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Tech Talk & Gadget Goodies. If you have a question about technology or want to know about the latest and greatest gadgets, give us a try. We are here to help you "Get Your Geek On"

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Show #45 - Final Episode

Sun, 21 Oct 2007 03:02:51 PDT

Sunday, October 21, 2007, Podcast, Show #045 – Closing the Doors - More and Less This is the last Podcast. Yep, I’m closing the Doors here at Norbtek, well, sort of. As I told you weeks ago, I was going to change things and the time is now. I will be giving you less & more, different and the same. Intrigued, well hang around and find out what’s happening. Norbtek has been a proud member of the network, "If its tech its here", and also the Podcast Community. Whether you are a PODCASTER or a LISTENER, there is something for you at Check us out along with the other great shows at First off I want to apologize for the lateness of this podcast. Usually it’s only 2-3 weeks, but it has been almost a month. Well I have been working hard on the new project and that has consumed my time, along with daily family life. I also went to Disneyland for a week, so that did not help on the podcasting front. But I wanted to thank each and every one of you that have downloaded any or all of my podcasts over the last 2-1/2 years. You have made this journey exciting and definitely worth it. So I’m not giving up, just going to change it all up. The podcast has been revamped; the blog has been totally re-built from the ground up with a fresh new look and feel and I even have a new delivery method. I wanted to reach out to more people and the only way to do that was to be delivering content more often. So, I’m going to be coming to you every day. Yep that’s right, every day. Now you’re saying “How is he going to put out a daily 30-40 minute show when he could not put one out but once every 2-3 weeks?” Well, I’m not a masochist; I will not be putting out 30-40 minute podcasts on a daily basis, but I will put out a 10 minute or so podcast each day focusing on one tech item rather than the way I have been doing it with a whole bunch of items. This is the Less & More & the Different. This is the Daily Podcast Now some of you might say, “Hey, I liked those themed shows with a bunch of items all related some how. “ Don’t worry; I will still be putting those types of shows out because I love doing them. This is the Same. This is the Extended Podcast. “Why?” you may ask. Well, I wanted to get more exposure to gain more listeners. Sort of an ego thing if you will, but I really wanted to cover more and be out there more too. Plus it affords me an opportunity to get some advertising deals that I just could not make the commitment to previously. I would like for this endeavor, my hobby, to pay for itself if not at least help lessen the out of pocket expenses. Remember, this is a Low Budget Production ©. The site has an all new name, look, and feel. I decided to get with the times and go to one of the best and more flexible blogging platforms. So I’m moving to WordPress and utilizing a plugin called PodPress that allows me to have a Flash player in the post which allows you to listen to the associated podcast. You have seen them on many other podcasts I’m sure. But the really cool thing about this plugin is that I can put out a specialized feed for Categories. This was the Holy Grail for me. It gave me the ability to have 3 feeds for the show; Daily, Extended, and Comprehensive feeds. I wanted to give you the listener an ala cart option to the podcast. Something you aren’t getting with Cable or Satellite TV, or any podcast as far as I’m aware of. I don’t know if I ever mentioned how came into being. Well about three years ago I was talking to some co-workers about Hi-Def TVs, mp3 players, DVRs and such because I am the guy that is into all that kind of stuff. Well, one of our friends came up and asked what was going on and, Rodman Marquez said, “Talking with Norbtech.” That was it, right after we adjourned I was on GoDaddy looking up “Norbtech”. Well, it was taken by a German firm. So I changed up the spelling to use a ‘k’ in place of the ‘ch’. No one had take [...]

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Its Coming...

Sat, 06 Oct 2007 11:04:35 PDT

I have been promising you something that is Less and More. Well, after my trip to Disneyland this next week, I will reveal what is coming. I know you will be pleased. I have been working on it for a while and am excited to bring it to you.

PNY Flash Drives for CHEAP!

