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test drive


I haven't been here for a long, long while.

I'm getting bored with Facebook, and only check in to lurk around.  I can't be bothered with the games;  they become tedious very, very fast.  I have the concentration span of a gnat, it would seem, these days.  I suppose it's yet another menopausal side effect.
I have another theory.  I think I expend an enormous amount of my mental energy in my job, and I think that  every night, when I get home, I have my very own private, quiet melt down.  The first thing I like to do when I walk through the door in the evening is have a shower, and slide on into my pj's.  It wasn't all that long ago that I never even possessed pyjamas: now I spend hours and hours in them.  At least it has the decency to be dark at 5pm as it's winter.   What on earth am I going to do when it's summer and daylight until almost 9pm?
I simply cannot find a single thing that inspires me to do anything else.  Not yoga or zumba.  Not reading, book club or crosswords. Not the local drama group or a chat on the phone with a friend.  Never sewing or craft-related stuff.  Music only happens in the car.  Not even a walk with my poor doggy.  There is no enthusiasm to summon.
Mind you, I am still good fun, love a good laugh, derive enormous amounts of pleasure from being with the ones I love and retain my distaste of all things domestic.  And I am studiously ignoring the renovations that have gone from patiently waiting to be completed to screaming at me to get it over with and done.  I am very good at this ignoring business.  Some professional types might term it "detatchment".......  meh: who cares......

So I guess there's really nothing wrong at all.
Situation normal.

Maybe I just need to get back into this.

Enough for now.  I wouldn't want to overdo it now, would I?

Read all about their schemes and adventuring.... it's well worth a fee......


I don't really have anything to blog about, so it is with Aussie spirit that I have decided to have a whinge............. I am going to call it; "WHAT CHEESES ME OFF..."TV stations changing their programming just when things start to get interesting. I love watching tv: it is my chief recreational pastime. I find it extremely annoying when a station shows 1 or 2 episodes of a tv series, then don't run it for a while, or all of a sudden stick the show in at an obscure timeslot, eg "BUFFY" turning up at 1am on TEN the other day, "Supernatural" off for a couple of weeks, "House" coming and going at odd times and tonight, Nine decided to run a repeat of a "documentary" about Carl Williams instead of "The Mentalist"..... The same thing happened with a little series called "Roswell" back in the early 90's........ Unfortunately, most of the shows I like seem to be on late at night..... I know there's more, but that's enough of those for now.....Anti-smoking ads: Anti-drinking ads as well. These just don't work. They are so awful and offensive, and the only people who seem to really pay attention are the people who don't partake of the advertised evil product. So much money is wasted that could be put to better use in the hospital system. GG is part of the "Healthy Harold" generation, for whom the evils of drinking, drugs and smoking any substance have been force-fed into them. Like most teenagers, they just don't care about any of the dangers......... it's more important to have fun..... they tend to look upon the ads with ill-disguised scorn. No amount of adverse advertising will ever stop this stype of behaviour unless people really want to. And no-one ever believes that they will become addicted. Putting up the price of cigarettes isn't really much of a deterrent either..... GG smokes "roll-your-owns" because they're cheaper. Our house has always been a non-smoking abode, so the argument of "children copy the example of their parents" doesn't fit here....Parking fines. Or more specifically, my daughter's parking fines. Last year, I payed over $500 to cover these little babies for my daughter. This year, during February and March, my delightful daughter has racked up another 5 or so at $84 a pop, all because she "can't afford/be bothered" to organise more appropriate parking. There is only metered parking, not residential parking where she lives in Newcastle, and as a person who frequently works until 3am, waking up to move her car from outside her residence is not often a priority. Newcastle Council booked her 3 days in a row....... If the fines aren't paid by the due date, another $50 is added on. It's a rather convoluted process to submit a stat dec stating I wasn't the driver at the time of the infringement, involving a solicitor or legal counsel.......Whilst I'm on a car-related rant, e-tags and motorway tolls cheese me off as well. last year, after a few of these little suckers arriving in the mail after Beloved drove through Sydney on his way south, I tried to buy an e-tag on-line. After 3 days of NOT being able to succeed in this endeavour, I tried to phone, again to no avail.... The same thing happened to Beloved again in January, but as he was driving a rental car, the account didn't arrive until March, complete with high administration fees. In March, GG managed to rack up 3 motorway tolls in the space of 14 minutes..... because she didn't address the issue within 48 hours (after she phoned me on the day and I advised her to phone 1300ROAM), the admin fees on these little suckers have ended up costing me $35 instead of $11... what-the! Probably the most annoying thing is that I can drive around Sydney without paying any tolls except to cross the harbour........ You're probably wondering why I pay the fines: it's simple. "Her" car is registered in my name so that the insurance and CTP is cheaper...... To change it over into her name will not only make the insurances more expensive, it will cost money (of course) for the transfer..........Ok. Rant over.....[...]

We are family........


Hi there Bloggers! Are there any Bloggers out there anymore in this instant-update era of Facebook? It would appear that I missed blogging in March all together. At least that’s another “first” that I can cross off my bucket list. Life has been busy (as usual) in the Blogmuggle household. Lots of time has been spent at work, and a lot of other minutae that is so incredibly (un)interesting that I can’t recall any of it. THE most exciting event actually happened in April. April 2, to be precise. GG turned 21!!!!!. She celebrated with a select group of family & friends at Newcastle Harbour Foreshore Park, enjoying meat-laden barbeque-style fare on Good Friday. She was dependent upon her very cool mirror-style sunnies to protect her tender eyes that resulted from the previous night's soiree with friends at her home. It was her best buddy's 21st birthday as well..... Happy Birthday, Morgan!The weather was fabulous! It was a fun affair, but I am mildly distressed with the fact that in this era of fabulous technology, no-one had the thought of capturing the event on celluloid (or microchip) for posterity...... We had a video camera on hand, and almost every person over the age of 12 had a mobile phone with a camera... none used.... Except for a few choice piccies..... These were taken by my sister-in-law, Lisa. These kids are all cousins. This is all of them from my Mum’s side of the family, except for my absent cousin’s absent daughter.... My dad’s side of the family have no interest in our little family. Sad, but true. Actually, they have no interest in each other..... Even more sad, but true. Grace, Eloise and Laura: Eloise, Laura, Khiara, Ebony & Grace: Rhys, Jack and Sam: Eloise, Grace, Rhys, Sam, Laura & Jack: Eloise, Ebony, Grace, Laura, Rhys, Sam, Laura, Jack ,Zachary & Khiara: I’m so glad that Lisa took them: at least we have some photos of all the cousins together. It’s hard to all get together these days. Zach, Khiara & Ebony are my cousin, Alyson’s brood. Ally’s Mum and my Mum are(were) sisters: Ally & I were more like sister’s than cousins when we were children, even though she’s almost 10yrs younger than me. Lisa married my only sibling, Glen, when he was 41. I will be forever grateful that they were blessed with their 3 gorgeous kids. Mum’s only surviving brother, has 2 children: only one of them has children and they weren’t present on the day. There is some good news: there are twins expected to arrive at the end of June (good one, Andrew!), but I doubt we will see a lot of them, probably only three times a year. I have cousins that live in the Netherlands that I have never met, the offspring of Mum’s younger brother who passed away in the 70’s. The poor bugger developed cancer and died shortly after his mother. Neither knew about the other, as we had no idea where Uncle Harry was. The Salvation Army finally found us. It allowed Mum & Dad to track down my remaining cousins and meet them. I don’t really know much about them, though, and despite a few internet forays on my part, I still don’t. I grew up with a very large and involved extended family. Leisure time was spent with my Aunts & Uncles (whether or not they were “blood-relations”), cousins of the first, second & third varieties. Our family included “In-law” cousins such as fellow blogger, Lisa B, her sister (and now new-found sister, Kerry) & cousins. After school, weekends and holidays were spent with a myriad of people that were simply acknowledged as “family”. There was fishing, camping, simple play & games, music & laughter. There was never much money that I saw, but it didn’t matter. There was conditional acceptance of everyone and their circumstance. There were no skeletons in our closets: they were out there, loud & proud. Beloved is part of a big family too. But there’s no photos of them from GG’s big day. [...]

