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PRS-350 What case is this? Full-grain leather

Sun, 22 Jan 2017 21:45:11 GMT

I bought a 350 four years ago and it came with two cases, one is the sony official, made of plastic and fake thin leathery material that started to wore out after few days of usage, the other one is this seem to be a full grain leather cover, that's really thick and durable with excellent craftsmanship and material. photoes I recently bought another 350 in mint condition, and I want to buy the same leather case for it. But this case has no labelling or brand or anything. I am sure someone in the Sony reader community would know the maker of this case since it is such a quality case.

instructions for bigger gui on android kobo

Sun, 22 Jan 2017 14:40:42 GMT

hello, the android images provided for the kobos have the DPI set to around 200 by default, where it's 265 on 6.8" devices and 300 on 6" new generation devices. This causes the buttons, icons and texts to be small and screen register unwanted slide gestures when you just want to tap the screen. I've tried many tools for this, like textdroider dpi, resolution changer, a few build.prop editors and es file explorer. none of them seem to work because they can't seem to get write permission for the build.prop file which is responsible for this display parameter, even though the superuser is installed and seems working. Exclaimer: this method is not end user friendly, and i'm not responsible for any damage to your device, since the method involves manual editing of system files. 1-) Get ubuntu(or other linux dist.) running on a computer 2-) Plug your android system sdcard on to that computer. For dualboot, this is your external sd card, and easier to do. 2.5-) create backup image for your sdcard if you'd like. 3-) run this command on terminal, you might need to login as root using "su root" command: "chown [your linux user name goes here] /system/build.prop" 4-) run this command too: "chmod 666 /system/build.prop" 5-) using file explorer, open up the system partition on sdcard, and open the "build.prop" file with any text editor. 6-) add "ro.sf.lcd_density=300" line to that file, if it does exists already, just change the dpi value. 300 dpi might be too much for some, you can change it to 265 if you like. 7-) save the file and eject sdcard Now plug the system sdcard to your kobo and boot the android. screen elements should appear bigger. But in some apps, this enchancement might cause sprite artifacts, tweak accordingly. i'll add results later, they are on my device as screenshots.

TOC garbled with play books

Sun, 22 Jan 2017 12:21:46 GMT

I switched to Android from iOS and to play books, since I like how it handles highlightning and annotations and syncing amongst them. Sometimes, though, when I upload an epub to google play books, from the mac or the mobile phone app, the table of contents get messed up: items missing, bad sorting, sublevels completely missing. I even tried adjusting the TOC with sigil but no joy. Sometimes the TOC is bad on the web version, but good on the mobile app, or viceversa... Any idea? Thank you.

Instructions for patching firmware 4.2.8283

Sun, 22 Jan 2017 03:23:15 GMT

This firmware version has *only been oficially released for the Aura One and Aura Edition 2*, it should work on other Mk 6 devices (Glo HD, Touch 2.0) but don't try to install it on other devices unless you know what you are doing, *installing the wrong firmware could potentailly result in an unbootable ereader*. See the Aura One firmware 4.2.8283 ( discussion thread for information about what has changed in this firmware version. See the Index to the Metazoa firmware patches thread ( for a description of what some of these patches do. _Before starting:_ 1. Make sure your Kobo ereader is *already running firmware version 4.2.8283 (530afa6716)*. If not, then you need to upgrade *before* applying this patch. 2. Check that your battery is well charged. _Patching from Windows, Linux (i386/x86_64), or Mac (OS X 10.8-10.9, i386/x86_64):_ 1. Download and extract (attached). 2. Download the Kobo firmware archive version 4.2.8283 for your device (See this thread ( and copy it into the 4.2.8283_source/ subdirectory. (*Don't unzip the firmware*.) 3. Read and edit all the *.patch files in the 4.2.8283_source/ subdirectory in order to: choose which patches to enable (patch_enable=`yes`) or disable (patch_enable=`no`); and to change some of the replacement values to suit your device and preferences. 4. In Windows double-click 4.2.8283.bat; For Linux/Mac open a terminal, change to the patch_kobo_4028283/ subdirectory, and run ./ from the command line. 5. If there were no errors, copy the resulting KoboRoot.tgz from the 4.2.8283_target/ subdirectory to the .kobo directory on your ereader. 6. Safely eject and unplug the device, which will then update and restart. _To return your ereader to its original unpatched state:_ 1. Edit all the 4.2.8283_source/*.patch files to disable all patches (set patch_enable = `no` for every patch). 2. Repeat steps 4-6 of the procedure above. _Note that the following patches are enabled by default:_ `Fix page breaks bug` `Default ePub monospace font (Courier)` `Custom left & right margins` `Search in Library by default` `Custom page refresh options (1,2,3,...,12)` `Fix three KePub fullScreenReading bugs`

