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If I Like it, Expect About 1000 (Give or Take 950)


It's true.  I find that when I learn a "new trick" I want to make a bunch of that same thing ... especially when it comes together without struggle (or investing 100 hours to accomplish it).  Case in point - Ear Cuffs of the wrap around variety.  I have a friend that doesn't have pierced ears ... but she love, love, loves bobbles in all their varieties.  Unfortunately, earrings of the non-pierced variety tend to pinch or aren't quite the style she'd want to wear ... tada, this girl has a mission!  (I understand if this makes you a little afraid - you're pretty smart, after all.)Initially, I started with the kind that slide over and wrap around the helix, antihelical fold and antihelix resting just above the antitragus ... yes, I DID have to search for "parts of an ear" to find the correct terminology ("that flappy part above the earlobe" sounded a little too flaky even for me) ... I was able to get the shape of a simple cuff fairly easily ... the hard part was turning the simple into something more sparkly with a dangle or two.  Let the frustration begin!  I haven't completely given up on the idea, but I needed an alternative & I totally found one ... and ear cuff that actually hooks onto the ear and wraps around the back of it ... ok, I know, I'm getting wordy here ... check out the results:Silver Craft Wire, Chain, Swarovski Crystals & Glass Seed BeadsSilver Craft Wire, Chain, Amethyst Chips, Blue Glass Nail Heads & Glass Seed BeadsSilver Craft Wire, Chain, Swarovski Crystals,Pearls & Glass Seed BeadsSilver Craft Wire, Chain, one Swarovski Crystal, Garnets, Pearls & Glass Seed BeadsSilver Craft Wire, Chain, Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, a Single Swarovski Butterfly & Glass Seed Beads On that note, please excuse me while I go make a few more (dozen) ... lolCioa' Bella's!04/22/13 update ... here's how it looks on:[...]

Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center


Sadie and took an afternoon walk through the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center - Alligator Creek this afternoon.  It was a bit warm, but not too bad as the humidity hasn't returned in full force, yet.  We only did one trail, but I have a feeling we'll be back.  Here are my favorite photo's from the walk:If I were a bird, I'd likely visit this bathI'm always drawn to vines growing on felled stumpsA study in brownI know they have a real name, but I call these Ladybug Berries Sadie spotted this cool little mushroomPlus one just for fans of The Dark Tower:For a reasonable donation, the center will carve your (or a loved one's) name onto the bridge railing ... it looks really coolSending peace and love to all that have been touched by today's events.[...]

Something Simple


Sometimes all I need is a super simple project:

next up, turn up the difficulty just a tad ... envisioning five shorter sticks and bits of fabric added (for post earrings - and to make it look more like a house).

to Etsy or not to Etsy ... that is my question


I flounder and flip flop and just can't seem to decide, so I am starting here.  I've been making stuff for a long time.  Some of it is really lame (but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun to work on or didn't serve a purpose other than to take up some of my time), some has been alright with a generally soft to moderate appeal, but then there are those moments when all the stars align and I get it right ... the skies open and the angels sing kind of right.  I love those moments.  LOVE them.  Lately, I have been playing with wire ... and rocks - beach pebbles, tumbled, semi precious.  I'm really liking it and have been getting really great feedback on the pieces, so that little voice has been whispering - "open and Etsy store ... you know you wanna".  The voice is right.  Sort of.  I do want to ... and then I think of ALL the reasons that I shouldn't and can't ... and it makes my brain hurt.Here are some of my latest pieces:Silver craft wire pod w/amethyst, hematite, rose quartz & quartz  A cool resin "cabochon" wrapped in silver craft wireanother silver craft wire pod - this one has a little TLC - turquoise, lapiz and crystal A friend had the tourmaline piece, I just wrapped it for her so she could wear itthis amulet is from copper wire w/drawn beads - it's stones are protective in their propertiesI don't know if it's the angle of the shot or if this pod actually has a bulbous part, but it's silver craft wire w/drawn beads (the little bulbs at the end of the wires).  This one has abalone, amethyst, garnet, lapiz, quartz and rose quartzOK, now that I've shared my latest efforts, don't forget that I like to play with yarn, seed beads, and a bunch of other random bits-n-pieces ... so, here are my questions:What are your personal thoughts on Etsy in general?Do you think a shop needs to maintain a single medium? Or is it ok for a seller to offer a variety of items?Honest answers most appreciated ... please & thank you.[...]

