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We have to take steps, sometimes they are backwards and small, but we all have to keep going.  Over the past couple of years I have pushed my art aside.....pushed me aside.   Family life got complicated, health challenges arose and self doubt hovered over me like a dark cloud.  My blog used to bring me joy, I met all sorts of people and a sense of art community inspired me at the core......I was intoxicated by the inspiration, the genuineness is real and even though it was through a screen we connected.  Then like I mentioned above I lost a sense of me......I traveled through a darkness.  Then something happened, the light was reignited.  I began to tell my story and paths began to shape the direction I shouyld be going...... puffs of air began to fill my heart and I began to see the light.  I have been so inspired by others and want to keep taking these steps....even though they are small, I am taking them.  So, I am going to share my journey here.....
When I saw this bracelet...and it spoke to me in my rawness, I bought it to be a reminder,a badge of my vulnerability. New pieces are coming....stay tuned!            

we all must bloom


We all must bloom....some take longer than others but we eventually bloom! I myself are learning a lot about myself as the older I get.  Grateful for the challenges and the mistakes....and trust me there were many and I am bound to make more, but I do believe I am blooming. I am more comfortable in my skin, what I stand for and how I am growing....

This piece was commission from a stranger who found my artwork online.....but as the process was completed we are now friends.  Uncanny, we are very similar and our path's crossing right now is a time for growth for both of us. 

Enjoy.......I hope the flowers come peeking through the ground soon, for at last it is the last day of winter!!!   Smiles :)


Cracks in the heart


Cracks in the Heart Let the Sunshine In, lyrics by country artist Steve Holy.  So true!! We learn so much from challenges, obstacles and failures.  Lately, I have looked inwards at the my own art journey.  So MANY ups and downs.  What I have learned from being an artist as each time, I have trials, I was growing.  Breakthroughs were emerging and if I saw them like a student learning, I was able to embrace them....even as HARD as they were!! I am student always willing to be taught and willingly want to have personal growth not only as an artist but as a human being!  Have you gone through challenges lately.....with time passed did you see how much you learned after you went through it?   Keep going! Be brave :)

New bag design.....just in time for Valentines day!!
$58.00 plus shipping-if international please email first for shipping costs-

Chat Soon,

Progress and product


Do you ever wake up and actually get out of bed and write something down....or can't fall asleep because ideas are swimming around in your head.  That's me lately.....which it feels great, like a block has been removed. A transformation is happening.  I am embracing the change and know that I am growing.  Here is what is happening in my studio lately......I love copper, something about it's richness and warmth. She is not quite done, I actually found quote that I will be adding to it.....

"If we identify with the soul we awaken the authentic self, inspire the spirit and fuel the fire of transformation" Micheal Teal

I am ready.......

Good Night :)

New Class


I am super excited to tell you that I will be teaching a fun art mixed media art at RELUX VINTAGE.
I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Relux and launching some new fun art classes! This class we will explore paints, papers and layers of fun!   We will provide all your supplies and some yummy treats!  Contact me if you have any questions :)

"Your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize.
 Your words are the greatest power you have.
The words you choose and their use establish the life you experience." - Sonia Choquette

Delete Button......


SO much time has passed.....where do I I even begin again?.  Is it easier to just hit the delete button and start over?  I kept this blog as a reminder of where I was......a diary as most people do.  An online diary of my art, my family and everyday stories.  I had some challenges and this place slowly drifted from my memory.  I still had pockets of creativity, but my heart was not willing to put it out there.  Call it self-protection or denial, I was stuck in fear.  I slowly came out of my fog and am beginning to see clearly again.  I let the monsters creep in and tear me down a bit.....I think all artists have these moments, questioning self-worth, questioning time and how to do it was easy to still me inner voice and stop the creativity.  I think that's because I am mother and justified it.....found other things to busy my time.....

