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Jumping Ship


I'm done here. Going over to the new place:

Come check out the new digg.



I've been MIA for awhile. But today, I don't have time to fill you in on what I've been up to. Instead, I want you to send some good thoughts to Chance.

Chance is our tenants' dog. He is 9 months old and just got hit by a car tonight. He got out of the fence and ran onto the street. The lady who hit him was very upset, and good thing she wasn't driving fast. We took him to our vet since theirs isn't 24 hours. Doc thinks he is doing well so far, using all his four legs, and not coughing up blood. He is in shock and doc is treating him that tonight and going to take XRay and blood work for tomorrow.

The poor thing is so scared I felt really bad leaving him behind by himself.

So please, say a little prayer for him tonight.

List? What List? Obessessed? Me?


Yeah... I like to make lists and I wish I have lists for EVERYTHING, but it doesn't always happen. But I saw this contest on CostumeChick's blog from here so I decided to join the fun.

Here's how this works-
  1. Head to your blog and post your summer knitting goals list (you must have at least 1 goal!)
  2. Be sure to link to this contest in your post
  3. Stop back and leave the link to your goals list with Mr. Linky (by midnight, June 20th!) to be 'officially entered'
  4. Spend the summer, attempting to stay at least a little bit on track, tackling one goal at a time
  5. Have fun with it
So here it goes...
  1. Finish 2 more shawls to keep up with 2klace.
  2. Knit at least 1 pair of socks for Summer of Socks 2008.
  3. Knit and felt my card basket for the wedding.
  4. Finish the 2 cardigans for Schaefer.
I think that's what I want to accomplish for this summer, assuming summer ends around 09/20/08, which is my wedding day. Yeah... I better get going to do that list now.

Strawberries Overflow!


So what do you do when you have too many strawberries on your hand?

Strawberry cupcakes

I went to Big Y last week and saw that they have buy 1 get 2 free on strawberries - how could I say no? But now I have way too much strawberries! Granted I already finished the ones I picked from Lyman's, but still, I have 3 quart of strawberries sitting in the fridge staring at me!

I followed the recipe from Vanilla Garlic to a T and the strawberry sauce and strawberry frosting recipe makes a lot more than I needed, so I put them in the fridge for another batch later this week.

Besides working on the cupcakes, I also worked on the invitation a bit.

I know, not much to see, but it's getting there. I also worked on the wording a bit and coming up with some dilemma on how I want to lay it out, but I'll wait till David comes home this weekend and ask his opinion.

I'm gonna go eat cupcakes now.

A Weekend Of Fun


What did you do this weekend?Saturday morning, our new lawn guy came, and he did an AMAZING job cleaning up the yard.Even the dogs didn't know what to do with it!I went to my weekly farmer's market with Archiknist and we came back to the house waiting for a few others to show so we can go try on my wedding gown. Now, I was too excited to see my gown and didn't take ANY pictures!!!!! But no fear, my readers, I'm going back on Thursday to do my first fitting so I will make sure I take a picture then.While I was there, I was tying out different veils. The one I liked was $195!!!! WTF??? So I looked online and found this - yup, only $63!! I'm pretty sure I'll be getting that. At first I didn't want to have a veil, but I saw a very similar one on a magazine and just loved it.We came back to my house for some BBQ and crafting. It was too bad that the weather wasn't so great so we couldn't be out to enjoy my new swing:We are going to use it for our "altar" area. We will take out the awning part, and the swing, and I'll decorate it with some fabric and ask my florist to get some hanging plants for the four corners. I really like the look of this when I first saw it during my research, so I'll do something similar, minus the crazy flower on the top.Today I went with Beth and Ola to Lyman's Orchard for some strawberry picking. It was a lot of fun looking for those ripen red, juicy berries.Afterwards we went to the Apple Barrel to see what's in season and what they got. There are lots of canning stuff for sale (mmm... jam...) and pies. But I came home with these:YUM. Can't wait for mid-July for the other berries to be ready.On other news, I worked on my invitations, and here is what I got:Yeah, the outer pockets are finally done! I can finally move on into the inside of the invitations. Speaking of that, I got these in the mail:I'm going to use these vintage postcards as the response card. I think it would make a cool scrapbook when it is all over. I just hope everyone will actually return the response card!Oh, and it's 97 days till the big day! :)As far as gardening, I've been kinda on hold since I couldn't move all the blocks needed to do the raise garden and David is away for work, all the seedlings have been just staying in their starter container and waiting. Hopefully it's not too late. So without further ado, here are some pictures of the herbs:See how awesome those herbs look? And I use some for dinner tonight:I had some Greek pasta salad at Ola's house not too long ago, so I decided to try my hands in it with some of my herbs.jennsquared's Greek Pasta Salad1 box of pasta of any kind1 small can of chopped olives1 and half cup of corn (I grilled some corn last night so I used that)1 shallots, finely chopped1 scallion, finely slicedsome parsley, finely choppedsome thyme, finely chopped1 tsp dry basil (use fresh ones if you have any)some garlic pepper seasoningsaltolive oilbasil pesto grapeseed oil (just use more olive oil)apple cider vinegar (use whatever light vinegar you have on hand)crumbled feta cheese1. Boil a pot of water and cook the pasta until al dente2. While the pasta is cooking, chopped up all the herbs3. When pasta is ready, drain well and let it cool a little bit before mixing everything together4. Serve slightly warmHope you all enjoy it as much as I do. And feel free to leave a comment on your variation![...]