Another Dragon?!?


Who's bored of seeing dragons?  If it's you, skip this one ... one more to add to the growing clan of crocheted dragons:

this one is in between the size of the one my daughter has (Freud) and Big, the gifted to a five year old dragon ... I should have written down what kind of yarn this was - super soft, almost t-shirt feeling.

Craft Swap's Rock


This past weekend I participated in a local craft swap with some pretty amazing (and amazingly talented women).  The hostess of the swap, Robin, gave me permission to share photo's that she took of the items being offered for swap (item list below photo):1) half apron2) crocheted bracelets w/antique buttons3) boo boo bags4) paper bird ornaments5) castille laundry soap & fabric softener1) shrinky dink "antique" camera charm bracelet2) crocheted chocker w/antique buttons3) cold brew coffee concentrate - option 14) magazine envelopes5) cold brew coffee - option 21) needle felted needle book2) earrings3) felted soap4) crocheted headbands5) mason jar travel mugx/mason jar wall sconces1) hand carved stamped tags2) herb salts3) photo greeting cards4) hand carved stamped greeting cards5) heating pad1) zentangle greeting cards2) owl plushie3) string bowls4) embroidered owl wall hanging (in hoop)5) lash enhancer6) un-paper towels7) embroidered bunny wall hanging (in hoop)8) handfelted wool dryer balls... care to guess what I offered to the mix?there were a small handful of items not shown (like the ginger plant I totally scored, etc.)This event was so much fun, a holiday craft exchange has already been planned.  If you haven't participated in one, yet, I highly recommend doing so.  Many of us experienced a bit of "performance anxiety", but the group as a whole was sooo generous & welcoming - I don't think a single person felt that way after all was said and done.*** the photo's are rather small ... if I have a chance to edit them later, I will re-upload larger versions ***[...]



I just completed a new bobble:

It had been a while since I worked on something like this, but I made a pendant necklace & pair of earrings for a dear friend (birthday gift, dont'cha know) ... not pictured (but I'm sure I can talk her into a photo shoot ... eventually).  The pendant and earrings only have the top post, so they move (as well as dangle).  

 Anyway, I enjoyed working on it, so shared it with some girls at work.  A lovely coworker thought the design would make a good bracelet ... I think I agree.  This prototype had some challenges, but I think if I were to do it again, it would be easier the next time around.

Originally, I used THIS tutorial

2nd Dragon Complete


The second dragon is complete (and in time for the birthday, too).

I used the same pattern as the previous post ... just a chunky yarn

Next images are for size comparison:

I would totally use this pattern again ... 
... but better get a couple more birthday gifts done, first.

Been Away Far Too Long ...


I just logged in & was totally lost ... might take a little bit for me to get used to the changes, but I am hopeful.  :)two updates ...1) I got a tattoo in the not so distant past:It's on my right forearmDoes the image look familiar to anyone?  I'm sure it does.  It's artwork & photo by Lynne Hoppe (the link will take you to her blogger page & not the post that has this image ... if you haven't visited it before, it's definitely worth your time to search for it if you are interested).  In case anyone is wondering, I did contact Lynne prior to getting the tattoo to make sure she'd be ok with me using her photo/image & was given her blessing.I had it done at a local shop - Otherside Ink by Bisquette Bewley (if you have time, check out all of his galleries on his facebook page - his work is pretty flippen impressive) ... it took nearly 4 hours and was completely worth it ... one problem ... now I'm thinking I'd like to turn my whole arm into a tree branch ...2)  I have been staying crafty ... funny thing is it's been a lot more than just crochet, but here I am posting another amigurumi critter ... this time, A Fierce Dragon (of the sweetest nature).Meet Freudhe's from a pattern I found on Crafster by Angry Angel ... the pattern is straight forward and though I learned a couple new stitches, was easy to follow ... I used a couple of garnet beads for his eyes and black yarn for his scalesSadie (my daughter) get's credit for the photo's of Freud.I'm working on another one for a little friend that is about to turn five ... hers is being done in a deep red CHUNKY yarn.  It's HUGE (in comparison to Freud) and I am already loving it ... I'll post picture when I have all the pieces done.OK, I just finished this post and am already digging many of the changes ... I have a feeling I'll get use to them in no time.Ciao![...]

