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What Is It About Waste You Love?karllkarll

Tue, 04 Jan 2011 23:13:35 +0000

I refer to a phenomena so common, terrible, intriguing and mindless that it not only pegs you down in quick sand, but causes divorce, brain discoloring and smug neighbors? For instance, why do I waste my time writing this blog? Is it the public masturbation shared with all the other jerks writing blogs about subjects […](image)

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Can You Take This?karllkarllHarold PinterThje 2005 Nobel Literature Prize DiplomaHarold Pinter, The ActorHarold Pinter, Acting

Fri, 10 Dec 2010 08:32:48 +0000

What’s your tolerance for controversy? What kind of controversy, you ask? We suffer controversies all around us so what do I have in mind? The color of a tie, a barking dog, e-mail spam, people eating veal, Michael Jackson’s nose, BP’s cover ups, Osama bin-Laden’s muffled threats on tape, Wikileaks releases of semi-truths or maybe […](image)

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Seattle Storm – Best Ever?karllkarllSeattle Storm LogoLenny Wilkins and Paul Silas in 1979William Calley Back In The USMy Lai Civilian CausalitiesTerrorist Holding Israeli Athletes HostageLehman Brothers Big ShotAnotherv Lehman Brothers Big ShotVictims of the Jonestown mass suicideSue Bird of the Seattle StormLauren Jackson of the Seattle StormMohammed AliSwin Cash of the Seattle StormLance ArmstrongBabe Ruth

Fri, 24 Sep 2010 16:02:31 +0000

Is the Storm Seattle’s best ever team? Is it the best sports team or perhaps the best community contributors? Is it the best ever or is it just the best ever hype? If best, how come the good people of Seattle largely ignored them for years? Why are the players paid so frugally if they […](image)

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Pete Bethune To Go Homekarllkarll

Wed, 07 Jul 2010 07:59:06 +0000

Pete Bethune will return to NZ after a suspended sentence is ordered by a Japanese Court. Details on the events leading up to the conclusion of a remarkable story.(image)

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Confessions Of A Global Warming ActivistkarllkarllCellist On Top Of The MountainA Flowery Sixties ProtestI Am Mad As HellEcstasy In The SixtiesGeorge W. Bush In A Tender MomentThe Icebreaker Polar StarThe Gun Boat SMS PantherDisaster In The IceAfter the Ice MeltsSarah Palin Killing A CaribouWalrusses On Melting IceFar North PipelinesOil Spill From Sinking CarrierThe Nortwest And Northeast PassagesSpitzbergen Coal MineTrucking On The IceAir Currents Carrying Polutio9n To The PoleFar North Canadian Inuit VillageWildlife in Pruhoe Bay

Wed, 17 Mar 2010 13:21:59 +0000

It’s easy to dismiss global warming. Florida is not under water. Record breaking snow storms howl down the US East Coast. Africans have not invaded Europe in search of agriland. Hurricanes aren’t the super disasters forecast. Parisians freeze to death. Pictures from Copenhagen show top politicians from Obama to Reinfeldt in climatic defeat. Data suggests […](image)

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Earthrace Powerboat Sunk By Japanese Whalerskarllkarll

Fri, 08 Jan 2010 09:55:30 +0000

Two days ago, the Japanese whaler Shonan Maru No. 2 rammed and severely damaged Earthrace, the World Record Holder for fastest powerboat circumnavigation. Earthrace sank this morning in the Southern Ocean after salvage efforts failed. She was currently named Ady Gil after its Hollywood mogul beneficiary. She is owned by Sea Shepards and was part […](image)

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Japan Whalers Destroy Earthrace TrimarankarllkarllRules of Way

Wed, 06 Jan 2010 23:37:29 +0000

A Japanese whaler caused severe damage to the NZ powerboat Earthrace in what appears to be a flagrant violation of age old nautical rules of way. The event was captured on video, showing the Japanese vessel ramming the much smaller Earthrace. The two vessels were on a collision course with Earthrace moving slowly on a […](image)

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Debunking Contrarians, Denialists and Other Foolskarllkarll

Mon, 30 Nov 2009 20:32:10 +0000

Why should anyone care about the wackiness of a few deniers of Global Warming? What’s the big deal about a few morons dragging a big issue into a morass of non-truths, voodoo and plain boredom? These fools succeeded in turning the potential life-and-death issue of Global Warming into pettiness about Al Gore and, more importantly, […](image)

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Greed, Virtue and Clunkerskarllkarll

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 02:51:00 +0000

We’re all happy to own, sort of, a share of GM or whatever it’s called today. Buying, sort of, Detroit, Wall Street and many a bank will no doubt be the greatest thing since sliced shoes. Some of us would have preferred to keep our house, job and car but that’s the way the buck […](image)

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The Blackhole in My Backyardkarllkarll

Wed, 22 Jul 2009 21:18:13 +0000

One day, out of the blue, huge black holes moved into the neighborhood. It had something to do with pay checks, mortgages and your home that you foolishly thought were yours. Suddenly the concern was whether or not the black hole would swallow or spit you out. Are you with one of the dying, dead […](image)

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Eatless in Seattle – Hell No!karllkarllBering SeaOctopusPrison DiningEMPEMPFood, foodBygone DiningCouple DiningBaTilikum Place CafeSharkde Pre

