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PRS-T1 Firefox Android on rooted Sony T1, is it possible? Which version?

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 13:09:37 GMT

I have a Sony reader PRS-T1 which I rooted to Android, version numbers below. I want to install Firefox on this thing. Did anyone have any luck? *Which apk (version, URL) did you use?* Is the 40 MB limit even enough to install the thing before moving it? What did you use to move it? Thanks!!! *Model number* PRS-T1 *Android version* 2.2.1 *Kernel version* hudson@devuntu4 #1 *Build number* FRG83 *Version*

Anyone else having trouble using Overdrive on a Sony reader?

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:11:49 GMT

I posted about in the ongoing Overdrive thread in case this was a general problem with Overdrive, but nobody else has posted about it so I guess not. I thought I'd try in the Sony forum in case this is a Sony-specific issue. A few days ago I tried using the new Overdrive on my Sony reader and it worked OK - I was able to log in and view my wishlist. Here's what started yesterday: When I entered my password and tapped to sign in, the status bar at the top would get most of the way across and then I would get booted out of the browser altogether - it would send me back to page 2 of the reader's main menu. This happened repeatedly. I tried googling the library (on the reader). When I clicked on the search result for the library's home page, I got booted out of the browser again. I tried googling again and one of the search results was a link to the library's Advanced Search page. I clicked on that link and it came up ok. From that page, I clicked sign in, it let me sign in and returned me to the Advanced Search page. I was able to click My Account, but when I selected Wishlist I got booted out of the browser again. I reopened browser and used the history listings to go back to the Advanced Search page. Found I was still signed in. Clicking on the bookshelf icon got me booted out of the browser again. Went back in via Advanced Search, then the library's menu button, then subjects, selected a subject and was able to see some books. From that page, I clicked on the bookshelf icon and got booted out of the browser again. I ccould search and browse and access my account settings, but if I tried to access my loans, holds, or wishlist, I got booted out. As of today it's showing me as still signed in, and I can't sign out - when I try it boots me out of the browser again.

Prs-505 Uninstaller program help

Fri, 25 Nov 2016 19:06:01 GMT

Does anyone have the program uninstaller_505.exe which fixes a problem with the Sony PRS-505. I have been playing around with firmware (silly of me I know) and have got in a right pickle. I can't even remember what I did but now I now get the message 'Firmware update did not complete successfully. Please try again' when I switch the reader on. I have read about this problem in an old message in this forum and someone refers to this site for a program to fix this but it was a long time ago and this file doesn't exist there anymore. Does anyone have this lying around please so that I can get my beloved reader working again?

SONY PRS T1 Sorry! The application Home has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 14:43:36 GMT

Hello. I need help. I know this is and old reader but I hope someone here can still help me fix it. I fear I brick my reader when trying to root it using Rootset-Mynimo-B3 from here : Well, the reader reboot himself buit when it got back I have the persistent message "Sorry! The application Home has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." and it gives me the option to force close nut when I press it it just comes back on a on. I can see the wifi icon on standby, the battery and, when I connect the reader to the PC, I also can see the usb status icon with "connect" and "disconnected" when I put the cable on or remove it. The thing is I can't reach any other option in order to soft or hard reset the reader and I can't connect via data tranfer to the PC to restore or do anything. I tried to hard reset by doing the next page and back buttons pressing but since I can´t load the Home Screen I can't seem to do anything with the button secuence. I really hope someone can help me. I just reacieved the reader and can't affort any other one. Thank you very much and excuse my poor english. :help:

PRS-T1 Rooted T1 touchscreen

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 01:07:29 GMT

Hi all, I know the PRS-T1 is a relatively old device, but I love mine. I use it all the time and don't see the need to upgrade, as it reads books fine. I really want the most slimmed down version possible. I don't need wifi, and I don't want touchscreen, (or the dictionary). I go camping a fair bit, and whenever I bust out the reader, I tend to get little midgies and whatever attracted to the light reflected off the screen. They walk across it, causing the pages to turn. It's really annoying. If I root my device, can I turn off this functionality? I'm just after a bare bones device that I can read a book on, and physically push a button to turn pages. Any help greatly appreciated.

PRS-T3 PRS T3 Crashing every now and then

Tue, 22 Nov 2016 06:55:43 GMT

Hi guys, I'm new here. Sorry if these has been asked before. My PRS T3 has been crashing lately. What I mean is that I'm reading a book then it will crash to the home screen again and again. Also while in this state, the buttons won't work. Every now and then I'm pressing the menu button while reading. If the menu appears, it's okay. But soon if I press the button and nothing appears, I know it will crash soon. I think this is RAM related. While I'm in the home screen in the "Crashed" state, choosing other menus: bookshelves, settings etc. will let me access that page but if I let it be for a few seconds, it would crash to the main screen again. Temporary solution that I have found is turning it off/ letting it be idle for a long while then using it again. But it always have this issue. Can someone help me how to fix this? I'm using the final update btw. Please help, I love this more than my pw3 EDIT: I also encounter the "Home Application stopped unexpectedly" issue