Where Did The Socks Go?


And you say whaaaaaat?Well... Let me back track a bit. Last Thursday, work sent me to NYC for East Pack Expo. With such a short notice, I decided to cast on a pair of easy socks to knit while I am walking around in the expo. I started them while i was on the train, and once I got out of Grand Central (no photo there... DOH!) I started walking towards to Freefoods for breakfast. While walking, I show my pair of socks around town:Time Square was a little dark due to the clouds. Oh well. While I was at Freefoods, I had a hard time choosing what I want to eat since there were so many different awesome organic foods there, but I settle for these:My melon smoothie and mango. The smoothie is made with honeydew, goats milk yogurt, honey and mint, and the mango was infused with agave syrup and mint. I also got an organic bagel with organic cream cheese - SO YUMMY.Sadly, I would say that's about the highlight of my expo trip, since the trade show isn't THAT exciting. I did have one person come up to me while knitting and asked me if my needles were "medical devices". HUH? Yeah...Saturday I went to Dream Come True Farm with Archiknist. I swear I thought we were going to melt while we were there - it was SO. HOT. And it still is! While we were there, we saw two Nigerian goats. They were so tiny and cute!That's a mama goat!!! Isn't she cute and tiny? :) She actually provides the milk that makes the soaps the farm sells! So awesome. There are also llamas, alpacas and sheep on site. I was so good and didn't buy anything!!!Speaking of anything, a box showed up in my house few days ago:A drop spindle and lots of rovings! When I went to MDS&W last month, I went to the ravelry party, but due to time constraint, I didn't stay for the raffle and gave my ticket to Anarchy, who I met during the party. Apparently my ticket won, and instead of keeping the drop spindle, she messaged me in ravelry and sent me the spindle, and threw in some roving for me to try too! Knitters are SO generous! I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I'm thinking of doing that this weekend.Another thing I received this past week was this:It's the Amish Friendship Bread from Knitsheady. Today is day 9, and tomorrow, I need to split it and bake it and give four of the starters to four friends. It's a good thing I'm going to SnB tomorrow :) I saw this on the internet a lot, and apparently it's quite a popular thing to do - although it is my first one ever.So no knitting to show this post due to these:I've been busy making my wedding invitations. I decided that I really like the one I saw online but didn't want to pay the hefty price, so I bought whole sheet paper and am making them myself! I want to mail them up at the 1000 Islands so I got less than a month to finish them. I better hurry! It's a good thing I'm almost done with the cover :).Well, I'm off cutting more paper. Maybe next time, there will be some knitting to show, or maybe even garden stuff! :)[...]

I Don't Have A Black Thumb!


And to prove it to you, here are some evidents:I planted these few weeks and and Mick got his face in it and I thought I had lost hope. But plants are funny things and Mick apparently didn't eat all the seeds! I know for sure there are chives and cilantros in it, and I think the third kind is oregano, but I can't be sure. Once all the herbs are tall enough, I'll replant them and thin them out a bit.I bought some peppermint and thyme awhile back (when it was still very cold) and had them in the original container on top of my microwave in the kitchen by the window. They did really well and when I planted the seeds above, I transferred them into a planter we had from the original owner. They are doing really well, as you can see.I bought this pot of parsley from the farmer's market back in May and it actually have more leaves than before! I'm pretty excited at the fact that I haven't killed it yet. I seems to do very poorly when it comes to cilantro, parsley or basil.I was feeling adventurous on Saturday and seeded some broccoli and cantalope. Today is Wednesday, look at how tall they are!!! I bought the growing system from Lowe's and I love it! I can't wait for them to be big enough to transfer them into my garden (hopefully this Sunday!)I bought this container sunflower last Saturday from the farmer's market. It's so nice to have something bright and happy inside! If he has more this week, I would love to get my hands on another pot for my office!So I think I have proved to the world that I'm not a black thumb anymore. I find myself really like gardening when it doesn't involve digging the ground and encounter bugs and such. So I think I'm going to do a raise garden to transfer all the veggies and herbs in. David, of course, would be one the building it. In return, I will try to seed some watermelon and cucumber for him :). So now onto things that just shows up in my garden year after year:Look at the GIANT hosta!!!! I have three of these giant ones on the right side of the house, 2 of a different variety but still huge on the left side of the house, and I have a bunch in the back of the garage. I think when they bloom, I'm going to cut the ones from the back of the garage and arrange them and enjoy them indoor. But can anyone tell me why they are so big? My neighbors' hosta are like quarter of that size!!! Not like I'm complaining or anything... Just curious.I have no idea what these are - they show up in the crack of the asphalt by the garage, and there only. One on the right, one in the middle, and one on the left. I didn't plant them, and they can very well could be weeds, but they are pretty so I didn't pull them out.These pansies are in a container and just keeps on coming back each year! They are the small kind. I actually found the planter near the garage by the trash cans when I moved in and the whole thing looked dead. When the spring came, lots of weed were on it, so I pull the weed out, and some of the greens started to show up. Next thing I knew, part of the container had some pansies in it. Lucky for us, I was too lazy to empty the dirt to reuse, so now we have a container full of pansies. One thing though - I thought pansies are annuals? David's theory is that they must drop seeds every year and it just keeps on coming back because of that, which will support the fact that it was only a quarter of the container full the first year, and this year it was completely full. I'll post a picture of the full container the next time I post about the garden.This showed up this year. It wasn't around last year. If it was, it didn't flower. I am not so sure of what this is. By looking at some pictures online, I'm guessing it's a type of peonies. Anyone had any ideas? You can tell I don't garden by this, right? The plant gave me so far 2 full flowers, two on the way (one bud is still very green.) It smells beautiful an[...]

