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and other glimpses of life

Updated: 2018-03-22T05:00:21.123-07:00


Hello, hello!


(image)   Phone Posting  
How Are You All? These Summer Like Spring Days Have Been Good To Us In The PNW. Lots Of Riding, Resting, Working And Gardening.

 Gloryb Hangs Out In The Tree Limbs.
I'll Be Back.....Just Needed To Check In!



Hi Y'all!!!
I'm Still Here, Alive And Kicking(Tons Of Snow) Off My Boots. Computer It's Down, So Trying To Use Smart Phone...Well See!

This Obviously It's From This Past Summer.  Not Sure How To Get Real Time Photos Here...Maybe My Smart Phone Can Teach Me!

Anyway, Pray You All Are Well.It's Been A He== Of A Winter... .

Coming in


Nice weather has kept us on the trails. 70's in October!
Hello all!!!
 I know that this unexplained break from Bloggerville had some wondering about us. Thankyou for seeking me out via email and comments. I am sorry for such a long blogger break...totally did not realize that I'd get to ride in such FABULOUS conditions from June till now! Just  3 days of rain in 3 months, and 2 little storms in September.

I did start a Summertime post , about mid way through it...but so much was going on and the computer does give us fits, from time to time (it is from the dark ages) it freezes up and won't do a thing I ask!  I  couldn't make myself sit inside!  
So while there is so much to write about ( hospital visits, Arachnophobia bouts, Pescatarian lifestyle changes)..... I have to wait for a day that MAKES me stay put! Plus, there is so much neat-o news from you all to read about and catch up on!

Today, coming inside from the greater outdoors , is still tough 
( Been Race training for a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5 K...) has been in the 70's and sunny for the better part of October!   So, just like that, I shall leave you again. Gotta work sometimes. All the while wistfully yearning to be OUT in this BRIGHT, Sunny day  today.  And the next two days off...ride plans!
Say you missed US a little, and I will come back sooner!

Pond view , from atop my mare Wa

Into the Deep Dream


That is what it is like, riding further into the forests, a dreamy, soothing place. We've gone further into the old growth woods lately, to the tranquil cool and far from the maddening crowds.The soaring temps continue here . We did have a small window of cool late July, with marine clouds in the mornings and upper 70's for the days. HEAVENLY it was.So, going deeper into the woods is a solitude place the mare and me crave; the quiet that refreshes and calms the spirit with every step.Sounds of wildlife only can be heard there, like a Hawk that is being pestered by some ravens over our heads.  It squawks and flutters to evade. Little chipmunks scamper underfoot, seemingly playing a game with my mare and her footfalls on the shared trail. Then running up a nearby tree just ahead, it hangs motionless staring at us, at eye level.  As we near it flicks it's tail, chirps a "do not follow" warning, and flits up the tree. No worries little buddy, we like the solid ground for traveling. I stroke my mare's neck, happy she is unfazed by it and so many other larger squirrels doing the same thing underfoot, and visibly taunting us in trees next the trails we travel.The mare has been stellar calm. It could be the does have an effect of mellowing one's attitude out.  She has been moving at a snails pace. To increase speed, which I honestly have not had to ask of this mare much, I only have to gently think energy. This hot summer, thinkin' it ain't achieving it! But ya know- I am not wanting to step things up, so no matter. It is just a strange feeling to know I would have to use my leg on my mare "a thought" works well with! I am sure with the cooler temps, will come the livelier steps again. I know most of the country has been sweltering HOT, nothing new  for news in that statement. But for us here in OREGON well, it is like we have had 3 COMPLETE summers in the course of 30-70 days. It is strange, very strange for us. Everyday sunny, every day.... While I am not complaining, I will is just strange!NO RAIN. The sunshine has produced plenty of beautiful flowers, vegetables and Blackberries! I have had my eye on many trails with ambling blackberries...but then, so have the local bears! Yes, Bears. The evidences of them can be seen everywhere. Scat! Also the evidence has been felt, as I ride my mare out from our stables..she is high headed and snorty. Left, Bear bell with magnet cover. Right, uncovered and jingling!The smells can not be covered up with the jingle jangle sounds of the "BEAR BELL"...if my mare gets a whiff of something wild, she gets very nervous. She has been super spooky in certain area's we ride daily...down by the creek, and the areas of thick underbrush. The other day, we both saw a tree and bush shaking violently some 15 feet from us, just as we passed.   She didn't know what to do...turn around on the narrow trail or ??? She faltered in step, and down we went... to her knees. Up she was in a flash and bolting towards the top of the trail. Woo...So, she has perked up a bit lately...but these times are not soothing, but tense!She is always listening for the hidden, lurking animals.Meanwhile, in town there are many ongoing summertime activities...concerts in the park, outdoor movies and socials. The annual  McGloughlin district-100 home sale- in our neighborhood this weekend,  surely will bring scads of folks around. I may partake in the festivities with my 2 neighbor girl friends .Then, hit it back out to the country again and away from the crowds,  into the woods!That is pretty much it these days...a little work, alot of play and always trying to remain COOL![...]

