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Holiday Folk Art & Magikal Musings

Updated: 2018-02-03T19:53:31.815-05:00


Creepy Voodoo Creeper Art Dolls


Creepy Voodoo Creeper has a new friend!  He's broken hearted. 
Beware of these two! Good luck or bad depends on you.

Creepy Folk Art Primitive Voodoo Doll


Sometimes you find wonderful things in the woods!  I found this natural occurring stick body.  All this little creepy voodoo fellow needed was a face and twine accent. He is full of his own spirit.  Wishing everyone a hauntingly Happy New Year! (image)

Giant Glittered Snowman Pinecone


Snowman ornament is on the large size!. Made with a giant pinecone.  He is glittered for festive sparkle! 
Just in time for a ton of snow!

Winter Witch


Blue banshee has come to scream in the Winter cold and ice.
She's got her little tree and a tiny spun cotton magic mushroom.
She's now listed in my etsy shop.
We finally got a couple inches of snow here!

Merry Krampus...update


Catch them while you can! These are the last of my Krampus.  I'm not sure if I can get more done before Christmas. I hope you have all been good today you wouldn't want a visit from Krampus tonight!

Gingerbread Man and Sour Pickle


Gingerbread Man really looks good enough to eat!  Please don't he's not a real cookie! You can catch him in my etsy shop.
Sour Pickle is a great gift for someone who loves to ruin the Holidays with their horrible sour personality!  You know the type! 
This pickle got a hold of Santa's hat which puts him in a bad pickle!

A Funny Yule Log and Christmas Cat


Yule log/stump is super funny!  He has a little spun cotton mushroom growing on his head. Christmas Cat is vintage inspired and holds a tiny bottle brush tree.
Shop updates below
I have one large Krampus left.
The one with the basket of children is left.
I will be listing 2 smaller ones later so please check my shop more fun on the way.
Happy December!

Menagerie of Holiday Creatures


Festive Creatures are now listed in my shop. I have 2 small red Krampus left and 2 more brown ones in the works.  My favorite is the Cyclops.  He carries a club to beat anyone who doesn't have Holiday spirit!  You know the nasty mean people!  I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

A Couple Krampus Ornaments and Figgy Pudding


I finally finished some new Krampus ornaments.  They are vintage inspired.  In some vintage postcards it shows Krampus with a bag of apples. He hands those out to the well behaved.
Figgy Pudding is pretty ridiculous yet fun.
All are available in my etsy shop.

Bizarre And Weird Ornaments


Alien abduction ornament! (image)
A frozen acorn and Winter Sprite now has  Frozen Moon friend.
I have 6 Krampus in the works and 2 larger ones are listed in my Esty shop now.

A Lump For You


Is someone on your naughty list?
A lump of coal is the perfect gift.
He sits a top a vintage light reflector.
I do love the fact that he can hang or sit.
Stay tuned I have some bizarre things coming soon!

Falling Snowflakes


Here's a little batch of snowflakes.
I prefer the ones with teeth! They know the bite of Winter.

Wintery Sprite and Falling Snowflakes


Hi friends I hope you are all having a lovely November.  We just got blasted with a Wintery cold front.  Burr...!
So I managed to finish a couple falling snowflakes ornaments and one Winter Sprite. They are now listed in my shop. Stay warm peeps!

An Unconventional Bunch


Yeti is super happy with his tree and bunny! (image)
Moon Man Holds a little ray of hope.(image)
Coal Man is coming for all of you who are nasty and mean and rotten!  You know who you are!

Krampus and Bigfoot


Krampus got a hold of a couple naughty children.  I don't think he'll drag them off to Hell. I suppose they will just get spankings. 
Little Bigfoot is spending his time collecting mushrooms in the forest.  He's from Washington State.  I have heard he is spotted there often Both are now available in my Esty shop if you're interested!(image)

Vintage Style Cute Santa Feather Tree Ornaments


I finished this happy group of Santa ornaments.
They are completely made with vintage parts!
I would guess that their kitchsy heads are 1950s.
All are now listed in my Etsy shop. I have 5 left.
Stay tuned for more Krampus, Yeti and Bigfoot ornies.

Have you been naughty. ..Krampus


This year has been a horrible year!
Don't fret because this is wonderful for Krampus!
He loves the horrible and naughty folks.
You know the ones who lie and gossip. The ones who's intention is to hurt people!
He is celebrated on December 6th and he is the side kick of St . Nicholas.
Perhaps someone you know is on his naughty list!
My list this year is a long one! You know who you are.
This Krampus is inspired by vintage post card images.  He is now listed in my etsy shop.

Mini Falling Snowflake Ornaments


Hi all! I have just started listing a couple falling snowflake ornaments.
They are wood and paper clay and are glittered for sparkle. They are a wee 2.5 inches.
I have Krampus ornaments in the works I will share them when they are ready. I needed to get detail brushes so I'm sorry for the delay!
I hope everyone is having a spooky fun October!

Creepy Witch of the Woods


Yes she is very creepy!  To find out more about her visit my etsy shop. She is looking for a new home. 

Spooky White Pumpkin Man Ornament


This spooky pumpkin man has been hanging around for a year.
I finally finished him he's awaiting a new home.
He is now listed in my etsy shop.
His brother who is an orange pumpkin fellow has found a new home.
He isn't that lonely Wild Turnip Man is hanging out with him.

Warty Wart Witch has a Friend


This one has teeth!

Yeti For This?


No I'm not!
It's 90 outside today and I'm making Yeti.
Finished this one he's super happy with his sled and tree.
He's listed in my Etsy shop if you'd like a closer look!
Happy Fall!

Warty Wart Witch Pumpkin


Warty Witch is a weird gal! She is half Witch half Pumpkin! 

Winter Moon and Jack O' Lantern plus Etsy Shop Updates


Fresh Halloween Ornaments and a Glittery Winter Blue Moon!
For those of you who have requested more Krampus ornaments I am working on those now.
I have one smaller one left in my Etsy shop he holds a little blond boy whom he snatched.
I also have several requests for Sugar Cookie ornaments and I am working on those as well.
I hope these will all be available in the coming weeks!

Yikes Scared Black Cat Ornament!


Hi Halloween friends! Happy September!
I just finished this scared cat. I haven't made black cats in a couple years.  I really like this one so I hope to make more. Maybe I will make some for Christmas as well.  I prefer the sad and scared ones they kind of reflect my life and mood.