A Lot Happens In a Year


Blame it on me or facebook ... same difference, I suppose ... but it has been over a year since my last post. I do hope y'all didn't miss me too much. Here are some of the creative highlights of the last year (starting with oldest to newest).This time last year, I was sending out my completed Peace Felt item:I was really happy with the outcome, but it was such a struggle getting to this point. I don't think that I am wired for felting. I went on a big crocheting kick (that I haven't really gotten out of). I can finally (with a lot of help from my friends) read patterns, so I made a small bunch of amigurumi critters ... here are a few of those highlights: and made a dozen or so belts of the same pattern in a slew of colors & textures ... here's one example:I actually used the pattern above to create a curtain for our living room window ... I wish I could actually use it, but it has zero privacy, so I only completed one panel. I haven't completely given up the thought (I'm considering weaving fabric through the spaces ... I'm just not certain how much more time and/or effort I really want to invest in the whole project). Time will tell.I made a bag (this one is actually for personal use, even): It's crocheted in the round and the strap is way too long, but since I stitched it right into the bag, I'm limited on my options to shorten it ... any thoughts?Most recently, I did return to my roots ... just a little. One of Sadie's best girlfriends had a 14th birthday not too long ago. I wanted to do something with the last few lines of that famous Robert Frost poem ... this is what I ended up with:the birthday girl seemed to like it just fine (and if I am wrong, I know her mama will be more than happy to adopt it). Speaking of her mama, she happens to be high on my "favorite people in the whole wide world" list ... she had a birthday just about a week before her daughter. For her, I broke out some new skills ... I used a torch for the first time! I made her a wire woven pendent with some stones inside ... wish I could show you, but unfortunately, I never actually took a photo of it ... one of these days, I might just have to invite myself over for a photo shoot.and there you have it ... a year of crafty play in one teeny tiny nutshell.[...]



OK, I give ... I really do like it when I have more than one thing on my plate at a time ... here's some "Works in Progress" First, I'm working on a new yarnish project & have been testing some squares like:and: I think I like the stitch better in the first square, but I LOVE the yarn of the second one ... it's super soft & the earthy colors feel good.My mom-in-law threw down a challenge ... she wants me to try my hand at making a doll for an ADO (Art Dolls Only) challenge ... the theme is "Grimm's Fairytales" ... do you have any idea how many there are to choose from?!? Tons! I still haven't figured out which character I wan't to do, but figured I better get cracking on making an attempt, so I started by playing around with some aluminum wire I had on hand. I formeded some legs, arms & trunk:and then started wraping (think hemp necklace knots) the legs in black and red embroidery floss:here's a detail:I haven't got a clue where this is going or what I'm doing next, but hey, at least there's something sitting on the table. :)This one: is the beginning of a sort of thank you project for a girlfriend. I know where this one (the gessoed cigar box) is going, but shhhh! it's a secret!Finally, I have been trying to figure out what to make for my Peace Felt project. I think I might be onto something ... started with an aluminum "frame": I thought I would wet felt an already too small black cashmere sweater, cut it to shape & sort of loosely whip stitch it to the frame ... then I was thinking I could cut a peace symbol out of the felted piece and "stitch" little Swarovki crystals into the open space ... I haven't got a clue if it'll actually work, but hey, I figure it's worth a try.wish me luck ... lots and lots of luck! [...]

2011 Sketchbook Project


I received my package in yesterday's mail: ... and I'm thinking I might just ask my daughter to go through it and mark uo/scribble on some of the blank pages, so I can get over my hesitation to mar the perfectly untouched journal ... ... did I mention that I let the "order system" select my theme: if you can't read the text, it says, "Things found on restaurant napkin" ... I'm amused. Wish me luck! ... AND ... There's still time for you to participate, too! If I remember correctly, sketchbooks will be available until the end of October. Click on ANY of the above images to get more information.[...]

Looking for a project?


I seem to be a person that likes to have projects ... preferably more than one at a time. I am still in the planning stages of the Peace Felt 2010 project and will be posting progress pictures as I (we - I've signed up Don & Sadie for it, too) get working.

Another project that I'm participating in is:


take a minute to click on the image above and check it out for yourself ... sign up is open till the end of October and is open internationally.

Finally, I still haven't decided if I'm going to do this one or not, but definitely think it's one worth sharing ... I can think of a dozen of you lovelies that are simply PERFECTLY suited for it ... Fabrik Magazine is having a juried competition open to artists in all media:

Click the image above for the details.

Entry deadline is fast approaching: August 31, 2010

I'm looking forward to seeing who takes the leap on this one.

