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Time For The Revolution To Start


In what is both a happy and sad announcement this will be the last post that I will be posting here on my blog Comic Book Legacy and begin writing for the new website As you all know last summer I joined Rokk's Comic Book Revolution last summer and have been posting reviews. For a while I have been pulling double duty writing both here on my blog and over the Revolution. It has been a lot of fun writing for both as I have been able to write reviews in two different styles. But yesterday I got a very cool e-mail from Rokk informing me and the rest of the members of the Revolution that the website he and Shawn have been working on for a while now is finally up and ruining. Both Rokk and Shawn have been working very hard on the website and now the website is ready for everyone to visit. It has been a lot of fun writing reviews here on my own blog and I want to personally thank everyone that has been reading my reviews and commentary. I have had a great time here and I am certain it will be just as fun writing at the new website.

I will be leaving this blog still open so that it will be working as an archive to all the post I have written up the past two years and you will still be able to view all my old post I have written. Again, thank you to all my followers.

Now hop over to to get new reviews, commentary, and interviews from me and the rest of the Revolution members. Thank you.

Legen...wait-for-it....dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 1/6/10


Cover of the Week: Blackest Night #2 Variant CoverNot the strongest week in terms of covers but this cover for Blackest Night: Wonder Woman does stand out. I just like the dual nature of Dianne and her Black Lantern version self.Red Robin #8 HighlightsThis is the opening for Tim to hand the Council of Spiders a can of whoop ass.After destroying Ra's hideout and defeating the Council of Spiders Tim gets a kiss from Tam as a reward.Since Tim destroyed his hideout Ra's has decided to destroy Wayne Industries. An eye for an eye.Siege #1 HighlightsTime to rally the troops or in this case warriors against Asgard and who better than the God of War.I am guessing the President (Obama) does not like the idea of an attack on Asgard.Well that is a heck of a phase 1 to start the war with Asgard.And in only three pages Thor is taken down. Down goes Thor. Down goes Thor.I am guessing Steve is not happy with what Norman just did.Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6 HighlightsMeet Peter's cousin Johnny Parker and Bobby Parker. Though with his new haircut Iceman looks more like Bobby Hill from King of the Hill.Ah, the old spider-sense never fails.See told ya. Never doubt the spider-sense.Kitty is Shroud. Called it. Now let see how long she can keep this a secret from her friends.[...]

Weekly Comic Book Reviews for 1/6/10


Siege #1Creative TeamWriter: Brian Michael BendisInker: Mark MoralesColorist: Laura MartinStory – Siege on AsgardReviewBrian Bendis last two events, House of M and Secret Invasion, have been very underwhelming. Also Bendis work in the core Marvel Universe over the past couple of years have been average, but his Ultimate Spider-Man even in the relaunch has been spectacular. The biggest reason for Bendis producing average work in the core Marvel Universe is because he has been focusing his attention on writing the Avengers books even though his strength is solo books and not team books with a large set of main characters. Because of all of this I have largely stayed away from all of the Dark Reign titles with the only title that I have read that deal with Dark Reign has been Invincible Iron Man along with one story arc in Amazing Spider-Man ("American Son") and Diggle current use of Dark Reign backdrop on Daredevil. So coming into Siege I have very low expectations for this event since, unlike Blackest Night, I have not be immersed with all the build up to the Siege.And after reading Siege #1 I am going to give Bendis credit for making this as new reader friendly as possible as a reader can come in knowing the basics of this event being Norman and Loki teaming up to get Asgard off Earth and understand what is going on. Even though Bendis and Marvel have said that this event has been seven years in the making you don't get that from this issue which can be seen as both the strength and weakness of this issue.And I am going to give Bendis credit for writing a very good version of Norman Osborn and Loki. I liked how Bendis wrote both characters in Siege: The Cabal and he continued that here. From the get go we know who the villains of this story are, their motivation, and their endgame all in the first issue. For a event that is only four issues long I am glad Bendis is not wasting time presenting all of these ideas as he has been known to do with most of his titles in the slow burn approach he usually takes. The way he used Norman and Loki was a big factor in this issue being much more faster pace issue as the villains were the focus of this issue and not the heroes.The problem I did have with how Bendis used Norman and Loki was the narration of the incident at Soldier Field. It was just such a forced event, and I do not mean Norman and Loki orchestrating the incident to happen. I should dislike it for being a blatant copy of how Mark Millar started Civil War but what I hated about this opening scene was Norman and Loki narrating the incident.Unlike Millar opened Civil War this opening scene in Siege does not feel like it is happening in real time and Bendis does not give any dialogue about Volstagg and him being the sacrificial lamb. Also we do not see any of the people who are killed in this incident so we are just told that many people died instead of seeing it. A big reason that the opening scene in Civil War had such a resonance with me was because we actually saw all the people especially the children that where killed because of Nitro blowing up. And Bendis does not provide such a scene as Norman and Loki prove to be more of a distraction from what happened in Chicago than helping the scene.Now going beyond the opening scene, like I previously mentioned, I did like how Bendis wrote Norman. Outside of showing his motivation and endgame to make sure he stays in power we also saw that there are plenty of weaknesses in Norman's plans. Bendis quickly showed that what Norman is doing is not something that is for the better of the country but for himself and for him to keep his power. As we saw the President (Obama?) has no tolerance for Norman. With the meeting the President had with Steve in Who Will Wield the Shield? I am going to guess that somehow the President will help out Steve, secretly, to take down Norman as the President does not like that Norman is doing without his approval.Also I did like that Bendis had Ares play a semi-big role in this issue. I have a[...]

Legen....wait-for-it.....dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 12/30/09


Cover of the Week: Blackest Night #6 (Variant Cover)This is the 1:100 variant cover for Blackest Night and this cover actually makes Nekron look like he is a threat to bad he only appeared in all of one panel in the issue. And what big bad guy of an event only appears in one panel in the latter issues of the event?Blackest Night #6 HighlightsEven though the story in Blackest Night is very weak Johns knows how to write most of the characters. And I loved this one between Hal and Sinestro.This looked very impressive with Flash being able to outrun the Black Lantern rings chasing him and Hal.Didn't we get this in Green Lantern #49? One thing of note that I did not notice when I read the issue is that this page may have spoiled the story going on in Tomasi's Green Lantern Corps as Kirk from The Weekly Crisis pointed out.Never thought we see Mera vs. Wonder Woman. Even though we did not see their fight in this issue I expect that this fight will be expanded on in Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2. Too bad I am not going to pick that issue up.Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps Ganthet.Must resist making Power Ranger joke.....Must resist........Must resist........okay I am good but I think this video sums up what happened in the last eleven or so pages of this issue.[...]

