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Rebecca Kerin Folk Art Dolls

Updated: 2018-02-24T19:27:04.569-05:00


Peek- a-Boo!


...Way back When....


Looong ago, before I was makin' dolls, I was peddlin' my paintings.....

~ In the Works ~


Just two of the lil characters that are on my work table today ... Not being a fan of winter except for the beautiful cool palette of the woods and fields... Love hybernating in my studio, trying to decide of she will be a "ginger" or a (antique) flaxen lass... I suppose that will depend on my choice of dress fabrics.. Love to have all elements compliment each other... Keep warm, dear friends!



Busy baking, (doll parts, that is...) and in my studio creating lotsa lil characters for the new year! Will keep you posted...

                 May your New Year be happy and healthy!

Two Lil' Gals


Two lil' 15" gals that were keeping me company above my work table that I redressed in antique calico, gingham and trim!

Antique batiste unders, knit stockings & sculpted shoes. $285. + $10. insured USPS travel faire each. Chair not included.



Happy Independence Day!




 Claire is hand sculpted and 20" tall. Antique flax hair, glass eyes and antique calico dress.


~ Prudy ~


 ~ SOLD ~ 

Prudy is one of my newest hand sculpted Paperclay and fabric dolls. She has glass eyes and is garbed in antique calico! Available now on my Picturetrail! Link to the upper right!

~ Happy St. Paddy's Day! ~


Sharing one of my ol' "Bullfrog Boys" in his Irish eight piece Newsboy's cap!... Stay tuned, big dolly news coming soon!

~ Miss Fanny Figwort ~



Mis Fanny is hand sculpted polymer clay over a wire, padded armature. Available at Sharon Renninger's Gatherings at Country Meadows in Kutztown, Pa.   Thanks for visiting,

Miss Dorcas Dogtooth


Dorcas is hand sculpted in polymer clay on an armature, with antique flax tresses and garbed in antique fabrics.

She is available at Sharon Renninger's Gatherings at Country Meadows in Kutztown, Pa.

"Witchies" 2016


Available at Sharon Renninger's Country Meadows in Kutztown, Pa. (more pix to follow)

"Witchies Inda Werks!"


This is one of the sweet ol' gals that is on my workbench this week. ( Hat n' hair just temporarily plopped on)......Some new younger ones too!..... Will keep you posted! Hope you're enjoying your summer!

~ Garden Life ~


Make sure you wear your bonnet when you work in that sunny garden!Papyrus in my caldron                                           A quick garden tourHope you are enjoying your summer. Hard to stay in the studio when my garden calls...My favorite place to sit and hook![...]

~ Bettina ~


                    I'd love to introduce you to "Bettina"!

              She is one of my newest dolls, 'bout 30" tall. Hand sculpted paperclay over fabric.

" The Bullfrog Boys"


Looks like it was a fun and productive day down at the pond!  Each of these handsome lads came home with a bullfrog in their vest pocket! So much fun to create theses 16" tall fellows with fully lined vests, vintage fabrics, lots of teeny buttons and (Oh, creating the pattern for) those eight piece woolen Irish caps! Included, handmade wooden stands. Available this weekend at Sharon Renninger's Country Meadows. You are welcome to click on to see all the details in their clothing! Thanks, have a great weekend!

Oooh, It's been awhile....



Yes, it has been a busy couple of months here at the cottage.... "Life" sometimes just seems to take over  (never even had the time to enter the Early American Life's Directory this year) and the more I felt like I was running to catch up, the more dolls I kept starting! So what happens when you have so many ideas dancing in your head and you have almost a dozen lil' characters started, it seems like none are ever getting finished and you are rapidly going nowhere!...So I will start off one at a time. This is Violet. You see, I get these gals sculpted and painted, but then, just like with any gal, it's "Oh, now WHAT do I wear today?" Sometimes they sit there watching me for days until I decide what to dress them in. I originally thought I would dress her in homespun like another gal that I finished. But this child's dress fit so perfectly and being spring and garden party season rapidly approaching...well she needed a bonnet too! She's about 25 +" (I forgot to measure) with antique clothing and sculpted clay curls!

New Year, New Dolls in the Works...


My view looking up from my workbench this morning. Brewing some new dolls ..... Isn't that the sweetest name on that vintage greeting card snippet? Just something in a boxed lot that I picked up awhile back.   Keep warm,

Charlotte & Nella


Charlotte & Nella are two of my newest dolls. Each is approximately 29" tall, hand sculpted paperclay over cloth. They have several characteristics of the Izannah Walker dolls, a wooden dowel for a spine is surrounded by a body of very tightly stuffed fabric snippets covered by a second skin for neatness and durability. Also separately applied thumbs.They are clothed in antique clothing and fabrics. Each wears a pair of antique shoes and cotton stockings.

Charlotte has found a loving home with a dear collector of several of my dolls. I sure she will a be very happy playing and having tea parties with her sisters! Many thanks, dear Kathy!

Nella, in her antique gingham pinafore is still available (I think) at Sharon Renninger's Gatherings at Country Meadows in Kutztown, Pa. Thanks for visiting!

~ Sweet Cythia finds a home! ~


I was told that sweet Cythia was adopted this past weekend. She has always been one of my favorite dolls, with her cheerful smile and garbed in antique milled homespun and calico! Wish I had lots more of that wonderful old brown fabric, loved it! A big "Thank You" to her new mom, I'm sure she is going to live in a very loving home! Happy Weekend to all!

"Gentle Crone"


Dress of antique calico and a shawl cut from an antique coffin cover, this sweet crone is ready to celebrate the season!

~ Cora & Her Prim Friends ~


 Stopped by Sharon Renninger's Gatherings the other week to deliver some new dolls. This one is Cora, one of my 2015 Early American Life's Directory entries to which I added a starched antique baby bonnet and a basket of eggs.

 She is 20" tall, hand sculpted and firmly stuffed with old cloth snippets. Cora also has glass eyes, and antique flax braids. Her clothing is of antique calico and homespun.

 She has black cotton stockings and hand sculpted high top shoes.

     Prim Friends ~ Sharon, Cora & myself ~ Hope you get a chance to stop by and visit!

Cora has found a home with a dear collector. She has several siblings to keep her company! Many thanks,

~ A Special Doll for a Dear Collector ~


I have recently had the joy of creating this special doll for a dear collector, so I know she will have several of her siblings to keep her company in her new home!
 Teal blue antique shoes, heirlooms of  her "New Momma" were the inspiration for this gal.

 Perfectly, naturally aged Christening gown, altered to a drop waist Edwardian style dress.

Antique petticoat and matching ribbons for her dress and hair. This young lady is 25" tall. So happy to have her going to such a loving home. Thanks so much....

~ Happy Memorial Day! ~


Happy Memorial Day!