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Mail Art Projects

Overview of Mail-Art projects provided by the 99 authors of this blog which are all active in Mail-Art. If you want to enter information as well. Send an e-mail to The blog can contain all kind of projects the group wants to share. There is

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The beauty of my Land - Portugal


English version  2ndsenior mail art call Agitar- Senior Oporto University call out for the second senior mail art: -       Theme: The beauties of my land-       Size: 10 x 15 cm -       Technique : free -       Postcards without envelope -       No jury, no fee, no judge-       Deadline:  January  31st, 2018 The postcards will be on display in, on facebook and you tube and a physical exhibition inside the university. Send your postcard to:Agitar – Universidade Sénior do PortoRua Hernâni Torres, 1974200- 320 PortoPortugal With name, address and email More information at:[...]



Buenos días.Adjunto bases de la 3ª Convocatoria Electrónica de Arte Postal Procedimentum 2019.Dedicada al disco “Síntesis del Afilador” de Javier Piñango.Disponible en: saludo,Pedro Pablo GallardoBases:1. Tema: sobre el disco “Síntesis del Afilador” de Javier Piñango. Editado por Auriculab en 2017.Disponible en: del autor: “El presente trabajo es una exploración y desarrollo vía sintetizador analógico de un imaginario silbido de afilador compuesto y descompuesto en forma de catarata oscilada de frecuencias. Nada y todo es real aquí…”.2. Formato: A5 o A4. Archivos sonoros en wav. Vídeo.3. Soporte: digital en jpeg en alta resolución 400 ppp. Archivos sonoros en wav. Vídeo.4. Procedimientos y técnicas: todos/as.5. Número de obras: cada artista podrá presentar un máximo de dos obras que deberán tener entrada antes del 15 de diciembre de 2018. Nombre autor/a, título, lugar de residencia y web. La duración de los archivos sonoros y vídeos, no será superior a 2 minutos.6. Catálogo: se editará un catálogo multimedia en formato PDF como anexo al número 8 de la Revista-fanzine Procedimentum. El número 8 de la Revista-fanzine Procedimentum, saldrá publicado en enero de 2019. Edición digital de los archivos sonoros y vídeos en el apartado Discografía Procedimentum, disponible en la página web: Lugar de envío: pedropablogallardo1@gmail.com8. Descarga de las bases: apartado Bases Arte Postal Procedimentum. Disponible en: Topic: about the album “Síntesis del Afilador” by Javier Piñango. Edited by Auriculab in 2017. Available at:’s note: “The present work is an exploration and development through analogue synthesizer of an imaginary whistle of compound sharpener and decomposed in the form of an oscillated frequency stream. Nothing and everything is real here ... “2. Format: A5 or A4. Wav sound files. Video.3. Support: digital jpeg in high resolution 400 dpi. Wav sound files. Video.4. Procedures and techniques: all of them.5. Number of works: each artist may send a maximum of two works that must be received before December 15th, 2018. Author’s name, title, place of residence and web. The duration of the sound files and videos will not exceed 2 minutes.6. Catalogue: a multimedia catalogue will be published in PDF format as an annex to number 8 of the Magazine-fanzine Procedimentum. Number 8 of the Magazine-fanzine Procedimentum will be published in January 2019. Digital edition of the sound files and videos in the section Discography Procedimentum, available on the website: Place of delivery: pedropablogallardo1@gmail.com8. Download of the bases: section Bases Arte Postal Proce[...]

The Kingdom Of The Rose


Call for artists Theme: The Kingdom Of The Rose  This collective exhibition wants to be a homage to the female figure Woman in the arts, myth, history, society etc… Submission free open to all types of art:  painting, comics, tattoo, textile, sculpture, video, music, poetry…  Number of submissions: max 3 Deadline: 1 May 2018 Selected works will be permanently documented online  on the art web gallery Lys d’Or  Send your works, artwork title, artist name, country, email, website to [...]