Fri, 17 Jul 2009 19:12:01 +0000

Eatless in Seattle – Hell Yes – more often than not applies to dining in Seattle. Dreadful to be sure considering Seattle is a place of more culinary opportunities than those endured by many other spots such as Fargo, North Dakota or Death Valley. To the West, the Pacific rolls uninterrupted to Japan with whales […](image)

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Where On Earth Is Earthrace?karllkarllEarthrace thunderEarthrace under way at speedGeorge Bush having a good timePete looking aheadEarthrace BridgeEarthrace Luxurious QuartersEarthrace - The Low PointPete worriesGeorge Bush GrinningErnie the WinnerLarry telling his storyLarry's Rising SunPre race maneuversAlinghi A Born WinnerYalta Conference Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill

Thu, 08 May 2008 20:10:54 +0000

Probably most of you wonder “What on Earth is Earthrace”, a more fundamental question than the “Where” question. Yet another quite relevant question is what on Earth does something like Earthrace have to do with a blog devoted to lofty stuff like art, photography, ethics and political ramblings? After all, Art has a time horizon […](image)

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Yet Another Poll – Hillary’s Glimmer of HopekarllkarllFranklin D. Roosevelt Smoking AwayJohn F. Kennedy Speaking His MindSir Winston Churchill on His BattleshipMarch 4 2008 Presidential StandingsPresidential Race Major Contestant SharesPresidential Race Major Contestant MomentumGeorge W. Bush's Fatal Moment

Tue, 04 Mar 2008 18:32:24 +0000

Hillary Clinton had her share of bad news. But in early March 2008, last minute momentum changed in her favor. Over the first four days in March leading up to the Texas and Ohio challenges, Mrs. Clinton made some significant inroads nationally. Obama and McCain lost some. Glancing at this morning’s headlines, some others suspect […](image)

Media Files:

On Photography – Lights In Your HeadkarllkarllNeurons in your brainPork Brains By ArmourArnold Newman Pablo Picasso PortraitRobert Doisneau Pablo Picasso with Big FingersRalph Gibson Female ForeheadRalph Gibson Oily HairDavid Bailey Mick Jagger Rolling tondes

Tue, 06 Nov 2007 22:30:00 +0000

Your brain is located in your head, according to Wikipedia. After this astonishing discovery, Wikipedia states that the human brain contains more than 100 billion neurons, each linked to as many as 10,000 other neurons. Let’s see, that means the poor thing has to deal with 10 quadrillion neurons. I really have only a dim […](image)

