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Random Pics


Click here to view this photo book largerTurn your favorite photos into a photo book at

Jee Le Zara Talaash (2012) Song Spoof


This is a spoof of the song Jee Le Zara from the upcoming movie Talaash titled Pee Le Zara Here is the original song : And here my modified lyrics.... Main hoon bevda  tu bhi bevdi hai Sach hai daru ka hi sab dosh hai Pyala pyala mast tight hote hai Jake phir ek khambha peete hai Pee le Zara pee le Zara Kehti hai pyaas pee le zara Aye humsafar aye humnawaz Chal sath chal pee le

Alphabets : 2.0


With the advent of new technology kids today know much more about computers and stuff related to it then most adults.Keeping this in mind I think that Alphabets taught in schools should now be upgraded to a newer version Alphabets 2.0. the reason I want to give it a number is that these are terms prevalent today - they could very well be replaced in the next few years and so Alphabets should

Road Trip


Took a small Road Trip through some National Forests recently :Yellowstone National Park : WyomingGrand Teton Range : WyomingHere are two panoramas I clicked. Will upload more later.

Happy Independence Day


Image of the Peacock taken at Isckon, Pindamonhangaba, Brazil



This post is a attempt to play on the word Condition - this word like many other words in the English dictionary has multiple meanings.Original Thought:After months of deliberation he finally decided to take a chance. Today both of them were staying back after work to work on a deadline. As only a few people were around, he calmed himself before entering her the cool cabin. Removing the newly



Updated the other blog Ambrosia after ages...Here is the linkDo read and comment....



So we are saved from a Judgement Day - is it? May 21st as proclaimed was going to be the end of the world but it was not - should we be sad or happy???Anyways if such weird ideas can become worldwide phenomenon I have few that atleast can make one smile...- We all read expiry dates on packages - Right? Now my question is what is this expiry date's time - is it morning, evening or night? What if

Duct Taped


Happen to randomly land on this image online and I was amused...- What really must be going through the person's mind when he/she did this?????Guess sometimes like many instances in life its best that such questions go unanswered.....Or is it that this is what is keeping the Earth together?

Google Translator


Trapped Child


The uprisings are going on in the Middle East - Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Morocco, Jordan - the people in this country will hopefully get what they desire and the unscrupulous leaders will meet their profitable extinction.But now imagine being a child in one of these countries - current and future generations of children will be enslaved into learning and relearning new

Digital Revolution


Tahrir Square - the Epicenter of Egyptian revolutionFollowing up on my last Blog about Journalism:2 -the social network has brought about a big Change.Today marks a great day in the current History of the world where the uprisings and revolts in Tunisia, Egypt and now currently undergoing in Jordan will mark a substantial change in the lives of the people from these countries.I am not remotely

Journalism - 2


The impact of the True democratic principle - Power of the people, by the people and for the people is being currently witnessed in countries like Tunisia and Egypt. Tired of the dictatorial regimes the masses are revolting in big numbers to oust the corrupt ministers.There are many examples in history during the two World Wars, the holocaust or even in Indian revolution where Tilak started the

AskObama You Tube


Although skeptical about this process but its an opportunity to voice ones opinions directly to the elected leaders. You Tube is running a campaign AskObama (link) to be aired on January 27, 2011 two days after his State of the Union speech.You Tube followed all over the world is a great platform to share ones thoughts and ideas and it is noteworthy that Obama is willing to embrace this platform

Madam X


Just for a smile.....

Hmm Musings


- With people now meeting via online chats/forums - shouldn't there also be a category for DEAF n DUMB dates along with Blind Dates?- Due to the severe dent in the economy prevalent right now - all job seeking forms now will have a third category for those seeking jobs - full time, part time and "sometime" jobs (jobs that at least scrapes one through their bills)- Do not despair or feel proud

Postcards from the Winter Wonderland


It has been snowing crazy this year. Two storms since the new year and one more to come tomorrow. Here are some pictures in the West Hudson Park, Kearny, NJ - near my apartment from the snow storm of last Friday.Dog is the Master of the CeremonySnow - way!!!Winter WonderlandBrave Hearts(considering it was close to minus 9 D Celsius or 15 F)Mother Nature never Ceases to InspireThere is no light

Lunar Eclipse 2010 - December 21st.


The Conditions : Time 1.00 m to 5.10 Am, Clear skies, Cold temperatures around 2 C (35 F) to -2 C (27 F) but extremely windy feels like -7 or -8 C.Photo showing the windy conditions at 4.00 in the morning - taken with a 2 sec exposureThe Event : It just only a Lunar Eclipse of 2010 but it was the first total lunar eclipse to fall on a winter solstice in 372 years. The last time a lunar eclipse

अनिच्चा Anicca


Impermanence - Pali - अनिच्चा anicca; Sanskrit: अनित्य anityaRecently was at a 10 Day Vipassana Meditation camp here in Massachusetts. In this post I am not talking about the details of what this meditation process is, as this info can be found in detail here - Vipassana (link)The One thing that I learned on a personal level is the notion of Impermanence (Anicca) existing in-the world we live

Urge to Scribe


Just had this urge to scribe something, anything. Its been a while I wrote somethings.Facebook had taken over the Blogging. One of the interesting part of Facebook was its status messages. I used to write small snippets that were succinct and funny. Here are few of them - will post more later.....- What if either Adam or Eve was gay! - Make hay while the sun shines - but isnt Opium more

Gods Inc VII - Crisis


This is the Seventh post in this series - if you want to read the earlier posts click on the label "Gods Inc" on the right.Its been a while I called GOD. He had ordered us - Me74 and 23 others like me - not to call him for a while. He was busy sorting out the design defects in the Model called Tiger Under the Hood.But recent upheavals in the Earth Inc at various places starting from Haiti, then



Emancipate :Meaning of the word:1 : to free from restraint, control, or the power of another; especially : to free from bondage 2 : to release from paternal care and responsibility 3 : to free from any controlling influence (as traditional mores or beliefs)Some days back I was generally confused with certain situations going on currently so I surrendered myself to Mother Earth (don't think I am

Meet the Bloogers


Yesterday night I met up with my fifth blogger friend - Lakshmi ( She is here in New York with her hubby.As always had a great time talking about anything and everything - over couple of drinks in a bar with live music playing in the background.Last month I met another blog reader Sabeen when I was visiting Dubai - (comments here as Abreysham)- she has a potential to

Sistine Chapel


I have been away for a while from here and do really want to get back to writing - but not sure of how to jumpstart - any suggestions?As a start designed the header for the blog on a new software that I have been learning.Meanwhile found this interesting site:The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City is famous for its architecture and its decoration which has been frescoed throughout by the greatest

Mine izzz Red


Have been away from blog for a while - got a creative streak......Altered few words for the song All izz Well and sang ka poora balaatkar kaar daala. - Enjoy(try and read it with the actual music - much more fun!!!)Na na na na re re .....Jab tota ho out of controlHathon ko kar ke golHathon ko kar ke golPant me ghusa ke bolJab tota ho out of controlHathon ko kar ke golHathon ko kar ke golPant