Sat, 06 Oct 2007 11:01:01 PDT

Staples is having an awesome sale on PNY flash drives. Most notably the 4GB memory stick for $30. And it has ready boost. So if you are not a fan of the San Disk U3 technology, then this is a great alternative. Get yours while you have the chance.

Show #44 - Home Monitoring Tech

Sun, 23 Sep 2007 00:57:47 PDT Podcast, September 23, 2007,
Show #44 – Home Monitoring Tech


Listener line at (206) 888-NORB (6672)

Home Monitoring Solutions:
AT&T Remote Monitor - $200 to $350 plus $10 to $40/mo for monitoring

iControl - $100 to $250 plus $15/mo or $150/yr for monitoring

Smarthome - $1600 no monitoring fees

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Less is more

Sat, 22 Sep 2007 11:32:23 PDT

"Less is more."
— Mies van der Rohe, Dutch-American "Modernist" architect (1886-1969)

This is a simple truth. Working in the construction field for the last 15 years of my life, this concept is so true. But then again, More IS More. I want to give you the readers of this blog and listeners of the Podcast More, and Less, at the same time. How can one fit 10lbs of stuff in a 5lb bag? Well, as a Mechanical Coordinator, this is what I do for a living, fitting gobs of mechanical utilities into a really tight space. I struggled on how to do that with the podcast and the blog for a while and then it came to me, I'll just (TOP SECRET INFORMATION DELETED).

Yes, this will be exciting. I have been working hard on this for a few months now (much to my wife's chagrin). So be expecting the change to begin here in the next month or so. I am still working out a few bugs and polishing things up. I don't think anyone will be disappointed. I will be giving you Less and More.

So keep watching and listening. More dateils on when the change will happen.


Halo 3 Mt. Dew Soda - gamers delight

Fri, 31 Aug 2007 20:19:38 PDT

(image) Halo 3 Mt. Dew. What will they think of next!! Not bad flavor, a bit sweet for me, but willing to get used to it. Just what we Halo fans needed... another collectible. Run out and get yourself some as it is a limited edition.

Show #43 - Scrapbooking Tech

Sun, 26 Aug 2007 01:02:25 PDT Podcast, August 26, 2007,Show #43 - Scrapbooking Contact Info:Listener line: (206) 888-6672 (NORB)Email: Links:Scraparatus – $30 Xyron Wishblade - $450 Xyron Personal Cutting System - $160 Quickutz Revolution - $140 (on sale) Quickutz Silhouette - $350 (on sale) Provo Craft Cuttlekids starter kit - $29 Hallmark Scrapbook Provo Craft Cuttlebug – $69 Hallmark Scrapbook Provo Craft Cricut - $210 Hallmark Scrapbook Provo Craft Cricut Expressions - $349 Hallmark Scrapbook Zutter Bind-it-All - $60 The Slice by Tinnus – Late 2007 to Early 2008 [...]

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Show #42 - Home Tech

Mon, 06 Aug 2007 23:08:49 PDT Podcast, August 7, 2007,

Show #042 – Home Tech


Contact Info:

Listener line: (206) 888-6672 (NORB)


UV-C light - $1000 on up. Replacement bulb - $100 to $200.


Turner Lock - $45 for the deadbolt; $55 for a combo kit

Airider vacuum

AXIS 360


Bose Lifestyle - $2000 to $3800 @ Bose factory stores.

Heatilator SFE-35 - $800 to $1400

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I got Pownced!

Thu, 19 Jul 2007 06:22:03 PDT

Thanks to Mike Smith of the Mike Tech Show for providing me with an invite to Pownce. I now have 6 invites and will be ready to give those away on my next podcast. So if you think you might want to try out the latest from the team who brought you and Diggnation, Send in a voice mail to my listener line, (206) 888-6672, with your email and I will send it to you and mention you on the podcast.

