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MobileRead Forums - Sony Reader

Includes all of the Sony reader models.

Last Build Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2018 11:21:41 GMT


Former DPT-S1 lovers: Should I upgrade to RP1?

Sat, 13 Jan 2018 21:35:46 GMT

I can still easily find technical reviews from when DPT-RP1 first came out, inc a video of it next to DPT-S1. I am however curious to hear from long time owners of DPT-S1 like myself, who made the switch to DPT-RP1, and have now been using the new device for some time. I love my S1. Sure, it's a bit slow. And I only sync it thru the clunky mount-umount USB cable. But at the end of the day it is pretty wonderful. I love writing (and erasing) on academic pdfs with it and I do a lot of it. My questions to those of you who have taken the leap from a beloved S1 to RP1: 1) Having had your RP1 for a while now, would you advise me to buy it? 2) What would be the best part for me about the switch from S1? (The worst I'm guessing is a $700 hole in my pocket, and maybe clunky upload-download software). If I have missed previous similar discussions (not spec comparisons; S1 users switching to RP1), please feel free to share links. Thx!

PRS-600 Early Sony Reader Charging Cable

Sat, 13 Jan 2018 15:53:22 GMT

I ran across this on Amazon. A dual connector USB cable with a USB A male connector on one end for a computer or USB charger and both a USB Mini and bayonet connectors on the other end intended to fit a Sony early ebook reader (model Prs-600 or earlier) or a Sony PSP-1000, PSP-2000 or PSP-3000 Playstation. Allows charging the early Sony ebook readers from any USB power source and for travel much lighter and less bulky than the original power block Sony provided.

PRS-950 PRS-950 User Guides

Tue, 09 Jan 2018 23:41:48 GMT

Looking around I note that there are two versions of the PRS-950 users guide, Both PDFs. V1 is 5,002KB and V2 is 5,470 KB and they are both clearly listed on the front page. I am uploading both versions along with the PRS-950 Service Manual. Enjoy! The PDFs seem to be the only file format the User Guide for the PRS-950 came in. I have not seen it in Epub.

PRS-350 Looking for the 350 ePub (if there was one)

Mon, 08 Jan 2018 23:01:54 GMT

Title pretty much says it all. I thought I had already downloaded one of these, but then I realized it was the PDF Service Manual. I tried to do a search on this forum, but couldn't find an ePub (maybe there wasn't one?).

PRS-950 Russian Hacked PRS-950?

Mon, 08 Jan 2018 20:00:28 GMT

A Sony PRS-950 just arrived from Canada, sold by a Russian based on the seller's name. Looks like it has been hacked to make it more Russian compatible as my other Sony 950 does not offer Russian as a menu language or keyboard choice and this one offers it for both. IMO an interesting reader variation. It still has all the normal language choices too. Looks like the battery has been replaced as it arrived with the battery well up in charge after 13 days en route in the mail. Topping it up to see how it does for me. Other than some worn finish on the page forward button it appears to be in practically new condition and includes the factory case.

PRS-900 Sony Reader Adobe DRM Enabling?

Mon, 08 Jan 2018 16:22:54 GMT

I have several Sony Ebook readers which state that they are not yet Adobe DRM enabled. Does any one have a step by step procedure, or a link to one, to enable Adobe DRM on these no longer Sony supported devices? Ones needing updating include a PRS-950, PRS-350, PRS-T2 and PRS-T3 units. Seems to me that they should have come from Sony so enabled. BTW I do not have the Sony computer software installed and am working with an old computer that runs Windows XP. Thanks in advance.

I found something in the jailbroken DPT-RP1,Let’s do it together!

Mon, 08 Jan 2018 14:53:30 GMT

:)Hi everyone, the man in china can jailbreak DPT-RP1, i have paid for him to jialbreak my DPT-RP1, now let's look at what have i found from it . After jialbroken,i insert it to my computer,it shows as blew: Image: A “USB Mass Storage Device” names “Linux File-CD Gadget USB”, and a communication port(COM6). Image: Well,the COM6 is the original port, same as when DPT-RP1 haven’t been jailbroken, used to transfer file with “Digital Paper App”. The “Linux File-CD Gadget USB Device” seems to be partitioned from the storage, it can be read&write, how does he make this? Image: When I press the top key in DPT-RP1,the menu shows two more icon,Browser and Android Settings,so that I can see the original setting interface. He has installed file manager and the virtual button software--”button savior”, for using some keys( home and back),or launch other app. Attachment 161522 ( But I found that usb debugging can’t be used, no matter “usb adb” or “wireless adb”. one more thing, it haven’t root permission…He tells me the way to install app is that, copy apk from pc to the “Mass Storage Device”,and use filemanager open it in DPT-RP1, how troublesomely…,It means we can do nothing? Aha?! NOnono, I find some way to root it and install the ssh, so now , I can do whatever, it sounds good, right?Let’s look what have I found. In fact,those files we transfer using “Digital Paper App”,is stored in “/sdcard/dp_user_storage/” Image: These files in “/system” Image: The “Linux File-CD Gadget USB Device”,is mount on /tmp/updater/, as the “USB Mass Storage Device”. Image: The partition information Image: “app”&”priv-app” in /system , I have uploaded to google drive,if you want you can download them. ( I guess that he may flash something to jailbreak, in bootloader mode? but flash what? the modified boot.img ,or modified system.img?and how does he partition the storage? If you are interested in this, let’s discuss together. my email is: my skype is : the skype group link is contact me whenever.

Received the 505 today

Mon, 08 Jan 2018 02:07:50 GMT

(When did they start delivering Priority Mail on Sundays?) I like it. Incredibly thin and sleek for a ten year old eReader. (Sony made some really nice looking (and feeling) devices. The font was dimmer than the PRS-300 (which, I guess, makes sense, since the 300 is two years newer) but I discovered I could embed Constantia in my books via Calibre. What a difference. I re-converted the books on the 300 and 600 as well. The 600 is actually usable now. I'll probably do this even on the 350, even tried the process on my Nook -- a little dark on the Nook since the Nook's type is pretty dark to start with. Now I want to learn more about Calibre and embedding fonts, like, is there a way to make the default "base" size slightly bigger? At any rate I'm not disappointed I bought the 505. I don't see me getting rid of it any time too soon, but sooner or later the eReader culling will have to begin and it may not make the "cut."