Blackest Night #6 Review


Creative TeamWriter: Geoff JohnsArtist: Ivan ReisInkers: Oclair Albert and Joe PradoColorist: Alex SinclairStory – The New GuardiansReviewYeah I know I said earlier that I was not going to be able to get Blackest Night #6 but somehow found myself going to the comic shop after having a very busy morning. In any case I got this 6th issue of DC's big event and like the other five issues of this event Geoff Johns seriously disappoints with another issue. This issue more so than the last five issues relied heavily on Ivan Reis's artwork to deliver the "WOW" moments.I am going to be honest in saying that the last part of the issue where each one of the leaders of the 7 different Lantern Corps choose seven different heroes of Earth was entertaining more so for the fact it was something I was hoping would happen in Blackest Night than what it means to the story. Johns did a very good job giving the reader a reason why each character was chosen to be a member of their respective Lantern Corps. The only weird one I found was Wonder Woman as I have never seen her as the DC character who symbolizes love but that is more because I have never being a fan of the character and have never actually read her ongoing series.The one thing I will praise Johns for is his characterization of the various characters he is handling. Each of the leaders of the Lantern Corps was all great. I especially liked how they acted when Ganthet revealed that all of the Lantern rings have the power to clone a ring and give the power of a Lantern to one person. Also I did like the scene with Barry going into the future by two seconds in order for the Black Lantern rings that were chasing him and Hal to stop.The problem with what Johns wrote, however, is that there is absolutely no plot progression in the first half of the issue. The first half of the issue was just one giant recap of what the reader already knew and all the scenes we got where just recycled scenes from previous issues. And with us being in the latter part of this event and only three issues left in this event I should not feel like I read most of these scenes before. It is just unacceptable for Johns to continue to do this after we already got five issues of the same thing, not counting the Green Lantern tie-in issues.Also because the first half of the issue felt like a recap what happened in the last issue with the resurrected heroes who were turned into Black Lanterns had absolutely no consequence in this issue. The roles Johns gives the various heroes turned Black Lanterns in this issue could have been taken by any of the Black Lanterns, even the ones without a connection to the heroes on the scene. We never see the Johns play up the emotions that Hal, Barry, Wonder Girl, the Titans, and the JLA that are on the scene actually react to what is happening. The heroes that where turned into Black Lanterns is yet another example of Johns employing flashy cliffhangers and spread pages that don't add anything to following issues as he instead continues to waste page space on scenes we have seen in other Blackest Night issue and in Green Lantern.Also though I liked the explanations that Johns gave for deputizing the various DC characters as temporary Lanterns I did think that was a waste of pages as well. I probably would not have felt that way if the first half of the issue did not feel like a bunch of recap BS. But after Johns dedicated half the issue of recapping what the reader already knew to waste another 7 pages on just choosing the characters felt like Johns was again wasting time.Another good example of Johns providing us nothing but filler was the scenes with Atom and Mera in the Black Lantern ring fighting Jean and John Stewart heading to Earth. Those two scenes were just recycled material of what happened in Green Lantern #49, which came out last week. And though I can understand why the scene with John heading to Earth may have been needed the scene with Atom and Mera did not[...]

Weekly Comic Book Reviews for 12/23/09


Amazing Spider-Man #616Creative TeamWriter: Fred Van LenteArtist: Javier PulidoColorist: Javier RodriguezStory – Keemia's CastleReviewSometimes saving the day does not always mean that the hero and those he or she saved get a happy ending. That is what Fred Van Lente and Javier Pulido reminded us with Amazing Spider-Man #616 that ended this short Sandman arc. It is a refreshing change of pace when a comic can give us this type of ending instead of a cliffhanger type ending that leads into another arc that has become common place during this modern era of comics.What makes the ending that we get at the end of this issue is that it plays up the old Peter Parker luck. Even when Peter does something good it somehow turns out bad for Peter and making him look bad as himself or as Spider-Man. And I liked what Carlie told Peter after he saved her job in saying that making the tough choices is what makes a person a hero which is a great way for Van Lente to sum up why Spider-Man is amongst the greatest of heroes.Fred Van Lente did a great job in creating a very fun, classic feeling two-part Sandman story. Sandman, like other classic villains from Spider-Man Rogue Gallery, has been underutilized over the past few years. It is a shame to since Spider-Man has one of the better Rogues Gallery in comics which is why this Gauntlet overarching story arc running through Amazing Spider-Man has been fun to read so far. Van Lente prove that you can take a villain like Sandman and give him a story that as a reader I will remember and still enjoy when I read it again in the future.Also, Javier Pulido and Javier Rodriguez deserve a lot of credit for this two-part story as well as they combined to deliver some great artwork. I really enjoyed all of the art for the Spider-Man vs. Sandman. The fight was a lot of fun as Pulido and Rodriguez combine to deliver a great looking comic and the art in these two issues is amongst my favorite artwork we have gotten on this title up there with Steve Ditko, John Romita Sr. and Jr., and Marcos Martin.Issue RatingStory: 9.5/10 – Fred Van Lente knocks another issue out of the park as he is proving to be one of the better writers on the Spidey Brain Trust.Art: 8.8/10 – Pulido and Rodriguez combined to deliver a great looking Spider-Man book.Overall: 9.15/10 – Amazing Spider-Man #616 was another great read in what has become one of the most consistently well written comics on the market. It is great that I am able to say this about Amazing Spider-Man again. I have said it before but I am going to say it again, if you haven't been picking up Amazing Spider-Man because of all the OMD/BND stuff than you need to come back to this title because it has gone back to being a great title.Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield?Creative TeamWriter: Ed BrubakerArtists: Butch Guice and Luke RossColorist: Dean WhiteStory – Who Will Wield the Shield?ReviewBefore I say anything about this issue let me get this out of the way. Marvel seriously mishandled the return of Steve Rogers. Sure it was obvious that Steve would return in Captain America: Reborn, it is in the freaking title, but that is no excuse for how Marvel spoiled the hell out of the ending of Brubaker's story before it was even done. And if my memory is correct Reborn has only missed one month since the start and Marvel even added an extra issue to the series meaning the story would end in January. Something like this is known by a publisher for a while which should allow them to tell their writers like Fraction and Bendis, both of who spoiled Reborn's ending in Invincible Iron Man and Dark Avengers Annual, to tell them to calm down Steve's return story is still not officially over. Just some common professionalism for both the writer, Brubaker, writing Steve's return as well as the readers reading the story is all a fan asks for especially when comics are coming out on time with little to no delays. Just a poor manag[...]

Legen...wait for it...dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 12/23/09


Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Because of the holidays I haven't been able to post much these past few days but I am working on putting together the reviews for this past week's comics which hopefully I will have up later. Also even though I know that Blackest Night #6 will be coming out next week I am actually going to hold off on getting that issue until the following week. So because of that I wont be posting any reviews after next week. Instead I am going to writing up a couple post to make up for it. Also as a quick mention if you haven't yet be sure to read my review for James Cameron's 'Avatar' movie up now over at the Revolution.Cover of the Week: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #58Skottie Young's covers on Marvel Adventures Spider-Man are always awesome and this one in particular standouts to me this week, which truth be told didn't have many standout covers. In any case I love the dark mood of the cover as Spider-Man is standing in front of a billboard of him saying "Wanted" as it is raining.Amazing Spider-Man #616 HighlightsSpider-Man gives out some advice to the reader on how to take a beating while he gets the snot beaten out of him by all of the Sandmen.Sandman has some serious self-esteem issues as he beats himself up and letting Spider-Man escape.Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield? HighlightsWhen I think of Captain America I think of the star shield and the wings on his mask but that is just me.Hey why mess with a costume that works.See even Obama didn't like Bush's Superhuman Registration Act. Now the question is how are they going to sold the Norman Osborn crisis while also working on the health care stuff. I say bailouts just like how we have solve everything else.Fantastic Four #574 HighlightsSpider-Man brought his clone to Franklin's birthday party.Ah, Johnny always having to trie and diss Spider-Man just cause people like him more even your nephew.I always new our universe was created by some kid under his sheets.Green Lantern #49 HighlightsI am guessing John Stewart has a military background. Just a guess. Though I still wonder what the point of making a sniper gun is for. The armor/military gear makes sense for protection but a sniper gun not so much.Green Lantern Corps move out.Guardians of the Galaxy #21 HighlightsHave I ever mentioned how awesome Drax is. Well these two pages sum that up.[...]