We are moving to a lighthouse you & I.... I'll just hold you tight & we'll not let those @#$$ers in.....


I'd best get another blog in before the month's end, eh?The usual everything yet nothing has been going on in my life. Maybe point form might be the way to address the past few weeks:We've bought a "new" car. It's a lovely little diesel ford Focus. It's very "un-thirsty" and very suited to the large numbers of miles that we drive up here. Very schmick, shiny and silver, it is. One day, I will draw up a timeline of my life according to the cars that we have owned: it's a direct reflection, I assure you.We saw the Newcastle Women's roller derby league demonstration day in Newcastle on Valentine's Day. It was great fun and very tactical. Beloved & I were amazed at the number of people there. And a few tattoo artists may have been afforded an overseas holiday based upon the amount and level of inkage on display. We're looking forward to GG's debut as "fresh meat"... seriously, that's what newbies are called.........Last Tuesday, we attended a "send-off" for my cousin, Ian. Ian passed away at the tender age of 47, from a heart attack following 4 previous attacks in 8 months. He also had Graves Disease and Type II diabetes. He has a large and loving family and friends that will miss him dreadfully. Ian had married his high school sweetheart 14yrs ago after they met at a school reunion. Both had gone through messy marriages/divorces. Happiness turned his life around. Beloved reckons that it was one of the saddest funerals he's ever been to: I thought that Kiss & Metallica were never more appropriate, and how wonderful it was that "Boong" made so many wonderful memories for those left behind.We then had 3 very busy days at work, and on Saturday, our little world was shifted on it's axis a little....... Beloved went to work to do a simple job. Except that it didn't end up being a simple job. I can't go into details for legal reasons, but Beloved and another work colleague were involved in an incident that saw the other driver choppered off to hospital. A phone called from a rather shaky Beloved for a clean shirt resulted in my not actually going to work. I was almost ready to go to work when he called: I turned up at the worksite as he was going into a bit of very-expected shock, so a phone call to work later, that was the end of that. Fortunately, work wasn't busy, and could do without me. On Sunday, they called me to see if I wanted the day off as maternity (where I was rostered to work) was closed, and the hospital was very quiet. Thank goodness. Poor Beloved ended up at work until midnight as investigations took place. Then back again on Sunday to sort things out. After yet another gruelling day of "sorting" on Monday, Beloved is now having time off until his soul has recovered a bit from the shock of it all. Fortunately, the "other guy" has had surgery and is home recovering. He should be physically ok in the next week or so. But Beloved is beleaguered with the fact that the other guy was driving the smaller machine that is usually Beloved's. The only reason Beloved wasn't in the driver's seat was because someone had phoned in sick, so Beloved had to drive the larger machine as the replacement guy wasn't licenced to drive the larger one. So he has the mindset of "it should have been me" compounded with the thought that the actions performed on the job may have had a truly dreadful outcome. He is full of anger, guilt & self-doubt at the moment. It's so hard to watch him feel like this. He is running on very little sleep, and is exhausted, which just makes it all worse.Last night, we went to Lizottes in the old King's Theatre in Lambton to watch the one & only Josh Pyke perform. It was just him and his guitar: no band, bells or whistles. AND HE WAS AWESOME!!!!!! This man needs no engineering: his voice is rich, mellow and so multi-hued... it soars..... his guitar playing is superb.... and he has a sense of humour and fun. As the man himself said: "you likey Pykey?".... Yes we do. Absolute[...]

Here I come: Here I go.......


My gosh.It's been over a month since my last post. I'm not sure where it went. I was working, I guess.Anything big happened? Not really. Beloved took some holidays to spend with his mum. He loved having the time with her. I think (and hope) that it will happen again. He also met up with Sboy in Newie and together they travelled to Canberra to pick up "Rumdawgs" so thay could go to Mulwala (NSW-Vic border) for the boys to perform at the annual waterski festival. Well, they would have if the big black F-truck hadn't died 2 hours out of Albury. Lucky for the boys, Beloved, who had been roped into driving them as neither of the two are licenced to drive towing a big trailer, was with them so that they were able to rent transport. The boys wouldn't have been able due their red P Plate status. And lucky that a couple of kind-hearted truckies offerred half their day to drive the boys & tow their trailer to the ski park. And lucky that they broke down outside a hotel that sold good food and were extremely hospitable, even if they didn't have any beds. The truck has been on a slow downhill slide over the past few months: they were very, very lucky that it didn't happen sooner. But in the end, everything worked out well. Beloved and I are waiting for some re-imbursement of our investment to get the boys home........ Given the fact that the truck is going to cost around $10,000 to repair, I think we'll be waiting a while.......Sboy's boss arrived home from 2 months overseas on Saturday: we will see them next weekend as they have to travel here to pick up the trailer then drive it back up to Glen Innes for 3 days of shows next weekend. My big Sboy has turned 19 as well: his last year as a teenager!Vboy's been having lots of fun over the school holidays. It doesn't seem to have finished, even though school's back. He's in for an interesting year. He's been moved up for Science, History & Geography. I worked very hard with him on his assessment tasks last year, and it seems to have paid off. Mind you, his final exam marks weren't all that flash...... Beloved and I will be moving heaven & earth to get him a maths tutor. I have been lobbying his teacher for quite some time now in regard to this subject, but she insisted that he was "holding his own" in class... I'm not sure exactly what of "his own" he was holding when I found out that his Final Yr 9 maths exam mark was 38%....... if he's doing ok, what about the rest of his class?????? I tried for most of the second half of last year to secure a tutor, but had no joy. Maybe since it's the beginning of the school year, it will be a little easier.GG had a big day out at the "Big Day Out". She's been gritting her teeth since the beginning of December when Beloved & I bought her car home for repairs. It's rego ran out on Friday: we took the hard line with her & did not offer to renew the rego for her this year..... after 12 months, she hasn't come up with the money, so here it remains...... She tells me she will have the money this week. As soon as it's registered, I will return it..... when I can fit in the drive (and the train trip home). Maybe next weekend. Her newest passion is The Newcastle Roller Derby. We might catch that too next weekend.Beloved & I went out in Hamilton then back to a friend's house in Wallsend last Saturday to help him celebrate his 50th birthday: it was great fun, but was in between work shifts for both of us. This weekend has been good for me, as I haven't worked, or set foot out of my little village all weekend. Bliss! Beloved & I have had some lovely quiet time together as Vboy was with friends. We like to watch movies together. I finally finished the assessment tasks and workplace observations for the Aged Care Course that I was doing. Woo Hoo! I am doing a palliative care course next month. Hopefully it won't be too taxing on my shrinking brain. That might just about do me for [...]

