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Preview: Hawaiian Eye: Mark Troy on Crime Fiction

Hawaiian Eye: Mark Troy on Crime Fiction

Updated: 2018-03-14T07:38:33.367-05:00


Shamus Sampler II


The Shamus Sampler II is now available on Kindle.

I have a Christmas story in there collection. IFHC is not your normal tale of reindeer and sugar plums. This one has bad words and bloodshed.

Story Acceptance


My latest short story, IFHC, has been accepted for inclusion in the second Shamus Sampler, an anthology of private eye stories by Jochem Vandersteen.

When I started this story, the intent was to find a Christmas market. IFHC stands for "I f***ing hate Christmas." Christmas markets, though, tend to want stories that are soft and warm, even if there is a murder involved. It soon became clear that IFHC was not in that category. There's a lot of blood and bad words in IFHC. I also considered the Murder on the Beach anthology, but the story came in at 8,500 words. Even after cutting it down to 7,500, it was still 2,000 words over the limit. It's still longer than the Vandersteen's preferred length, but he was kind enough to take it anyway.

I don't know when the anthology comes out. It will be an ebook on Kindle.

A review of The Rules


Chrizette Bayman of Just Reading for Fun recently reviewed The RulesCheck it out here!

The Rules is available as an audiobook


The audio version of The Rules, narrated by Julie Hoverson,  is now available.  You can find it on Amazon or AudibleThe Rules is also available in the iTunes store—go to Audiobooks > Mystery > Mark Troy.
audiobook isbn: 978-0-9848081-4-4

What others are saying about The Splintered Paddle.


Bill Crider and Reavis Z. Wortham were kind enough to read The Splintered Paddle and give me their comments. Thanks Bill. Thanks Reavis.

Mark Troy's The Splintered Paddle is a riveting novel of vengeance in the Aloha State.  Clean, hard-edged prose, a complex plot, and some carefully planted surprises.  Ava Rome is a tough private-eye with a difference.  Check it out.
Bill Crider, author of Too Late To Die.

What a ride! Robert B. Parker’s legacy lives on with Mark Troy’s Ava Rome mystery, The Splintered Paddle.

Splintered Paddle is a one-sitting read that crackles with energy and sparkles with Hawaiian personality. Troy’s characters are beautifully sketched and his dialogue is rich with the language of the island people who, despite today’s modern way of life, still hold true to the customs of their ancestors. When you finish, you’ll say mahalo for such a fast-paced, terrific read.
— Reavis Z. Wortham, author of The Right Side Of Wrong

Cover for Splintered Paddle


(image) Here it is, the cover for The Splintered Paddle, coming in June 2014. If you can't wait to read Ava's exploits, leave me a comment about the cover and a valid email address and I will send you a Kindle edition of The Rules.

Hardboiled Giveaway


Who said it? The first two people who can identify the speaker of the following quote will receive a Kindle version of The Rules.

"I don't mind if you don't like my manners. I don't like them myself. They're pretty bad. I grieve over them on long winter evenings."

Leave your answer in the comment box or email it to mark at marktroy dot net. Make sure I have your email address so I can send it to you.

Give me a drink, get a copy of The Rules.


If Mary Fran's book club is reading a book in which food or libations are mentioned, they will try to serve them when they discuss the book. When they did Rick Riordan's Big Red Tequila, they served both Big Red mixed with tequila (a really awful drink) and Tres Navarre's favorite margarita.

(image) I got to thinking about some of my favorite series characters who have signature drinks. For James Bond, of course, it was a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. For Spenser, it was beer, beer, beer, usually Rolling Rock, but sometimes Amstel, Blue Moon, or Sam Adams. The Wire's McNulty drinks Jameson. (Once he was offered a Bushmill, but he waved it off calling it a Protestant whisky. When the bartender told him it was free, however, McNulty relented.) Travis McGee drank Plymouth Gin.

In The Splintered Paddle, coming out in June, Ava Rome drinks vodka and tonic. However, I think that in the next books, she ought to have a signature drink. I am open to suggestions. Ava is a private eye in her early thirties, single, living in Honolulu. She has travelled most of the world in the Army.

