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Sun, 28 Apr 2013 03:45:00 +0000

California, synonymous of sun and sea, glamour and wealth, the ladies of Beverly Hills to the Latins from Costa Mesa, the house of movies, art and music. There is no doubt that here is the guitar land.I settled in this side of the Pacific for a few months due to some work proposals, but also with my heart open to whatever come. Already on my flight without any doubt that this is the land of guitar, I found in the departure area, the master of the masters of Country guitar: Albert Lee. I studied just a little of that style in my life, through his video classes and methods. The Country fans know who I'm talking about. I just noticed I was in your presence when I heard the call to the airline: "Mr. Lee". Then I saw that gentleman with gray hair and two (!?) Nokia phones in hand (the old ones that do not break and the battery lasts more than a day), doing his check-in. Awesome! I realized that I was going to the right place... Despite having fallen much down the road in this life, to travel to staying for some time in another place has always a different meaning. My identity as a musician and artist and my relationship with music is set in motion. A new environment always brings alternative, expectations, dreams and, of course, doubt and intimidation. It puts to the test my relationship with the music and everything that was done previously. Check your limit - what you can change or not. There is no predetermined or image and expectations that others have. It is the talent and your position as a professional, and nothing else that will be the base for your success, forgetting my own limitations and expanding the image I have of myself. It is the free energy of the beginning and almost as freedom of the nickname, that has much been used by Japanese painters of past centuries, Fernando Pessoa and journalists at the time of Military rule. Whatever it is the new environment - a country, a college, a city – it will put to the test, reevaluate your relationship with art, your strengths and weaknesses. After all, we can’t live our lives playing the same games otherwise it becomes amorphous and bland. It's funny and exciting at the same time, to have as neighbors some of my teenage idols and discover that we are all in the same boat – to go out for a chat or meet someone at the gas station.Tomorrow I’ll go for a recording in the land of Burbank studios, next to Hollywood, for a track in a project with Billy Sheehan and Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater), registered by the legend of production Tom Fletcher (Bon Jovi, Toto, among others).We have always to believe in the essence of ourselves, in the best we have to keep our personality, and know what is flexible in ourselves to adapt to the different realities that we propose through our lives. What will be your next step?[...]

Diana Krall & The Importance Of Branding

Sat, 12 Jan 2013 19:12:00 +0000

Diana Krall & The Importance Of BrandingNot everyone likes thinking about art in technical terms. For many artists, 'branding', 'marketing' and 'advertising' are corporate words that have no place in the creative sphere. But the music industry is changing, and without a proper understanding of these concepts, artists can get left behind. In fact, the success of every single business in the world - whether it's a corporate giant like Coca-Cola or an unknown rock band gigging the club circuit - depends enormously on developing an understanding of the importance of brand.Branding has been playing on my mind ever since I came across the cover of jazz singer Diana Krall's new album in a high-end department store recently. I hadn't heard the music, and I knew little about the record, but I got this unshakeable feeling when I saw the album cover. The advert was clearly just one element of a larger marketing campaign but, studying it closely, I couldn't help but feel that the branding wasn't right for the artist. She was being presented as a pop star, it seemed to me, and her true spirit - that of a serious jazz singer - appeared to have been lost somewhere along the way.Now I'm far from an expert on this subject (and I'm probably simplifying the issue) but, as my grandmother used to say, "Advertising is the core of a business". And it's truer now than it ever has been. When you start out as an artist you have to remember that, on top being your own brand, you need to have some kind of strategy for building that brand, for nurturing and developing the ways in which fans see you, feel you and connect with you. It's this magical process - the intangible way in which people develop a connection with an artist - that leads to fan loyalty, and ultimately to record sales. The image you project is a delicate combination of who you think you are and who others think you are, and this can be very difficult to get right.Once you do get it right, however, you can feed it into everything - your image, your logo, your attitude, your way of speaking, writing and performing, and much more besides. It'll also inform the way you present yourself on the web, and as a result strengthens the relationship you build with your audience. Essentially, branding is the way in which you convey who you are to your fans. It's as simple as that. Now and again, a well-branded artist builds the momentum to achieve a market crossover, conquering different genres and attracting new followers. This is wonderful when it happens organically, but if the artist themselves isn't satisfied with the success they've achieved, their true spirit can get lost and this can upset their original fanbase. Ultimately we'll have to wait and see if Diana turns up at the Grammys again in her (in my opinion) somewhat unconvincing pop guise - or whether we're more likely to see her prancing around the stage like Beyoncé in a sold-out stadium. Only time will tell…![...]