All the Good Stuff


Look at what I won from Knittymuggins????I entered her 200 posts contest and I won! And I NEVER win anything from blog contests so this was very very cool! :) She sent me one skein of Farmhouse Yarn Silk Blend in Turkey Red, lots of Dove chocolates and two Soak! :) Thank you so much!So I wanted to amend the meme I did few days ago. If I have a billion dollars, the FIRST THING I would so is to hire myself a chauffeur!!!! How could I forget!? That will give me more time to knit while going to places!!!! :)And here are a couple of things I forgot to mentioned from our trip -We stopped at Grandma Nancy's on the way to the 1000 Islands, and also on the way home, since she is literally on the way. And on our way home, I got some grandma's famous molasses cookies and she also gave us a little birdhouse wind chime to take home. What is so very special about this is grandma painted it herself!Isn't it beautiful? I can't paint for anything and it's so awesome to have a piece of art hanging outside our house.Another thing I forgot to post about is a good find I got from the antique store where I got my yarn winder.I don't know exactly what it's called, but it holds the cone steady and let it spin while I knit from it! The yarn came with the gadget feels like cotton to me, but I don't really know for sure. I know that it will be perfect when I knit with my zephyr cones.And I suppose I should really post some knitting progress:The Woodland shawl is coming along, although not as fast as I would have liked. I am itching for this one to be done so I can start something else, with fat needles and fat yarn that can be finished in a few days! We'll see when that can happen!With that said, I should really get some knitting in before the day ends. I got quite a few things done in the garden and also I went to the farmer's market, but that means no knitting has been done!!!! Not good! Me Go, NOW![...]

Memorial Weekend


Memorial weekend last year was a big weekend for David and I. Our truck broke down in the Finger Lakes region and we made it up to 1000 Islands in time to go to all the appointments for looking at locations for our wedding! This year, we went to up to check out some hotels and properties for potential vacation home/land. So instead of camping, we stayed at The Wooden Boat Inn in Clayton. It is a cute little place that has five rooms with a garage and patio with a fireplace. The Inn Owner Diane and the housekeeper Sue were both super nice and friendly. We arrived around 11:30pm on Friday night. I got the key from where Diane told me is going to be and walked into the room we have. Each room has a handmade quilt bedspread with matching pillows. Our room also had a rocking chair with a crocheted blanket. The room isn't super big, but it was very comfortable and clean, with a touch of "home" feel, which was very nice. The garage has a microwave and a fridge for guest use. We went shopping the next day for some burger for grilling. Yes, they also had a grill for us to use! Plates, cups, utensils were all provided as well! It was ALMOST camping except we are staying in a room. On the second night, we actually got some firewood and started a fire at the fire place and sat outside and enjoy the sky and quietness. Needless to say, we really liked this place. We are actually going to stay there when we go up before our wedding! I highly recommend this place to anyone who travels up to the 1000 Islands and need a place to stay. Besides checking out Wooden Boat Inn, we also went to see a Captain Simon's B&B down the street. The place is gorgeous and the owner Bonnie is a sweetheart. She gave me a quick tour of the house and was eager to have my friends and family to stay there.We went back to the Hart House to refresh our memory of what the place look like, and also how we can hang some of the lanterns we bought for the outside. Jo, the inn keeper was out working in the yard when we arrived so she showed us around again and gave us some ideas on what we could do with the house and yard. I was getting excited just talking to Jo about all the plans I want to have! While we were on the Wellesley Island, we stopped at Park Antiques in the Thousand Island Park, a private community on the Island. I love going in there because they ahve real antique stuff, not junk as you think of most of the antique stores. I bought a pearl ring there, but silly me forgot to take a picture before I send it to the jeweler for resizing. But I did take a picture of this: Yes, that's a GIANT spinning wheel! A very old style one. I wish I have the room to buy it. It was a very good price and even for decoration for a craft area would have been very very cool. But it's okay, I did buy this: A primitive yarn winder! I know, it's a little backwards to buy a yarn winder first, when I don't have a spinning wheel, but this way I can be sure to get the spinning wheel!! See my logic? ;) On Sunday, David and I drove to Cape Vincent to see the Tibbetts Point Lighthouse since we've never been and it was only 20 mins away! It was a little cold but gorgeous there. We looked through the telescope and saw another lighthouse on the lake: I know, not the best picture, but I tried. After leaving Cape Vincent, we headed to Theresa for the Home Again Farm. It is an alpaca farm, which isn't too far from where we were. Of course, I couldn't leave without some yarn!!! So soft! And pretty! I'm thinking of making the Heartland Lace Shawl with it but I'm not sure if I have enough yardage. I'll have to be creative about this. So overall, it was a productive and relaxing weekend. We love it up there and it would be awesome if we can just spend the whole summer there!!! So if you are looking for a cool place to go, I highly rec[...]

