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Troubleshooting Copying over USB has no effect on book listing

Fri, 30 Sep 2016 18:59:38 GMT

OK, I wrote all this and then discovered the solution as I was writing it. So I'm going to post this anyway so that I can answer my own question for any other poor souls out there who run into this... I've tried sending the following to my new kindle 8, all without any noticeable effect except that the files show up fine on USB mass storage (all done over USB - I keep my kindle permanently in airplane mode - some of which I copied by hand into the documents folder, others sent using the latest 2.69 calibre): * A PDF file * The same PDF file run through ghostscript to clean it up * The same PDF file converted to mobi and sent to the kindle both by calibre * The same PDF file converted to azw and sent to the kindle both by calibre * Another PDF file from a different source * A .mobi document generated by a script I wrote which has worked reliably for years The files don't show up in the list of documents on the kindle. I have the kindle set to display "ALL" and "ALL ITEMS". My last kindle (7, I think) didn't have this issue. I've tried rebooting the device. I've read everything I can find on this forum. So two questions / requests: 1. Any clues? 2. Can somebody point me at a .mobi or PDF online that definitely works on their kindle 8 *when transferred via USB mass storage*? (mass storage means Kindle plugged in and functioning like a USB hard disk / flash card / whatever to which you can just copy files) I suspect that some sort of reindexing / table of contents regeneration is supposed to be happening, and that that's not happening for me...

Real Page Numbers for Reflowable Kindles

Fri, 30 Sep 2016 17:11:31 GMT

When I published my first book, Free Will, on Amazon in 2011, it was a reflowable mobi generated by Kovid Goyal's Calibre. I created 340 small gifs and added them to the text flow at or near actual page breaks in my print edition. I am now working on my second book and hope to upload it soon to Amazon. I have several test Kindles, my original as well as the latest Fire HD8 and the Paperwhite. The PPW optionally displays the real page numbers in my Free Will book as well as their locations. In the PPW Go to menu, I can go to Page or Location. But the Go to menu in the Kindle Fire has the Page option grayed out. I can't see why. Amazon tells me I can offer two versions of the Kindle book, one FXL, one reflowable. I have exported both types of EPUB from InDesign. Kindle Previewer throws lots of errors for both. Calibre converts to a MOBI that plays well in the PPW, but I am having trouble sideloading into Fire HD8. I am writing up a HOW TO ADD REAL PAGE NUMBERS for textbook authors who want page numbers that correspond to their print edition. Instead of gifs, this time I added page numbers with the same style as those in the print edition. I attach a draft and would appreciate critical feedback. I will submit this to InDesign Magazine.

Remote control Page turn on Kobo?

Fri, 30 Sep 2016 15:54:03 GMT

Is there any possibility of development of a similar workaround for Kobos, like KindleLazy, a remote control page turn system? To be precise, a KoboLazy? ;):D

replaced kobo with kindle voyage? what do i need to know

Fri, 30 Sep 2016 13:57:07 GMT

i had a kobo glo hd, sold this regrettably for the kobo aura one (which was too big and buggy (more awkward to swipe or touch to change pages i felt compared to the smaller model and i also had wifi connection issues or it connecting to my windows 10 laptop, so i returned these devices which i used to use calibre to manage my books. books generally epub and now i have a kindle voyage (just need to collect from the post office) what do i need to know 1) i used to use the kobo for pocket intergration what is the equivalent to save web artciles directly to my kindle? is there any apps in the in feedly rss app that will let me save to the kindle web broswer extensions i need? 2) i heard calibre can't manage my books? so i know how to convert to .mobi is there anything else i need to know? 3) is there a standard pdf conversion steps i should know? to make pdf articles display better 4) any other tips thanks

Glo Preventing Kobo Glo syncing Collections with Kobo

Fri, 30 Sep 2016 06:09:02 GMT

I have been working my way through the article "Kobo Shelves and Collections". Being tired of my data being collected by all and sundry, I attempted the fix to prevent my collections being synced to Kobo each time I get an update. First I deleted all book files on Kobo using Calibre. Then in Win8.1, I tried... 1. Finding directory.kobo\kobo directory\Kobo eReader.conf 2. Opened this file in notepad 3. Found [ApplicationPreferences] 4. Next line added SyncShelves=false 5. Saved and exited I then synced to Kobo. Out of curiosity - as there were books mentioned in that Kobo eReader.conf file that had not been on my ereader for yonks - I rechecked this file. The line I added - SyncShelves=false - was gone ...... and the book lines were still there e.g. lastLibraryReadingStatusFilter_shelf_filterByBookshelf%28Foreigner%20Short%20Stories%29=removeReadingStatusFilter() How do I make this SynShelves=false, permanent - and how do I clear all memory of what books have previously been synced?

K5 Seafile Client

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 23:02:13 GMT

Hi There, I've made a very simple Seafile client. Currently it lives here: Known Issues/Bugs - Only one way synchronization - Client doesn't erase sub-directory (and it's contents) if it's not exist on the server - Non-latin characters are not shown through eips - Just rudimentary checks of internet/WiFi availability/file operations - SSL certificate verification ignored (verify=False) just to make it work with self-signed SSL certs So I've got some questions to developers: 1. Is it possible to put text to Kindle screen from bash/python script other then with eips (to use Unicode characters)? 2. Any suggestions in regarding to self-signed SSL certs, or just left it as is (verify=False)?

