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Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak: Pelosi 'not happy with me'


Let me get this straight:  Obama, Pelosi, and others continue to assure the American people that Obamacare will not fund abortions. Those who point out the fact that the bill does not expressly prohibit abortion coverage are called liars and extremists. Rep. Bart Stupak, Democrat Representative from Michigan, is leading an effort among Democrats to add language to the bill that will specifically prohibit abortions, but is being fought by Pelosi and others. If the Democrats really oppose abortion in...

Dallas Morning News circulation drops 22.16% over same 6-month period from 2008


Most of you don’t read the Dallas Morning News - and you should call yourself lucky. It’s daily reporting has changed to this format: Front page story — Primarily a liberal, human interest piece that few people read. It is sometimes very good, but often very bad. Content — Almost wholly derived from AP, Reuters, New York Times, Washington Post, or “assembled from wire content.” So why do we buy this paper when we can get the same thing from...

President Obama ties George W. Bush on golf


Remember the media complaints about George W. Bush golfing while soldiers are dying? It seems like soldiers are still dying, but Obama has golfed as much in 9 months as Bush did during two years and 10 months. Hey liberals, where is your righteous indignation now? From POLITICO: President Obama ties George W. Bush on golf - Patrick Gavin...

Minnesota man pleads guilty to driving drunk in souped-up La-Z-Boy


The moral of this story is to never, ever plead guilty. Surprisingly, alcohol was involved. From the New York Daily News: Proctor Police Department Dennis LeRoy Anderson, 62, pled guilty to driving his tricked-out La-Z-Boy while drunk. At least he was in a comfy chair. A Minnesota man has pled guilty to driving while drunk. The only hitch - he was driving a La-Z-Boy. According to the Duluth News Tribune, Dennis LeRoy Anderson departed from a bar in Proctor, a...

Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years - Telegraph


From UK’s Telegraph. Isn’t it a shame that we have to depend upon foreign sources for our news? The decline in Barack Obama’s popularity since July has been the steepest of any president at the same stage of his first term for more than 50 years. … His current approval rating – hovering just above the level that would make re-election an uphill struggle – is close to the bottom for newly-elected president. Mr Obama entered the White House with...

Pelosi explains why eliminating tax cuts isn’t the same thing as a tax increase


Nancy Pelosi explains why eliminating the Bush tax cuts really isn’t the same thing as raising taxes. For her next performance, Nancy will explain why Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky wasn’t really cheating, because he was just reverting back to the state where he was before he married Hillary....

Stingray Late Night Radio: Kiri te Kanawa sings "Four Last Songs" by Richards Strauss


For your listening pleasure tonight, Dame Kiri te Kanawa sing “Four Last Songs” by Richard Strauss. Strauss suffered the ignomy of being Hitler’s favorite living composer, and his references to Wagner are unmistakable. To Strauss’s credit, he used his position to protect Jews, including his daughter-in-law Alice and his friend, Stegan Zweig. There is evidence that he provided protection for other Jews as well, but he understandably left no contemporaneous notes.   Frühling (Spring)   September   Beim Schlafengehen (Going to Sleep)  ...

Stingray Late Night Radio: Violin and bass sonata by Rébel


For your entertainment pleasure this evening, I present Sonate pour violon et basse continue / Les nouveaux caractères, by Rébel. Tonight’s performance is brought to you by the Kopper King hibiscus, which holds a special place in our front garden.    ...

Democrats lock Republicans out of committee room


This is another one of those “if these were Republicans the press would be all over this like a duck on a June bug” stories. However, media bias is what it is, and the mainstream can’t be bothered to investigate whether Democrats who were in a position to influence legislation received special low-interest loans as a gift. It’s obviously more important to have a debate as to whether Rush Limbaugh is a racist. From The Hill: Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.)...

Music du Jour: A World Without Love


Tonight is a night of contrast between 1965 and 2008. Peter and Gordon had a string of Top 40 hits from 1964 to 1967. Their first, A World Without Love, was written by Paul McCartney under a pseudonym. McCartney wanted to know if he could write a number one hit that stood on its own merits rather than because it happened to be by The Beatles. The careers of Peter and Gordon weren’t hurt by the fact that Paul dated...

