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A River In Darkness by Masaji Ishikawa

Sat, 09 Dec 2017 17:01:34 GMT

As I write this I have just finished a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs, coffee, toast with marmalade, and frankly, too much bacon. I feel a bit contaminated by it after reading this book and it will be hard to not get too political given the subject of this book and the world situation. I will try, but please forgive me if I slip a bit. This was a Kindle First Selection For December 2017, and if you havent selected your KF book for the month you should consider this book. I have cross posted this post to the Kindle review page for the book. This is the autobiography of a half Korean Japanese man who was one of the Korean underclass in Japanese society, who were slave laborers during WW2 The North Koreans,conspired with the Japanese government to convince these people with Korean connections to return to N.K. where they were promised a wonderful new life full of promise and an education for their children. What they returned to was a society that called them "Japanese Bastards". There was no education for the children, no real jobs (unless these economically poor people brought some assets with them for bribes), and most of all, they were in a land where food was so scarce that their poverty in japan made them seem wealthy in comparison. The author was Masaji Ishikawa, he spent more than 30 years in North Korea as a peasant, And during those 30 years, there was NEVER a time when he and his family were NOT hungry, and at times near death due to starvation. Some of his family DID die from starvation. Finally When he was certain the end was near for them all, he decided that he HAD to return to Japan, find a job, and save his family. If you think you know North Korea from novels like "The Orphan Master's Son", this is a story an a whole different level of evil. That novel pretty much presented N.K. from the upper classes of that society, and was the imaginings of Western man. This is a true story of the peasants and the most humble of people in that same society. It presents the mudane every day evil system that those people try to survive. I think I understand Donald Trump's desire to prevent North Korea from having nuclear weapons. NOTHING good can come from that evil regime being able to exert influence on the world. I won't comment on his tactics, but his intentions are essential to the future political and economic health of the world.

Literary On the Makaloa Mat by Jack London

Fri, 08 Dec 2017 15:12:44 GMT

Also known as Island Tales or On the Makaloa Mat and Other Island Tales 'Published posthumously, this collection of seven short stories and sketches creates a fascinating portrait of life on the picturesque Hawaiian Islands. Brimming with vivid descriptions of the sea and forest, these tales examine the lives of an array of characters and the effect upon them of their contact with Western civilization.' Goodreads ( This is the MR Literary Club selection for December 2017. Whether you've already read it or would like to, feel free to start or join in the conversation at any time, and guests are always welcome! So, what are your thoughts on it? Image:

Jane Austen Pastiches [?]

Fri, 08 Dec 2017 14:04:23 GMT

Can anyone recommend two or three titles written *in the style* of Jane Austen? I've been reading through this blog here but I would like some personal, subjective opinions from some readers of Mobileread. -- Thanks.

Thank you Tom

Thu, 07 Dec 2017 21:52:41 GMT

I thought this deserved it's own thread. Thank you Tom (WT Sharp) for all the work and great job you did running the Book Club. :thumbsup: I hope you enjoy your retirement. If you don't mind my asking, what sort of pension did you get from MR? ;)

After Spenser, what?

Tue, 05 Dec 2017 20:27:24 GMT

I've read Parker's Spenser series. Which of his other books or series would you recommend next?

Funny/humourous Christmas books for adult male

Tue, 05 Dec 2017 14:44:16 GMT

Hi all Can anyone recommend me a funny festive book to read over the Christmas period? Many thanks Kyle

The 2018 Annual Reading Challenge List Thread

Tue, 05 Dec 2017 10:09:20 GMT

*_:bookworm:2018 Reading Challenge List Thread:bookworm:_* *Welcome to our 9th Annual Reading Challenge!* The Annual Reading Challenge is neither a race, contest, nor an "exclusive club", *anyone can join!* This is just a fun activity that some of us have enjoyed doing in the past. Many of us have found reading challenges to be an entertaining way to set goals for ourselves, get ideas for books, and see what others are reading. This thread is for you to keep a running tally for your chosen challenge. Please state your goals at the top of your post (in the title line if you can), and then start your list in the body of your post. As you read books, *edit your post to update your list of books read, or other challenge status*. *Please Remember:* No discussion posts in this thread. Please use the other thread ( for that. Non-List posts will be deleted or moved to the other thread. Discussions & Ideas can be found here: *2018 Annual Reading Challenge Discussion Thread* ( *Post #2* of this thread is dedicated to a Table of Contents for all participants in this thread. Names will be added, to this TOC, in alphabetical order with a link to that individual’s post number from this thread. Previous threads were for 2017 (, 2016 (, 2015 (, 2014 (, 2013 (, 2012 (, 2011 ( and 2010 (