Sounds Of Innocence - Release

Mon, 12 Nov 2012 16:57:00 +0000

Liner notes by Kiko LoureiroTrack List: 1  Awakening Prelude2  Gray Stone Gateway3  Conflicted4  Reflective5  El Guajiro6  Ray of Life7  The Hymn8  Mãe D'Água  9  Twisted Horizon10 A Perfect Rhyme   Here it is Sounds of Innocence,  my fourth solo album. Sounds of Innocence is my inner voice, whispering constantly, sounds and melodies, textures and harmonies. Life shouldn't feel like a limited state of being, but rather be an open horizon to explore and in which to experiment. Innocence is a place where one can surrender with tranquility. A place where everything is possible and nobody is superior over another. Composing is for me this natural state in which to let out all emotions, strengths and weaknesses. Learning  that the more we master our skills the more we realize how deep and wide we can go. A constant  intermittence  between  innocence and experience is brought to the surface of our awareness. Innocence is one of the most important substances to cherish in our hearts and lives. Innocence means expecting good things to happen or expecting the best from people. Innocence keeps one open to the world without the need of having to protect or hide oneself. Negative things may happen everywhere and anytime but innocence is still a choice one can make every day. Losing innocence results in cynicism, not trusting people, not trusting in life and  in the end not trusting yourself. Keeping  innocence fuels the feeling of being alive and enables evolving as a human being. Innocence is the essence and foundation for creativity and freedom. It  allows  openness to the simplest of ideas and access to one's innermost feelings and continuous flow of musical images. From this derives the ability to play, compose, improvise  constantly discovering the music inside me. All the reflective moments during the past year of my life are somehow represented in the ten songs from Sounds of Innocence. These compositions depict my experiences in perfect form. They combine my past to what I am now - remembering the innocent times of a distant past but simultaneously being humble enough to keep innocence as an important value at present. It keeps me learning, exploring, developing and sharing. I love what I do, and this involves a unique feeling that music is something that unites us universally. Music doesn't belong to me nor anyone. The more I create, the more innocent and free I feel to present and share my music.  Please enjoy my sounds. 1 Awakening PreludeClassical guitar is my main companion when writing songs and for this reason it is very natural to have the Awakening Prelude as an opening track. It represents my everyday life. A peaceful intro to start the day off with the classical guitar. The melody, introduced in this Prelude, anticipates what will happen in the following song.2 Gray Stone GatewayDuring the period of the composition of Sounds of Innocence, I have been living in Finland. The landscape, the nature, the scenery of the capital city has been something completely new for me. A feature that really struck me in Helsinki are the gray stone buildings, walls and churches. I pursue the perfect combination of heavy guitars with a syncopated melody which expresses my identity as a Brazilian artist. It is present in all of my compositions and this song is no different. My passion for harmony, chords and complex progression  derives from listening to Brazilian music and It led me to jazz and the fusion which is also presented here. The Gray Stone Gateway welcomes the listener to the album with an intricate opening phrase. This song is a very direct, heavy tune where the main melody is totally based on the latin clave. The clave counterpoints with the [...]

