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Serious about snacks? Our snackers have rated 7557 snacks as we search for the best and worst potato chips, popcorn, pretzels and candy bars.


Review: Cheez Doodles Extra Crunchy Queso Habanero

Sun, 22 Jan 2017 17:08:04 EST

We've enjoyed many very tasty hot cheese curls — as well as some that were hot but not particularly tasty — so the promise of a Queso Habanero flavor had us very eager to try this new one from Wise. ...

Review: Kettle Potato Chips Cooked in 100% Avocado Oil Hawaiian Barbecue with Ginger Infused Sea Salt

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 16:20:46 EST

These potato chips had a golden yellow color, somewhat wiggly shapes, with many small bubbles embedded inside, some folded-over chips, and just the sparsest hint of seasoning powder on the surfaces. ...

Review: Kit Kat Pumpkin Pudding

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 20:51:04 EST

This bag from Japan contained small, individually wrapped two-finger Kit Kat bars with a very light orange color. ...

Review: Barcel Chips Diabla Flavor Burst

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 19:44:40 EST

These potato chips from Mexico had wiggly shapes and a generous amount of deep red seasoning on their surfaces, so they looked liked they were going to be hot. ...

Review: Osem Chocolate Flavored Wafers

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 18:05:14 EST

This package of wafers from Israel broke a few of the rules that wafer packs generally follow, with a different shape and arrangement for the pieces within the brick of detachable wafers. ...

Review: Cheez-It Duoz Jalapeño & Cheddar Jack

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:30:22 EST

This version of the two-flavors-one-box Cheez-It Duoz provided a good color contrast between the yellow Jalapeno ones and the orange Cheddar Jack ones. ...

Review: Mini Bus Cracker

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 14:08:56 EST

I bought this box because it looked like a fire engine, but it turned out that it contained cookies shaped like not just fire engines, but also trucks, buses and emergency vehicles of various types. ...

Review: Yummies Ziba's Anillitos Potato Ring Chips Barbecue

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 11:54:05 EST

This bag contained small rings made from potato, generally similar to Hula Hoops, but these had more irregular shapes and more variation in the thickness of the rings. ...

Review: Cheez Doodles Extra Crunchy Extreme

Sun, 15 Jan 2017 21:08:38 EST

As someone who has reviewed more than 300 kinds of cheese puffs, I've gotta say that new extension of the venerable Cheez Doodles line this was an odd one — at least the way that it was marketed. ...

Review: Lotte Double Dip

Tue, 10 Jan 2017 17:05:19 EST

These chocolate-coated wheat sticks doubled things up by placing a white chocolate layer between the stick itself and the milk chocolate coating. ...

Review: Oishi Flutes Blueberry

Tue, 10 Jan 2017 16:28:10 EST

These wheat- and potato-based "Flutes" were shaped kind of like penne pasta, except with a squarish profile instead of a round one, and without the subtle ripples running the length of each piece. ...

Review: Off the Eaten Path Hummus Crisps Feta & Herb

Tue, 10 Jan 2017 16:22:37 EST

These chickpea-based crisps had the same Popchips-like shapes as the Garlic Tomato Basil version, with yellowish surfaces that had lots of bits of seasoning, most of them green, in various sizes. ...

Review: Lay's Wavy Dark Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Sun, 08 Jan 2017 19:44:31 EST

This bag marked the third variety of chocolate-covered Lay's that we've tried, following the Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Almond Bits versions. ...

Review: Alfredo's Hand-cooked Style Amica Chips Salt

Sun, 08 Jan 2017 19:12:38 EST

These potato chips had a nice yellow color, with fairly wiggly shapes and many bubbles embedded inside, plus some stretches of very dark skin on a minority of the chips. ...

Review: Premium Cacao Creamy Milk Chocolate with Cacao Nibs

Sun, 08 Jan 2017 19:08:45 EST

This large, fairly thin chocolate bar from the Dominican Republic had the Cortes logo atop each of its four sections and promised to have "Cacao Nibs" embedded inside the milk chocolate. ...

