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Voyage light setting in dark room

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 20:19:53 GMT

This is a poll for the darkest setting you comfortably use in a dark room after your eyes are fully dark adapted. If you usually use auto brightness and it is trained for you, where does it settle? If you use auto brightness, but sometimes need to turn it off and set it dimmer, what do you set it to? By dark room, I mean that you pretty much can not see the screen at all with the Voyage off. Being able to see that there is something in your hand is OK. Kindle Voyage only, please.

Aura H2O Aura H2O replacement screen, no touch

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 06:25:40 GMT

I've got a friend's Aura H2O here, that he had got a replacement screen for and partially disassembled but wasn't comfortable going further. I've replaced the screen and it boots back up fine but touch doesn't work. I've taken it apart and reseated everything a couple of times. What should I be looking for that would interfere with this function?

Content PW2 and Active Content

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 05:13:17 GMT

Hello! Can someone confirm that the Kindle Paperwhite (6th Generation) is compatible with Active Contents from Kindle Store and that version 5.8.11 also supports those little programs or is it possible that the update prevented the programs from working anymore?

Review "Kindle Oasis for Manga/comics"

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 23:13:05 GMT

Hi there, My little bro has just posted a video review on yt about the manga reading experience on the Kindle Oasis, and the Kobo Aura One. It's in French, but its kinda visual, so not so difficult to understand. If so, feel free to ask a question in the comment. And if you like it, so, juste give him a like :D I hope you'll enjoy it

Troubleshooting Kindle Voyage stuck in a bootloop

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 20:44:55 GMT

Hi there, My Kindle Voyage is stuck in a bootloop. To make things even more interesting, only the top right part of the screen is working (3/4). You will see better from picture ( and video ( Some quick backstory. I got this one as a free replacement from after I broke the first one. Upon arrival about 4 months ago, it was already showing some strange behaviour. During initial boot, only a part of the screen was working (same as now, see above). Not that the rest wasn't/isn't, everything was/is just squeezed into about 3/4 of the top right corner. Afterwards, the whole screen was working (refreshing), but text was fuzzy, blurred. Trying to solve this, I did a (factory) reset, resulting in a similar bootloop. Now I can't remember exactly how I solved it then, but I believe it booted fine after being plugged to a wall charger for a day. Afterwards, text was even fuzzier, but updating to 5.8.10 miraculously solved everything. See HERE ( for more detail. The reason I didn't return it to Amazon, was that the first one was already over a year old by then, thus out of warranty (shouldn't warranty be at least 2 years in the EU?). OK, so I actually fixed it before that, never mind. How did it end up like this? Well, I tried to update it to 5.8.11. I downloaded the update .bin and transferred it to the Kindle, and initiated the update from the menus. It was soon obvious it will go wrong (check picture above), and it did (check video). I have downloaded the update multiple times and verified md5 checksums, the possibility of it corrupting during transfer is minimal and considering the exact same problems in the past, I'd say there is a deeper problem. It was charged to at least 50% btw. What I have tried: -Plugging it to a wall charger for over 36 hours (light indicator changes from orange to green every time later in the booting process. -Holding power button for 15/40 seconds at various boot stages (after 15 seconds Kindle restarts, orange light blinks 5 times before) Some other info: -At no point was my Voyage jailbroken or atempted to be -It does not show up on my PC -I can't stop it from booting, it just continues to do so -It is physically intact. I broke the display on the previous one so I have some experience with that... I will call amazon support tomorrow (so they offer me a discount at best, yay). I am currently leaving the Kindle to discharge completely, no point in torturing it any further (wish the battery would drain faster...). So here I am, hoping some of you gurus will be able to help me out. Any ideas as to what else I can try? Is there a way to disconnect the battery to shut it down? What are my chances of recovering it via a serial port? Never done it before so I'd need a lot of guidance. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I have found my old post ( on Reddit about the issue. Might be helpful in understanding what is wrong.

Tools Collection of runme scripts

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:46:29 GMT

The current jailbreak process that installs the ";log mrpi" search bar command also installs a ";log runme" search bar command. Entering the: ;log runme command runs a (user supplied) script in the topmost visible level of USB storage that is named: (Duh..., currently must be the mixed case shown) It was meant to be a handy way to fix things that go wrong. Except there has never been any example usages. So here is a thread in which to collect runme scripts.

Kindle for Samsung vs. Kindle for Android?

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 15:44:27 GMT

Just got a Galaxy Tab A 8.0 for reading, light surfing, games, etc., which is working out well so far. Can anyone advise whether there are any serious difference between the two or advantages to installing the Android app instead of the Samsung app aside from losing the monthly freebee? TIA!

Why not more unbreakable screens?