Mountain Times


A walk on water moment, Pantz and sisWe had an awesome experience horse camping, our third time to Clackamas Lake in Mount Hood National Forest. Clackamas lake sites are only 3 years old and have dedicated horse sites with very nicely built corrals.Our time away, this time, was truly a "separated from the "connected" world of cell service", for my man, sister and myself.The tiny dock of Clackamas lakeUsually, we may take a walk down the planked runway to the  tiny dock of the lake. We sit with our coffee's while we check in and catch up on "Home" activities with our elderly mother.We took the coffee, and walked the planked runway to our known world's reception ..but nope, no reception! We got spotty reception near the road once...but after that, nothing. Actually-it was kinda refreshing  since we already knew other's were checking in on "grandmother". My Nephew was working on his motorcycle in her garage, and was there at all hours, days in a row replacing parts. Super helpful for the timing, as we girls and my man could relax, knowing he was around to make sure she was alright.So....No calls, no txts, blogs, no  "Instagram" was a vacation from known connected realities! We only had each other and the horses, NICE!Here is the stinker news though...I have waited to post this because *** my camera got taken this spring from my parked truck outside my house. I got another camera like it at the pawn shop...but apparently, it is not enough like it,(cords and connections don't link up) and I am unable to retrieve photos from it to our "old as hills" computer. I am frustrated. So there are just a  shots from my phone this time.Sister with mares in a rare-non mosquito'd moment!My sister used our tent to sleep in, as we always use the "Tent TRAILER"now...after I power wash the crap outa it (litterally so!)... It is awesome for camping. Screened windows, safe from bears and wildlife, rainproof...level for the queen air mattress. My man was to drive up to the mountain camp site later that night, after he got done with his normal work day. We sisters got there midday, at check in time, and set up the entire camp site. We then decided to Chilax with the horses. It was very hot and they seemed content in the corral nearby. My man drove in late, but that was alright...we had a nice roaring fire for him, to make him feel like sitting down with a cold one. Dinner was ready for him on the table.Unfortunately, the blasted mosquitoes were awful and plentiful. We did our best with the arsenal of bug replants...but in the end, we waited for the fall of darkness for relief!Next morning we all had a lovely round of STRONG COFFEE and I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. We sisters decided to take a riding outing to the lake for 4th of July. It was the first of 5 rides this trip.My mare was very nicely walking behind Pantz, I was sighing in delight and looking all around. My mare has this kicking walk. She gets her walk on at around 4-5 m.p.h. and gets mighty disturbed, when she must be checked back for using it on trail rides, behind a slow pokey horse. I was just reading over in Germany at LYTHA'S place, that she had gone out with her Mara mare, and met a rider with a horse that has a great walk too...the owner doesn't like to ride with others because their horses get disturbed because... they probably get left behind! That would be a good fit for us, like Pantz is... she outwalks Wa every time.Anywho...we were struting through the vast beautiful and my sister and I did a "Leap Frog" in positioning. While Wa was clam, I allowed her to lead. It is the perk for her for remaining calm behind. We did that several times and once my sister spied a large BLACK RAVEN feather! She still has a gimpy leg so getting off to retrieve it was near impossib[...]

Going Back


Days of yore, jump saddleI have decided to revisit a "Feel like home"place. It has been some time since I have felt comfortable, as I was truly more interested in my mare's comfort.So, while she has been nice and comfy...I HAVE NOT!Stubben TristanYea, I am talking about saddles again....Above the Stubben fits nicely on the mare. Sometimes I used a bumper pad to level the seat. But, that made my comfort worse. I have been getting hit in the woowoo. I can't take it anymore! I have gone back to my "Hans Biglajzer "Jump saddle. It is all of 9 pounds and so compy! It fits fine for now on the mare...since we have not buffed out with the hills as before, when we stopped using it.And...we are going back to the mountain lakes soon too!Pantz Mare and me in Frog lake, OregonSummertime colors at sunsetYes, summer is here in Oregon. While just a week ago it was raining still (typical), it is acting pretty summery now with high temps and plans to be realized. Normally it will rain right up to the 4th of July. Not typical this year, thank goodness!Tomorrow, we are Taking the horses to the LAKE!Timothy Lake, Oregon with Mt. Hood The two mares have not seen each other for some should be interesting to see the reunion. After some squeals and posturing, they will be besties again for the trailer ride up to the mountain.Pantz mare and Washashe share the trailsI have been super busy these past weeks...working and gardening, preparing for this camp trip. I went out to the trail and retrieved some old hoof boots I "ditched" last year, when the mare was traveling funny...I took them off and stashed them in the brush. Since the Easy boot "WIDES" have worked so well, I decided to sell the "Reneagdes" back to the feller I bought them from, and send in the old  "Cavallo"boots-pictured below attached to my saddle.Ditched hoof boots- those days are OVER!I sent them in and did the "TRADE UP"  through the  Easy Care Company.You are able to send in an old pair of competitors hoof boots , once a year, for 50% off Gloves or Back Country Gloves. THIS is a GREAT DEAL, since I have finally found some of their well thought out and designed boots to fit my TB mare. The invention of "WIDES", has made us two fillies really happy!!The Rear EB Gloves came in the mail in record time. We've had some very nice outings with plenty of trots and canters. All around Glove boots and revisiting the "Jump Saddle"Time for some of that summery goodness of cooking over the open flame, telling stories till your eyes are drooping, eating "smores" (trying a new recipe) and riding, riding, riding!!!My mare, the Daisey!See you all when we return to town again, next week.[...]

All's Well


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It has been like this, easy peesy ,beautiful!

A day riding , pondering


I had a smile on my face, from the get-go!Though part of the ear to ear was remembering something I had read (and snort laughed over) from"YOU THE WOMAN", which is my name for her on my blog roll. You may know her as "Grey Horse matters".Who knew something as common as what I call the "Sunshine Blues" could be so blasted hilarious !  Having "S.A.D.D." makes you manic when the bright light of the sun comes out finally. I try and do everything at once, not being able to follow through with any 1 thing! It is Exhausting! But when someone like her writes it up; the talented comical soul that she is, it takes on a new light and makes us all in this disintegrating world, ( minds and bodies)  together, and it is not at all as bad as being alone!On with a days outing we went.Down through  to the temporary water hole, Wa mare pausing to drink from the fresh rain basin.It is nice when riding, I never have to worry about lists, agendas being met, or forgotten!  It's all about the moment I am in with my mare. The "REAL TIME" of riding out is a mind-clear. Nothing else matters in the lapsing minutes into hours. Blue hereon, Hawk, Eagle and many other birds fly above us in the airspace. On the grounds;  deer, Beaver, frogs, squirrels, bunnies and the occasional cow and Llama are our trail mates.Usually, I think only about other horse folk when I ride.( "IF" I think 'bout anything other than my mare, those animals and the terrains I travel) It's only fitting to take them along in thought and prayer, knowing of their horse lives through blogging. I leave my other life stuff behind, just  take them and their journeys various.Lately, I am CAPTIVATED in HEART by one that has made massive amounts of progress with her new wonderful Arabian mare."From here to there, with a horse"AKALytha in Germany. When I ride my bareback saddle now, I have a partner! She is brave to do it and yea LYTHA, you'll get more buff as you ride on!The brighter light of the sunshine appearing has given me a BOOST...obviously...I have made more posts in this week, than ever! So when I drop off to normal  Posting...make sure to visit my new LINK-"INSTAGRAM"- on the top sidebar!It is a photo trail of life.[...]

