treat, I’ve teamed up with Nick to give away one copy a day to a lucky commenter. Leave a comment on each blog post all week long (not this blog, my other blog) and tell me why you MUST have these programs.Over the weekend I’ll decided who wins based on how inspirational your comment is.I’m giving away one program each day, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out.The first two give aways are:Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss Designed for the trained athlete to get rid of the last bit of fat you’ve been holding onto. Blast through it and get to the muscle in no time at all. I incorporate one very specific principle from this course on a weekly basis, whether I’m following it strictly or not. This is truly one of THE most effective training programs you can do if you're looking to burn fat fast while keeping and even building muscle mass.Leave a comment on the Metabolic Surge Giveaway pageAnd... Muscle Explosion – 28 Days to Maximum Muscle MassThis is a powerful program for building muscle as FAST as possible. It's a 28 day program that utilizes cutting-edge training and nutritional techniques to help trainers blast through training plateaus and gain 5 to 10 lbs of muscle in just 4 weeks. I will be using Muscle Explosion as part of my Body Transformation contest I’m currently involved in to get ready for my fall wedding. I EXPECT a gain of 8 pounds of muscle in the 28 days.Leave a comment on the Muscle Explosion Rapid Muscle Building program giveaway page.One last comment...You do not want to miss out on this ultra low price on all Nick’s programs . Nick knows how to add muscle mass to anyone’s body. For those willing to put in the effort anyway.Seriously... They're already highly under priced for their value and he's chopped another 50% off. Go get them.[...]

Fitness Bailout Like You've NEVER Seen Before


If you’re a living breathing man or woman who wants to lose weight, one common denominator that you MUST have in order to do it as a rapid fat loss program is to build muscle, massive amounts of muscle. Nick Nilsson is definitely one of the leaders in the field of muscle building and has taken on the name of "The Mad Scientist".Nick creates state of the art muscle building programs for the advanced and elite level fitness enthusiasts that kick the crap out of your endurance threshold.Quite frankly, his programs scare me.But they work.They work like you’ve never experienced before, packing on between 6 to 9 pounds of muscle in as little as 28 days.Training programs designed for adding slabs of muscle to your abdominals, adding size to your butt (glutes), rapid muscle building , exercise programs you’ve never heard of before, and his rapid fat loss program Metabolic Surge.Here’s the great news…Save 50% on all his courses for this week only!In the Fitness Blowout of the Year, Nick is slashing his prices and letting his courses go for 50% off the regular low price. Nick never really did charge for what his courses were worth, and instead focused on giving more to the athlete than he ever expected. Then, for this week only, as his Fitness Bailout, he’s taking another 50% off. Grab these courses right nowSo, for ONE WEEK ONLY, get these 5 courses:Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss Designed for the trained athlete to get rid of the last bit of fat you’ve been holding onto. Blast through it and get to the muscle in no time at all. I incorporate one very specific principle from this course on a weekly basis, whether I’m following it strictly or not. This is truly one of THE most effective training programs you can do if you're looking to burn fat fast while keeping and even building muscle mass.Muscle Explosion – 28 Days to Maximum Muscle MassThis is a powerful program for building muscle as FAST as possible. It's a 28 day program that utilizes cutting-edge training and nutritional techniques to help trainers blast through training plateaus and gain 5 to 10 lbs of muscle in just 4 weeks. I will be using Muscle Explosion as part of my Body Transformation contest I’m currently involved in to get ready for my fall wedding. I EXPECT a gain of 8 pounds of muscle in the 28 days.Gluteus to the Maximus – Add Inches To Your Butt QuickThis is an ebook about building larger, firmer, rounder glutes as quickly as possible. It contains exercises, programs and training advice targeted specifically to building up this area of the body. Not just “any type of training”, this very specialized approach, that Nick shares with you, will turn your body into a glute-building machine. Your glutes will have no choice but to grow bigger, rounder and firmer very quickly.The Best Ab Exercises You’ve Never Heard OfIt’s a book about unique and innovative exercises devoted entirely to the abdominal area. It contains information on 77 extraordinary new exercises including pictures, videos, tricks for performing them, and common errors to avoid. The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard OfJust like Nick’s approach to abdominal exercises you’ve never heard of, this time he teaches you how to get maximum value out of every rep you do for specific body part training. Never waste another minute in the gym – get the most value for your time. The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of" can help you get far more results without any more effort than you're putting in right now.Listen very carefully…In order to rec[...]