Can I have another piece of chocolate cake?


Hey Ho!

Happy New Year!

Well, it was for me, anyway.

Believe it or not, I spent New Years' Eve at home, on my own, watching DVDs!

Beloved & Sboy were at entertaining the crowds in Parramatta, and Vboy was staying at a friend's house. So I entertained myself with "Samson & Delilah", "Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince" & "The Boat that Rocked".

Very Anti-social indeed. But just what I needed. I have been busy at work, and have been rather bushed by it all. I will be glad to eventually settle back into part-time hours... eventually....

VBoy & I met Beloved & Sboy at Sister-in-law's on New Years' Day to help her survive her 50th birthday. It was a lovely get together with family & friends. Home again in the evening. Nanny Val is going well. Her speech is improving, but there is a long way to go.

Saturday, we went to see "Avatar": what a great movie! It was 3D, which was interesting, but even in 2D, it would be good. We had to drive through the most torrential downpour to get there.... I seriously don't do rain travel well. And the boys were travelling somewhere behind us in GG's car that needed 2 new front tyres, and only had 1 windscreen wiper...... VBoy sent me a text message; "Holy moly it's raining a lot mother!" And he was right. We had to pull over at one point as vision & conditions were so poor. I was rather astounded when a the learner driver that we had overtaken before the storm drove past us when we were pulled over, then turned right at an intersection when visibility was about ten feet.......

No work on Sunday.. hahahah... I had given myself a few days off and because today is my birthday! Actually, it was yesterday, because it's now 1.55am, yet I am disgustingly awake.....

I've had a good birthday. There's nothing like Facebook to give someone validation... a gazillion birthday wishes... And then there's all the usual well-wishers. It's lovely. While I was in town today, I lashed out & spent $20 on 2 balinese-style ceramic fish that now have pride of place on my coffee table. And my boys bought me the DVD set of "Torchwood: the Children of the Earth" series as well as "J-Lo" perfume. I've never worn it before, but Sboy (who chose it) said that reminded him of some perfume that I had worn. It is lovely, and hopefully, not too heavy. The bottle is gorgeous. A baked dinner capped off the evening.

The final surprise was when a friend of Vboy phoned and asked if he could come around, as he had a surprise for my birthday. As we hadn't eaten, I invited him to join us for dinner. Well, Jake turned up with a rather delicious cake that he had baked for me! He was a bit disappointed with the presentation, but he had decorated his choc-caramel-fudge cake with whipped cream & topped it off with candles! I couldn't resist his cake, his cuddle and spoken "happy birthday mum". He's leaving us for at least 2 months to go live with his sister on the Gold Coast: we will miss his 16yr old smile around here... and the "Keep looking" sticky notes that he hides...

Well, I have to work 2 shifts at Merriwa over the next couple of days. I sleep over, so I won't be around until probably Wednesday night or even Thursday.

I should probably try to get some sleep.

Goodnight xoxoxoxoxo

So this is Christmas....... and what I've done......


Well, Christmas is done & dusted.

It was good.

We drove to Poppy Ken's late in the evening before Christmas as the air-con in the car (which HAD been repaired was on the fritz again after just 4 deliciously cool days of driving....)

The day started with NOT waking up at sparrow fart, then having a swim at Newcastle Beach, followed by breakfast at Maccas. Yes, you read that right: breakfast at Maccas.

And it was good.

Then, my Dad, Beloved & I & the kids all got together for lunch at my brothers house with his wife, kids & inlaw family types for lunch. Cricket was played, copious amounts of festive food/drink were consumed and a few people napped after lunch, as is the custom.

And it was good.

Then it was off to my sister-in-law's place to get together for a while, without too much food/drink involved. It was good to get together with everyone there, especially Beloved's mum, the lovely Nanny Val, as she sufferred a stoke a couple of weeks ago. She is doing well. She still has her mobility & physical co-ordination, but is finding speech, reading & writing difficult. There is a long road of therapy & a few lifestyle changes ahead for her, but she is facing the challenge head on with her usual approach of humour & grace in equal measures.

And it was good.

All three of the kids then returned to GG's place in King Street to watch Xmas-gift DVD's for the evening. A sleep-over at Sisters! That was different! My babies are growing up..... Beloved & I returned to Poppy Ken's and turned in for an early night.

And it was good.

Beloved & I had a day together on Boxing Day, not doing much at all until it was time to collect the kids & head off to Uncle & Aunts for the traditional Boxing Day/Night get-together. There is always such good food at Aunty Dor's..... it's changing though: I'm not sure if it will still happen in a few years.... this will be a shame. GG couldn't be there, as she had to work. And Sboy was very busy socialising. But Vboy had fun with his cousins.

And it was good.

Breakie on the Deckie at Nords Wharf with lovely friends started the next day, followed by a visit back at Sister-in-laws to see Nanny Val again, and more relatives..... We rounded out the day by catching up with a family that we hadn't spent time with for at least 7 years.... Their oldest is the same age as Vboy, then a boy who was 2 or 3 last time that we saw him, and the youngest is a delightful little girl that we hadn't met before...... we dropped in at 6pm and talked our way through until 11..... then drove home..... 1.40am was the end of our journey.

And it was good.

The rain has continued up here, which is marvelous, even though it has effected Sboy's "holiday" activities. I gave up almost any pretence of hanging the washing on the line: it is happily tumbling around & around instead. I've spent a fair bit of it watching "Scrubs" dvd's and pottering around dusting & wiping surfaces........ There may have been a wee power nap in there, too.....

And it's been good.

I have 3 days of work ahead of me before another 4 day break over the New Year period. It will be interesting, as I'm having a night away, sleeping in a nurses' home in between shifts at a hospital a little further west of here.

I'll fill you in on the details.

Hopefully, it will be good.

Bye xoxoxoxo

Tannenbaum, oh tannenbaum


Renata, your wish is my command........This is my table centrepiece this year.......simple, but effective.....And the bush, which shall remain nameless (and out of focus...)All the decorations are shades and tones of purple, pinks, white, gold & silver.It wasn't easy to get motivated this year. It has no flashing lights or sparkling tinsel. There are also a lot of decorations still in boxes. This year, less is definitely more...... It's also way better proportioned than it appears after I cropped the photo... (I never said I was a photographer.... which is just as well...)Christmas shopping is almost all done, but not wrapped. This will have to wait until my course work is all wrapped up. (hahaha) It will be my reward to myself. The last of the shopping will happen in Newcastle with GG on Tuesday. It could get a little expensive........It's hard to believe that a happy little standard such as "O Tannenbaum" could be used by the Nazis in an anti-Christian exercise........"Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, Your branches green delight us.They're green when summer days are bright,They're green when winter snow is white......"It's almost Friday.Enjoy your weekend everyone.:0 )[...]

