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Mail Art Projects

Overview of Mail-Art projects provided by the 99 authors of this blog which are all active in Mail-Art. If you want to enter information as well. Send an e-mail to The blog can contain all kind of projects the group wants to share. There is

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Your World In The World - Italy



Typical German - Mail-Art Project Germany



madonna - Reminder - Netherlands


REMINDERTo the artists who sent me a contribution, very much thanks. I am very pleased with the quality of the contributions.www.madonnaproject.blogspot.nlThe others or your artist friends who can deliver the same quality:Help me to the next number of hundred artworks!! LADY MADONNA MAIL ART CALL 2018 on The Madonna The woman with one thousand namesEach civilisation, country or religion honours its own female symbol of the matriarch. So will yours. In Christianity, the Madonna is Mary, also known as the Mother of Jesus, The Holy Virgin, Mediatrix, Stella Maris, etc. One thousand names, one thousand symbols, and thousands of works of art since the Middle Ages. From Giotto to contemporary celebrities, she has been indelibly present. And so it will always be. In ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the magnificent Gothic cathedral, a statue of the Illustrious Lady has been cherished since the 14th century. The Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Blessed Lady preserves the legacy and celebrates its 700th anniversary in 2018. One of the most wellknown members of the confraternity is Jheronimus Bosch, the world famous painter. On the occasion of this centenary, we want you to make a contemporary representation of the Mary figure, nowadays increasingly transformed into a strong, hieratic and empathic modern woman. In the tower of the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center (image below), there is a five-storey-high art gallery that we want to fill with glorious, shining and splendid Madonna figures. Think of women in beautiful clothes in their colorific splendour, surrounded with flowers, crowned and provided with attributes, or plain and simple, adapted to your own style and (art) An ode to the power woman, our modern Mary. In co-operation with The Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, The Museum of Instant Images invites you: CAN YOU SEND YOUR IMAGINATION OF THE MODERN MADONNA? (not the pop artist) Free size. Free medium. No returns. No fees. Deadline 31.01.2018 - Exhibition in 2018 in the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center from May - Dec. in ‘s-Hertogenbosch - NL Online gallery: Documentation to all participants, representing the theme, offensive contributions will not be exhibited. Send your contribution to: → ColoriMii / The Museum of Instant Images Beckershagen 15 - Chaam - 4861 SE The Netherlands - NL e-mail: / Mr. ColoriColoriMii The Museum of Instant Images Beckershagen 15 - Chaam - 4861 SE The Netherlands - NL e-mail: Mail art projects: [...]

Global Warming and Water Wars


Call for artistsTheme: Global Warming & Water Wars: your vision of the futureSubmission: freeSize, media: free              Material/Medium/Technical: freeNumber of submissions: max 3Deadline: January 2018Selected works will be permanently documented online on new art web gallery Lys d’Or Send your works with: artist name, email, website, socialto lysdorart@gmail.comLys d’Or[...]

Loss - Mail-Art project USA



In the Clouds - Mail-Art Project



Les 2 Pieds - Netherlands


Country: Netherlands(image)

Why did you decide to live in this place? (mail art project germany)


Himy name is Theresa and I study Editorial Design at Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein. Currently I work on a Projekt called PLACES EN RELATION. I have been thinking about this subject for a while as I have been living in a lot of different places within the last years. Sometimes I moved because of work or studies, or because I was curious about a certain city and sometimes because I was discontent with the apartment situation. I wondered how other people in other places think about that topic: If they wander around as much as I do or if they have settled in one place for a certain reason and if so: how did they decide for that one place and what ties them there?For that reason I want to start a mail art project and I would be happy if a lot of people from different places would get involved! Send me a postcard of the town you are living in and on the backside write down your thoughts on: why you decided to live there? / What ties you there? / Does it feel like home? / Can you imagine living there forever? Please send your postcard to the following address before 15/12/2017: Theresa Peter / Ludwig-Wucherer-Str. 1 / 06108 Halle / Germany All postcards will be shown in a publication/exhibition at the end of the semester. If you want to receive further information on that, let me know by writing your address on the postcard. I am looking forward to receive a lot of cards and of course I would be happy if you spread this message to your friends, so that even more people can participate in the project! Thank you so much for participating!Theresa___________________________________theresa peter | ludwig-wucherer-straße 1 | 06108 halle (saale) | 0151-70143617 |[...]

