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Preview: MobileRead Forums - Which one should I buy?

MobileRead Forums - Which one should I buy?

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Fastest page turn with overdrive?

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 23:30:16 GMT

I've been reading a LOT of ebooks using Overdrive from my local library on my android tablet and phone, and my eye strain is telling me that I need to get an e-ink e-reader. Plus my birthday is coming up. :) I appreciate the threads here and have spent a lot of time reading through them, but am not sure what I should be getting. I am located in the USA, so am limited in my options. I really only check out e-books from my local libraries with Overdrive, so a tablet that would support me installing the Overdrive app would be great. (I think I've heard that some tablets support loading android apps?) I'd rather not have to hook up my computer to the e-reader every time I needed a book. I heard the new Kobo Aura One supported Overdrive, but it seems as though it is just Overdrive through the Kobo store, and it only supports a single library (I have two different e-libraries that I use) so I don't know how well that would work. I do also own a few ebooks through Amazon, but not many, and have loaded some things from Gutenburg as well, but Overdrive is my current major ebook provider. The other major thing is that I am a fast reader, so I'd like to have something with quick page turns. I've tried some readers that had a noticeable wait time to load the next page, and don't want that. Screen size- probably in the 7 to 8-ish inch range, I don't want the huge full sheet but I do want to be able to get a lot of words on the page at the same time. :) Water resistance would be a nice feature as I do like to read in the bath occasionally, and would be taking the e-reader to Hawaii this fall. But it isn't a must-have as I can just be careful. I'm not a huge fan of the Amazon infrastructure and system, so a Kindle wouldn't be my first choice, but there don't appear to be many options currently available in the US. I'd appreciate any suggestions you have (and feel free to point me to other threads. I tried to find them in my searches but it is quite likely I missed something relevant). Thank you so much for your time!

Looking for new E ink device with very white background, dark letters

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 20:25:06 GMT

I've been reading on tablets, but need something for reading outside. My problem is that the tablets, with their very white backgrounds and dark letters, are my preferred visual style. I have a Kobo Glo - really old - but the background is so grey that I just can't read on it. The PW has the background I prefer - but I do not want another Amazon ereader (long story, probably whined enough on here about them lol). I'd prefer 7-8"; while money is an object, not a big one if I can find something a really like. Prefer epub, but could convert if needed. So, very white background, dark font or heavy font. Thanks for any help.

Skip chapters in one move?

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 13:31:57 GMT

I really love Kindle Touch's ability to swipe up/down to switch chapters easily because I reread books a lot and would rather jump to the good parts. I tried Paperwhite but it took several more steps to jump to chapters, so I went back to my Touch. I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion on an e-reader that can skip chapters with one move? Or if that's non-existent, any tips on how you skip chapters while reading?

E Ink device to respond to emails via hand writing to text

Mon, 27 Mar 2017 08:55:13 GMT

I searched the forums and there were three suggestions, Song, Good Ereader and Onyx Book Max but no one was able to confirm if it can firstly: Recognise hand writing to text. Read and send emails via wifi. If not Recognise hand writing (allow bluetooth keyboard) as I have seen a Onyx book max do this.

eReaders with the best/least clunky UI?

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 00:49:14 GMT

I currently use a Kindle Keyboard, and while it still works perfectly, I think the UI is a little slow and clunky. Navigating several pages of books/categories takes longer than I would like. I never see that much information about the UI of ereaders, so I have a few questions: 1. Which ereader would you say has the best UI? 2. Does the PocketBook Touch Lux 3 have an acceptable UI? What about the Kindle Oasis? These are the two I'm mostly looking at. Preferably, the ereader I get will have physical page-turn buttons, which is why I've narrowed my search down to those two. But if some touch-only reader blows them away regarding usability, I may get it instead. Thanks!

"Go to random page in book" button in e-reader

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 15:35:57 GMT

Hi. Could someone know if there exists a function which can direct into a random page of the reading book in e-reader? I'd like to know if some e-ink reader has it's ability, or, if not, maybe some software has which can be installed on a specific device? I am reading books which has very hard to maintain sequential reading than reading with random pages and it'd be nice if there's an opportunity to just tap one button in opened book to change current page to random to keep reading further continuously and interesting :book2:! Thank you for your help!

TOLINO e-reader

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 17:22:59 GMT

I am interested in buying a Tolino e-reader from Germany. The websites I have found say that it is not available in my country (U.S.) Any ideas where I can purchase a Tolino on line for delivery to the U.S.? Any help would be appreciated.

Kobo vs Amazon - Open Source and User Rights

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:17:31 GMT

Hi, I'm looking into buying my first ereader and after doing some research, I have found that the Kobo Glo HD (with KOreader) and the Amazon Paperwhite 3 most closely matches my criteria of an affordable device with a great ebook reading experience coupled with good PDF reading and decent annotation capabilities (I will replace paper taken annotation, I don't want a tablet since it hurts my eyes). The Paperwhite is currently slightly ahead in terms of features (since it allows PDF annotations, KOreader only does highlights I believe), but part of what plays into my decision, is the philosophy of the company behind it. Since I am new to the ereader world, I don't really know the reputation of Amazon and Kobo in this area. Some quick research yields that Kobo is supporting Epub, which is more of an open standard than Amazon's modifications to MOBI. I noticed that Richard Stallman had some negative comments on Amazon kindle book distribution model, but I don't know if that is just because Amazon is the bigger player and more prevalent in the US. Is there anything to consider from the open source/respect user rights/privacy side of things? Has Kobo somehow supported the development of the open source ereader tools (KOreader, ko2pdfopt, KoboStartMenu, etc), or do they just happen to be similar in name? *Edit*: I updated the title to reflect what is actually being discussed below.