Kiko Loureiro in Manila by Francis Brew Reyes

Thu, 10 Nov 2011 08:44:00 +0000

Kiko Loureiro of Angra recently did a guitar workshop for Laney amps and JB Music Philippines. To say that people were blown away is an understatement… while he is known for being a metal guitar hero, this is a guy who can, and did, play many styles of music during the two hour showcase. Sweeped arpeggios, two-handed playing, precision-picking, hybrid picking… you name it, he nails it. high speed metal runs? sure! then… he launches into long complex jazz lines, Joe Pass-style solo chordal guitar… and there is a percussiveness to his playing that reveals his Brazilian heritage. even when he plays legato, every note just pops out. to be frank, i got sick of shred guitar years ago… and then this guy comes along and proves that you can shred and be tasteful… and really musical. He makes everything look easy. his playing sure lit a fire that will be good for my own playing :) Scary guitarist… and i was to join him and the JB Music peeps for dinner. I was anxious. He looked tired after the workshop (he also came from Indonesia, Taiwan, and Singapore) and might not be in the best of moods, although he was always congenial. he did seem nice enough while answering questions during the workshop but what if he snaps?On the way to dinner, he asked socio-cultural questions; he noticed that most of us have Spanish surnames. He is genuinely curious about cultural stuff and Niña and I briefed him on Philippine history… and how unfortunate that what he was looking for (indigenous music) was difficult to find at that hour. “I guess it’s the same anywhere in the world, ” he lamented, “You have to go to a ‘tourist place’ to experience it. Not in the major cities…” He wasn’t much interested in hitting the bars or anything of that nature… he wanted to experience local culture. (We ended up watching a midget oil wrestling match in P. Burgos after dinner albeit reluctantly… ;p) We had dinner at Casa Armas in Podium and there was little talk about guitar or music. The topics revolved around geography and it’s effect on the human psyche. i pointed this out and he said, “Ahh, talking about guitar…so boring!” He smiled and said, “It’s more interesting talking about other things… what’s the population in the Philippines? is it 94 million?” We talked about the symbolism of the 7 billionth baby… Niña asked him about a city in Finland (he is based there) and he elaborated on living in Europe compared to Brazil. when he did talk about music, he mentioned meeting Allan Holdsworth and explained, “My wife, she doesn’t know much the music of Allan, so i had her listen to his stuff. And she said ‘His harmonies are European.’ You know, like ECM? but he is based in California, you know it’s a different environment…and Allan said that Joe Zawinul, you know, from Weather Report? (i nod) said the same thing.” After dinner, Mr Joel Fernando of JB Music took us to Martini’s for a couple drinks, watching Joniver Robles. Niña and Loureiro talked about photography between songs. Kris and MJ from JB Music promised him a tour in Intramuros before heading for the airport; they also promised to get him a souvenir… the man in a barrel with a spring-mounted penis. He respectfully declined and said, “No, no, it’s okay… we also have that in Brazil.” Fortunately within Intramuros, there is a Mindanao-styled house and a bahay kubo: proper examples of Philippine culture and architecture. (i made some dick jokes during the workshop; and between that and the man-in-the-barrel, that was culturally redeeming LOL) Between stops, he noticed something. “I like the uniforms of the guards” he said, referring to the Intramuros guards. Smiling, he continued “You know, Brazil was also briefly under the Spanish, and these uniforms… it’s strange to know i am in a very different part of the world but i see something familiar. similarities…” The kalesa driver, Boyet (with his horse Rambo), was our tour guide; he po[...]


Fri, 19 Feb 2010 21:24:00 +0000



(West Haven, CT., January 29, 2010) – Rock House, the leader in music instruction, announced today the release of a new 2-set instructional DVD Creative Fusion, Beyond Pentatonics & Power Chord featuring Brazilian guitar virtuoso Kiko Loureiro. Kiko is the driving force behind the band Angra who has sold millions of CDs and toured the world several times over. Kiko is often voted by magazines and fans as one of the most talented guitar players worldwide. Young Guitar Magazine quotes “His guitar playing is top notch and can be compared to the masters like Vai, Satch and Petrucci. Kiko is a versatile guitar player with a deep knowledge of Rock 'n' Roll, Heavy Metal and Jazz which you can hear in his solos, riffs and melodies.”

In this new 2 DVD set, Kiko helps students open up their musical universe by showing how to apply fusion techniques to Rock playing. Kiko shows students a method for using arpeggios to craft amazing leads and melodies. He starts with major and minor arpeggios and triad voicings and builds them into progressions. Then expands on this concept with major arpeggio extensions adding the 7th and 9th and shows how to complete the mission by delivering full dominant and diminished arpeggios in single and cross string technique. Kiko explains and demonstrates how these all relate as tools for creating a unique musical style. Students learn modal arpeggios and how to apply them over full band backing tracks so they can start creating their own masterpieces!

Creative Fusion, Beyond Pentatonics & Power Chord is a 2-DVD set with more than 2 hours of lessons with Kiko and extras like behind the scenes photo, a personal interview, iPod ready video, performances and bonus lessons. This Rock House DVD is available around the world for $24.99. The DVD also comes with a FREE lesson booklet and membership to Rock House’s lesson support site at This feature, exclusive to Rock House and its partners, offers students supplementary support for the lessons featured on the DVD. Once registered, students can interact with the community, utilize the additional learning tools and access the special features.

Rock House products are exclusive distributed by Hal Leonard Corp. To carry this and other Rock House products in your music store, please contact your Hal Leonard Representative at 1-800-524-4425.

