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Updated: 2018-02-25T12:11:20.819+00:00


A twitter meeting


I had a very local trip today, to meet a couple of friends that I've got to know through Twitter.It was freezing cold but the sun was glorious... got there a bit earlier to take some pics and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the waterThe cattle were being fed as I parked the car and walked through to the ponds..[...]

Walk on the Beach and birds at Arundel WWT


Went walking on the beach with my daughter and her dog this morning.  Despite the sun, the wind was bitter!!  We had it behind us initially but on our return the easterly wind cut into us... not pleasant.WE had a bite to eat in a local cafe, before I left and headed off to Arundel WWT.I was hoping to see the Firecrest but it didn't show.  A Goldcrest kept us entertained for some time but would not come in to (photographable) view.One of the two Water Rails did however... pity it stayed to far away..As did a Grey Wagtail who stopped by ... brieflyThese two Mute Swans were separated by a chain link fence and were trying to get to each otherAnd in the 'captive' section, a family of four were dozing..More activity from the Collection birds..and a nice posy Blue Tit on the way out[...]

Guildford Caste & Winkworth Arboretum


Went into Guildford for shopping today and paid a visit to Guildford Castle. weather was dull but with the very occasional glimpse of the sun.and by the time I'd finished my shopping I was getting hungry so headed over to Winkworth Arboretum for a bit to eat.It was very wet and given the steep hill that is the Arboretum and it was getting into the afternoon, I confined my walk to a short distance along the top.The Daffodils were in flower and cheery to seeIt's getting cold again and the forecast for the forthcoming weekend is for very very cold winter conditions again.. I can't wait for the Spring.. I don't like winter..[...]

Visit to a relatively local Church on a grey day


Very domestic day today.. and weather grey and damp albeit reasonably mild at 10 degrees C.I've just bought a new lens specifically for, in the main, low light conditions & indoor shots.  So off to the nearby town, and a visit to the town church, St. MarysI like the streets that leads to it with quirky houses, and the church interior is just lovely.Good to get out for a bit for something peaceful and colourful on a grey winter's day.[...]

Standen House and Gardens.. a sunny visit!


Finally got out this morning and headed off for Standen House & Garden.Some of the garden was shut - this to preserve the grass paths in the very wet conditions we currently have...Hellbores at the moment, but in time there will be dozens of tulips in flower.. I thoroughly recommend a visit when they're out!Basking in the sun and admiring the view!A new addition..Not the real thing.. but very good look-alikes![...]

Beach walk and birds at Warnham


Plan B... Met my daughter today and we walked the dog along the beach with a cuppa at the Beach Cafe - the sun shone and it was warm!!Following on after that I went to Warnham.. most quiet except for the usual culpritsRound by the feeders.And got really annoyed at one male birder, who insisted on photographing the birds in front of all the screens resulting in their (the birds) flying off the minute he moved.  I wasn't the only one annoyed by this, and eventually we indicated he should not be there and he moved and then, "partially" hid.. hey hoAlmost missed these two as so well camouflagedGreat walk along the beach with my daughter.. thank you :)[...]

Petworth Park.. in warm sunshine


Did some fairly basic shopping today.. the cupboard was bare...Given I was not far from Widewater Lagoon.. all very quiet in terms of birds..I went home to drop shopping off and then off to Petworth House & Gardens...a Scone for lunch shared with Fergus & Flynn..and a scone introduction for FelixSnowdrops everywhere.. and in a few weeks, there will be carpets of yellow daffodils..The blue of Wood AnemonesSome of the daffodils waiting to bloomCyclamen still in flowerTaken straight into the sun on my way to the car park...Just lovely out today... the sun was really warm and no wind... is the cold of winter nearly gone?  I do hope so...[...]

Sheffield Park.. and surprisingly in sunshine!!


Headed off for Sheffield Park this morning.. bit later than usual but no problem parking given it's half term.Had a wander... sadly the Wood Walk was shut as very water logged..  it was rather water logged in various places.. thank goodness for waterproof shoes!!The sun shone and it was comparatively 'warm'Hard to beat the sound of a Robin in full song!!A tree stump which bees were colonisingA rather water-logged cricket pitchLunch time.. scone was a good flavour.. but a little drier than I would like.. not the usual standard for Sheffield Park.and then another wanderA lovely wander in warm sunshine... seems it's not going to last but good to have it though.[...]