Legen...wait for it...dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 12/16/09


Cover of the Week: Green Lantern Corps #43I always like it when a cover actually gives you a slight preview of what to expect from the issue and this cover for Green Lantern Corps #43 tells you all you need to know about what happens in the issue. Simple but powerful.Amazing Spider-Man #615 HighlightsI always enjoy scenes between JJJ and Robbie when they start talking about the past and serious current topics. There is just a different air about their conversations that you know it is something important between these two long time friends.Hey even Spider-Man needs to wear some winter clothes. And how can you not smile at the winter Spider-Man costume.Javier Pulido artwork was great in this issue as these two pages show he has a very good Steve Ditko and Marcos Martin style in his art while still adding his own style to the artwork.Batman #694 HighlightsIt was good to see that Dick is actually trying to teach Damian something other than fighting and playing nice with others. It actually feels more like a Batman and Robin relationship as Dick is having Damian in the cave doing some detective work.Things just keep getting worse for Dick in the first few months as Batman. But the bigger the challange the greater the hero Dick will be as he deals with the mountain of problems he faces and overcomes them.Batman: Streets of Gotham #7 HighlightsOuch! Felt that burn all the way here.Will you look at that, Damian is a real boy.What a great final challange to face.Manhunter has some explaining to do.Captain America: Reborn #5 HighlightsSee kids Uncle Skull says it is okay to lie. Lying is good.It is good to see MODOK back. Have not seen MODOK in a while.While this is a good way to end the comic it is to bad Marvel has spoiled the hell out of this mini-series as we know both Bucky and Steve are alive and are both Captain America.Daredevil #503 HighlightsMan, Master Izo and Matt never have a civil conversation.Gotta love Wilson's plan to take back his kingdom and regain his rightful title of Kingpin of Crime.Green Lantern Corps #43 HighlightsRage is not your friend kids......unless you want to kick some serious ass as Guy takes out a bunch of Black Lanterns and, as this image shows, a Sinestro Corp member.You know things are getting serious when Mogo is ready to kick ass. Time to lay a planet size smackdown on the Black Lanterns.Realm of Kings: Inhumans #2 HighlightsWhat better way to catch up with an old friend than bashing a bunch of skulls of an enemy.It is never easy to talk to your ex. Pietro really stuck his own foot in his mouth in his discussion with Crystal that lead her to say she is much happier with Ronan than she ever was with Pietro.DnA continue to do an impressive job with Medusa's character. And they did a very good job here with Pym's character.[...]

Weekly Comic Book Reviews for 12/16/09


Amazing Spider-Man #615Creative TeamWriter: Fred Van LenteArtist: Javier PulidoColorist: Javier RodriguezStory – Keemia's CastleReviewAmazing Spider-Man #615 was another solid issue from this series that has been very consistent in providing good reads almost all of 2009. There have been very few times I have been disappointed by an issue of Amazing Spider-Man which is great for me as a Spider-Man fan. And what I like about this issue in particular is that Fred Van Lente reminded the reader that Peter does have a science background with Peter using his brain to figure out the mystery of this issue, creating some new web fluid to fight Sandman. Also it was cool seeing Spider-Man using the web parachute that I haven't seen used in a while.Though the mystery of this story arc is pretty obvious of who did the crime's and is setting up Carlie to take the fall Van Lente did provide a good mystery for Peter having to use his brain instead of just going into different places and punching people to get answers. It has become rare to see Peter actually solving a mystery using his science background and Van Lente did a solid job showing that Peter is a guy with a master's degree in bio-chemistry. I especially liked him using specific web fluid to battle Sandman as it is something that I am surprised is not used more often in all the different situations he is in as Spider-Man.Also I liked how he Van Lente wrote the various interactions of Peter and his supporting cast in this issue whether he was working or as Spider-Man. The interaction between Spider-Man and Betty as an interesting little development seems to be happening with Betty and her starting her own "newspaper" by using a her own blog and using Bugle old information data banks. It will be interesting to see where this is taken in the long-term for Betty as a character as I originally thought she was just going to join Peter by working at the Frontlines but I am digging this new development for her character.My favorite interaction for this issue was between JJJ and Robbie. These two always have great interactions with one another and it is always great to see them have scenes together. Van Lente did a solid job in the scene between these two in the aftermath of the Daily Bugle being destroyed.Javier Pulido provided some very good stylized artwork in this issue. The issue had a more old school look to it with the issue being drawn in a similar style to the early Amazing Spider-Man issues. I especially liked Pulido drawing Spider-Man wearing some winter clothes because of the time of the year. It was a very nice touch to set up the time of the year the story is taken place in.Issue RatingStory: 9/10 – Van Lente provided a solid mystery to re-introduce Sandman into the series as well as providing some great character interaction.Art: 7.7/10 – Pulido gave some very good artwork with this issue having an old-school Amazing Spider-Man look to it.Overall: 8.45/10 – Amazing Spider-Man #615 was another solid issue of this consistently fun series. If you're an Spider-Man fan this Gauntlet story arc is a great way to get back into the series as the Spidey Brain Trust are doing a solid job so far introducing characters like MJ, Black Cat, Electro, and Sandman back onto the Spider-Man universe.Batman: Streets of Gotham #7Creative TeamWriters: Paul Dini and Marc AndreykoArtists: Dustin Nguyen and Cliff RichardsInkers: Derik Fridolfs and Art ThibertColorists: John Kalisz and Nick FilardiStory – The Bleak Midwinter; Face OffReviewPaul Dini returns with this issue after Chris Yost filled in with a good filler two-part story and Dini continues what he was doing with the first story arc by continuing the story arc with Zsasz and the man in the trench coat. Dini just continues to provide his excellent characterization in this issue with Batman (Dick Grayson) and the [...]

Legen...wait for it...dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 12/9/09


Cover of the Week: Invincible Iron Man #21Even though I did not like Invincible Iron Man #21 (as you can read in my review here) I have to admit this cover for this issue is just awesome. Love the color scheme used on the cover.Amazing Spider-Man #614 HighlightsSucks to be Bennett. See kids it does not pay trying to get one of your enemies killed. It always backfires on you as it did to Bennett when he sent JJJ to go inside The DB.Never expected to see this happen. Looks like The Frontline is now officially the newspaper of the Marvel Universe.Batgirl #5 HighlightsCome on Batgirl, this is Gotham after all. It is all about Batman and Robin.Oh snap! Barbara went there.Oh Damian you crack me up.Invincible Iron Man #21 HighlightsAnd Marvel again spoils another one of there big stories by showing us that Steve is in control of his body.Is it me or does it look like Steve was cut and pasted on to this splash page?Red Robin #7 HighlightsRed Robin to the rescue.And Ra's is dead yet again. What is that the 10th time he has died this past decade.[...]