Rough riding


Well now, it turned out to be nice weather for the 3rd day of my personal Hoof Boot trials. It lead me to ride a bit ROUGHER on them, not the mare.Wa was happy to see me, neighing for me to hurry and get her out there! She has been super lately, really willing, stepping out of the barn door onto rocks. The norm before boots- stop at the last second and question KK girl, "REALLY NOW, you say you love me but these stones hurt me!" I can't help but think it's the lack of pain making her so willing to move towards the trails again. Mud and rain make for soft soles...poor thing. The boots couldn't have come at a better time for her.As you see from the sketch/photo above, I have had some fun with my phone's applications lately.I love stuff like this! Juliette from HONEYSUCKELFARE blog, indirectly turned me onto this App, from another App she invited everyone to try- HERE-It is really fun and quick to connect with folks...right from your phone! It is called "INSTAGRAM". I only have her as a "follower" if anyone wishes to have some quick fun, please take a hasty minute and sign up...I am loving the easy connection to friends, through photos!Back to the BOOT TRIALS.We did some extended trotting. We went through big bogs and some nice deep water. We continued the trotting on a softer surface that is more uneven and once, I did hear her overreach and skiff a boot a few times.  I DID NOT stop...I kept going till I planned on stopping and then- did the "BOOT CHECK" lean over the shoulder. Still on!   The right boot was slightly off center...but a walk down the road corrected it.I am giving a THUMBS UP to the EB  Gloves-W!I am considering sending my "Renegades" to the Easy Boot Company, for a 1/2 off $ in a "TRADE UP" offer they have. I need rear boots for some of those rockier rides I have put off doing in awhile.RIDE ON FRIENDS![...]

Testing, Testing..........


Down the roads through water, mud and over rocks. Yup, the New hoof boots arrived, and in a rare moment of rain reprieve, we set off to try them out.Easy boot "GLOVE" in new WIDESleepy horsey!Though sleepyily standing for the photo here, Wa mare perked up pretty quickly, once we got going. After she tried to avoid the normally traveled areas of rocks and hard grounds; Wa mare was walking, trotting and even cantering upon the roads that ere now, made her wince!This road is a nice one, with round river rocksThe roads with crushed gravel rocks make her dive for the much softer/safer shoulders. But this day, though she actually tried once or twice to go for the sides from pain memory,   she began to snort and relax.  All in all the first ride went rather smoothly!!! Let us see IF*** we can get another in this week..............Second ride try- a window of dry, though a very stormy day in MaySo, yesterday, we got to go out once again later in the day. I was standing around waiting for the torrents of windy rain to subside as they have seemed to, later in the days. It just kept coming, and the moisture from the skies seeped into the barn doorways. When I stepped into the turnout, the rains  had flooded Wa's turnout field too. The 2 weeks of 80's we had in the beginning of May were apparently to keep our spirits up from the memory. NOW, we have gotten 4-5 inches of rain in a hurry apparently, marking an 1800's date for the record rainfall! I prepared to go still, hoping....getting the rain gear out...for her: quarter sheet, synthetic bridle and breast collar, saddle cover. For me: Rain duster that covers my legs and rear!YEA!! a small window of blue between the grey and  blackened skies!I was riding and thinking of KATE'S LESSON.... with Mark Rashid. I knew she could be riding right then too! I have enjoyed identifying with her over "core to core" work. Since I have started riding again after my accident, my safety has been to secure my hands with a light contact to the mare , while holding a rope from around the mare's neck. The results have been to use my "Thoughts only"- that are the core body movements between my mare and me. It is subtle and gently asks your horse to respond to the least amount of movement. With the way the mare has been marking time with her snorting, I know she has felt less pressure and more freedom.Off we went...into the water logged lands. With the front "Gloves" on. The mare soon realized, nothing hurt her toes! She strode out nicely. We went up and down and all around the roads for an hour that wizzed by! We had been trotting and cantering, me riding without my rope ballast now, having the saddle and stirrups. I tested out my sitting trot, as I watched our shadow selves below on the ground, riding along with us. The mare stretched into my fingers and I was able feel her swingy body, as she highblew, and marked the time. I think these Hoof boots are going to make riding out on different surfaces pleasurable again, for the both us![...]

Under Cover


About the only wise choice I did make...was to wear tall boots for the drenching ride ahead.The moist onslaught was in reprieve, with the dark clouds having blown over someone else's domain for the time being. I groomed quickly, making decisions to skip the quarter rain sheet for the mare and also, the rain duster favorite of mine for remaining dry, on days like this day. It was muggy and I dislike greatly, to overheat.Maybe not very thoughtful.Making small talk and listening with stablemates was hard without being obvious- I was so out of there, as soon as the velcro, buckles , clips and some odd snaps were in place!Down the slick trail I hand walked, mounting at the bottom. We then strode quickly up the road, brushing the bright yellow scrub bushes aside. They left  sticky, rain battled petals on my legs and boots. It made me smile when I looked down and spied them.The yellow will soon give way to other colors this spring. Our first stop..... Under the dry cover of the Evergreen Fir trees. The heavy laden clouds had caught up to us, and were relieving themselves. I dismounted for a time...the mare being pensive. We overheard  campers nearby. They had loud engines and hearty laughter, not usually heard in these parts. The Memorial weekend has brought them forth, pleasure seeking from the wood, like us.Two views of the same mare. My phone's camera, while leaving much to be desired...makes beautiful mistakes sometimes. Loved the purple hue of the overexposed mane.Looking down now, there was the prettiest little wild  Iris. She was all alone in the grassy undergrowth. Somehow she existed on this trail, between the hooves and tires that oft times stroll the pathway. We soon embarked upon the glistening grasses again, briskly trotting for a favorite destination. Grass, grass, oh the blades were delighting in this day, beckoning my mare to partake. "Soon my mare", I said aloud. I'm sure we'll have time for you to munch at the next resting place; making it undercover, for I see another tantrum coming from the clouds!We both were having fun, though wet we were by now, it was NOT cold. I was ready to mount up again and head on home but I spied another wild thing that ADORES this kind of day................................If you put both of your hands together, go ahead, knuckles that your hands touch and your fingernails slightly curve down and out sight...............................THAT my friends, is how BIG this feller was!!!I cautiously took his photo, with mare in hand. When these big un's jump into the water, they sound like "Cat Frogs", making a "meowing noise" then- SPLASH!Just another Oregon day, in the rain soaked hills and valleys!I do so love the Evergreen trees for the brief reprieves they provide...from rain and soon I pray, Shine.[...]