Banned PETA Superbowl Ad


This Super Bowl ad was banned for a number of reasons, but first lets have a look at it:

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NBC nixed the ad, saying it "depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards." Below is a list of shots NBC requested PETA cut before they’d reconsider:

  • licking pumpkin

  • touching her breast with her hand while eating broccoli

  • pumpkin from behind between legs

  • rubbing pelvic region with pumpkin

  • screwing herself with broccoli (fuzzy)

  • asparagus on her lap appearing as if it is ready to be inserted into vagina

  • licking eggplant

  • rubbing asparagus on breast


and yes, she VERY CLEARLY is touching her breast while also holding onto broccoli

Review: Tools For Life Free Self Help


How would you like to be involved in a total body makeover using the same diet and exercise program used on the television show "Extreme Makeover"? and how would you feel if you were able to do it for free?Tools for life, a labor of love by the creators, charges nothing for their services.They’re helping people transform themselves one change at a time including body makeovers, business makeovers and other services designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs be more successful.I quite like the daily inspirational podcast idea, where Develyn Steele shares thoughts on inspirational subjects such as recognizing happiness, what is happiness, dreams and the like.However, as good as that all is, the body makeover is what caught my attention. Listed as a limited time offer, their body makeover beta is based on an award winning program that was used on the Extreme Makeover show. It seems to be based on Alisa Daglio’s work with her 6 week body makeover DVD, but I haven’t confirmed that.Tools To Life is more than just the BODY makeover though.Their many coaches help you in areas such as getting a job, optimal health, living green and quitting smoking to name a few.All 100% free.It truly is a labor of love.The entire team is lending their time to give back to the community. All you need to do is to become involved. Their growing community creates challenges that you can participate in, or if you feel so inclined, begin your own. Everyone likes challenges – and being able to do a 3, 7, 10 or 30 day challenge seems to help people move forward. It’s something I’ve done for years now and will be unveiling in my new forum shortly.There are many aspects of the Tools To Life website concept that I like. The community of like minded people supporting one another, the focus on self help, the expert coaches in the various arena’s and how the areas that they work on develop a well rounded person for the coming years.I’m not sure where we’re heading, but I do know that we need more powerful people on this planet. If you’re the type who loves to take control of their own direction by learning and applying principles of growth, then this may be the site for you. Who wouldn’t want to improve their health, their business, quit smoking or be coached through a body transformation?Go get involved. Have a look at their body makeover, their support groups or subscribe to the inspirational podcast. Do something to move forward, begin now.This has been a paid review of Tools For Life, which I was proud to be a part of.[...]

5 Excuses That Won't Fly in 2009


By Tom Venutowww.BurnTheFatbook.comIt’s 2009. Your old excuses for not getting in shape won’t work. As Dr. Evil (Austin Powers) said, ZIP IT! I don’t want to hear them anymore! Read em’, then haul your excuseless butt to the gym!1. I have no time.According to a story in a recent issue of Men’s Health magazine, Barack Obama works out for 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Obama doesn’t just play basketball either. Our new president stays fit to lead with cardio and weight lifting. He also says he wishes he could train 90 minutes a day. Have you ever seen what the daily schedule of a U.S. president looks like? If the busiest man in the world can train every day for 45 minutes a day, then what’s your excuse? ZIP IT! You ain’t got one!2. It’s too expensive.Getting in shape certainly is expensive… if you keep wasting hundreds of dollars, month after month on worthless “miracle” weight loss pills, internal cleansing gimmicks and “magic” potions that all claim to make you slim. Deceptive advertising and slick marketing for bogus diet aids is more rampant than ever. 2008 was the year of thewu-long tea scam, the acai berry scam, and, of course, the ubiquitous “cleansing” and “detox” gimmicks . Unless you put on your critical thinking cap and learn to investigate before you invest, then you’ll get scammed by 2009’s flavor of the year as well. Your quest for those elusive “6-pack” abs will not only continue to be expensive, you’ll go broke. Walking, jogging, calisthenics and body weight exercises are FREE. If you want to know what’s really expensive, tally up the cost of legitimate expenses like natural food, gym memberships, fitness education, dumbbells and so on, and compare that to your doctor’s bill when you’re sick.3. No one will support me.Experts on social influence say your income will be approximately equal to the average of your 5 closest friends. Not only do I think that’s pretty darn accurate, I also believe that your health is your greatest wealth, and your physical condition will be about equal to the average of your 5 closest friends. It’s a real challenge to stay positive, focused and active when you’re surrounded by critical people and negative influences. However, in 2009, lack of support is no longer a valid excuse. Online social networking is exploding (check outTwitter and Facebook ) and more IN PERSON friendships and associations are being made from an internet connection than ever before. Training buddies can be found online. Connect with them. Mentors and coaches are easily found online. Hire them. Support forums have been around for years. Use them. No support from your current friends? Stop whining, start reaching out and go make new ones. In 2009, support partners and new friends are just a click away.4. I can’t lose weight because of my genetics.The marvels of modern medical and biological research are astonishing. Our top scientists have mapped the human genome! In the past few years, numerous genes linked to obesity have been discovered. However, the obesity epidemic we’re facing today has only developed over the past 50 years and genetic mutations that lead to serious obesity are extremely rare. Genetic predisposition only means that you have a tendency. It’s when the genetics meet lifestyle and environment that the genes express themselves. If you have a family history of heart disease, is it smart to smoke, eat junk, be a stressed-out, type-A maniac[...]