Show #41 - Home Safety Tech

Sun, 15 Jul 2007 12:05:45 PDT Podcast, July 15, 2007, Show #041 – Home Safety Tech Affiliations: Contact info: Email: Listener line: (206) 888-NORB (206) 888-6672 Home Safety Tech Tot-Lok – Amazon - $13 HotStop – Lowe’s $25 to $45 Emergency planning and checklists Emergency preparedness for individuals with special needs Xcaper - Fire masks - $25 to $90 Single and family packs. PEARL – Permanent Escape And Rescue Ladders for upstairs bedrooms. $329/ea. Smoke Detectors – remote control Battery Operated Plug In Hard Wired Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Home Depot - $44 Auxiliary Devices Heat Detectors Strobes Fire Extinguishers – Kitchen and Garage – Target $17 to $30 Home Safety Council [...]

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Movie Review: Live Free or Die Hard

Thu, 28 Jun 2007 01:36:13 PDT

"WARNING - POSSIBLE MOVIE SPOILERS"I just went to see Bruce Willis in the latest episode of the Die Hard series, Live Free or Die Hard. Wow! What a great movie!Ok, ok, this is a tech blog not "Ebert & Roeper at the Movies", but stick with me on this because I guarantee you there is tech involved. Sure the plot is simple; While the bad guys, lead by Timothy Olyphant's character, Thomas Gabriel, wreak havoc our hero, a New York cop John McClane becomes "a fly in the ointment", "a monkey in the wrench" and there are lots of things blowing up, bullets flying, great one liners, and tech! Lots of tech. There was action, action, and more action. And yes plenty of tech, lots of LCD screens, laptops, PDAs, cell phones, flexible USB keyboards, and a lot more. The Apple ad guy, Justin Long, who used Apple equipment in the movie was the geek that McClain was sent to haul in for questioning .Justin Long's character, a Black Hat Hacker named Matt Farrell who is wanted for questioning by the FBI, plays well against Bruce Willis' gruff and gritty Detective John McClane. While the the reality of the hacking of systems as depicted in the film is no way that easy, like hacking into the FBI's computer system, the possibe vulnerability of the Nation's cyberinfrastructures are brought into question. Ferrell uses his hacking skills like McClane uses cars to take out helicopters, which gives us the film quotes; Foster: "You just killed a helicopter with a car!" McClane: "I was out of bullets. " Great lines and there are plenty of them. even the bad guy has soem good ones like; John McClane: [after covering a webcam] "Freddy, can you trace these guys?" Gabriel: "Mr. McClane covering the camera does not turn off the microphone."While I did not like Die Hard 2: Die Harder (it really sucked), and Die hard with a Vengeance (Die Hard 3) as decent, this movie was more like the original. I loved the original Die Hard movie. Actually, I don't ever feel like its Christmas season until I see that movie as it had a Christmas theme and there are Christmas jingles sung in the movie by Sgt. Al Powell (aka Reginald Veljohnson). I digress. The feel of the plot, the pace of the film and the action sequences were impressive. The visual effects were great and it is amazing what can be done with CGI these days. We were hanging on the edge of our seats at times and even jumping out of them, like my wife did once or twice.It has been a long time since I was in a theater and the whole audience got into the movie. When McClain knocks off another bad guy the whole theater cheered. I paid $9.75 for my ticket and I feel that I got my money's worth. I left that theater feeling great having forgotten about the real world and all of its troubles. While I don't think anyone would categorize it as a "Feel Good Movie", well except for geeks and gun lovers, I sure felt great! So take some time out of your week and go see this movie. If you loved the original Die Hard, then you will love this movie.I'm giving this movie 4 out of 5 microphones.[...]

