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West Dean Gardens and Benbow Pond


After two days of being stir crazy not getting out (given the awful weather), after a medical appointment  which didn't give me what I wanted to hear, I wanted somewhere relaxing and calm... Off I went to West Dean Gardens.It was very very cold, but the sun was shining which lifted the spirits.. and managed to find several Redwings feeding  which was good to seeLeaves frozen in time ...Lunch... Masham joing Billie and Frank...On the way home I stopped at Benbow Ponds in the Cowdray Estate.The pond was almost entirely frozen over still.. just odd patches of waterAmazingly the entire very late family of Egyptian Geese were all still present and correct!!Must explore this area more for walking... a pleasant day out..[...]

Sheffield Park - Sunshine and decorated trees


Not sure where to go today..was going to see a National Trust house all decorated and themed for Christmas..BUT the sun was shining - and too good to waste given the forecast for tomorrow for the UK.. - Aalbeit it was a a 'tad' cold!!  But wrapped up and warm I went for a wander to Sheffield Park GardensIt was looking beautiful in the winter sunshine.Flynn, Fergus and Massimo in 'our' tree..Gulls on ice!Where the sun hadn't reached, the water was still frozen.Saw a couple of Goldcrests aroundThis tree's decorations were all bird food... halved and empty orange peel provided containers for bird seed.. many other types of feeders including pine cones filled with fat .. many birds enjoying the decorations..A Robin having a preenThe birds were being fed..and then into the cafe for a cuppa of two log burning stoves...looked so lovelyan excellent fruit scone!!The window in the ShopA lovely morning.. but by about 14.3. it was getting quite cold.. so I had a very brief visit at Warnham LNR (very quiet) before heading off home[...]

Walking into Brighton


Met my daughter this morning and we walked some of the way into Brighton. First stop... brunch .. Frank thought it very nice!!!Just strollingThis is a new one... looks like pillars from the old West Pier...Amazing 'sculpture' made from pillars from the old West Pier[...]

Petworth House.. A Grand Tour Christmas


Given that Petworth House had some of the rooms with a Christmas tour theme, I headed off this morning for a wander, before doing some basic shopping.A wander down to the lake before the drizzle started[...]

Wandering at RHS Wisley Gardens


Met a friend today at Wisley Gardens.  There is a Christmas Event where there are very large lit flowers.. and other lighting within the garden.  Being daylight the full effect is not visible.The work has now started to build the new visitors centre... it's a huge project .. some views..The existing cafe..and off through the Pinetum..Stopped in the bird hide ( I was there the day it opened a few years ago)Birds seen from the hide:Blue, Great and Coal TitsRobinsDunnockWrenGrey HeronNuthatchA wander along the riverthen into the gardens Stopped for a cuppa before going into the GreenhouseRudolph with his sleigh and helpers..and a 'living' bed for this teddy...and this teddy was at the other endand Frank decided it looked rather niceLots of Cacti and succulentsand we continued our walk..A wire sculpture at the top of the hill - just a shame the sky was grey today!!Oooh luck - a MallardWe'd walked towards the orchards where we saw Field Fares and Redwings..and on our way out.... a group of Siskins... also a Sparrowhawk flew out of the tree in front of us... A good day's unintentional birding!!Lovely stroll, and great company... good day out...[...]

Audley End... when Father Christmas visited


So after lunch, we headed off to AudleyEnd.  It was a dull drizzly day but...We saw the pony & trap as it crossed the bridge..It stopped outside the house and Father Christmas came to collect the bags of Christmas presents..and a coffee before heading off back..[...]




Lavenham Christmas Fair and Ickworth for a wander


Up at Pete's this weekend for a concert last night.Today the sky was leaden the temperature low as we left for a visit to Lavenham Christmas Fair.Being early we headed off for a wander around the Church firstA wander through the villageand the Christmas Fair.Then onto Ickworth..and into the cafe for a very tasty...Mince Pie SconeBefore going for a walk... the weather was improving a bit by now as well...Nice to get out for some fresh air, a tasty scone and all in good company ... good choice of venues so thanks Pete..[...]