You Want to Know What?


I should really blog about my trip, but instead I'm going to do the meme. Why? Because of this:

The rules: Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1) What was I doing ten years ago?
Let's see... 10 years ago I was 18 so I was still in high school. I was a Senior at Mater Dei High School located in Southern California. I was part of the Chamber Singers and was in a lot of singing competition. I also performed in Carnegie Hall around that time as well.

2) Five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:
- Play Guitar Hero III
- Blog the meme
- Buy rice
- Knit
- Take pictures of my new stuff from the trip
3) Snacks I enjoy:
- Does ice cream count as snacks?
- fudge
- pretzel
- popcorn
- cotton candy
- nuts :)

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Well this could be interesting. If I was a billionaire, these would be the things I would do in the order:
- Pay off all my debt, including all my mortgages
- Buy an island with house on it in the 1000 Islands region
- Buy a penthouse in Chicago or Boston
- Pay off my parents' debt
- Travel to places
- Open a yarn store for fun

5) Places I have lived:
I guess I live quite a few places... I will list it in the order since I was born I guess:
- Taipei, Taiwan
- Tau Yuan, Taiwan
- Garden Grove, California
- Troy, New York
- Orono, Maine
- Allentown, Pennsylvania
- New Haven, Connecticut
- East Haven, Connecticut

6) Jobs I have had:
Well, I didn't have a lot of jobs. Growing up, my responsibility was to study hard and get good grades, so I didn't have any part time job until I was in college. I was teaching assistant for 2 different classes, a work study who did invoices and credit cards for the engineering department, an undergrad research student, a engineering co-op doing design work, quality engineer for RDE and quality engineer for manufacturing.

7) Peeps I want to know more about:
The Real Baby Beth

Ok. I'm off playing!!!! Maybe tomorrow I will blog about my new additions to the house - yes, yarn!

Happy Birthdays!!


This week is birthday week for Sunflowerfairy and Archiknist. We had cakes for both of them. One of the cakes is an ice cream cake from Ashley's and one is vanilla cake with chocolate icing from Julia's. YUM. And as one of the birthday giveaways, Sunflowerfairy had a little drawing at SnB for her "Shut p and Knit" mug and I won! :)

And I started another shawl to keep p with 2klace as I am pretty behind on this whole knit lace 51% of the time thing.

This is beginning of the Woodland Shawl. I actually had quite a few repeats done earlier, but after consult with Archiknist, we both decided that the 89 stitches the pattern called for is too small for a shawl, it was more like a scarf. So I frogged it tonight and re-cast on for extra 4 repeats for total of 137 stitches. we'll see how this one goes. I'm using Schaefer Andrea again for this project as I have quite a few left overs and I really enjoy with the yarn. Plus the color is just gorgeous!

So David and I are going up to 1000 Islands this weekend to take care some wedding stuff, plus to see a house for potential vacation home. What are you doing for memorial long weekend???



Without further ado, as promised -

Pattern - Kiri by Polly Outhwaite
Yarn Used - 663.5 yards of Schaefer Andrea in Julia Child
Needles - Harmony size 4
Gauge - N/A
Knit - April 08, 08 to May 11, 2008
Modification - None.

This pattern was very easy to knit. It starts from the top center and works its way out and down. It is a fairly quick knit compare to some other shawls or stole I made before. It can get kind of boring towards the end though with lots of stitches.

The yarn is divine! It is easy to work with and absolutely gorgeous! It's good that I have three more skeins and I can't wait to work with them.

Isn't it pretty? Now, onto the next project!

Summer Bag


Well, you all probably think I was completely hooked on Wii and forgot to posts, right? Wrong. I've been sick since Sunday with bronchitis and have been resting. For few days I couldn't even knit! All I wanted to do was sleep! But I knitted on Tuesday on and see what I got!?