Handwritting notes on NeoReader on devices without pen

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 23:01:57 GMT

Hi, I have an Onyx Boox c67ml. I noticed NeoReader doesn't have the scribble option on this device, so I guess it might be disabled for devices without pen support. Is it possible to activate it somehow ? Such that I can take rough scribbles on pdf files. Thank you!

Kindle vs Kobo after Tolino

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 14:39:18 GMT

I had a Kobo Aura for 2.5 years and was very happy with it. When it died, I bought the Kobo Aura H2O and again was very happy with it, before it was lost/stolen after about a month. Next I tried the Tolino Vision 3 HD - great 6" water proofed ereader. Harwdware is excellent (great screen), the library managent a bit too simplistic for my tastes, but the reading experience was good (screen, page turns, lighting, etc). Except for one thing - you cannot zoom in on images on the Tolino! If I manage to root the device I might be able to install an alternative reader (Coolreader, KoReader), but not sure if I'll find the time. I'm travelling tomorrow and was planning to look in duty free and perhaps buy another ereader - the choice then is Kobo or Kindle. Otherwise prices here are pretty low anyway. *Kobo* - Glo looks great, but is 6" and eol'ed. H2O I enjoyed for the time I had it. One is obviously what I am interested in, but there is a price premium and lots of complaints on this forum (still got a few threads to go through). - I love the library management features - collections, book summaries before you open a book using the Calibre summary metadata (helping you choose). - Image and Table zoom works here :) - I prefer epubs and have mostly these (I remove DRM when adding to Calibre). - I like multiple book stores to choose from, when I decide to purchase books. - I like the openness (to add fonts, to add alternative readers). - I did like the type settings and other page cutomization possibilities, but after using the Tolino for a while, no not really miss these. *Kindle* - It's between the Voyage (I "like" the better lighting, ambient sensor, lighter weight, and am interested in the buttons (but on ther Tolino I deactivated the Tap to click) and the latest PW (version 3 from 2016, is that correct?). - According to the manual, zooming is supported. - I'm interested in trying Xray, and the main interest will be adding it to books I own and intend to sideload (using the generators from mobileread members) / copyright free classics etc. - I'm interested in Pageflip (lokks better than the Kobo/Tolino equivalents); does this work on sideloaded books? - I'm very interested in the vocabulary builder, for books that I read in foreign languages; does this work on sideloaded books? - Also the notes / annotations feature seems a lot better; ; does this work on sideloaded books? - Is it still possbile to jalibreak the Kindle? OK this info is no doubt somewhere in the Kindle section I do use Pocket, but Amazon has email to kindle which does more. Currently I do not borrow from the library, but that could change. I generally read just on my ereader, but syncing sideloaded books with the kindle app could be good. Any insights or comments?

Amazon added Indic Google Noto Sans fonts to Kindle firmware

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 12:34:24 GMT

While updating the font hack on my jailbroken Kindle, I found out that Amazon must have added Indic Google Noto Sans fonts (Bengali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu) during one of the latest the Kindle firmware updates. This is good news for speakers and students of these languages/alphabets because they should get pretty much the same rendering results as Android tablet users, provided they convert epubs to azw3 books.

Does ANY eReader allow me to search for tags

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 04:05:11 GMT

I want to be able to search for tags that I have made in calibre on the ereader. Like if I added the tag time-travel when i was doing the metadata on calibre that on the reader itself I can search for time-travel and all the books with that tag show up. Not sure any ereader even if jailbroken can do that and if it can please let me know which one.

AZW3 thumbnail very pixelated/grainy/low quality

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 03:38:23 GMT

I know there is a size limit for thumbnails for viewing on a Kindle PW (tiny versions of the book covers), so I am OK if the book cover is scaled down... But man the compression quality is intolerable! The resulting thumbnail is a 117 x 240 px jpeg, grainy and hard to see any detail. Looks like the jpeg quality is only 75%. I tried to switch (and delete) the thumbnail in Calibre - Edit Book window but it is regenerated every time I saved the book. Is there any way to interfere with this kind of thumbnail quality issue? Urgh azw3 books are much harder to edit than epubs... :help:

New Fire OS Update?

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 01:41:27 GMT

Helllo everyone! What is this all about? When was it released?

NiLuJe offline?

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 01:38:43 GMT

I heard NiLuJe was fighting PC problems month and no contact? What's up? Has anyone PM'd NiLuJe to find out how things are?:chinscratch:

makepatch program

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 01:33:31 GMT

This is a little program that can be used to create 'Patcher' style patches (for use by kpg, patch32lsb or KBpatcher programs) from the difference between two binary files. It might be useful if you have patched an executable using KBPatcher ( or patch-nickel-css ( and want to create a patch that can be used with patch32lsb. For example, patch32lsb can't currently handle zlib compressed strings (because I haven't worked out how to do that) but KBPatcher and patch-nickel-css can. You can use one of those programs to apply a patch to the compressed string, and then use makepatch to create a patch of the difference between the original and modified executable that is usable by patch32lsb.

Glo How to show reading stats in side loaded EPUB?

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 00:01:05 GMT

I've tried googling for answer but i couldnt find the exact information. Some mentioned that this feature is no longer available on recent firmware. Others mentioned that its still possible as long as you convert epub to kepub. is it still possible? if so how do i convert epub to kepub using calibre correctly? i couldnt find the option to do so in calibre