Dead Bird Mail Art show - USA



A Perfect World - Taiwan


Hi to you, oh weird crowd of deviants and freaks, as in your guts burns this insatiable desire to create, I give you an opportunity to share the fantasies that your tortured souls struggled to produce. Next year in a small country called Taiwan, I will organize an exhibition of art ( painting, photos, collages, mail art, etc...) and I want here to humbly ask you to participate by sending me the fruit of your sweat. The topic is " a perfect world" any format is accepted but, being not the owner of a truck, I beg you, not too big. As soon as I will start to recieve some masterpieces, I will scan them or take photos and post them on a Facebook page ( yet to create) with your name, any message you want to appear and if you want, your address so people can contact you. artistically yours, CyrilAnd for you my friends the address of my cave: project " A perfect world" Rm2, 4F, No1.Gongde 1st St. PingTung City,PingTung County 90067.Taiwan [...]

JMFTA - France


MAIL ART CALLThe World Day of the False Artist Stamp committee (JMFTA) had the honor to announce that Ternand in Beaujolais France, has been chosen to receive this event.So I announce officially that November 16, 2017 will be the day of the 8th World Day of the False Artist Stamp ...Anyone around the world (artist or not), are invited to send to :Christophe Renoux 140, ruelle de l'Eglise 69620 Ternand Franceone or more envelopes with a false stamp in place of the official postage.Boost your creativity. Any technique is permitted (collage, wool, drawings, watercolor, gouache, photos, etc).Your letters must be mailed only on November 16 (more or less!)Bring up the envelope marked "8th World Day of the False Artist Stamp" all or simply "(8éme JMFTA)".All the works will be exhibited at the workshop of Christophe Renoux in France WARNING: do not paste true stamp on the envelope because sending shall have any artistic value and could be denied !!!Merci Ternand, Merci to Christophe Renoux to have agreed to receive this 8th edition of the JMFTA.Very Important: scan or photograph your envelope before mailing, and sending the photo by email to: tonyaime@orange.frAll creations will be published in preview in Postenomade (my blog dedicated to the Mail Art), http://postenomade.over-blog.comTony Mazzocchin (the organizer JMFTA ©)1, rue Rose Sage38500 Voiron (France)Site Ternand : Christophe Renoux :[...]

Seasons - USA


Theme: SeasonsSize: Any sizeMaterial/medium: Any materialDue: March 2018Send To: Sequoia High School, Mrs. Szydlowski / 1201 Brewster Ave. / Redwood City, CA 94070 / United StatesNote: Please include an address/email so we can send a confirmation letter/email. We will NOT be returning the art, and will be displaying all pieces in our art show. [...]

Stars move leaving dust and sound behind them - Greece


Nicolas Malevitsis and Dimitra Papatheodorou  invite you to participate in a Mail Art project entitled “Stars move leaving dust and sound behind them”
What kind of memories left you the moments and situations you've experienced? Give them a form, a colour, a sound...You may paint, make a collage, use photos, songs, music, digital elaboration, poetry and many more.
The mail art will be available readily in two central bookstores in Patras and Athens, and maybe in other cities of Greece too. The works of art that will be exhibited will change once or twice a week, as new pieces of art will be received. The interaction with the public that will visit the bookstores will help make mail art more known in Greece. Workshops, presentations and other events may be organized. A venue is currently being sought where the works can be exhibited after they have finished their travel in Patras and Athens. Details of this will be made available later.
Size, media, number of submissions: Free
No fees, no jury, no returns.
Deadline: February 1st 2018
Please include the title of the work, your name, address, email address, etc. Documentation: All entries will be displayed online so if you don’t want your contact details (postal and email address) to be published please let me know.
You can see more :
Nicolas Malevitsis and Dimitra Papatheodorou
P.O. Box 63752
15203 Vrilissia
 Dimitra Papatheodorou and Nicolas Malevitsis
P.O. Box 3019
23 Zaimi street
26110 Patra


The Beauty of My Land - Portugal


English version  2ndsenior mail art call Agitar- Senior Oporto University call out for the first senior mail art: -       Theme: The beauties of my land-       Size: 10 x 15 cm -       Technique : free -       Postcards without envelope -       No jury, no fee, no judge-       Deadline:  January  31st, 2018 The postcards will be on display in, on facebook and you tube and a physical exhibition inside the university. Send your postcard to:Agitar – Universidade Sénior do PortoRua Hernâni Torres, 1974200- 320 PortoPortugal With name, address and email More information at:[...]