Rock House has developed an accelerated yet easy-to-use system of learning that utilizes the functionality of DVD and Print, integrated with the accessibility of the Internet. Aspiring musicians who have a product produced by Rock House receive free membership to for 24-7 lesson support. Students use this fully interactive lesson site along with their product to enhance learning, expand their knowledge, link with instructors, and connect with a community of people around the world who are learning to play music using The Rock House Method®.

For more information contact:
Joe Palombo John Jacobs
Rock House Hal Leonard Corp.
914-686-1903 1-800-524-4425

LEt the

Thu, 22 Oct 2009 13:04:00 +0000

Hey guys,

This Tuesday October 27, I will be featured in the Dutch 'Let there be Rock'
Radio show ( ). I will present some of my favorite songs of all time, and I've chosen some real cool tracks. It would be great if you could listen to the show via the internet stream: .

The 2-hour show starts at 9PM CET (Amsterdam time) on Tuesday October 27. In other time zones start time is:

- London 8PM

- New York 3PM

- Los Angeles Noon

- Rio de Janeiro 5PM

- Moscow 11PM

- Tokyo 5AM (Wednesday October 28)

- Sydney (7AM (Wednesday October 28)

I will present my favorite top 3 songs of my own playing in the first hour of the show, and my top 3 favorite songs of all time in the 2nd hour of the show.


Thu, 30 Apr 2009 15:08:00 +0000

My new album is out! FULLBLAST

New website as well

There you will find all information about the album and recordings.

To order from anywhere:

or write to



Fri, 17 Apr 2009 00:32:00 +0000

Here is Neural Code debut album. Featuring Cuca Teixeira, Thiago do Espírito and me Santo

To purchase on the internet:

I’ll post more news soon about my new solo Album which was released in Japan and will be released next month in South America and Europe: FULLBLAST.



Wed, 15 Apr 2009 12:54:00 +0000

I'm happy to share with you guys the new issue from Young guitar Mag.



NAMM 2009 Pictures

Fri, 20 Feb 2009 17:28:00 +0000

Some pictures from NAMM 2009 This month edition of Guitar Player is going to feature an issue of details Of this event. After I’ll post it. You can find different ones on my myspace page... From left to right on the third picture. Tim King-Soil Ritchie Kotzen JD Servio ( BLack Label Society) Me : ) Victor Wooten Eddie Jackson-Queensryche Mike Stone ex-Queensryche Hugs KL [...]


Sun, 15 Feb 2009 18:01:00 +0000

I hope you guys have the same fun I had at NAMM watching

This video.

A resume from what we lived during these 4 days of music tradeshow.



Guitar Player’s Column

Thu, 12 Feb 2009 00:11:00 +0000

Set yourself on fire!The musical improvement has always been a constant challenge. Whe music turns out to be your professional career, the routine shows up as a big enemy of a musician’s qualities: the passion for the art. Ant not only that, the routine “hurts’ the eternal search for knowledge; the tecnical development, the daily researches among others.The trip hous, interviews, meeting with lots of compromises not related exactly to the instrument – besides the decision which can make us get a job for the payment and not the instrument – take us away from the real essence of music and it’s learning process.For those who are not professional players, this intellectual marasmus can also happen.Playing repeatedly the same exercises and songs without opening your eyes to other “musical worlds” can stop our evolution.I can’t feel the same energy I had to study music during my adolescence , because life changes and our duty gets us with no mercy.Those free afternoons which we had to play disappear after you’re a grown up.The solution for people which share the same problem I do is: Put yourself on the fire, in other words, Put yourself in trouble. Create situations which at first you’re going to not make it or you don’t have expeience. Those moments which you say to yourself:“What am I doing here? Why didn’t I stay home?”After all, how can you want to have some experience without facing it and getting yourself “screwed”? Playing jams, playing with new people for the first time, getting on the stage and playing something unexpected, playing and making mistakes, mistakes and playing it right, to evolve. Creating situation which you’re not comfortable to make yourself get ready for next experiences.This whole story is to picture what happened to me in last december.Known for playing rock and heavy metal, I was invited to play in a “choro” festival which featured some “chorões” (players which play choro) from the old times, which keep the flame of Jacob do Bandolim, Valdir Azevedo, Cartola, Pixinguinha and other composers up. The Festival “Choro sem parar” (Something like Choro with no break) in São Carlos, São Paulo on a public square.I have always mentioned the quality of choro on the guitar – Jacob do Bandolim was a virtuoso player and his songs are pretty hard to get in the guitar format. To be invited by a genere festival was a big surprise for me. Playing Choros sometimes at home to study a little is much different than play an one hour live concert among musicians from this style. 100% Fire!Of course I didn’t pass the invitation and I spent someday just learning and memorize the choro themes I was going to peform. It was a great encouragement for me to focus on my studies and find new styles and phrasing.Each one of these moments along your career stands for an unique experience and “builds” our different influence helping us to create our own playing style.I take the opportunity to encourage people to study choro. Do you wanna go through chromatism? Study Mané’s Ginga. Arpeggios? Desvairada. Do you want stamina and several combinations of picking? O Vôo da Mosca. And then it góes... besides the technical challenge, the songs are historical, beautiful and brilliant. Great Hug!Caption:Me, the drummer Cuca Teixeira and the bass player Thiago Espírito Santo in the Chorando sem para Festival, São Carlos (SP).[...]

