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Aere We STILL Having Fun???


Boy does my Shanna Lady Rose have a WHOA !!! This picture was from a Pony Cousin Rodeo and the 1st time I had ever took Lady full out to bring it home and SHE loved it! gotta be able to stop what you start and Lady has this very bumpy, rough stop and as you can see it caught me off guard and almost out of the saddle ;)))
What fun we had and I still LOVE my girl and STILL have to bounce to stop when bringing it home! This brings me to the purpose of this post. Blogging...I had so must fun planning and writing each post and really tried to keep them about the love and humor of my family and cowgirl life. I have enjoyed getting to know all of my blog friends and reading their stories. I have been able to read about my Pony Cousins adventures that did not include me, although without me, it could not have been too fun ;))) But now I find that blogging seems to take more work than reward and have decided to take that blogging vacation that so many of my friends have done from time to time. It is time for me to WHOA ;)

I of course will still check in with blogs from time to time and try to keep caught up with you all! I will miss you and of course Shanna Lady Rose, Jesse and I...
              Wish you happy and safe trails!
Your Desert Rose

A Ride to Remember!


Sorta by accident while "horseing around" on the internet I found this on OPB (Oregon public broadcasting) I am going to watch this in the morning at 9:30 on OPB.....and yes I am so excited :)))
Hope the link below works for you all to see it too! It is funny that I just posted my Happy Place being the PCT and, here it is!!!

Oregon Experience: Pacific Crest Trail: A Ride to Remember

Don and June Mulford share adventures along the Pacific Crest Trail in 1959.

I may have to rethink my goal of how many segments I can ride in 20 years ;)))
Your Desert Rose!

My Happy Place!


YUP...that's my Pacific Crest Trail and I am happy anywhere on it!!!
Your Desert Rose!

For My Sissy Cowgirljlynn and her KING!


My sister Cowgirljlynn just posted that her boy King turned 27 years young yesterday! I love the King and would have added him to my stables if I could have. Instead...the next best thing happened and the King is still in my family!
For my Sissy and her King!
Your Desert Rose!

Prozac For Cowgirls!


For my PNW Pony Cousins...I'll be joining you soon, but I'm gonna take my Prozac first ;)))
Your Desert Rose!

Lizzy Rose Ride Again!!!


You all saw...(I hope) my Christmas post with Lizzy Rose riding Jesse! Well...I found a new way for Lizzy to ride Jesse with me that will be much safer for her at this years Cowboy Christmas at the NFR in Las Vegas. I watched the video on this new product and bought one hoping it would work for Jesse, Lizzy and me!!!
Woo works!
The following video was takern by a young wrangler at my desert stables and I forgot to mention to him not to turn the camera! Sorry you have to look sideways :(((
(object) (embed) you ALL know, Jesse will do ANYTHING I ask him to do! And so will Lady...within reason ;) I suspect, she will see no REASON in that "puppy basket" should be attached to HER saddle horn. Anyone out there wanna take those odds???
Happy Trails!
Your Desert Rose!

Team Pole Bending ???


This past week my desert riding group had it's annual play day. Depending on who is running the play day, it can get extremely technical or extremely fun! This year was extremely fun :)))
 After a less than usual number of competitors we had time for 2 more events and one of them was...Team Pole Bending! Now who has ever heard of that??? got to pick a partner and I was lucky enough to partner up with cowgirl E, the groups usual 1st place eventor! And yes...we won:))) I did have to caution Jesse that this was not a race and that the winner would receive apples and carrots ;)))
Fortunately Jesse and "Hoss" knew each other well so we did not have any huge issues and in fact we WON this very unusual event!
Thanks to cowgirl E and Hoss...we have another Beer Mug trophy to add to our growing collection!
Yee Haw!!!
Your Desert Rose!

Love From Daddy's Lillte Girls!


