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Naturally Belle

Updated: 2018-03-07T12:20:53.853-08:00


the return of a drama queen!


stay tune for my come back!
im in the mood for story telling!!!!

:D hahaha

give me job plzzz :(


no new entry?
having problems laa..
im very looking forward for my chinese new year vacation!!!!
beaches, blue sea...white sand...calming
to be away from stress... problems....

im jobless now..
finished my study bt gt no job la...
what to do..
somes suggest me in marketing line but im not really that friendly...
n i can consider myself as a shy person also..
malula to approach strangers..
but to be a public attention makes me feel happy :)
yes..yes i admit..
im an attention seeker+drama queen... ;-p

so what do u think da most suitable career for me?

im a chemistry student but i hv no interest in proceeding my current area...
but it is true that chemistry can make good money... legally or illegally hahahah..

i want to feel how does it feel to own money by your own..
to spent the money that u get from ur hardwork..
sounds fun!!

ok ok..
this is just me mumbling to myself bcause of ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz...

bye bye

kindness is what world needs...


me n sayang were on da way back home from kl this afternoon..
suddenly a bike trying to overtake us from the left side ( we were at da fast lane )..
sumore there was also a car on our left side..
get it? picture this,
a bike trying to overtake in da center between two cars.. Hmmm.. hope u guys can imagine it.
but all of a sudden, he lost control of his bike ( he's panic because he's a 'sandwich' now)
swiftly sway to the right, and hit our car.
then he fell off his bike and drop just infront of us ( car stil moving ok )..
thankfully, my sayang is such an expert in driving. He immediately swing to da left and pushed da break hard.
scarily, our car did bang something solid ( honestly i tot it was his head already ).... but alhamdullilah when we jump off to check on him, he was breathing nicely and still in one piece..
he only hurt his shoulder and a bit scratch here and there... thank god we just hit his bike.
traffic is jammed like hell (rush hour) so without more ado, we move his bike onto the divider and took him inside car to bring him to clinic...

during registration at da clinic, he barely can move his arm to wrote down his particular.. so i help him. When he wanted to hand over his IC, i realized that his wallet is worn out and it is empty. From the IC, the guy is almost 50 years old... a sudden sympathy came to me...

i told my syg bout dis...n we decided to pay all da treatment bill n give him some cash also..
even though it was his fault and our rim car already spoil... we dont have the heart to put more burden on him..
alhamdullilah again because he didnt suffer any severe injury...

even though my day is a bit unpleasant today..but i feel glad and blessed...
kindness is what world needs...
i couldnt agree more :)

scared to death!!!


last night was a night dat will never be forgotten...
an experience of a life time..

i witness an almost gun shooting scenery..
i was sitting in a car..
two guys were fighting just beside the car and one of them has a gun..
the fight became out of hands and one of da guy started to withdraw his gun and aiming the other guy head..

i was praying to god to avoid any unwanted accident!!
i was scared like hell..
my hands are trembling hard..
sweats dripping down my face..

thank god nothing bad happen..
im relieved!!
but still some blood dripping were involved.. (by knife)

i will never put my mind off this memorable night...

saturday evening


nothing much to do today...

wake up very late today.. thanks for sayang's suprise visit last night..

ate prosperity burger for my breakfast-lunch-most probaly dinner..

watched hindustan movie a bit..

but then change da channel coz the story plot a bit ridiculous..

browsed all channel...none was interesting..

and finnaly i ended up with this amazingly touching movie..

King Of California..


This quirky Sundance comedy chronicles the journey of a delusional father (Michael Douglas) who's convinced that a fabled treasure is buried somewhere beneath his Southern California suburb.

His delinquent teenage daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) -- a high school dropout who saw her father sent to a mental institution, only to be abandoned by her dysfunctional mother -- resists his ravings at first. But, eventually, she starts to believe.

i suggest you guys watch it! it will sure make ur day with ur father..

thank you!


soooo many respond i gt from my blog..
some agreed, some doesnt..
some retarded, some well educated...
some envy, some supportive..
some judgemental, some advising...
i really dont care,
but some posts involve others feeling..
which is not appropriate for me to keep it published..

p/s- to those who bad talking bout me, i suggest u to keep on... visit my blog more often.. i really appreciate it... its an honour for me for being able to mke u envy, excited and interested in my naturally belle's life..

kekasih gelapku------> reality hurts!!!


