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Preview: MobileRead Forums - Which one should I buy?

MobileRead Forums - Which one should I buy?

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Reader with best dictionaries for 2017

Thu, 25 May 2017 07:12:29 GMT

Yesterday I have recieved my PocketBook 631 Touch HD and I was disappointed with the quality of german to english dictionary. I have written about it ( on the forum, but no reply as for now. I still have 2 weeks to return my device and get someting new and better. The question is - is there anything working any better? The most important dictionary for me is german to english. I'd like it to be able to find not only the base forms of verbs and singular forms of nouns, but also take the conjugation into consideration. At best - the same with adjectives.

KOreader : Kindle or Kobo

Wed, 24 May 2017 20:15:21 GMT

Hi guys , i would like to ask if Koreader has the same experience in both kobo and kindle devices , i mean about page turning speed ,pdf explorations..

Thinking about a new Kobo

Tue, 23 May 2017 21:26:21 GMT

I'm thinking it might finally be time to retire my well used Aura HD (purchased mid-late April 2013) from everyday service. It's been pretty great once I got used to Kobo differences when coming from Kindle and has seen over 1K books read on it (if all goes well the new device will see similar service). Still works okay (power slider is a little flakey), but would like a Carta screen among other things. Even though I'm here a lot and know quite a bit about devices in general I figure it's never a bad idea to have insight from others who have hands on with the actual devices (I know H2O-2 experience is very limited yet). Looking at three devices... * Aura H2O * Aura H2O-2 * Aura One Considering the original H2O because of the card slot, but not married to having one. Kind of like the idea of the 7.8" screen on the One, but I've fallen behind on what bugs/issues the device may have. I believe it was having lighting & battery issues? Some questions that come to mind (that I'm currently researching)... Not a big user of lighting (probably used it 3-4 hours in 4 years). Do any of the devices have a separate on/off for that like the Aura HD? Are the devices with capacitive touch (H2O-2, One) having spotting/blotching issues like the capacitive Kindles have had? Also can anyone verify if the H2O-2 is capacitive or IR? (reviews differ) How much of the 8GB internal memory on the -2 and One is available for actual storage use? Early reviewers have the -2 as not having a rubberized back like the One, has that turned out to be the case for in hand devices people are starting to get? (not sure if the reviewers got production units or not).

Kindle Voyage vs. Inkbook Prime

Mon, 22 May 2017 15:50:25 GMT

Recently, I have been using my kobo glo hd. I really enjoy the higher resolution, and the smaller form factor. But I have realized that one thing that I would prefer would be an ereader with page turn buttons, (and expandable storage). The Inkbook Prime and the voyage look very similar, and I was wondering if anybody that has had one or both could offer insight into which one was better. Thanks!

Best eReader for Light Sensitivity

Mon, 22 May 2017 01:20:22 GMT

Due to an eye injury I suffered many years ago, I have fairly extreme photophobia. My eyes are just really sensitive to artificial light and strain easily. I was wondering what the best eReaders on the market were that don't have lit screens (or the ability to turn the screen light off). Any help is very appreciated! Thank you, Elim

Inkbook vs Onyx Boox?

Sun, 21 May 2017 17:05:12 GMT

Longtime e-ink user and former forum regular *waves hello at everyone*; I won't need help with the basics. I'm looking for a new ereader; I've been using a Kobo Mini for a few years, and I'm not entirely happy with it but haven't seen anything that suits me better. I loved my Pocket PEZ. Am very disappointed that there's nothing comparable on the market anymore. If I've missed something and there is, please let me know. (Button navigation. 5" screen. Support for non-DRM'd epub and mobi.) I'm considering either an Inkbook or Onyx Boox - both are similarly-priced at Amazon (less than $150; some versions less than $100) and it's hard to sort out the actual differences from the advertising hype. What I want: * E-ink * Support for epub (no Kindles) * Support for PDF, txt (preferred, and expected) (I'm fully aware how pathetic PDF support is for e-ink readers; I mean that it'll read ones I create myself with pages that fit); * Support for rtf, doc, docx, or html (not expected, but would be nice) (many readers claim to offer this, but what they mean is "it will show these as raw text, and sometimes cut off lines in the middle of words. No indents, no bold/italic support, no page breaks.") * Push-button page turning (not required, but preferred) * 5" screen (yeah, not gonna happen-but definitely do not want larger than 6" screen) * Long battery life (nothing required to run in the background that eats more battery than standard e-ink usage) What I don't care about_: * Wifi * Glow/light/etc screen (never had one - might be nice to try, but not looking for it) * DRM support of any sort * Storage capacity (I want at least 2gb, so any modern reader has me covered) * Touch screen (prefer not, but I don't think I can get away from that anymore) * Music support; games * Connection to any kind of store What I'm looking at: * inkBOOK Classic 2 ( $80 * inkBOOK Prime ( $120 * ONYX BOOX C67ML ( $140 * Onyx Boox C67ML Carta 2 ( $150 * Onyx Boox Amundson ( $150 Do the Boox ereaders offer anything that justifies the higher prices? Looks like an extra $30 gets the Onyx Boox Vasco de Gama ( which includes a light (might be nice), touchscreen, and wifi (both meh). Given the features I care about, is there any reason not to go with the least expensive available? Anyone know which has a better navigation system?