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On Reality 6: Mysteries of PhotographykarllkarllKGLPhoto Fence At NightKGLPhoto Room at NightKGLPhoto - Alley At NightKGLPhoto Girl in a CrowdKGLPhoto Rural House at NightKGLPhoto PillowsDiane Arbus - People against Door at NightKGLPhoto Branches against Light at NightAnsel Adams - River and MountainsHenri Cartier-Bresson Young Girl Carrying a PictureHenri Cartier-Bresson - Couple by the River SeineDiane Arbus Twin GirlsDiane Arbus Two LadiesMadge Gill WomanMartin Ramirez Man on HorseBill Traylor Big Dog Small ManAdolf Wolfli Big ThingAdolf Wolfli Campbell Soup on NewsprintAdolf Wolfli MusicRalph Gibson Female PortraitKGLPhoto Greta Matassa Jazz Singer at Tula's SeattleDance by Henri Cartier-BressonTrack by Leni RiefenstahlLeni Riefenthal Shodows of GymnastsD-Day by Robert CapaJeff Wall View From An ApartmentJeff Wall The Destroyed RoomDelacroix The Death of SardanapalusManet Resturant ServerJeff Wall Picture for WomenJeff Wall Dead Soviet Soldiers AfghanistanCivil War Gettysburg Deaths and Crimean War Battle Scene Roger FentonHokusaiJeff Wall A Sudden Gust of WindJeff Wall Diagonal Composition (Original)Jeff Wall Diagonal Composition No. 2Jeff Wall The Flooded GraveJeff Wall The Invisible ManJeff Wall Outside a NightclubJeff Wall Men WaitingJeff Wall The StorytellerJeff Wall The MimicJeff Wall InsomniaJeff Wall Jell-OJeff Wall An OctopusJeff Wall Some BeansJeff Wall StumblingCardplayersJeff Wall The Vampires' PicnicJeff Wall VolunteerJeff Wall CitizenJeff Wall MilkJeff Wall A Fight on the SidewalkStallone in Rocky delivering a punchJeff Wall The OverpassDorothea Lange Vagrants at the Ralph Gibson Man with FrameKGLPhoto Bar CustomersAnsel Adams Pre Visualized Rocks with MountainsAnsel Adams Couple against MountainsRalph Gibson A Tired ManHenri Cartier-Bresson DespairRobert Doisneau Hostility in a BarSebastio Salgado Worker Challenged GuardKGLPhoto Alley Light in the NightSebastio Salgado Migrating FiguresHenri Cartier-Bresson Young Girls in a SlingHenri Cartier-Bresson -Proud Boy with Two Bottles of WineRobert Capa Runing Spanish SoldiersHenri Cartier-Bresson Children Playing in the RuinsCharles Gatewood Runner in the OverpassStanley Kubrick Chicago Train StationRobert Doisneau Versailles StatuesKGLPhoto Guard at the UnderpassKGLPhoto The Demonstration StagerKGLPhoto Demostration EnthusiasmEddie Adams Man DownHenri Cartier-Bresson Bicyclist on a streetHerbert List An Artist DrawingKGLPhoto Before the ParadeRobert Frank - The American Flag 1977Jeff Wall Untangling The Web Ralph Gibson Two White LinesRobet Doisneau UmbrellasRobert Doisneau Couple Kissing Paris FranceRobert Capa Spanish Soldier Killed by Shot to the HeadHenri Cartier-Bresson Three Children in the SurfHenri Cartier-Bresson Man Jumping Over Pool of WaterRalph Gibson Man Jumping over Low FenceLeni Riefenthal Shadows on the FloorEmmet Gowin A Family SequenceHenri Cartier-Bresson Lunch by the RiverArtistic ContextsRalph Gibson Shooting the BreezeArnold Newman Igor Stravinsky by a PianoYousuf Karsh Pablo Casalis and his CelloEDdward Steichen Auguste Rodin the SculpturRobert Doisneau Cellos Hate RainRobert Doisneau Cellist on a MountainRobert Doisneau Reversed Cello in the RainYousuf Karsh Male in Shadow LightRobert Doisneau Portrait aganst the LightLeonaro Da Vinci Drawing with Perspective and People DimensionsJeff Wall SuitcaseAngus McBean Stage Actors in ProfileKGLPhoto High Rise At NightKGLPhoto WSindow at Night with a TruckKGLPhoto Security on a WallKGLPhoto Street Light Over BushesKGLPhoto Laughing Lady in the DarkKGLPhoto Tending the ShopKGLPhoto Blues Musician in a WheelchairRobert Doisneau Baldaccini PortraitCharles Gatewood Box on EndEdward Weston Oceano - Desert LightAnsel Adams Clearing after the StormHaze over Hong KongSmog on the RtiverDiane Arbus Queen and KingHenri Cartier-Bresson The Duke of Windsor with Divorcee WifeHenri Cartier-Bresson Man and His ShadowIndustrial ShapeEdward Weston Kneeling NudeEdward Weston VeggiesEdward Weston More VeggiesRalph Gibson Shadow on a Red WallJeff Wall Milk 2Red is the Color of Fire and BloodBlue is the c olor of Trust and LoyaltyGalen Rowell Storm on the OceanGalen Rowell Sun on the Mountain TopGalen Rowell Camp on the Mountain at NightGalen Rowell On the RidgeGalen Rowell Sunset from the TopGalen Rowell On the CoastGalen Rowell In the Ice CaveGalen Rowell Sunset from the BottomLeni Riefenthal Underwater 1Leni Riefenthal Underwater 2Leni Riefenthal Underwater 3Leni Riefenthal Underwater 4Leni Riefenthal Underwater 5Leni Riefenthal Underwater 6Diane Arbus Lady with CurlersKGLPhoto Seattle DemonstratorKGLPhoto Lady BartenderKGLPhoto A CustomerCindy Sherman UntitledAnnie Leibowitz Three GirlsLeni Riefenthal Nuba MaleArnold Newman Alfred Krupp PortraitRobert Doisneau Two ProstitutesDavid Bailey Portrait FemaleArnold Newman Pablo Picasso PortraitRobert Doisneau Pablo Picasso with Big FingersRalph Gibson Female ForeheadRalph Gibson Oily HairDavid Bailey Mick Jagger Rolling tondes Pablo Picasso Town ViewPablo Picasso Another Town ViewPablo Picasso Guernica Spanish Civil War Fascism NaziPablo Picasso Naked WomanPablo Picasso PortraitPaplo Picasso Two Eyed WomanPablo Picasso Women by the SeaKGLPhoto Photographic depthSebastio Salgado Social PhotographyKGLPhoto Emotional PhotographyRobert Capa Motion in PhotographyPablo Picasso Self PortraitPablo Picasso First BullPablo Picasso Second BullPablo Picasso Third BullFalse PerspectivesPablo Picasso Nude WomanPablo Picasso Bull ManPablo Picasso Mother and ChildrenA Six Dimensional Calabi-Yau objectThe 248 Dimensional E8 Lie Group248 Dimension Lie GroupPablo Picasso Abstract GirlHubble ImageIgor Stravinsky by Pablo PicassoPablo Picasso ScenePablo Picasso Lady drawingPablo Picasso PeoplePablo Picasso Blue LadyPablo Picasso Two LadiesPablo Picasso Two Blue MenVocabulary Scale for ArtistsPablo Picasso Pink LadyPablo Picasso Strange PeopleGoodness Impact by Dimension Impact Scale by DimensionPablo Picasso Lady PlayingThe Public Psychological DimensionAnotherf view of the Public + Brainy DimensionsSecrets Stores Out Of SightObscure Features of No ImportanceThe Good Features in th Whole PersonFinal Scale Indiviualized FeaturesComparing Optimal vs Personal ViewsPablo Picasso LadyPablo Picasso Three MusiciansPablo Picasso Female PortraitPablo Picasso Lady Sipping

Wed, 27 Jun 2007 09:35:33 +0000

What’s mysterious about photography? The first photos were shot about 180 years ago. The conceptual process never changed: have light, see things, point camera, release shutter, make stored image visible and view results. Today’s tools are different and possibly more convenient. But tools do not make good photographs. The more sophisticated the gadgets, the greater […](image)

Media Files:

Global Warming and G8 – Real or Not?karllkarllPablo Picasso At the Seaside ResortPablo Picasso Three MusiciansPablo Picasso The Devil and CompanyPablo Picasso Resort TownPablo Picasso The ClownPablo Picasso Girl with BoatPablo Picasso Funny EyesWoman DancingPablo Picasso WomenPablo Picasso Woman Sketching

Tue, 12 Jun 2007 15:11:06 +0000

The G8 meeting is over after three days of intense exchanges sometimes lasting several hours per day. Leaders arrived, gathering for mandatory photo ops. Putin did the charm thing, a remarkable feat. Merkel vigorously looked for some – any – item to agree on. She pronounced the meeting a step forward towards making far reaching […](image)

Media Files:

On Ethics 7: Politics, Crime, Greed and SexkarllkarllRichard Nixon and Spiro Agnew electionRobert Frank - In the DeliWilbur Mills having a good timeMarion Barry getting stingedHeading to jailAlfredo Gonsalez in deep troubleBill Clinton gertting damndedTorture suddenly part of policyState Wins By Party 1789-2004State Wins By Party Over TimeLyndon B. Johnson with Richard RusselDwight Eisenhower in ConferenceJohn F. Kennedy The Lonliest JobLyndon B. Johnson Sworn in on Airforce 1Lyndon B. Johnson in VietnamRichard Nixon on a Good DayRonald Reagan wins the Cold WarGeorge H. W. Bush Worries Not PrudentBill and Hillary Clinton - A Curious MarriageGeorge W. Bush Reverse GrinGeorge W. Bush Chin UpGeorge W. Bush scofflesPoliticians Composition US Congress 1789-2007Robert Frank - Pair on MotorcyclePoliticians Composition US Senate 1789-2007Political Offenders By State, OriginalRobert Frank - Women ChattingPolitician Offenders By Party, UpdatedNewt Gingrich up closeDennis Hastert looking grimTom DeLay arrest photoPoliticians US Senate Partis 1789-2007Politicians US Congress Parties 1789-2007olitician Offenders Over Time, Annualized, Per CapitaRobert Frank - A Political RallyRobert Frank - Flag By WindowsRobert Frank - Band At RallyRobert Frank - Guy Crossing SteetPolitician Severity Of Punishment Over TimeRobert Frank - Running Down the StreetPresidential Pardons 1789-2007Robert Frank - Guy In BackyardPolitician Summary Offenses Over TimePolitician by State and PartyPolitician Net StatesPolitician State Relative IndicesPoliticians Republicans vs. Democrats Offenders by State, Size and TimeRobert Frank - At the Deli CounterPolitician Crime Categories by PartyRobert Frank - Lady Looking AroundFlag In The OfficeJerry LKewis Official PhotoPolitician Offender Punishment USAMark Foley looking innocentSpiro Agnew with Young Barry GoldwaterRobert Frank - New York City TeenagersPolotician Offender Punishment by PartyRobert Frank - On The FerryRobert Frank - Man At The FuneralRobert Frank - Man DrivingRobert Frank - By The BeachRobert Frank - Two Men DrivingRobert Frank - Cowboy In The CityRobert Frank - Car Covered

Wed, 09 May 2007 00:10:44 +0000

Snow-white’s evil stepmother asked “Mirror, mirror, who is the fairest of them all?” We ask about politicians: “Mirror, mirror, who is the wickedest of them all?” The mirror in our tale might answer “Define wicked” or perhaps “How so?” With so many different kinds of wicked people around: how do you choose one politician over […](image)

Media Files:

Memes, Awards and The 50 Post MilestonekarllkarllAddThis Social Bookmark Button

Tue, 17 Apr 2007 07:36:13 +0000

A recent comment on this blog questioned whether a meme is a blessing or a curse. Having no idea what a meme might be, I was relieved that it was Fencer, a blogger I hold in the highest esteem, who wrote this mysterious comment. Obviously, whatever the curse might be, it couldn’t be all that […](image)

Media Files:

On Reality 6 Preview: Visionary PhotographerskarllkarllFence by KGL by Leni RiefenstahlMetaphysical Worker by KGLAnsel AdamsEdith Piaf by Henri Cartier-BressonDance by Henri Cartier-BressonTrack by Leni RiefenstahlD-Day by Robert CapaAddThis Social Bookmark Button

Wed, 11 Apr 2007 14:09:52 +0000

Vision, vision, where art thou? Calling it the Vision Thing, George Bush the elderly had no idea. Luckily GHB was not a photographer because to us, visions are crucial. In contrast to the Bush Presidents, an artist has to have not only a vision (know what the heck you do) but also a path to […](image)

Media Files:

Quick News 3 – Finally a Glimpse of DaylightkarllkarllUS emissions of SO2 in the 1900sAddThis Social Bookmark Button

Tue, 03 Apr 2007 14:57:00 +0000

Bill Clinton never really acted on it although Al Gore was right in the house. George Bush deep-sixed it to the wrath of the world and eventually the Americans. The US continued being the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, causing massive, unregulated contributions to warming temperatures around the globe. These emissions, if continued, will have […](image)

Media Files:

Global Warming 7: Lies, Madness and a little TruthkarllkarllREesitance FighterBefore and AfterLooking through the Wooden FenceFamily Gathering and Self PortraitNazi and Catholic Priest With VictimAl Gore Ranting Global WarmingSuperman Al GoreAl Gore LaughingHoward Beale of Network showing his rageMen digging in the SandWindswept AbstractionEnd of the Road - an OvenPeople in CemeteryPeople in the ForestFemale Freedom FightersPortrait of a Woman Jew being ShavedAbstract Color and a HandMan in a BoxShoes against the FenceYellow ForestPotrait in a PictureAbstract ColorsNore Abscract ColorsDark AbstractionAnother Absract ColorSquare Abscract ColorExhausted Man by the FireMan in the FireDesair in a StatueFingers like Ann CoulterWoman Statue on the GroundStatue with Uprised ArmsParent and Child in DespairChainsDark ShapesGraves in the Nightves at NightMan against mottled BackgroundLights in a SquareEnd of the TrackOn a CrossWoman with a Deadly PacketA Gathering of WomenMartyr Woman and ChildTwo Figures in BlueVarious People in a GroupBlue MountainGraves on a Mountain TopBlue AbstractGroup by the FenceSmoke Stack from the OvenMan on a Primitive Operating BenchBlowup of Various PeopleA Gathering of PeopleIn the ForestAnother Dark AbstractionMore Dark AbstractionBrown Road and A Man WalkingTrail in the GorestGirls on a BenchAddThis Social Bookmark ButtonMarching off in Seattle

Fri, 30 Mar 2007 13:05:15 +0000

Junk science. Fascists, Holocaust Deniers, Heads-In-The-Sanders (HITS) , Liberal Kooks, Neo Con Kooks, Faggots, Rednecks, Right wing Maniacs, Religious Nuts, Anti Christs, Axes-to-Grind Snobs, Know-it-All New-Agers (KIANAs), Superior-Nose Socialists, Junk Scientists, Fashion Marxists, Politicized Scientists, Conspirator One-Siders, Self-Interest Activists, World-Is-Flat Sensationalists (WIFs) and Delusional Straight-Jackets. Flat Earthers, Control Freaks, Population Cullers, Global Warming Charlatans. A […](image)

Media Files:

Quick News 2 – The Deafening Silence of DemocratskarllkarllAddThis Social Bookmark Button

Fri, 23 Mar 2007 11:30:06 +0000

Hillary Clinton. Barack Osama. John Edwards. Bill Richardson. Nancy Pelosi. Harry Reid. Democratic Masters of Silence. Three issues: Global Warming. The War in Iraq. The War on Terror. Silence. Utter Silence. Why aren’t these people speaking up? Why do they fade into the walls any time these three issues surface? They have the power, the […](image)

Media Files:

Global Warming 5: Just Too Many Of YoukarllkarllHoward Beale Howard Beale of Network showing his rageWoman waiting for better climate Nuit Noir in the CityMan at a WindowAncient primateGhost Image by the StairsActor Moving His HandsLaughing WomanAnother LKaughing WomanAtlantic CodCod Liver Oil - The Scare of All ChidlrenFish and Chips UK StyleTrawler versus War Ship in Iceland British Cod WarMan and His NewspaperMan in WindowGirl in a HoleChild CryingGirl Sitting on the GroundLadies on a Shopping BingeWoman ThinkingWorld Population versus Greenhouse Gas Emissions 0-2006Temp 7Temp 1World Population and Greenhouse Gas Emissions 0-2006Temp 5Temp 4Temp 2Brown bear [Click to Zoom] (C) Foto ArdeidasA Married Woman's HandLaughing Man in a TavernFertility, Birth and Death Rates and Life Expectancy A Trades WomanUSA Life Expectancy 1930-2004World Population Growth by Area 2005-2050Illegal ImmigrantsPopulations Selected Countries 2005-2050Explorers on the IceNet MigrationRefugees migratingRefugees Climbing MountainRefugees and Bus in Mountain PassBelgium Refugees in CartRefugee in TentMexico Border SignMexicans Crossing BorderMan looking outChild at NightWoman Looking OutWoman in the SunWoman with ComputerAsian DrummerPolar Bear on Thawed TundraSleeping Polar BearsMigrating Polar BearsMan talking to WomanZaire Refugees down the RoadMexicans Heading For US BorderImmigants Lining Up at US BorderAddThis Social Bookmark ButtonMarching off in Seattle

Wed, 14 Mar 2007 12:07:28 +0000

Too many of you demand too much. You emit unprecedented and unsustainable amounts of carbon gases. You deplete nonrenewable resources. How many people can earth sustain and for how long? How much mismanagement is allowed? The air, oceans and lands can only provide, and take, so much. All resources are constrained, including food, energy and […](image)

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Global Warming – Quick News #1karllkarllAddThis Social Bookmark Button

Wed, 14 Mar 2007 11:33:45 +0000

The UK is getting real about Global Warming by outlining binding legislation to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 60% by 2050. The Bill also sets targets of 26-32% cuts by 2020. Parts of the opposition favor 80% cuts, or even 90%. Government assistance will enable insulation of 8 million homes over the next ten years. […](image)

Media Files:

Global Warming – The Bleakest Outlook YetkarllkarllAddThis Social Bookmark Button

Mon, 12 Mar 2007 01:33:10 +0000

Starvation. Drought. Flooding. Lack of fresh water. Malaria and dengue fever. Extinction. Malnutrition. Dead coral reefs. Melted glaciers and ice packs. Those are some of the chilling elements of our future according to a UN IPCC report to be released in April of 2007. It sure is a bleak outlook. I’ll take a closer look […](image)

Media Files:

Global Warming: To Ann CoulterkarllkarllAnn Coulter drinking and laughingBaghdad Bob not frinking or laughingJoseph GoebbelsAddThis Social Bookmark Button