Ride between the raindrops


Down the trail on a grey, but somewhat dry day in OregonWe have returned to the normally scheduled forecast for this time of year in the PNW...cold with grey skies, VERY wet and windy. The blankets are back on the horses again, since the winds have made the 50 degree days seem like 20 degrees cooler! And, with no hair to comfort them since they are all shed out nicely, this seems like a dirty trick! Really wanting to get us fit for spring. . .  and while I have done tons of walking with the mare, I wish to ride longer, and TROT!  Slick conditions make that near impossible.Truly, I NOT taking many risks these days..though my therapist told me today, " you have healed up in the quickest scenario.6 weeks. Usually with something like this, it can be up to 6 months!" Woo hoo....!!!My mare's normal  sole "Tenderness" has come on. after the 2 glorious weeks of 80 degrees. She was getting pretty good at rock walking. Now, with conditions ripe for soft soles ....Grass, and mud softened hooves from moist grounds. Wa does have very good hooves for a TB, but the sharper, broken gravel used on properties and roads for loggers to use, make her wince and groan about having to travel on them. So getting "FIT" means getting a "FITTING" done too. My barefoot specialist told me that she could fit my mare for hoof boots from "Easy care". I told her, "nothing from Easy Care will fit her, all the Easy Boots in the line have specific measurements for a narrower hoof. My mare's hooves are round".  She then apprised me of the new "WIDE, Easy Boot Glove".I am all in for trying this "GLOVE" by Easy Care, since my sister has used them on Pantz mare for years, they are super easy to apply!Easy Boot "Glove" isn't this nice! I free lunged her for a spell, to see how they would hold onto her hoof. They will have gators on them when I use them, but this would be an interesting test. I knew that free lunging would come with outbursts of breaking the circle, but that is why I did that. She held it together for a few rounds and gait changes. I asked her to canter...yup-whoosh, off she galloped...and that boot stayed on her!I am sold! Though...I should have done the "TRADE UP" plan through "Easy Care"; turning in my old "Cavallo" hoof boots for a 50% discount!!!   Next time. And if these work out the way I think they will, there WILL BE a next time!Nearing almost 2 weeks of terribly cold and damp times here...the weatherman actually forecasted "a" single 75 degree day, and all sunny ! RIGHT ON! AMAZING~He was right!A wonderfully warm and bright day!I found the mare -out flat- laying in the field! She knew how to really take in the weather change. I saw her tail a flipping though, and as soon as I had finished my customary feed packet/supps bags for the week and came back out, she was up. When she spotted me, walked to the gate!Flat out resting!Riding ensued...into the Yellow blooms of May.When we returned,  my mare was in head HIGH mode at a clanging bell noise. Now, we hear this bell noise all the time, since it is on a cow next door. But this time, probably because of the scenery changes of clear cutting going on by the stables, she took a special spooky mare stance. Me, not taking ANY off and we went in further towards the noise, to conquer it for ourselves, since she has never spooked with cattle before. HAHA!!I started to moo a bit ( yea, it is laugh worthy)and that darned -HUGE- cow came a-running over to the fence to greet us!All I can say is- I AM SO GLAD I GOT OFF!!She tried to bolt left, then right...all at the e[...]

Fine days in May


 MAY sunshine, for my second ride, in 5 weeks!May, has been the sweetest surprise gifts to us in the PNW.  She has looked much like the season to follow her that we  all **LOVE! People in shorts and tank tops. The "Summerlike" 80's have really perked us all up. A "Sprummer, blending of seasons, it has been!I saw a man riding his bike -shirtless- the other day too, that made me smile , and ponder... It is still May, right?While it is becoming a "normal cooler May" now, half way through it,  we've enjoyed the soothing, tempting days of warmth and dry.AND~ we have started our FIRST EVER garden!  We've had Raspberries for several years now, here seen with the fruit beginnings Now we've added Herbs and some veggies.  I plan on planting Blueberries and try my hand at "Espalier" as well, with Apples and Pears.And what horse lover's garden would not have plenty of "KERRITS" know what those are...they come with the favorite riding apparel! I have saved  the small packets for some time, and finally get to grow some!While the past five weeks have been a healing time, that does not mean I have been away from the mare. We have gone on plenty of "Mare Walks"...30 miles to be exact. She has been super, usually greeting me with a nicker or whinny, when she sees me coming! One time she totally thrilled my heart by running to me from the grassy field she had to herself!  I am getting back to myself, whew! Each day has it's own change and lately, normalcy yesterday at work; I shifted the leg bar ( puts feet up) for my client, on the shampoo bowl- myself! Yea, a small task for many, but I have not been able to do that for 5 weeks.  Little by little the " Zinger" I sustained (yea, it's a real sports injury term!) and the "Stinger" nerve damage in my arm, have subsided with all the therapy, ice and rest. I have been SUPER CAREFUL!About to GET BACK ON THE HORSE..... my fist ride back to myself!Getting back on the horse is not normally something that causes fear in me, as I have gotten back on, so many times before...this is different.  I have a healthy fear, because my body tells me to! I have only ridden a handful of times, cautiously ... what I have done to soothe my nerves (literally so) is take a cross with my reins, in light but constant contact, and hold onto my lead rope around the mare's neck. If you have ever been lunged upon your horse or any horse, it is much like that. lightly pulling yourself into the movement, keeping yourself fluid and supple. This has allowed my mare to feel the rope as a wall rein and much less movements from me with my hands. Though I have contact with her, I am using my seat/legs and  weight for aides only. It has been such a "back to basics" awesome tool!  Wa mare has been  light, responsive and I think by her high blowing snort, enjoying it all! My man told me recently, that I am going to be the recipient of a "RIDING VEST". YEA! I will be happy to wear that out riding. My dentist said, after completing the first reconstructive service for the first broken tooth, " maybe I should wear some mouth guards too"...Oh MY! I think adding One piece of riding armor at a time -will do!HAPPY SPRINGTIME Ya'll![...]