This past holiday season our family celebrated my dad's 80th birthday! One of my sisters wrote our father a letter that she read to him which brought tears to all our eyes!!! Mom and Dad!Then it was my turn...I sang a song to my dad that I had written for him many years ago. My sisters joined in during the chorus!"Love from Daddy's little girls"Buttons and bows and painted toes And frilly pinaforesIt's all just for him and a silly grin cause no one loves him moreThan Daddy's little girlsWe remember these times of nurseries and rhymesUpon our Daddy's kneesA hug and a kiss or a scolding of his, both with love shinning throughFor Daddy's little girlsThe love he has shown now that were grown holds special memoriesThere's a place in our heart, Daddy's part, that grows stronger everydayLove from Daddy's little girlsA white lacy grown on Daddy's arm, to someone waiting thereA smile on his face but a tear in his eyeWhen he thought he'd said good byeTo Daddy's little girlsA baby or two, then they grewThen one more on the wayIt's starting again and it's all just for himCause no one loves him moreThan Grandpa's little girlsThe love we have known. now that we've grown holds special memoriesThere's a place in our hearts, Daddy's part that grows stronger everydayLove form Daddy's little girlsOur family is now asking for your prayers as our Daddy just needed emergency surgery to repair an intestinal blockage. The surgery was successful but he is still in the hospital at this time. The doctor tells us that he is on the road to recovery even though he has hit a bump or two along the way!I have a trip scheduled next week to the PNW to spend some time with him, it has been hard being down here in the desert so far away from him.I love you Daddy!Your Desert Rose![...]

Back in the Blog Saddle...Again !


My plan of trying to blog on a more regular basis fell apart last month when my computer had to go in for repairs and it ended up getting a new operating up grade. This was a long process because everything has to be wiped from the hard drive and then reinstalled. Although the system looks pretty much the same and for the most part works the same...I now need to access my photo's differently than I used to. And my system I used to file my pictures and organise them for blogs or easy access was that I had files all over my desktop!I also recently began using dropbox for back up storage and that was confusing for me too.So...this blog is really just a test blog with a few pictures from random files I have chosen to figure out the new process of getting my photos for blogging! By the way...I have been reading and commenting on the blogs I follow although there are some blogs my comments would not go through. I am hoping that issues will be resolved now with the new upgrade!!!I decided to look for pictures in 4 different files that were taken on 4 different days although it is the same trail and same fabulous photo opp stop!My Sissy's and me last year!My nieces and their honeys last year!Good friend Darleene last year!Baby Doll's hubby & son 2 years ago!All and all I was eventually able to find these pictures but I really had to rack my brain as to the name of the file the picture would be in. The hardest to find was Baby Doll's photo because it was in a file that is in a file!!! I think this is going to take me awhile to figure it out and I am sure I will find a few shortcuts along the way. Hope every one's holiday season was terrific!!!Your Desert Rose! [...]

Merry Everything!


This year has not been a good year for many of us. The one thing we can always count on though... is our loving family and friends. To my lovely blog friends, I wish you the very merriest for this holiday season!

(object) (embed)
Your Desert Rose!

Viva Las Vegas!!!


Yup...just got back from the NFR in Las Vegas, this was my 6th year running! This year however each of the 3 Amigos was under the weather. Baby Doll was on antibiotics, the Bossman was on the ummm, errrr, "shitter" and I ended up with both by the time I got home!!!
I didn't take as many pictures this year because after 6's pretty much the same! So instead I will post pictures of the items I found for Pupperoni at Cowboy Xmas!
Here is puppy wearing her new hair on hide visor just like mommy's! She also got a shinny red one with a heart cut out on it. She did think she was being punished when I put it on her...maybe she will get use to it!

Pupperoni's other purchase was a new sheep skin rug to lay on next to the bath tub in mommy's bathroom. Puppy loves to lay by the tub when mommy is in the tub soaking! See...she loves her new rug ;)))
Your Desert Rose!



I love my beautiful nieces! Although they are not all in this photo, and my daughter is to my left, my nieces have all grown up to be such lovely women inside and out! This particular photo was taken 3 winters ago in front of my tack room just after we had returned  from a full moon ride! I think it was a first for them although I know that Pony Girl has ridden in the dark since then. I was so fortunate to have these lovelies visit us for about 5 days in the desert! I usually only get to see them a few times a year now...but treasure any time I get to spend with them!
Your Desert Rose!

