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After Shot 5 - Birth of A Nation

Sat, 27 Aug 2016 17:10:45 PDT

Please enjoy our anniversary edition of the the show with this after shot edition. We hope you enjoy the show and until next time stay sharp!

Episode 5 - Birth of A Nation (image)

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After Shot Episode 3

Sun, 10 Jul 2016 14:20:30 PDT

You asked for it and we did it, we drafted for each show. Listen and find out how one individual ruined his entire draft out of spite. We hope you enjoy this episode.

After Shot Episode 3(image)

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Wrestlemania 32 Roundtable

Thu, 31 Mar 2016 17:24:51 PDT

There can't be a Wrestlemania without a Wrestlemania roundtable. Thanks to everyone that participated and we hope you enjoy the show.

Wrestlemania 32 Roundtable(image)

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Da Sharpshooters 586 - Showstopper

Sat, 23 Jan 2016 14:38:03 PST

As I sit in front of this keyboard trying to come up with words to express what Marcus and I are feeling about the last episode of this podcast I continue to draw a blank.10 years 4 months 27 days ago Marcus and I sat down and recorded the very first episode of this show. We had no clue what we were doing but we wanted to try out podcasting.Doing this show was the best thing that could have ever happen to us, because no matter what we were going through we always said "We gotta do the show." We have met and communicated with so many people over the past 10 years that it is hard to imagine not doing the show, but due to circumstances we can't control the time has come for us to finally put down our mics.Recording this episode reminded us how much we love recording and interacting with each and every one of the listeners. No words can express how grateful we are that you allowed us to be part of your life and you were interested in ours. This truly became the Sharpie Nation or I would like to call it our Sharpie Family.As I type tears are building up in my eyes because we feel if we had to end the show at least we got to do it our way. This episode represents everything we loved about doing this show and how much we are going to miss it. Everyone is more than listeners to us, you are our extended family and we will be forever grateful that you were part of our lives.Without further ado, because I can't see straight anymore, I present to you the final episode of Da Sharpshooters. In this episode we discuss the following:The OscarsGetting fired on your day offWWE/NXTTNAListener feedbackEric's Top 5Plus a bunch of stuff I can't rememberWe hope you enjoy this episode and the 585 episodes before and we THANK each and ever one of you for being with us on this 10 years journey and just remember to STAY SHARP!!!THANK YOU AGAIN, from Eric, Marcus, Sharpie Wife, Ryan, and last but not least Fiasco!!!Episode 586 - Showstopper [...]

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Da Sharpshooters 585 - Unofficial 2015 Sharpie Awards

Mon, 18 Jan 2016 08:07:07 PST

Da Sharpshooters 585 - Unofficial 2015 Sharpie AwardsIn this emotional episode of Da Sharpshooters Wrestling Podcast; the duo forget to give Sharpie’s awards to Da Sharpie winners of 2015.In this episode we discussBullet Club members coming?Daniel Bryan and MLKTNA in general Raw/NXT reportsListener Feedback And More!Hope you enjoy the showStay Sharp!Da Sharpshooters 585 - Unofficial 2015 Sharpie Awards [...]

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