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Troubleshooting K4NT Screen is messed up after dropping to ground

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 15:02:45 GMT

i accidentally dropped my kindle 4 NT onto ground, now the screen is all messed up (see attached pic). it's broken to three areas. top half is blank, and the right side display screen saver, only lower half display text. Screen isn't damaged though. any way to fix it?

Adding books from Calibre

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 09:46:11 GMT

Hi Just a quick question. I just got a kindle paperwhite and I've added some books from calibre to it via USB. the books show up fine. My eBooks are all in calibre. However if I download the kindle app to my phone or computer, will the books show up in that app as well? if not how can I have them on both the kindle and the kindle app? Thanks Stuart

Aura HD Aura HD 4.2.8432 and detection by Calibre

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 04:42:08 GMT

I have only experienced this problem since updating my Aura HD to 4.2.8432 a few days ago. No problems with actually using the ereader after the F/W update, but now, if I have Calibre already running on my PC when I plug in the Aura HD and tap the Connect button that appears on the reader screen, Calibre does not detect the reader once the drives (internal memory and SD card) are mounted. Prior to this F/W upgrade, the reader would be detected in this situation without any problem. If I shut Calibre and start it again with the reader already connected, it detects the reader without any problem. OS is Win10 x64, the problem first appeared when I was running Calibre 2.79.1 and updated the reader F/W update from 3.19.5761 to 4.2.8432. I have since upgraded Calibre to 2.80 - problem remains the same. p.s. Just saw that newer F/W 4.3.8842 is available so I downloaded and sideloaded that. Problem now resolved...

Troubleshooting Kindle for Android App--Files deleted off Kindle return as "new" files

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 02:22:00 GMT

I am having trouble with sideloaded books (via Calibre) coming back after they are deleted from my Kindle App. I tried deleting using the 'delete book' function in the app, I tried deleting them using Calibre, and I tried deleting them from the Kindle directory using file manager app. The books go away for a while, but end up coming back, marked as 'new'. Even after several deletions, they still come back. I'm not sure how long it takes--I usually notice after a few hours that they have returned to my library on the device. I can't figure out where the files are coming from. They aren't in the Amazon cloud, as they are sideloaded books. I have not had the devices connected to my PC or Calibre. It's not a matter of them just being visible in the carousel--the books are actually on my device and can be opened to read. This happens on both of my Android devices.

Troubleshooting Kindle PW

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 21:46:44 GMT

Has anyone had trouble with their paperwhite Kindle Unlimited library after the most recent store experience update? I no longer have delete buttons & can only delete using my iPad.

Aura KA1 current version?

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 18:38:58 GMT

All the discussion about firmware versions leads to the question of "what is the currently Kobo released version for the KA1? 4.2.8432 right? Thanks!

iPad Alternative to GoodReader? (PDF on iOS)

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 16:51:58 GMT

GoodReader is a magnificent app, but I'm always searching for a better suited alternative. My biggest issue with Goodreader is *highlighting*. To switch to a different color while highlighting you either have to change pages, or select the highlighting tool again. In other words, if I want the first sentence to be yellow, but the second sentence to be green. I have to mark the first sentence then flip a page (and then immediately flip back) or manually select the highlight tool again BEFORE switching to green and highlighting the second sentence. *Otherwise*, everything on the page (that was marked yellow) will switch to green. Same goes for a double highlight - when you want to go over a passage with the same color twice (done for emphasis). You have to change pages or manually select the highlighting tool again in order to do so. *I'm fully aware that these issues are not a problem for most people. However, I need to be as efficient as possible when reading/highlighting. A better suited app could make a huge difference for me* What I am dying to find is an app that lets me change colors and double highlight on the fly. Just tap a different color and keep going. It needs to also retain most of these features from GoodReader: * [Essential]: Sync files with dropbox or other service that allows me to use the PDFs on the computer as well * [Essential]: Related to the above, app needs to access and maintain the same file structure as the folders on the computer when syncing * Freehand/pen tool with size & translucency adjustment * Insert text box tool * Crop viewing area - adjust viewing area of the file on the reader without actually cropping the file itself. Naturally, all apps that require you to first select text BEFORE proceeding to highlighting selection options are also not a good fit. This is just way too slow. *The highlighting needs to happen as soon as I touch the screen.* I know this is a very specific request. But maybe someone here will have a suggestion. I can't be the only one who needs color-coded highlighting to be efficient. Or maybe I am :rolleyes: You guys are my last hope! :help: THANKS! lo-fi

PW On-Screen Keyboard: Using the line above the keys?

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 15:54:09 GMT

Hi: Regarding the Paperwhite 5.8.7 on-screen keyboard: Is there a way to put values in the text line above the actual keys, that is used in Amazon's own Apps for word suggestions? I am looking into ways to improve the usability of the gargoyle interactive fiction interpreter, and would like to place cursor-key commands there (like: cursor:left; cursor:right).