Its been way TOO LONG!!  The artist never left, the warrior never left, call it a slow healing.  I feel strong again.  Many of my tribe (family, friends and fellow artists) have held me close, encouraged me and even pushed me when I needed it.  I am so grateful for them and for the power of art. It's woven into me like a body needs to create, I love to create.

So, as the song lyric by Gene Autry goes, I am back in the saddle again......I am here!!!  I have some exciting news to share.  I have partnered up with a great local company called RELUX.  I will be teaching classes and selling my line of work there.  The universe is patient and I truly believe you meet the right people at the right time.  I learned a while back there are three reasons why you meet people.  You meet them for a REASON, a SEASON or a LIFETIME.  I have had a lot of things happen the last couple of years and with NO DOUBT this wasn't just a random calling is art, to heal and help others through this messy thing called life.

Over the past couple of years I have heart has art has changed.  I am excited to share my new stuff with you.  I am excited for you to meet me again and re-introduce yourselves.  I am looking forward to what's to come......

Summer Days!


 We are enjoying the summer over here. Nights are mostly spent at the ball field, which has been hot lately...shssh!! Long nights with catching fire flies and dodging water balloons. If I could bottle this age I would. Being bored comes the best creativity. We have made water slides from boogie boards, tents with strings and tying water balloons with spoons, but this the fun of summer and growing up! Learning to boogie board, finding seashells, peeling shoulders and endless ice cream cones.  We are enjoying no schedules and have already counted down the summer.....bummer! We have visited some family and have relaxed.  Gardening is a bit challenging, but we are still trying.  We love flowers and it so fun when they actually come back the following year. Can you tell I don't have a green thumb.  This year I have introduced succulents into our space and I love them. Being silly, trying to stay up really really late (this is big when your six), being able to eat two smores because mom says it is ok just this one time :) Summer is about being free, laughing, and having fun.  I know this will not be the case much longer, our almost teenager will not want to be around his boring parents....sniff sniff, but today I am enjoying the summer, family and grateful to see these experiences.   Tomorrow is not here yet, so I hope your enjoying your summer days and nights. Eating smores and laughter.  It goes by so quickly, but today I think I will be indulging in a scoop of ice cream. How about you? Smiles, Jackie   [...]

Wow...I fell off the planet!


I cant believe its been since January since I last posted. Kids, life....holy smokes the time goes fast.
I have been super busy, teaching, working and doing a bit of designing. I obviously cant balance so well, since I haven't journaled any of it! I hope that will change, I think it will.

The power of blog land, I recently meet so many wonderful ladies. Its been uplifting and inspiring to say the least.  I had the chance to go to Nada Farms. WHAT A TREAT!! The farm was beautiful and all the sweet vendors had lovely wares.  I shopped and even took an art class.
I had a ball and Jeanne was such an amazing teacher!! Here is us with my new mixed media piece~YAY!! You must go check out her clothing line.....simply gorgeous!! I will journal soon...
A special thanks to Traci, your pictures are beautiful, thanks so much for taking them this weekend. The one above picture was taken by Traci. You ladies were a treat and have inspired me in so many ways, thank you!
Chat soon ~ xoxo   

love....make some love and share!


Creative juices are easily distracted with three kids. I try to be creative daily but sometimes our life becomes chaotic and....well, I will be doesn't happen! I did happen to get some things done for the love day and my daughters birthday which is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Baby!! I haven't been in clay in so long.....I miss it, but my hands are thankful. I created this french girl holding a heart on a buttoned box. I also made the frame with buttons.  Found the frame in the clearance section, painted and glued buttons which I had on a piece of burlap. This piece will stay out all year, but perfect for Valentines Day. I forgot where I saw this frame idea, so if it was your idea, send me an email and I will add your link.   I have been painting canvas and making bags which I got the idea from this talented gal. I was fortunate enough to take her class last summer and I have found painting fun, intimidating, but fun! I also made this box and got the idea from her book Canvas Remix, so full of great ideas. This box will be for my daughter for her hair clips, I am trying to keep those things organized....trying....  It was made from all the scraps from the canvas bags, just cut up and glued to a box. I added a fun wooden knob and some wooden feet.I made a few bags for Christmas presents and just got carried AWAY! My daughter asked for one for her birthday and I thought it would be fun.  I got the great charm from here. Her shop is so fun and she also had a fun spread on making bags in the magazine Gifts Cloth Paper Scissors. The striped bag was from her pattern and then I made two others with words. The combinations are endless!       Make some of your own love today and share it with others....xoxo![...]