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 06:40:18 GMT

In the beginning of ereaders, I guess it was a matter of lack of technology advancement, but now we have a pair of ereaders (as I know, Boox 13.3" and RemarKable 10") which have plastic based screens and are virtually unbreackable. Too many people have stated their ereader screens have broken, even the little ones, and manufacturers have not extended this type of screen, why? Is it a matter of cost? Planned obsolescence? Inertia? Ought they change too much their factories?

Kobo loyalty program: lousy selection for annual free bonus book

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 05:41:04 GMT

Kobo, I love you, but you've GOT to up your game on your loyalty program. I pay $10 a year to be a "V.I.P." member, and that's supposed to include one free ebook from a select list, but, come on, how about some decent science fiction, nonfiction, or, y'know, something a grown man might want to read? I mean really: Browse and choose your free Kobo Super Points eBook (

Just ordered my first Kindle

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 02:59:21 GMT

When I first saw ebook readers, I assumed I would buy one given how much I loved books. But then I found I could also read ebooks on my phone. Since then I've been reading my ebooks on my smart phones for years. I love having all these books on a device I carry every day. My stepdaughter upgraded her Kobos a number of times and we benefited from her old Kobo hand me downs. Kobos are more common in Canada than Kindles because Kobos were sold in Chapters and Indigo book stores here. I liked the reading experience on the Kobos perhaps slightly more than on the smart phone but I just couldn't see the benefit of carrying a second device to read on. Also, these were older Kobos without lights so I couldn't use them while my wife was sleeping. So what finally made me decide to go with a Kindle? 3 reasons: 1. Kindle Unlimited: I am a speed reader. This means I go through 5-10 books a WEEK. While I do have a book budget, the sheer amount I read a month is the equivalent of a car payment, especially since most ebooks sell for much more than their used equivalents. 2. Low Tech: I work in front of a computer all day. I love reading, but my smart phone feels like another computing device. I think a dedicated book device will feel less like I am still working on a computer. And perhaps will lower my overall screen time. 3. Battery Life: When my phone is my primary reading and entertainment device, the battery runs down much quicker. Not usually a problem, but there have been a few times when my battery is running lower than I like while travelling. I do carry power banks as backups, but it would be nice not to have to worry about it. So I ordered a Kindle Paperwhite ($99 CAD on sale) which should arrive next week. I'm looking forward to changing my reading habits to see if it makes a difference.

New Oasis - still not even light?

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 01:02:08 GMT

Sigh. My "waterproof" Kobo Aura One took a dunk in the bath just past it's one year birthday and the perfectly uniform light was no more. Now I have dark spots all over the screen. So I saw reviews of the new Oasis boasting even light and thought I would try a Kindle again. This is what I have. Is this even light and I'm beyond picky, or do people have more even lighting than this? I like the Oasis just fine otherwise, so just curious. And no, I never have been able to adjust to uneven light like this.

Consensus Or Opinions On Best Tablet For Ebook Reading?

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 22:32:31 GMT

It says it in the title. What is the best tablet for ebook reading under most circumstances including reading in sun or bright light conditions? Looking for one that has apps available to handle virtually all common file formats that you are likely to encounter. :thanks:

Screen gradients and "fooling your eyes"

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 20:14:49 GMT

so, i discovered something weird last night...i may be just me, but i thought i'd share. i have a slight screen gradient on my Oasis 1 where it is a faint yellow on the thin side of the reader. to me, it is very noticeable when i read from that thin side to the thick side (holding the kindle in my right hand). however, if i flips the kindle around and read from the white (thick side) to the yellow (thin side), the gradient is really difficult to pick up. my mind may be playing tricks on me (it likely is) but my wife agreed too that the gradient is nonexistent or really hard to pick up in the latter case. anyway, i toss this out there as something for you guys to try if you are struggling to accept a slight color shift on your Oasis. one guess i have is because i choose left justified text (ragged right edge), the mind handles the transition at the end of the line more readily since the yellow occupies "less" of the text. anyone have a similar observation or am i bonkers? :rolleyes:

News: Touch HD 2

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 16:41:33 GMT

Pocketbook releases Touch HD 2 ( There are no material differences compared to the first Touch HD, except that the new device promises a "soft and warm light in the evening", which probably refers to a colour-changing frontlight with some yellow or orange tone. Instead of yellow frontlight (or better: in addition to it), I'd like to be able to have full inversion of tones across the entire device.

Multiple English dictionaries

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 11:43:22 GMT

Hello, How can I add multiple English dictionaries (such as Merriam Webster, Oxford, Cambridge etc.) to my Kobo Aura One with their associated name so that when I am reading, I can look up the same word in different dictionaries? I already have the dictionaries, but I don't know how to add all of them at once? It seems like I can only name English dictionaries as "". Is there a specific naming convention for multiple dictionaries for the same language? Thanks