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MobileRead Forums - Which one should I buy?

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Torn between Apple IPad and Onyx boox 9.7'' devices

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 03:13:56 GMT

I want to read books and articles in EPUB and PDF on the device, highlighting and taking handwritten notes. I think with pdfs not having to zoom or pan is nice, likewise it is nice to have the full pdf page displayed on the screen and letter size is still readable (although from what I saw on the IPad Pro it still can be pretty small, I would like to have it bigger). That's nice because you can mark a word in the first paragraph and one in the last and then connect them with a pen. Thus you can connect anything with everything other on the same page if you want to. If you have to scroll and zoom slowly as in OB 9.7'' devices, you can't do such tasks so easily. On the other hand, I find a little bit of zooming ok. Usually you do it only once for a document. I also do not have a problem with landscape modus for those pdfs which need it und I guess there will still be some of them around on the 9.7'' level. Drawback is you loose the overview of the document page which is something the brain does not like because it likes to see things for a while and it can more easily connect and think this way. Then there are many people who are fine with doing heavy reading on the Ipad and say their eyes have no problem with it. This is so significant because the biggest point of the OB devices is the EPD, the paperlike reading, exactly for the eyes plus pdf handling. I mean when I buy OB n96 for 325€ (provided I am lucky with tax & custom) it is more than at least 200€ cheaper than Ipad Pro 9.7'' and 300€ cheaper than IPad Pro 10.5''. People who want to buy IPadPro worry about storage. CHeapest version of IPad Pro 10.5'' with 620€ has 64GB storage. But look at OB N96, it only has 16GB. Again, I want to do reading & annotating pdfs on the wireless devices and I then will want to send them to my desktop pc to work with them further, for example in literature mangement software. So these devices are second ones, helping devices for pc work, no replacement intended. So for this task alone I will not need so much storage neither in a OB nor in a IPad. But if you have an IPAD, you want to be open future or future-proof, may be one day you want to do photographing, music programming or making or collecting videos. Then more storage would be nice. Also the internet compatibility and speed in everything is very nice with the IPADs. But the prices go way up. One could put it like this: Objectively EINK remains the best for the eyes. If you want to work with PDFs on E-Ink, Onyx Boox is best. But if you are okay with the second best solution for your eyes, then you go for the IPAD Pro because their screens and other features make for an acceptable reading experience except if you have very sensitive eyes. So the IPAD gives you the 2nd best solution for the eyes - many people seem to be not even aware that such lighting could strain their eyes - and in addition a host of other options and functionalities. Not to forget, probably very fast, accurate and useful apps to work with pdfs beating pdf-functionality of OB N96. But the host of additional options is related to storage. You will need more storage and at that point the price will rise steeply, also extra equipment. E.g. stylus is included in OB N96 for 325€ but not in IPad Pro 10.5 meaning 100€ extra. Another problem is that a new generation of OB devices is announced for September. But who likes to wait and who knows what price they will come up with and if you aer lucky enough to get one. The question with apple ipad pro 10.5'' is also, do I need all of that? Not really, but may be in the future, so it can be a nice to have. But if you want replace notebook or PC through IPAD, then prices go even further up because of the extras and my limits are reached. But why spending 650 to 750€ for a device that can't replace desktop pc or notebook? It must be very much better for eyesight than the others apart from being able to read on your lap etc to justify good laptop money for a tablet.

E-Reader newbie on the market

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 06:46:49 GMT

Hello, everybody! I'm planning on buying an e-reader (maybe 2, for my girlfriend as well) and I just wanted to ask a couple of questions based on your expertise. For now, the Kindle Paperwhite seems a good choice but I wanted to know how much of an hassle is to convert between mobi and Epub because I guess I'll most likely get books from online public libraries, since I'm most interested in reading classic literature. However, I am a student and I also have lots of pdf's to read... I don't need them to be properly formatted, just would like to read the pdf's as I'd read if I was using Adobe Pdf Reader. So, do you think that the Kindle Paperwhite is a good choice for me? And how easy/hard would be too use Calibre in case I can only find Epub and need to read it on a Kindle and vice-versa? I may even go for something water resistant, of the price is not too steep and it keeps other functions that I need. Thanks in advance :)

Kobo Aura H20 2nd edition or Tolino Vision 4 HD for library books?

Sun, 16 Jul 2017 14:15:41 GMT

I am about to buy my first dedicated e-reader and I would welcome your advice / opinions. Up until now I have read my e-books on an iPhone 7 (surprisingly comfortable) and an iPad (too heavy to hold for long lying in bed). I attach great importance to the quality of the screen and to the filtering of the blue light, since I read mostly in the evening. This has narrowed my choice to the Kobo Aura H20 2nd edition that has just been released and the Tolino Vision 4 HD. From what I can read, they are broadly similar in quality and price, apart from their screen size. I read in another thread that the Tolino's software was not as good as that of the Kobo. The determining factor for me is which of the two devices would be most appropriate for reading books borrowed from public libraries (in Belgium). I have read that the Kobo deforms ePub books that do not come from Kobo, increasing or decreasing the space at the top and foot of the screen. I could not find any specific information about the Tolino on this point. Can anyone enlighten me on that? I have also read that it is possible to convert a standard ePub format to a Kobo format using Calibre, but I would prefer if possible not to have to use Calibre every time I borrow a book. Thanks in advance for your contributions!

