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Friendly banter and discussions unrelated to e-books

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Hello everyone!

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 16:27:33 GMT

My name is Tjark and I am from germany. Last week I got a Kindle Paperwhite and as an avid Linux user/enthusiast its already jailbroken. Thank you for the easy documentation and development! Already :iloveyou: Cheers and I see you in the forums! Tjark

Let's make it just a +1

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 21:44:22 GMT

Hi there folks, Luca here, an Italian living in Poland and a total newbie when it comes to the e-book world :P So far I've encountered this forum during my countless researches all over the web, and finally I decided to join first line :D More than sure to find the right people, information even for a dummy like me!! :thanks::thanks::thanks:

Ended Onyx Max 13inch eReader *Rooted*

Sun, 27 Nov 2016 19:39:18 GMT

I am selling my eReader because I find that I am not using it as much as I thought I would... I rooted it successfully and it allows you to disable the services you don't use such as Google Play and Google services, making the device faster and more efficient. Keep in mind that it is still an eReader and will never be as quick as a tablet such as an iPad. I suggest you buy this to use mostly for reading books, PDFs, textbooks or mangas but if your aim is to multitask and do editing work this might not be your best option. it is wonderful for consuming media mostly it also works all right to act as a duplicate computer screen using VNC. Max PS I successfully sold an eReader here recently. Asking for $600 f/s North America

cześć from Poland

Sat, 26 Nov 2016 18:18:47 GMT

Hi all! I am contacting you from cold and far far away Poland. I have been part of this forum for some time now, but never had anything to say... so I would like to thank all the older users for their help in uderstanding how calibre works, how it can be linked to goodreads, how better to organize everything in Kindle... so... thanks and I will be seeing/ reading you further on! Best, Irma

MobileRead Week in Review: 11/19 - 11/26

Sat, 26 Nov 2016 11:00:02 GMT

What was going on this week at MobileRead? Here's your chance to catch-up if you missed something! *E-Book General - Reading Recommendations* * December 2016 Book Club Nominations (

Buy Does anyone sell/give away Kindle 3 Active Content?

Sat, 26 Nov 2016 08:45:09 GMT

Hello! It seems has even stopped selling the Kindle 3 Active Content Apps in the US, because with my US account I can only see the Active Content Items (such as but not actually buy them. Am I missing something? Is there someone who has downloaded these Apps and wants to share them with me? I am willing to pay for them, since I will find them useful. -Kitomer

Buy Cover for Sony PRS-350 and PRS-950

Sat, 26 Nov 2016 03:14:02 GMT

Hi, I'd like to buy covers for my PRS-350 and PRS-950. I don't want a generic cover, but instead wish to buy only the covers that use Sony's clip system. So either official Sony covers, or third party covers with clips. If anyone still has any that are lying around, message me. Thanks.

A very annoying problem with long posts

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 09:47:18 GMT

Whenever I try to do a long and complicated post (as I did earlier this evening) which may take some time MobileRead closes me down without warning. I then have to copy what I've done into memory, and login in to MobileRead again. Is there any way to get MobileRead to keep me connected when I want to do a long post? I suppose I could compose the post as a txt file off line, log in, and copy the txt file into the Post New Thread window. But that seems clumsy.

New Member

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 21:30:54 GMT

Hi my name is Bill and thank you for the welcome. I use a Kindle, MacAir and an Ipad. I use the Mac for Calibre and place the book I purchased on either the Kindle or Ipad (wife uses the Ipad and therefore has the romantic type novels). The rest usually e ds up on the Kindle. Bill

Bring back and ALL of the files

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 14:56:23 GMT

Someone recently posted that he bricked his T1 trying to root it. There is a thread that might be able to help. The problem is that the files needed to maybe help were stored on and that is no longer accessible. So can be restored or can the files needed be placed someplace and the thread fixed to the links reference the files where they've been placed? This is a case of removing resources could lead to someone's Reader being bricked forever.


Wed, 23 Nov 2016 07:32:22 GMT

Hi everyone, I have one question to ask, which is why I registered. I'll post that question to the lounge section. Thank you!

Seriousness It was 53 years ago today...

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 00:13:15 GMT

...that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Even though it was 1963, the sixties, as we remember/imagine them, hadn't really started yet. Not until the following year: the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, Freedom Summer, and, for the first time, the Surgeon General said that cigarette smoking was hazardous to your health. I don't regret the racist, misogynistic, commie-fearing 50s, but there's also no denying that JFK's death marked the end of an era. You'd have to be 60 or older to have a clear memory of that day, now.

Sell Kobo Aura ONE for sale

Tue, 22 Nov 2016 16:54:23 GMT

Hi :) About two months ago I finally tried a Kobo e-reader, swayed by the 7.8 inch screen. To my regret it didn't work out. While I like the screen a lot, I don't like the Kobo firmware. I don't want the header and footer when reading KEPUBs. There is an unofficial / experimental full screen option, but it doesn't work out of the box. It took me a lot of tinkering, and got it to work with most books I've tested, but there are still some that have problems. My KPW1 can accept page numbers from calibre, which I find to be a bigger advantage than the KA1 having collections that can be managed from calibre. Also, I've tried some mostly cheap third party covers that turned out not to be able to get sleep/wake function working reliably, and I don't like the design Kobo cover. I'm done tinkering with the e-reader, and I'm returning to my older KPW1. *Price new: €229 Price asked: €160 Included free: Neoprene 8 inch tablet sleeve* The reader comes in its original box, with all papers and original cable. I can provide a video of the reader working, if requested. (Dutch webstore) invoice is present. Can also be provided digital as a PDF. Shipment costs table ( Please choose your country. In the first column (t/m 2 kg), you'll see the price for a package including track and trace ("Standaard inclusief Track and Trace"), and without ("Pakket zonder Track and Trace"). Please decide which one you'd like and add this price to €165. Shipment without track and trace is your own risk, as I cannot provide proof of shipment. The reader will be sent after receiving the payment, preferably by bank transfer.

Sell Kobo Aura HD

Mon, 21 Nov 2016 20:59:45 GMT

Selling White Kobo Aura HD. No charger or box. Originally bought new. Power button is a little "sticky" in that it sometimes powers off instead of going into standby. Asking for $75.

Glad to enter

Mon, 21 Nov 2016 18:48:31 GMT

Hello Board's citizens, I am glad to enter yet in another forum to learn a new device. I love new challenge and I look forward to read the best out of this town. Hacknowledgebly... X