Icarus Illumina or Illumina Pro 9.7" or is there a better option for me?

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 20:25:26 GMT

I'm interested in buying an e-ink device that I can use for reading news, ebooks and certain websites. I'm sick of the Amazon closed software universe. I think it's rediculus that I can't have access to both a digital subscription to a news site, and read their articles on my kindle (I would have to pay for a kindle-only subscription additionally, :smack: and if it's available, it only gives me access to whatever went out at print-time and so news is always a bit outdated. My thought is that I could get an e-ink device that runs android and use various native android apps to access my content, but before I spend the money on what seems like a fairly niche item, I'd like to know if anyone else has experience with this. The Illumina series might just be what I'm looking for. TBH, I really wish they had an Illumina pro in a 6" size, I just want the pro for the stylus support. If you have insite into the Illumina 6" on the following questions, Please share that as well. If the stylus is not up to the task, I may just settle for the 6" anyway Please tell me about support for the following use cases if you have experience with the Lumina Pro. If there's another device that will fit my needs, I'm happy to take alternate suggestions or feedback. Kindle reading app- This is important. As a long time kindle user, I have a lot of DRM protected books that I have paid for, but not yet read (or that I plan to reread) Web Browser- I prefer chrome in my android and linux life, but if it's not possible, I can survive with another browser as long as it supports mobile friendly mode. Any feedback people have of reading text based websites in 'mobile' mode would be great. I Washington Post App- This may be unnecessary if the browser works well for reading, but I pay for a digital subscription and I'd like to be able to read it on my ereader! RSS aggregaters- I can make my own RSS feed with articles I want to read later, and access them this way. I hate reading on a computer screen, I'd love to be able to access my pinterest feed this way or whatever. taking notes- The reason I like the looks of the Pro version of the illumina is that I think I can use it for note taking. What is it like handwriting on the screen with the stylus? can you write or draw like you would on paper? is the hardware responsive enough for this? keyboard- Additional to the responsiveness of stylus writing, I'm curious if people have experience using the google keyboard slide function. I love slide typing, and while I'm not planning on using this for primary communication, It would be nice to be able to fire off a quick email or PM email App- does the gmail app work on this device? if not, is there another email client that will work that can support multiple email accounts? Thanks so much for your answers, insights and advice in advance! :thanks:

Older Kindles- still worth getting?

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 02:27:42 GMT

Hi guys, I've always wanted one of the older Kindles- 3rd generation with the keyboard, or 4th generation with the buttons to go back and forth, etc. If anybody here uses either of these and has a newer e-reader, how do you like the older Kindle? Is the screen resolution a drastic difference from newer e-readers? I only ask this because I have a Kobo Aura H2O and I'm not sure if it's a huge step down, especially with screen size. I'm also afraid of the software being very slow. I just love the physical turn buttons but cannot afford a high-end Kindle that has the buttons. I would love to hear any advice or information. I know it's a vague question, but anything helps. Thanks.

Device upgrade

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 18:16:14 GMT

I have a very old Nook. I still use it on vacations but I'd like to upgrade. Whats the best device to buy for use on a bright beach? I'd also like it to be backlit for use in the dark. I don't care what brand it is but it would be nice to have access to my Nook library as I have some books I haven't read yet. Also I don't want to spend alot. When I'm not traveling, I use my Ipad to read. Thanks.

Epaper-ebook-reader with external-keyboard-support?

Tue, 14 Mar 2017 13:47:11 GMT

So, again I'm one of these persons looking for an e-paper-display ebook-reader able to be used as a writing device with an external Keyboard. I read the many Threads dealing with this topic, but most of the information seems to be outdated. The purpose is to take notes or write rough drafts of scientific texts, sitting outside in the sun or being on public transport etc. Why an E-book-Reader? Because its lightweight, compact and has low energy consumption and a good readable display. It should support the following features: - connect to external keyboard via Bluetooth or USB-OTG (It doesn't has to function out-of-the-box, but should work well after short adjustments) - be able to safe text at least as .txt - support mutated vowels (as Ä, ö, ü...) - good usability - low price (For ecological and "fair-trade"-reasons I would prefer second-hand-devices) - not too old, so that there are still some programs/apps available - perhabs it would be cool, if it would support emailing, internet-browsing and so on. So, devices I found, are: - Inkbook Prime, 6", 139€ new - But the Question is, if bluetooth-keyboards are really supported. Has anybody made some experiences? In a german someone complains about bluetooth-Keyboard is not working. - Onyx Boox Kepler, 6" - But I don't find a shop, where it can be bought. - Onyx Boox M96, 9,7", 293€ new - on ereader-store ( you just can preorder it. There are some others, like the Pocketbook pro 912 and Pocketbook pro 902, but in my eyes, they seem to be to old, work on linux (which is still better as other proprietary-OS) and their support of keyboards is far away from out-of-the-box. Further, there are the Onyx Boox N96 or other Highclass-devices (Sony Dpt-S1) which are far too expensive for me. Has anybody made good experiences with one of the mentioned devices for the mentioned use-case or with another device? Thank you and good bye, Stephan