Choosing waterproof, high resolution ereader

Fri, 19 May 2017 19:53:35 GMT

I've been using an original Kindle Paperwhite for years, managing books in Calibre, and I am looking to upgrade. The main upgrades I want are: Higher resolution eInk screen Waterproof Better font/size options. Better lighting for nighttime reading would be nice too but less important, so long as it isn't worse. I ordered a Kobo Aura One and got it yesterday, and my first impression of it is not good. The light keeps turning off suddenly when I am in the middle of using it. When I try to adjust the light by swiping up and down on the left side of the screen, at best it lags and jumps, and at worst it doesn't work at all or scrolls what I'm reading instead. The touch response is bad in general. Trying to get books from the kobo store and library via the ereader itself has errored a lot. The font options are a small improvement but not exciting. I'll give it a chance for a little while, but I'm thinking about sending it back if I don't start to like it better or if something else seems like a better choice. Any recommendations? I've been thinking about the Tolino Vision HD 3 or 4 which seem to have really nice screens and the other features I want, but I'm not finding a lot of information on them.

Had a Kobo Glo HD, looking something similar.

Fri, 19 May 2017 14:45:02 GMT

Hello, I used to have a Glo HD reader till I gave it to my sister and now I'm looking for something new ( I don't care if it will be kobo or amazon or something else). I really fell in love quickly with the glo hd. The size and weight are great for 1-hand reading. The only thing I would like is to have some game applications like chess checkers e.t.c ( although I installed a third party application for that but I really prefer to buy something with everything in it ). I am looking something similar to glo hd, 6" screen with minimal plastic around the screen and prefer no buttons like next page, previous page just touch screen. I'm thinking about Kobo Aura 2nd Edition but as I saw the resolution is less than the glo hd and I'm afraid I won't like it?.. don't know. The glo hd was my first ereader I don't know much things about ereaders. Here in Greece the 15% only use ereaders and we have 2-3 models in stock kobo kindle pocketbook so I guess I will order from the EU if will find another model. The only thing I know is that I want something similar to glo hd and/or with better specs. Thanks a lot. Kostas.

Best Choice for PDF/Djvus under 120$

Wed, 17 May 2017 05:15:17 GMT

What eReader should I buy with a 100$-120$ budget, if I would mostly read scientific papers (pdfs/djvus). I've wondered if it would be better for buy a tablet for that purpose. I would not mind if it has wifi and some screen that doesn't hurt my eyes that much. I would import all of the books from my pc, so i do not care if it doesn't have enough books in it's store.

Kobo Aura One (with Koreader) or iPad Air 2 for academic articles

Tue, 16 May 2017 21:23:18 GMT

Dear community, I am reading a lot of academic PDF articles for my studies now. And I think I want to move my reading away from my screen devices towards a real tablet. I currently own a 27" Dell IPS and a 13" Macbook. I would like to get something that reduces the strain on my eyes. So far I have narrowed down my options two very distinct devices. 1) The Kobo Aura One, with Koreader installed for better PDF support, and 2) the iPad Air 2 which has a retina screen. The iPad also have an app for Zotero, which is a popular tool for managing academic pdfs on your computer. It syncs wirelessly, and is the go to solution for this task. I tend to read academic pdfs quickly. I skim them. However, when they are interesting, I will read them more deeply. Because of my reading style, I think that the iPad Air 2 is a better choice. I can buy them (used) for about $300 usd (or 275 euro). The Kobo Aura One is priced at 219 euro and is a lot cheaper, has a smaller screen, but it has e-ink technology! The experts must be here at this forum, and I think you guys probably own both devices. (iPad and Kobo Aura One). So I wonder, iPad or Kobo A1 for academic pdfs?

Want to upgrade from 1st gen Kindle Paperwhite

Sat, 13 May 2017 00:03:07 GMT

I've had a Paperwhite for almost 5 years, since the first generation version was released. I'd like to upgrade to either a Voyage or the latest generation PW while the devices are on sale for Mothers' Day. My older device feels clunky especially when I load too many books at once. What appeals to me the most about the PW is that it comes in white (unlike the Voyage). That reminds me of my original Kindle 2, and I felt like the lighter color helped the device "disappear" in your hand. On the other hand I'd prefer physical page turn buttons such as those on the Voyage. In either case I'd buy the 3G version because I like having the ability to sync and shop anywhere. Do you think I'll be satisfied with the Paperwhite or is the Voyage that much better?

Thinking about a new ereader for my mom

Thu, 11 May 2017 20:29:44 GMT

Now I have a Kindle PW3, jailbroken and with screensavers hack. But managing collections on it is terrible. I heard it is better on Kobos. So, I am planning buying me a new reader and passing my PW3 to her. Even if I want an Oasis very much, I could not justify the price, because I would still have the same problems. Most of my books are sideloaded and drm free, so changing systems would not be a problem. So, which backlight kobos are interesting? I will have to import (long wait), cause all kobos in Brazil disappeared from the stores. They are really better to manage the books? Or should I just buy her another accessible PW3? Enviado de meu XT1635-02 usando Tapatalk