Tue, 06 Mar 2007 18:09:42 +0000

Hi Ann, did you know that just a few weeks ago, hyper liberal extremist Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe compared Global Warming Deniers to Holocaust Deniers? Accusing upright Americans for such perfectly valid views is pretty chocking, wouldn’t you say? Name calling like that really has no place in a civilized fascist society, don’t […](image)

Media Files:

Global Warming 4: Disastrous Disaster ForecastskarllkarllStorm at the oceanOcean storm waveThe Tale of The Swedish LemmingAddThis Social Bookmark ButtonBeached Fishing Vessel by the seaStorm by the oceanHurricane ashore on the ocean beachShipwreck on an ocean beachHarbor Fire and Pollution DisasterAnother shipwreck by the ocean shoreSunken shipwreck off an ocean beachOcean going tanker in troublef(x;\mu,\sigma) = \frac{1}{x \sigma \sqrt{2 \pi}} e^{-(\ln x - \mu)^2/2\sigma^2}\mathrm{E}(X) = e^{\mu + \sigma^2/2}\mathrm{var}(X) = (e^{\sigma^2} - 1) e^{2\mu + \sigma^2}\,\mu = \ln(\mathrm{E}(X))-\frac{1}{2}\ln\left(1+\frac{\mathrm{var}(X)}{\mathrm{E}(X)^2}\right)\sigma^2 = \ln\left(1+\frac{\mathrm{var}(X)}{\mathrm{E}(X)^2}\right)Log Normal Distribution Forecast SamplesDying ocean sealDying heron on an ocean shoreOtter dying from oil spill by the oceanOil spill on the ocean beachClub of Rome Gold ReservesClub of Rome Oil ReservesFishing in the Bering Sea, AlaskaUS Fish Consumption 1910-2004World Fish Catch 1998-2004Dead fish washed up on ocean beachNaive Fishery ForeccastFish and seal victims of by catch fishingWoldwise Seafood Catches - Alternative ForecastsMixed ocean fish catchBad by catch from ocean trawlingBristol Bay, Alaska CrabbingDying duck by ocean oil spillCrabs killed by pollution piled up on ocean shoreDying penguins by the Antarctica SeaFish killed by ocean pollutionBird dying from ocean oil spillAddThis Social Bookmark ButtonMarching off in Seattle

Sun, 04 Mar 2007 23:09:06 +0000

Global Warming is in the news every day. Rarely is the news good. Can it lead to Apocalypse, Armageddon, doomsday, showdown, annihilation, extinction? It can indeed. But will it, if drastic changes are made? It probably will not. What do we need to change to avert doomsday? Can such changes actually happen? Those are the […](image)

Media Files:

Global Warming 3: Few Like It HotkarllkarllGeorge W, Bush laughs with Karl RoweRudi Guiliani prays for EarthGeorghe W. Bush ponders Climate ChangeRalph Reed doesn't have a clueBill Clinton in DesertKarl Rowe having a good timeCheney is saving New OrleansHoward Dean and a fish storyA Junk Scientist and Liberal KookKarl Rowe flipping outA very young Bill ClintonTony Blair is seriousHillary Clinton thinkingHillary Clinton writingSome Like It Hot 2George W. Bush at 9 am 9/11 2001Temperature Anomality last 2007 yearsSome Like It Hot 1Some Like It Hot 3Boris Yeltsin merrily dances through the nightBoris Yeltsin later that dayJacques Chirac hushing up650,000 years of CO2 concentrationsAnne Coulter getting drunkYeltsin chews out GorbachevRonald Reagan in a merry momentTom DelLay arrestedDick Cheney listens to Global Warming debateVlkadimir Putin staringVladimir Putin thinking hardVladimir Putin and Alan Gates iplaying chickenJohn Howard of Australia staring you downChinese PM is tiredVostok Greenhouse Gases and Temperatures 450,000 yearsJohn Howard wuth Queen Elisabeth IIRonald Reagan pays a debtRichard Nixon uses his powerJoe McCarthy making a speechA determined George W. BushA corrupt representative bamed NcCarthyMicheaal Brown minus the white shirtDepreciation of Greenhouse gasesGeorge W. Bush declaring maiision ackomplishedLifeCycle and Annual Emissions of Greenhouse GasesBill Frist and his Rx cardHappy Boris Yeltsin650,000 years of CO2 concentrations and eventsHoward Dean having a ballHoward Dean primal screamHoward Dean close to an aidKen Starr accusing ClintonEmbittered Bill ClintonNancy Pelosi is happyJames Imhole is a SkepticTemperatures versus greenhouse gas concentrations 0-2007Temperatures versus greenhouse gas concentrations 1750-2007Temperatures versus greenhouse gas concentrations 1950-2007Cunningham the flyer boyVarious Temperature Series 0-2007Mark Foley looking gayCunningham on the way to jailLobbyist Abramoof going to jailPat Robinson making his pointJerry Falwell looks likde a foolCunningham looking shrewedTony Blair and wifeBaghdad Bob calms everyone downBaghdad Boy blaming the other guyBaghdad Bob looking sternorge W, Bush kissing a sheikJoe Lieberman gets a kiss from George W. BushGeorge W. Bush gives the fingerGeaorge W. Bush looking superiorGeorge W. Bush looking smartMarching off in Seattle