Wimbash Party

Thu, 05 Feb 2009 12:05:00 +0000

Doug Wimbish promotes a party and invites musicians from different places to a jam. I was there this year. I wasn’t ready, something like: get on the stage and good luck.

The drummer is Will Calhoum also from Living Colour.

Here is the link. I show up on the stage after 8:10 minutes.



Tue, 03 Feb 2009 05:27:00 +0000

NAMM 2009

Wimbash Party at Hilton

Doug Wimbish, Will Calhoun, John Mc Carthy

I'm on stage after 8:10 min.

No rehearsals, nothing prepared... Go on stage and play.


New Instructional videos

Sat, 31 Jan 2009 02:34:00 +0000


While you guys are hanging out over there, wearing some shorts on the beach, here I am working on the new instructional videos.

I miss you all...

Here in California

Mon, 26 Jan 2009 01:54:00 +0000

Everything stays the same.... one more NAMM music trade show.
The biggest encounter of musicians and worldwide instrument manufacturers.
It’s easy to meet Gene Simon or Steve Morse on the aisles, or maybe who knows to meet
Steve Vai leaving the bathroom...
I have lots of pictures and nice things to tell. First, I will post it on the next Guitar Player and after more details over here.
Besides NAAM I dropped by at MI ( to lecture an open couseling, I did a promotional picture session with Chris Impelitteri (who doesn’t know the fastest scales of the world?) for an young guitar cover and I jammed with Living Colour....
Tomorrow I will fly to NY to record some instructional video for an american company. Teaching rock to americans is almost ironic, but it’s ok.
Of course I have been in a hurry and after I will post pictures and tell details.
I miss you all.

Guitar Player Post

Mon, 05 Jan 2009 03:24:00 +0000

I am just packing to travel to Obama’s land, so I am gonna leave here one of the posts which have been released by Guitar Player magazine. This is na old one and talks about Tarja’s tour. You can find the previous posts looking at the whole page. Happy 2009!TOURING WITH TARJA TURUNEN I will keep telling about being on tour with Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish), aside Mike Terrana (Drums), Doug Wimbish (Bass), Maria Ilmoniemi (keyboards) and Max Lilja (Cello). After the getting process which I mentioned last month, the time had come to proveThat everything was 100% and I would fit the group without any kind of problems.We usually play at the home using playbacks or along with the original recording. This is pretty important, but this relaxed situation of playing seated on chair and focused is not likeReality.When you play with other musicians, surprises may show up.When you play along with a recording, your mistake will not stop the whole process. But when it comes to reality, a huge mistake can make all the other people involved to get lost.A good way of practicing is playing alone, with no playback (metronome is a good choice!), picturing the other instruments. Try to memorize the rhythms and solos. If possible, play on your get with the effect pedals you are going to use the whol concert. Only by doing this, you ‘ll be really ready. Remember: When it comes about a concert, technical problems, audience distraction, other musicians mistakes and other stuff can get your attention and ruin your pefomance, in case you are not ready.We had some rehearsals in Monterrey, México, for two days and we did out first concert there. After it was “well-rehearsalled” , the main focus is to keep the focus exclusively on the song. As usual, the first concert was better than the second one. Since in the first concert everything turned out to be fine, the big confidence disturbed on the second one. Getting focused in what you are playing is pretty importante, until when you find the point which you take part in it and it sounds natural.After Monterrey, we travelled to Cidade do México and Guadalajara. We have already gotten along with the airport’s coffee salesmen due to the quantity of time we went there during the whole thing.By the way, for those who study guitar to become a professional musical shall be ready to wait at airport and to travel a lot. Musician’s life is, basicly, to wait and to get transported. Since concerts take two hours, the proportion compared to the “stand by” time is pretty big. To travel to Mexico, I left home at 05:00 A.M. and I got in the hotel after midnight – including taxi, van, check-in lines, passport, flight, immigration lines, van, hotel and etc... all that mess to peform just for two hours. Not mentioning what can happen during the trips!When we were travelling from México to colômbia, after one hour o flight, one of the air plane’s turbine stopped working. Besides getting scared, we were obligated to get back to México and say another “hello” to our friends from the airport coffee.We stayed one more day at that country to take the same flight during the dawn. Nevertheless, after some bizarre sounds and some lights on and down in a weird way, more of the half passenger quit taking that plane. We decided to face the challenge and we went to Colombia, after all, we had a booked concert.We had also a Nice trip from Fortaleza to Belo Horizonte, in a dawn flight. We did seat close to a couple with 5 twins. That’s it: FIVE! Detail: all of them were crying during the four hours of flight! Unbelivable![...]