Pacific Crest Trail...(6th segment ridden)


In my goal of riding as many segments of the PCT in a 20 year span I have just completed my 6th segment ridden! One of these 6 segments we have ridden over and over has a great lunch stop, Live Oak Spring, with an underground spring that supplies water for our horses. Even if at the end of the 20 years I will have only ridden 20 segments I will feel satisfied with the accomplishment!Since we had never been to this new trial head the Bossman and I have our usual disagreements as to what way is left and what way is right but we hit our targeted time of leaving the stables for our ride. On our way to the trail head I make a silly comment..."well at least it's not windy today" because our trail today would start at the Mesa Wind Farm. Of course the wind farm was built in this location...because it is FUCKINGWINDY there! (25 cents in the cuss jar) there!!! I finally relented and said that the Bossman did not have to wear his cowboy hat and instead wear his beloved Pith helmet. My reasoning for this was...if his hat was going to blow away...I sure did not want it to blow back on Lady and me knocking us off the trail down into the deep ravines of the PCT.Now before I go to much further in my story...I must tell you that this segment was ridden almost a year ago! And since then we have ridden a few more segment adventures to tell you about! But...back to this segment ;)))I have to admit that I was NOT sure how Lady was going to react to the wheeeeer wheeeeer of the windmills as we entered their domain! However after a minute or 2 she did NOT pay any attention to them even though they annoyed the HELL otta me! ( 25 cents in the cuss jar!)About 45 minutes in to the ride we see this sign...then another one in a few minutes! Of course we go explore and meet these 2 friendly guys!The signs are really meant for the thru hikers ( the ones going to Mexico to Canada) who really need to stop whenever the can to restock their water supply.We don't stay long because we want to ride as far as we can today and then turn around and ride back to the trailer...which I hate to do. But in the future we now have it figured out how we could have BIG FOOT drop us off and leave the trailer for us at the end of this segment. not all segments have trail heads that can be ridden this just have to turn and around and ride back where you came from :)))As you can see...the above signs show this distances between trail heads!There are not as many rocks on the trail or terrain and the trails are not hard packed sand but more mushy as they are in the dry washes. This trail has been well maintained and many wooden trail braces can be seen. There are grassy meadows in the distance and the hills seem more rolling.Finally... we have climbed up enough so that we have left the LAND OF THE WINDMILLS and come to a much different terrain than we usually encounter on the PCT! All but one of our PCT segments have begun in high desert terrain. This particular segment actually began on the desert floor of Palm Springs...which meant we would need to climb.climb, climb...and then drop down, down, down into a wash before another big climb~~~ did that get in here ;))) So this next picture...has a very washed out area that shows up in the middle of the picture! This was taken across the canyon after we had ridden it...I have to say that to date...this was probably my worst bad trail spot. I say this because the sand was very soft and very narrow at the washed out spot! I think what brothered me most was knowing that I was going to have to pass it again on our way back!!! Spectacular views at every turn! the view t[...]

Trail Slut...and Proud of it!


A few years back our Pony Cousins were trying to decide on a location to hold our yearly roundup weekend with our ponies. I had made a comment that I was hoping to explore our options and maybe try new places every year, even though the ranch we had been going to was fabulous, I was hoping for some more challenging trail options. during the debate on our online Pony Cousin group my niece Pony Girl made mention of the fact that my trail experience was more extensive than the rest of the cousins who felt very at ease and comfy with the current trails. I did not intend to respond in a comic just kinda went that way ;))) So thank you Pony Girl for inspiring me to take an honest look at myself and my trails!

The Desert Rose at her Trail Sluttiest!

