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using CC to access existing database

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 13:54:38 GMT

Dear all, I mirrored my main calibre library to my tablet's SD card. I would now like to use CC to read the database and display its contents. I tried to set the main CC folder to the root of the calibre library I just copied, but nothing happens. I know I could connect to the main calibre library as a device, or use a cloud service, but that is not what I need to do: I would like the whole library to be available on the device independently on any internet connection, and copying it directly to an SD card is much faster than going through a massive wifi copy-to-device. Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks for your help, Andrea.

Librarian Sync - help using it?!

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 13:00:23 GMT

I have recently installed librarian sync, and have updated my books via calibre kindle collections. However, I have found that when I try to add a book to a collection from my kindle, it shows all of the old collections which were created on the kindle,although I cannot see them on my library. And I cannot add books to the librariansync collections from the kindle. Am I doing something wrong? Perhaps from the settings on calibre? Or is this just the way it is? Thank you!!

Amazon Rapids - 50% off - 04 Dec only

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 12:40:08 GMT

*Amazon Deal of the Day -- exp 04 Dec* *Amazon Rapids (* ---Quote--- *Today only, save 50% and get an annual subscription to Amazon Rapids for just $14.99.* Amazon Rapids offers a playful approach to children’s reading, with illustrated, original short stories written in a unique chat style that brings them to life, one message at a time. Each Amazon Rapids subscription includes access to a library of hundreds of exclusive short stories suitable for kids aged 7-12, with dozens of new stories added every month, and cross-device (iOS, Android and Amazon Fire) access, including phone and tablet. All devices can be used simultaneously, which means families with multiple children only need one Amazon Rapids subscription. ---End Quote---

Profile pic changing problem

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 12:11:31 GMT

Is there something wrong with the profile feature that allows you to change profile pics? I have a new pic for my profile but even though it shows in the edit window it doesn't show on my posts.

Historical Fiction Gerstäcker, Friedrich: In Mexiko. V1. [German] 4.12.2016

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 10:07:25 GMT

Gerstäckers Mexiko-Roman erschien erstmals 1871 in vier Bänden; die vorliegende Ausgabe enspricht der von Carl Döring, 1905. Was hier "neu durchgesehen" im Einzelnen bedeutet, könnte nur durch einen konsequenten Abgleich mit der Erstausgabe ermittelt werden. Stichproben ergaben, dass anscheinend keine gravierenden Änderungen erfolgten und der Textumfang erhalten blieb - 920 Seiten waren es damals, in zwei Bänden. Das Werk, das ursprünglich "Ein Charakterbild" als Untertitel geführt hatte, erhielt von Döring das Etikett "Historischer Roman". Dies trifft inhaltlich zu, ist jedoch aus dem Jahre 1905 gedacht – da waren die Vorgänge schon historisiert; 1871 handelte es sich jedoch um einen "Zeitroman", dessen Handlungen erst vier Jahre zurück lagen: das Kaisertum Maximilians I. (, das Napoleon III. in Mexiko gegen den Präsidenten Benito Juárez (siehe Cover) zu installieren versuchte und das sich mit Mühe und Not und auch lediglich der Form nach nur von 1864 bis 1867 halten konnte - gewiss eine der schändlichsten außenpolitischen Machschaften des 19. Jh., die ausschließlich dazu dienen sollte, den Einfluss Frankreichs in Mittelamerika zu sichern. Gerstäcker umgibt nun diesen historischen Kern mit einer krachend-bunten Abenteuerhandlung und schlägt so zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe - dem "süffigen" Lektüregenuss liegt kein Hindernis im Weg. Das Cover zeigt, wie gesagt, Benito Juárez, in seiner Präsidentenpose. Das Gemälde stammt von dem spanischen Maler José Escudero y Espronceda; er malte eine ganze Reihe von Juárez-Bildern; eines davon erhielt John F. Kennedy beim Staatsbesuch des mexikanischen Präsidenten als Geschenk (

Which 10 inch e-reader should I buy?

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 08:08:07 GMT

Hi, I've been thinking of buying an e-reader for a while now. I do not have experience reading from tablets\e-ink devices. I mainly read from laptops and it is inconvenient. I have watched many videos of different e-readers and also read some of what people have to say in this forum. It seems that 10-13 inch device is the size for PDF reading. What I am looking for in a device - * Can handle PDF properly. * I prefer 10 inch over 12-13 inch device(mainly because of the price difference but also because 13 inch seems inconvenient?). * Quick page turns and easy to adjust the page view(it doesn't have to be as fast as tablet but I have seen some devices with 5 seconds page turn). * The less zoom in\out the better. * Dictionary is fast and easy to use(a possiblity having 2 languages would be great). I currently have the Onyx Boox N96\N96ML in mind as it seems to fit most of my needs but my concerns are that some people complained about the software being somewhat "buggy", for example - Scribbling\typing on a PDF and then it won't save it. Some reader apps on the N96ML don't support the page turn buttons. On the N96(capacitive touch), if you put your hand on the screen while scribbling it might interfer? I saw some complaints about the dictionary and I need to be sure the device will have a proper dictionary as I mentioned above(does anyone know if it is possible to implement a dictionary app from the store on reader apps?). The lack of 10 inch e-ink readers(let me know if there is a better option than the N96) made me think that maybe a tablet(Ipad Pro?) could be better since the hardware and software are probably better, but LCD\LED is not e-ink and there is the price difference aswell. I would appreciate it if people who have experience using tablets\e-ink devices(preferrably 10 inch) would help me. -Maybe someone knows if there will be a new 10 inch device worth waiting for in 2017? Thanks.