Wed, 21 Feb 2007 19:11:38 +0000

Soaring populations want equality, jobs, comforts, profits, food and reproduction. Surely that is quite understandable, but here’s the bill. Such desires cause copious emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). The GHGs trap solar energy so temperatures rise. Higher temperatures feed glacial meltdowns, thawing tundra, rising oceans, failing ecosystems, extreme weather, additional GHGs from dwindling reservoirs, extinctions […](image)

Media Files:

Global Warming: Man Made or Not – So What?karllkarll

Tue, 13 Feb 2007 00:40:57 +0000

In the debate of Global Warming, skeptics often claim that while temperatures and greenhouse gas (GHGs) concentrations are up, the cause is not man made emissions. Stretching it, man made GHG emissions cause only a tiny part such as, say, 3% of the total. Hence we need not and cannot take action. Nor should we. […](image)

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Global Warming 2: Politics, Scandals, Mass CommitteeskarllkarllGlobal Warming Storm in the ArcticThe Famous Kiss Paris France Robert DoisneauParis France Gentlemen in a bar Robert DoisneauDancing in the Paris Night Robert DoisneauBebop in Paris Robert DoisneauHenri Cartier-Bresson in Paris France Robert DoisneauGlobal Warming causes forest fires and upset climateGlobal Warming causes droughts and sand storms Ocean storms are caused by Global WarmingLeft Bank Paris France Get togetherLeft Bank Night Scene Robert DoisneauRain storm in Paris Robert DoisneauMore rain in Paris France Robert DoisneauDid Global Warming cause more damage from Hurricane Katrina?Devastated coast from Glonal WarmingCoast Erosion from Global WarmingMuslim man praying by the seaWalrus on a decaying ice floatExtreme Weather and Climate ChangePollution Severe Weather Global WarmingFortune teller Paris France Robert DoisneauWoman on Paris Street Robert DoisneauFlooding from Global Warming StormDevastating Weather Patterns - Dust StormUnfrozen Thawed Tundra from Global WarmingDestroyed railroad track concerns Insurance CompaniesGlacier in Retreat Global WarmingPolar Bears threatend by Global WarmingSeals threatend by Global WarmingGlaciers melting Global Warming Robert Doisneau due Global WarmingCafe and Paris Woman Robert DoisneauParis Couple Shop Window Robert DoisneauWoman offended Paris Shop Window Robert DoisneauSatre by Paris Seine River France Robert DoisneauDog owner Paris Cafe Robert DoisneauWoman in Cafe Paris France Robert DoisnaeuPoliceman in Paris France Robert DoisneauMarching off in Seattle

Tue, 06 Feb 2007 22:50:34 +0000

Global Warming is a major threat to mankind. Hardly a day goes by without alarming news. Many a days go by without anyone decisively dealing with Global Warming. The issue boils down to: are we really going for mass suicide or will we reduce greenhouse gas emissions? The answer is not as simple as you […](image)

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Global Warming 1: Culprits, Scoundrels and VillainskarllkarllCO2 greenhouse gas GHG emissions from a power plantTundra warming up melting and thawing due to Global WarmingPolar bears on melting arctic iceEroding waterfront, rising oceans and Global Warming that no one can ignoreCalving ice bergs from a melting glacier due to warming climate changeKrill swimming in Antarctica or Arctic oceansAn Arctic whale looking for krillAtmosphere Content - Oxygen, Nitrogen Arbon, OtherAtmosphere gas mix, greenhouse gases and other trace gasesGreenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide CO2, methane CH4 and Nitreous Oxides No NO2Out of control and balance pollution of oceans, air and humans alikeWorld and USA Population Growrth from Year 0 through 2006World growth in Greenhouse Gas Emissions over the last 650,000 yearsGrowth of Greenhouse Gase Concentrations over 650,000 yearsWorld Emissions of Greenhouse Gas 0-2006World Emissions of Greenhouse Gas per Capita 1700-2006Industrial Production in the United States, USA, from 1785 to 2006US Industrial Production versus CO2, Carbon Dioxide, emissionsCorrelation between emissions, populations and economicsMain Greenhouses Gases and Oxygen Nitrogen Argon trillions tons atmosphereGlobal Warming Potential of various Greenhouses GasesGHGs have a long shelf life - details by Greenhouse GasRelative importance to life of major GHG Greenhouse gasesCarbon pollution in ocean water not cleaned but emitting greenhouse gasesReindeer and elks suffer from melting and warming eco systemsEskimos fishing with no concern for Kyoto Protocol OPEC or ChinaTotal Greenhouse Gas GHG emissions by selected countriesEmissions of carbon gases into the atmosphere by selected countries on a per capita basisEconomic factors in Global Warming, selected countriesComparing greenhouse gas GHG emissions with populations and economic activity in selected countriesExpected versu actual GHG emissions by selected countriesChange in GHG emissions 1990 to 2005 in selected countriesActivities producing GHG Greenhouese Gases world wideEmissions of greenhouse gases by type of gas and activity - world levelemissions by activityCO2 emissions from Electricity and Heat generation by countryLand Use versus Energy, selected countriesLand Use Emissions less developed versus developed nationsnd use abuse by countryEmmisions of CO2 from the Transportation sector in selected countriesUK Transportation Emissions Trucks Cars Rail Airlins and more 2005US Transportation Emissions Trucks Cars Rail Airlins and more 2003US Growth in Transportation Emissions Trucks Cars Rail Airlins and more 2003Major Culprits in Global WarmingTen worst GHG Greenhouse gas performers Emissions by activity and areaSlash and burn deforetation in IndonesiaBest performing land use and CO2 uptake areasCleaning up carbon pollution to help balance the climateSeals swimming with melting ice and nowhere to go due to Global WarmingOxygen and nitrogen on a clear Arctic dayCows in polluted carbon waters emitting methane into the airPollution of carbon materials400,000 years of history out of balance due to Global Warming, population growth and industrialization with urbanizationSmoke stacks emitting sulphur dioxide SO2 and GHGCompounding and migrating factors in real lifeMarching off in Seattle