Santa Baby......


Hi Bloggers!

I am alive and kicking, just busy and don't have time to sit here and share my life. Everything is fine up here, but hot. Bloody hot. But it's hot everywhere. A view excerpts from my life:

We've had 2 of our golden oldie men pass away in the last couple of weeks. Neither were blood relatives, but definitely golden men.

GG has moved house ....again. Hopefully, she'll stay put where she is for a while. I just can't move up and down too many more places with stairs. Mind you, where she is now has has a lovely view of Newcastle harbour, and the nor-easter breeze is to die for..... She's loving her Assistant-managing at Dominos. It can be fraught with stress & peril at times, though. But, she's happy; ergo, I am happy.

Sboy rode shows at the Sydney Motorcycle Show, and we spent a few days watching him. Damn he's good! He has 2 more shows in Sydney between now and the end of the year, and he'll be home in between, so that will be excellent! He has been working casually at a surf shop in Brisbane, so at least he has been able to feed himself when there are no shows.

V boy? Not too much happening with him...... it's a good life, when you're 15...... It's going to be a looooong summer school holiday break............

Beloved spent 4 days in Sydney & working with with "The Hell Team" at the Sydney Motor Cycle Show...... He loved it.... all those bikes: so little money.

I have worked and worked and worked. The Sunday before last, we all went to Newie for a Xmas lunch with Beloved's family. Then I stayed in Newcastle, went to a golden bloke's funeral then I had a course on the Tuesday. Then on Sunday, we moved GG to her new abode. Then Monday, we went on the CMFEU Picnic day at Luna Park in Sydney..... HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!! THERE WAS NO AIRCON IN THE CAR!!!!!!!....... but there is now....... Sydney harbour is beautiful......

The Xmas bush is up, most of the shopping is completed. We are in Newie for 4 days over the Christmas period, but I'm not sure what my contribution will be on the day, yet.

I have to complete the assignment & clinical placement days of my course.... by then end of the month.... I may have to negotiate and extension......

I have 2 days off between now & Xmas: one of these will be spent with GG, the other, I think I'll use to clean my house a little...... there is more than a little grime around here......

If there are any nurses or enrolled nurses out there looking for work, there's some (understatement) up this way....

If anybody needs an able-bodied man for some work, give my brother a call: he's unemployed and has 5 mouths & a mortgage to feed......

I'd best go: work is a-calling........ AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!


You say, "why": don't ask me why...........



It's been an unsettled few days here. I've lost track of the order of days. I think that it was Tuesday....

I found out that a lovely lady that I know had a massive heart attack at her home and died. I met E a few years ago when she was working at a local supermarket. She was one of those friendly people who always had a smile & kind word to say. She had changed jobs a few times, but her approach never changed. I used to see her out with her family, usually her mother, daughter & granddaughter. it's not often that you see 4 generations all together. And there was no mistaking that these girls were related. She may have been in her 50's: I'm not sure.

Then last night, I received a phone call from my NUM at the hospital in Muswellbrook to tell me that one of my workmates, C, had been brought into the hospital by ambulance, & had died.

C was 41years young.

I wasn't working at the hospital today, but C was one of those nurses that everyone knew. She was a people person, and very good at her job. She had re-trained a few years ago, so was familiar to a lot of departments from her clinical placements. On a personal level, C had had a bit of a hard time, marrying young and having 2 boys before the breakdown of her marriage. She then found happiness with a new man, G, and together they had a little girl, who is now 4. Her elder boys are about 17 and 22. The 22 year old is about to become a father for the 1st time, and C was very excited and very involved the arrival of her 1st grandchild, who is due to arrive at any time. It will be an incredibly bittersweet time when the baby arrives. C, who works as a nurse in maternity as well as the general wards, was going to be on hand at the birth. My guess is she still will be.

C had finished work yesterday afternoon and had taken her little girl to ballet lessons. She was chatting with the other mums, when she suddenly collapsed. A dr and a nurse who both knew C well attended her as they were also there at ballet lessons, but C wasn't coming back. The ambulance paramedics tried their hardest, and the nurses and drs at the hospital just kept on trying & trying, but to no avail. C was still in her uniform. She was one of ours.

Everybody was on autopilot at work today. Numb is a good word to describe feelings and actions. There was a debrief/get together at one of the local hotels this afternoon. Hospital staff, Drs, even the ambos came along. The sense of loss, shock and disbelief was profound. It wasn't easy to go, but necessary for those who were directly involved in particular, to help them verbalise and validate that they had done everything right. There was simply nothing that could have been done to bring C back. The cause of her death: a fatal aneurysm. There were no warning signs. Nothing could have saved her. It was just her time.

Other hospitals in the area are offerring staff to cover for C's funeral on Monday. That's what it's like in rural areas: we look after each other. Staff are already organising food for the "after the funeral gathering". In a couple of weeks, a bit of a roster will be put together to ensure that there is food in the freezer for C's family. There has been a huge push by top-level management to promote team work and the values of our health service. Well, we have news for them: if you want to see people that care, respect, support and love each other, just look at us.

But the grief here is palpable. And it will continue for the next few weeks at least.

It's so, so sad.

What am I supposed to say..... When I'm all choked up and you're ok?


Sunday in Blogmuggle land.It's quiet....... shhhhVboy and his friend have "gone out" for a while...... there's not much to "see" or "go out" to, here.....Beloved is motortrialsriding at PPark on the Hawkesbury River. He wasn't going to go, but I told him that he really should. Things have been a little chilly betweeen us over the last few days, so at least we wouldn't have to spend the day at home ignoring each other.......I went to a lovely friend's 50th birthday party in Newcastle on my own yesterday due to the afore-mentioned chillyness. Beloved felt that it would be a little hard and uncomfortable ignoring each other in public. I think that the 2hr drive down & back would have been more uncomfortable.... for him anyway. I was just intending to immerse myself in a book..... I picked GG up after she finished work. She told me that she would "Get maggot enough for both of us", and she did.... funny girl, that one. She's happy and in a good place right now, thankfully. I had a fun time, talking, singing and dancing. It was a lengthy drive home at 1am: it was funny being Random Breath-Tested 1 house from my own though...... "You're nearly home, Ma'am", said the not-so-burly-police officer, Dave, ........ "yeah, hurry up so I can get there" thought I.......... That's the second time I've been RBT'd in my street....... It must brighten up their very long nights while they're cruising the backstreets of a sleeping country village...... If they'd been out on the highway a little earlier, they probably could have booked me for speeding... just a little bit....... Home by 0315hours.....It's been an interesting week, workwise.I've been at the side of 2 birthing women. I want to bottle those feelings and that "look" in the time after the birth when she's holding her baby in her arms with her baby at her breast for the first time. There's no-one else in the room, you know, just the two of them. So beautiful..... *sigh*. What a priviledge to be there. [...]

