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Kate's Blog

Turning my trip blog into a regular old blog.

Updated: 2017-09-04T15:40:20.185-07:00


Toenail Update (hopefully the last one for a while)


So my left toenail officially came off today. Like the right one, about 1/2 of a toenail had already grown in and believe it or not, it is even less disgusting than the right one. I'm not saying it's ready for flip-flop season, but it's definitely progress.



So I was watching the inauguration with some co-workers today, and we found these pictures. Note the size of the Lincoln bible.


Now look at the Vice Presidential swearing-in:


Poor Jill! That thing looks positively Medieval.

Toenail Update: Right big toenail fell off last week. Approx 1/2 inch of toenail had already regrown underneath it so it's not completely disgusting. Left toenail is hanging on for dear life.

Latest Toenail Update


My toenail (the "stayed home" toe one) finally came off last night in bed. I didn't even feel it come off. The nail underneath is around 1/3 of the way grown in so it's not near as gnarly as I was expecting it to be.

It took from August to December for that one to fall off, so I am guessing my big toenails will be falling off in March.

Oh, and I went to Hungary last week. Not much to report except that I hate the Budapest airport workers who went on strike. Oh and I have a new favorite 'fair' food: Kürtőskalács. They Here's a picture of one being made:


And the finished product - in different flavors:


They have the lovely crunchiness and taste of a toasted marshmallow - without being sickeningly sweet. I had one (or two) every night after I found them. :)

Toenail Update


I made it worse last night, so this morning, I superglued it to the nail bed. It certainly seems to have worked but I will keep you updated.

Tuesday Update:
Nail adhesion: > 90%
11/3 Nail adhesion: approx 50%

A Few Little Things


~Braces Update~

I ate some hot mustard without thinking and now my powerchains are neon yellow. I am just going to live with them until next week's appointment.

Also, the gaps between my two front teeth and my two front bottom teeth are closed.

~Product Review~

Jello Dark Chocolate Sugar Free Pudding - 60 calories each - 5 stars. Officially on the red-light food list now.

~Warning: Gross TMI about my Toe Section~

As some of you might know, I am trying to be healthier, so I am pretending to be a runner. I started in August and for the first 3 or 4 weeks, my running shoes were a half-size too small.

The first tip-off that my running shoes were too small was that my 'this piggy stayed home' toe on my right foot developed a blood blister. Second tip-off was that my toenail kind of hurt if I pushed on it. The blister went away, but the end of my toe was still black. Not a pretty fashion statement during flip-flop season.

Fast forward to Monday: I am clipping my toenails after running in my new shoes (Thank You Mom!) and I realize that my toenail feels really wiggly. I look down and o.m.g. my toenail is barely attached to my toe. It doesn't hurt and doesn't even look bad, but I can see down under my toenail at least 3/4 of the way down. Apparently it's attached at the very bottom, but I am now afraid to touch it.

So if any runners out there have any suggestions feel free to leave me a comment. Maybe they make Lee Press-On Toenails?

Orthodontist Update


I was intending to do a braces update after each appointment, but quickly determined it was too boring.

So here's the latest in bullet form:

  • I've had braces on for 9 months now.
  • I got elastics today. They aren't too bad but I can't open my mouth very wide.
  • I asked the orthodontist if I was on track today (for the projected 24 months) and he said "oh no noooo no no no no." Meh!
  • He had put a small gap between my front teeth for no apparent reason and he said he was closing it up now.
  • He is using powerchains to close the gap. The powerchain is clear, which looks a little better, but I have to be careful with wine, curry, ketchup and mustard. They said if it gets ugly, to come in and they will change it out for me.
Edited to add:
OMG I can't yawn satisfactorily!

Near Miss


Ike completely missed Austin. The only thing I felt was some strong wind yesterday. I feel very lucky. Thanks for everyone checking on me.

Interesting Fact


Between 1898 and 1904, a touchdown and a field goal in football were worth the same amount of points -- five.

Source: NFL

My New Favorite Firefox Add-On - Read it Later


This addon lets you mark pages that you want to read, but without having to create a bookmark for it (and then having to remove the bookmark, blah blah blah).

You just right-click on the page you want to read, and then choose "Read This Page Later" from the menu.


Then when you are ready to look at them, you click a little tiny book icon on the top right-hand side of your browser. Clicking on it produces a drop-down box with the list. When you're done reading a page, you click on a checkmark and it takes it off.