Just dropping by to say hi

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 05:12:16 GMT

I just thought it wouldn't be proper if I won't introduce myself. Can't fine the new members section I'll post it here in general. I'm Carlo from Oregon and I've been looking around this community just yesterday and decided to join today. Thanks for letting me in. Byeee! :)

Compare two cuolumns (boolean) to fill new custom columns

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 04:42:40 GMT

Hello there! *First of all:* English is not my native language, sorry. But I hope, you understand what I am trying to say/write ;) *Explanation:* I sorted half of my eBooks at the moment into the Software and I created two custom columns. 1. #bought:yes/no (eBooks I bought from several publisher) 2. #onleihe:yes/no (eBooks I can borrow from my library) But than I found out that some of my series are not complete, because I don't get the information that the author wrote new books :eek: *Question:* Instead of creating a third column (#wishlist), which I have to fill every time, I want a custom column which will fill based on the first two custom columns. Case 1: #bought:yes AND onleihe:yes = #wishlist:no Case 2: #bought:no AND onleihe:yes = #wishlist:no Case 3: #bought:yes AND onleihe:no = #wishlist:no Case 4: #bought:no AND onleihe:no = *#wishlist:yes* *So, is this possible?* Can I fill a third column based of the values of the two first columns? Hint: Yes, I can create a virtual library and work with the search. #onleihe:no and #bought:no. But I want a column :D *Problem:* I create a third custom column and choose "build from other columns", to get the template field. Than I read trough the Template Lang Manual ( and approached to my result... and failed, for hours :rofl: I don't get it! I can do fancy stuff now, but I don't need this. I don't find out, how to get the value of the yes/no field and than return the result. I'm not even close. Can someone help me? Searched the forum for one and a half hour, searched Google for about three hours now (I was so desperate, I even got to Page six of Google Search!) and I am confused now. :help: In hope, Angel

New comer

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 04:27:39 GMT

Hi Guys! I have found out Calibre 1 weeks ago, its been an intelligent tools for kindle, i feel really crazy about adding favorite website into kindle as offline version. I ve tried 5 days to add my favorite website but it seems totally hard to me :smack: cause i am not good at IT, i do not get any point as reading Calibre User Manual. Please instructing me how to write recipe for this website first as an example and i will do myself later: or . Please help me, i am much appreciated that. :help::thanks:

DeDRM installation errors

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 01:39:04 GMT

Could anyone help me add the DeDRM plug-in to my Calibre setup? I am on a Macbook Air os 10.11.6 Image:

Getting rid of inline styles

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 01:32:23 GMT

Hi Using Sigil regex engine, I do not succeed to eradicate this kind of inline styles that one may find for example in the head part of some xhtml files: Code: --------- --------- I tried with: Code: --------- --------- in regex mode with DotAll to no avail. Maybe the CDATA make a problem? There must be a way :) EDIT: My "problem" was a faulty selection of files. *SOLVED*. Sorry for this.

water proofing of aura one

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 01:05:34 GMT

Got myself an aura one, to replace my h2o. I know the aura is waterproof without covers but what seems a little worrying is that when the backlight is on I can see some light spill through the micro USB port. Is that normal? Or is my water proofing compromised?

Play Books experience on Android e-ink readers?

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 00:18:40 GMT

I've been thru my fair share of Windows CE, Sony, Nook and most recently Kindle devices and accumulated a library of DRM-free mostly ePub books. While I prized the Kindle for the wireless books delivery I have recently discovered the beauty of the Google's Play Books app with coveted wireless delivery and supposed (haven't tried it on more than one device) furthest read sync on multiple devices. As Amazon's own store is not the biggest source of books for me and looks like everyone but Amazon has switched to ePub, I'm now contemplating an Android-based e-ink reader so that I can read various ePub files with the Google's own Play Books app. From my research it looks like besides Yota 2, no Android e-ink device has Android newer than KitKat (and some still come with pre-KitKat versions). So I'm wondering if anyone had used the Google Play Books app on their e-ink Android devices and what has experience been like.

Does Overdrive Even Work?

Sat, 03 Dec 2016 23:26:59 GMT

When I first got my Aura One, everything was fine. Then I got firmware 4.1.7729. I assume my Aura came with an earlier version because there was an update and after I got it this is the version I have. Anyway... when I go to Overdrive in the settings it says I have to create an account. I already have one so I figure it's just to have my info on the reader. When I put my email and password in it brings me back to the create an account page. If I try to log in with my library card number, it shows me a few options for libraries near me. When I pick the one in my town, it opens a new page where I have to (very, very) slowly scroll down a rather large list to pick my library (again), and after I put in my card number and password it brings me back to the create account page. Frankly I think the whole "borrow books from the reader" was quite a bit misleading considering you have to know what you want to borrow and then go to Kobo and find it there to make sure they have it and then borrow it from Kobo. Seriously? That's better than just using your computer and plugging the reader in? I guess if I had no other books and no computer access... you know what... I still wouldn't do it. It's just not good. Sorry, I'm getting off track. Does anyone else have a problem?

Which Kindle Should I Purchase

Sat, 03 Dec 2016 23:14:50 GMT

I am looking at purchasing a Kindle so that I can use the download for transfer option on any Amazon ebook purchases. I use Calibre to future proof all my purchases. I own several Nooks and prefer them to Kindles for various reasons. However, there are some books which only are available at Amazon. I do purchase these and download them to my PC where I future proof them. I use the old Kindle app rather than the newer app designed for Windows 8 or 10. However, I foresee that option disappearing in the not so distant future as Amazon may redesign and/or discontinue the ability to use the original Kindle app on Windows 10. Therefore, which Kindle would be a better purchase for my purposes? I do not necessarily want to use the kindle for reading, only for utilizing the download for transfer option at Amazon. Thanks.