This email is in response to my Pony girl's previous comment to my
"trail expertise" of the group. NO.......she did not call me a "trail
whore", one who rides trails for money! But there was a hint of
insinuating that I was a "trail slut", one who rides many trails to
reduce the monotony of riding the same old boring trail. Yes, I do
admit that I am excited by a new trail, never knowing what lies ahead,
the possible breath taking thrills and the hint of danger . The
anticipation of such a ride makes my skin tingle days before the
encounter. I also admit that the "bigger the ride" the more
gratification is felt after the ride, although that is NOT always the
case. Some "big rides" have left me unsatisfied and wanting for more. I
have also been know to ride several different trails in as many days.
This does not mean I do not have special fondness for certain trails
that have always given me a good ride. There are some trails that I
deem to dangerous (even for me) and others that I would never ride
again because I seemed to sleep right through the experience. Sometimes
I like to ride many trails on the same day, sometimes called a 3 some!
I have ridden as many as 5 trails, one after the other. This called a
trail gang bang. There have been a few times given enough cowgirl
courage that I did not remember the trail I had ridden the day before.
Then a month later I start to recognize the chiseled rock or the cool
wet banks of the stream. It soon all flows back to me and it is a
double thrill. I have no shame in being a "trail slut" as it has made
me the cowgirl I am today. And.....since most of you.......have ridden
the trails I ride, and now are in the business of of horses in one way
or another yourselves, ask yourself. What kind of trail cowgirl do do
want to be?????? Oh sure, always be true to one trail ( called "safe
trail") or you can lust for adventure and be a "cowgirl trail slut" and
have the rides of your life!
The sea is full of trails, why ride just one?
Proud to be a "Trail Slut"
Your Desert Rose!

Lizzy Rose's 1st Horsey Ride!


Here Is Pupperoni's first ride on Jesse Pollin with MOMMY!

OK...I was gonna save this for Christmas....but couldn't wait! (Ya...I held back... some photos)
(image) Jesse is NOT so sure about Pupperoni steeling his thunder!

(image) (image)

Your Desert Rose!

Once Bitten...


Seems little Willie Mae Jane has been bitten by the HORSE FLY and her symptoms have become increasingly apparent to all!Poor little stick pony... Your Desert Rose![...]

Happy Halloween!!!


Never to early for a "Good Buck"!
Your Desert Rose!

My happy Place!


Miss Lucy Lu & Lizzy Rose have filled a wonderful place in my heart...I adore these 2 little girls and they adore each other!
Your Desert Rose!

Jesse's Girl!!!


I left the desert May 7th to the PNW...minus Jesse! Jesse was left in the fantastic care of the Bossman for the summer to be near the shoesalesman. Last year the shoesalesman flew up 2 times during the summer to shoe both Jesse & Lady. This year we decided to leave Jesse in the desert where he can stay in great shape for the desert riding and not have to work so hard next fall to get back in to shape. With Jesse's asthma and his owy's the best decision for this year. Lady and I had had some great rides this summer...but we both miss our boy terribly!!!So please indulge me as I post some my favorite pictures of Jesse!Jesse we miss you and love you!The Desert Rose!And a big shout out to Auntie Danielle who takes such good care of our Jesse!!![...]

The Lady & her King!


Shanna Lady Rose and her King see each other for the 1st time after a 6 month separation! They were so happy to be together again~
Your Desert Rose!

Puppy LOVE!!!


Yes...the new puppy has certainly changed things in our household! Lucy Lu is still the QUEEN of the long as she can pull it off!However... Lizzy Rose AKA The Pupperroni has many tools and toy up her sleeves! Sock Monkey was a favorite...until he soon developed a whole, in his under arm area!Milk bone...bone is still a favorite!As is SNIFFFANY BONE... and CHEWY VUITON! OOPS...yes this is a real MILK BONE...Pupperroni tends to carry them around  bit before she indulges!This is a typical NIGHT SNUGGLE!Funny CAVILER BUTT!!!1st horse camping trip...she wants to run free...nofuckingway!!! (25cents in the cuss jar)Father's Day pose for daddy...we HEART YOU DADDY!!!Tonight's bedtime the end of the day...with the fights, the chases and ALWAYS ends up this way at bedtime!!! Your Desert Rose![...]

Tough Eonugh to Wear PUPPY!