Happy New Year


Wishing You and Yours Peace Love & Happiness!!

Christmas is near......


Christmas is near and I hope there is no stress for you, really I do.I think last month was my stressful time with all the doctor visits.We are all doing better, thank you for all your kind emails.They were all so sweet and kind, you warmed my heart. I am busy making handmade gifts....many to do this year.In our family we have a tradition of helping others.We have sent shoe boxes filled with toys and necessities for kids across the world.You can too, there is still time, here is the link.We also are packing meals for kids on Friday here.If your local there is still spots available, come on by!  My kids are counting the days to pack meals......its very rewarding for them, for me too!With being so cold outside, I have found time to do one home project.I know right, I cant believe it either....I have wanted a kid station in our extremely small entry way forever.With three kids it can get, it gets MESSY.So, I found this piece on the side of the road.Yes, my runner friend and I picked this up and stuck it my van.My husband rolled his eyes and I had another project in the garage....I confess I have MANY!!Well this one is checked off my list.My daughter helped and we had fun.It looks very anthropologish to papers patterns and prints. The last thing to do was to find some baskets.My hope is my kids will get there stuff in the baskets instead of the floor, crossing my fingers. A friend and I went to the flea market last weekend...yes in December we trucked out in the cold....brrrrr!!It was well worth it.....I scored two vintage wire milk baskets.They fit perfectly, what do you think?      We have played in the snow since we all feeling better.....I had to add this picture, just for fun.I want you to look closely....we have a new friend in our house.She is the one looking out the door.....can you see her?She is a white/mix Siamese cat. She hung around our house all summer. With winter coming I desperately wanted to find her a home because I knew she wouldn't survive the brutal cold here.Well, we haven't found her a home yet, but thankfully she is warm.  We have named her Molly and if your interested, please email me.  I unfortunately can not have cats, but my heart couldn't see this sweet animal with no home. She is the sweetest and even loves my two shih tzus Huck and Finn. She loves playing and just being by you......I believe animals that have faced hard times just know and have the best dispositions, don't you think?Please find it your heart to spread some love this holiday season and all year through.  I wish you all a very merry holiday, chat soon xoxo          [...]



Dec this true?
How did the time escape me?
Family life has taken me over, over the edge.
Alex had surgery, she is doing better, but for two weeks we were all tired.
Jake dislocated his knee in a soccer game.....
More doctors, an mri and even a surgeon, but thankfully no surgery need...whew~
Thanksgiving was a true day of being thankful....pretty relaxing with no stress, just yummy food!
I am running a lot more, doing less art.
Just taking a break, I had a full fall schedule.
Too many shows this year for my poor family to deal with.
I am making handmade gifts for special soon....shhh,dont tell!
Here is my only winter piece for sale.
She is sculpted from clay, I have added tiny mercury ornies to a rusty wire.
She is dusted with glitter and has a vintage flair.
She is 9 inches tall.
Cost is $58 plus shipping.
Email to purchase....
SOLD, thank you! 

Enjoy this wonderful season,chat soon....xoxo

Dazed and Confused....


Whew....time is flying by.
Few local things are happening which is keeping me busy.
I had a gallery event this weekend at our fall festival, it kept me so busy.
I didn't have my camera to take pictures and I felt as if I wasn't even present.
Talking with some customers, I am sure they thought I didn't have a brain!!

I have a few more shows that I have added to my hopefully I can get my act together.....and not so confused, like a deer in headlights.