I'm right there with you.......


It's late, but I'm awake, so........

What to blog?

  • A NannyVal update: Poor nan hasn't really gotten over her infection all that well. She probably came off the IV antibiotics quicker than she should have. Every 2 days, she's back at the Drs, with the possibility of a re-admission hanging over her head. She is feeling sad and guilty as we have found a new home for the very (un)fierce Bindi the atttack cat. I think that Bindi was probably the last gift that PoppyDon had bought for NannyVal....... I think she needs something warm & furry for company..... but what/who/how/when?
  • Tomorrow: will be a difficult day. It's the 1st anniversary of Poppy Don's passing...... We've taken the day off to spend it with Nanny Val. I don't know what to expect, really. When it was my Mum's anniversary last April, we put notices in the paper, but didn't get together. Dad just went to work, as usual. So did my brother & I.... A busy mind kept us from dwelling on it, I suppose........ Dad is very private anyway, but misses Mum every second that he is at home. He aims to be away from home as much as possible.
  • What else?.... I've been working at the local aged care facility, which is ok. I like the residents. And the staff are ok too. Being 5 minutes away from work is very convenient.....
  • We are all well..... so that's a good thing. I think I'm a wee bit boring...... Facebook is quick & easy, isn't it?
  • Had dinner with friends before going to work on Sunday night.... Gay is such a wonderful cook... lamb roast...mmmmmmm
  • Ummm... working Thursday. Home on Friday. Prawn & Chicken Night Fundraiser on Saturday night. Working Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Course in Newcastle on Tuesday. Working Wednesday. Off Thursday, working Friday. Then 2 DAYS OFF! We're going to a friend's 50th birthday party in Newcastle..... That's me in a nutshell.. No deep & meaningfuls here. I think that they are buried too deep......
  • I've become a slave to tv again.... "The Vampire Diaries", "Good News Week", "Bones", "Moonlight", "Weeds", "Fringe", "Australian Idol", "NCIS", "Dexter", ABC Dramas & comedies mostly Wednesday/Thursdays... "The Big Bang Theory" "Frasier", "Seinfeld", "Flashforward", "Skins", "Nip/Tuck", "Curb your enthusiasm", "Eleventh Hour", "Torchwood", "Dr Who", "Red Dwarf", "Hogan's Heroes"........ mostly ABC & GO!. All of it is escapist.......
As a wise pig/sheep farmer once said......

"That'll do, pig..."

Goodnight all.


What's new pussycat?


(image) This is the lovely Nanny Val, with her daughter, Susan and Susan's daughter, Sophie.

This photo was taken an hour or so after we scattered Poppy Don's ashes on the water on the beach at Tuncurry last April.
Isn't she a beautiful soul, Our Nanny Val?

Unfortunately, Nanny Val is laid up in hospital at the moment with IV antibiotics on board to clear up a nasty infection in her leg. Susan is the only offspring that resides in Newcastle these days, and so bears the weight of being there for Nanny Val when things take the path of the more winding road. And she does it fabulously. We wish that we could be there to offer more support. But we can't always have what we want.

Big kudos to you, Sue. Thank you. <3

The culprit of the aforementioned infection is pictured below. It's not the real culprit, mind you, but a fair representation of Bindi, Nanny Val's lovely Ragdoll cat. Bindi is only a young cat, and has a habit of hiding beind the furniture (her jungle), then jumping out & swatting her prey (Nanny Val) with her mighty paw . Previously, this has resulted in scratches that have required oral antibiotics, but, unfortunately, not this time. Bindi is wonderful company for Nanny Val, keeping her lap warm, as well as providing extra-furry insulation for the furniture (and anything else she comes into contact with).

She is sooo handsome. And soft. Softer than any tissues that you might hear about on TV. She is so lovely......

Hopefully, the two will be re-united at the weekend.

And hopefully, we'll be down to see them.

BTW: If anybody knows how to generate a lotto win, please let me know. I've found a gorgeous house at Speers Point that I'd like to buy..............

Tomorrow's just a song away.......


Hey there, Bloggers!The post title is a line from my current "song of the moment", Song Away by the band, Hockey.... It's a bit of fluffy, fun pop.... In the video, a nerdy boy dances solo to the song at a high school dance, entrancing a nerdy girl (after his shoe flies off & hits her in the head), and, eventually his enthusiasm captures everyone....... BTW, he gets the girl.........It's been a quiet day in the Blogmuggle household. Beloved played golf with the guy from across the road. Upon his return, he professed that his may be "over it"...... He's lucky to play twice a year...... VBoy & I had a day in front of "Seinfeld" reruns, "The Flintstones", recorded episodes of NCIS.... yep, a day in front of the box.......Oh and I LOVE GO! And ABC 1 & 2............ I watched a few episodes of "Frasier" last night.....At the moment, I am "on-call" for Mussie hospital: a nurse escort is needed to take a patient to Maitland..... it might not be until 7 or 8 tonight, but at least I'm getting something while I wait. Work has been consistent, but I only have 2 Community Nursing shifts booked in this week. I'm fairly certain that it might not stay that way.... I worked a double shift on Wednesday, then knocked back a morning shift on Thursday. I was unsuccessful in my official job application/interview that I waffled about a while back, but I have found out that I am on the "Eligibility List"...... that's nice to know, isn't it: that I am eligible to do the job that I have trained for & that they call me in for on a regular basis?........Life's pretty good.GG has started an Assistant manager Traineeship at the Dominos Pizza that she's been working at. It will offer her up a few more challenges, less all-night shifts, and hopefully, a better lifestyle than she's had since she started there in February. It also gives her validation of her abilities & potential since she was singled out by management & offerred the job. She won't have to deliver pizzas as much either..... I am happy about that, for sure ;0) She seems happy, and settled. And very excited since there's going to be another "Big Day Out" in Sydney!Sboy's been busy riding at shows, but this weekend sees an end to the bookings for the year. The clever little chicken has secured himself a trial in a clothing shop in The Hyperdome in Brisbane, so he's happy that he won't have to starve...... maybe he'll get more aquainted with "The Boost Juice" girl that he had taken a shine to......... hahahahAnd Vboy? Well, life's just one big SMS for that one. He's happy just to be given his monthly $20 phone credit.... of course, he'd like more ... He's a good boy, sleeping until lunchtime, watching TV 'til late (He likes GO!, too). He even hangs out the washing & feeds the animals when I leave him a note.....Just lovin' school holidays....... Last weekend, he & I caught "Inglourious Basterds" and "G-Force" at the movies: both good in their own way. I love Tarantino, and the animation & humour in "G-Force" was superb! While we were in Newie, Beloved was in Coffs Harbour motobikin' with Sboy. He had a great time. And we even managed to catch up with some friends for dinner on Monday night before we came home. GG was there too!Ah well. That's enough of my drivel. I need to cook some dinner before I go to work.Ta ta!"Well, tomorrow's just a song away, song away, song away........."[...]

Riders on a storm..................