Cooperation - CANADA


COOPERATION A new MailArt CALL from one ten park : a working space All sizes and media. No jury. No returns. All displayed @ one ten park for MAYWORKS Windsor FESTIVAL 2018 one ten park; COOPERATION 110 Park St WEST Windsor Ontario N9A 7A5 - CANADA DUE MAY 1st 2018 [...]

Dreamworlds - Austria


CALL FOR ARTISTS: MAAV (mail art archive vienna) Nr.2 – DREAMWORLDSEvery quarter of the year there´ll be a mail art call with a new theme. Each artist is invited to send one piece related to the theme „dreamworlds“. All submissions will be presented on the MAAV – facebook page. Selected pieces of the submitted works will then be featured in a magazine.Take a look at the first magazine to see what it will look like: DreamworldsTechnique: Collage and mixed mediaSize: A5 (148 x 210 mm /5,827 x 8,267 inches)Deadline: 04.03.2018Sign your name, address, e-mail address and homepage/facebook page (if you have one) on the back of your work.No participation fee and no return.Please send your original work to the address below. It will get a good place in the mail art archive.SEND TO:Kevin BrandtnerHagenmüllergasse 25/1/51030 ViennaAustria[...]




Your mail art confined to the size of a cigarette box. All details here:

" class="description xj_comment_editor xg_user_generated" id="desc_2496677Comment2179502">Mail Art call "Confined"
Your mail art confined to the size of a cigarette box. All details here:

Theme: "Confined"

Your art, confined in a cigarettes box. Calling all artists to submit artwork for the theme "Confined". Free technique, as long as your art can be folded, shrunk, compressed, deflated, etc. to fit into a standard cigarette box.
All works will be documented online and a random selection will be put into the "Kunstautomat" (art vending machine) in Landsberg, Germany.
Standard mail art rules apply: No fees, no jury, no returns.

Cience Piction - FRANCE


A new year begins so this is the time for a new mail art call !Theme: Science-fictionTime travels, encounter with aliens, alternate History, super heroes, steampunk, space opera, superhuman, cyberpunk... the sub genres of science-fiction are numerous.Create an envelope or a postcard that illustrates what Science-fiction is for you.Format: maximum A4Technique: FreeNo return. Documentation on my blog. Answer to all contributions.Eric Bruth92 rue Maurice Arnoux92120 MontrougeFrance[...]

Flags for a New World - Netherlands



Collage Artists invited - Austria


Comment by Kevin Geronimo Brandtner   To all collage addicted artists! I would like to work with you together on this new project. I have over 400 bookmarks with the heads of poets,narrators and writers on it. I would like to send each interested artists 3 different pieces: 1st one : starter by me for you to finish 2nd one: solo collage from you 3rd one: starter collage from you for me to finish All three finished pieces of artwork are then supposed to be posted into this facebook group and I would also like you to send them back to me. I will send one of our collaborations back to you after I documented each collage. If I manage to find a sponsor, I further want to document our collaboration by compiling a book containing all the pictures. In case you’re interested just contact me and I’ll send you three different pieces. Since I can provide plenty of material for interested artists, feel free to spread the word and encourage others to participate. I’m looking forward to working with you (again) on this new project! You’re all amazing artists! K.G.B.[...]

A Touch of Japan - Belgium



Checkpoint - Italy


Do you want to participate in CHECKPOINT Send to my address 3 equal original works in A4, paper or light cardboard. The theme means your work. 1st deadline: The Birthday of Art 2018, January 17th. But it goes on. Leave 2 cm free on the left side for binding. Technique: handmade. TIZIANA BARACCHI via Cavallotti 83B I-30171 VENEZIA MESTRE ITALIA [...]

