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Copyfight, by Donna Wentworth


Copyfight--the Expanded Edition
Big news, all. After mulling it over for a few months, I've decided to make Copyfight a group-authored weblog--and it debuts today. Copyfight has no

Voluntary Collective Licensing--Got the Picture?
My EFF colleague Ren Bucholz has created a picture that easily beats a thousand words for explaining how a voluntary collective licensing system such

FCC Moves to Regulate Hate Speech?
Ernest Miller has (yet) another must-read today--a lengthy analysis of the FCC decision (PDF) on the Bono/Golden Globes "f-word" incident (see the FCC

Trump Now in the IP Biz
Donald Trump is seeking ownership of a brand new property. Nope, not another skyscraper/casino. He wants the catchphrase from his new hit show, The Ap

Ernest on CA Anti-Piracy Bills
A marvelously thorough smackdown of the two terribly misquided anti-"piracy" bills introduced before the California legislature. The bills would requ

Siva on Free Culture's "Scholarly Partner"
Siva Vaidhyanathan has a question of interest to copyfighters of the scholarly persuasion: What should we call the emerging field of study that recogn

Score One for the Public Domain
Kudos to the talented group of freedom fighters @ Stanford's Center for Internet and Society for scoring this important victory in the ongoing Golan v

Help a Library Win a Copyfight
[This post title pilfered directly from BoingBoing's open pockets. Or did Cory steal it from me? Dang. This IP stuff is so confusing.] The wond

Stupid White Men and Semiotic Democracy
Siva Vaidhyanathan, analyzing today's NYT piece on the attempt by the publishers of Michael Moore's Stupid White Men and Other Excuses for the Sorry S

CA Attorney General = MPAA Sock Puppet?
Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing fame has a Wired piece this morning suggesting that California Attorney General Bill Lockyer is using a peer-to-fear talking

Where It's At
As Derek Slater says, So many links, not enough time. For those similarly time-pressed, here's terrific one-stop shopping for debate over EFF's whi

EFF Joins Suit to Stop Broadcast Flag
Fred von Lohmann in an EFF media release about the new lawsuit to stop the broadcast flag: "The FCC's digital broadcast television mandate is a step i

Victory for Fair Use--Priceless
Jason Schultz: "Back in 2000, Ralph Nader ran a bunch of ads critiquing the corporate interests behind the Bush and Gore campaigns. To make his point,

Food for Thought
From Brother Ernest: Victory for EFF Creates Problems for EFF's Filesharing Solution.

Notable + Quotable
Michael Geist, proposing that Canada take the lead in using blanket licenses to resolve the conflict over peer-to-peer systems (hyperlink, mine): "Unl