Warnham LNR - just a few with a hiding Kingfisher


After a very tedious morning, I came home via Warnham LNR.. the sky was blue and the sun shining!!Lovely reflectionsThe Kingfisher was very much about today, but would insist in hiding in branches all the time..A few tufties aboutand 4 Little Grebes.. who, as they came near enough, decided to turn their backs on us..Mr & Mrs Mallard.... acting to ensure the continuity of the Mallard dynasty.. hmmmm - better wait till Spring ...and one of the Long-tailed Tits that obliged by posing briefly.... I noticed that this one's been ringedNice diversion to the day...[...]

Birds - just a few..


I've had better days... not what I'd planned!!A few pics from home again..I started at Widewater Lagoon hoping for Mergansers and/or GoosandersI found a female Goosander (please correct me if I'm wrong) and a Male Merganser (that disappeared before I could take a picture)..Miles awayand heavily croppedThe strip of land with the 'blob' in the top left-hand corner... bears the Goosanderand from there I went to Arundel WWT A very flighty Goldchrest.. in the deepest shade and darting about all over the place.. as they doand then home. not the most exciting of sunny days..[...]

Hever Castle - brilliant sunshine


I wasn't sure where to go today; so on an impulse headed off to Hever Castle...the childhood home of Anne Boleyn... the weather was glorious!!There was a Christmassy theme running...but nonetheless an enjoyable wanderRudolph...There was the Peruvian Husky Charity there with some of the dogs... lovely thick warm coats for a cold day!Decorated as part of the Christmas Trail..Partridge in a pear tree3 French Hens3 French hens..And Hever came up with  Cranberry scone straight out of the oven.. it was very tasty as Mr Ponders and Massimo confirmed..and the local Starlings as I pulled up at home..[...]

Walking the dog on the beach


Met my daughter today and we had a wander along the beach with her dog.  The light was really weird .. not the best for picture...Interesting clouds today"Come on in"  "It's loveley...!![...]

Hither and thither and Petworth Park


A split day today.. haircut mid-day!!Horrid weather of excess wind and rain overnight finally gave way to sunshine this morning... as seen from a back bedroom window! Into my local town this morning and a wander in the park before the haircut!!and in the afternoon,  wander at Petworth Park..and the sun was sinking as I walked back to the car..[...]

Claremont Gardens.. a brief stroll in sunshine


Didn't know where to go today.  Knew I would have to go to a shop at some point.My external hard drive decided it was full, and my card reader slot on the laptop won't recognise the card when it's inserted.. so I ended up with a trip to Curry's .. came home empty handed... hmmm... thinks...The tea room was packed but I managed to get a table with Massimo and Falmouth for  scone and cuppa for lunch.[...]

Polesden Lacey in the rain


Dreary morning dawned.. grey grey skies.. didn't know where to go and eventually headed off in one direction.. only to change my and go elsewhere..Finally went to Polesden Lacey.. where a visit to the cafe for 'lunch' of a very very tasty scone...and on the grounds of it's dreary weather, it was a 'naughty but nice' moment - and added jam and cream to the scone.. not something I do very often...Then headed off for a wander.. and the heavens opened.. hadn't got a brolly with me and the camera was getting wet.. so decided to call it a day!![...]

Went shopping.. and then Warnham LNR - a productive visit


I went food shopping this morning after a delayed start from home.On the way back, I went over to Warnham and was glad I did.  When I arrived the Warden advised me there was a Grey Wagtail about on the reflection pool... and there was... see later..It a lovely drive to this particular shopping area and I stopped to take a pic en routeFrank... sunbathing on a mid November day!!A very shy squirrel..and my first Red Poll of the year..One of many GoldfinchesA Long tailed Tit.. just the one on its own.... unusualAnd the very very obliging Grey WagtailIt started off at the furthest point off the Reflection Pool and over the next 15 minutes or so came very very close.. it was a privilege to watch it and take some picturesTook many pictures... these are just a few... lovely visit !![...]

Impromptu Birding..