Peace Felt 2010


The following was copied directly from the website:


To promote peace and connectivity among nations, loving kindness among individuals, gratitude in our hearts and in our consciousness - knowing that WE create our world through our thoughts, words and actions.

To, as Gandhi reminded us, "Be the change we wish to see in the world."
To promote awareness of the ancient art of felt making and the modern craft of needle felting for its qualities of being earth friendly, extremely versatile, and easy to learn!

I simply love this. (thanks again, Danielle!) To find out more, click on either image above to be directed to the website.

Be sure to registered by August 1st.

Happy Peace Crafting!!

one more for the diary project


I am happy to say that Lucy accepted my first submission for the 2011 Diary Project, so I went ahead and sent her another one:


plus, if you get the chance, go grab a copy of:


it's so full of great inspiration and has terrific artists featured this month ... like:

EB of Be ... Dream ... Play


Sandy of Sandy's Show n Tell

If you've never entertained the idea of an art journal, this issue could definitely plant the seed.

wishing everyone a day full of craftiness!!

A Winner Announced ... and other news ...


The Royal Palm Marina announced the Seawall Art Contest winner on this past rain filled 4th of July. Congratulations goes to Diane Davidson! Her piece really is pretty special:Here's a detail of the cool crab (holding a beer from Zeke's - the Tiki Bar located right above this portion of the wall):and another detail:Also, the:Contributions are (mostly) in. I, unfortunately, did not rise to the occasion and submit mine in time ... I did notice that Lucy still had pages that looked like they needed to be done, so updated my design with one of those dates and sent it over to her ... I don't know if the list is current or if she'll use the design, but thought I'd share this one:I believe if you click on the above image it will take you to a larger version.andfinally...must give a shout out to one super-fantasticgrrl+dogon a fluke, I picked up the latest issue of Stuffed (been wanting a copy since the first issue, but this was the first time I actually has the chance to buy one from the newstand) ... to my happy delight, Denise and her delightful Fuzels were brilliantly featured ... methinks you ought to go check them out:you can also find grrl @ her etsy shop HERE[...]

June's been a busy, busy month!


I guess I just have to admit that I've been busy ... been meaning to come post & visit all my wonderful blog friends, but life has different ideas for me ... here's the scoop: 1) I entered a lap blanket that I crocheted for my mom-in-law in the "Made by Hand" show at the Visual Arts Center here in Punta Gorda.The exhibition has been going on since the last weekend in May and everything comes down next Friday.Following are photo's of the blanket in progress: I used a bamboo/acrylic yarn that is yummy softhere's a snap of it in the gallery: and a close-up: a friend showed me a really cool edging: here's a closer look at it:I didn't place in the show ... BUT ... I did get: the People's Choice award:talk about a delightful surprise ***************************************************************I also tossed my name into a hat for a seawall space for a contest the Royal Palm Marina is having ... a lot of people showed interest & there are only 18 spots available ... would you believe my name got drawn?!? it's trueEEEK!here's the wall as I first saw it:12' x 5' ... base coat ... two shades of blue-green: and the three sea turtles in progress: here's a close-up ... flippers still need to be filled in: here's a shot of the one in the far left corner: and the middle one all filled in: and the one at the far right: I'm planning on adding some random circles throughout, but we've been getting rain ... and lots of it ... late afternoon and early evening (when I'm able to go out to the marina) ... I keep hoping that it'll let up (please cross your fingers). :) The judging is happening on the 4th ... wouldn't that be cool?!? ********************************************************************** and can't forget about:our contributions are due today ... wouldn't you know it, I'm not quite done ... and still at work ... but I will definitely be sending mine before I go to bed. There's my lil-more-than a nutshell of an update.Hope all is well with you![...]

Once in a while, late is actually better than on time ...


Case in point ... back in August I did a little side exchange (a charm for a charm) with the most gracious T of Running w/Scissors ... well, I got her wee package in no time flat (with a bonus charm to boot)... AND ...... well, uh, um ...... she still doesn't have hers ...BUTshe WILL have it before this week is overANDBecause it took me 100 years to get my act together, it's not just one, not two, but three of the lil crane charmsANDit doesn't stop thereCheck out what's headed to her mailbox:top/lid of an altered Altoides tinbottom - if you've ever visited her page, you'll recognize her "logo" from her banner.side(ok, yes, this IS from before completion, but I forgot to take one of the side)insideand there's just a little bit more:and here's a close-up of the goodies for inside the treat box:(and yes, I did check w/her first to see if she wanted to be surprised or if it was cool to post pictures)See what I mean?[...]

