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Letters To Me

what i have learned.........

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Letter Ten- Just do it


Dear Lisa 35,Have the surgery.Have it.Get the bloody gall bladder out and get it over with.Despite all good intentions, you WILL NOT heal it with diet, apple cider vinigar, honey and Reiki.You dont even know what Reiki is do you ?Sweetie, have the surgery and save us all a lot of sleepless night and painful days.Just do it.Lisa 45

Letter Nine- Mum


Dear Lisa15,You know how Mum says that she KNOW's when you are lying ?Well, she does..........You are so much easier to read than you realise, and despite what you think right now, SHE is not stupid.Lisa 45

Letter Eight- hysterectomy


Dear Lisa32,I know you are suffering.It's grief Lisa, pure and simple, even though you don't recognise that fact, i assure it's true.I know you are still of a mind that grief is something felt when death occurs, and death to you means an end to physical life.You wouldn't believe me if i told you that sometime in the VERY near future, your understanding of so many things is about to burst open,

Letter Seven- fear


Dear Lisa7,Dont be scared.Tell Mummy what is happening.PLEASE, tell Mummy.Lisa 45

Letter Six- Life and Stuff


Dear Lisa21,As hard as it may be to believe right now, i want to tell you that early mornings ARE the best time of the day.There is so much you can get done in those hours before the nest springs to life- it truly sets the pace for the rest of the day.Start a good morning routine NOW.Get up, get dressed, walk, get busy and do it about 6.30am..........You can always have a nap later in the day if

Letter Five- Jealousy


Dear Lisa 18,Jealously is a curse.It is a clear indication that you feel unworthy or not good enough.That you place yourself under another, in your own eyes.Get a handle on it now Lisa or it will run through your life forever.Start with self love and allow that to be the guide in dealing with this.jealousy, envy, coveting , what ever you call it- they are all the same- emotions that zap your

letter four - Marriage part one


Dear Lisa23,I was wanting to share some thoughts on marriage, for despite everything you believe to be true right now, this is something that will be a large part of the future for you.Contribute to the marriage and be always aware of the role you play within this union.A central role.A man is a man, not a woman with a penis- he does not think like a woman, act like her, or react like her- save

letter three


Dear Lisa 22,Why, why, are you going camping ??You HATE camping !!I know enough to know that you are doing it to impress Marc, and while it might impress him now, i can assure you it wont impress him so much when, he finds out in a few years time, that your real idea of camping is a 5 star motel with room service.Sweetheart, be honest about who you are .........don't add bits and subtract bits to

letter two


Dear Lisa,Despite the fact i know you wont agree, you are looking pretty good my girl.I know the pressure you feel to try and fit in with the others and i tell you that really, you are just perfect the way you are.Your hair is a wonderful natural colour and your height is the envy of your friends.Keep walking, it will help keep you fit and wear those size 12 blue jeans every chance you get.They

Letter One- Introduction


Letter One- 13/2/2009I am now at this time, 45 years old whereas you , my dear little Lisa are barely 20.I am a Mother moving fast into my cronage- you are a maiden, the path ahead is for your choosing.And so i will write you these letters, each with a certain topic or maybe none at all.I will share these lessons of my path but will not infringe upon your path, for what you have to experience, I