Literature and other languages - Brasil


We are a group of students  enrolled in a discipline called “Literature and other languages” offered at the undergraduate Course of English Language and Literature at Federal University of Paraná, in the south of Brazil . Our studies are on intermedialities  which means that we are observing how Literature dialogues with other forms of Art. Our professor, Dr. Anna Beatriz Paula, presented us  Mail Art as one of this creative possible dialogues. IUOMA member  Celestial Scribe has also been in one of our classes and showed some fantastic productions he received from different parts of the world. So we decided to propose an International Mail Art Call and, of course, produce our own Mail Art pieces.  The Mail Art Exhibition will be on November, 21st , 2017, in the university.  We kindly request all of you to send artworks to:Anna Beatriz PaulaCaixa Postal  4926Curitiba, PR 82530-981BrazilTHEME: Literature and other languagesDEADLINE: November 21, 2017TECHNIQUE:  Choose your favorite literary cote – poetry or prose – and please feel to surprise us.FURTHER INFORMATION: the participants will receive a certificate from the Federal University of Paraná by mail. So, please let your name and address readable.[...]

Collage Project - Hans Hess - Germany



My River - Mail-Art project in Portugal


2nd mail art call of Correio do PortoCorreio do Porto call out for the second mail art:Theme: my riverSize: 10 x 15 cmTechnique: freePostcards without envelopeNo jury, no fee, no judgeDeadline: december 31, 2017The postcards will be on display in Correio do Porto, on facebook and a physical exhibition.Send your postcard to:Correio do PortoRua Pádua Correia, 191, sala 5.14400-238 VILA NOVA DE GAIAPORTUGALWith name, address and emailMore information at: [...]



I was hoping I could get a mail art call posted on your site. The information is:Theme: Please send anything that relates to the idea of 'Seasons' in any format/medium.Due: March 2018Send to: Sequoia High School, Mrs. Szydlowski  1201 Brewster Ave.  Redwood City, CA 94062 / USAWe will be sending a confirmation of display of artwork collected if a return address is included. Thank you so much,Megumi Swarthout[...]

Le Rèchauffement de la planète - Belgium



In Places - Spain



In Memoriam of TED BUNDY



"In Memoriam of TED BUNDY."

Ted Bundy was a serial killer. But he was also a very good looking man and a smart and nice person in the eyes of people in everyday life. He worked at the suicide hot line and saved lives. He also saved a toddler from drowning once. Crazy ,isn't it?

He killed lots of young women and had his fun with them even when they were dead. He was a necrophiliac.

He often cut their heads off , take them with him, wash their hair, put on some make-up and then.... ...well the rest ya can guess....


Lots of female fans wrote love letters to him while he was in jail. He even married one and get her pregnant in jail!
Later, he get excecuted by electric chair.

If you are fascinated by serial killers - may be  you're a hybristophiliac crazy b*tch!- and fascinated by  Ted, then please send me a MAIL ART  in memoriam of him. But even if you are just a mad artist, whatever gender ya are. Your art is WELCOME!

Killing is OF COURSE NOT RIGHT, but otherwise, serial killers are a mystery....somehow. The urgent need to do what they do ,while in everyday life they are just like you and i.

Envelopes or postcards are welcome!

i will post them in my MAIL ART blog:

Deadline is. the 20.of November 2017.

Adress is:

Zoe von Neuwirth Szilagyi
Veszprem Csatarhegy
Kokeny u.7





PRAYER for PEACE Invitation to partecipate / invito a partecipare ( A5 b/n - works in black and white - trabaco en blanco y negro - arbeit in schwarz und weiss - travaille en noir et blanc) "Compassion is the foundation of all peaceful thoughts and actions." "La compassione è il fondamento di tutti i pensieri e le azioni pacifiche" (Sua Santità His Holyness The Dalai Lama) Prayer for Peace L'Associazione Trentino for Tibet e Bosco dei Poeti, t'invitano gentilmente a inviare un'opera in formato A5 ( base 148 x altezza 210 mm) per realizzare una bandiera da preghiera tibetana d'artista. Le opere rigorosamente in bianco e nero saranno stampate su fondo di cinque colori per formare idealmente la più lunga preghiera d'artista mai realizzata. Le bandiere - preghiera saranno inizialmente esposte nel maggio 2018 al Bosco dei Poeti e i disegni originali saranno conservati nell'archivio del Bosco dei Poeti già presente al MART Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto. Successivamente tutte le preghiere d'artista faranno parte di un unico striscione da esporre in eventi dedicati, presso sedi internazionali ed in spedizioni alpinistiche. Dimensioni / Sizes A5 (148x210 mm) – tecnica/medium free Scadenza / Deadline: 18 febbraio 2018 Losar Capodanno Tibetano Exibition – Bosco dei Poeti, Dolcè(VR) ITALY – ITALIA maggio 2018 NO RETURN – NO SELECTION – NO JURY Tutti i lavori devono essere spediti per posta. Si prega di fornire il proprio nome,cognome,curriculum,nazionalità,email se possibile) Bosco dei Poeti - Vicolo S.M.Maddalena 16 - 38122 Trento – Italia Italy Catalogo online in progess su pagina Facebook Bosco dei Poeti. Comitato Promotore: Associazione Trentino for Tibet, Roberto Pinter, Bosco dei Poeti, Anna Boschi, Luc Fierens, Jakob de Chirico, Patrizio Peterlini, Gigi Zoppello, Ruggero Maggi for Padiglione Tibet. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX "Compassion is the foundation of all peaceful thoughts and actions." (His Holyness The Dalai Lama) Prayer for Peace "Trentino for Tibet" Association, along with Bosco dei Poeti/ Forest of Poets, invites you to the call for artpiece: we seek for A5 ( 148x210 mm. ) sized works, to be part of a sacred artists Tibetan prayer flag. All works MUST be in black and white, and will be printed on 5 colour basis, forming world's longest Tibetan artist prayer flag. Flags will be first displayed and presented in Bosco dei Poeti on May, 2018. Original artpieces will be kept in Bosco dei Poeti Archive, guarded at MART Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto. Later all works will be part of a single giant banner, to be displayed at international exhibits or events in different selected venues, and alpinistic expeditions.  Sizes: A5 (148x210) Medium: free Deadline: 18 febbraio 2018 Losar Capodanno Tibetano, February 18th, 2018 The Losar Tibetan New Year's Eve First Exibition: Bosco dei Poeti, Dolcè (Verona) ITALY – ITALIA may 2018 NO RETURN – NO SELECTION – NO JURY All works MUST be mailed. Please clearly indicate author's name, surname, curriculum, nationality, address and e-mail if possible. Mail To - Bosco dei Poeti - Vicolo S.M.Maddalena 16 - 38122 Trento – Italia Italy  Online catalogue in progess, see Facebook page "Bosco dei Poeti". Promoting Commitee: Associazione Trentino for Tibet, Roberto Pinter, Bosco dei Poeti, Anna Boschi, Luc Fierens, Jakob De Chi[...]

The Madonna - Netherlands


MAIL ART CALL 2018 on THE MADONNA An ode to the power woman, our modern Mary. !!! ▶️ PLEASE, PARTICIPATE ◀️ !!! In co-operation with the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, The Museum of Instant Images invites you: CAN YOU SEND YOUR IMAGINATION OF THE MODERN MADONNA? (not the pop artist) Free size. Free medium. No returns. No fees. Deadline 31.01.2018 - Exhibition in 2018 in the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center in ‘s-Hertogenbosch - NL - May / Dec. Online gallery: Documentation to all participants, representing the theme, offensive contributions will not be exhibited. Send your contribution to: → ColoriMii / The Museum of Instant Images Beckershagen 15 - Chaam - 4861 SE The Netherlands - NL e-mail: /[...]

Against War - Germany


received invitation on September 23th 2017. No deadline mentioned. So react within a few weeks please.(image)

Project for Ryosuke Cohen - Italy




Special project "ADD and RETURN" devoted to the 70 Years of Ryosuke Cohen

Expiry date: 30 May 2018.

Please complete the attached "Fractal Portrait" n° 1, n°2 or n°3 by adding what you want to enter to complete the work and send it by mail to:

Giovanni Bonanno Bongiani Art Museum Collection,
Via S. Calenda 105 / D. 84126 Salerno (ITALY).
The international collective exhibition will be held from 15 July to 1 December 2018.
Sandro Bongiani Arte Contemporanea