Happy 2009

Thu, 01 Jan 2009 04:27:00 +0000

I would like to wish all the viewers of this blog a happy 2009!!

Wait for 2009, it seems to be a great year to come!
Two Cds already recorded without mentioning the three different instructional lessons I will record in the USA in january.
Angra is making the last decisions to get back together in April.
Therefore, there are lots of thing for the next year.
I hope everyone is full of projects and wishes, because that’s what cheer us up and make life richer.
Kisses and hugs,

Ronnie Von’s show

Tue, 23 Dec 2008 23:00:00 +0000

December 23th – 09:00 P.M. at Gazeta TV/ Todo seu program, I will be interviewed a side DJ Hum by Ronnie Von

I hope you enjoy! You can’t miss that!

kisses and hugs


Mon, 15 Dec 2008 23:43:00 +0000


12 hours of choro with no break!

In São Carlos (brazilian city) next sunday , December 21 th.

For me is going to be a big challenge to be among these great brazilian music instrumentists paying a tribute to the biggest choro idol, Jacon do Bandolim.

Attend to the event if you’re able to!


Touring stories III

Mon, 15 Dec 2008 23:43:00 +0000

This one was also released on Guitar Player... Skating on kerosene? To maintain yourself in equilibrium while at the same time to play perfectly the notes and the audience to see the band in the stage rocking at the most. Back in Fireworks’s time, which cover is a fire spitter, we had the Idea of hiring some juggler for the openning show. Imagine the biggest venue in Paris – Lê Zenith, 7000 people, the famous finn group as opening band and Bruce Dickinson – singer for Iron Maiden – at our dressing room ready to be featured on our show. In the middle of all this part, the great Idea of the fire spitter to get everyone in the mood before we get on the stage. We forgot that together with the fire , the kerosene would also be spitten and would cover thoe whole scene. The stage turned out to be a soap, a ring of ice skating. As well as the volleyball games, we also had our floor cleaners, which during the first songs cleaned all our stupidity glued to our feet. [...]

Touring stories II

Wed, 10 Dec 2008 01:46:00 +0000

Belo Horizonte (City in Brazil) , pop music festival, huge stadium, pretty famous artists, Radio anniversary , a crowded audience (over 30 thousands people). Perfect opportunity for a heavy metal band like Angra to expose its songs and get new fans and fans from different styles Evertyhing was ok until our roadie got drunk with the cans of beer in the dressing-room. Alcohol abuse should be prohibited in stages and shows and not only on the road. The one who we are talking about, got so out of control which turned out to be expelled by the security due to his revealer breath and stump walking. The pass “All areas” was his alibi to keep him around. Everything was ready to our concert. The rest of the roadie team worked A lot and got everything prepared for us to get in the best conditions for the so well expected concert. We just had to wait Jota Quest and Pitty to finish their concerts and go for it. Everyone got despaired when the mentioned roadie, already with the prominent eyes and not having control of his own hands, start to disconnect all the cables of our equipment. In the best of his intentions to help us to finish his obligations. Who could complain? He was out of things and went to the corner of the stage where the Titãs’ equipment was organized and polished. He pointed, aimed and threw out all the content from the cans already digested by the kidneys ... Late at night in the silence, empty stadium, amplifiers turned off, he was found on the rows of seats. He should be dreaming of a new job.... [...]