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All of us like a comfortable life. If we don’t have it, then we strive to achieve it. That attitude will kill us all, unless changed very soon. The comfortable life of today uses a lot of carbon based energy and carbon producing processes such as deforestation. The result is the emission of very harmful […](image)

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The Exciting Posts in this Blog According to ReaderskarllkarllTerrorism War Ethics Reality Photography Global Warming posts in this blogMore about terrorism, terrorists, reality photography clebrities and much else

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These are the posts you readers like the most in this blog. It includes the War on Terror, Global Warming, Reality, War, Politics, a bit of Celebrity stuff, Ethics and much else. First, thanks to everyone of the 15,000 of you that spent time with my blog. I hope it provided some value for you. […](image)

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Consequences of a Lost War on TerrorkarllkarllUS Soldier checking Islam woman in BaghdadA watch tower at the Guantanamo Detention CampA peace demonstration against the Vietnam war in Rome, ItalyThe fall of Saigon 1975 and refugees fleeing by helicopter from the US embassyA Seattle man during a peaceful parade against Chechnya warsWoman in shock by the 9/11 attack on the World Trade CenterAn elderly woman enjoying peace from insurgent caualties during attacks in BaghdadA young girl doing ordinary thingsA sleeping girl in Tokyo ignoring International AffairsMan looking for Dick Cheney, Bush and RumsfeldLonely prople in the night worrying about US goods, services and income receiptsMan surprised Bush does not knows the terroristsWoman reading about war crimes and terrorist organizationsAnother man reading about MIPT terror databasesMan angry about US terrorism in Nicaragua and LibyaLady dancing, ignoring bombs, terror and Colombia herbicidesWoman thinking about immigration court hearingsMan suspicious of cell and land phone tappingMan praying for the Geneva ConventionsGhost of an organized resistance movementtHand held by a Detaining Power according to the Geneva ConventionsElderly hands enjoying respect for their persons under the Geneva ConventionsWoman demonstrrator for human rights as denied by the White House top lawyerFlutist against torture terrorism in Iraq Somaila and FranceFemale against major terrorism in ChechnyaWoman relaxing, not worried about George W. Bush battling Communists Islamic and Muslim FrontsGirl not in a Vietnam camp, thinking about WatergateTerroroists looking for US weaknessPoor people suffering financial terror and deploring the Bush Israel policyMan worried about Iraq War on Terror sanity and accountabvilityI'm no terrorist bombimg Beirut Marine Barracks or LockerbieMan wondering why NATO permits Afghanistan to be the #1 producer of opiumWoman scared by Bush wasting trillions of dollarsWoman not being able to pay trilions for a useless warMan thinking of Bush 100% failure rateMan wondering about 3,000 lives lost 9/11Refugees from terror in Uganda Sri Lanka Congo

Fri, 12 Jan 2007 21:45:27 +0000

George W. Bush pursues disastrous policies in his fictitious War on Terror. He created a grossly inefficient Department of Homeland Security. He started wars on Afghanistan and Iraq. He bullied through unconstitutional and illegal laws, policies and executive orders. He violates human rights by decree. He allows and encourages torture, detention, ignoring habeas corpus and […](image)

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Why we are losing the War on Global Warmingkarllkarll

Mon, 04 Dec 2006 12:09:53 +0000

Global Warming could end life. Food chains destroyed, coastal cities abandoned, ecosystems gone, crop failures, glaciers melted, killer weather, social breakdown, extinctions?. Many, including me, know such disasters are possible. Too few of the world’s politicians do, or so they pretend. Is it real or a fad, such as the famously wrong Club of Rome […](image)

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Top 11 posts and an announcementkarllkarllTop 11 posts

Wed, 29 Nov 2006 02:18:52 +0000

Top Posts in this Blog There really is a lot of stuff to read in this blog. It usually is not that easy to navigate around a blog with a lot of content. I’m trying to reduce that problem by providing a lot of navigational help. I’ll add even more in the future. Right now, […](image)

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A New Look And Feelkarllkarll

Fri, 03 Nov 2006 23:33:29 +0000

Here we go again – a new look and feel for the site. I aimed at a design that is easier to use and more attractive than the previous one. I hope you agree. Apart from graphical changes, perhaps the most important change is the menu bar on top of each page. This menu compensates […](image)

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On Ethics – Part 6 – We the PeoplekarllkarllYoung woman thinking hardHow ethics interact with reality and moralityLady in conversationMan soncentratingLaughing man

Mon, 30 Oct 2006 14:00:51 +0000

This essay looks at individual ethics as determined by factors such as race, culture and religion. The last essays dealt with violence, in particular War and its relation to Ethics. A conclusion was simple: Ethics and Morals are totally incompatible with any aspect of War or other forms of violence. War means utter destruction in […](image)

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