Don't judge me on anything on the list above - just did that as an example. My real pages are MUCH more exciting.

Product Review - Snap Capp


As most of you know, I drink a lot of Diet Cokes. I really prefer cans, because they are colder to begin with and seem to stay colder. But I also have a bad habit of having 1/4 or 1/2 full Diet Coke cans all over the place, so I generally buy the 16 oz bottles. So the other day, I bought this little thing when I was at a fake post office-type store. It was just on the counter next to the register.

It's a little piece of plastic with a lid that you snap onto a can. It keeps it from going flat and keeps it from spilling. I've used it probably 5 or 6 times since then, and it works really well. The seal is very tight on the can - in fact, the first time I tried to take it off, I launched it across my work cubicle.


Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight


What in the hell?

Spectators cheered as entire Cambodian Midget Fighting League squared off against African Lion

The more you read the crazier it gets!

I Make Posts Just to Link to Other, Funnier Posts


Look on My Blog List -------------->

Today, I especially enjoyed:

Ann's Birthday Tea


Ann's birthday is tomorrow, so we had a very girly birthday party/tea this afternoon for her. No boys allowed! The fact that we only have 3 guys on our team and they were all out of the office made that easy. :)The Birthday Queen AnnAnn, Lily*, and ValNancy feeding Lily pecansI think we have enough wine for 11 women for a one-hour partyLily on my foot after pooing on my jeans 3 times.Nadja, Ann, Kate, ValGroup PhotoSitting around after the party, Lily started a love affair with my earrings. Someone suggested that I fill it with birdseed. She pulled and twisted it for about 10 minutes.*Lily is a boy but Ann didn't know this when she named him/her. Some other possible names that were suggested today were Lloyd and Lyle. Pretty sure Lily is going to stick though.[...]

Olga Korbut from 1972


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I did some fact-checking the bars are definitely farther apart (horizontally) now than they were then.

Oh yeah all the Chinese gymnasts are 16. For sure.


From an article here:

It was strange to see such tiny women with so many muscles. (Shawn Johnson of the U.S. team is small –- 4 foot 9 and about 90 pounds –- but these gymnasts are even smaller.)
Deng Linlin, 16 and about 68 pounds and 4-foot-6, had veins popping out of her forearms.
Jiang Yuyuan is listed as 16, 4-foot-7 and just 66 pounds in the China Daily newspaper’s Olympics section that ran last week. He Kexin, a favorite to win gold on the uneven bars, is 73 pounds and 4-foot-7.
The tallest and heaviest of them all — and certainly the most famous — is Cheng Fei, China’s most decorated gymnast. She is 20 years old, 4-foot-10 and 94 pounds. She will vie for the all-around gold, but her specialty is the vault, where she performs one of the most dangerous ones out there.

Pretty sure they aren't going to Mighty Fine Burgers after practice.

Discontinued Olympic Sports


Credit here:

It is fascinating the number and variety of sports that have at one time been part of the Olympic Games. Since the first modern Games in 1896, 12 sports have disappeared completely from the Olympic schedule.

These are:





Jeu de Paume - like squash but using your hands instead of a racquet

pelota - another kind of handball-type game


roque - a hard-surface version of croquet

rackets - early form of racquetball



motor boating

Added to this is a large number of discontinued events from sports that are still on the program, such as the swimming events of plunge for distance and underwater swimming, the track and field events of the standing highjump and tug-of-war, and the shooting events of pigeon shooting and duelling pistol. You can have a look at the complete list of all discontinued sports, or my list
of some the more unusual sports.

Seriously - at least put lacrosse back in place of trampoline.

Olympic Events I Would Cut


Synchronized Diving
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Synchronized Swimming
Edited to add: 20K race-walk

I will add to the list as I find other events that displease me.

I heart the Olympics.


That's it.

Kailey - Kate - Abigail


This was our nightly routine when I was poodle-sitting last week.

Kailey would lay down by my left leg and rest her head on me, and then Abigail would lay down by my right leg. This same phenomenon happened in bed also (not quite as consistently).


The YES Dance

At Least Make it to Fork in the Garbage Disposal


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I buckled and signed up for Facebook.

Current Favorite Catchy Song

Flo Rida - Low featuring T-Pain


(object) (embed)

I know Michele H. will like this one.

Stuff Kate Likes


This site has a ton of neat stuff: