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Preview: Confessions of a Fitness Diva....

Confessions of a Fitness Diva....

The Fitness Diva

Updated: 2018-02-20T05:20:32.576-08:00


After the Holiday Workout


Why? Because you KNOW you need one! We all know how those holidays are. And you know what you did....:). So, let's fix it!  #fitness, #workouts #weight loss #holiday #fatburn #exercises

Exercise of the Day: The Bridge


Bridges are excellent strengtheners of the glutes, lower back and your pelvic floor muscles. Do this exercise a few times a week and feel everything below the belt firm and tighten up. Here's how to do them: - lay face up on the floor, knees bent, feet positioned a few inches below the hips. Place your arms down by your sides with the palms down. - lift your hips a few inches upward

Back to the Basics


Actually, I'm always sticking with the basics, because you really don't need a bunch of fancy techniques and elaborate pieces of equipment to get a great workout in. The plank, as I'm demoing above, is one of those really great basic exercises that handles a few things at once. It's core strengthening as you're contracting and holding in those abs while holding your body in as straight a

On the Road Again...


     Life is full of so many things to explore and do, that I swear, no matter how you try you just can't do them all!  And I do try.  Not because I have a need to try to do things, but because I love so many things.  I don't want to miss out on any of them.  Since there are only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, etc ( and it would be great if that could change - I'd opt for at least 4 more

What Facebook Has Taught Me About People


     Let me first preface this by saying that there are some things you already know in your heart, but a little confirmation really gets it into your brain!  And THAT's where a lot of things NEED to be when it comes to dealing with life, people, situations and just about anything that comes up, frankly.      Most of us have become part of the Facebook "machine" this past couple years, and

How Time Has Flown - and I have Grown! :D


Yeah, that's about the brunt of it! :)      I am back!  Yes, I've neglected this blog and all my blogs for about 2 years almost now.  As you can see, my main focus has changed a bit!  I'm still The FD, and yes, my life is still about staying healthy and fit, but I've added on a few layers and learned a few things since you've seen me last.  I will try to come back and fill you all in,

5 Weird Fitness Gadgets


What wouldn't you try in the quest for losing weight and getting fit? Here are the latest and weirdest fitness and weight-loss gadgets: 1. Ropeless Jump Rope - two handles without the rope for high-tech hopping 2. Wi Fi Scale - we all need motivation and sometimes accountability on the journey to lose weight. How would you feel if your every weigh in was auto-tweeted to all

Are you getting enough?


It seems like every day we are bombarded with messages about how getting your 5 a day is vastly important and how it can be detrimental to your health. But do any of us actually know why it is so detrimental not to get your recommended intake of fruit and vegetables? Everyone has heard of Vitamin E and knows why it is so important to the body, how it is needed to protect the skin and that it

Naked Yoga..... Would You?


...and no, I don't mean in the privacy of your own living room, although I'm sure even that would inspire you to really get deeply and intimately in touch with yourself! I am talking about going to an actual public naked yoga class! Naked yoga classes are a trend on the rise prompting many to shed their inhibitions (as well as their clothing), step into one of these bare bones yoga classes

You Will NOT Believe This..... I'm Serious!!


Evolution is getting kinda scary, no? LOL..... I know humans that cannot dance this well....;)

Why It's Taking Us So Long to Win in Iraq......


If these are the type of workouts the men and women in our armed forces are doing these days, it's no wonder we can't win in the Middle East!! ;)

Transformation of the Year - Jennifer Hudson


OMG, who is this girl??? Wow. The transformation is nothing less than amazing! I think that she looks great, and hey, that Weight Watcher's program is definitely getting the job done. Jennifer Hudson at the 2011 Grammy Awards Now the test is seeing if she can maintain it. As we all know, getting if off is one thing, but keeping it off is a whole other challenge within itself. Looking

Xin Nian Kuai Le!


Or, Gong Hei Fat Choi! Whichever way you say it!! The Chinese Lunar New Year has begun and it's the year of the rabbit. Now guess who here is a rabbit?? :D I expect great things to happen in this rabbit year. Good luck for all of you, too! All the best.... ;)

R.I.P. Jack La Lanne


This is truly the man that started it all. A true health and fitness pioneer who was one of the first to teach the masses how to improve one's life through exercise and living a healthier lifestyle. You will always be remembered and emulated, Jack.

Happy 2011! Joy and Success in the New Year!


New Year ScrapsMore Orkut Graphics

One Depressed Cat


I know this isn't a fitness related post, but I had to share this! It made me laugh SO hard! It's cute, sad and hilarious all at the same time! And I must say, cats really are evolving a bit too quickly these days.... they are becoming more and more human every day! enjoy...

Could I Become a Serious Runner?


After watching my friend Kerri complete the NYC marathon, I must say that I'm inspired. It looked to be a ewarding, worthwhile experience for her and for everyone else who participated. And hey, with all that training, you dont have to worry about watching one damn calorie. Eat as much as you want and still fit into anything in your wardrobe. That's what I'm talkin' about! ;) That is the

Gaga Does Yoga


So, it turns out that Gaga is a yoga girl. Who's surprised? She looks like the type that would be into some intense, mind bending, contortionistic, Cirque du Soleil exercise, doesn't she? Complete with costumes! I certainly can't picture her at the boxing gym!

The 26th Mile at the 2010 ING New York City Marathon


This was my first time attending the NYC Marathon and man, am I glad I did! It was a straight up party, for real! ;). I was there cheering on a friend, but once you're there, you get so caught up in the excitement of it all. Everybody's cheering, clapping and holding up signs... and some of those runners are some characters! Literally! I saw Sponge Bob, Minnie Mouse, and a 70's style LA

A Pink NFL - The NFL's "A Crucial Catch" Breast Cancer Campaign


As I watched the NY Jets game this Sunday I noticed that the majority of the players on the field are wearing pink shoes, have pink towels or have a pink accessories on their uniforms of some sort. It's quite the colorful spectacle! It's not football fashion gone feminine, though -- it's actually part of the NFL's "A Crucial Catch" campaign to keep awareness of the fight against breast cancer

Mamachas del Ring - One Tough Mujer!


One of my Facebook friends posted this, and I think it's worth a little more exposure. First of all, let me admit that I didn't even know that female wrestling was big in Bolivia. Secondly, these are some tough chicas. I sure wouldn't want to f with them! The main character, Carmen, is told that she must choose between wrestling and her family. Damn! ;) Mamachas del Ring -Trailer - English

Stop Punishing Yourself and Have Fun With Your Diet!


This is a guest post by Tisha Dotson. Thanks again for the post, Tisha!       During the summertime, I always gain weight. Always. It's a cycle that I can't break, no matter how hard I try to prepare myself during the month of May. But once Memorial Day hits, it seems like everyone -- even adults -- are in summer vacation mode. That means more weekday holidays, vacations, baseball games,

Birthday Girl!


Yes, it's that time AGAIN! OMG! lol..... Another year older, and hell yes, a whole lot wiser. And this time, I really am! This past year brought me a couple of growth spurts that I didn't even see coming, and getting to be smarter and even better than before just makes life all the more worth living! The decision to go to school opened up a whole new world and whole other side of my brain,

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The Expendables - My Kind of Men!! ;)


Listen up, Hollywood.... THIS is the form of manliness I would seriously like to see when I flip on the tube or plunk down my hard earned dollars to check out one of your flicks. Just look at 'em -- fit, primed, capable and ready for anything men who actually take a little bit of time out of their day to hit the gym! Or hit something! ;) haaaa! I was just remarking on William's post about