I am doing an event at my church, called Bella Viaggio.
Its a women's event and there will be a holiday boutique.
I was asked to participate and was so honored and thrilled.
There will be over 60 vendors.......get some Christmas shopping done early!!
So, if your local stop on by for some holiday treats!! 
 This guy is sold...thanks for all the emails!
I have a whimsical scarecrow available.
It is a old fashioned crank music box that plays If I Only Had a Brian.....

I know right......its what I need lately.....heee hee!!
Chat Soon  

Some gifts dont have bows....


I am feeling very grateful today.
I was fortunate enough to take an art class from an uber talented gal from the west coast.  Due to my moms generous gift I was able to take one of Alisa Burke's workshops here in Chicago at the Create Workshops.....
So fantastic, I learned so much and experienced a new found love for creating large!
Most of you knew I work small, this class was called Larger Than Life!!
I had to let go and paint layers and layers on a huge canvas, mine was 5 feet wide or so....GI-NORMOUS!!!!!
I was scared, terrified and starred at the blank canvas for quite a bit, but then just started adding layers.  
It was cathartic and wildly fun!!
I think this has changed my art and I am not intimidated by large canvas anymore.....yay!!!
Here is a my canvas...I am still added elements and have quite a bit to go, but I am happy with my progress.
This was an unbelievable gift (thanks mom!)I cant wait to get messy with my kids! There are so many projects that are running through my mind~I just need to find the!!!
Enjoy the day   

Another project crossed off my list.....


We are in countdown mode at my house. We have 9 days left until school starts.  I can not believe summer has zipped away. I love this time of year.I don't know about your kids but mine bicker, some days are better than others, but by now I can tune them out like a champ.  Unless one has blood streaming down my face, I don want to hear what one did to the other.I know....I sound like I don't care, but I do, our house rule is treat others as how you would like to be treated,This is how it goes.......running footsteps towards me.Mommy, Mommy, Jake did this to me....its usually a scuffle, but well enough to drum up crocodile tears and no marks visible.  I automatically ask Kate, what did YOU do??......more footsteps running towards me.Jake interrupts, I stopped her from hitting me and she got mad.I reply, is that mommy Jake wouldn't let me hit him and he was laughing at me.....You see Jake is 12 and our youngest is 5.So, I send them on their way and tell Kate not to hit and she turns around and says, I am not, Jake wouldn't let me. (as i try not to laugh....hehehe) Some would think this is funny (which i do), but after the 10th time its more frustrating than comical.Our middle child was sick this week, so we laid low and needless to say everyone was bored.So, today started off with a bang!We finished up getting school supplies and clothes....I love this part!I remember the smells of new erasers, shiny notebooks and new art supplies. To me it was like Christmas morning, I loved all new art supplies, clothes and the excitement of seeing old friends and making new ones.I know I am a dork, but the start of school was just so much fun and now as a mom....I am excited to send them on their way...yippee!!!We always buy a special outfit for our kids.It is still hot, summer like temperatures so they usually still wear their summer shorts and such, but they love picking out something new.This year, I wanted to make the girls a funky pair of capri's.....As you know, I LOVE fabric and I couldn't resist to challenge myself with ruffled capri's.So, I have finished a 2 pairs and have three more to do! This was my first pattern I followed and my first pair of pants I have ever  MADE!!!My girls love them and I have already been stopped to make/take orders...heheehee!!I don't think I will change from working in clay to manufacturing pants, but I do love them~now if I could only make them in my size :)Enjoy your day :)xoxo jackie[...]

Summer Snippets.....


Summer is in full swing.
We have been swimming, biking and being lazy.
I love not having a schedule and being able to do whatever we want.
I survived my week away from my baby, he returned safely from camp.....
I still get emotional, he is growing up so fast!!!

