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Bee Seeing you on EFA's main blog... this blog is now officially closed !


Team EFA
announces the closure of
this secondary blog
as well as its 
promotional programs. 

Please join us
at our primary EFA 
blog headquarters 
by clicking HERE.

We look forward 
to seeing you over there !

"So long and 
THANKS for all the Fish"
(Douglas Adams - Hitch Hikers Guide)

Treasury: EFA's Charity Promotions Program for October


'EFA's Charity Promotions Program for October' by thebluewindmill Treasury consists of members who entered Team EFA's Charity Promotions Program contest this month. Each item benefits their chosen charity!  To VOTE on which charity will win the EFA Jackpot- pls click HERE ! or scroll down to the next post... Canine Loving Silk Tapestry ... brizel4TheAnim... $88.00 Canopy 8x8 WoodsEdge $25.00 Little Deer in the Forest , ... thebluewindmil... $45.00 Alpaca and Wool Rabbit - Pep... yarnmiracle $86.00 Black Cat Headband - Hallowe... AllYouNeedIsPu... $14.50 Feather & Flower photograph ... [...]

Embossed Snowflake Christmas Card by FairyCardmaker


This handmade Christmas card with envelope is all a fluster with snowflakes: both printed and embossed. The embossed snowflakes were hand inked. Even the ribbon has snowflakes. The centre medallion reads "Merry Christmas". This card will stand out in your recipient's Christmas card collection this year. The retail price for this card is $4.50.

10% of the proceeds from this card will support the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR):

supports this animal rescue because it is a registered charity active at the local community level and 100% run by volunteers. 10% of the proceeds of the Christmas card (or $0.45 in this case) will be added to the annual fundraising total that FairyCardmaker donates to this charity. In addition to proceeds from certain card sales, FairyCardmaker runs card and paper-crafting workshops where some proceeds of the workshop fee and raffle tickets are donated to SOAR. The goal of FairyCardmaker's fundraisers is to generate enough funds for SOAR to cover the rescue, foster costs and adoption of one dog per year.

Tourmaline Gemstone Pendulum by ZOEandPIPER


This is a Tourmaline Gemstone Pendulum with Sterling Silver and Lead Crystal Prism with Sterling Silver Heart Chakra Charm. Its retail value is $86.00 and it is made by ZOEandPIPER.

We will donate to The Farm Sanctuary. We are moved and inspired by all the animals they have helped and rescued from terrible situations.

We will donate $20 of the sale to the Farm Sanctuary.

Baby Elephant 8x10 Print


This photographic print by oceloteyes is 8x10" in size and is retail priced at $20. Custom sizes also available, on paper or canvas.

This baby elephant is just too adorable! A large herd of elephants came to drink at a waterhole in Etosha National Park (Namibia), and I watched them for hours, absolutely mesmerized. Of course, the waterhole was only small, too small for 50 elephants to fit into all at once - so some family groups wandered off to give others a chance to drink... Baby elephants were running about everywhere.

When this little one missed the moment when his mother wandered off a short distance, and noticed her leaving - he trumpeted, trunk up in the air, tail swishing around, and ran after her as fast as he could to round her up and lead her back to the waterhole again!

I support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust with 10% of sales from all my art/photographs involving African Elephants. The DSWT rescue baby elephants (and rhinos, and other animals) who have been orphaned because of poaching, or have lost their family herds some way or another. These babies grow up in the care of humans, but eventually learn to become wild elephants again and re-integrate into the wild, and go on to have families and babies of their own. For fundraising they run a digital fostering program, which allows you to 'foster' an orphan and get photos and emails about their progress. My family fosters three elephant babies - Sities, Suguta, and Sabachi. You can also visit the DSWT facebook page here.

I donate 10% of the retail price ($2 in this case) from any of African Elephant images to the DSWT. My photographs are of wild elephants with families - so I want to support the orphaned elephants without families.

Vintage Luxury Soda Crate Pet Bed by ShortcakeDesigns


Pamper your pet with this chic vintage soda crate pet bed by ShortcakeDesigns. Not only does this bed have character, but it also has a unique history! This soda crate was used to ship soda bottles from Graf's Bottling Works.

Graf's Bottling works was located in Iowa City, Iowa from approximately 1850 to 1950 and bottled several types of sodas. This crate features their signature logo. Time has helped create a wonderful rustic vintage feel with the original wording slightly faded and the wood metal accents wonderfully aged.

A great gift for a native or transplanted Iowa resident or anyone who loves to collect vintage soda items!