Show #40 - Bike Tech

Mon, 25 Jun 2007 23:55:23 PDT Podcast, June 26, 2007. Show #040 – Bicycle Tech Affiliations: Contact info: (206) 888-NORB (6672) Pearl Izumi Vertex MP3 Bib - $400 Castelli Split Second Jersey - $150 Swobo Merino Jersey - $98 Descente Classic Pro Chevron Shorts - $90 Oakley RADAR - $155 to $255 Exo-nerve - $130 Robota - $90 Diadora Ergo Carbon - $170 Shimano SH-M121 - $100 Speedplay Light Action Pedal System - $115 MSRP Rotor Agilis Crank Set & Q-Rings - $329 Crank Set & $159 for the Q-Rings which on Sale thru June (shipped to US address) ZIPP ZED6 Wheels - $2,700 (set) Jelly Belly Sport Beans - $20 ( Fallbrook NuVinci CVP bike transmission - $ Unknown Shimano Coasting Automatic Transmission - $450 - $700 depending on the bike. Trek Lime Retro Bike- $550 LeMond Bikes - $750 - $7,700 Kestrel RT700 - $3,300 Raleigh Supercourse - $1,475 Trek Madone - $3,000+ ArticleSingle Speed [...]

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Counterfeit AC Adaptor Alert!

Fri, 15 Jun 2007 07:55:27 PDT

If you own a Massage chair or an MP3 docking station (hmmm wonder for which "brand" of MP3 player), you might want to verify that your AC adaptor is legit!

UL UL Warns of Counterfeit AC Adaptors

Show #39 - Father's Day Tech

Thu, 14 Jun 2007 09:28:59 PDT Podcast, June 11, 2007.Show #039 – Father’s Day Tech Had a great day in San Jose visiting theWinchester Mystery House so I'm lategetting these show notes and thepodcast audio posted. Sorry.Checkout the link for the house thatSarah Winchester, hieress to theWinchester Repeating Arms fortunebuilt here in California. Really coolplace thet you have to visit to fullyunderstand and enjoy.Father's Day is Sunday, June 17th and yougot nothhing in mind for what you're goingto get pops do ya? Well, I'm here to help youfigure to what to get dear old Dad.This episode I take a page out ofSteve Holden’s old podcast, Tech Rag TearOuts, and do the Sunday Advertisement TearOuts. Lots of tech stuff for your old man.Listener Feed Back from Paranoid Jack onthe Last Episoide, Show #38 - Yard CareTech. Great link from Jack too.DVD/iPod Player-Dock - $140 Circuit CityPanisonic HT & iPod Dock - $400 Circuit CityION iTTUSB Turntable - $130 Circuit CityJensen DVD/iPod/XM - $400 Circuit CityPioneer CD- MP3 & iPod & Satellite Ready - $140 (maybe less) Circuit CityiJoy Recliner & Ottoman - $750 & $350 Linens -n- ThingsCordless Grill Brush - $19.99 Linens -n- ThingsIntelliLaser Pro - $34.99 TargetTripod LED Flashlight - $19.99 TargetAuto Wrench - $28.44 TargetEddie Bauer Tent - $69.99 TargetReebok 25lb SpeedPac Weights - $49 TargetVinotemp Wine Cooler - $149 TargetB&D 6" Alligator Lopper - $99 Home DepotGorilla 17' Ladder - $169 Home - Tools Galore. More from here during Tool TechTitanium Ratcheting Wrenches - $100 SearsTitanium 3/8" Socket Set - $80 SearsBonus Links:Golf Bag Storage Unit - $50 Linens -n- ThingsBBQ Grill - $250 Linens -n- ThingsFree Gift Card w/ iPod Purchase - Circuity CityLogitech Bluetooth Headphones - $90 Circuit City(206) 888-NORB (6672)[...]

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Show #38 - Yard Care Tech

Mon, 28 May 2007 09:40:56 PDT Podcast, for Sunday, May 27, 2007

Show #038 – Yard Care Tech

Associations: Network Podcast Community

Listener line: (206) 888-NORB [6672]




Show Links:

Brill Accu Mower ASM380 Electric - $374 online

-Optional $40 grass catcher is available.