Here is quick pic of a face painting adventure we had.
This lady is amazing.....not just your average flower or star~
Finally, a sneak peak of tonights debut on Spooky Time Jingles.
This is just one of my pieces available. 
This is our 2nd anniversary!!! Yippee, I am having a sweet treat available too....stop on by!!
Hope your enjoying your summer too!!

Summer bugs and the blues......


Today is a bit grey, we have rain this morning and I am feeling gloomy inside too.My oldest is going away for church camp on Saturday.I have had months to prepare, we had to register in Feb.Today it is hitting me and just a little too hard~I dont know how I will manage a week with out seeing his sweet face.Ya see he is only 11......why did I agree to this??He will be 6 hours away.I know I know.....he is growing up, but why so FAST~I am trying to stay strong and not let him see me get emotional.Even just typing this I have nervous butterflies fluttering away ........So, as I pull myself together, I hope the days will fly by.Speaking of flying, I have been working on bugs....ladybugs that is......A client asked to me create some unique pieces for her ladybug tree.How cute is that.....all sorts of ladybug ornaments.I did two, there is Miss Ladybug  in a previous post.When I finished with her she asked me to do a Mr. Bug.... a Gentlemen of course!He was so fun to create and he even holds a handful of red posies behind his the week gets closer to an end and our son leaves for camp, I have to remember to let go a little.I know he will have so much fun and when he returns he will probably be an inch taller ***SNIFF***So as his week journey is about to begin and he spreads his wings a bit and begins to fly.....I will embrace the ride.....up up and away!!!   (whether i like it or not)   That us at a festival in Galena, Illinois.  The hot air balloons were gorgeous!!More to come.......... [...]

Party planning anyone???


Happy Monday......
We had a wonderful Fathers Day with my two favorite guys,
My dad and my hubby, both outstanding fathers.
We grilled and hung out for the day.
I am so thankful for these two guys.
They are great examples for the kids and I truly have two gems in my life~

Speaking of gems....we are planning a combo birthday bash for our 2 girls.
Still working out some details, but I think a tea party is the census.
Since going on my art retreat and creating the teapot with Alice and the rabbit, my girls have insisted on a tea party with a wonderland my wheels have been turning.
My awesome hubby has been doing some things too....its going to be a fun gala.

If you need some party ideas....check this site out, she is also having a giveaway!!


Giveaway Giveaway.....inner junk, yay!!


What a giveaway.....pop over to Junk Bonanza.  They are having a delicious giveaway, a piece of fabulous jewelry from Beth Quinn.  Yippee!!! So the question is when did you find your inner junk self?

I did not have to ponder long......
I love old, eclectic funky things,but for me it would have to be when I received my first big girl bike.
I was 11 or parents did not buy me the pink huffy with sparkles.
I received a 50s mint green cruiser........I LOVED IT!
I was so proud of that bike, I rode it for years!!

This year we actually bought our middle daughter a big girl big.....
After much research, we found this!!! Love it!!!
Enjoy your ride!!

Summer Sandwiches


I love to cook, but finding new things to do is somewhat challenging.
We have staples in our house.....but as an artist I also love to get creative in the kitchen 
We eat salmon twice a week, I love salmon.
The challenge is to find something interesting to do with it~

Well, if you like salmon, you must try it!!
You will not be disappointed.....

Note ~ This recipe is for poached salmon, but you can use leftover salmon from the grill

1/2 cup dry white wine or water
12 ounces skinless salmon fillet, about 1 inch thick
3 wedges of Laughing Cow Cheese (I used garlic and herb)
   *you can also use whipped cream cheese...any flavor you prefer
2 tbsp. milk, I use low fat 2%
1 tbsp fresh dill
1 tsp finely shredded lemon peel
Ciabatta Loaf cut and toasted
1 cuo fresh baby spinach

In a large skillet combine wine and 1/2 cup water
Bring to a boil; add fish
Cover and simmer for 8 to 12 minutes or until fish is easily split with a fork
Remove fish, discard liquid
Let fish cool or serve with dish warm, its up to you~

In a small bowl combine cheese, milk, dill, lemon peel and 1/8 tsp of fresh ground pepper.
I did this first and put in the fridge to meld flavors.