The 2018 Annual Reading Challenge Discussion Thread

Tue, 05 Dec 2017 10:06:15 GMT

*_:book2:2018 Reading Challenge Discussion Thread:book2:_* *Welcome to our 9th Annual Reading Challenge!* Maybe you would like to read a certain number of pages this year, finish a certain number of books, concentrate on a specific genre or deplete your ever-growing TBR list. Maybe you're looking for ideas or you just want to see how far you can go… This is the thread where we can share our personal goals and strategies or ask for suggestions and support. New ideas are encouraged and always welcomed. :) The Annual Reading Challenge is neither a race, contest, nor an "exclusive club", *anyone can join!* This is just a fun activity that some of us have enjoyed doing in the past. Many of us have found reading challenges to be an entertaining way to set goals for ourselves, get ideas for books, and see what others are reading. You are welcome to keep track of the books you have read (or another goal) in the "List Thread", here: *2018 Annual Reading Challenge List Thread* ( Plus, if you would like to discuss a particular book, please participate in the *Hey!! Let's get some action going! What are we reading?* (http://[URL] thread and share your thoughts about the book with others.

Need a Book series recommendation

Tue, 05 Dec 2017 00:38:26 GMT

I am looking for a book series to read from a well known author but nothing super big like Alex Cross. I hear its 26 books deep and there is no way Ill ever get caught up. Maybe a series that is no more than 3 -4 books in. It can be horror, sci-fi, Mystery, thrillers, suspence but I am big in horror and science fiction. Thank you. Do not include Arthur C Clarke for I already have almost every one of his books and short stories

Looking for Epic Fantasy with Lots of Action

Mon, 04 Dec 2017 22:10:00 GMT

The title pretty much says it all. I'm looking for epic fantasy novels that contain lots of action, preferably those that aren't too over-descriptive with unnecessary details. Please do not recommend The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia, seeing that I've already read those. Also, I'm not really interested in Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts.

Fantasy works to expand literary horizons?

Mon, 04 Dec 2017 15:56:26 GMT

One of my nephews wants "Unique and original well written novels of fiction, preferably but not necessarily fantasy, to expand my literary horizons. Books of longer length a plus." I'm thinking Titus Goan (be careful what you ask for ;)) but other recommendations would appreciated

Literary sun surfer Vote • December 2017

Sat, 02 Dec 2017 14:33:26 GMT us select what the MR Literary Club will read in December 2017! The options this month are courtesy of our rotating nominator, sun surfer (me). Voting will run for four days. The vote will close exactly four days from this; even if the final tally doesn't occur immediately after voting closes, no votes made after that time will count. Votes will be made by post. Each person has FIFTEEN(!) votes to use. You may give each nominee one or two (or no) votes. You may vote all at once in one post or vote in separate posts at different times, so long as you have more votes remaining to cast. You may use any number of your possible votes up to the maximum. Any extraneous votes per person (past their maximum or more than two for one nominee) won't count. Votes cannot be changed once they are cast. The rotating nominator may not vote. Once voting is complete, the count will be tallied and a winner declared. In the event of a tie, there will be a one-day run-off vote, also in this thread. If the run-off also ends in a tie, then the tie will be resolved by the nominator. We hope that you will read the selection with the club and join in the discussion. :) * Initial voting is closed. Run-off voting is closed. Final results- * *The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz* by Mordecai Richler Post ( / Goodreads ( / 357 Pages / Votes- 0 * *Borstal Boy* by Brendan Behan Post ( / Goodreads ( / 376 Pages / Votes- 0 * *Days Without End* by Sebastian Barry Post ( / Goodreads ( / 268 Pages / Votes- 0 * *The Emigrants* by W.G. Sebald Post ( / Goodreads ( / 246 Pages / Votes- 0 * *Family Chronicle* by Vasco Pratolini Post ( / Goodreads ( / 121 Pages / Votes- 0 * *Home Fires Burning* by Georgina Lee Post ( / Goodreads ( / 312 Pages / Votes- 0 * *If on a winter’s night a traveler* by Italo Calvino Post ( / Goodreads ( / 255 Pages / Votes- 0 * *The Inconvenient Indian* by Thomas King Post ( / Goodreads ( / 294 Pages / Votes- 0 * *Island Tales (aka On the Makaloa Mat)* by Jack London Post ( / Goodreads ( / 142 Pages / Votes- 2 / Run-off- 2 * *Job* by Joseph Roth Post ( / Goodreads ( / 226 Pages / Votes- 2 / Run-off- 0 * *Kicking the S[...]