Sunlawn EM-1 - $330

Robomow® - $1700

Lawnbot - $1750 - $2500

Electric Backyard Chipper by Patriot - $799

-Optional $149 Leaf Vacuum Hose Kit

Garden Groom$150 to $200 from the Manufacturer

Model #GSP014 - $48 at

HAYAUCHI 12-foot saw - $170 online

Ultimate Dolly Cart - $180 online

Ergonomic Garden Hand Tools

Duo-Flo Multi-Function Nozzle

Pushbroom-Rake combo

Electric Lawn Mower – Additional Info

3-1 Blower/Vac/Mulcher

Media Files:

Show #37 - Camping Tech

Sun, 13 May 2007 01:03:09 PDT Podcast, May 13, 2007 Show #037 – Camping Tech Affiliations: GPS: Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx - $483 GPS FinderGPS GlossaryFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Clothing: The North Face Paramount Convertible Pant (Men’s) - $64.99 REI One Jacket (Men's) - $110 – 199 Backpacks: The Backpack Finder from REI. Sleeping Bags: The Sleeping Bag Finder from REI. Klickitat™ X20L Mummy - High performance, lightweight mummy featuring the next generation of continuous filament fiber – Climashield™ XP - $150 Drying and careAdditional featuresShell material and constructionShape and fit Tents: N!ergy 9 - $150 Lighting: Freeplay Indigo Lantern (NiMH / Hand Crank) - $39.95 Coleman Exponent Pack-Away LED Lantern - $34.00 Propane, Butane and even Candle Lanterns REI Candle Lantern - $19.95 Water Purification: Cooking: Supplies: First Aid: Extras: Yamaha EF1000iS - $680 Honda EU1000i - $790 Camp Shower - $150 Camp Shovel - $8 Camp Chair - $30 Trailer Hitch Hammock - $117 2-stroke Blender - $303 Truck Cabana - $50 REI Expert Advice Please call our listener line at (206) 888-NORB, that’s (206) 888-6672 or send us an email at[...]

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Show #36 - Mother's Day Tech

Sun, 29 Apr 2007 02:29:38 PDT Podcast, April 28, 2007
Show #036 – Mother's Day Tech



Heart Rate Monitor - $80 - $100
LED jewelry - $40 - $165
LED necklace and earring set - $90
O-GLOW - $26
GlowFusion AirGlow - $175
flameless candles - $30 - $80
ball shaped, square,
and cylindrical
Pure Komachi - $80
HearthKit Oven Insert - $199
Brother PTouch Labeling System - $40
Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter - $199
Digital Photo Frame - $90 - $200
Kodak V803 - $200
iPod Nano 4 gig - $199

Listener line: (206) 888-NORB


Media Files:

Listener Feedback from Show #33

Sun, 15 Apr 2007 01:13:30 PDT

Hey Norb!

Just finished listening to your
latest cast... good stuff. I'm a
BBQ nut so I especially enjoyed

Not necessarily a recipe, but a
method I use for grilling. This
is my own method, to each
their own, but it consistently
produces great steaks.

Lea & Perrins Worcestershire
McCormick - laGrille -
Montreal Steak Seasoning
Your favorite steak! (Rib Steak,
T-Bone, Sirloin Tip)

* Ensure the steaks are not
frozen by placing from the
freezer to the refrigerator the
night before.

* About an hour before the grill
will be ready, prepare steaks.
* Place steaks on a cookie sheet
and with a large two-prong fork,
poke holes in the steaks.
* Liberally cover the steaks
with Worcestershire Sauce by
sprinkling it out of the jar.
* Sprinkle on Montreal Steak
(Ensure that you put the
Worcestershire Sauce on first
before the Montreal Steak

Seasoning otherwise it will wash
it right off.)
* Let the steaks sit out in room
temperature for the next hour
to marinade.
* Prepare your grill, with
charcoal brickettes I create a
mound and set on fire, once the
coals are burning well I spread
them out but only to one side of
the bar-b-q. I then place the
grill back on the BBQ to heat up.