I was meeting my daughter & grandson today for a snack lunch down by the beach.I left early and stopped at a local field right by the beach.. good time of year to find birds.The 'catch' 1 Brent Goose, various Gulls including 2 Med Gulls, 3 Skylarks, Mixed flock of sever Dunlin, Sanderlings, Ringed Plovers, Turnstones .. and a fellow birder, Nick which was a nice surprise.It was very dull and overcast so ...first 3 pics... record pics only..Then lunchtime at the Sea Lane Cafe.. good as ever!!The sun came out so, as the tide was now a reasonable way out, I wandered down to the beach..Probably over 100 in the flock of small birds feeding as the tide went out.. Sanderlings and Dunlin.. not to mention very many gulls...This bird is ringed!And then all the birds flew up.... chased by a dog... the whole beach was empty except for me and the dog walker!!!  I was obviously standing taking pictures... the dog walker couldn't have cared less!!The sun didn't last for long.... so time to go..Great to see my daughter & grandson.. and a really good outing of impromptu birding.!![...]

Scotney Castle... for Autumn colour and sunshine!!


Spur of the moment decision... off to Scotney Castle.. great sunshine for most of the time, but cool... overall a lovely day....Hard to believe this tree is as old as 250-300 years old!!and lunch... a Chocolate & Orange scone... superb!![...]

Nymans . in the rain


I really don't like this time of the year... summer is over.. the days are shorter..National Trust , English Heritage and HHA.. lots of places shut.....and the weather.. well today wet, wet, wet...However I headed off to Nymans... it chucked it down when I got there - so stopped for a welcome cuppa and a fruity scone..Then a wander.. the rain was still coming down but it stopped finally... lots of colour to brighten a dull dayReally good to get out for a wander.. and Nymans is good in any weather!![...]



Another year has been and gone... and I can never let the 11 November pass without thinking of all those who gave so much that we could enjoy the freedom we have today.

I dedicate this post to everyone, regardless of race, creed, nationality or colour, who has been affected by any action of war, or of war itself.

My maternal Grandfather... killed when he was in the Home Guard... I never knew him.

My father... a member of the Canadian forces who come over to the UK in WW2 and gave his life in Italy.. I was 9 months old.. I never knew him

And my mother.. who worked in the Land Army during WW2 - I was so lucky to have had her in my life until just a couple of years ago.

There is no more I can say .....

Soverign Harbour


Was down with a very good friend today.. we had a short walk before  good lunch...
Just a few pics

We were walking over this bridge when the alarm indicating it was about to rise, sounded!!

It was to let out this fishing vessel.

Bishops Palace Gardens of Chichester Cathedral


Had to go into Chichester today; so took a camera for  few pics.  Finally the drizzle stopped so I had a wander round the Bishops Palace Gardens, ... Autumn very evident.. but mild for November dayand as I was leaving.. the sun appeared...[...]

Anglesey Abbey on the first cold day of the season..


Cold but beautifully sunny so we headed off to Anglesey Abbey after lunch today.. still quite a bit of colour from the Autumn leaves around.. and nice to be driven for a change.... thanks Pete..and a welcome cuppa with a Pear, Honey & Ginger scone with Belfie Bear and Mr Ponders..[...]

Ickworth & Finchingfield


Am up in Essex with Pete this weekend....the forecast was for heavy rain most of the day.  After a visit to a couple of rather nice shops.. we're talking cameras and wine here :), off we went to IckworthFirst port of call, for a Mocha and a Toffee Apple scone... with Massimo, Flynn, Frank and FergusThe house is now closed but the basement and servants quarters are still open.There was a very fast moving mouse running round here... a live one rather than a Massimo as aboveAnd then off to Finchingfield.. where we had a cuppa and a sandwich in a very good Tea Room!!The sun was shining by the time we were on our way home... but at least the rain wasn't as bad as feared!![...]

A Wander at Widewater


Not time to go far today so paid a long overdue visit to Widewater Lagoon.  It twas so warm I took my jacket off!! Amazing for first day of November!Kestrel hovering in the usual place as I arrived.Cormorant, at least 3 possibly 5 Little Egret, 5 Teal, 6 Mute Swans, Little Grebe (heard), 2 Dunlin, two Redshank - possible 2 Grey Wagtails.. Several Gulls..Redshank (?)Dunlin (?)Gull taking off as I was photographing the DunlinThis Egret was aggressive.. had already chased off two individual other Egrets, and then landed almost on top of the Dunlin.Having then chased off two other Egret, it wanted to feed just where the Teal were..[...]