Pattern - Laurel Summer Bag by Bobbie Belokur
Yarn Used - 1 skein of Schaefer Laurel in Lillian Gilbreth
Needles - Harmony size 4 and Addi size 3
Gauge - 5 3/4 sts per inch in Garter St on size 3
Knit - May 11, 08 to May 17, 2008
Modification - None.

This pattern was super easy and super fast! I'm making this for Schaefer as one of the model knits. It is also my instant gratification after Kiri. Yes, Kiri is done, but I haven't block it yet, so I haven't show it's prettiness on the blog yet. Maybe tomorrow.

In the mean time, back to Wii!!!



Need I say more?

MDS&W & Sock Pentathlon Sock #2


In case you are wondering, that's "Maryland Sheep and Wool". I wasn't able to go last year, but this year, I was SOOOOO there.I took a half day on Friday and took the train down to Baltimore. I've never taken Amtrak before and I have to say I had quite a pleasant experience. And I met a couple of nice people too! Once I got there, I took a taxi and went to MamaE's Party! Sadly, I didn't take ANY picture! I was too excited to meet E and SweetSheep!!! But I did get a photo with them the next day!Sneaksleep came and meet me up at the party, and after the party, I went back with her to her house for a nap cap and got up for the big day.And see who we saw!!! :)Zarzuela!!! She had move to Jersey a couple of years back and I haven't seen her since then! It was so great to see her there!There were lots of sheep, llamas, alpacas, angora bunnies, and of course, there were food, yarn, and people spinning.And while I was eating lunch, I noticed quite a bit of buttercup:After the first day, Sneaksleep and I went to the Ravelry party - it was fun, and a lot less people than I expected. We stayed for a little while before we went and met up with the rest of the New Haven gang for some fondue at Melting Pot.That was the first time I've been to a Melting Pot and it was so much fun! Although a little on the pricey side, but it was totally worth it, especially the chocolate fondue!Yum. (that was the s'mores fondue, you should try it if you go!)Sunday was a lot less intense, even the traffic was a lot less. Sneaksleep and I say goodbye after an hour in the fairground, and I left with Sami, Karen, Brenda and Beth around noon. While I was in the car, I was busy working on the Sock Pentathlon Sock #2 - Berlin Muster. I finished first sock while in the car on the way home, but the sewing needles were in the trunk with my overnight bag, so I couldn't finish the grafting, so what is a girl to do?Use the buttons I got from the festival and parties! (and you call me crazy, collecting pins and all!) And since I couldn't knit while I'm at work, slowly, I finally finished the pair this morning, although, not without a hitch - again, that stupid little sewing needle. So the engineer in me took over, and fond something to use:Twisty-tie!!! Yes, you read that right! And a few minutes after, I have these:Pattern - Berlin Muster by Kristin Benecken Yarn Used - 0.56 skein of Valley Yarn FranklinNeedles - Harmony size 1Gauge - 8 sts per inchKnit - May 01, 08 to May 07, 2008Modification - I reduced the purl stitch so it's only 56 stitches, although I probably could still go down a bit since the lace is quite stretchy.The pattern was fairly easy, although everyone had a hard time to get it started due to various reasons. The yarn was wonderful. I love it so much I want to get more of it! I have plenty of it left to do another pair of socks! You can read my full review here.Well, now both of that are blogged and in the bag, it is time for me to rest my eyes. Good Night.[...]



Look what came in the mail!!!!

This is MY original cube from Schrodinger. I totally forgot that today is the Sock Pentathlon pattern 2 release and I was suppose to be sitting around all day and knit that pattern until it is done! But with Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival being this weekend, I don't think that is going to happen! So I needed something that I can knit and walk with. After lots of searching Monday night, I decided on this cube. I absolutely love it! I can't wait to give it a test "walk"!

The other thing that came in the mail today is the summer issue of the Interweave Knits. I already saw the preview and I can't wait to be able to knit some of the pattern in it! So if you don't have a subscription, go out and get one when it's released in the stores!

So I've been reading on the Ravelry group of MDS&W and learning what to bring and wear, and I can't wait to go! I'll be taking Amtrak down to Baltimore, take a taxi to see MamaE's at her open studio, meet up with Sneaksleep, go to her house, chat/sleep, get up and go to the festival! I also plan on going to the Ravelry Party at Columbia if I'm not completely pooped out after day 1 of the festival. I still need to figure out where I want to go though - I want to try out some spinning wheel during this festival, and save up the $$ this year to get one next year. Oh I can't wait!!!

