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PW3 Unbricking some kindles, advice welcome...

Sat, 20 Jan 2018 16:19:57 GMT

Hi Bought a box of "defective" Kindles out of a whim... now I have 5 PW3s. I opened 4 of them, so I have the possibility to connect the serial console. (Working on a Debian system, with working fastboot connection, got that hurdle...) No1 had a dead battery... replacing it brought it back to life but I suspect the charging circuit might be broken, have to test that. No2 is starting up but then just showing the screensaver (no touch or anything). On the serial console I see U-boot starting up Code: --------- ... Welcome to Kindle ... info asr_setup:Not in asr mode::reason=flag file not present. shutting down asr_setup:: info hardware:no_wan::WiFi only device. No WAN found info board_data_file :/opt/ar6k/target/AR6003/hw2.1.1/bin/AR6003_wfo_calfile.bin:: [ 29.377434] ath6kl: ath6kl_fetch_board_file: Board calibration file fetched: /opt/ar6k/target/AR6003/hw2.1.1/bin/AR6003_wfo_calfile.bin [ 29.449979] ath6kl: MAC from kernel xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:C2 [ 29.859981] ath6kl: host only supports scatter of :1 entries, need: 16 [ 400.888536] pmic_soda_connects_notify_otg_out:423 --------- and that's it... if I connect it to a Win PC I see a drive detected, but I cannot access it. Any Ideas on what might be wrong and how to fix it? I've read about DO_FACTORY_RESET file but I cannot access the drive... No3 shows the same behavior as No2. No4 displays a page of a book but does nothing more, no reaction to reset via power button (>20sec). No5 has a whole in the screen and a bent motherboard... so no help there, but the batter was still alive. Then I've a WP63GW with a strange looking image on the screen, serial console shows Code: --------- [ 1.741247] max77696-epd max77696-epd.0: EPDINT: Regulator Fault Detected [12] [ 1.748534] Regulator Fault Occurred! Retrying powerup... --------- Guess this on is fatal as well... And I've a SY69JL with a kindle Power On picture and a D01100 with a drained battery on the screen, which I did not yet open up. Would be thankful for some tips/hints, I'm fairly new to this kindle stuff :poke:

Searching across multiple pdfs on Android and managing them

Sat, 20 Jan 2018 10:58:22 GMT

Hi There! I am looking for an app that would let me search through a big collection of pdfs on Android. All suggestions are welcome! What are you using for managing(sorting/organizing in folders etc) pdfs on Android? Many Thanks!

Android app for managing and searching across multiple pdfs.

Sat, 20 Jan 2018 10:53:51 GMT

Hi There! I am looking for an app that would let me search through a big collection of pdfs on Android. All suggestions are welcome! What are you using for managing(sorting/organizing in folders etc) pdfs on Android? Many Thanks!

image viewer mode and lost highlights

Sat, 20 Jan 2018 08:35:00 GMT

Hi guys, I have a kobo aura h2o and today, just by chance, I entered in a kind of image viewer mode where I was able to zoom an image. I have no idea how I entered in that mode, but I think it's totally useful. I've tried in every way but I was not able to enter again in that mode. When I went out of that mode, however, I noticed that all the notes and highlights I put on that book had disappeared!! Any idea about how to enter in that mode and why I had this notes/highlight problem?? PS my kobo compared to my old kindle paperwhite si sooooooooooo slow. I have 3 GB out of 4 occupied. Could be this the problem? My software version is 4.5.9587

New Paperwhite can I root?

Sat, 20 Jan 2018 04:50:26 GMT

Just got a Paperwhite with software with no ads, is it rootable? And please inform what I need to do. More information the better thanks folks

Kobo H2O bug

Sat, 20 Jan 2018 02:19:24 GMT

I recently purchased the Kobo H2O and I'm using the stock firmware that came with it, version 4.6.9995. I've read about 15 books on it. I like to use Sigil to edit out any typo's in my books so when I come across one I bookmark it for later editing. Today I was editing a couple of books and I noticed something odd. Many of the typos displaying on the Kobo don't appear in Sigil. Here's a few examples; 1: Double words. eg: "I believe believe you are mistaken" on Kobo displays as "I believe you are mistaken" in Sigil. 2: Insertion of words. eg: "I went to the to store" on Kobo displays as "I went to the store" in Sigil. 3: Missing words. eg: "Jesse walked the door" on Kobo displays as "Jesse walked through the door" in Sigil. 4: Letters displaying incorrectly. eg: the word "clipped" in Sigil (correct word as per the context) is displayed as "dipped" on the Kobo regardless of the chosen font or font size. I find it bizarre that the Kobo could just insert whole words, delete whole words and display letters inaccurately like this. Anyone else come across this problem?

E-reader / Kindle bought in Canada to be used in UK and to read books from

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 21:33:56 GMT

Is it possible to buy a Kindle reader in Canada, then use it in the UK and buy books from (I am a French Canadian living in the UK.) I have a friend living in France who would be able to buy me Kindle books on amazon france, if it's possible to send ebooks to other people. I would also like to be able to read UK books on the Kindle. If it's not possible, do you know another Ebook reader that would allow me to do what I explained above?

PocketBook Touch HD 2 backgroun noise

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 17:35:23 GMT

Excuse me for my English I just bought a touch hd 2 and I am amazed with the great screen (my previous screen was pearl of 1024 x 768) and with color temperature! but I found that when I use the audio, you hear background noise which makes your hearing very dirty, both on the audio player and the tts. with the latest update it gets a little better but the noise is still audible. I'm worried if it's this device or maybe it's a manufacturing defect and maybe the next update will fix it? Would you be so kind as to check to see if this is happening in your units? above all you can listen to it with low volume and it depends on the song. also in the tts when using pause and/or restart you can hear some clicks.