* For Gas grills, light off the
burners on a med. to med-high
setting to heat up the grill.
* Once the grill is good and hot,
place the steaks on the grill
directly over the coals. Sear the
steaks on each side no more
than about 3-5 minutes
depending on how hot of a fire
you have. Naturally, the
hotter, the less time.
* Once the steaks have been
seared on both sides, remove
the steaks from being directly
over the coals. I use a weber
kettle grill (the round one) so
instead of moving the steaks, I
simply rotate the grill 180
degrees away from the direct
heat, but the steaks remain on
the hot portion of the grill.
* Place the lid on the grill and
let the steaks sit another 3-5
minutes then turn.
* Another 3-5 minutes and
they should be ready to serve.

The trick is knowing your grill
and how hot of a fire you are
working with. You don't want
too hot of a fire otherwise the
steaks take on a leathery
texture making them cook too
fast and end up being tough.

Additionally, the heat of the fire
will also determine the amount
of time you keep the steaks
before flipping them. Of course,

how you like your steak will
also play a factor, i.e. --
Medium-Rare, Medium,
Medium-Well, Well-done.

That's it... It might take a couple
of trys to get your heat and
times just right, but the steaks
are awesome!


Kevin H. Devin
In the Trenches podcast

Show #34 - Car Care Tips

Sun, 15 Apr 2007 01:14:33 PDT, April 15, 2007
Show #034 - Car Care Tips

Save with our Promo Codes
10% on domain names - BLU32
10% on hosting - POD32

Member of: - "If it's tech
it's here!" - "Where listeners
and podcasters come together."

DP Engine Degreaser
Natural Sea Sponge
Grit Guard
California Water Blade
Tire Pressure Valves
- $18 Target
4-in-1 Extreme Power
- $100 Target

Sheepskin Wash Mitts
Cobra Microfiber Mitt
Pinnacle Cotton
Chenille Wash Mitts

Friends of the Show:
NosillaCast - Allison Sheridan
In The Trenches - Kevin Devin
Gmail Podcast - Chuck Tomasi

Media Files:

Show #33 - Barbecue Tech

Sun, 08 Apr 2007 02:46:42 PDT Podcast April 8, 2007Show 32 - Barbecue TechSponsor Link:GoDaddy.comSave 10% on Domain Names at the checkout.Use Promo Code: BLU32Save 10% on Hosting Plans at the checkout.Use Promo Code: POD32Proud member of & Techpodcasts.comComputer control of your BBQ - $200+Grilling Tool Set - $47 @ CostcoDigital Thermometer - $20 @ Bed, Bath & BeyondGrille Alert Wireless Thermometer - $75 @ BrookstoneOVE Glove - $12 @ Amazon.comCooler Tunes - iglooGalaxie Mosquito Trap - $150 @ CostcoBBQ ToolsThat got a HEMI?Geek out your BBQUltimate BBQ Experience7 BBQ MistakesPork BBQChicken BBQBeef BBQDon't forget about our e-garage sale in Show #32.[...]

Media Files:

Show #32 - I'm Baaack!