19.5 inches by 13.5 inches
4 inches tall inside

The custom pillow is made from cotton fabric which was lined with heavy interfacing for stability and is filled with brand new polyfiber for the ultimate comfy feel. Your cat or small dog will instantly love it!

Ten dollars from the the sale of this bed will be donated to the National Mill Dog Association, whose goal is to "To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome discarded breeding dogs and to educate the general public about the cruel realities of the commercial dog breeding industry".

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado NMDR travels all over the US, to rescue mill dogs, rehabilitate them including major medical care, and find them forever homes where they can learn to be dogs and live happy healthy lives.

Please stop by their website for more information:

Carnation Piggy by yarnmiracle


Knit with hand-dyed and spun wool from, Carnation Pig by yarnmiracle measures an action-packed 14.75 inches from head to toe. His floppy arms, legs, ears and curly cue tail are securely attached and his little piggy eyes are embroidered with organic cotton to avoid small parts. Carnation is stuffed with Eco Wool Filling (wooly stuffing that is both predator and sheep friendly) for an extra huggable middle. Carnation Pig's wooly pink wool comes from a small flock of well-tended Jacob sheep - a critically endangered breed.

When this Companion finds a home (he is $130), I will donate $20 to my local humane society, the Baldwin County Humane Society.

Vintage Sash Fabric by brizel4TheAnimals


This bold vintage ethnic sash fabric, celebrating waning summer colors, is a handwoven cotton textile from Guatemala and features large striking stripes of black, dusty rose, and fresh green with deep magenta edging and accent stripes (no.71).

3 5/8" wide by approximately 89" long, this fabric is great for belt and obi making... costumes, outfits and embellishment projects... for making guitar or drum straps... for making hat scarves or head bands... use as decorative trim or as small banners... or anything else that your imagination would like to make with it !



Animal Charity Donation

A minimum of $3 to $4 for each sash fabric that is sold here at Brizel4TheAnimals will be donated to animal charity, notably Team EFA's CHARiTY OF THE MONTH which differs each month. Please visit our Team's website to read about this month's charity:

Each COTM is nominated by a member of Team EFA - the charity undergoes a detailed investigation by our COTM Co-Leader to insure 'quality control' - is then promoted by our COTM Treasury Leader with a fabulous weekly Etsy collection which is posted / tweeted / pinned thru our social media channels and as Team EFA's blog editor, I typeset the COTM articles on our charities each month. With this much effort and care, and as Team EFA's COTM Leader - I naturally choose to support and donate to these wonderful charities !

This month our COTM is Search Dog Foundation:
Check them out !

Sydney Tibetan Terrier Pastel Drawing by terikor


This original pastel drawing by terikor titled Sydney has special meaning for me. Sydney was one of the many dogs I met when I was reporting for at the Westminster Dog Show last February. Behind the scenes in the staging room at Westminster you get to visit with many different breeds and learn about them. Not all dogs attending Westminster are just show dogs. Sydney’s story was an endearing one that immediately grabbed me and I knew that that I wanted to draw her portrait. This Tibetan Terrier was attacked by a Bobcat. The vets did not think she would live and if she did they thought she would loose her leg. Fighting the odds, Sydney persevered recovering fully going on to become number 5 in Tibetan Terriers. There is something about Sydney that reminds you of an old soul as you look into her eyes. Perhaps it is that she has been through so much. Those eyes captured me and this drawing is the result of my short visit with Sydney.

This unframed drawing is 8.5” X 11” and is priced at $100. 10% of the proceeds will benefit the Search Dog Foundation. You can visit their Facebook Page here.

I chose the Search Dog Foundation as the Charity for several reasons. First Syndey had tremendous drive to live just like the drive of those rescue dogs at the Search Dog Foundation who assist in finding people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters. I also choose this charity because the Search Dog Foundation is the Etsy for Animals Charity of the Month making it befitting to honor the Search Dog Foundation in more than one venue.

"Creation" - An Abstract Acrylic Painting by thebluewindmill


"Creation" is an abstract acrylic painting by The Blue Windmill, measuring 5"X5".

Price $85.00; 8.50 will go to, Search Dog Foundation.  SDF is our current COTM, which I support.

SDF's mission is "to strengthen disaster preparedness in America by partnering rescued dogs with firefighters to find people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters."

