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Preview: MobileRead Forums - Which one should I buy?

MobileRead Forums - Which one should I buy?

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Kindle vs Kobo

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 03:30:58 GMT

My Kindle Voyage decided it would not turn on this morning. I assume there are no magic tricks to turn it on. So a new ereader is needed. Yes it is charged.I have been using Kindles exclusively for years. I read 100 books a year, and my eyesight is terrible due to MS. I am leaning towards Kobo Aura One because of the size font I use. But faint at the price. I also have an extensive library of books, some on Amazon, some in my calibre library all are mobi. I dread the nightmare of converting and loading to the new ereader, will this be a problem? Can I download my Amazon books straight to the Kobo? Can I still buy and transfer books straight to the Kobo from Amazon? Thre other bonus is I can use the Australian library with Kobo. Sorry if this is confusing and I am sure I might be missing questions I need to ask. I am beyond frustrated as I currently have 2 broken ankles and my kindle was my sanity. thanks for any help.:help: :smack::smack::smack:

Onyx Boox Max2, is it worth it?

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 18:43:26 GMT

Hi there, I'm a student, in Italy, so relatively without money. And I study Law. In this last months I started to use, due to investigation activities, many electronic document for studying. A lot of PDFs, a lot of them with a fixed formatting or scanned images, EPUBs. I've always printed them. €0,02/A4, it doesn't cost a lot. But It's a waste of time go every time to print them, and a waste of paper, too. And, many times, I prefer not to print and save money, but not to read. I can't use the pc to read, too many problems with my eyes. So I've start to study the sector of >10 ereaders, I have some questions: 1) It's possible to study with an ereader? Underlining, etc? 2) 10 inches is enough? Or for a4 I need a >13'' reader? 3) I focused on Onyx Max Carta and Onyx Max2. The difference in price is big, I found the first at €420 (used), €550 new, the second €799 new. But I'm not convinced by the first for the lack of real touch screen, the lack of sensitive stylus pressure, an old android version, the lack of HDMI in-port. *But, is it worth it? *

Some advice needed ;)

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 05:37:23 GMT

Hi to all! The power button of my precious Pyrus Trekstor broke last night.. it's really a pity because it's a very sturdy device even if with some annoying firmware-related "quirks". I'm thinking of buying a Kobo Mini but I don't really like the touchscreen on a e-reader and I fear for the loop/brick (I don't know if I can restore it in case, I've read the thread but I didn't really understand it). My sister already has one and every now and then I kept glancing and handling it. It would be the reader I'd use when I'm not at home so the more compact the better. I can find reconditioned Auras on AliExpress but I don't want to pay for customs :p and I'm not sure about the front light. I already have a Kindle 5NT and I want to change.. What do you say? :thanks:

Best 5" Ebook Reader?

Sun, 11 Mar 2018 20:23:35 GMT

For now lets limit this to ones reasonably available in the USA. I have the Kobo Mini and the Sony PRS-300 and PRS-350 models. Personally I think the Sony PRS-350 is my preferred model as I like the 5 switches across the bottom of the screen, the ability to handle and show photos and the mostly metal covers construction. The frame of the 350 is plastic. The note taking is also a nice feature. It, along with the PRS-300, is readily available at good prices on ebay typically. The Kobo has the advantage of handling both Epub and Mobi book files but is touch screen only. It does have a accessory sleep cover originally made for it by Kobo if you can find one but both the reader and cover are much scarcer on ebay than the Sony models. The reader is typically more expensive too. I lucked into the reader in NOS condition and the cover a bit later, still in the original packaging. I also have an Aluratek LCD screen 5" reader which I consider strictly a collectors item. Any others I have not mentioned that I should look for? I would love to find a 5" model with illuminated screen. I have the Sony illuminated cover for one of my PRS-350 readers but while it works well it makes the reader about as bulky overall as the Sony PRS-T3 which is the lightest and most compact 6" e-ink reader I know of, even with it's lighted cover.