Weekly Comic Book Reviews for 12/9/09


Amazing Spider-Man #614Creative TeamWriter: Mark WaidArt: Paul AzacetaColorist: Dave StewartStory – Power to the People Part ThreeReviewAfter two average episodes Mark Waid steps up and delivers a very entertaining ending to this Electro story arc. Though the last issue improved on the first issue this final issue of this arc was a huge improvement over the first two issue of this arc. Though this is not Waid's strongest effort on Amazing Spider-Man it was a solid ending.What I liked was that Waid was able to show Electro is much more powerful than he was before. Electro has been a villain with some nice potential that I have felt has never been tapped into. Even with his powers he was still nothing more than a street punk trying to get a little money by stealing which does not fit with the supposed unlimited power he has. But Waid changed that a bit by tapping into some of the characters potential by giving him a bigger scope.I am going to say that I would have liked it if this "power to the people" thing sticks for Electro. It felt a little forced to make Electro bigger and did not fit with his previous portrayals.Still, this new development for Electro did lead to a very entertaining fight between Spider-Man and Electro in the Daily Bugle. The only thing is that I still am not digging Kraven's wife and daughter gathering Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery together.The fight itself was good but what made it better was seeing Bennett and JJJ in there fighting and Bennett trying to get JJJ killed only for it to backfire on him. It was a good interaction between the two characters that has been a long time coming.And with what happened to the Daily Bugle at the end of this issue I kind of wonder what will happen to the Daily Bugle now. The newspaper has been a mainstay within the Marvel Universe for a while now though over the past few years the Frontline has taken that position. But with the Daily Bugle now gone I will be interested in seeing what happens with Betty Brand as well as how this affects the Frontline.The other problem I had with this issue, and arc, is the art by Paul Azaceta. If this was a Daredevil or Punisher book his art may fit but his art just does not fit well with Spider-Man. The issue felt like flat at times with the art though this is more about his style not being a fit for this title than the art itself.Issue RatingStory: 8.6/10 – Waid turned in some enjoyable dialogue and he did a great job with the interaction between Bennett and JJJ.Art: 6/10 – Azaceta provide okay artwork but his art is just not a good fit with a title like Amazing Spider-Man.Overall: 7.3/10 – Amazing Spider-Man #614 was a fun read. If you have been enjoying the last few arcs on this title than you will enjoy this issue, but if you haven't than you might. Personally I liked this arc and can't wait to see what the Spidey Brain Trust has in store with this Gauntlet over arching story arc.Batgirl #5Creative TeamWriter: Bryan Q. MillerArtist: Lee GarbettInkers: Sandra Hope and Oliver MillerColorists: Guy MajorStory – Batgirl Rising: Core Requirements Part OneReviewEven though I said I was dropping Batgirl after the last issue did not 'wow' me I forgot to tell my LCS to take it off my pull list and I did not realize I bought Batgirl #5 until I got home. That is what I get for being in a rush. Oh well!With that said I have to say Bryan Miller did a great job with this issue as he turned in his best issue of Batgirl so far, which I know is not saying much but it is. This was the first issue of this young series which was fun to read. Miller keep this issue moving at a great pace with no awkward transitions or scenes that felt out of place as in the first arc. Miller is quickly proving to be one of the bright young talents at DC and DC better not let Miller get[...]

Legen.....wait for it....dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 12/3/09


300th post!!! After a year and a half I finally reached the number 300. Nice!! And what better way then presenting highlights of this past week's comics.Cover of the Week: Blackest Night: The Flash #1This was a pretty weak comic book cover week with no one true stand out. But this one for Blackest Night: The Flash #1 was interesting in that it is the first time I can remember we have a homage cover to a cover we just got a few months ago. Still this is a nice cover with the Reverse Flash.Nova #32 HighlightsNova isn't the lightweight he was in the past.Was not expecting this whatsoever. Should be interesting to see were DnA go with Namorita return.Siege: The Cabal One-Shot HighlightsNorman is losing it which means we may get Green Goblin back. Sweet!!!BUUURRRRRNNNNN!!!!!Doctor Doom continues to burn Norman as he tells him how things work now.The Marvels Project #4Up until this point Dr. Erskine's murder has always been seen as a pure bad guy but this was a great letter that humanizes the guy and you can sympathize with him somewhat.How many times have we seen the creation of Captain America now?Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5 HighlightsThis is just a great sequence by Lafuente. The transition from panel to panel is just phenomenal.Ultimate Barry Allen really let himself go.[...]

Weekly Comic Book Reviews for 12/3/09


The Marvels Project #4Creative TeamWriter: Ed BrubakerArtist: Steve EptingColorist: Dave StewartStory – Chapter 4ReviewBrubaker and Epting yet again do a fantastic job showing the beginning of the Marvel Universe with The Marvels Project #4. Though I am not familiar with much of Marvel's history before the appearance of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the X-Men this team of Brubaker and Epting are doing a great job catching me up.The best thing about what this creative team is doing is that outside of the brief origin of Steve Rogers before he became Captain America that we get in this issue this series has been dominated by characters like the original Angel and Human Torch. These are character I have very little knowledge but after reading about them in these four issues I am fascinated to learn more about them.The slow and methodical approach Brubaker is taking with this series is very appropriate in the WWII context that he is telling this story in. Other than seeing a guy in a costume and another one igniting on fire most of this story is being told through the eyes of the people involved in the war. And with the approach Brubaker is taking he has allowed us as readers to learn much more about all of these figures in the Marvel Universe that were important in shaping the current era. A great example of this is learning much more about the person responsible for Dr. Erkskine's murder the moment after Captain America was born. It is a great character study that adds more depth to Steve's origin story.Speaking of Steve's origin story it was interesting to learn that before he was chosen to be part of the Super Soldier experiment that he was originally going an artist. I don't ever remember this part of Steve's past ever being mentioned and I am actually surprised someone like Steve was ever any sort of artist, but was a cool thing to learn.To go along with the wonderful story that Brubaker is writing a lot of credit for this mini-series to be such a wonderful read is because of Steve Eptings phenomenal artwork. Epting is the only artist I can think of that is able to make this story feel like it is taking place in the real world during WWII. He captures the mood perfectly of the era. His artwork makes this story into a much more powerful read especially when this series focus more on the people of the streets of New York City. I especially liked the short scene with the firefighters in this issue as he showed us who the true heroes of this world are.Issue RatingStory: 8.7/10 – Brubaker continues to do a great job in both writing the start of the hero age of the Marvel Universe while also making it feel like the story is taking place in WWII.Art: 10/10 – Epting artwork was just phenomenal. His artwork is a perfect fit for the tone of the story and I could not think of another artist who would be able to provide us with such a great looking comic that also looks like it can take place in our world.Overall: 9.35/10 – The Marvels Project #4 was a great read. This mini-series is making a case for being the mini-series of the year. Brubaker and Epting are knocking it out of the park with this series and I can't wait to see what happens next even if I know how the story ends.Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5Creative TeamWriter: Brian Michael BendisArtist: David LafuenteColorist: Justin PonsorStory – the New World According to Peter ParkerReviewWith the event that will not be named long behind us it is great to be able to have Ultimate Comics Spider-Man return to the quality it once was at before that event. Even after writing over 140 issues of this series, counting annuals, Brian Michael Bendis continues to not miss a beat and provide one fun issue after another. And Ultimate Comics Spider-Ma[...]