Instructions for patching firmware 4.3.8842

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 07:37:27 GMT

See the Aura One firmware 4.3.8842 ( discussion thread for information about what has changed in this firmware version. See the Index to the Metazoa firmware patches thread ( for a description of what some of these patches do. _Before starting:_ 1. Make sure your Kobo ereader is *already running firmware version 4.3.8842 (ed3f655eae)*. If not, then you need to upgrade *before* applying this patch. 2. Check that your battery is well charged. _Patching from Windows, Linux (i386/x86_64), or Mac (OS X 10.8-10.9, i386/x86_64):_ 1. Download and extract (attached). 2. Download the Kobo firmware archive version 4.3.8842 for your device (See this thread ( and copy it into the 4.3.8842_source/ subdirectory. (*Don't unzip the firmware*.) 3. Read and edit all the *.patch files in the 4.3.8842_source/ subdirectory in order to: choose which patches to enable (patch_enable=`yes`) or disable (patch_enable=`no`); and to change some of the replacement values to suit your device and preferences. 4. In Windows double-click 4.3.8842.bat; For Linux/Mac open a terminal, change to the patch_kobo_4038842/ subdirectory, and run ./ from the command line. 5. If there were no errors, copy the resulting KoboRoot.tgz from the 4.3.8842_target/ subdirectory to the .kobo directory on your ereader. 6. Safely eject and unplug the device, which will then update and restart. _To return your ereader to its original unpatched state:_ 1. Edit all the 4.3.8842_source/*.patch files to disable all patches (set patch_enable = `no` for every patch). 2. Repeat steps 4-6 of the procedure above. _Note that the following patches are enabled by default:_ `Fix page breaks bug` `Default ePub monospace font (Courier)` `Custom left & right margins` `Custom page refresh options` `Fix three KePub fullScreenReading bugs`


Thu, 23 Feb 2017 03:08:11 GMT

I see a way to turn on a password to protect my settings on the Pocketbook touch HD, but is there anyway to lock the device with a password when locking it?

Fire's Silk browser "Reading View" problem

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 02:43:54 GMT

The "Reading View" option accessed from the hamburger icon in Fire's Silk web browser attempts to remove everything except the main text on a webpage with the result being a browser webpage that looks like an e-reader book page. No ads, no images, no extraneous content. It's especially good for reading long articles. I've noticed, though, that it often truncates the full text of an article. The text may begin in the third paragraph or end several paragraphs too early. Has anyone noticed this? Has this always been a problem with Reading View or did it only start in the latest versions of Silk? I've noticed that Silk updates frequently. I think Reading View works by making a heuristic guess at just what constitutes the main content of the page. Maybe new complex webpages are fooling it and Reading View needs new instructions to adapt. A little history: In searching this issue (I didn't find anything), I read that Amazon removed Reading View from Silk a couple of years ago. Then they brought it back some months later. Many users were disturbed by Amazon's removing a popular feature. One reason given by foum commenters for Reading View's removal was that websites objected to the feature as it partly functioned like an ad blocker.

Aura H2O Freeze after powering on.

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 02:38:15 GMT

I am on the latest February Firmware and still have that issue: sometimes, when you turn Aura H2O "On" after it has been in "Power off" state, as soon as the main screen loads the system freezes and the only way to get it work again is to long press power button and perform soft reset, after which the e-reader starts and loads normally. At the start I was thinking it somehow connected to the WiFi being On, but yesterday I have got the same issue when it was Off. What should I do and are there any workarounds to stop this issue to happen (except RMA, I am way far from Warranty Date). Thank you very much.

Tough world traveler, 6-8 inch: Quick thoughts?

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 01:32:16 GMT

Looking for off-the-cuff suggestions of where to focus my search: * Tough, does well outside cities and in bad weather * Works well outside US/Canada, esp in Europe, Latin America * 6-8 inch size * Prefer ePub-friendly, but I will consider the right Kindle * Handles random PDFs (I'm happy to use K2pdfopt) Ereaders preferred over tablets; as a last resort, I might get a tablet instead. Thanks for your suggested models to check out! I'm willing to try to buy inside or outside the US. (I live mostly in the US, but a device like this really comes into its own when I'm traveling overseas.)

Kindle paperwhite 3 vs 2

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 01:29:38 GMT

Title says it all. I'm thinking of getting the origami leather voyage case and the pw leather case for both of my ereaders, but I don't want to add a lot of weight to the experience. Thanks, Have a great day

Kobo and chess

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:14:05 GMT

Hello! I will get Kobo Glo HD in couple of days and am planning to use it when trekking & traveling. I like to play chess and my understanding is that I have only two options: 1) Downgrade firmware to something like 3.18 and do some modfications to sqlite file explained in some earlier threads. Is that a terrible idea? I guess the firmwares since then have included lots of fixes & other features. 2) Stay in current firmware and install pbchess Another question is how much playing chess will drain Kobo's battery? I would assume that it's more taxing to battery than reading a book. Not familiar with those chess applications, for example does the computer think while it's your move? (draining battery even more).