Hardware Photochromic Kindle

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 15:53:01 GMT

This is an idea development thread, not a pre-packaged solution (no pun intended). Consider: This forum has had, and still has, posts by people who want changes to the Kindle's frontlight system to address various vision problems. Also, user selected fonts (also a subject of visibility) is among our most widely used add-ins. - - - - - - It is the blue end of the spectrum, including Ultra-Violet, that is the most often cause of the problem. To make a difficult vision situation worse, the front light system of the Kindles use a blue-white, LED, light source. There have been posts here about changing the front light LEDs to ones operating at the red end of the spectrum. At least I have usually answered that would be too technically difficult to be even worth trying. But what if we tinted the outside of the front light layer of the display? With a minimum of web searching, I find that the coating and/or dye materials are not hard to find. For example: Available in DIY quantities - at least if you consider 100 sunglass lens treatments: "DIY quantities". Let me first address what seems to be a simple solution - wear specially treated eye protection when using a Kindle. Consider first the light path(s) - an example of this can be easily seen from the "outside" of a person wearing sunglasses or from the outside of a tinted window. The 'outside' light (to be reflected) travels through the coating, with selected losses - That light is reflected (in varying amounts, all with losses) by the object to be viewed - Then the light has to travel back through the coating, again with losses created by the tint of the dye or coating. End result - you can't "see in" - either from the outside of sunglasses or the outside of the tinted window. But that would be just great, when using the Kindle in unfavorable (to this user) conditions. Now consider the front light, light path - The light source is effectively the **inside** surface of the micro-etched front light display layer - I.E: no 'first trip' through the outside surface of the front light display layer. The light is reflected by the display (with varying losses) - The light passes through the outside tint of the display, with losses. I.E: This coating or dye would be selected to remove the UV and some amount of the blue from the LED sources. Summary: The troublesome part of the outside light (which is not easily controlled by the user - the Kindle does not have a button to adjust the sun) is reduced (about) twice. The troublesome part of the 'inside' light is reduced once - the user can control this part of the light with the light level control of the front lighted Kindles and with the contrast range of the display itself. With protective eye wear, all light has to pass through the filtering regardless of the source. Properly selected 'filter' color - then we are affecting only the troublesome part of the spectrum to selective reduction. But where am I going with this? One more consideration - Why not use a UV sensitive, photochromic coating/dye? (Photochromic - the technical term for what is widely known in the USA as "transitions lens (coating)" - a trademarked name.) Now those products are not as easy to find, but for one (important) example: Important when you consider how we are going to apply the coating to the Kindle display front light layer. The first linked (non-photochromic) are heat cured. This means somehow removing the front light layer from the display so that the heat applied during the process does not destroy the e-ink panel. The careful reader will find that the photochromic dyes/coatings linked in the second example are available as UV (rather than heat) cure products. Where the 'bath applied', 'heat cured', products give us the problem of how to protect the "inside" of the micro-etched layer during the application[...]