Kumencintaimu lebih dari apapun
Meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tau
Kumencintaimu sedalam-dalam hatiku
Meskipun engkau hanya kekasih gelapku

Kutahu kutakkan slalu ada untukmu
Di saat engkau merindukan diriku
Kutahu kutakkan bisa memberikanmu waktu
Yang panjang dalam hidupku

Yakinlah bahwa engkau adalah cintaku
Yang kucari s’lama ini dalam hidupku
Dan hanya padamu kuberikan sisa cintaku
Yang panjang dalam hidupku...,


tension released!!!


after a few of 'killer' paper..
my head cracked up already..
my body stressed too much..
muscle pain...tired soul..
so i decided to hv fun a bit!
i went to karaoke with my angels - ed, baity n nadya..
thanks to them..
i gained back my spirit to strive for the best!

we had our lunch first before karaoke session at Kayu, tesco mutiara damansara... see how exhausted we were!

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) see how happy we turned out to be.. ;D

and this is our live crazy singing!!!

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

-- Kush Kush Ho Ta Hay----

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

--------Beat It---Michael Jackson---------

first paper..


my first paper sux!
i spotted the wrong question!
im frustrated like hell!

my lect bring out da same question from the quiz test!
hw on earth im going to know that?
i tot he will never use the same question!!!!



my next paper will be tomorow morning..
i'll mke sure im fully prepare this time!
oh yes i will!!!

what an excellent student!


its 2.28 now..
im still awake.. studying..
tired..really tired but what to do.. :(
i will do my best this time
let this be the most memoriable last final exam...heh!
i turned the living room upside down as i make it my study room..
i placed my comforter nicely on da floor... with a pillow n a bolster..
sounds like im going to sleep eh?
but no..i just want to make myself feel comfortable..
this is how i study..
i cant study in my room because its too cozy which cn mke me fall asleep! (it happen many times already ;p)
sumore im not alone if i study in da living room...
there are my sister n my beloved Cute :)
their company avoid me from feeling boring..

(image) this is how i messed up the living room...

(image) adorable miss cute..

(image) she did disturbed me sometimes by lurking on my notes!!!!

(image) yes...that is how i write.. 'si cecep'

(image) she's annoyed by da camera's flash

(image) this is what im studying.. now u know why i really want to finished my study ASAP.. cant take this mumbo-jumbo knowledge anymore!!

*all the pictures was taken because of my uncontrollable boredom!!*

ed's open house


i wrote in my last post dat im going to a raya open house issit? well, i did go.. but just before i arrived, i called ed to acknowledge my arrival but she didnt picked up..i called her many times.. the problem is, im not quite sure the unit number of her condo, the lift is very tricky and i dont have access card to enter the building.. Hmmm.. this is us, all geared up for makan-makan! yummy!i waited downstairs for about half an hour n i am freaking starving at dat time! so nadya n i decided to change da plan n we went to Curve, Damansara instead..we finnaly decided to splurge this time so we had our dinner at 'le gourmet house'... to my suprise, the dishes cost us reasonably..'Le Gourmet House' , Curve, Mutiara DamansaraOur drinks, raspberry lemonade, mix citrus juice my dinner - smoked salmon sandwichnadya's - sausage liat, roti keras (according to nadya)To be honest, i felt to eat more! im still hungry (yes i ate a lot nowadays--i wnt to gain some weight..ppl said im too skinny...less sexy ;p )luckily, ed called me and she still insisted us to go to her open house.. well.. there r still some empty spaces in my stomach to be filled!!! this is us... fulled n satisfied! i stayed at ed's to watch 'sehati berdansa'( a dance competition participated by our local artist)then, we (including ed) went back to my home n we continue studying..what a great way to spend the day.. :)[...]

car problem----> SETTLE!!


no more problem with my car!
i fixed her already!
no more flat more alarm disfunction..
im happy..happy..

sumore i changed the car parked with my sis, nadya already..
no need for me to walkathon every morning anymore!

i already settle dis prob like a month ago..
but only now i feel to write it :)

oh im supposed to be heading to ed's house now for Raya Open House..
truth is i dont really feel to go because of abg jam's freind will be there too.
i met them last two nite..not my type..
one of them tried to be closed with me..
honestly.. i dont like!
i only want my shayang!