The Post - Mail Art project Greece


rock around the clockpost around the worldrock around the postclock around the postchoose your choice or make yours              and send to:Maria ChorianopoulouVriandos 33, 11364 Athens - GreecePut your glad rags on and join me hon'we'll mail some fun when the clock strikes one.We're gonna post around the world tonightwe're gonna post, mail art 'till broad daylightwe 're gonna rock around the post tonight.When the clock strikes two, three and fourwhen the post slows down we'll yell for more.When the chimes ring five, six and seven, we'll be mailing in seventh heaven.When the clock strikes twelve and it's time to endwe will start to post mail art again.Theme: THE POSTname, address, country on or behind the artworkEach  artwork has to be sent by snail mail. Deadline20th June 2018. No participation fee, no jury, no return, no racist.Technique free, size free.All submissions will be published and announced in: and (fb) Mellifera actionExhibitions in Aigion-Peloponnese and Athens-GreeceLet's party with our postmen!!![...]

Aviles Mail Art Project


III International Avilés Mail Art Exhibition
The X Avilés Pottery Conferences 2018 program includes the ethnographic exhibition TRADITIONAL POTTERY OF SPAIN: the Asturias potter, and the III International Avilés Mail Art Exhibition, "the fire" as proposed theme.
Ayuntamiento de Avilés and CORREOS are pleased to invite creatives from around the world, and everyone who wants to join the initiative, to participate in the III International Avilés Mail Art Exhibition, themed "the fire", to be held at the Palacio de Valdecarzana, in Avilés, Asturias (Spain; Europe), during April, 2018.
Send your postcards, made with any materials of your choice, and feel free to create as long as the theme "fire" is present.

Live The Art - Puerto Rico


International Call for Mail Art "Viva el Arte” / Live the Art of the Association of Plastic Artists of Puerto Rico, Inc.

In September 2017 Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria, one of the most catastrophic and devastating storms that has occurred in recent decades in the Caribbean region. Many of our art museums and cultural institutions, as well as our visual artists suffered damages in their facilities, workshops and art projects, leaving cultural activity in our art scene paralyzed.

In these moments of cultural crisis and uneasiness, the Asociación de Artistas Plásticos de Puerto Rico Inc. (the Association of Visual Artists of Puerto Rico in English), desire that the visual arts part of our culture are rehabilitated quickly in the local and international sphere. La Asociación de Artistas Plásticos Rico Inc. calls for the international community to participate in our campaign, Mail Arts under the title "Live the Art", in solidarity and celebration of Puerto Rican artistic and cultural expressions.

Our campaign seeks to demonstate that regardless of an natural or man-made adversities, art and culture will always manifest  and shine for the enjoyment of humanity.
All submissions will be published and announced in a blog that will contain all exhibitions that we will show in different libraries, cultural centers, universities, art galleries and museums around Puerto Rico inconsideration of their specific availability of the facilities.

Call: "Viva el Arte" / Live the Art
Theme: personal preference
Medium: personal preference.
Support: Paper or card stock
Size: 4″ x 6″ (10.2 x 15.3 cm) (Art must be original)

No selection panel, no fees, no returns of work

Receipt Deadline: January 31, 2018

Send the Postcard with or without envelope to:

Asociación de Artistas Plásticos de Puerto Rico Inc.
P.O. Box 8608
Fdez Juncos Sta.
San Juan, PR 00910-0605.

For more information you can visit our website: or write to our e-mail:

Beyond Beat 2018 - Mail Art Exhibition



Your Most Beautiful Memory - France


Voulez vous m'envoyer une création originale de votre composition "Votre plus beau souvenir"Laissez cours à votre mémoire de "votre plus beau souvenir "et votre imagination à le créer par un MAIL ART.DATE LIMITE LE 30/03/2018.Apres cette date je les mettrais en ligne.Je ferais "une sorte d’album ou carnet pour les amis MAIL ARTISTES participant ,et l'enverrai à chacun. mARTine LATRILLELa Pergola1Rue de Poge40130 CAPBRETON FRANCE Want to send me an original creation of your composition "Your most beautiful memory" Let your memory of "your most beautiful memory" and your imagination create it by a MAIL ART.DATE LIMITE THE 30/03 / 2018.Apres that date I would put them on line. I would do "some sort of album or notebook for the MAIL ARTISTES friends participating, and send it to everyone.mARTine LATRILLEThe Pergola1Street of Poge40130 CAPBRETON FRANCE[...]