EFA's Member Charity Promotions Program


EFA's Monthly Challenge Team would like to announce a brand new member promotions program called Etsy for Animals Member Charity Promotions (aka EFA Member Charity Promotions) which will replace our Monthly Challenge program, effective immediately.EFA's new Member Charity Promotions program will continue in a similar tradition utilizing our current Challenge Blog site (which will be renamed the EFA Member Charity Promotions Blog) as a venue to promote EFA members' team tagged products. Team tagged products, as is currently our team policy, must benefit a formal animal charity organization of some kind.The primary purpose of our new program will be to assist our members in promoting one of their products in order to facilitate fund raising for the animal charity organization of their choosing, which may or may not be EFA's featured Charity of the Month. The selected product will not need to fit any specific theme and will be on a permanent Anything Goes cycle.The entry becomes an advertisement of sorts- not only for the actual product but also for the animal charity organization it will benefit. The blog post will include information about the product, its retail cost, which animal charity it will benefit once sold. Information about the charity itself such as their website and why the member is "sponsoring" them, as well as how much will be donated to said charity - specified either in actual dollars or in percentage value- a minimum of at least 10%.The blog post & product will be promoted on our Social Media channels by Team EFA's dedicated volunteers: on EFA's Fb fan page; on our Twitter account and our Pinterest group. It will also be announced on EFA's Yahoo Groups and posted on our Etsy Teams group. Member participation will be sought to Share, Promote and Heart the item as a way to collectively advertise the product through our Circles. But wait! there is more… the second purpose of our new EFA Member Charity Promotions Program is to create an actual fund driving effort for one of our member's charity. That's right… here's where it gets even more exciting ! We will be asking each entrant to donate a $2 gift as an entry fee for their advertising slot on the blog. For every 16 entries we receive- an Etsy Treasury will be created- putting each product in a visible collection on A competition will then ensue on our blog with a voter Poll in which the winner's animal charity organization will win the $32 entry fee jackpot. Anyone can vote so let's see how many votes people can muster up for their charity... what a grand cause- an actual monetary donation to a charity ! How does it get any better? We do it again! That's right, after we post the Treasury and Poll on the blog… we can start again with a fresh batch of 16 entries. For right now, we'll keep this program on a Monday to Friday schedule but if this new promotional program takes off- we can expand it to a daily posting schedule. Team EFA is here to "Make A Difference" !***[...]

How to Enter EFA's Member Charity Promotions Program


Want to promote your animal charity ? Want a chance to fund raise for your chosen charity ? Why not participate in our new EFA Member Charity Promotions Program then ! Entering the EFA Member Charity Promotions Program is a fun way to participate in the EFA street team and it's a great opportunity to fund drive for your chosen animal charity !Every month, EFA members may submit one of their product listings to be featured on the EFA Member Charity Promotions Blog. Product items need to be 'efa team' tagged and must benefit a formal animal charity organization with a monetary pledge. So let's get started… if you are an EFA member whom would like to submit one of your 'efa team' tagged products to be advertised on the EFA Member Charity Promotions Blog... ...please convo our EFA Member Charity Promotions' Blog Leader, Jess of jessicalynneart, with the following information:1. GiVE US the link to your 'team efa' tagged product.2. TELL US all about your product, including its retail price.3. NAME the animal charity and give us their web link or the url for its Fb page. (n.b: you may not name WWF or PETA as a charity of choice as Team EFA does not support those organizations as a team)4. DiSCUSS why you've chosen that charity- what makes them so special, for example.5. SPECiFY how much your monetary pledge will be to the charity once the item sells… either in exact dollars or as a percentage relating to its -retail- price (this must be represent a minimum of 10%).Three more important steps...6. TiTLE THE CONVO to Jess with: EFA CHARITY PROMOTIONS (all in caps)7. BE SURE TO RENEW your listing so it does not expire within this promotional time period !8. SEND IN your $2 entry fee as a 'gift' to the Paypal address Jess will provide in her confirmation convo. Once received, your advertisement will be scheduled for the next available week day slot for the current cycle.***For every *16 entries we receive- an Etsy Treasury will be created- putting each product in a visible collection on A competition will then ensue on our blog with a voter Poll in which the winner's animal charity organization will win the **$32 entry fee jackpot. Anyone can vote so let's see how many votes people can muster up for their charity... what a grand cause and an actual monetary donation to a charity too ! Please note: Since Team EFA does not have its own Paypal account, our Team Leader: Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals will be receiving your $2 fees which she will then disburse to the winning animal charity in one lump sum. A copy of the donation receipt will be posted on the blog under the voter Poll at the earliest convenience.* or however many advertisements we get within the month** however many entries x $2 will = the jackpot amountTHANK YOU for supporting our EFA Member Charity Promotions Program and for being an active member of our team ![...]