I better go get ready for that sock pattern. The next time I post, hopefully I will have some socks to show!!! And lots of pictures and loot I'm sure! :)

The Harlot


Was at Northampton! I drove up with Archiknist and Costumchick up to Webs to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to give a talk. She was hilarious and did not disappoint.This was my attempt of taking a picture of the Harlot from far away in the dark in the Calvin Theater.After the talk, we went back to WEBS to do a little shopping. After a very long line, I finally got to talk to Stephanie, and had her signed couple of the books.I had my sock picture taken, and you will have to go over to her blog to see the picture when she posts it later.And after another very long line, I left WEBS with these:I had "At Knit's End", I just brought it along with me for the signing. I bought couple of the "Thins I Learned from Knitting". One for me, and one is a gift. Of course, with 25% off all sock yarn, I couldn't stop myself and bought a skein of Franklin, and a skein of Playful Weekend, which will be part of another scarf I made, but only needed some ribbon threading to be completed!!! One less ZZZ project on my Ravelry notebook!!! Speaking of Ravelry, guess who I saw at WEBS?????Jess, the co-creater of the Ravelry!!! She also gave me my new "Where are my stitches at?" pin :). I will be seeing her next weekend when I go to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, so I can complete my collection.Overall, it was a great trip and we had fun, despite the massive amount of people.So on a complete different note, I want to show off a little something I made for Anphoe awhile ago:I saw something similar on a jewelry magazine few weeks ago and wanted to give it a try, and Anphoe had said she needed a pin so her Sunshine top won't keep falling off her shoulder. Few days after, viola! I had fun making it, and I hope she likes it.Well, I'm exhausted after much excitement from today. Off to rest and read some Harlot-ism before I fall asleep!!! And if you have a chance to see Steph, I suggest you to go to the talk, even if you don't read her blog, or are a follower of the Yarn Harlot, because she will make you laugh, until tears come out of your eyes![...]

Mystery? Suspence?


But they weren't either of those! Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, the dynamic mother/daughter team, who were at the Pine Orchard Club in Branford speaking for their new books: Where Are You Now? and Zapped!, sponsored by RJ Julia.

I'm so excited I got to meet them. You see, A Cry In The Night by Mary is the first English book I've ever completed reading and understood, so Mary holds a special part of my heart. And I have to say, despite the fact they both write mystery and suspense novel, they are actually both very funny in person! I had a really good time listening to them talk. I hope they come back when they tour for their next book!

And on the way home, I captured this image:

Isn't that a great picture?

I'm off reading the new book.

Some Progress


So I suppose I should update the knitting first -

Let me present you... The Kiri blob! I figure I should keep going on the lace thing so I can keep up with 2klace! It's getting longer and longer to complete each row, but I suppose that's the trade back with an easy start right?

Next up, some knitting books!

I pre-ordered Shear Spirit awhile ago and it finally came on the day of the release. Gale and Joan did an awesome job with this book and I can't wait to see Gale to congratulate her! And in order to get the free shipping, I ordered the 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. I already flipped through this one before, but I really liked it so I couldn't live without it. The third book is Knitting from the British Islands by Alice Starmore and Anne Matheson. I swapped this book with three pair of sock yarn from Ravelry. It's an older book so it has some very interesting garment (if you can even call it that).

So now I'm done updating the knitting related topics, on to FOOD! :) I saw this recipe on Barefoot Contessa so I decided to try it:

I got the fresh noodles from the farmer's market. I also got a pint of chocolate milk, a parsley plant, and some bread. All I can say is YUM.

I started reading a new blog - Vanilla Garlic. I know, it's not knitting related. But who can say no to food? I found him in my search of cupcakes, and this one captured me. The only thing I needed was an orange to make it!!!! Tada!

I haven't try it yet, but I should go now to try it... I'll let you know in the next post!



I took a few... Very interesting.


Friends and FamilyA+
Finance / CareerA+
Your Life's Average Grade: A+
'What is your Life Grade?' at


Needham, MA


Oh boy was I busy this weekend!!! It all started off from a phone call from Andrea, the SWE New England Region Treasurer, at 10:30 Friday morning. The vendor where we got the conference bags from made a mistake and shipped the products to her house, instead of Olin School of Engineering in Needham, MA. And not all the bags fit in the car! Jenn to the rescue! I drove up to meet Andrea at her work around 11:30, pick up a few boxes, and drove down to Jen's house to wait for her to come home and carpool to go up to Olin. While I was waiting, I was busy writing all the Thank You cards for the speakers and eat sushi -YUM. Although I didn't get a lot of cards done, I had a wonderful lunch.After I picked up Jen, we drove up to Olin, checked into our hotel, and I went to the school to help set up things, and drop off the boxes, leaving Jen in the hotel doing what she needs to do for the next day. If my prof was there from RPI, he would be very proud of our little assembly line with Just In Time feed!After finishing the prep for the conference, Jen and I went to Somerville and met up with Mer, Adam, and Adam's roommate AJ for dinner.Aren't we cute!? :)We went to this sandwich place - the place was completely packed, just people who wants a great sandwich, which is what we all got! I also tried out a local dark beer which was just excellent. We bid the gang goodbye with some ice cream and headed out back to Needham.Saturday morning came all too fast. Jen and I got up at 6 to make sure we got time to get some things done prior to the conference start - such as those darn Thank You cards. Oh, I should mention at this point that Jen and I had another roommate, April. April traveled to our region from Illinois to help out with Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee (CLCC) since the lady who usually comes is currently out of country for work. And April is a KNITTER!!!! :) (everyone wave hi to April!) She is very sweet and nice. Too bad we didn't have a lot of time to hang out with each other.So April helped me with some of the Thank You cards (I told you she was nice!) and I got them finished on time! (I still can't believe it!) We had our CLCC meeting in our room (two other girls had showed up at this point) and we all went to the conference right after.The conference itself was a lot of fun. The morning and dinner keynote speakers were both excellent and untraditional, which made it even better. I got to go to a few sessions, but not all. Why? You asked. Because I was speaking in two sessions! ME! SPEAKING! Yeah I know, I can't believe it either. One of them is "Work/Life Balance Panel" (What balance?) and one of them is the CLCC module.I certainly am no Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee, however, this is almost like a dream come true. Once upon a time, I was the one sitting down, listening to all the speakers of their wisdoms and advice, thinking to myself, wouldn't it be so cool if I can be the one sharing those wisdoms and advice? My day had come, and it was VERY COOL. And to prove it to you that I really was speaking, Trish had taken a picture of me in the panel:See! I wasn't lying. And yes, I was wearing Rusted Root underneath my jacket. :)The conference ended around 9pm (including dinner) and I headed back to the hotel exhausted. I knitted a little, and chatted with April until we both fell asleep.Sunday was the business meeting till 1pm, and I drove home with Jen, which concluded the 2008 Region Conference. I got home exhausted still, and passed out as soon as I was ab[...]