"On the Turn"


That " on the turn" is a cute little phrase I picked up recently, from a fellow horse blogger in the UK. She has a gorgeous horse with the name I adore, "BRUCE". Something we both have in our lives...a Bruce! She used  the phrase recently, referring to the weather, I believe. Ours  is TRYING to make a good turn for the better .Warming trends  of 60-75 degrees, and out of the 30's! Spots of sun shining light! And SHADOWS HAVE BEEN SEEN....Amazing.Also my weather App  mentioned some funny developments .. in the way it tells me what's coming.  It has been saying "spots of sun" for some time, in between the "periods of rain", or " Stormy periods". But in the coming days ahead ( yippie skippie for me) there are 2 in a row that say, " Plenty of Sunshine"! The weather app writers truly know how to make a girl smile, having those days, land on her days off!!! I am so looking forward to those soon!My shoulder, neck and arm have been on the "GOOD" turn for health. My therapist read the Xrays with me last Monday. Damage to my neck, that has had whip lash in the past, and "little" bend to it.  Plus some bone spurs at C 4-5- because of whip lash in the past. It isn't as sore now...whew!My Arm has been the worst though...keeping me from sleeping and has me icing all the time. But it finally changed a little, this week! I feel as though I could do  some stretching now. The swelling has ceased some, but the tingling fingers and aching upper arm, remains.I am going to visit my sister's new soft tissue specialist this coming week, and maybe make an apt. -Tuesday.******************************************** While I am still mending, and taking it one day at a time.....I just had to take the mare out for a hand walk(mostly), this week, a few times.After grooming for about an hour, taking my time and finding out what the mare had to say about her body (stiff and sore from inactivity) we hand walked out. I put her tack on and brought the bridle too, into  the "Spots of Sun" day.  I planned on riding her home after she ate grass for an hour or so. We covered 3 1/2 miles and then, I got on before the Big hill home. She was great, waking slowly up it for me. It did not feel any different than walking  on the ground, for my spine.   Last week, I couldn't even drive in my truck over a pot hole or speed bumps, for the pain of it.I noticed something about the mare 2-almost 3 weeks time since I have tacked her up, she appears to have lost some weight! Up 2 notches on the girth and 50- 75 lbs on the weight tape. Her flanks are sunken in a bit and she  appears to have lost so much muscle!  For the past month she has been going out on a  mostly muddy dry lot, every other day now. Though she doesn't look skinny yet, and definitely isn't fat, I don't like changes to show up  suddenly, like this. In other Turning events, the nearby woods are under siege again...all around us they are clear cutting them. All the day long, thudding of the 30 year old + trees can be heard and felt. It is looking quite different and soon, will be bare, right up to our PBO's property. Good for light I guess. When I am there, the horses that are on "IN"  rotation, are pensive, snorting and mine runs in and out of her stall sometimes. With them getting closer to the barn in the next week or is going to have to be "ALL TURN OUT" is far too loud and scary for them, seeing the trees come down within feet of their paddocks, to be inside!    Mine say's, "Get me out into the grass, [...]

Off Horse On Mend


Scene of the spook jettison- incidentI had planned on our first outing for "Mare Walking" to go back to where I was so abruptly parted from my horse. Wa mare seemed reticent to walk the road, and as we did...flying fish(Trout) were flinging themselves from the waters to catch flies!! This made the mare jump, more than once. She was super good not to pull on me though. I can't have that going on right now.It brought up a thought for my mind instantly too; though the fisherman was all the way across the pond, maybe a fish did a leap nearer to us- in the little section of waters seen above, at the same time? It is astounding to see these 7-12 inch, or better, beauties suddenly fly out of the water!  It made me crack up as this particular Trout jumped four times, in about 3 seconds.Phone panorama of a place we walkWa has been enjoying these walks and all the grass grazing. I have enjoyed getting into the outdoors, in between working a little at the salon, and sitting with ice and a cat on my lap. The near constant ache is weighing on me, and I feel for those that have had these sorts of pains for years. I am about had with it, and the amount of drugs it does take to stay off  the ache-OH!Mari cat helping me heal I have to be careful with these "Mare Walks", everything must be done with my right arm. I have been well pleased with the mare, as she still is acting as if "she KNOWS" that I am on the fragile side of life, at the moment. She has not pulled ahead or even made the rope taunt, as we walk and I allow her to graze .I am waiting for my X ray results back soon. My therapist focused upon my neck and the C 4-5 disks Friday. The pain and tenderness there, with throbbing  left arm,  has me worried about the possibility of having fractured a disk. Of course, one of my friends from church came into the salon this week, she had a "ruptured neck disk" a few years ago. I have strict instructions not to cut her hair shorter at the she has a scar from the surgery. It made me slightly nervous thinking about that, as I looked at her scar. My Therapist has been reassuring me that he thinks; while I did injure my disks pretty bad, he knows the signs of burst disks and mine have shown lesser symptoms. My arm strength has not decreased and while the throbbing has continued, it has moved up my arm and out of my wrist and forearm, in the past 10 days.I'll go with that positive till we read the X rays!I will be thankful, as I truly am, that things were not worse and of course, be thinking of how I may decrease injury rates for riding again. I wished I had my VEST... but will be for the near future. My therapist also mentioned something that had me cracking up...Mouth guards. Yea, I broke a tooth too in the fall. The first thing that hurt, was my jaw that day. Now I know probably ( like I mentioned) was open in  sudden shock and snapped shut. So, tomorrow I not only have to get my mare's hooves trimmed by someone else, though trusted, it is because I am unable to do it myself now. I go to a new dentist as well. I HAD to find someone  new and on our dental plan, as  somethings I need will be covered 100%.~Sigh~*************************************So while I miss the mare terribly this weekend...and getting out in the out doors places. BUT,"the-entire-day-resting-healing-up-program", is what the Dr. has ordered...when I may steal it!So I will think on our last 3 mile outing walk...The mare allowing me a pit stop here, but keeping an eye out for me, over her shoulder all the same!And I shall think on the D'apple mare [...]