Obligatory Onion "Obama negotiating with wildfire"


As Rush Limbaugh has always noted, the best satire has an element of truth to it. According to The Onion, "It's gonna require all of the President's diplomacy skills to make the fire see that putting itself out is what's best for both parties."   Obama To Enter Diplomatic Talks With Raging Wildfire...

Stingray Late Night Radio: "Hey, Jude" by The Beatles on David Frost in 1968


Welcome, ladies and gentleman, horses and fleas. Tonight’s show is brought to you by the Shumard Red Oak, native to Arkansas and Texas east of Fort Worth. We have on in our front yard, though it’s a replacement tree and is not yet mature.   Here are The Beatles, performing “Hey, Jude” from the David Frost show in 1968.The introductory portion of the clip was filmed at Twickenham Studios, which Frost visited early in the day to make it appear...

Rush Limbaugh: The Race Card, Football and Me -


Rush confronts the media lies made against him. Rush: 1; Mainstream media; 0. As always, it’s best to let Rush speak for himself. Here’s a teaser from the Wall Street Journal. Go and read the whole article. Not to be outdone, Jesse Jackson, whose history includes anti-Semitic speech (in 1984 he referred to Jews as “Hymies” and to New York City as “Hymietown” in a Washington Post interview) chimed in. He found me unfit to be associated with the NFL....

Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann - ACORN Funded Through the Community Reinvestment Act


No surprise here. The Democrats depend upon ACORN and the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) to deliver the phony votes that enable them to win elections Most of us knew that when various branches of the government began to sever ties with ACORN, they would find ways to recreate those ties.  ...

Fred Barnes on the decline of the mainstream media and why they hate Reagan and love Obama


Thanks to Glenn Reynolds. "The only thing that could really make [the love affair with Obama] end is utter failure on the part of Obama." Obama is failing on every issue. If Barnes is correct, then the media love affair with Obama will end once it becomes apparent the the stimulus has failed, health care is unpopular, and the cap and trade bill does not pass.. "Obviously newspapers are going to shrink, they're going to be an elite phenomoon, in some cities,...

Balloon boy a hoax?


I was a bit cynical yesterday, but the more evidence I see, the more I believe that the launch was a hoax designed to gain attention. The family was taping the balloon launch yesterday and their doesn’t seem to be any way that the boy could have been inside the balloon.     I noted yesterday that I doubted a helium balloon of that size could carry a 6-year child. Watch this snippet from CNN last night where Falcon Heene, when...

Stingray Late Night Radio: Ella Fitzgerald sings Blue Moon


Tonight's edition of Stingray Late Night Radio is sponsored by the Nobel Peace Prize committee, who tell me that I was their number two choice. After an exceptionally fine bottle of MD 20-20 one evening, I thought that world peace would be a wonderful thing. I held that thought for five seconds until I caught the whiff of day-old pizza in the dumpster I was sitting next to. If I had remained focused just 5 seconds longer that fateful evening I would be $1.5 million wealthier...

Colorado balloon that landed does not have the boy. Possible boy fell out.


Final update:  Boy found hiding in cardboard box in garage. He is safe and all is well, thank God. Update at 5:41 PM EST: According to Calgary Herald: A young boy from a ‘science-obssessed’ family fell from an experimental balloon that had taken off with him aboard, according to reports. One of Falcon Heene’s brothers is said to have told authorities that he saw his brother fall from the balloon, which took off Thursday morning and reached a height of...

Stingray Late Night Video: "The Obsolete Man" from The Twilght Zone


For your entertainment tonight, here is an abridged version of The Twilight Zone episode "The Obsolete Man." Is it true that there are no atheists in foxholes? Tonight's performance is brought to you by one of my favorite plants in our garden -- the Hot Lips salvia....

I see a bad debt a-risin'


40 cents of every federal tax dollar goes to pay interest on the federal debt. Surely there is someone bright enough in the Republican Party to turn that into a winning slogan for 2010 and 2012. Use 40% in huge numbers on signs, billboards, and commercials. Once voters are taught to link the number with Democrat policies, they are going to be Pavlov’s dogs every time they see it. From Lawrence Kadish of Taking the National Debt Seriously If...