Well, the sky hasn't fallen: I've heard no trumpets, nor the galloping of the horseriders of the apocalypse. Actually, I'm rather ignorant of the finer points of the biblical apocalypse... just tried to remember what I have assimilated over the years...... I'm much more familiar with the end of the world, "Buffy-Style" or in accordance with the breaking of the seals in "Supernatural".......

This, the advent of the orange sky morning, Beloved & I contemplated the potential "end of the world".... He was getting ready for work, whilst I still langoured under the covers: I posed to him the question of, since it may have been the end of the world and all, that maybe we should have sex. He replied wth a laughing "Do you think?"....... Together, we pondered it for a moment longer, then we decided we had better get ourselves ready for work........ It put a smile on for a moment there. And besides, there were birds singing outside the window, and in my vast experience, when the end is nigh, the birds will know well before we do, and it will be eerily quiet........ Anyway, there was no Lindt chocolate or champers on offer, either......

It's very bloody dusty, though.

I'm sure a goodly proportion of the Simpson Desert is going to end up washed up on the beaches in New Zealand.

I had a good weekend, catching up with some good folk in my life that I don't see enough of. That is, until Sunday afternoon, when I was driving home, and began to feel a little on the seedy side, but not for any good, over-indulgence reason. I spent Sunday night/Monday de-toxing my system... purging without my permission, that is....... food is still not my friend.

I am on the mend. Today, I went back to work, and have a busy few days ahead of me. But it's all good. I like my job: a lot! I haven't heard anything about the job interview that I had a few weeks ago. I'm not feeling too confident about success at this point, but I'm not doing to poorly on the work front anyway.

GG had a job interview this evening. She's quite happy with the way it went, so we'll just have to wait & see. She was shortlisted from 100 down to 40 for the 1st round of interviews, which is pretty good in itself. This was for a job in retail...... a written email application drew 100 applicants! Lordy, it's tough out there....... She's only applied for 1 other job, and then attended an interview. All of her other jobs have been an informal "Chat" with the manager that she was introduced to..... It's all very intimidating.

She's lovely, though, my GG. And customer service & people are her thing. I hope that she managed to get this across tonight. She'd be an assett wherever she worked. her Dominoes manager offerred to write her a cracking reference if she wanted one, not because he'd glad to get rid of her, but because he likes her so much........ One day, she will work out what she is really capable of, so look out! *sigh*... proud mother moment there. No apologies will be given.

Anyhoo, I awa' tae the sho-werrrrr...... Hoots mon: Only 2 days to the weekend, people!!!!

G'Bye <3 <3 <3

Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair Shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen Give me down to there, hair! Shoulder length, longer (hair!)


Hi Bloggers!

I've had a lovely day today.

I didn't work.

I pottered around home doing not a lot, for some of the morning.

OK: I facebooked & payed bills on the internet... sms'd...talked on the phone......

Then I headed off into town and got a new "do". Last year, I decided that I would "stop fighting the inevitable, and embrace my grey...." or something similar. Well, after finally seeing the natural colour of my hair for the 1st time since I first started playing with the colour when I was 15, I have decided that my natural colour is rather boring.

Obviously, I was smarter at 15 than I thought......

It is now a vibrant, deep violet colour. I have kept the front grey, which is actually a shiny silver colour. From the surprised looks on peoples faces (and the very positive comments,) it works. It took a while, but I convinced the colourist to leave the grey, and not to foil in any blonde. She's quite pleased with the results. too. The clever girl straightened it too, and looks very shiny and mod. I look a bit spiffy......

Even Beloved approves, and he's never liked it straight before.........

I thought I'd best capture the moment for posterity, as it will never look like this again..... the camera gave me quite a bit of grief, and the colour reproduction really isn't all that good........ ah well, not to worry. By lunchtime tomorrow, after I have showered a few oldies as well as myself, the insistent wave will creep back in.......

Then I braved the RTA to hand in the number plates from SBoy's car that died way back in April. Afterwards, off to the NRMA after that to cancel the insurance.

Followed this with a wee wander around the *ahem* shopping centre before I saw my friend, Tunde, who tried valiantly to remove the knots that have wound their way around my neck & shoulders, resulting in filthy headaches, and most recently (today) pain & immobility in and around my right shoulder/shoulderblade & back. There weren't enough hours to unravel everything, so I have to go back again next week.
I wish I could say that it was pleasantly relaxing, but I can't.
Fricking painful, that's what it was/is..........

A quick trip around the supermarket to find Vboy, who was socialising (it's a sad time when the most exciting place for young folk to gather is the supermarket, don't you think?) with his friends, then home and a takeaway for tea.

Then tv.

It's an exciting life. I bet you're kicking yourself for that wish that I blogged more often......... I bet you're glad that I'm blogging now......

hahahahahahahahahaha....hysterical laughter........hahahahahaahahah

Bye ;0)

He's like the wind...................


He had the time of his life...........

(image) The Lovely Man

(image) That scene from "Ghost" in 1990

(image) Look at all those young faces....... "The Outsiders" in 1983. Patrick Swayze, Emilio Esteves, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, C. Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe & Tom Cruise

(image) The "Woman".... "Too Wong Foo Thanks For Eveything, Julie Newmar" (1995)

(image) How great is this pic: they look so happy!

And of course, there's THIS one...............................

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze
18/08/1952 - 15/09/2009

And though our doors may knock and rattle in the wind the wind...


Lyrics to The Lighthouse Song : Josh PykeAnd I've been getting urges late at nightTo walk and walk for days and throughout lightsThrough people's houses, picking food from platesThrough people's gardens, picking locks on gatesSo we are moving to a lighthouse, you and IWhile seas drown sailors, we'll be locked up safe and dryAnd though our doors may knock and rattle in the windI'll just hold you tight and we'll not let those fuckers inAnd I've been leaving gifts out in the woodsThat someone might stumble upon and wonder at their originsI've been feeling like a fox with sad old eyesWhose skulk has all moved on to leave the dark and empty den behindSo we are moving to a lighthouse, you and IWhile seas drown sailors, we'll be locked up safe and dryAnd though our doors may knock and rattle in the windI'll just hold you tight and we'll not let those fuckers inI'll anull these little walls of attrition and these invocationsThat's seen me holding my camera out at arms lengthTo self-document these new locationsWhen I should be leaning against youDeciding on things to get doneAnd you should be leaning on fountainsAnd filling my space up and breathing the air from my lungsNa na na naSo we are moving to a lighthouse, you and IWhile seas drown sailors, we'll be locked up safe and dryAnd we are moving to a lighthouse, you and IOur beams will burn the clouds to beacons in the skyAnd though our doors may knock and rattle in the windThe wind...I'll just hold you tight and we'll not let those fuckers in[ The Lighthouse Song Lyrics on ]This morning, in a romantic moment, I stepped into the space occupied by my Beloved as he opened the fridge.Josh Pykes' album was playing on the stereo. "The Lighthouse Song", Beloved's favourite, had not long finished.I wrapped my arms around his divinely cuddle-able body.Whilst encompassed within the haven of his arms, I said to him:"You're MY lighthouse..."Without missing a beat, he looked deep into my eyes and said:"What: I'm stuck on a pile of rocks in the middle of nowhere, just going round and round....?"*sigh*.That's my boy.......... At least he cooked me bacon & eggs for breakfast afterwards......xoxoxoxoxoxoxo[...]