What would be her favorite drink? If you have an idea, leave it in the comments. Give me a few lines about the drink and why she would like it. Tell me where I can find the recipe, or if it is a brand of liquor, tell me what makes this brand so good.

If you have a Kindle and include your email address, I will send you a copy of The Rules. I promise to try all the drinks mentioned. If I like one, I might turn Ava onto it.

The giveaway ends on Thanksgiving.

Another update on The Rules.


The Rules is in production as an audiobook. Actress Audrey Lusk is reading it. The project is scheduled to be finished December 8, 2013.

But if you can't wait for the audio, you can purchase it in the Amazon Kindle store:
Only ninety-nine cents.

Update on The Rules


I signed up for ACX to turn The Rules into an audio book. The next step is to audition actors to read it.

Update on the Splintered Paddle


I received the copy-edited manuscript from Five Star today, which means things are moving forward. They want the manuscript returned by October 15. I have not looked at it yet, so I don't know how much work is entailed, but I assume I will need to spend most of the next two weeks on it.

Get The Rules


The Rules is now available for you to purchase in the Amazon Kindle store:

The Rules


(image) The Rules, a novella featuring Ava Rome, will be out soon. This will actually be the first Ava Rome story. I hope this whets your appetite for The Splintered Paddle. Here is a preview of the cover.

About The Splintered Paddle


I'm going to give some background on this novel, The Splintered Paddle, which Five Star Publications is bringing out in June 2014.Early on in the story, the reader learns that the splintered paddle is ingrained in the Hawaiian spirit. It is a call to protect the defenseless and a symbol of that forms part of the Honolulu Police Department badge.  Here is the badge.The green square in the center shows crossed canoe paddles and represents the Law of the Splintered Paddle. It is a reminder to the police of their primary mission, to protect the defenseless.  You can read more about the badge on the Honolulu Police Department website: is an excerpt from the story where the badge is first mentioned:      Jenny said, “Ito told me you’d be like this. He said after I meet your practical objections, I should bring up the moral issue. So, no pimp, no addictions. I’m defenseless and I’m not innocent. Nothing in the law says you have to be innocent.”      I didn’t need a reminder of the law and I didn’t appreciate Jenny putting pressure on me. “Innocence isn’t a requirement for me, either, but I need something more.”      “The bastard who did this to me? Ron Nevez?” she said. “That bastard is a cop.”      I despise the betrayal of trust by those who wear a badge. I spent ten years of my life in the military police, tracking down deserters and other people who disgrace their uniforms. My father was one of those and I hate him for it. I didn’t need any more persuasion, but Jenny wasn’t done.      “Have you ever seen the Honolulu Police badge?” she asked.      “Yes,” I said.      “You know what’s on it?”      “Yes,” I said.      “An image of a splintered paddle,” she said.      “To remind them to protect the defenseless.”      “Ron Nevez seems to have forgotten that."      “It’s time he had a reminder,” I said. Technically, Jenny was wrong about the image. It's actually crossed paddles, but it's intent is the same.[...]

Ponciano "Poncie" Ponce Passes


Poncie Ponce, who co-starred in Hawaiian Eye with Robert Conrad and Connie Stevens, passed away. He was a Hawaiian-born actor who played Kazuo Kim, a ukulele strumming taxi driver in the series. He was 80. LA Times.

It's Sunday and the Tiki Bar is open


Today's selection features gin, vodka, and beer. It has an intriguing name, Strip and Go Naked. There are a lot of recipes on the web for this drink. All that I've seen are for the kind of drink you serve in large quantities at big parties. They mix large amounts of lemonade, vodka and beer. This version, however, comes from Beach Bum Berry's Tiki+ guide and dates back to 1963 when Tiki restaurateur Dean Short served it in his Arizona restaurants.

In a double old-fashioned glass:

  • 3/4 oz orange juice
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 1 oz gin
  • 1 oz vodka
  • 5 oz lager beer
  • 1/4 oz grenadine

Add ice cubes and stir.

For the lager, I'm using Kona Longboard to give it the Island flavor. The juices make for a sweet drink that you could drink a lot of on a summer day, but the mix of spirits make it very potent.