Review: Angry Birds Kuleczki Zbożow

Fri, 06 Jan 2017 19:42:55 EST

This bag contained lots of small cereal balls in two different colors, with the vast majority of the pieces being dark brown in color, and a minority of the pieces off-white. ...

Review: Chips Ahoy! Thins Oatmeal

Fri, 06 Jan 2017 19:37:17 EST

This thin version of Chips Ahoy surprised me when I went to go eat it. ...

Review: Fisher Nut Exactly Snack Bites Peanut Popcorn Dipped in Peanut Butter

Thu, 05 Jan 2017 11:32:54 EST

This snack took an unusual form, with each "Bite" being a cluster consisting of popcorn (possibly kernels that were broken up after popping, then stuck back together) and some chopped peanuts, with one end dipped into a sugary peanut butter concoction. ...

Review: Garden Garlic & Herb Savoury Crackers

Thu, 05 Jan 2017 10:47:10 EST

These round crackers had the same shape as Garden's celery flavor, but this kind had no seasoning visible on the surfaces, which were various shades of yellowish beige. ...

Review: Ten's Wafer Rolls Cream Flavor

Mon, 02 Jan 2017 19:51:14 EST

These wafers had a yellowish beige color on their spiral exteriors, with a similar but maybe more whitish color inside (though not as white as shown on the package). ...

Review: Chips Ahoy Thins Double Chocolate

Mon, 02 Jan 2017 13:52:33 EST

This thin version of Chips Ahoy really wasn't super-thin, but I suppose it was thinner than the original Chips Ahoy. ...

Review: Off the Eaten Path Hummus Crisps Garlic Tomato Basil

Sun, 01 Jan 2017 21:32:22 EST

These round crisps looked similar to Popchips, with bumpy, somewhat wiggly surfaces, though the surfaces were generally smoother than Popchips, and the chips were thinner. ...

Review: Double Stuf Oreo

Sun, 01 Jan 2017 20:05:55 EST

This isn't a new product by any stretch, but it's one that we're way overdue in reviewing. ...

Review: Krówkowy Mleczny

Sun, 01 Jan 2017 19:32:20 EST

This six-section caramel-filled chocolate bar from Poland had a smooth, shiny chocolate exterior with the Wawel logo atop each section. ...

Review: Maciek Adwokat

Sun, 01 Jan 2017 12:15:57 EST

This bar's wrapper looked a lot like some of the other bars from Wawel, but the language on the label made the filling a bit mysterious. ...

Review: Gotgaerang Wasabi Crab

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 21:29:35 EST

These wheat and corn-based snack puffs were thin, crab-shaped and had a dull green color. ...

Review: Jiashili Biscuits Chocolate Wafer

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 19:37:04 EST

This large package of wafers had the same unusual arrangement of wafers that we detailed in the review of its strawberry counterpart, as there were only 12 of them, though they were large. ...

Review: Kind Nuts & Spices Dark Chocolate Almond Mint

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 11:01:44 EST

This bar looked mostly like a typical granola bar through the transparent top of the wrapper, as there were almonds and cashews with some thin diagonal lines of chocolate running across the top. ...

Review: M&M's Shimmery White Chocolate

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 09:12:50 EST

This special version of M&M's promised a shimmery appearance and a white chocolate interior. ...

Review: Corn Soup Flavor Corn Chips

Tue, 27 Dec 2016 17:29:18 EST

These chips looked kind of like Corn Flakes cereal, except the pieces were a bit bigger, even wigglier and appeared to have some powder on their surfaces. ...

Review: Jiashili Biscuits Strawberry Wafer

Tue, 27 Dec 2016 16:47:10 EST

This large brick of detachable wafers had far fewer pieces than most similar products — just 12 of them — but that's not to say this is a skimpy snack. ...