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Preview: MobileRead Forums - Which one should I buy?

MobileRead Forums - Which one should I buy?

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PW3 or Voyage? Will be kept in a cover

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 18:02:47 GMT

I'm thinking of switching to Amazon ecosystem and am deciding between the PW3 and Voyage. I'll be reading only at home, self-adjusting light does not matter to me. I'm also planning on buying a cover for the reader. Which model do you suggest? I heard the PW3 has worse contrast than the Voyage, is that visible? In my Aura H2O the contrast is fine, not sure if the PW3 is comparable. Are page press buttons and flush screen worth it to get the Voyage?

Colour screen ereader/tablet? Confused...

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 13:53:19 GMT

Hi, wondering if anyone here can help me... I currently use a Nook HD+ with the Kobo app, and Calibre on my PC to transfer books (I review ARCs and receive them in ePub and Mobi format) to the Nook. But, I know the Nook isn't supported here in England anymore. I only use it for ereading (I have an iPad but don't think I have the storage for books). Sometimes on the Nook I get a notification telling me some app isn't supported (there's a bunch of pre-installed apps on it). Anyway, long story short... does anyone make a colour screen standalone ereader? ie the pictures/covers of the books/magazines in colour? I'm looking at maybe getting a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. I love Kobo and collect points there too. Plus, I have the ARC files in ePub and Mobi so I need something I can easily transfer from computer to device. Help?!? I cannot find any ereader with a colour screen. Then I go back to tablets and the various apps (Kobo/Kindle). But I need the Calibre integration which I've read is tricky with iOS. I love the iOS look and feel, not so much a fan of the Nook's Android OS but all I use is the Kobo app which I love.

Large Ebook Reader - Financial Analysis?

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 01:08:42 GMT

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a large ebook reader that can be used to look through books and any other forms of media converted to ebook format. I read allot of financial and investment books and sometimes large text books (which I will purchase in ebook format in the future). I want to be able to highlight things and come back to highlighted areas. I'm just not sure what to buy.. They all look too small. Thanks

Replacement of old Kindle

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 09:40:08 GMT

Hi everyone, I am looking for e-book reader, which I could replace my old Kindle 3G (keyboard). After nearly 6 years my old reader is stopping to work. So I am trying to search for some convinient replacement. Fortunately I am not bind to Amazon by many books from Amazon store as I have copy of them in epub format. Also I have spend a lot of time to organize my huge library in Calibre so I would like to use it even with new model (I have books in epub and converted to mobi with pictures). As I am daily traveling by underground where is no connection signal all books needs to be placed on device, also I am not really fan of being on Wi-fi 24/7. *To summarize it here is what I am searching for:* *Required* * Type of display: E-Ink * Size of display: Around 6" * HW buttons on side of display * Allows connection via Micro USB to computer (or any other type of USB cable) * 274 ppi or better *Other optional features/parametrs* * Forelight - can be on model, but preferably if it could be possible to completely turn it off * Batery life - longer better *What I really don't care about* * Waterproof/dustproof - don't care about it * 3G/4G/Wi-fi connectivity * Book store Please note that I am from Europe. Does anyone have reader to recommend?

hand written notes + 10" e-reader

Wed, 13 Sep 2017 12:33:02 GMT

Hi, I'm looking for a ~10" device capable of note taking on PDFs. Looking at older models both because of budget and b/c I don't want a touch screen (avoid accidental touch etc. I still use a blackberry :-p), so I'm only looking at older pen devices. The edge can do it, but it's big/heavy and very old (android 2.2). From what I saw I should be looking at: Irex 1000 Boox m92/m96 pocketbook 903/912 I prefer linux, but android kitkat is also fine. Reading the wiki etc. I saw the pocket book has issues with PDF - does anyone know if it was resolved? and are there any other models I should look at?

E-Reader with OTG & Office/Doc functions?

Sun, 10 Sep 2017 21:33:13 GMT

Edit: Or as vrf pointed out, bluetooth support (for keyboards) Hey everybody, I have a Kindle PW1, and I love it. Jailbroken, 5.3.x firmware, I can do it all.. EXCEPT it doesn't have OTG support. Are there any e-readers out there, Kobo, Kindle, or otherwise, which (with or without jailbreaking and third party apps) will allow for keyboard connection to type and save notes? It doesn't have to be too sophisticated, even notepad-like software would suffice. Please let me know! Thanks in advance!