Hmmm..talking bout my shayang.. i really miss him..
it has been one week since he went to Iran..
everything is not da same when he is not around..

come back quick!


new family member!


welcome to mr Ben!!!
a very macho male cat!
we kidnapped him all the way from terengganu!
we just placed him in a small carrier that only fits his body. no place for the food or water...its because there was not enough space in the car. We placed him on the back seat between my brother n his girlfriend, Mas. we thought of stopping few times to feed him n let him do the loo but he slept all the way of the 6hour journey! a very calm n steady cat.. just after half an hour the journey started, he felt asleep already. Even when we stopped by to let him to the loo, he didnt want to go out from the carrier at all!

the reason we decided to keep Ben as a pet is because we felt pitty of Cute(a female cat that stayed with us now) who always alone whenever we are not around..imagine a cat who live in a 12th floor apartment without any cat-friends...she must be very lonely..

well, dats what we thought...the truth is Cute doesnt like any new cat around her! she doesnt like any new company..
the moment Ben stepped inside our house, Cute was hysterically angry! she keeps making this mmiiaaooww which sounds like a warning. while Ben didnt do anything...he hides behind the TV carbinet while starring at cute..
we thought that its normal because they sure need some times to get along each other.

so, we kept Ben inside the cage (as a potty training as well)for the night. the next morning, just as Mas let Ben out from the cage, he dashed towards cute n they had a fight!(i was sleeping at this time, but i was awake by their fighting sound but i did continue back my sleep---well, im a sleep lover)

from the fight, we can see that it will takes a very long time for them to feel comfortable in each other present, or maybe they will never be friends at all..for eternity..
this situation really worried us.. we know that Cute is a very angry female cat(she felt as if Ben as an intruders)while ben is a very wild n survival male cat (this is the effect from the surrounding he was brought up with---with lots of cats)....we scared dat they will never get along well.

well, finnaly we decided to 'kasi' Mr Ben (i dont know the word in english----it means more like, to take away Ben manhood!) does sounds cruel..but situation forces us to do so...Ben himself aged quite a lot already...n Cute had experinced for being a mother already...
so for now...this will be the most relevant thing to do..

here some of the pics of Macho-Mr Ben....

(image) (image)

Final Exam


final exam! final exam!
another one week to go!
im not ready yet!
i wnt to study! i want to...but im lazy..hahha

this is my last final exam! insyaalah..
after final finish, i have to take my 3 month industrial training...
stil looking for places to do it..
Hmmm...if theres any offer out there, tell me yah!

got to get back to study! waste no time!
wish me luck!

gam ba teh!

5th october!!!


ok everybody!lets sing along!!!happy birthday to me..happy birthday to me..happy birthday to farra..happy birthday to me...thank youthank youthe date of birth is 5th october..because of some unpredictable reason,i hd to postponed the fabulous partyto last sunday..12th some of da pics for you to witness miss farra belle's stunning party!getting ready :)walla! we r done! n its time for snap~ snap~my official 23 years old pitcha some gediks photo session my bestest frens - edz n farrahthanks to redbox, cupcakechic (curve, damansara)let the party begin.. :)me with my birthday cupcakeyum! yum! here comes the singing sensation! sisters :)... nadya n mas goyang inul...thanks all for comingn thanks to u for everything...[...]

im back


ok ok..
im back for real..
laxmana, no one kidnap me lor..
me just lazying around..
going trough some problems..

no more miss lazy bum!

here come
miss farra belle da greatest!!!


truly frenship....


i really miss those time when we always hang out together...having fun... sharing secrets.. all those sad n happy moments..looking back those days...when we r 'young n dangerous' hahah! ( but we still young laa..) ...when we r flying high in our life...when we r daring enough to challenge our limit..when laughter replaced the sorrow..when we held our hands together to overcome all da sadness...when we hug each other to share the love...:-)even though we change... in order to adapt to a new environment...deep down inside we r still the greatest babes alive!because friendship is like the air we breath..we cant see it... but we sure can feel it...n without it we u my babes[...]