Coca-Cola's Orange Drink Now Served With Pesticide


(image) Need a hit of extra pesticides today? Just drink some orange-flavored soft drinks (called "fizzy drinks" in the UK) made by Coca-Cola. New research conducted in the UK reveals that Coca-Cola's "Fanta" orange drinks contained 300 times more pesticides than the legal limit allowed in bottled water.

The chemicals that were detected in the Coca-Cola orange drinks included carbendazim, thiabendazole, imazalil, prochloraz, malathion and iprodione -- all common pesticides used on fruit crops. That's good news in one sense, of course, because it means Coca-Cola products contain some level of actual fruit! Never mind the fact that the fruit is contaminated with pesticide chemicals...

the Daily Mail says
The average level of the total pesticide contamination of the British drinks was 17.4 parts per billion - 34.6 times the EU maximum residue level for water.

and concludes...

Coca-Cola GB insisted the products are safe. A spokesman said: 'All of the drinks tested meet the safety regulations relating to food products made from agricultural ingredients, which include drinks with fruit juice as an ingredient. "

Daily Mail Article

via Natural News

Back From Vacation


Raffles Hotel SingaporeAfter taking most of the summer off for camping, backpacking and my trip to Mt Everest, I'm finally back at it again. This photo was taken on the second floor of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore where the Singapore Sling was invented. They charge $27 for a single Singapore Sling and we had two, so $54 for two drinks. The ONLY reason I did that was because it was where they were invented. Been there and done that now, so moving on. Darlene and I spent the day out and about visiting the Merlion on the harbor, the Raffles Hotel, Clark Quay and various other sights around Singapore.I successfully made it to Mt Everest Base camp at 5400 M on Oct 13th after 8 grueling days climbing from Lukla. What an experience, holy shit. I can't begin to tell you. I'm saving the photos and the trip log for a very special release coming very soon.You see, I've been working on a re-design of this website for quite some time, but yet to actually make it available to the public. I've hesitated in doing an new blog posts because I wanted to use the new blog instead, but because of travels and other delays, that never happened either. I realized that I should at least let everyone know what's happening.So the Mt Everest trip log and photos will not be released just yet, but soon enough.In the mean time, here are a few more photo's to share with you.First is a photo of Dar and I on the beach at sunset. This is in Koh Samui Thailand, on the west side of the island one night after a day of scooting around on a scooter.Koh Samui SunsetAnd this final picture was taken after Israel from Fat Man Unleashed sent me a t-shirt with his website logo on it. Israel, if you're reading this, I have a very very special treat for you, but it'll have to wait a bit until I release it. I'm itching to tell you, but it'll have to be a surprise. In the mean time, a photo of me from early this summer with my sledge after I was doing some sledgehammer work on the tractor tire.Sledgehammer Training and FMUI did the Mt Everest Base camp trek with 5 of the people I climbed Kilimanjaro with back in 2006. Darlene doesn't like climbing, so she stayed home for another 3 weeks. We were joined by another Canadian for the trek, along with 4 from Australia and 5 from the UK, including one fellow just beginning his year long trip around the world. Great bloke.I spent 8 days going UP towards Base camp, and 4 coming down, along with 2 days prior and 2 days post in Kathmandu. After leaving Nepal, Darlene joined up with me in Bangkok where we then flew to the island of Koh Samui and spent 4 days. From there we next went to Singapore and stayed with my sister for 5 days, then on to Kuala Lumpu Malaysia for 2 days, simply to go up to the observation deck of the Petronas Towers. Then we went back to Thailand and spent 6 more days at a Thai cooking school with Koy and her family. Check out River Home Stay Thai Cooking School in Bangkok for excellent accommodations and wonderful Thai food.Petronas TowersThe Petronas towers are the worlds tallest twin towers and the bridge is at the 41st and 42nd floors.The new blog design will be released very soon now that I'm back in Canada. I'm hoping to have it out for the new year. Might even wait until Jan 1 for that matter, just for fun. Until then, I'll be publishing new content into it, so that it's ready for release, but still drop the odd bit of health news or fat[...]