MobileRead January 2018 Second Chance Vote

Sat, 02 Dec 2017 13:04:45 GMT*MobileRead Book Club January 2018** VOTE* ***** Special thanks to **Dazrin** for providing the list of runner-up titles! ***** Help us select the next book that the MobileRead Book Club will read for January, 2018. Book selection category for January is: *Second Chance* There will be no nominations this month. The way Second Chance works is that the poll will be comprised of selections that either came in second place or tied for second place during the previous 11 months. *The discussion will start January 20, 2018.* The poll will be open for 7 days since it's earlier than usual, in response to requests to facilitate library borrowing. If the voting results a tie, there will be a 3 day run-off poll. This is a *visible* poll: others can see how you voted. It is Image: You may cast a vote for each book that appeals to you. Here are the selections you will be considering: 2017 runner up choices: February: Mystery *• Moon Over Soho* (Peter Grant #2) by Ben Aaronovitch Goodreads ( | Overdrive ( Print Length: 396 pages The song. That’s what London constable and sorcerer’s apprentice Peter Grant first notices when he examines the corpse of Cyrus Wilkins, part-time jazz drummer and full-time accountant, who dropped dead of a heart attack while playing a gig at Soho’s 606 Club. The notes of the old jazz standard are rising from the body—a sure sign that something about the man’s death was not at all natural but instead supernatural. Body and soul—they’re also what Peter will risk as he investigates a pattern of similar deaths in and around Soho. With the help of his superior officer, Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale, the last registered wizard in England, and the assistance of beautiful jazz aficionado Simone Fitzwilliam, Peter will uncover a deadly magical menace—one that leads right to his own doorstep and to the squandered promise of a young jazz musician: a talented trumpet player named Richard “Lord” Grant—otherwise known as Peter’s dear old dad. *• Track of the Cat* (Anna Pigeon #1) by Nevada Barr Goodreads ( | Amazon US ( / Audible ( / Kobo US ( / Overdrive ( Print Length: 245 pages From Amazon: The fascinating hero of Nevada Barr’s award-winning series—park ranger Anna Pigeon—has brought an unyielding love of nature and sense of fair play to the mystery genre. Track of the Cat is the acclaimed novel that first introduced readers to Anna, as a woman looking for peace in the wilderness—and finding murder instead… Patrolling the remote West Texas backcountry, Anna’s first job as a national park ranger is marred by violence she thought she had left behind: the brutal death of a fellow ranger. When the cause of death is chalked up to a mountain lion attack, Anna’s rage knows no bounds. It’s up to her to save the protected cats from the politics and prejudices of the locals—and prove the kill was the work of a species far less rare… From Goodreads: Anna Pigeon fled the turmoil of New York to become a national park ranger, only to discover she hasn't escaped murder and violence. When a colle[...]


Wed, 29 Nov 2017 06:29:24 GMT

Hey guys, I'm new to the cite and I wasn't too sure where to request books, but I've been looking everywhere for the wereworld series by curtis jobling. Does anyone have a epub, mobi, or pdf file available for them? Thank you in advance

Book Recommendations for Teaching Myself French

Mon, 27 Nov 2017 19:56:42 GMT

I'm (re)learning French and I would like some recommendations on apps/programs, textbooks, dictionaries, and French novels that are easy for beginners (preferably children's stories?). I'm using Duolingo but I want to move on to something more structured. Also, I would appreciate tips on learning another language in general, and French in particular. I did 5 years of French at secondary school and did well at it but I didn't continue after that. I had forgotten the majority of it all, but some of the vocab is coming back. As well, I live in a Francophonie country which speaks a French patios, and this is both helpful and misleading. :thanks: in advance