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How to sync Kindle and Pc

Sat, 03 Dec 2016 00:54:30 GMT

I sometimes read on my Kindle and sometimes on my desktop using the Kindle app. When I finish on one and later pick up on the other, how can I ensure that I pick up where I left off on the other device? At the moment that's not happening. If I stop on my Kindle PC app, and later pick up on the Kindle Paperwhite, it takes me to the last place I was on the Paperwhite. How do I keep them in sync?

Newbie question on transferring books from Companion to kindle for iPad

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 18:47:33 GMT

Hello all, I tried searching the forums but couldn't find an answer and my apologies if This has been posted before. I've just downloaded the Companion app for the iPad and was wondering if it is possible to transfer books from Companion to Kindle for iPad. I have an IPad Pro 9.7 with the latest operating system. Thank you in advance :) PJV

Touch Kobo N905B not booting

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 17:41:14 GMT

Hi I have a Kobo Touch N905B which won't boot, I've done a hard reset but it still won't get any farther. Would a new image repair this and is it easily reimaged? Thank you.

Annotations and Bookmarks

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 10:48:24 GMT

Hi I'm using a Kindle Voyage and a Kindle 2016, I'm having problems with annotations and bookmarks. Syncing seems to work fine for furthest page read, but highlights and bookmarks are not syncing across. Whispersync is on, there used to be an option for turning annotation backup on/off, but this seems to have gone from settings. Any advice welcome... Neil

Aura H2O Aura H2O Flap fell off!

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 05:06:40 GMT

Not exactly sure how, but it seems to have fallen off, I still have the flap, but the end seems to have ripped a little, so it does come all the way off if I pull on it. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about DIY repairs for this? Seems like I would want to avoid Kobo for repairs...

Tools Dropbox client, Seafile client

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 03:35:43 GMT

Please welcome to test my little projects: They both are made as KUAL extensions and work similarly so installation instructions are similar too. In short words: download, unpack to extensions folder, edit config, start KUAL, use. I refrained from implementing daemon mode for several reasons: 1. Almost all the time I keep my Kindles in airplane mode, therefore these scripts when running in background will only eat resources. 2. Frequent notifications are distracting, but without notifications it's not possible to get information about synchronization process. 3. If you remove or replace open document, the result is unpredictable. Longer description Seafile client: # seafile-kindle-client Simple client for synchronization between Kindle and Seafile server. Upload works only for particular direectory. ### Installation - Your kindle must be jailbroken - Install python for kindle - Copy the contents of KUAL/seafile directory into /mnt/us/extensions/seafile - Copy seafile.cfg.example to seafile.cfg, set there proper server address, library name, your login and password (as well as path to local directory): ``` [server] url = library = MyBooks user = user@mail.server password = Password ; SSL certificate verify options: True, False or path to self-signed crt file cert = False [kindle] local = /mnt/us/documents/Seafile upload = /MyKindle_1 ; screen dimensions in chars: 68x60 for PW3/KV, 48x42 for PW2 width = 68 height = 60 ``` Run it via KUAL menu: - KUAL -> Seafile Sync -> Synchronize or - KUAL -> Seafile Sync -> Push to server At the first run script will obtain an authentication token at Seafile server and remove your login and password entries from configuration file (for security reasons). ### Known Issues/Bugs/Limitations - Synchronization (download) works pretty well for 100-200 files in 3 sub-dir levels with overall size 1 Gb. For testing a bigger volumes I'll have to re-solder Kindle storage chip and hack firmware. - One'n'half-way synchronization (only newly created local files are uploaded to server). As ID of file is generated on the server, there is no reliable way to determine if file is changed locally by it's ID. File timestamp doesn't look good too as kindle clock might reset after cold restart. - There is an option for uploading of the particular directory contents (useful e.g. for notes synchronization). As all files in that directory have to be uploaded to the server you should be careful: it could take much time. - Directory for uploads must exist on the server. You have to create it there (e.g. via web interface or with desktop seafile client) and perform synchronization (download) at least once before upload. - Upload directory must be a sub-folder in directory tree, e.g. /mnt/us/documents/Seafile/MyKindle_1. In config it should be defined as relative path to the base directory - File ID is a hash of file therefore all exact copies of particular file will have the same ID (though different names). Because the client idea is based on ID comparison, then if you make a copy of existing file at the server, client will download only the first file. - Just rudimentary checks of internet/WiFi availability/file operations - Hidden files/folders are not synchronized as well as bookmarks/statistics (*.sdr). It's because client has keeping actual state in hidden files ".hash", also some FUSE FS garbage often present as .fuse_hiddenXXXXXX. Dropbox client: # dropbox-kindle-client Dropbox client for Amazon Kindle Based on Seafile client ### Installation - Your kindle must be jailbroken - Install python for kindle [...]

jailbreak unregistered blaclisted kindle oasis (G0B0GD)

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 23:04:27 GMT

Does a break for an unregistered blaclisted kindle oasis (G0B0GD) exist? Thanks for any help.