All around me are familiar faces..........


I really should blog more often:


but i really have nothing to say..........


Time is like the ocean: you can only hold a little in your hands.......


I can't for the life of me, move this pic, so here it stays..... GG and 2 friends at the blonde boy's 21st birthday recently.... it's her profile pic on Facebook... I stole it....shhhhhGood Morning Bloggers!My brother said that it's time I updated my blog, and who am I to argue with an edict from my big bro?My life has been doing it's usual busy thing. Too much to put into 1 post, so I'll give you a condensed version with just some of the highlights... and maybe a few lowlights, just for light & shade, in the interests of reading enjoyment (and a more balanced piece of prose, as it were...). It's over 2 weeks since my last post........It might be a bit of a short novella...... be warned....... disclaimer here........I have been in Sydney: down & back, Wednesday, via Newie.... Sydney: down on Friday.... Newcastle: Saturday and back to Sydney. Home Monday. Newcastle: Saturday, down & back. Maitland: Down & back Sunday..... phew......VBoy's rugby league team made it to the grand final against Central Charlestown. That was why we had to go to Newie on the Saturday from Sydney. It was a great game, played in good spirit, with all our family in attendance (except for Sboy, who was riding at a show at Rockhampton). Unfortunately, we lost, 22-18. We gave it a good shake, though.We were in Sydney at Pacific Park on the Hawkesbury River, for the Aussie MotoTrials Championships. Beloved was supposed to be competing, but missed the 1st day of competition while we were at the football, so for him, Sunday was a day of enjoyment. He finished the competition, so he was happy with that. It's been quite a while since he rode competitively, or at all, really. He really enjoyed himself. And the company over the weekend was marvelous! We are a very small country in the world of trials, with a huge geographic area, so it takes a lot of dedication to be involved. There were West Australians, Queenslanders and even New Zealanders! Most of the time, it is a Gentleman's sport, (even the women are mild mannered, but oh-so-good!) but I have to say, the behaviour of a few of the riders in the "Expert" division leaves a little ( a lot) to be desired.... their mothers should give them a clip behind the ears for their rude attitude & bad sportsmanship (oh hang on: maybe mum was part of the problem....).. damn primadonnas! Methinks it's time that the up-and-comers knocked them off their pedestals....This is an example of what Sboy does for a living....... shortly afterwards (very), he lands this...This is Sboy with his bosses (and adopted family), Rhianna Buchanon and Jack Field....... it's a hard life..... they call him "Kavy" to save confusion. A lot of the time, he does commentary work: at least this time he's not the one on the ground..... VBoy celebrated his 15th birthday with a special meal of....... a plate of vegetables, followed by Woolworths caramel mudcake...... at his request. We cut our time in Sydney short so that he could go to school on his birthday (at his request....): it's not that he is an incredibly dedicated student. He just loves the social aspect of his school life. In the end, he wasn't well & didn't go anyway.....Vboy in his birthday clothes with his mate, Dylan I had a job interview at Muswellbrook Hospital for an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse position on Friday. I didn't have to worry about drycleaning The Black Power Suit for the occassion, as I was at work anyway..... I just made sure that I put on a clean shirt & smoothed my hair down as I interviewed in between tasks (&[...]

Long night gone, yellow day........


Morning Bloggers.....I'm going to start off with an apology: I've not long walked home from night shift, so I make even less sense than usual, you'll know why. Vboy has just left for school, the washing machine is doin' its thang, the toast is good and the tea is yum...... it sounds a bit like "Breqakfasat at asweethearts" ..... I meant to type "Breakfast at Sweethearts...", and that's how it came out, as, not only am I tired & unco, I'm leaning on my knees with my feet up on the chair, which makes typing difficult..... I love this Cold Chisel song:Campbell lane Through the window, curtain rain Long night gone, yellow day Speed shivers melt away Six o'clock I'm goin' down Coffee's hot and the toast is brown Hey streetsweeper, clear my way Sweethearts breakfast is the best in town Oh-oh, Breakfast at Sweethearts . . . Hey, Anne-Maria It's always good to see her She don't smile or flirt She just wears that mini-skirt Drunks come in Paper bag, Brandivino Dreams fly away As she pulls another cappucino Six o'clock I'm goin' down Coffee's hot and the toast is brown Hey streetsweeper, clear my way Sweethearts breakfast is the best in town Oh-oh, Breakfast at Sweethearts . . .I would go to bed except that I have to hang the washing out, and call work in Mussie to ask the DON if I can use her as a referree for a job in her department.VBoy's league team, the Muswellbrook Rams, managed an almost repeat miracle performance of the previous weekends football win when they played Greta-Branxton. Last Saturday, they played Swansea-Belmont in the final. The Black Swans thought they had the game pretty well sewn up; they were winning 14-6, until about 5 minutes before the end: we scored 2 tries to romp into the Grand Final against Central Charlestown at Harker Oval next Saturday. The final score was 22-14. We are still pinching ourselves.I had a lovely shift in the maternity department last Friday, with 2 brand new babes in residence. I am back working there tomorrow morning, and there will be at least 1 baby delivered in the morning... I know, as it's going to be a caesarian delivery. I am really looking forward to it ;0)Ah well... I'm fading, and the washing machine has stopped.Goodnight...err... morning..xoxoxoxoxoxo[...]

You are not alone, For I am here with you, Though you're far away, I am here to stay.........


Hi Bloggers!I know it's been weeks.... but just look at the words of Michael Jackson up above..........Actually, I am pretty sure that most of you won't even bother reading my blog any more as I post so infrequently these days. And I don't blame you one little bit...........What's been happening in the world of the Blomuggle?Ummmmmm........Work. And lots of it. In different places, and differing shift patterns.GG has moved house (with the help of her mother & uncle) just on 2 weeks ago, now. Her new residence is somewhat scarier than the old one. She shares with somewhere between 6 & 8 uni-style students (depending upon who's visiting) in a very... ummm .... interesting "rooms- above -the -shops" with a downstairs laundry, no yard/clothesline/balcony, 1 bathroom, 5 or 6 bedrooms with a common living area. Her room is small & internalised, with no real ventilation unless she opens the door.... but it's cheaper, and so far, she loves it. If you've ever watched the 80's TV show, "The Young Ones", starring Nigel Planer, Ade Edmonson & Ric Mayall, then you will have an idea of what the place is like....... It's also one of the reasons that she loves it so much... There's quite an assortment of young, ecclectic people there...... She is also recovering from a bout of H1N1 flu that she contracted the same time. She came home for a few days to get over it....... But I hardly saw her because of my work committments.Sboy has been around Newcastle for a week or so, but I haven't seen him either. His boss has been working in New Caledonia without him, so SBoy made the most of the opportunity to catch up with old friends, and make some new ones.......Vboy's football team, the Muswellbrook Rams, has performed a minor miracle. After being beaten very soundly by Greta-Branxton twice in the last 3 games, the boys managed to rip the game out from under the G-B Colts in the dying minutes last Saturday. This eliminates G-B and means that we will face Swansea at Charlestown this Saturday to play for a position against Central Charlestown in the Grand Final....... I'm not sure that my delicate constitution can survive another event like last Saturdays........ Mother Mary McKillop may get her sainthood yet.Beloved is excited that his tax refund has arrived in the bank, as am I....... Mind you, I don't know where to spend it first...... But I payed for the caravan that we have hired for the week of the Aussie Mototrials Championships at the end of the month. This year, it's being held at our home club, Pacific Park, on the Hawkesbury River at South Maroota, near Windsor. Beloved is looking forward to it, & I have had to re-arrange my shifts to accomodate his week-long absence, as well as act as chauffeur, as we only have 1 car these days. He has been riding his newly registered (old) motorbike to work. Lucky for him, it hasn't really been much of a winter.Vboy & I went to his school's final performance of "Footloose, the musical" : it was so much fun. What may have been lacking a bit in "musicality" was more than made up for in enthusiasm.... We saw"GI JOE" at the movies on Saturday on the way home from the football. It was entertaining, but not to be taken seriously at all. The local catholic high has it's musical on this weekend, but I don't think that we'll make it.... Bugger!I've not got much else to say really...... thank goodness, says you ........... life just keeps on going.... thank goodness....... I don't play games on[...]

