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Article Directory List


Article Directories have been around for a few years and after visiting a large group they seem to fall into a few categories. The rules at all directories are very similar:Directory Rules:Only Unique Articles allowed, not published elsewhere.Articles written by you.You give them the right to publish on for free on their site and network.You get a limited number of links to your site, usually 3.

Steps you can take to improve your website


Google states clearly how to create a good website. Create a useful, information-rich site.....Another useful test is to ask (about strategy for your site), "Does this help my users?WritingThe content should be unique, not articles taken from sites thatoffer free everyone else. Also, it should be writtenwith the user in mind, as if search engines did not exist.LinksThe site must be

How to start blogging


BobIs there a simple tutorial or method you could point me at that would allow me to learn the process and get one up for Natural Scratch rather quickly? I could begin working on it later today.Certainly I have plenty to write about so that's not a problem.Thanks,Ted---------Blogging : The Tutorial! Seven steps....1) Go to: Click on Sign In upper



Bob, Next week my neighbor is going to be filming a little video on ThePetCheckup for YouTube (and also my website and anyone else who wants to have it on their site). It will be me and Dr. Wiegert at the vet clinic....I have someone who can edit it and put it in the sites and am writing a little script this weekend. I think it will end up being 3 minutes total. Since I have never done this

Why is my site ranked lower on Yahoo than Google?


Jaison wrote: I see this morning it has risen to #4. In Yahoo it is #7. What isthe reason for the difference?Jaison,They each have their own way of evaluating links and content...sites seem to rise fastest on MSN and then Google then Yahoo. Except if you get a lot of links for a keyword might move faster and higher than on Google.Google tends to do a better job of rewarding sites Search Engine Marketing: Strategy


I have been to your site. Most of the on site optimization is already done. The titles to each page and the html page names repeat the keyword are fine. Although there are not any meta descriptions, Google has already indexed the content of each page correctly ( query Google You could add some alt tags to the graphics, but this tweaking would not have a big impact.The

Search Engine Marketing: Strategy


I have been to your site. Most of the on site optimization is already done. The titles to each page and the html page names repeat the keyword are fine. Although there are not any meta descriptions, Google has already indexed the content of each page correctly ( query Google You could add some alt tags to the graphics, but this tweaking would not have a big impact.The

Click Fraud


Most people think of click fraud as an internet crime inpay per click advertising caused buy a person, automatedscript, or computer program imitates a legitimate userby clicking on an ad, for the purpose of generating anexpense to the advertiser without having actual interestin the target of the ad's link. However, there are severaldifferent types of pay per click fraud:competitors clicking on

Selecting Keywords


Keywords are those words or phrases that you thinkpeople might use to search for your product or service.Both Google and Yahoo give you ample tools tohelp you determine which phrases might be best for you.There are several issues to deal with when selectingkeywords.RelevanceEnough trafficToo much trafficRelevance means that these words must be in line withthe content of your site. Many years ago

Keyword bidding


Bob,Our strategy has been to maintain the number one position forour keyword phrase. We do not want to be considered #2.What is the advantage to being in any other position?Brian---Brian,If your objective is to maximize traffic then you areright, the top position is the only place to be. Thenumber one position generates the highest percentageclicks. Each subsequent position (2,3 and so on)

Duplicate Content


Bob,I had asked google adsense if it was OK to put up sites which substantially mirrored partial content from our main site. There are currently quite a few of them, using the .info domain, etc. It was OK with adsense, but maybe now it is NOT ok with google search. Mike,Duplicate content is duplicate content. A search engine wants onlyto display unique content and the original source of that

Placement of Google Analytics Code


The Google Analytics code is in the wrong place.The currentl placement is at the top of their sitejust under their meta tags.------------------------It should be at the last element on their page... right above the body html taglike this..-----------------------The code will work in either case...but if Google Analytics ever goes down....all of your page will still load....just a precaution they

Moving content and changing to text urls


Bob,We are using Drupal for our content management and wonder about changing the urls for our site. The old urls were with ID numbers and a short query string and the new will be we have any concerns about this move?-------------------Well, switching to text urls is good for two reasons. 1. Search engines handle

Advertisers conflict with Publishers Click Report


We have a client using Google Analytics to confirm the clickswe say are going to his site. Analytics has typically been aproblem, but we need an explanation for the difference. What could be causing this? -----------------M,There will always be differences in traffic count. However,this discrepancy is way to large to explain as acceptable.Generally over 10% is considered unacceptable and

Supplemental Results


Hi Robert,Thanks! Yeah, I tend to agree its a good site even if it has seen better days. At this point the problem is keeping people interested in maintaining it. I've been involved for a long time and am one of the advocates for keeping it going in some form - I'll pass along your message to the powers that be (I'm a powers that be lite - webmaster and former chair of the board). Seems like

Blog Directories


127 Blog directories to submit your blog to ranked by PageRank.Obviously, all of these directories can help drive trafficto your blog. Theoretically the higher PageRank will help yourblog more, but in practice some directories will drive real trafficwhether they have good PR or not. Sometimes larger directoriesmay bury your content and result in no benefit.There are undoubtedly better ways to

More RSS Directories


A few directories approve immediately and some within a day ortwo, all of these I have listed as quick approval. Everythingelse is slow...from a week to much longer.These directories are for RSS feeds rather than justa blog directory.Most allow multiple feeds from one URL...a few do not.I have ranked these directories by, admittedly not the most accurate measure of traffic. Alexa is

RSS Directories

2007-05-16T16:24:00.413-05:00 : Sundic8 has created a sort of Dmoz/Wiki come approve all these feeds thatthe public has submitted situation. This is the most sophisticated directory I have found. It tests all RSS feeds for syntax and for providing fresh content.I don't understand the structure which four different directories within it of:Syndic8, DMOZ, NIF, NIF_DOMZ and TXAt any rate there is a lot of

Content Ads vs. Search Advertising


Content vs. Search AdvertisingBoth Google and Yahoo (and soon MSN)display advertising on search results pages and content affiliate sites. These are sites that have Google and Overture code which delivers relevant ads to the sites’ viewers. The ads are determined by the same criteria and analysis of the content used for displaying the site in their free results. When these ads are clicked on,

Conversion Tracking


Conversion Tracking A conversion occurs when a click on your ad leads directly to user behavior you deem valuable, such as a purchase, signup, page view, or lead. They have tools that allow you to measure the cost of each conversion and tell you the effectiveness of your adword campaign. Conversion code tracking differentiates advertising that generates traffic from advertising that

Pay Per Click Management


Pay Per Click Management Pay per click advertising refers to small text ads at the top and sides of search engine results pages. Advertisers aggressively bid for search terms that people employ to find products and services. As one queries a term, an ad appears. Clients are only charged when the ad is clicked upon and transports the viewer to the site. Pay per click management is the

PPC marketing and making keywords relevant


Bob we need to market ourselves to advertising agencies aboutour services, what steps can we take?DebbieIn school marketingDebbie,It seems that the agencies are using Google more now than everto research advertising possibilities. Most of the contacts we getare from small advertisers, but we also are being contacted bythe largest agencies in New York ...all from the internet.I think the quickest



Moving beyond three letters.These three are intertwined. Pay per click has the advantage ofimmediately reaching the broadest market and to track itseffectiveness in measuring sales (or conversions). Once youfind out what is driving your revenue you are able to betterfocus your SEO campaign on those terms.The hardest part of SEO is making a site important in Googleseyes, PageRank. With low