Looking for patch to autosort shelves according to file directories inside kobo

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 12:23:13 GMT

A few months ago when I got the Kobo One, I stumbled upon a thread here in this forum that had a patch that would allow the kobo to autosort the ebooks into shelves in the kobo according to the directories where the files were in the kobo. It worked great! Today I sincronized the kobo and got a new firmware installed. So I guess I probably lost that ability and need a new patch for this new firmware but I can't find the thread anymore. Is it possible for anyone to point me in the right direction? I've been searching the forum and couldn't find it on my own. Thank you in advance for any possible help.

Aura H2O Aura H2O WiFi "problems"

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 20:46:00 GMT

Hello! I just noticed that my H2O only connects to 802.11b networks. It detects and shows other networks, but it fails to connect to a 802.11g network for example. Even if my router is set to use b/g/n networks, Kobo won't connect to it, only if I set it to b only. :blink: Anyone else experience this behaviour? I'm using 3.19.5761 firmware.

Which Firmware for T68?

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 19:23:42 GMT

Which Firmware should I install on my T68? I have installed updates from in the past, but now I'm not sure which to choose. Should I go with 1.8.1, which seems to be Android 4.0.4, or should I go with the 4.4 update. The 4.4 update seems to be very old in comparison to the 4.0.4 update. Thanks

ADE version and borrowing a library book

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 17:04:53 GMT

Is ADE 4.5.x buggy and/or does it have issues with Kobo? *Background* I'm new to Kobo (my H2O arrived last night), and I spent several hours trying to borrow a book from the library. I think I finally have it working correctly now that I installed ADE 3.0. Originally, I installed ADE 4.5.2, and then tried again with 4.5.3, but I kept having issues with copying the book to the Kobo -- either it wouldn't copy, or it would copy, but I couldn't read it because of DRM.

Zoom images in Kobo Mini epub

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 16:01:31 GMT

Hi Is there any way to zoom Images in epub in Kobo Mini? or move a Images that it is larger than the screen size? Thanks.

Set progress read of a book

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 15:53:54 GMT

Hi I restore my Kobo Aura 2 reader so I loose my books and the progress of my current book. I will load my book again and I know that I was at the 155th page. But does the Kobo says that it's 72% of the book as before the restore ??? How to force it without to click "next page" from 1 to 155 manually ? Thanx

Aura Light bow at the bottom

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 08:36:25 GMT

Hi, When I read a book in the dark with the light of the Aura (10%), I see two arcs of light at the bottom of the screen. I think it's the light to illuminate the screen, but I do not know if it's a problem or not, because it's a little bit uncomfortable. Thanks

Is this fixable? (inkBOOK Obsidian)

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 00:14:43 GMT

I received an inkBOOK Obsidian for my birthday (December 31). I've used it quite a bit and have taken very good care of it. Today, I picked it up to use it and found it dead (photos attached). After charging, I turned it on, and the bottom part of the screen seems "stuck". I haven't done anything to damage the reader, but this certainly looks like damage to the eInk screen to me. There's a one year warranty, but I'm afraid the company is going to try to say I damaged it. Any advice?

Buying Aura One from Japan

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 23:59:05 GMT

Since Kobo is out of stock on the Aura One, I'm thinking of buying one on ebay from Japan. Are there any features like Overdrive access that might not be on a Japanese model? Thanks

K5 No update to 5.3.7 after DeBricking

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 20:23:17 GMT

Hi, first of all, thank you all for great stuff! I have issue with upgrading my Kindle to newest version. I need that because I've lost access to my books. Here is whole story from beginning. I have had my kindle unused by several months, and I've found my kindle in "Needs Repair" state. I have performed following steps: 1. Recompile MfgTool for Win10 x64 (I will upload later) 2. Go to Diags Mode 3. Enable Fast Boot by "Install FastBoot Bundle" from "Exit, Reboot or Disable Diags" menu 4. Flash diags partition with image from here: 5. Go to Diags Mode again 6. Using SSH flash main partition according to: 7. Update from version 5.1.2 to version with official image 8. Got issue with official image I have copied official image to Kindle by USB, and enter Settings->Update My Kindle. It reboots and starts up. Nothing happens. Could somebody give me any clues? Thanks & Regards, Stanislaw