Better Bareback + a Jettison


The past few rides I have taken with the mare have been on my bareback  soft saddle, which is stirrup less. Depending on what padding configuration is chosen, you may be rather close to the horse. None is necessary since it is just closed cell foam and can be hosed off. I like to use my Mattes Correction half pad. It is sheepskin and has pockets for shims the "Thinline" shims  I use for concussion distributions, away from vertical impact. I actually prefer my Soft saddle for  little trail jaunts. It is super comfy and there are no back sore issues, or slipping going up and down hills.It has been interesting to employ the latest installment of learned riding, from trainer "C"  while on Dapple, to my mare. While using stirrups was the intended use for the "Wrapping legs", feeling the outside of your foot in the stirrups to the little toes. It  has helped me bareback!Concentrating on the curve of my leg, like there is a string attached between them under my mare's barrel, and not  forcing the heal down, has done something nice for my bareback legs. It keeps my ankle more supple, lengthens my thigh and does not put a bigger bend in my knees.It has definitely has helped me to sit back, and not grip with my knees, which can be a problem bareback.The mare has seemed to relax more, as well. snorting and rising her back to me as we trot. I was recently paroosing horse blogs and ran across a gal that had been given some critical news from her trainer, about her hands. She began to use( in an attempt to steady her hands) the grab strap on the pommel to secure her handset by her pinkies, so she may remember the feeling for later. I tried this myself, and while it was higher than I usually carry my hands, something happened immediately, with the mare. She went down into contact as soon as I did it. Huh. It surely makes you carry them, and with elbows just a little closer to my sides, brushing them lightly. And it made the tightening the "armpits muscles"(thanks trainer"C") and core easier too.Having some rather nice and springlike weather earlier in the week, all sunny and warm. we got 3 rides in a row in with bareback saddle. On the middle ride I took her bridle off, for a grass graze for 35 minutes, after some nice trotting sessions and a few canters.Unlike the other day, with the mare able to stand nicely while I took a pit stop...she was somewhat frantic. So, I took her up the road a bit and into some brush, for my privacy sake!  I tacked/mounted up again and decided that a trot to the top of the lane, then a canter down the road by one of the ponds would be nice. Then home again.We trotted up to the corner----- and WHOOSH------- all I thought I saw, before my mare Jumped 5 feet to the right and to the right again to face the monsters, was a large white thing.  I actually let out an expletive D*** **!   I thought, "why are you spooking at a paper bag!" Well, it turns out that it was a darkly dressed woman with a white sweatshirt wrapped around her waist, walking a dog! I was embarrassed  that I cursed, and apologized  She totally may NOT have heard it anyhow...having a 1,000 pound animal, appear like that! My wrapped legs may have helped me there, I was thinking, very thankful to have stayed aboard! My mare normally does NOT spook sideways. But it was alright, and we did canter off down the road as planned. and then home again.Photo from last fall~The last ride out, this 3rd week of spring, was gorgeous. I wanted to [...]

Staring at Spring


The signs of spring are all about, and we here in the PNW have thoroughly enjoyed the light and warmth of it all!  At home, even our cats are enjoying what it brings!  Glory B our rescue kitty, stares at a springtime visitor.....And he stares right back at her!Fortunately, he stayed up there and she stayed down. It did not amount to anything but a -frozen in place- staring contest.While the first week of springtime was quite  stormy-volatile, we made the best of it at the stable by doing extra grooming, working in hand and over poles in the arena.    After one grooming session, a stablemate noticed the cool hair formations right off the "Grooma" massage tool.  The large faced rubberized brush, doubles as a nice shedding implement!  I took a sample home and put them on a plate.  Here is one of the "WA"ffles Teehehe!!  Now the second week, was truly~ LOVELY!The mare takes in the sights around her, as the light makes everything worth taking second glances.We had one particular outing last week in which I wish I had a video of the event that occurred!  I am calling the mare my "OnTrailTB", after we finished,  a sort of race.We were doing some trotting about the trails, as they had nicely dried, making secure footing, for some speed.We  trotted down a long road away from home, then up the hill towards another  LONG stretch of grounds. Being between the rows of evergreen plantings,  it is very soft footing without rocks.  There so happens to be a nice road as well,  just to the left, on the other side of the larger row of deciduous trees.We had already seen a couple fat bunny rabbits and the token Jack Rabbit that lives in those trees. He with his longer ears and legs, could reach nearly 3 foot tall, should he stand all the way upright!!  Appearing for a second, he  ducked into his private forest once we began up the lane trotting.While I was asking the mare for transitions from longer to shorter...all of a sudden...a Plump grey squirrel (the size of a small dog) popped out of the trees onto the road to the left of the mare and me.  He decided to run straight up that road, paralleled to us. We soon joined him, as we continued trotting.  While I was not racing him, we did gain in trotting speed with my attention not focused entirely upon the mare. HAHA!! I was laughing out loud, as this rather large squirrel, that kept slightly ahead of us but never looked back, just ran and ran and ran! When we finally came to the end of the lane, he ducked back into the tree grove, out of sight.  We stopped and then decided which way to go from there, as my "Cardio Trainer" App on my phone, spoke up in his  British voice saying,  " 7 miles per hour". That was one fast squirrel, I say!What a hoot that was, delightfully and so naturally derived from our surrounds! My kinda fun!The week up to Easter was fantastically busy, and fun in it's own way too, in the salon. I had my "all star line up " as I call them. Faithful clients of the past 25 years, showed up for appointments made, 12 weeks ago for the Holiday.  I Love springtime hair styles!!!  I am always surprised with some of the requests, and so willing to comply for a change always. It revives my creativity, and is always a blast. Right before Easter Sunday, I decided to jaunt about with the mare early in the morning time. Knowing that Sunday  would be full of Church a[...]

Tender Loving Care


Wa mare receiving the gentle, effective therapeutic touch from one of her favorite  equine therapists, on a  recent rare sunny day.The year I met him, I watched as he helped several horses at my stable regain health. Sometimes  he worked without being paid, coming out in between appointments to do a ck up.He made sure the horses were calm and comfortable, while healing from their serious maladies. He is a "give, give" kinda guy. Washashe mare Here, the first time she met him  , I truly thought she would try and lay him low!  As he found the area's of trauma, she made terrible faces and also began kicking the ground with her hind leg, to relieve the pain as he did the same, by massaging the blocked area. We knew he was a "Keeper" after that session. He also uses pure essential oils, and the horses sniff them, as needed to soothe themselves.The weekend he came, it was so nice and bright out (CCCold in the dark arena) we chose to partake of this  therapy session  outside in it! Wa was very aware she could NOT SEE her 2 mares out back, and tried to get us to walk that direction a few times. She soon settled into his handiwork, with yawns and droopy eyes. He liked how she kept breathing through the work he was doing. Apparently, some horses hold their breath and it does block releasing.We all got SUNSHINE THERAPY  weekend before last, here in the PNW.  Trails started to dry out and the warmness reclaimed our cold bones for movement again. After a good long ride atop my steed,  the warm radiant sunshine filling us up to the top with JOY, my "CARDIO TRAINER"  App  told me the mileage had reached 5 miles. I then hopped off to  walk a few...and a few became... all the way home with my mare, happily walking beside me!It  certainly was a great therapeutic workout for the both of us.   AND*** I did it, I walked the entire long hill  up to the home trail!  Instead of her pulling me up, because the grounds were dry and non slick, we both happily strode the entire thing up- NO STOPPING-!  The C.T. App then told me how much reward I'd  earned. I was Alarmed with the calorie burn!  6 Avocados! Who could eat that many?We be a tired duo, arriving home to stable.  I got the "GROOMA" hand held rubber massage tool out for a massage. Now Wa, she doesn't like much touch but , when she has deemed it beneficial, she'll really tell you  Exactly where she needs/wants the massage, and how long!I spray her all over with "Sore-No-More" firstly.I had "thought" To have finished the left side of her body when suddenly, She blocked me from walking around to the right side, by turning her head that direction.   I asked her to straighten, she did. Then again, she blocked me!   I just cocked my knee forward, shifting my hip, and asked her,  with my body language,"Then WHERE?? Wa?!   If I could have had the video on...amazing........She then quickly bend her neck around to the left and pointed at her shoulder, touching it repeatedly.  I was astonished and said, "Alright girl, I will attend that for you."A nice large sip of water from her "Better Bucket" my sister gave me to use, then a day off or two was on order  now, for "Resting therapy"!--------------------------------------------------------------D'apple and Pantz, my sister's 2 mares,  have certainly benefited by our therapist's[...]

