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Preview: MobileRead Forums - Which one should I buy?

MobileRead Forums - Which one should I buy?

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eReader - Limited choices in Australia

Mon, 15 Jan 2018 21:15:12 GMT

G'day everyone! I'd like to enter the eReader world, but have found that my choices here in Australia are rather limited. We only seem to have brick and mortar access to Kindle or Kobo. I am hesitant to buy from an overseas online seller, as Australia has excellent consumer protection laws and trying to negotiate returns with overseas vendors seems tricky. Between Kindle and Kobo, I am currently leaning towards a Kobo (Aura One or Aura H2O 2), however with reservations. Here is my thinking: Pro Kobo arguments: 1. Epub integration is important to me. Kobo does this natively, Kindle requires an additional step. 2. I like the option of being able to borrow library books. In Australia, Kindle is currently not supported by our libraries. 3. I am computer savvy and like the idea of having a reader that is more customisable. Against Kobo arguments: 1. There appears to be an issue with quality control. From reading online and speaking to owners, it sounds like there are quite a few Kobo lemons around. 2. It seems Kobo is pricey. H2O 2 is A$230 and the Aura One A$350! Even waiting for a 20% off sale still makes this a pricey option. While Kindle prices are comparable, people seem to rate their quality higher. Some other factors influencing my decision: 1. I am computer savvy, so don't mind having to do a bit of converting to be able to access epub or library books on a different device. Calibre seems the go to tool here. 2. I like the idea of having a waterproof reader. We have a pool and live by the beach, so it's nice not having to worry about water damage. 3. If another reader was available internationally which met my requirements and was significantly cheaper, I would also consider that. Thanks for staying with me. As you can see, I really want to get this right and have a reader I'll get a lot out of. Looking forward to reading your comments. :)

Onyx Max or N96

Sun, 14 Jan 2018 12:06:08 GMT

I already have the Sony Digital Paper and a six inch beook reader. Now deciding between the Onyx Max or N96 Any thoughts? teotjunk

Android e-reader with physical page buttons

Sat, 13 Jan 2018 15:31:52 GMT

The Energy Sistem and Inkbook lines seem pretty promising so far. There's also a plethora of Chinese built models but it's difficult to understand why I should choose one model over another. Amusingly it seems most devices in this category are in fact reskins of Boyue models. Any recommendations? Also, are there alternative apps to FB2 reader that are suitable for reading books with physical page buttons?

What will e-readers be like 10 years from now?

Sun, 07 Jan 2018 16:56:47 GMT

Hi folks, I've got lots of e-readers, and I love them all. I am very pleased that Kindle are pushing in the direction of physical buttons. I hope we are entering a post-touch-screen phase in the tech world. I like that Kobo are paying attention to the colour of light on their devices - with the popularity of apps like flux and operating systems having similar functions integrated as standard, I am sure warmer colour temperatures will be something coming as standard on most e-readers. What do you think e-readers will be like ten years from now? Colour screens are an obvious way forward. Do you think this will take off? Will e-ink continue to dominate? Will it develop to offer quicker response times, thereby allowing PDF documents to be read more conveniently? What other possible developments are there that may or may not happen? Do you think e-readers will be influenced by the emerging 'smart home' or 'internet of things' trend in the tech world?

Return the mini and get an Android?

Wed, 03 Jan 2018 02:54:16 GMT

Hi Everyone, I wrote this out then lost it... so here's the brief version... Currently: iPad mini 2 16GB Just bought: mini 4 128GB Library: 10,000+ majority ePub and PDF (some MOBI) Reader app: was iBooks, want to move to Marvin Management: Calibre Goal: Keep entire library on tablet. Periodically add sets of books to library and sync to tablet. Also use device for apps like Wunderlist/Evernote etc as well so can't just be an ereader. Loading: Prefer to sideload from cable to PC for speed. Read that loading to Android SD via Calibre Companion is slow due to file structure parsing (is not a deal killer). Couldn't figure out how to load entire library on Mini easily via Calibre content server or Calibre Companion (could only see way to do 1 by 1). Physical Form: 7"-9" small form. So when I fall asleep reading and it hits my face, it's less painful than a full sized tablet! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Reasons for leaving Apple: 1) iTunes 12.7 stopped allowing books to be synced. I'm currently using File Sharing to add books to Marvin but I think I'll have to "re-add" book files to each reader if I want to be able to read in more than 1 reader. 2) no expandable memory 3) older ipads get wonky with their memory and big chunks are irreclaimable (I have 5+GBs of 'Other' in ipad memory now - that's a big portion of 16GB). I'm not real familiar with current Android options but am looking at TabA and TabS2. Thanks in advance!! I only have a couple of days left to return the iPad so I appreciate your comments! -TJ