Checkpoint - Italy


Do you want to participate in CHECKPOINT?Send to my address 3 equal original works in A4, standard paper of 80g /m2.Theme: your poetics.Deadline: The Birthday of Art 2018, January 17th.Leave 2 cm free on the left side for binding.Technique: handmade.TIZIANA BARACCHIvia Cavallotti 83BI-30171 VENEZIA MESTREITALIA[...]



Mail-Art Opportunity - Hotel Drawings Are you an artist, curator or creative practitioner who travels—either for your work, or for pleasure? Or do you make work about travel, transience, stationary or the ephemeral? Inspired loosely by the nomadic German artist Martin Kippenberger’s ‘Hotel Drawings’, 20-21 Visual arts Centre in Scunthorpe UK is seeking artwork on (real or imaginary/imagined) mono-graphed hotel note paper, or small works on paper, that use Kippenberger's drawings and the artist's transient lifestyle as inspiration or point of departure. The work can be as detailed or ephemeral as you choose; notes, doodles, sketches - they can relate to a place you have stayed, your reason for being there, your practice, or quite frankly whatever you choose. We anticipate works being unframed and on paper, sized A4 or smaller. A maximum of three works can be submitted per artist. We aim to include everything that is submitted, however anything deemed offensive, unsuitable for our visitors, or straying too far from the brief may not be included. This is a mail-art style project and there is no fee available for appearing in this exhibition - however we will aim to return all artworks to the artists after the close of the exhibition if a return address is provided. Exhibition dates: 13 January to 24 March 2018. Full documentation will be posted online. Deadline 9 January 2018. All work should be mailed to Dominic Mason, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Church Square, Scunthorpe, United Kingdom DN15 6TB to arrive before 9 January 2018—and include any relevant information (artist name, return address, title etc).[...]

Memleketim - Turkey


Mail Art ProjectOur project titled as "Memleketim", is about culture, art and nature of our country (Turkey), is open to mail art volunteers and all art lovers who will participate in Kastamonu / Turkey on May 15, 2018. The project will be organized by Kastamonu University Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Department of Graphic Design.Participation Conditions1.            All works of art should pertain to Turkey. 2.            Participation is free.3.            You can join up to 3 works of art.4.            Size is maximum A4.5.            Technique: Any technique can be applied such as painting, drawing, pattern,         original printing, photography, digital art, collage etc.6.            The original prints and stamps should be on the works.7.            Except from racist, fanatic, pornographic and political contented ones, all the works suitable for the theme will be exhibited.8.            The submitted works must be original. Copies or reproductions are not admissable.9.             Works that participate in the exhibition will not be returned. The works will be exhibited in the museum which will be formed by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of Kastamonu University.10.         The images of the submitted works will be published at   ı-Projesi-351409635319190/11.          All news and documents related to the exhibition will be shared in social media (facebook) and blogger.12.          The exhibitors whose works are exhibit; electronic participation certificate and e-catalog will be published.Application1. Deadline: On May 01,20182. Exhibition date: On May 15,20183. Each participant, along with his / her artwork, should send the following information both via postal mail and jpeg format an e-mail address at Name and Surname: e-mail: Adres:Address: Title: Year: Technique: 4. Originals of the works should be sent to the following address in the mail:    Assist. Assoc. Dr. Elif Tarlakazan Kastamonu University Faculty of Fine Arts and  Design Kuzeykent Campus Kastamonu / Turkey5. For further information: +903662802418 – 2431[...]

What do you love about where you Live?