Rusted Root and Some More


First, I want to say "THANK YOU" to all who commented on my MoonDance. I really enjoy knitting it. And the more I look at it, the prettier it gets! And if you are on Ravelry, and you like my MoonDance, would you please "heart" it?The reason I was asking is because recently, I got this message in my Ravelry message box:Request to use your photo: DSC01862We’d like to feature your photo on the page for Pink Frosting by Elissa SugishitaSo if you are on Ravelry, and you search for Pink Frosting, MY Pink Frosting is the picture you are looking at!!!!!!! And currently there is no other picture listed for MoonDance besides the designer's original picture! So if you like it, "heart" it!!!Now, without further ado:Pattern - Rusted Root by Sarah and Rachel from Zephyr StyleYarn Called For - 3 skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Sedona RedYarn Used - 4.5 balls of Kona Bay Cotton n RedNeedles - KnitPicks Harmony size 6 for body and size 4 for edgingGauge - 5 sts per inchKnit - March 31, 2008 to April 7, 2008Modifications - I added increases towards the bottom of the tee to shape it even further.This is a super fast knit, although the lace part is a little confusing because there is no chart, and it's not a even chart even when I made one. Though that should not discourage you to try to knit this tee. Another thing I would do different is to use a different cast on (I saw on Ravelry a lot of people did tubular cast on) so I don't have to pick up the edges later to finish it, although it really isn't hard. I wish there was more puff on the sleeves as you can tell it really isn't obvious.Obviously I have to start something, and I decided to do another lace:That's Kiri in Schaefer Andrea. So far, the yarn is to dye for! And the construction of the Kiri is really interesting. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial in case of people not understanding what the instruction meant.So I joined 2klace in Ravelry awhile ago. It means that 50% of my work for 2008 has to be lace. And so far, Here is the list:Irish Hiking ScarfHoneycomb SocksCocoa Swap PiggyRed Sox SocksSquare #1Jacobean SocksUndulating Waves Scarf Swatches (lace)Wedding MoonDance (lace)Rusted Root (lace)Kiri - WIP (lace)SotS WIP (lace)Aspen Top Down SweaterThere are total of 12 items so far, and only 5 are lace and two are WIP!!!!! So I better go catch up! And you there, you should go heart my MoonDance ;)[...]