Even better screen than the Kobo Aura One?

Sat, 15 Jul 2017 10:22:03 GMT

I had a Kobo Aura One since 2016 October, now I left it on a plane :( but it provides an opportunity to buy something better if there's anything better. For me, in an eReader, only screen matter. The KA1 has an astonishing screen but perhaps something even better came to the market since :) Looking at it would seem at this screen size there's still only one module.

Reader HTML/CSS bug lists

Thu, 13 Jul 2017 19:47:14 GMT

I'm looking at a variety of new reader options, with out-of-the-box EPUB support being #1, so Kindle is out. Other than that, though, what I care most about is the ability to display a book correctly. Currently, I have an Onyx Boox M92, and the best reader available for it is a fairly ancient version of Cool Reader, and even some basic HTML/CSS features are either not implemented at all (like borders and "height"), or are quite buggy (like "line-height" or "
" handling). So, I have to do a lot of editing of ebooks before they are readable on the M92, and I'd like to cut that time down. In addition, though, there are some newer HTML/CSS features that I find really either make the book look a lot better (like "float" for initial caps, or OpenType small caps), or help make otherwise hard-to-create layouts easy (like background images), so I'd like to be able to use them if possible. So, has anybody compiled (and maintained for current versions) any kind of HTML/CSS errata lists for both proprietary readers (like those built-in to Kobo devices) and ones that support multiple devices (like Android readers, etc.)? For reader apps I can get for free to test (like most of the Android apps), I'll probably do my own testing anyway, but if somebody else has already started, that would make my work a bit easier.

Which readers have "warm light"?

Mon, 10 Jul 2017 17:41:44 GMT

I am looking for a new ereader and i can't make up my mind :rolleyes: My ideal reader would have a 6 inch screen and the option to read with a warm/reddish light, and everything else functioning as it should. I would also buy a reader with ONLY the warm reddish light because the only time i used the light at all on my Kobo Aura was when reading in bed, but i figure they don't exist. Readers that i know of that come close to my wishes are the Tolino vision 4 HD - but i read in the reviews that the light does not really get as warm or reddish as you might wish. In which case i am not so very willing to pay the 60 extra euros for it. The Kobo Aura H2O has a nice reddish light, i checked it out today in a store. But i would really prefer to have a smaller reader, 6 inch instead of 6.8. Are there other readers which have this nice reddish light without getting huge or very expensive? Because if this is it, then i might just drop the whole red-light idea and buy one of the refurbished Kobo Glo HD's that they also had in this store (if they actually where the HD version because the boxes didn't say so).

several questions...

Sun, 09 Jul 2017 17:38:40 GMT

Hi all. I'm thinking of getting a new e reader. I bought 7 years ago a Sony prs t1. Read hundreds of books on it , very happy :) It ended on the bottom of our pool... That was 2016 I think or 2015 .... I got a Kindle paper white new from amazon which was ok , I had to transfer my books on my hdd (pc) to mobi , not hard I use Calibre. That kindle was chewed by my Pyrenees dog...after that I bought cheap on eBay a second hand Sony prs t1 , which blocks when I use dictionary.. So I'm in the market for a new one. I read that the new kindle paper white pushes ads on your screen (wow.....their crazy)... And that Kobo doesn't translate if the book isn't bought from them.. I read the last year in French to improve my french so I need ,lets say every 3-4 pages the translate button. All help welcome. Which reader would you recommend ? I don't buy books as I still have a ton left on my hdd all epub format. My kindle was always in fly mode.

Searchable Metadata?

Sun, 09 Jul 2017 04:40:06 GMT

I currently have a Nook HD+ that I have to do factory resets on with increasing frequency. I'm thinking of replacing it. I have a pretty large ebook library that I manage with Calibre and sideload to the Nook. My biggest complaint is that the Nook ignores the metadata. Are there any ereaders out there that will allow me to search my library on the reader using the tags/keywords in the metadata? Or even - pie in the sky - search blurbs for strings of keywords? I keep my entire unread library loaded on the Nook, and if I'm in the mood for a particular theme or trope it can be daunting to find what I'm looking for without any kind of real search function. If there's nothing that offers a metadata search, just displaying the blurb while browsing without opening the book would be helpful. Any suggestions?

Help me pick a new ereader!

Sat, 08 Jul 2017 09:51:31 GMT

So I'm from Singapore and its unfortunate that there's no physical store I know of that i can try ereaders. I have a very old Kindle (no backlight) and a Kobo Aura HD that spoilt. I read a lot at night in the dark. So clear display, one handed reading lying down, comfortable backlight that lights the screen uniformly is a must for me. I'm so torn between Kindle and Kobo and have read a lot of reviews for ereaders for both companies. I hate the fact that i need to jump thru hoops to buy Kindle books but I'm worried that Kobo ereaders don't seem to last. My Aura HD lasted only a year plus and I didn't like its construction. Feels cheap and filmsy. It's not a must for me to get the latest. Would Kobo Glo HD fit the bill?