Legen...wait for it....dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 11/25/09


Cover of the Week: Green Lantern #48 (Alternate Cover)DC has had the habit when it comes to Green Lantern covers to releasing the alternate covers of this title along with the solicits to each issue and using a different cover for the regular cover. And it is to bad we didn't get this as the regular cover as this is just a beautiful cover showing off Saint Walker the rich world the Blue Lanterns are located. Just an awesome cover.Amazing Spider-Man #613 HighlightsI guessing Michelle is not a morning person.I have the power!Blackest Night #5 HighlightsDragonzord, Tyrannosarus, Saber-Toothed Tiger,......Woops wrong costumes. I like how while all the leaders of the Lantern Corps recite their respective oaths Larfleeze is in the back wondering what is going on.Mmmmmmm...Tasty dessert.Let seee we got the Superman family, Flash Family, Wonder Woman family, Titans, and JLA but no one from the Batfamily. What up with that?Hal and everyone are trying to give Scar a color change as black just isn't her color.Doesn't black cancel out every other color? Plus mixing all of these colors together will just make black anyways so would this actually work?Bruce has seen better has the rest of the DCU heroes who have died though I have no clue when Wonder Woman died. I only remember the Golden Age Wonder Woman dying in Infinite Crisis.Fantastic Four #573 HighlightsNeil Edwards draws a great Human Torch. If Johnny ever gets another ongoing or mini-series I hope Edwards is one of the ones considered for the job.Don't lose your head over it Psionic......Was that to mean?Green Lantern #48 HighlightsA Gonzo and Scrooge reference in one panel. Have never seen I writer do that. Kudos Geoff Johns!So now we are getting to the meat of the matter of where Sinestro's hate towards Hal comes from.Attroticius does not look good as a Blue Lantern. Something about this image just doesn't look right.Great spread page of all the Lanterns together.Guardians of the Galaxy #20 HighlightsI wouldn't mind if the artist did the recap pages instead of getting the few paragraphs of recap at the beginning of the issue. Brad Walker did a great job with the first page of this page of Guardians of the Galaxy recaping what happened in the last story arc.Invincible Iron Man #20 HighlightsTony has suddenly entered the Terminator: Salvation world. And to make things better the guy saying 'Tony' is his father.This is the first two pages of what turns out to be a six page video will Tony made up before he decided to turn himself into a vegetable but these two pages sum his will up as he tells everyone "He was right all along and everyone else was wrong."This was the first time I thought Pepper was given a proper characterization by Matt Fraction.Ultimate Comics Avengers #4 HighlightsI think Ultimate War Machine is much more of a kick ass character than his 616 counterpart.I have said it many times before but these two pages reinforce the fact Ultimate Captain America is a badass. Using a kindergarden class to stop War Machine was a brilliant move by Ultimate Cap as he knew he could not fight War Machine one on one.Red Skull + Cosmic Cube = Big trouble for the Ultimate Universe[...]

Weekly Comic Book Reviews for 11/25/09


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know I loved all the food. Too bad we didn't get great football to watch. Oh well, it was still a great day and hope everyone enjoyed that day as well.Now I'm sorry I have really been falling behind on my reviews these past few weeks. But this past month has been crazy for me with all of the projects I have had to work on which has left me very little to no time to do anything. Luckily I gave my final college presentation and paper a few days ago and am mostly done with all of my projects so I can now relax a bit. All I really have left is finals in two weeks and that is it for college. After that graduation baby!Enough of my self-promotion and time to hit this week's comic book reviews:Amazing Spider-Man #613Creative TeamWriter: Mark WaidArtist: Paul AzacetaColorist: Dave StewartStory – Power to the People: Part TwoReviewThe last issue started off the Gauntlet storyline, which is the big overarching story taking place in Amazing Spider-Man over the next few months. And the first issue of this story involving Electro did not blow me away as it was an average read. This week's issue was a big improvement on the last one as Mark Waid handled both Spider-Man and Electro much better in this issue.Now though this issue was an improvement the story of this story arc still feels weak with people turning against the Bailout. It feels as though it is not only to late but a very lame way to get people to hate what the government is doing. Also this story doesn't have much longevity since if I ever decide to pick up this issue again I will probably think of how 08 or 09 this story is and will just not hold up well with what Waid is trying to reference.With that out of the way I will have to give Waid much more credit as he gave a much more believable reason for Electro to all of a sudden turn from no good thief to anti-government. The last issue it was hard to believe the 180 turn of the character but the reason for Electro doing so in this issue gave his turn a bit more validity and sort of stays true to who the character is. And I liked how his power-up made him a bigger threat especially with how Spider-Man ends up at the end of the issue. Though I am still not feeling this whole "Power to the People" thing he continues to have.I did like how the Thinker was involved in this issue. He has been a rarely used character that does have a lot of potential so I hope we see more of him in the future.I continue to enjoy the Peter/Michelle dynamic especially with how Peter unintentionally pissed off Michelle by testing out his new device on their apartment's power. It paid off when we got to see Aunt May and Jay back from their extended honeymoon in a funny scene.With all that said I continue to find Paul Azaceta artwork to just not be a good fit with ASM. His style would be much more fitting in a noir based character like Daredevil but not ASM. There is actually nothing wrong with the art, it is just that Azaceta's artwork is not a good fit in this title.Issue RatingStory: 7.2/10 – Waid writing improved over the dull first issue of this story arc. He did a good job re-establishing Electro as a major threat to Spider-Man.Art: 6.6/10 – Azaceta provide good artwork though his talents just do not fit in well with ASM.Overall: 6.8/10 – Amazing Spider-Man #613 was a good read. While I can't recommend this issue to everyone, this was still a good solid issue that Spider-Man fans will enjoy.Blackest Night #5Creative TeamWriter: Geoff JohnsArtist: Ivan ReisInkers: Oclair Albert and Joe PradoColorist: Alex SinclairStory – Nekron Rises!ReviewThe best way I can sum up Blackest Night #5 in a few words is that this was both[...]

Top 25 Anime Characters: #1 - Kenshin Himura


#1. Kenshin HimuraCreated by: Nobuhiro WatsukiFirst Appearance: Ruroni Kenshin Episode 1 - Handsome Swordsman of Legend: A Man Who Fights For LoveVoice by: Japanese - Mayo Suzukaze; English - Richard CansinoYep! That's right the number one anime character on my list is none other that Kenshin Himura. I am a sucker for stories about samurais. In my book you will not find another character that is able to balance dark and light moments as well as Kenshin Himura. Though Kenshin has a basic samurai character look, what makes him a great character is that we are able to get moments and episodes where Kenshin plays the straight man, or the comedic foil, but when push came to shove he can pull of the dark moments like no other character. When we get to see Kenshin's eyes go from their usual color to the yellow/gold you know that you should not be anywhere nearby. With his Hiten Mitsurugi-style Kenshin is basically unstoppable as he is able to move at god-like speed with no other character being more dangerous with a sword than him.I will admit that I am not a fan of how Kenshin's story ended in the anime OVA, as I thought it was a very sad death when Kenshin, after all the crap he had been through, deserved a happier ending. Personally, I prefer the we got in the manga and it sucked that the anime was never able to do an anime version of the final arc in the manga. I really liked the last arc. Though it wasn't as good as the Kyoto arc it was awesome to learn all of Kenshin's backstory.And even though the anime never did reach that point they did a great job revealing enough information of Kenshin's past during the Kyoto arc made him still a character you can sympathize with. I would rank the Kyoto arc among my favorite stories told in anime as the series really picked up the intensity in that arc which it never was able to reach with the filler arc that happened afterwards. Kenshin was faced with impossible odds and it was great watching how he was able to face his past and did not allow the Battosai personality overcome him anymore as he was able to let go of that past of being Man Slayer.Also Kenshin participated in three of my favorite anime fights. His fights with Saito, Aoshi, and Shishio in the Kyoto arc were just pure awesomeness with all the sword action. I would put any one of those three as my favorite anime fight. Kenshin really proved his worth in each of these fights as each opponent did what they were supposed to do when fighting the hero: pose an actually threat and challange/ None of these fights never felt like they were forced on to Kenshin as each one of these fights were well developed that in the end, while knowing Kenshin would win, had me wondering how he would pull of the win with all the intense action going on.Tribute Video:[...]