Auction is Live ... now thru the 24th!


Nothing like waiting until the 12th hour, but it's official ... the Cigar Box Shrine is finished and posted!Here's how it all came together:Take a little time to go check out the other amazing contributions to this years auction!Thank You![...]

Last Update Before Posting to the Auction Site


Thank goodness for extensions ... and Friday's off's where I am at:the interior of the box (all four sides) have been slathered w/gel medium and "tiled" with these really cool beads rescued from a not so cool necklace with a few random alternate beads. Prior to the gel medium drying, copious amounts of glitter was dumped to enhance the "grout" (top half of sides & top in a dark blue extra fine glitter, a teal glitter break line and bottom in a darker teal glitter)trying to share various angles...and a couple of close ups as well...sometimes it's not so great having a terrific camera ... these were taking during the "setting" stage (right now as I type) and have not yet been brushed of loose glitter, etc. ... next step ... once again, your guess is likely as good as mine (some might argue even better) ... but the muse is ordering me to bed ... said she'd be back in the morning and promises to help me have this finished and posted on the auction site well before midnight tomorrow!Remember to go check out the auction preview.Auction goes live April 17th and items will be up for bid thru the 24th.please note: I won't be near a computer from Sat-Mon, so if you send questions during that time, please know that I won't be able to respond until Monday night. [...]

A Second Update (or: The Girl Likes to Weave Paper)


As of 04/09/10 - the auction dates have been postponed to April 17 - 24th.There's still time to create a cigar box shrine if the urge is inside you.All contributions now due April 16th (phew ... looks like I've got a little time to breathe after all.******************************************Paint dry, pieces separated & the weaving began ... love the effect of using the same basic colors but contrasting with light against dark. Here's the blue/green one:And the blue/purple (narrower strips):Once weaved, I added glue to the back and let it dry completely ... then cut pieces from the weave and covered all the sides plus the front ... the wider strip weave went on the top and bottom (long sides) with the other on the sides ... I added pieces of both to the front "panels/doors".Here's a view of the top ... or maybe that's the bottom:and of one side:Here's a shot of the front (with a little top-a-showin):and another one (with a little side-a-showin):I really, REALLY like the effect of the painted paper weaved, though I am thinking I'd like to seal it with some varnish ... matte? gloss? ... not sure. I am sure that this makes me want to do a much larger scale weaved piece ... will have to add that to the list that keeps on growing.The cigar boxes need to be completed and posted to the auction site tomorrow. I'm hoping the interior completion comes together as naturally as everything else to this point. I'll be sure to post to let everyone know when up & available to bid on.[...]

jump right in ...


here's the box:A paintbrush, Liquitex acrylic Phthalocyanine Blue, Phthalocyanine Green, Brilliant Blue, Cobalt Blue, Titanium White & Mars Black ... inside "doors" and back painted.****************************had an urge to weave, so cut some strips & taped them to wax paper:first set drying:second set ... blopped:and drying:where's all this going? your guess is as good as mine. ultimatelyit will wind up:please see previous post for even more information.thank you![...]



Remember this:... funny how the full circle often comes just in the nick of time ...*****************************************************The following is copied directly from Rebecca's March 19th post sometimes opening your heart is as simple as filling an empty box Shrine auction for Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots 2010artist entry deadline to submit to shrine website April 9th.*****************************************************The link on my sidebar goes directly to the auction site ... there's still time left to create a shrine to be included in the auction, though time is running out.As I type this, there are FIVE days left. [...]

A Call for Entries


Have you heard?!?


who knows ... the winner could be ...


for more information, click the image above or go here:

also ... it's time to reserve your page for the 2011 Diary Project:


I've got mine ... now go get your page today!

a wee bit-o-braggin


Looks like Sadie is definitely smarter than a sewing machine ... she spent last Saturday gettin her creative on over at a friends house ... and had a BLAST doing it, too.

With a little guidance from the house mama (a wonderful creative genius in her own right), the girls spent some time making monsters. This mama was blown away that one of the lil monsters came home to me. This is Pez:

Super sweet, don't you think? Yep, me, too. It warms my heart that Sadie actually gave all of her monsters away (translation - she was really proud of what she created & has a generous heart hiding under her tween skin).

Here's hoping everyone is getting a little love tossed their way, too!