Hardboiled Quote #19 - Hard Ball Edition


About Albert Pujols:

Watching him play baseball on a daily basis is like watching Picasso paint, or Bob Dylan write a song, or Phil Spector kill someone.

-- Are We Winning; Fathers and Sons in the New Golden Age of Baseball by Will Leitch.

Tri Aggieland Triathlon


(image) I did the triathlon last week. It's amazing what a little training will do. I think I was better prepared and had a better experience than last year. I cut 5 minutes off my swim time and did the bike a lot faster. Overall, though, my finishing time was about the same as last year. 1:49. I didn't do as well on the run, which surprised me. I thought I was doing better than I actually did. Nevertheless, I managed to make the podium 2nd in my age group. Here are some pics from the race.

(image)  I'm the only one on the podium because the first place finisher didn't stay around for the ceremony and there wasn't a third place in my group.



Five Star sent the Splintered Paddle back with suggestions for revision. Nothing substantive, mostly stylistic. I spent the weekend making the revisions and putting together the ancillary material they want, e.g. jacket copy, synopsis, cover ideas, author bio. The deadline is Wednesday, July 24. All that's left is the bio, which I will do tonight.

Hardboiled quote #18


She stepped up to his gun and said, "And what will the gentleman be having with his robbery this morning?"
-- Emma Gould in "Live By Night" by Dennis Lehane

The tiki bar is open


This is From the menu at Luau Larry's Tiki bar in Avalon on the island of Catalina. We actually had Mai tai's, which were great, but this drink intrigued me.

Tie me to the bedpost.

1 oz Absolute Citron Vodka
1 oz Captain Morgan Parrot Bay coconut rum
1 oz Midori melon liqueur
1 splash sweet and sour mix
1 splash 7 up

Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass. The 7 up will give a small amount of foam. Then tie me to the bedpost.

Good News!


Five Star Books, the fiction imprint of Thorndike Press, made me an offer to publish The Splintered Paddle. They plan to publish it in hardback. The offer included options on trade paperback, large print, and ebook. There is still the contract to sign, so no pub date yet, but I'll keep you informed.

The Splintered Paddle was second runner up in the Claymore last year, although the title was The Law of the Splintered Paddle. I shortened it at Five Star's request.

It's Sunday and the Tiki Bar is Open


Today's dink is the Paloma. We had this at Cappy's La Fonda restaurant in San Antonio.
In a tall glass with ice, pour
11/2 oz silver tequila
Fill the rest of the glass with equal parts ruby red grapefruit juice and club soda.
Add a dash of simple syrup.
Garnish with a lime wedge.

If you use vodka instead of tequila, I call it the Stephanie.

It's Sunday and the Tiki Bar is open


The Tiki Bar is open. Tonight's drink is the Honolulu cocktail. This recipe comes from Beachbum Berry's Tiki+ bar guide. This is a gin drink made with fruit juices and served in a chilled glass.

1 1/2 oz. gin
1/4 oz orange juice
1/4 oz pineapple juice
(I use 1/2 oz orange/pineapple)
1/4 oz lemon juice
1 tsp powdered sugar
Dash angustora bitters

Dissolve the sugar in the lemon juice and shake all ingredients over ice. Strain into a chilled glass.

This drink is reputed to be the cocktail served at the Union Saloon near King Street in Honolulu and mentioned by Somerset Maugham in his short story, "Honolulu."

The Honolulu cocktail is easy to make. The combination of gin and fruit juices is a refreshing drink for summer. Put on some Alfred Apaka or some Gabby and chill out.

Stan "The Man" Musial


Stan "The Man" Musial died yesterday. He was 92. It's hard to imagine that he's gone. When I was growing up, he was an icon. He was the biggest celebrity in St. Louis and all anybody ever talked about. We all copied his crouching batting stance. The only thing we didn't copy was his fondness for liver and onions.

He batted .331 lifetime, which is an amazing statistic. I saw him hit home runs in the old Sportsman's Park in St. Louis and then in Busch Stadium, which is now gone. Musial was the last of the old-time ball players who were identified with one team their entire career.

For years after baseball, his restaurant, Musial and Biggie's was the place to take a girl you wanted to impress.

Here's the New York Times story on Musial

And here's the KMOX story.

Thanks for all the great baseball, Stan.