Top 25 Anime Characters: #2 – Jimmy Kudo/Conan Edogawa


#2. Jimmy Kudo/ Conan EdogawaCreated by: Gosho AoyamaFirst Appearance: Case Closed Episode 1 – The Big ShrinkVoiced by: Japanese: Kappei Yamaguchi (Jimmy) and Minami Takayama (Conan); English: Jerry Jewell (Jimmy) and Alison Viktorin (Conan)You want to talk about one of the most popular series around than you do not have to look in farther than Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed. The series has been running for 15 years collecting over 700 chapters that have been collected in 66 volumes and around 550 episodes with 13 movies with no signs of slowing down both in the anime and manga. I think if you show that to anyone that is an impressive resume that no other fictional character can say they have. And what is more impressive is that even after 15 years of writing Detective Conan Gosho Aoyama has still been able to keep the story just as interesting as it was when it first came out. Each mystery we get is fun to watch Jimmy try and figure out.As a life long comic book fan I highly respect Gosho Aoyama for his ability to write interesting mysteries as not even comic book writers are able to write a series that comes out once a month for a few years without it getting stale or having boring arcs. And I have always felt that Detective Conan was given an unfair shot when it aired here in the States as I think many anime/manga fans would love.Taking a look at the star of this series, Jimmy Kudo, or as he is also known Conan Edogawa, is the modern age Sherlock Holmes. Though he has yet to catch the men who turned him into a kid again Jimmy is always able to figure out the cases he is given. And even as a kid he is just as sharp as he was as a teen and with some help from devices that are James Bond-esque he always catches the criminal. Though Jimmy doesn't have the fighting prowess of a lot of the characters on my Top Anime Character list he more than makes up for it with his mind as he is able to figure out any case he is given on his own.Also what makes Jimmy's situation even more interesting is that he has to hang out with his girlfriend acting like her little brother as he does not want to put her in danger if she found out Jimmy was turned into a kid by a dangerous organization. Behind all the mysteries is the great love story were Jimmy really wants to admit to the love of his life that he loves her but is unable to do so because of his current situation.Tribute Video:[...]

Top 25 Anime Characters: #3 – Vash the Stampede


#3. Vash the Stampede
(image) Created by: Yasuhiro Nightow
First Appearance: Trigun Episode 1 – The $$60 Billion Man
Voiced by: Japanese - Masaya Onosaka ; English - Johnny Yong Bosch

When you talk about cool anime looks it is hard to get better than Vash the Stampede. With the blond broom head type hair, the long red trench coat, some nice shades, a killer gun, and even better robotic arm that transforms into an even bigger gun that can destroy whole cities what else is there not to like about Vash. And when you add to it that Vash has a $$60 billion dollar bounty on his head it doesn't get much better.

Trigun is similar to Cowboy Bebop in that it combined the western, comedy, action/adventure, and sci-fi genre, with more of a heavy reliance on the western genre, into this one show and made it work. So like Cowboy Bebop the anime and manga work on a lot of levels. This is probably my favorite series that had a western/post-apocalyptic look to it as Yashiro Nightow made everything look great as well as creating a great story.

To make things more interesting was as the anime progressed we started to learn more about Vash's past and why he had a bounty of $$60 billion on his head. I think what really sets it home of how much of a tortured life Vash has lived is seeing all the scars on his body. Though on the surface Vash is a goofy acting character underneath there laid a complex character who had everything taken away from him by his "brother." You add in the western look of his world Vash is great character who you do not want to mess with especially when he uses his gun.

Tribute Video:
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Top 25 Anime Characters: #4 - Goku


Sorry for the short break between post for my Top 25 Anime Character list. I have been side tracked with working on some projects the past week which has left me very little time to blog. But I am back on track to give everyone the Final Four of my list for top anime characters by continuing with #4:#4. GokuCreated by: Akira ToriyamaFirst Appearance: Dragon Ball Episode 1 – Secrets of the Dragon BallsVoice by: Japanese – Masako Nozawa; English – Sean SchemmelAdmit it. You thought Goku was going to be number one on my list didn't you. When I originally was thinking of this list I actually had in mind Goku being number 1 on the list but after going through everything I moved him down a bit. Still there is no denying the phenomenon that is Goku. Like many, the way I was introduced to anime and manga was through Goku and his adventures in Dragon Ball. Though the series lost my interest after the Cell Saga it was good when it lasted. And Goku was center stage of the phenomenon as he had some crazy power ups as a Super Saiyan he could easily destroy the world with a Kamehameha.And it is easy to see Goku being #1 on many list of top anime and manga characters. Goku is probably the most influential anime character in the popularization of anime and manga here in the USA. He basically is Japan's version of Superman, Wizard Magazine even ran a somewhat controversial article of the two fighting. Even though the Dragon Ball franchise has been long since over we are still getting video games every year starring Goku and his cast. With Goku's it is surprising that he isn't on the flag yet as when you think of Japan. Goku is synonymous with the country to many anime fans in many countries.What also makes Goku a great character is not only being a mainstay in the mainstream even now but also how he has become the influence of the creation of many popular manga/anime characters today. If you ask some of the biggest manga creators such as Eiichira Oda (One Piece creator) and Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto creator) than you will know that their main characters are based on Goku's core personality. So when it comes to Goku it sort of shows that sometimes keeping it simple in character personality works just as well as creating a complex character.Tribute Video: [...]

Top 25 Anime Characters: #5 – Edward Elric


For the final five in my top list of my Top 25 Anime Character list I've decided to make an individual post for the final five. So to start things off here is #5:#5. Edward ElricCreated by: Hiromu ArakawaFirst Appearance: Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 1 – To Challenge the SunVoiced by: Japanese – Romi Park; English – Vic MognognaWhen it comes to the topic of religion it is a very delicate subject to talk about, whether in a positive or negative light, without offending somebody. That is where Fullmetal Alchemist comes in as it not only questions religion but will sometimes bash it which in all accounts should make the show not very enjoyable but it was one heck of a show. In truth Fullmetal Alchemist will go down as one of the best animes we have had and that is with it deviating from the source material halfway into the anime as the anime got so far ahead of the manga that it the writers of the anime had to create its own ending. And to show the how popular Full Metal Alchemist is there is even a new series were the anime completely retcon everything from the beginning in order to tell the story from the manga called Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which hopefully makes it to the states sooner than later.And the center piece of the series is Edward Elric who is the one's eyes we see everything through. At the start of the series Ed is already matured because of the events that happened when he and his brother, Al, tried to bring back their beloved mother to life. But even with that maturity he gained he still has a little man complex as he burst in anger whenever some comments about his short stature, which is where much of the comedy of the series comes from.Fullmetal Alchemist is really about Ed's coming of age as we see him grow from a young boy to a mature young man. And it is the growth that we see the character go through as he and his brother have to see many horrific things and Ed struggles' the most as he tortures himself over what he did to his brother. Getting to see such a dark story happening around makes you realize that there is a lot of questioning of which is right: science or religion? That really isn't a big part and anytime it does appear it only is in the proper context of the story that is going around Ed who goes through a lot when the anime is done.Tribute Video: [...]