Bring on the heat



Just keep going


                                                                                          ~ Mare walking in the rain~                    It was raining, icky, cold out. I trimmed my mare's hooves and then, gave her a massage. I was avoiding going out in the cold rain.  I knew I wouldn't melt. That is what I told the barn owner, when I saw her briefly, " I need to just keep going, and not let this stuff stop me"!So I DID go on out into the foreboding day.                                             I recently installed the "My Fitness Pal" App back onto my new phone, and have been doing very well with my diet tracking.   It even gives me "pep talks" in the form of  "exercise  note's, as I document  Cardio /Strength and workout activities.  It is quite hilarious!   But, for me right now, super motivating. The  all to recent non- riding-winter- blaws- weight , has to leave me!The mare and me, happily set off, breathing in the moist air. She took in liquid refreshments, as needed, and they were plentiful. All in all it was a great 3 1/2 mile walk...burning off several hundred calories. Today, I am a bit sore from how fast my pace was, in between the mare's grazing times.  I walked and she trotted!   The last long hill up was the killer though.  I got myself into position behind the mare. Rope in left hand, Tail in right.   "Okay", I said chipperly, there she went.   It was too slick to actually walk, so she kinda moved her feet a bit faster. I was joggin' behind!    Before we actually reached the top, I said several times, " And....." .  It is the precursor "half halt" word I use before a change. She kindly stopped for me, after I said the "AND".   Huffing a little, I again asked her to move forward with the ,"Okay".My goal, before long, is to be able to walk up the entire long hill, with no stopping. If the mare stops, that's fine.                                                                                          ~ Panorama of Wa mare near Boulder pond~ That was really fun! The mare took just as much delight, I am sure of it, in munching the greens we found everywhere.Today, now the SUNSHINE is out!    I will be burning some of my  calories upon my bay- Grass Powered Beauty![...]

Silhouette Haiku


Darkened forms Dancing

 Pleasure In The Moonlight's Gaze

Sway Seeds Sway Then Fly

Wet Wonderful


Pond like puddle we take pleasure in. Sometimes with the mare pawing, often sipping. Or sometimes, just standing and gazing at the sky, while looking down!We were able to get out a few times this week, for short and sweet rides. Either my energy, or the sky's energy, were foreboding.It mattered not to the mare, she was into come what may.Let's go!!!One day we got in right as it began to spit. I had none of my rain gear on, so my leather saddle got a few dashes of moisture. I finally made the switch to my "E- Z RIDE STIRRUPS".  They are super duper cushioned platforms! One is unable to "Run them up" as regular irons though, for safety sake when unmounted . I just toss them over the saddle and that does the job. You can see the thin spot in Wa's mane above...soon, it'll all be that shortest length...makeover time is coming!Wa was telling me that her top line was not supporting our longer rides with this harder, tree'd saddle. It is in need of some more wool flocking, so until then, the cushioning of the closed cell foam"bumper pad" will do the trick.We came upon a herd of local llamas...and they suddenly presented us with a trail obstacle.I knew what was about to happen so I focused myself straight ahead(after photo) .....I had my leg on, and kept light contact with the mare. When it did happen...a Tandem Llama scratch...woo hoo...that noise sent Wa scooting forward! I allowed her to walk back to them and check it out, as they continued the itching. It was really funny!There is always time for a bite here and there, makes the mare all relaxed as she chews the newly sprouted greens.Fabulous water !! Really amazing color!! Even Wa seemed to take it in.And another pond view offered us this little "Promise" reminder.When the weather turns the corner, and I know it will for you too soon, my snowy/cold friends , it really lends lightness to one's spirit.It has been wet, and more wet will surely come our way...but all and all ,"The Ridin' Days" are so welcome![...]

A Big Presence


Heading into the woods on a fine day over the weekend, we found many horse trailers parked at the trail head to the forestry lands.These trees are ringed with orange in the"managed cut" or "select cut" areas we rode through, on the way to the gate. They were the "chosen ones" and likely will be 60- 80 years old, by the time this area of the forest's time is due for cutting again. It sure makes a nicer forest, to leave some trees!I was noticing that the storms of the week before, had left remnants of themselves along our paths...and the snow level has been dropping again, with winds high. Nothing like your storms in the Midwest though-wowee baby, just heard more snow dumpage with a side of those high winds are on the way -again! Heavens!There was some gunfire somewhere in the woods, so I unclothed my "Bear Bell", so it could go before us with it's jingle jangling noise. This past year I have been told by many a hunter we have happened upon, and some fisherman from the private lands below the stable, "That bells sound really carries, and can be heard from afar off!". So, during the thick of hunting season  we (mare too), do wear brighter hunter Orange colors, for the visual impact of being a human/horse presence in the woods.  And now, I rely upon my Bear Bell , to be the first indicator we are not the prey, to those lurking in the woods!The folks with horse trailers, parked at the forestry gates seemed to be loaded up and ready to go...but they stood there, watching me (hearing me too) approach on the stretch of road I ride to the gate's entrance.Once  Washashe mare and me got up to the horse trailers, a gal stood and talked  to us for a  some time about trails. She was inquisitive about all my gear and the trace clip Wa was sporting. She exclaimed too, "Your horse is HUGE!"  Then she managed to get all of the others over to see just how large my horse was. I told her," truly, she is a petite TB mare, compared to others in her breed. She just has a Big Presence".  She also said, " You smell so very good, what is that scent?" I could only come up with the most recent application of "Calm Coat" to my mare's mane. She has been super itchy, and has rubbed parts of it thin . This has kept her from giving herself a roach job!After talking a little more, we were off to the rest of our riding day.Pretty it was, with a smattering of white, her and there.The mare was begging to dive down, and munch into the greener parts of the trails, but I made her wait till I could dismount at a specific destination I had thought of, where the greens are plenty. She loved her break and bites of sweet grasses.   I also partook of a snack I packed along....not really being hungry for most the week, "starve a cold feed a fever" kinda thing. I made my ALLTIME favorite  sandwich!Ready for this? Dave's Killer bread with Avacado, cheese, grated carrot, a tiny bit of Safflour mayo, Spinach and Almond butter. Yummo!I also KNEW the mare had " to go".  I began my "P" whistle song. Usually the "X Files" tune.  YUP, she parked out, and did her thing. This makes for a better ride back along the roadway and tree'd area's I know she gets uppity in. I  do KNOW her well, and am patient when she displays less than perfect behaviors.  I jus[...]