Spread mixture on cut sides of bread, arrange spinach and salmon and ENJOY!!

This is a great summer sandwich.
It reminds me of the beach or picnicking in the park.
We made it this weekend with fresh  yummy!!
Kid tested and kid approved too......this one will become a staple in our house.
Chat Soon~

Summer is here....


The kids have one day left.....oh my!!!
Are moms really excited?

I am excited to be relaxed and bored......
I feel that I create best with no routine,
I love the kids in the art room with me.
We laugh, we sing and ideas start spilling over.

So, I am excited for that, but......
Yes, there is a big BUT,
I am not excited for the fighting......the messes.....the complaining its too hot.
Its summer!!!! Enjoy it, I am going to try really hard :)
We plan on do lots so if I am not around, drop me a line.

I am still taking custom Mrs. Bug she is flying off to California~
Enjoy ~ Chat Soon!!

I finished something......


If you read my earlier post I was complaining about my unfinished projects. I finished one.....hooray!!! It was my grandmothers dining room set, I should say, the hutch.  It was very outdated, blonde wood....yikes, but it had delicate edges and I saw POTENTIAL, so we began this long process. My husband and I tackled it together and I love the way it turned out.  We painted it cream and sanded the edges, kept the black hardware and put my creamware back inside.....voila!!
So, feeling a bit good and crossing something off my long, seemingly endless list, today was a good day. We did hang the curtain rods, I still have to hem the edges of the curtains, so hopefully another project will be completely soon ;) 

On the art scene, some of my work is an Etsy shop for Spooky Time Jingles.  This is for a very limited time and I have special prices, so hurry on over and see!!! 
Chat Soon....xoxo   

Still going....


My unfinished projects have got the best of me. 
I am still painting furniture, trim and trying to get my rooms back in order.
Spring time is always hectic for us.
Sport schedules, end of year programs at school, and more projects like yard work.
I am very happy being able to be outside more, but.....
When I spend more time outside....the inside gets neglected :(

The only project I have finished is a whimisical quilt.
Strawberries, polka dots, lady bugs and just full of fun~
I even recycled a cute sequined shirt.
It was my daughters and with left over scrap fabric, I made this sweet little pillow.
So, know we can snuggle up and read her favorite books.

I also finished my second half marathon.....this year a friend joined me and it was a blast.
The special treat was my husband and kids cheering me on every few special~
So know that you have seen my treats.
I wish all you moms a very special day on Sunday!!!
Happy Mother's Day~

Traveling to Paris


Want to laugh and see some great photos.  Pop on over to Lola B's blog for a some great Paris stories.  She has an amazing blog and is a phenomenal story teller!! Plus a few goodies she is giving away...YIPPEE!!

The Halloween Raffle Tree is up and looks GORGEOUS....pop on over and buy a raffle ticket for just a dollar, yep just a dollar to receive all this Halloween goodness, good luck!! You can buy tickets HERE, good luck!!

The Unfinished Project Bandit


Projects.....the word overwhelms me.
With Spring here I always get over my head with the start of too many projects....
Let see what is going on in my household right now....
We put bead board up in the kitchen, plus repainting it too.
Dining room is getting repainted and we are painting my grandmothers armoire, sideboard and table....oh my!
Just typing it down makes me shake my head, why do I do this??
Plus, I have a few art commitments and 3 busy kids.
One of which is SpookyTime Jingles.
Which that project is done, and it will debut on the 13th.
Here is sneak peek of one piece...the pumpkin bandit~

Its the perfect piece for what going on in my life.
This bandit is not the thief of unfinished projects.
He is a pumpkin bandit!
Hop on over and check out all the wonderful artists.
A huge thank you for supporting handmade artists~and hopefully you are finishing your unfinished projects!