Selamat Berpuasa


last night im so excited to start fasting!
i took my 'hadas besar shower' ... i clean myself physically n spiritually nicely to welcome the greatest month of all...-- Ramadahan Al-Mubarak....

me, my bro din n mas planned to hv our sahur at Idaman Restaurant, Mutiara Damansara last night... but sadly they slept earlier so its canceled... i ended up with a slice of bread with butter n sugar for my sahur... hehehe

but today, as i woke up... (around 5pm---hahahahaha!) ...went to shower, i realize, im having my period already...damn it! im so frustrated! but what to do...
my period cycle always end up on early month.. i guess, on da first day of raya also, it will be da same...
so sad.. i cant hv my Sunat Sembahyang Raya! i like to go to the mosque to feel da celebration of Syawal... Hmmm its ok.. i'll stay home n prepare the delicious raya dishes! oh my god! im hungry already!

hehehe Ramadhan just started, i already think bout Raya! cant wait!

im soooo hungry now!!! even tho i cannot fasting but i dont want to spoil my-not-eating-progress..
because i want to train myself to control my lust! so that, hopefully, i can complete this year Ramadhan perfectly like before ( ok, not always laaa...)

its 7.03pm now... another 17mins, we can breakfasting!!! yeah!!!

oh, for those who's living aroung KL...
i want to share this year breakfasting timetable!!!

n lastly,
im wishing all muslim 'Happy Fasting' !!!!!


Lazy..lazy bum


this past few days, im such a lazy bum.. i enjoyed sleeping a lot! maybe because of the raining season.. my room becomes very cozy n it makes me really hard to wake up!
i missed my class for 2 days already.. all because of my lovely bed n pillows wont let me go from hugging me... hehe.. or i hugged them?

waking up late is not the only reason for me to skip classes...
my car is having her (yes, its a her...she's my bestfren!)moody season now... she keeps having the same old problem again! which is---> flat on battery!
actually, its my fault, i know... i did not start my car for 3 days already...
u see..i only drive my car to class or sometimes to meet up with friends...
because of my holiday break... i totally hv no mood to go out at all.... i spent da whole day sleeping..haha..(i think this is one of da reason im becoming lazy bum---- im habit to sleep!)

i supposed to start my car once in awhile even tho i dont use her... but da prob is i parked my car about a mile away (isiit to much? dunno....) from my apartment!
i hate my apartment management!!!! only one car park available for each unit!!! n there r 3 cars used by my hommies!
but when to think about it, the car park themselves is totally limited! even when they give each unit, one car is still not enough!

n the result from that...
i hv to sacrifice my time, energy n money... to parked my car a mile away n pay rm120 a month for da parking lot!!
its too much!!!

i did jump start my car once, bt then after only one day, da battery flat again!
i can feel there's something wrong with my car... later i found out that Gen2's alarm use a huge amount of electric! ( captor- its an alarm which can be used to trace back ur car location if its stolen)...
sumore there r wiring problems with my alarm... because sometimes it started by itself..
this explain why my battery easily flat...
they said i can repair it back but it will cost me around 400-500...
it doesn't worth it, dont u think so?
better if i cut off da alarm n used da normal one without captor...
Hmmmm... problems..problems...

well... this post is mostly me mumbling to myself bout my own thought! hehe..
because im a bit stressed n tired of doing my assignment now...

better i get back to it... n finish it!!
cayok!! cayok!!

Guys...hw to understand you?...


Heard lots of guys problem lately.. n it made me think... why man is so hard to understand!
one minute they r full with passionate n love but puff!!! suddenly they change into a mad bull! (sorry to address u guys as a bull ;p..just a metaphor..)
Honestly... im very upset with their annoying ignorance.. with their nature who like to blame us for most of da probs occur.. with their ego.. n with their uncontrollable lust..

my friend, miss ed had da same prob...she didn't know how to make him understand of what she felt because she don't know how to overcome his ridiculous ego.. she was playing with her internal emotion ( sumore she's having her period--PMS)... n the anger explode n she punch da wall with her bare hand.. she broke her arm.. she was hoping he understand her anger but no.. he still defending his ego.. she went to the hospital alone..

all we need is an attention from da man we love... we r drown in our own sadness.. we r in pain inside and outside.. we r so devastated until we r willing to end everything.. to end our sorrow.. but we know we cant never live without them... n they knew it too..
they tortured our feelings by saying 'all i need is some space'...