Down a Notch


Wa in her private woods, in paddock runI've been taken down, with the sickie-icks. Wind taken from my sails.My man had it last week. I thought I'd been careful , though not stopping for a moment, kept  myself busy- busy! So this week has been rough. I am TEA-PEE"d about out, and taking everything under the sun, you name it, (natural stuffs)I am taking it! Last night resorted to a O.T.C.D.(over the counter drug)of which I hate the commercials for. You know,  the one with the little- GROSS- green, blobbie people that live in your body when you have a cold. It helped I have to say, but I am still home today, Raw throat, dry hacks and no voice.I have gotten to the stable, against my better judgment, every day. All bundled up and suckling a rather large "KOMBUCHA" drink each time. While I don't drink them every day, I CRAVE them, when my body is low.One nicer day, I actually rode out. Again, not so wise a move. But I needed a change of atmosphere and thought the mare could use an outing , to stretch her legs . She was standing in the run. (pic above)  She appeared to be keeping tabs on her two favorite Lead mares, Maddy and Zee, as they were munching hay, in the outback field. She nibbled hay a little too, and I went inside to set up our tack for the ride.I allowed her a good roll in the soft arena to loosen up, then we headed out soon after.The Big Woods  of managed forestry lands across the street, is where I thought to go this day. Haven't been there since last October. Two reasons: #1 Too muddy, slick, boggy(that's  all one really) for the injury she had.  #2 Logging.SEPT 2012 Clear cut road into Canyon Creek forestLast October we both were surprised to find a new clear cut road, right through a gorgeous wooded area we ride. It's trail I called "Canyon Creek" trail. You could really only travel it during the driest times of the season for it's very steep decent down to a creek, then up again just as steeply, to the other side of the canyon. The mare did not like the trail much, but we'd concur it once or twice a summer. It was full of wildlife and HUGE trees that could tell stories about times gone by, if they could talk. They always talked "restful peace and beauty" to us, as we rode through them.October 2012 Graveled Road through Canyon Creek forest By October, there was a substantial amount of base rock laid for large logging trucks. I knew this would probably be a winter job, since they got the piles of rock laid so thickly and quickly. When the mare and me couldn't ride out at all...I had no idea what was to be-when we finally did!I took the less traveled trail, then went though the most recent clear cut slash trail, to this road. I saw that illegal vehicles had made a whole new way around the gate, and that was discouraging. It is posted clearly at the PORT BLAKELY  gated lands; that fires, unauthorized vehicles, along with hunting and shooting -are prohibited. As we rode along, We spied many fires had been set last fall/winter. Never have I seen so many... the scorched grounds were everywhere, with garbage and wood objects the offenders brought in to burn.      This endangers the whole forest, not to mention private property and homes that bank right up to these forests! There has been a lack of management, I ha[...]

One Day Apperance


Testing out the "Panorama" mode on my cell phone's sometimes makes body parts disappear or sometimes adds more of them!~While winter has a grip on most the country still, it took a one day reprieve from the PNW, allowing us a happy sunshine outing! There was another rare appearance too,  3 out of 4  boarders in the stable- with horses. It was fun to catch up on news . I had forgotten my girth and went to the tack room for it. I glanced back at the mare and saw this shot.All riders dispersed soon after, so I am glad I captured the rare sight.Off we went, down the trail solo today. We do love our adventures we two girls! Soon after I stopped for this shot of the sun rays through the mossy trees and the mare giving me "her look", we had a lovely trot down the lane ahead. OH! I am so loving riding in a saddle again. Having stirrups to do "two point" trotting, has given me such a high! Once we reached the corner we slowed to a nice brisk walk. The mare snorting delight and then, I caught a glimpse of him....See the man towering above our heads, above Wa's right ear ?? He stands on the banks of "Shawna Pond" fishing and quite unaware of us, approaching behind him. It is the dang strangest thing to come upon someone standing that far above one's head!  The first time it sorta made the mare stop, and really ponder it. Now, we are used to it unless the one standing there is casting, as he fly fishes. The "whipping noise" of casting does get to her, sometimes. I normally say, "Hullo" or "Hey there!" as we approach (sneak up behind them) .  My secret giggling ensues after the initial greeting too...tee hehe... as they are never really sure if they heard it at all; they seem to feel as though they are alone in the woods. And that leads me to a story: ONCE , while approaching a man fishing in this manner I shockingly realized, he was doing his thing, off the side of the pond- facing us!  Yea, no hollering hello that day!  We turned and found another route out of the woods! As we passed him from another direction, minutes after, - YOU BET- he may have pondered his actions!  You are never truly alone in the woods; I have found out myself, several times!Such a lovely day it was and the ride we had truly blissful. We returned to the stables to find all had left, and we had the place to ourselves. I cold hosed Wa's legs, applied "Sore-No-More" spray to them, and also her back.  She asked to be turned out in the arena as we passed the gate, for another roll. I picked her feet, groomed the arena dust off from her rolling, and  she willingly returned to her stall and run for a big drink of water. She began to finish some left over hay. I always say, "seeya later" to her, before I leave. She stops whatever she is doing, even eating, to look for me and the treat that ensues! I love it.******************************************THEN- I jetted over to my sissy's barn for another lesson with D'apple mare.Sister tried to invite her to the gate. As you see, standing in the sunshine and dry grassy area, was far more comfortable for the mare! Sister lunged her lightly, as I tried out the Panorama mode again on my phone's camera.Two white horses, one woman!While the lesson was not as "AHA" as the one last Sunday, it had it's moments of connection for the mare [...]