Sun, 01 Apr 2007 00:59:10 PDT Podcast Show #32 - "I'm Baaack!"Sunday, April 1, 2007Check out Blubrry Jam and help fight Cyctic Fibrosis!I'm having an e-garage sale. I've got tech "junk" asmy wife would call it, but it's good stuff looking for agood home. Just send in a voice mail to the listenerline (206) 888-6672 or send an email and let me know what youare interested in. I will ship it within the continentalUS (maybe Canada) free of charge. If you want it, youcan have it! I hate to throw this stuff away, but I needroom in the cabinet for other things.This is NOT an April Fool's Day Joke! I will give thisstuff away!. If only one person wants something, well,they get it. If more than one person wants something,I will put the names in a hat and draw a winner. That'sfair! So go ahead, check out the stuff and let me knowwhat you want. I'll cut the offer off after the next showor at least let you know how it's going.So here are the items:DCM245R - RCA Digital Cable ModemSupports two-way cable transmission rates of up to38 Mbps downstream and 10 Mbps upstream. Offersalways-on, ''ready-when-you-are'' unlimited Internetaccess to online multimedia services.HP Scanjet 3400C -Great flatbed scanner. All cablesand driver software are included.Netgear MR814 - Wireless 802.11b RouterWhen you connect your cable/DSL modem to theNETGEAR Wireless Router, you'll enjoy wired orwireless Internet access for all your computers andbe assured of protected communications on yourhome or small office network! This 3-in-1 Router +Switch + Wireless Access Point is a base station thatallows you to share your Internet connection, files andprinters with other computers on the network.3COM Dual Speed 16 Port Hub - Great for LAN parties.Dazzle DVC-USB - Digital Video Creator bought out byPinnacle and no link to the description of the unit exceptthat it is MPEG-1 NOT MPEG-2 video. Yours at theridiculous price of FREE!Ezonics Cobra Cam - USB-1.1 Goose-neck Web Camhas built in LED light too!iPod Nano 1st Gen Dock - Never used and in original box.I was going to get my wife a 1st Gen Nano but got her a2nd Gen. So this dock will not work. Free to who everwants it.And here is the unadvertised SPECIAL...RCA Lyra RD900W - Wireless audio streaming interface.Stream your audio files from your computer wirelessly toyour stereo. Comes with a remote, transmitter andreceiver as well as the software and documentation.All in the original box![...]

Media Files:

Done Broke It

Sun, 11 Mar 2007 03:13:09 PDT

Well, I done went and broke my podcasting rig. I barely got this out. All I did was upgrade Windows XP Home to XP Pro. Lot like I tried to install Vista or anything. Lord help me. Anyway, I hope to have this hunk of junk fixed by next week and get a real podcast out to you all. Sorry for the let down.

Oh, by the way. It looks like the last podcast was not well recieved. OK! I'll find more interesting stuff to talk about. But you can let me know what you want to hear about by dropping me a line at or call (206) 888-NORB(6672) and give me a piece of your mind.

Well, till next time... I hope... Have a great week.


Media Files:

Show #31 - iPod Accessories for Her

Sun, 25 Feb 2007 20:12:05 PST Podcast for Sunday, February 25, 2007 "iPod Accessories for Her" Looks like an old canvas style sneaker Canvas Sport Case - $30 Office Attire Executive & Lady - $35 This stylish purse is specially designed for your iPod and featuresfully-functional, great-sounding, amplified speakers! Praised forits seamless integration of style and technology, the Groove Pursehas been featured on the Today show, in Wired Magazine,, Oprah, and magazines all over the world. Groove Bag - $96 iPod skins are a great way to let her personalize her iPod, checkout the options at iStyles iStyles - $3 to $8 Even COACH has iPod cases available Coach - $68 to $118 For the lady on the go iPod video system - $200 Titan Case & Accessories - $25 MIXX iPod Holders- $11 to $15 5G Kimono Case - $40 iPod Hoodie - $25 Burton Audex Tote - $115 Matai - $45 [...]

Media Files:

How Many Pixels Does It Take To ...

Mon, 12 Feb 2007 19:33:27 PST

Ever wonder how many Mega-Pixels it would take to print a larger photo than a 4x6 or 5x7? Well it really depends on how tight you want the printed pixels, or dots, represented in Dots Per Inch (DPI). Say you wanted to print an 11x14 photo at 150 DPI: You would multiply 11x150= 1650 (pixels) and 14x150=2100 pixels which becomes (1650x2100=3,465,000) or 3.5 Mega Pixels. Now if you wanted a really detailed photo you might want to print it out at 200 DPI. So the same 11x14 photo would be 11x200=2200 (pixels) and 14x600=2800 (pixels) which is (2200*2800=6,160,000) or roughly 7 Mega Pixels.
Check out this article at for more information.