in the end everything will settle.. because love win over everything...
but will it ever end?
will we be able to understand each other?

here some of da truth about woman.. (woman who is in love)
yes, the truth is woman is weak... we cannot think rationally when we r in our emotional complex... we tend to make undesirable decision... we follow our heart more than our brain.. we are attention seeker... we r drama queen..
we r not looking for a mountain of gold... or a river flow with lust..
we just want you to show ur love to us.. if not by words, than by touch, by ur care, by spending more time with us... by being there when we need you...
is it to much to ask?
n if there's guys out there reading this post.....
can u tell me why is it so easy for you to walk away,
n why is it so hard for you to fight for your love?....



remember my post about da 'wedding at hilton'?

only two days after the sweet weddings, i bump into da bridegroom with another girl!
They r intimately close to each other like a love birds!
how pathetic da guy is!
he just got married for 2 days and now he's in an arm of another woman!

i mean i know its normal for a guy to be unfaithful but at least hv some respect to ur marriage! for god sake!

then i discover da truth...
dat the guy hv been seing da new girl long time before the marriage..
plus the girl was there on their wedding!!!
da guy honestly does not prepare to get married..
the relationship with da newly wed wife had not been stable for quite sometime...

i really pitty kak ain, da bride...
i am 100% sure dat da new girl was only into money..
how could someone attend their love of life wedding?
what kind of woman who hv da heart to celebrate her man wedding with someone else...?

this is life..
we hv no right to judge people..
everyone hv reason to what their doing..
n everything happen for a reason..

but still, as a human being....
do have some dignity...
and live ur life with a virtue..

Missing in action


whow! i really abandoned my blog eh..
been having problems lately..
really disturbing me..
im nt myself da past few days..
but hey! im back to rock!

i miss all da bloggers out there..
hug n kisses from me



weddings! i love weddings!
the bride..the decor..the food..the door gift...
love it!
wondering when my time will come...??? will one day..
but if it doesnt..i dont want to care much..
i just want to live my life!

2nd Aug 2008
KL Hilton
abg jam n kak ain weddings
simple yet romantic..
the theme is black n white..
(but i see mostly white..haha)

congratulations...n may ur love be cherished till the end :)
here some pic dat i took with my 5230 nokia phone (with no flash)..
so no wonder da quality is so poor..
but hey the memory dat is important rite!
i didnt took any pic of da pengantin...
honestly i went there because the sake of miss ed!
dont really care bout da pengantin!
sorry... ;-0

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

Movie online..


dis is da first time i followed watching da whole 12 episode online movie! Its a good movie! An indonesian movie bout a teenager girl trying to protect her virginity from da cruel world..
the ending was a bit non-reality... but the plot was well directed.. but i need to warned u earlier bout episode 8 which is totally ridiculous! they copied scene in 'coyote ugly' n its irrelevant to the motive of da movie dat is to show the reality world of today youth..
the movie title is Virgin (perawan).. u can watch it tru
n here some of da preview from da first episode..

(object) (embed)

almost get summons! phew...!


on da way back home from UM, there's a road block and unfortunately i got caught for not wearing seat belt... i did wore it before i reached the road block but they already marked me earlier! n one of da policeman was brave enough to stand in da middle of da road just to stop my car since im at the fast lane...damn! i told da policeman dat i already fasten my seat belt!
he just laugh n said "oh really? n when is dat? like 5 second ago?" damn!

Then he asked for my license n IC.. He looked fierce at first but after a few chit chat..he cooled down a bit.. i told him im only a student...n im still young.. i dont have money to pay for da summons...( with a very innocent+sympathy+cute face)...

n u know what! it worked!
he pity of me! n warn me not to violate traffic offense anymore!
im grateful for ur kindness sir...

but hey! there's sure a catch!
he asked for my phone number...n promised to call me when he's free...
heh! da hell do i care!!
n for sure i gave him da wrong one!

i was so relieved...
lucky me...

so folks... do fasten ur seatbelt...
its not worth to pay da summons which will cost u few hundred of ringgits..
sumore its for our own safety..

'berhati-hati di jalan raya, ingatlah org yg tersayang'

here's a cool advertisement from proton---encouraging u to wear seat belt! ;)

(object) (embed)