I'm ready to quit Kindle--but for which device?

Sun, 11 Mar 2018 20:13:32 GMT

Hello! I've been reading the Calibre forum here for years and years, but I've never posted before. I hope the experienced e-reading folks here can help me narrow down my search for a new ereader! I've been using Kindles for about a decade (Kindle Keyboard, several basic models, tried and hated a Paperwhite), but I'm unhappy with my current Kindle Basic (purchased in mid 2017) and am ready to try another company. I live in the United States and only need English-language support. E-ink models only, please, because reading on backlit devices gives me headaches. My budget is $300 or under, and I would prefer smaller models due to small hands. I am primarily a fanfic reader, so sideloading via Calibre is crucial, and a good ebook store is not. I read a whole lot of articles via Pocket on my phone, so Pocket support would be amazing (but is not required). I read mostly before bed in very low light on my device's largest font size. I tried a Kindle Paperwhite in early 2017 for three weeks and hated it because using the lit screen (while convenient) gave me insomnia. So I'm interested in models with color-change (non-blue) lights or no lights at all, or the option to turn off the light entirely (so long as those models have huge fonts!). I'm not a fan of Kindle Basic's touch screen: I'm constantly highlighting things when I meant to turn the page, and accidentally changing the font size. I would prefer a model with page turn buttons (either instead of or in addition to touch screen) because I hate moving a finger to turn the page (on Kindle Keyboard I could just press down while holding the book, which helped me avoid repetitive stress injury discomfort). Ability to turn off the touch screen would also be helpful. Moving from chapter to chapter or scanning through pages quickly are features I would enjoy. I've investigated some options, and frontrunners appear to be the Nook Glow Light 3 and the Kobo Aura H2O 2 (although I do not need a waterproof device). I never take notes or make highlights, and I also don't use Internet-interactive features, but maybe I would if those features were better than the ones on Kindle. I don't need PDF support. I occasionally use Overdrive through my local library, so compatibility with that program would be appreciated but is not required. On my old Kindle Keyboard I loved to switch between reading and listening via Text-to-Speech. My current Kindle Basic has Text-to-Speech via bluetooth headphones, but I find the audio menus difficult to use and the feature eats battery at a shocking rate. I would appreciate any kind of Text-to-Speech feature, but especially ones with a headphone jack and visual menus. The tl;dr version of my ereader requirements: - American fanfic reader with small hands seeks new ereader that supports sideloading from Calibre. E-ink only, under $250 - color-changing front light or no light (or ability to turn light completely off + very large font size) - sideloading via Calibre - page turn buttons appreciated! Ability to move between chapters/scan through pages would also be great - font options (especially size, but also margins and spacing would be appreciated) - Pocket support not necessary but a huge plus! - Overdrive compatible would be great but not a dealbreaker - Expandable memory is nice but not necessary - Internet/wifi/waterproof features mainly unimportant - Text-to-speech appreciated but not necessary What do you think? Also, I gather that Kobo may be releasing a new Mini in the next few months--is it worth waiting to see if that has a color-changing front light? Thank you for your thoughts! May

Which ebook reader is best for someone in Germany?

Fri, 09 Mar 2018 19:47:42 GMT

My uncle wants to buy an ebook reader, and he's not too tech savvy. I only have experience with the Kindle Paperwhite. He'd like something with backlight too. <€100 would be great, and he wants it for Christmas so I'm looking for any info on when discounts happen. I know has semi-regular discounts for the Paperwhite which puts it at €80, and he'd have no problem waiting for that. I'm mainly asking because of store experiences and book prices. Which way is the most affordable way to get ebooks in Germany? Which stores have the most affordable selections? I found and, but my research is stunted because I don't speak German and tbh not knowledgable about the market prices for ebooks. I see tolino advertised on Does Germany have ebook library borrowing, that might only have epubs or mobi books? As I said, not tech savvy, so we're not looking into conversions. Thanks for any help!