International Mail Art CallTheme:  What do you love about where you live?In celebration of the many different cultures and traditions around the world, we want to know what you love about the town in which you live. Deadline: February 2, 2018No fees.  No Jury.  No return.Size: Postcard size (4” x 6” or 5” x 7”)Mail submissions to:Canton Museum of ArtAttn: Mail Art1001 Market Avenue North, Canton OH 44702, USAInclude in your submission: Name, Title of Artwork, EmailParticipants are encouraged to collage, draw, paint, stamp, or illustrate a postcard. All submitted works will be displayed at the Museum’s World Fair Celebration Event on 2/10/2018. CMA reserves the right to exclude submissions with violent, racist or inappropriate content.  Select works will be featured on after the World Fair event.  A link will be sent to the email included on your submission.About Canton Museum of ArtWith a collection of over 1,200 pieces of fine art, including both works on paper and ceramics, the Canton Museum of Art would have no trouble filling its 10,000 square-feet of gallery space on its own. Founded as the Little Civic Art Gallery during the days of the Depression and the WPA, the museum has evolved into an impressive collection of American artworks from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. However, the curators aren't interested in keeping things static. They dedicate portions of their museum to national touring exhibits, local artists, and community events. The museum also hosts the School of Art which features more than 20 studio art classes for students of all ages, scheduling sessions three times a year.Becky DeHartAdministrative CoordinatorCanton Museum of Art  |  1001 Market Avenue North  |  Canton, OH 44702 , USA330.453.7666, ext. Connect with CMA:Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram[...]

My City - Croatia


.Mail Art Project
Theme: what's wrong with my city
Deadline : February 1th, 2018.
Free technique.
Dimension: free (maksimum size 8,5×11 inches or 22 x 28cm)
No fees. No jury.
No return.
All works will be documented online. Link will be available after exhibition. Please, include your email so we can send you the link later.
Exhibition: Febrary 24th, 2018, Knjigozemska, Zadar
All works (limit 3) must be sent by post.
Send to : „Knjigozemska“ c/o Roberto Vodanović Čopor
Franka lisice 4
23000 Zadar

Your World In The World - Italy



Typical German - Mail-Art Project Germany



madonna - Reminder - Netherlands


REMINDERTo the artists who sent me a contribution, very much thanks. I am very pleased with the quality of the contributions.www.madonnaproject.blogspot.nlThe others or your artist friends who can deliver the same quality:Help me to the next number of hundred artworks!! LADY MADONNA MAIL ART CALL 2018 on The Madonna The woman with one thousand namesEach civilisation, country or religion honours its own female symbol of the matriarch. So will yours. In Christianity, the Madonna is Mary, also known as the Mother of Jesus, The Holy Virgin, Mediatrix, Stella Maris, etc. One thousand names, one thousand symbols, and thousands of works of art since the Middle Ages. From Giotto to contemporary celebrities, she has been indelibly present. And so it will always be. In ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the magnificent Gothic cathedral, a statue of the Illustrious Lady has been cherished since the 14th century. The Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Blessed Lady preserves the legacy and celebrates its 700th anniversary in 2018. One of the most wellknown members of the confraternity is Jheronimus Bosch, the world famous painter. On the occasion of this centenary, we want you to make a contemporary representation of the Mary figure, nowadays increasingly transformed into a strong, hieratic and empathic modern woman. In the tower of the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center (image below), there is a five-storey-high art gallery that we want to fill with glorious, shining and splendid Madonna figures. Think of women in beautiful clothes in their colorific splendour, surrounded with flowers, crowned and provided with attributes, or plain and simple, adapted to your own style and (art) An ode to the power woman, our modern Mary. In co-operation with The Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, The Museum of Instant Images invites you: CAN YOU SEND YOUR IMAGINATION OF THE MODERN MADONNA? (not the pop artist) Free size. Free medium. No returns. No fees. Deadline 31.01.2018 - Exhibition in 2018 in the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center from May - Dec. in ‘s-Hertogenbosch - NL Online gallery: Documentation to all participants, representing the theme, offensive contributions will not be exhibited. Send your contribution to: → ColoriMii / The Museum of Instant Images Beckershagen 15 - Chaam - 4861 SE The Netherlands - NL e-mail: / Mr. ColoriColoriMii The Museum of Instant Images Beckershagen 15 - Chaam - 4861 SE The Netherlands - NL e-mail: Mail art projects: [...]