Touring stories

Fri, 05 Dec 2008 21:22:00 +0000

“Relembrar é viver” (Something like to remember is living) says the proverb.

A frequently asked question is: “What’s the difference between the brazilian audience and the audience from other countries?”. A foreseeable answer would be that brazilian audience is much more excited and “warm” among a lot of other whistling adectives. When I answer that requestion I always remember of an Angra’s concerts in Manaus (Amazônia) in 99. At the gymnasium of the luxurious Hotel Tropical, by the side of Amazonas river, we were in the first time at the Mavutsinim’s land, indian’s grandfather.
Try to picture that leaving São Paulo’s stages to play in Manaus is almost the same situation of a classical violinist playing at a “trio elétrico” (Typical car in brazil usually used in Carnival). Fans are incredible.The energy exchange between the band and the audience was so intense in this concert that the stage turned out to be a springboard , at the “sauna-gymnasium”, the promoter was the one jumping further and escaping from the security. The securities were in a huge number, wearing scintillant yellow t-shirts, got together in front of the center of the stage in order to avoid the acrobatic show. Due to the end of the “game”, the audience got sad and couldn’t control themselves and spite a lot on the easy yellow targerts, calling them to the fight. The band now as just the soundtrack of the show, looked at the happening, playing strongers and feeding from this savagery. For our surprise , we also saw the low railing ,which in theory stands for avoiding the audience to get closer to the stage , flying at the bottom over impassible heads conviced that this was a real show.

Irmandade do Blues

Mon, 01 Dec 2008 01:55:00 +0000

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of performing with my friends from the group “Irmandade do Blues” Edu Gomes, Silvio Alemão, Vasco and Ulisses. (Something like Blues Brootherhood)

Jazz and Blues festival at Rio Janeiro’s Sesc in Barra Mansa.

Some pictures for those who couldn’t attend to the event.


Guitar Player – First Post

Sat, 29 Nov 2008 00:17:00 +0000

As I promised I am going to post all the texts which were published on Guitar Player magazine , here comes the first one published on August: Getting ready for the south america tour I was invited to join the band of Tarja Turunen (Ex – Nightwish) , aside musicians like Mike Terrana (drums; Yngwie Malmsteen, Rage), Doug Wimbish (bass; Living Colour, Jeff Beck, Madonna, Rolling Stones), Maria Ilmoniemi (Keyboards) and Max Lilja (cello; Apocalyptica). The tour during august and september released cities such as Mexico, Colombia, Brasil, Chile and Argentina ending up with 14 shows. As every single tour, the hard work starts pretty much before the trip itself. I got in the band in the middle of the worldwide tour and the band had already played and rehearsaled several times. I had just one rehearsal before the first concert and it was a big responsibility. Therefore, my getting process had to be minute, precise and solitary. First of all, comes the musical part: get to know all the songs deep down. It takes to play the whole concerts, on the set list sequence, without making mistakes – playing everything in the minimum details, after all, rock bands don’t accept scores on the stage! One tip: In case you go through a similar situation, the great thing is , first of all just to listen to the songs. Burn a CD with the themes in the sequence of the concerts and listen to this as it was your favourtie album, inside the house, in the car , Ipod... Picture yourself playing the harmonies, the pickings and the song structures. Sing the melodic parts of the solos. Thus, when you play it on the guitar, it would be much easier, 70% of the process done. After, without leaving the musical part behing, it’s time to check the equipments. A good professional has to have a gear in perfect conditions under the musical style. After all, during a tour, everything can happen. You will be going through a sequence of concerts and you will be in other country, away from home, from your luthier and your confidence store. It’s good to have everything check out, and by preference with spare gear. For example, any kind of guitar used, take a spare one. Take some spare tunning keys, keys, bridges and new and good cables, besides spare parts! You have to take enough strings to change each two concerts. In the particular case of this tour, the songs took a guitar tuned in A 440 and other one a whole step down, a seven strings and a nylon strings acoustic guitar. I travelled with six guitars and an acoustic guitar, all of them had been checked up and adjusted for all these different tunning. Since the songs feature more riffs than solos, I decided to use D’addario .011 on the A 440 tuned guitar and .012 on the whole step down tunned. It seems complicated, but this precaucations are fundamental to feel relaxed on the stage and to avoid problems during the concert. And don’t forget about the matters of getting tickets , dates , visas , documents and etc! [...]