Some Memes


Six Words MemoirI was tagged by MomWifeKnitter for this meme:Write your own six word memoir. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere. Tag five more blogs with links.When in doubt, go for it.orLook forward, not backwards, no regrets.I think I would say I go by those in general. Although I'm not much of a risk taker, but I would definitely say I try to be more adventurous. And ever since I met David, I become more fluid, not so rigid. I can adapt more on the "go with the flow" philosophy and try not to plan too in advance - to a degree.In The KitchenAcambras had this on her blog and I thought I gave it a try. I do have to say I like baking a lot more than cooking though.What three kitchen items do you use the most often?Hmmm... My KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Henkel Santoku Knife and my food processor.What kitchen gadget do you wish you had?A bread machine or a slow cooker.What kitchen gadget do you never use/wish you hadn't spent the money for?Actually I don't think I have one that I don't use!What is your favorite cookbook? (Link if you can!)My Moosewood cookbooks! I'm not a vegetarian, but my friend from college turn me onto them. When I went to Ithica, I went to the restaurant and the food is fantastic!Who is your cooking inspiration?My dad. He makes something out of NOTHING all the time growing up. I have quite a few favorites that he made up but I don't know how to make. I wait till he comes and visit and ask him to make it for me.What are three recipes that you use all the time?1. My future Step MIL's Minnesota Wild Rice Soup - ever since she made it on Thanksgiving dinner of 2006, I couldn't stop making it. It is so good and so fast.2. Grown Up Mac and Cheese. I actually get that one out of I think I actually post a picture before. 3. My grandma's Vegetarian dumplings... mmmm soooo good! Maybe I'll do a feature of recipes on my blog sometimes.Can you share a cooking secret?Go with your heart! You know what flavors your like, so play with the flavors. Don't be afraid to experiment! You will only get better! And use spices! Even if it's dry. When in doubt, add a pinch of nutmeg or paprika - it always worked for me!What is your greatest cleaning secret?See, I don't like cleaning. So the deal in the house is if I cook, someone else cleans. Although I know usually I end up doing the cleaning. I would say to try to put the dishes in water immediately and throw them in the dishwasher!What is your favorite thing to clean?I have agree with Acambras here... "Favorite" should not be in this sentence. See above.What is your least favorite thing to clean?A pan with crusted bottom.What is your most embarrassing housekeeping moment?Archiknist came over on Saturday so I took some time to clean the living room. I would say my living room is roughly about 150 sf, and it took me 2.5 hours to get it cleaned to a presentable stage. Yes, I'm a piler.So for those of you who want to play - go for it.KnittingRusted Root is officially off the needles. It took me exactly 7 days to make it. Picture to come later! On to the next project!!!![...]

Oh The Prettys


Or the Pretties? English is never my strong point, but then again, this is not about English. Let me present you with MoonDance:Pattern - Moon Dance by Melanie Gibbons, aka Pink Lemon TwistYarn Called For - 1000 yards of lace weight yarn, JaggerSpun Zephyr used, EbonyYarn Used - 866.25 yards (2.75 oz) of JaggerSpun Zephyr in VanillaBeads - 95 Swarovski crystasl in Crystal Moonlight and Crystal AB, bicone, size 3Needles - KnitPicks Harmony size 4Gauge - N/AKnit - January 9, 2008 to March 30, 2008Blocked - March 30, 2008Modifications - I added size 3 bicone crystals in crystal moonlight and AB effect, alternating between the pattern repeats.Like I said from the last post, Melanie is a genius on this pattern. It is super easy and absolutely a fast knit for lace. I would said this could be a good first lace project for someone who is new to knitting lace. Here are some more shots of the pretty:I started another pretty after Moon Dance:This is Rusted Root from Zephyr Style. I am using Kona Bay Cotton in red. This is a fast knit and the yarn is super soft! I wish I have more of the Kona Bay Cotton. It seems to me this yarn is either being discontinued or just very hard to find because not many people carries it.So Archiknist came visiting today. I haven't seen her for a few weeks. Partly because I don't usually go to the Wednesday SnB anymore due to schedule conflicts. We sat around knitting (big surprise?) and made dumplings. Yum. A good and relaxing fun was had by both.So was your Saturday relaxing and fun? I sure hope so.Until next time...[...]

MoonDance Magic


So that Pink Lemon at Pink Lemon Twist - she is a genius when it comes to designing her stoles. Look at how this border is constructed:BeginningFinishedYes, it's knitted perpendicular to the stole! Isn't that cool? And I unravel successfully on my first provisional cast on:BeginningFinishedAnd now it's resting:Maybe I will be able to take a picture of in the sun tomorrow afternoon, after it dries. Until then, I leave you our (David's and my) favorite song lyrics:Moondance by Van MorrisonWell it's a marvelous night for a moondanceWith the stars up above in your eyesA fantabulous night to make romance'Neath the cover of October skiesAnd all the leaves on the trees are fallingTo the sound of the breezes that blowAnd I'm trying to please to the callingOf your heart-strings that play soft and lowYou know the night's magicSeems to whisper and hushAnd all the soft moonlightSeems to shine in your blush...Can I just have one a' more moondance with you, my love?Can I just make some more romance with a' you, my love?Well I wanna make love to you tonightI can't wait till the morning has comeAnd I know now the time is just rightAnd straight into my arms you will runAnd when you come my heart will be waitingTo make sure that you're never aloneThere and then all my dreams will come true dearThere and then I will make you my ownAnd every time I touch you, you just tremble insideAnd I know how much you want me that, you can't hide...Can I just have one a' more moondance with you, my love?Can I just make some more romance with a' you, my love?Well it's a marvelous night for a moondanceWith the stars up above in your eyesA fantabulous night to make romance'Neath the cover of October skiesAnd all the leaves on the trees are fallingTo the sound of the breezes that blowAnd I'm trying to please to the callingOf your heart-strings that play soft and lowYou know the night's magicSeems to whisper and hushAnd all the soft moonlightSeems to shine in your blush...One more moondance with youIn the moonlightOn a magic nightla, la, la, la, there's a moonlightOn a magic nightCan't I just have one more danceWith you my love?[...]