Late this past spring my nieces Pony Girl & her Farm boy & Paint Girl & her OH visited us in the desert for a long weekend! There was of course a trail ride, farmers market, casino night, and plenty of pool time as the PNW er's needed to get a bit of color to prove they had been on vacation ;)
During one of the pool afternoons...Lizzy Rose was excited to see Pony Girl splashing around in the pool. one thing led to another...and you guessed it. I handed Lizzy to Pony Girl in the pool. Well...the PUPPERONI just curled up into a ball and cuddled into Pony Girl. Then she tried to get away...with not great luck...and then MOMMY rescued her! I quickly wrapped PUPPERONI up in towels and dried her off and let her get down. She made a bee line for the OH and jumped into his chair. From there it went to speak!
Apparently the PUPPERONI & the OH had bonded during their stay and she decided he would protect her form those MEAN GIRLS that got her all wet! By the way...her coat was so curly after her swim ;)

And every time I would approach to take her...Lizzy's little eyes would open slightly...and I could just hear her say...My OH will protect me from you and PONY GIRL...and he did, he sat there for over an hour just letting the PUPPERONI have some safe and loving time~
Thank you OH.,..the PUPPERONI misses you too ;)))
Your Desert Rose!

Leaving...on a Jet Plane!


The end of our SNOWBIRD season has again...come to an end. However...this year will be bitter sweet for our family as we leave the desert, we are leaving one behind!Jesse ...will be staying in the desert for the summer season at the Bossman's request. As most of you know, Jesse has terrible hooves...and with 2 new quarter cracks he needs the SHOESALESMAN close at hand to monitor him as needed. Last year...the SHOESALESMAN graciously flew to PDX 2 times to shoe Jesse & Lady every 9 weeks. However Jesse did NOT have the quarter cracks that he has now! Jesse also has took us 3 months to get him to be able to do our favorite desert trails when we arrived from the PNW...we just do not have the same kind of cardio work out options in the PNW~I am posting  some of my favorite pictures of Jesse...please bare with me IF you have seen them before... :)))I will see you love!Your Desert Rose!PS If I did not know for a FACT...that the Bossman loves Jesse as much as I do...I could never leave him...besides....Auntie Danielle ( the Bossman's daughter...will give Jesse all the COWGIRL KISSES he needs while we are apart!!!)I went to the stables tonight to say goodbye to Jesse...I swear he knows I am leaving...he was exceptionally loving. I left the stables teary eyed :((( Thank you to my niece PONY GIRL from all that jazz for the recent picture of me & Jesse![...]



On my last scheduled desert ride my riding buddy...Amos's mom and I were treated to the sight of a lifetime!We were riding a trail that is NOT ridden by anyone I know because of it's difficulty and it's rapid gain in elevation. the key word here, that is where this majestic guy lives. He is protected in our desert and for years during LAMBING season, signs were posted that led anywhere near his breeding ground saying..."closed for llambing season". Ok...that was not exactly what it said but I could NOT find a picture of one of the signs in my archives...although I know I have many. Several years ago...even though the signs were still posted...the ban was lifted for hikers and riders as long as NO dogs were on the trail. The Big Horn is known to stop breeding when dogs are present...DOGS are the predator in a flight world.As we came around the corner...Amos's mom stopped and said SHHHHHHH!!!! Her finger to her mouth...her other finger pointing up above us.This is what Shanna Lady Rose and I saw!!! The pictures are posted in the order I took them...the 1st 2 are on my cell phone, the rest are from my camera!  How in the world did Amos's mom see this guy...way up there??? He was laying down at the time and I think the noise of our many cameras and cell phones zooming in & out finally caused him to stand...yet not in fear!This proud beautiful boy stayed within our sight for up to 5 minutes! He was NOT fact acted curious about us. After 13 years of riding in his territory...I am in finally in awe of his royal presence!!!YOUR DESERT ROSE![...]

HOPPY Easter!


For the 1st time in about 25 years...the Easter Bunny will be visiting our house! Yup...we have 4 year old Jed with us in the desert and he was promised that the bunny would find him here ;) The week before Jed came...I went to the "bunny store" and was ready for the special occasion before Jed arrived.
Today the eggs were boiled then Jed asked for the names of all the special people in his life to be added to an egg! Unfortunately...I forgot the vinegar so I had to use Lemon juice from a lemon on our tree. Yup...I just went out and picked one and squeezed!

Easter morning the Easter Bunny left Jed a Spiderman Easter Basket...and a huge STUFFY BUNNY!!! Jed was sad when he found out the E.B. had hid all his colored eggs...but he soon found them and was so HOPPY!!!
Your Desert Rose!