Top 25 Anime Characters: #10-#6


#10. Shotaro KanedaCreated by: Katsuhiro OtomoFirst Appearance: Akira Anime FilmVoiced by: Japanese – Mitsuo Iwata; English – Cam ClarkeIf you take a look at Shotaro he isn't very impressive in his look. The design of the character is very basic anime. Also his core personality is your typical street punk. And those two things may have kept him from making any sort of Top List. If anything Shotaro would probably be at best a one shot villain for most animes. It isn't until you pair him up with his iconic red motorcycle that the coolness of the character is shown. Team that up with probably one of the most iconic anime movie posters and you got a character that is an instant win. And it helps that Akira is one of my favorite anime movies. ;)Tribute Video: #9. Arsene Lupin IIICreated by: Kazuhiko KatoFirst Appearance: Lupin III Episode 1 – Is Lupin Burning….?Voiced by: Japanese: Yasuo Yamada; English: Sonny StraitWant to talk about the Bugs Bunny of Japan you don't have to look any further than Asene Lupin III. After not only dodging but also tricking and outwitting the police for 40 years Lupin is unquestionably the #1 thief in the world. Even though you know that Lupin will somehow outsmart his foes it is always fun to watch how he gets himself out of any situation he is in. Watching Lupin is just like watching Bugs Bunny since we always knew that both Lupin and Bugs would win out in the end.And in the 40 years Lupin and his crew have been around he has gathered some great directors along the way to give him even more credibility to why he is so popular. And of all the directors it is interesting to note that Lupin is where the legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki got his first major project. That of in itself should prove how much history the character hasTribute Video: #8. AshitakaCreated by: Hayao MiyazakiFirst appearance: Princess MononokeVoiced by: Japanese – Yōji Matsuda; English – Billy CrudupWhen thinking of some of the most creative minds we have Hayao Miyazaki-sama is right up there on any list. And to this day I will always remember when I first discovered the brilliance that is Miyazaki-sama with Princess Mononoke. Though Spirited Away is my favorite Miyazaki film, Princess Mononoke will always hold a special place in my heart both for its brilliance and all in all fun ride.Leading the pact of Princess Mononoke is the hero of the story Ashitaka. Though this entry really belongs to the entire Princess Mononoke film and cast Ashitaka is really the stand-out, outside of the great animation. Ashitaka is a great hero to follow as he fights for his town while afflicted by a deadly disease that both gets worse and gives him superpowers. And it helps that Ashitaka was not just a great character with plenty of depth but also the story he was placed in was truly epic, like all Miyazaki films feel.Tribute Video: #7. Spike SpiegelCreated by: Shinichirō WatanabeFirst Appearance: Cowboy Bebop Episode 1 – Asteroid BluesVoiced by: Japanese – Kōichi Yamadera; English – Steven BlumPart western, sci-fi, action, and comedy Cowboy Bebop worked on many levels as it was able to take parts of each genre, which really shouldn't happen but it did. And Spike is what made the show so fun. There are very few characters that define cool like Spike does. With his business casual suit he is always wearing, always drinking and smoking, and all in all sounding very aloof he defines cool.To make things even better is that while each character in Cowboy Bebop has their own story everything [...]

Legen...wait for it....dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 11/11/09


Cover of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man #611I've said it many times but I love Skottie Young's artwork and his cover art is always great and this cover with Spider-Man and Deadpool is just all kinds of awesome. It is an great preview of the fun you are going to get inside the comic.Amazing Spider-Man #611 HighlightsHey at least Marvel tried something new and fun for the recap page of this issue with even Deadpool joining in with the rest of the editors to recap what's been going with Spider-Man.Gotta love the Looney Tones-esque joke here with Deadpool playing the role of Bugs Bunny and Spider-Man playing the role of the unexpected Elmer Fudd.I don't think I have to say much about why these two images made the highlights of the week. The image of Spider-Man and Deadpool trading Yo Mama jokes speaks for itself of how awesome this issue was.Batman #693 HighlightsHelena makes for one heck of a "wingman" especially with what happens in the next image.Barbara is not going to like that.Told ya. That is one mean stink eye.He's back!!!I dig Dick using different versions of the Batsuit with this version looking like it integrates the Winger-tech from his time as Nightwing.Batman and Robin #6 HighlightsBatman and Robin tell you to talk too the hand.What I would like to know is how much of what happened to Bruce during Batman RIP does Dick knows as it seems that maybe he and Bruce talked about Zur-En-Arrh since no one knew about that but Bruce and Black Mask.Also I want to know why Dick is keeping it a secret he does know Bruce is alive from Tim and everyone.Daredevil #502 HighlightsAs always your exs haunt you in your dreams. There just is no escaping the wrath of your ex.Yep Izo is okay. Just give him a beer.Green Lantern Corps #42 HighlightsJust a gorgeous splash page of the Black Lanterns heading towards the Green Lantern Corps main power battery.If you are going to give a hero a proper death this is how you do it. Kyle was give the proper hero death even though he will probably come back by the end of Blackest Night, if not sooner.Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #1 HighlightsNow that is how you make an entrance.If it can't be done right by others than just do it yourself as Gladiator did here.[...]

Top 25 Anime Characters: #15-#11


Time for another batch of my Top 25 Anime Characters with #11-#15. I was unable to embed the Speed Racer video to this post so if you want to check out the tribute video just click on the link I provided for it. Now #11-#15:#15. Speed RacerCreated by: Tatsuo YoshidaFirst Appearance: Speed Racer Episode 1 – The Great PlanVoiced by: Japanese – Voiced by: Katsuji Mori; English – Peter FernandezIf you want to talk about the ultimate car you want how can you go wrong with the Mach 5? Just like the entry with Astro Boy earlier, what elevates Speed Racer is how he help usher anime to the states. Even 40 years later you can mention Speed Racer and there will be plenty of people who will know who you are talking about. Like most anything we watch or read we know that the hero would win but it was always fun to see what Speed would be able to do with the Mach 5 to pull out the win and how Racer X would help him win/survive the race.Tribute Video: Naruto UzumakiCreated by: Masashi KishimotoFirst appearance: Naruto Episode 1 – Enter: Uzumaki NarutoVoiced by: Japanese – Junko Takeuchi; English – Maile FlanaganIn terms of popularity you won't find a more popular series than Naruto here in the states with the manga making it in the Top 10 best selling list in TPB and manga whenever releases a new volume. And recently Disney XD started showing the Part II of Naruto called Naruto: Shippuden. I still question why Cartoon Network allowed Naruto to escape their grasp especially since the series has yet to reach its best as the Part II of Naruto is even better in the manga and the anime should follow suit.But enough of my bitching on that subject. Naruto Uzumaki on his own right is probably a character if I was making this list 10 or 20 years down the line would most likely break my top 5 favorite anime characters. Even though it has been shown that Naruto isn't the most popular character of his own series I actually prefer him over Sasuke, who is the #1 fan favorite character of the series.Naruto is a much more relatable character as everything he does and accomplishes is through hard work and dedication. He has to earn the respect of everyone in his village that has vilified him since he was born because of being the container of the Nine Tailed Fox. Throughout Part I of the series he work hard to get that respect and now in Part II we see how much Naruto has matured so far as he goes from being a kid looking for respect to a young man out to protect his friends and village. Though Naruto: Shippuden has only started up if the manga is any example the anime should only get better as there are a lot of great fights that Naruto and everyone in the series get into.Tribute Video:#13. Lelouch LamperougeCreated by: SunriseFirst Appearance: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 1 – The Day a New Demon was BornVoiced by: Japanese – Jun Fukuyama; English – Johnny Yong BoschFor those who have read my reviews of Code Geass you will know I questioned how rushed the story in R2 as well as a lot of the character development that happened at the end of the series. But the one thing that always kept the anime series enjoyable was what Lelouch Lamperouge did throughout the series. Even though many of the characters around him become very unwatchable due to how the writers of the series developed them in the latter half of R2 Lelouch was still the well writing master strategist until the end. An[...]