Another Saturday night, & I ain't got nobody....


Yep, It's Saturday night, & I'm home alone.Beloved is at work, & Vboy is spending the night at a friend's place. TV is now boring, so I thought I'd drop a little blog, then shower & bed.It's been a fairly normal week in Blogmuggle land.Last weekend was good. Poor NannyVal was under the weather with a flu, but we were at a good place to have a quiet time. And yes, time was definitely spent sitting around the lovely fire. The hosts, Alison & Adam were wonderful, and the food was excellent! The company was pretty good too.Monday was the 1st anniversary of my friend Sharon's passing. Where did the year go?????Tuesday, I had my first day working with Patient Transport, with a lovely excursion up to the Land of the Golden Guitar to collect a patient & return him to Muswellbrook Hospital. I am looking forward to 4 more Patient Transport days in the coming week. I was curled up in bed with my book by 8.30pm, much to everyone's disbelief.On Wednesday, I worked an evening shift at Muswellbrook Hospital: it wasn't too busy for a change. The ol' H1N1 flu has been quite rampant up here, with lots of staff having been off work. After work, I drove down to my bro's at Elermore Vale, as I needed to return PoppyKen's car that I had confiscated a few weeks ago.Thursday morning, I attended an appointment at the Cardiologist with PoppyKen. The cardiologist isn't all that impressed with pop's progress: he is still in cardiac failure, needs to take it easy, and was advised not to drive anywhere (he discussed the insurance ramifications in the event of an accident: poppy said nothing), & increase his medication, pending his visiting with the cardiac surgeon next week. The problem is, neither my brother nor I can attend this appointment with him, so not all of the info will be absorbed, nor shared.........The doc on Thursday will be most impressed to know that Poppy couldn't wait to go home & have his breakfast in a rush so that he could hop in his car & drive to work on the Central Coast. Evidently, PoppyKen found some keys to the old car, & has been driving himself to work & wherever & whenever he wants...... regardless of the ramifications.My bro & his lovely wifey picked me up at Pop's then met SBoy (who was driving around in GG's car) at Jesmond so I could drive Sboy up to Williamtown to catch a plane back to the Gold Coast.... He's gone again!!!!!! My wallet will be glad of the relief.........I then drove a bit further up into the wilds of the Tiligerry Peninsula to visit a friend since I was in the area, but there was a very artfully written sign on the door advising:"Back at 3.15"........I drove down to meet GG at Mayfield, but not before I stopped for the 1st ever time to ogle & listen to the wind turbine at Kooragang Island. There's a big kerfuffle up here at the moment as a wind farm has been planned, & the locals are up in arms about it. There is a definite "woosh, woosh" sound, but I think I could live with that. It's got to be better than the rape & pillage of the coal mines that dominate the landscape (& economy) up here.......En masse, I think that a field of white windmills possess a rather unique beauty. It's peaceful.GG dropped me off at Hamilton station & I settled in for a quiet read on the train, until a friend got on at Maitland & we talked all the way home. Beloved & Vboy met me & filled me with Maccas for dinner.Friday morning,[...]

Sail away, sail away, sail away..............................



"A ship is safe in the harbour..............

but that's not what it's for."

Is this another way of saying: "You must paddle your own canoe"?

It's a beautiful, wide, vast ocean out there..........


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In a cavern, in a canyon, excavating for a mine, dwelt a miner, forty-niner, and his daughter, Clementine.


This is where Beloved and I are spending the weekend!It's the Glen Davis Boutique Hotel, located at the once-thriving mining township of Glen Davis, which is nestled in the Capertee Valley, north of Lithgow & east of Mudgee.As you can see from the rising escarpments behind the hotel, it will be cold..... but once inside, the roaring fire will keep us warm.If all else fails, we will have our love to keep us warm ......... or we could run up & down the stairs, maybe.......We might have to, if we eat too much of this....... Of course, there is the pool, but since it's July, we might have to partake of pool of the indoor variety.....Evidently, attractions include; "4WD Tours, Accessible, Adult retreat, Birdwatching, Bushwalking & wilderness, Canoeing & Kayaking, Dinner, Bed and Breakfast, Family Friendly, Farmland Experiences, Fishing, Golf, Great view, Heritage Trail, Horse riding, Massage, Motor Bike Friendly, museums and galleries, One Night Bookings Welcome, Rockclimbing & Abseiling, Romantic getaway, Valentines Day, Wedding venue, Wine Appreciation, Winter Holiday"And this one is a bit of a personal favourite:"Take an early drive or stroll in winter and you're bound to see our local wedge-tailed eagles feasting on road kill." Now, seriously, this Saturday is the first of Poppy Don's birthdays that he is not here to celebrate with us, so we decided a few months ago to take Nanny Val away for the weekend in an attempt to make it a little less traumatic for her. I found the brochures for this hotel in a service station in beautiful, downtown Rylestone when the dog was stolen (sorry, rescued) back in April. Beloved and I will be accompanied by his sisters, brother, and their respective partners, and of course, the lovely Nanny Val. All our meals are included in the package, so hopefully, it will be a lovely weekend full of food, ambience & fun. Lots of memories will be shared, too, no doubt.Unfortunately, I'm still only firing on about 60%, so I won't be doing much bushwalking or exploring. I'll leave that up to Beloved's very energetic sisters. I can see Nanny Val & I quite happily curled up in front of the fire, engrossed in our respective books with a cuppa and nice little tidbit on the side.Although, a massage would be nice. I wonder how the massage therapist feels about legs that resemble the forests behind the hotel?The boys are remaining behind to "mind the house"........ EEEK!So everyone, please have a good weekend, and if you are somewhere where it might get cold, stay warm! If you're not, then lucky you!;0)[...]