Aura One

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 22:08:37 GMT

Before I return the Aura One. I'm trying to figure out how I can sync side loaded books using Calibre and Kobo Aura One reader. Is there no way I can save my place in pages and bookmarks to Calibre, then use Calibre to send it with my book marks and page to the iPad? I'm hoping to read the Aura reader at home and when I'm out on the go I can continue reading on the iPad. Theres has to be some way other then just remembering what page i'm on and manually turning to that page every time I use a different device. Thanks.

Aura [6"] New to Need Help

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 21:11:59 GMT

Does this eReader do Collections & HOW? ALL eBooks will be Sideloaded fyi. Recommendations with links plz for this device. Took me a year to finally take the Plunge :D Since I only have Fire 10" & Fire Phone 4.5" I am betting this becomes my main reader :D WOW what a difference from KPW 2 & 3! I am sure I have more questions ....just finished downloading a few eBooks & going to Ply with it to get to know it. :book2: Darn thought I put it in the Title.... Arua 6" Reader & ?? 3.... has micro sd card slot but no information on How Big or anything....

Ottawa public library now working with Kobo Aura One Overdrive!

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 20:16:20 GMT

Just a quick note to let folks in Ottawa know that this is now working. I could not get it to work when I got my Aura One in Sept - but this morning I was able to browse books and even take one out! Its awesome and I'm very glad this feature has come to Ottawa now!

PRS-T1 Firefox Android on rooted Sony T1, is it possible? Which version?

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 13:09:37 GMT

I have a Sony reader PRS-T1 which I rooted to Android, version numbers below. I want to install Firefox on this thing. Did anyone have any luck? *Which apk (version, URL) did you use?* Is the 40 MB limit even enough to install the thing before moving it? What did you use to move it? Thanks!!! *Model number* PRS-T1 *Android version* 2.2.1 *Kernel version* hudson@devuntu4 #1 *Build number* FRG83 *Version*

C67ML Carta V1.8.0 firmware no Google Play

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 13:04:52 GMT

I have installed V1.8.0 firmware for C67ML but now i have no Google Play store. How can i install it? /Dia

Sync fails on kobo aura 1

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 12:58:05 GMT

Hi all, My kobo aura one has suddenly been unable to complete a sync successfully. Never had this issue before or with my old aura HD. The sync starts and then after trying for a bit, eventually pops up an error window saying "Oops, something happened to your internet connection and we could not finish your update..." The funny thing is, my pocket updates do sync as do the suggested readings from the kobo store. Not sure exactly what it is failing on. Lastly, I've made no changes to my internet connection or router etc... I can use the browser on the kobo aura one to surf just fine. All of my other devices operate as normal. This behaviour started a week ago and has been consistent. I was half expecting to see a thread here discussing it as I had hoped it was something on kobo' side that others were experiencing. Any ideas?

Kobo Glo HD Replacement

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 05:18:00 GMT

Haven't visited for awhile as I don't have the time to play with gadgets like I used to. I've always had both a Kindle (back to K1) for Amazon books and an ePub reader. A huge Sony fan back in the day PRS-505/350/650...then switched to Kobo. (Am I the only one who wishes Sony was still making eReaders or am I just showing my age? :rolleyes:) A few months ago, I bought a Kobo Glo HD as a backup for my older Kobo Glo. The original Glo only got occasional use as it wasn't as stable as my PW. After initially taking my Glo HD out of the box, I didn't use it as my PW had become my go to reader. When I decided to start using the Glo HD, I noticed the battery didn't last beyond 1 sitting. I didn't check here :smack: (or I would've noticed it was a firmware issue) so started playing with the Power settings and now its a brick...can't charge it, can't reset it. Because the Glo HD is still under warranty and they no longer make it, Kobo CS has offered me a Aura 2nd Edition plus $10 credit. While the cost is the same, it doesn't seem comparable. I am now torn as to what I should do: 1) Take the offer - it's not my primary reader as my Kindle PW gets more use - it just seems like I am going backwards. I've read mixed reviews on Kobo CS here so part of me says I should just take what I can get. 2) Ask for a full refund (my older reader works for the most part) and wait to see if something I want comes along. I am open to suggestions for other brands as I am less than thrilled with Kobo long term reliability after owning 2 but I don't see anything else recommended here. 3) See if I can pay the difference to upgrade to the Aura H2O. Waterproof isn't really a need. I like the idea of a slightly larger screen but the 6" readers seem good for portability/size. Plus not sure if it's worth having an expensive 2nd reader given my less than thrilling experiences with Kobos. My needs are basic and really haven't evolved much with time to play with devices like I used to - lit screen, clear/crisp text (I am in denial about the need for reading glasses and I DO need them lol), ePub, sideload books, collections, Calibre supported, reliable. I know it's largely personally preference but I figure I am torn so appreciate thoughts/input. :thanks:

Aura exact display dimensions?

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 22:48:52 GMT

hello, I'd like to know what are the exact e-ink dimensions of the 7'8 Aura One. I want to use to create a native pdf without having the device doing any sort of post processing and activating the annoying paning, etc. thanks.