Weekly Comic Book Reviews for 11/11/09


The Top 25 Anime Character countdown is going to be taking a small break. It will be back on Sunday with #11-#15. Instead it is time to review some of this week's comics. This week's reviews I will take a look at Amazing Spider-Man #611, Batman #693, and Green Lantern Corps #42.Amazing Spider-Man #611Creative TeamWriter: Joe KellyArtist: Eric CaneteColorist: Andres MossaStory – This Man, This (Expletive Deleted)ReviewThough Amazing Spider-Man #611 wasn't as great as I was expecting it to be Joe Kelly still provided a very good issue. This issue makes me wish that Kelly would write a team-up title with Spider-Man and Deadpool or at the very least a mini-series. It is actually incredible that we haven't had more issues with Spider-Man and Deadpool meeting up in the past as it just seems like a natural team-up with how great both character's play off one another.As Kelly has done anytime he has been penned to write a story on Amazing Spider-Man he just showed why he is one of the best Spidey writers on the Spider-Man Brain Trust. And at the same time he showed a great handle of a character he is long been familiar with. The two characters had a great chemistry. And I really like how Kelly choose to open the first scene between the two with a Looney Toons-type joke. It was really great way to open up the rest of the scenes between the two for the rest of the issue.Also of note were the jokes about Blackest Night joke and the need for internal monologue. But what really sealed the deal was the yo mama jokes in the basketball courts. Because seriously how can you not laugh at "You mother's so stupid she thinks cheerios are donut seeds," or "Your mother's so fat, Hank Pym had to beat her up in the back of a Quinjet." Great stuff by the two of them as Kelly really did a fantastic job with all the jokes in the issue.What sort of took steam out of this issue was the artwork. Even though this issue with Spider-Man and Deadpool needed an artist that could draw more in a more cartoony style Eric Canete artwork was just way to inconsistent. There were points in the issue were the characters just look distorted which does take you out of the issue at times. It also seemed that the art was rushed and not much effort was put into this issue.Also another thing that I did not like was the unnecessary need to tie it into the Gauntlet storyline that is going to start in the next issue. Though we saw that something was going to happen to Maddie with the preview of things to come during ASM #600 it just felt out of place in this issue. It just felt that Kelly forced the Gauntlet storyline in even though he did not need to as we have in this issue which had a very light and humorous tone.Issue RatingStory: 9.2/10 – Kelly turned in some great writing with Spider-Man and Deadpool. The only thing that kept it from being a perfectly rated story is the unnecessary insertion of the Gauntlet story line.Art: 5.7/10 – Though Eric Canete artwork had an interesting cartoony look the inconsistency, which at times lead to characters looking distorted, really hurt this issue's story in certain parts.Overall: 7.45/10 – Amazing Spider-Man #611 was a fun issue to read. Even though some of the weaknesses of the issue did hurt the story this was still a fun issue to read. If you are a Spider-Man or Deadpool fan I highly recommend picking this issue up as Kelly does a great job writing both characters.Batman #693Creative TeamWriter and Art[...]

Top 25 Anime Characters: #20-#16


Time to continue my Top 25 Anime Characters with #20-#16:#20. PikachuCreated by: Satoshi TajiriFirst Appearance: Pokemon Episode 1 – Pokemon, I Choose YouVoiced by: Ikue OtaniWho ever thought we would get a rat that would become more famous than Jerry from Tom and Jerry? Not me. But this is where Pikachu and the billion dollars franchise known as Pokemon comes in. Even 13 years after throwing red and white balls at creatures known as Pokemon the franchise is still going and only getting stronger with games being released every year since its first release. And seriously who didn't play the video games as a kid of the 90s.The one leading the charge of the Pokemon phenomenon is Pikachu. He/She is the poster child for Pokemon and it is incredible that the character and series are still around as kids are still playing the games. And how much bigger can a character get when you appear as a Thanksgiving float. You are an icon when you get your own float which is what Pikachu has been able to do.Tribute Video:#19. Astro BoyCreated by: Osamu TezukaFirst Appearance: Astro Boy Episode 1 – The Birth of Astro BoyVoiced by: Billie Lou Watt /Mari Shimizu (1963); Patricia Kugler Whitely / Mari Shimizu (1982/1980); Candi Milo /Makoto Tsumura (2004/2003); Freddie Highmore/Aya Ueto (2009 Film)After successfully having an anime that lasted almost 200 episodes Astro Boy has been a series and character that has tried to make a comeback a few times now since the 60s anime though never reaching the success of the original. Even now Astro Boy is trying to make a comeback with a CGI movie from Imagi Animation Studios that was recently released.And Astro Boy is an important character and series to the US as it has the distinction of opening the door for anime to enter the US. Astro Boy is a character with identical origins to Pinocchio as he was created by a scientist to trying to recreate his son after his son was killed in a car accident only to be abandon by said scientist to the circus since Astro could not replace his son. And that is where we see that this is just not boy robot as he does have a heart of gold willing to fight evil to protect those who reject him because he knows it is the right thing to do.Tribute Video:#18. Motoko KusaniCreated by: Masamune ShirowFirst Appearance: Ghost in the Shell Anime FilmVoiced by: Japanese – Atsuko Tanaka; English – Mimi Woods (film), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (anime)When you want to talk about anime woman you do not want to mess with is Motoko Kusani. Who doesn't like a good anime that is set in a futuristic time period? Ghost in Shell is an awesome anime and Motoko is a great character.As a cyborg you just do not mess with this Terminator/Robocop. And what sets her apart from other cyborgs is that the only real part that is human about her is that she has only a human brain and spinal cord, the rest is full robot. Which brings in an interesting question of what does a cyborg/robot need to be human. Through this question and the setting and job Motoko has undertaken it makes her adventures in Ghost in the Shell fascinating to watch as we see you don't need much to be human.Tribute Video:#17. VegetaCreated by: Akira ToriyamaFirst Appearance: Dragon Ball Z Episode 4 – Goku's Unsual JourneyVoiced by: Japanese – Ryo Horiwaka; English – Christopher SabatThough there are plenty of bastard anti-heroes like Light Yagami and Lelouch Lamperouge but not[...]