Troubleshooting Oasis 2 + Whispersync ebook won’t play audible when both on device.

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 16:57:49 GMT

Has anyone else had a problem with a Whispersync’d ebook and audio book not working together on an Oasis 2? I have one that’s clearly Whispersync’d, in fact I paid the reduced price for the audio. Both the audiobook and the ebook are on my Oasis but the ebook does not recognise that it is Whispersync’d. I had hoped to use my Oasis to read and listen but it’s not possible for this book, there is no option to switch to listening within the book, or visa versa. Trying to report it to Amazon is a nightmare, the only reason I bother is that i used to system and user test computer programs so I know how important it is to have faults reported. My sanity does wonder why I bother though :(

Is there a page turn command?

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 16:13:04 GMT

Assuming that the kindle already has a book open and is displaying some page, is there some command that can be issued from ssh or a shell script to turn the page? (Jailbroken Voyage running 5.8.11) ETA: I found information to make what I needed, detailed in the references in post #8 of this thread. Create a binary file to use in a command to display the next page in a document: [root@kindle root]# Code: --------- cat /dev/input/event2 > nextpage.dat --------- then press next page key, then Ctrl-C Create a binary file to use in a command to display the previous page in a document: [root@kindle root]# Code: --------- cat /dev/input/event2 > prevpage.dat --------- then press previous page key, then Ctrl-C The commands to actually turn the page are: Code: --------- cat /mnt/us/nextpage.dat > /dev/input/event2 cat /mnt/us/prevpage.dat > /dev/input/event2 --------- The data files are 64 bytes long and the contents I got are: Code: --------- od -t x1 nextpage.dat 0000000 fe 67 62 5a 0d 90 09 00 01 00 6d 00 01 00 00 00 0000020 fe 67 62 5a 14 90 09 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0000040 fe 67 62 5a d1 b8 0b 00 01 00 6d 00 00 00 00 00 0000060 fe 67 62 5a d3 b8 0b 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 od -t x1 prevpage.dat 0000000 25 68 62 5a 86 a0 00 00 01 00 68 00 01 00 00 00 0000020 25 68 62 5a 8d a0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0000040 25 68 62 5a 73 0f 03 00 01 00 68 00 00 00 00 00 0000060 25 68 62 5a 76 0f 03 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 --------- There is probably a much better way to do this.

text confusion

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 14:20:20 GMT

I have a Kindle Oasis 1. I have experienced a problem where I am reading a book, I page turn and start to read he new page then discover part of the way through that I am reading a paragraph that I had read previously, I think usually from the previous page. The first time this happened I though by book file was damaged but learned that if I change the font size it corrects itself and all is well. This has happened really only about two or three times and with different books. It is not a major issue since changing font size (and I can then change it back) seems to resolve the problem. It is mostly a annoyance the couple of times it has happened. I am curious if anyone experienced something similar with any of their Kindle devices?

M92 in MacOs Sierra

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 14:02:14 GMT

Hello! I cannot see my M92 (firmware 1.8 20131204) in my MacBook Pro running MacOs Sierra (10.12.6). Differently put, my M92 does not appear in Finder and I don't know how to make it appear there. I am using an external SD normally, but the problem is that I have quite a much stuff in my internal drive of M92 so that it appears to be a bit slow (don't know if that really influences). I would like to remove stuff from my internal storage. What could I possibly do? Is it possible to delete files from the M92 internal storage of when using M92? Are there any newer firmwares? Many thanks for help!

Kobo Aura One reformat

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 12:24:57 GMT

I had some trouble with the Aura One. Is is possible to reformat the internal disk and then to reset the reader? Or do I brick it when reformatting? Thanks Maida

Screen mirroring on Max2? (And eventually portably Note)

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 10:48:34 GMT

I haven't seen this question addressed, so in going to go ahead and ask myself. Could anyone who has already got a Max2 test of screen mirroring (aka miracast) works with the device, eg if you have a smart TV with that feature or one of these miracast sticks? This could be potentially very useful in a classroom context when instead of drawing on a messy chalk board you draw on the device in an app like, eg squib, and get to keep everything that's been drawn already and it's protected for the whole group to see and discuss. Chromecast compatibility might also be interesting, but I don't quite see that working as flexibly in a university context, as you can't just set up a dongle on the fly, but have to first consider whether there's WiFi available which then needs to be set up etc. Any comments and tests on this issue would be very welcome!

Aura Calibre resets new Collections created with the Kobo

Thu, 18 Jan 2018 16:46:14 GMT

Dear Forum, I usually make use of *Calibre* to manage my *Kobo Aura One*. I setted Calibre for it to be able to also create/delete/manage new Collections, associating them to the tags field. This is with lots of satisfaction. But some days ago *I created a new Collection* in the Kobo, and I moved some of my *.epubs* there, from other old Collections already present. This was directly with the Kobo, not with Calibre: so, when I connected Kobo to Calibre to manage my Library and addeed some books to Kobo, Calibre applied its own old Collection rules, and all went back to the previous state. The new Collection was deleted, and the books I added went back to the previous Collections. How to make Calibre to accept new Collections created with Kobo, and not to force Kobo to the previous status? Thanks.