Flatford Mill - sunshine and hail


Cold day again, but after a brief visit to Rye Meads this morning, we went off to Flatford Mill for the afternooWeather was sunny on arrival..Good wander, and then an excellent Bakewell scone and a welcome cuppaand as we walked back to the car, the sky blackened and the hail bounced off the car and ground.  We drove through more on the way back.Great afternoon out despite that[...]

A Concert and rain.


Up in Essex this weekend with Pete as last night (Friday) we were off to a concert at Saffron Hall.

The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment was conducted very ably by Marin Alsop. 

Their first piece Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 4 The Italian- excellent and captivated me in each

The second half - had Nicola Benedetti taking the lead roll in Beethoven's Violin Concerto.  As always, Nicola playing beautifully with such feeling for the music.

All in all a most enjoyable evening and a full house at the concert hall.

Today off to meet some friends for a coffee

 and the intention was we'd head off to for a wander to Wimpole NT.  However by the time we were ready to set off, it was raining hard, so given my wine 'store' was in need of replenishing we went to Baythorne Hall to stock up.

Plan B - off to Finchingfield for lunch and a wander.. lunch was great - rain stopped play for a walk.. so that was it.

Hoping for better weather tomorrow..

Arundel WWT .. in brief


Was in the area of Arundel this morning, so called at the WWT.  A great deal of frozen water - birds on ice!!  The sun was great - the temperature when I left home this morning -2.. which gradually increased to +3 as the day went on!!A long-tailed tit that wouldn't poseAnd sightings of 3 different Goldcrests.. this was the only one that was in a reasonable place to photograph.. not brilliant shots but the best of many!!Teal on Ice!Shelduck on Iceand swimming GreylagsGood to have a wander in the "fresh" air and great to see the blue sky!![...]

Polesden Lacey.. Sunshine and a snow flurry


I left in sunshine for Polesden Lacey.. it was very cold but the sun had warmth...Lovely walk..and a stop for lunch.. an excellent Lemon & Ginger sconebefore a wander through the gardens... this being the Rose garden..the sun had now disappeared... and there was a very short snow flurry, the wind having got up!!  It was exceedingly cold..Good morning out in excellent company ...[...]

West Dean gardens.. first visit of 2018 in glorious sunshine


West Dean Gardens opened again this month, after the winter break .. and the sun was shining so off I went.En route there was a buzzard sitting in a tree at the road side.. by the time I stopped the car and grabbed the camera.. it was gone!The wind was bitter, but it didn't matter as the sun was glorious.Last time I visited there was no water in the stream as the aquifer hadn't enough water to feed it.... Today an entirely different scene.. the water was back and travelling fast .. it was wonderful.Snowdrops, Crocuses, Winter Aconites, Daffodils, Hellebores.. all in bloomSnowdrops, Winter Aconites and Crocuses all in bloom..I stopped at Benbow Ponds on the way home to see if the family of Egyptian Geese were still there.. they were!!  There were about 26 Egyptian Geese in total!!Plus this bird.. not seen this at Benbow before!!a greying Cormorant?This goose seems to be a permanent resident!Lovely day out..[...]

Arundel WWT in the rain..


I really don't like this time of the year.. too early for holidays to start, and grey wet days.. not enough day light.Didn't want to go far today.. so popped over to Arundel for a wander.  The Boardwalk was shut due to ' adverse weather conditions '.  Very quiet, unsurprisingly, in terms of birds.. and the light wasn't conducive to good photography.. so just a few.. mostly collection birds.A real fight going on here.. at one time the attacker had it's victim's neck in its beak!!Still, all said and done, I got out for some exercise and fresh air!![...]

Warnham LNR - quiet and brief visit


Was meant to be meeting my brother this morning; but he called off sick with a cold!!  Didn't sound great when he rangSo off to do some food shopping and then came home via Warnham .  All was quiet. Looks like the male Mute Swan has found a mate.. the original female and his partner, died last year unfortunately.Little Egret hidden in the grass... best shot I could get!2 Male, and 1 Female Pochard aboutloads of Tuftiesan obliging Nuthatch plus the usual culprits around the feeding station. - was quiet when I got into the hide, but rumours of a recent sparrowhawk visit might explain it!!and finally home... not the day I'd planned... but lovely to get a bit of exercise at the reserve..[...]

Wakehurst Place & Nymans Gardens


Funny old day today.   At this time of the year, many of my regular haunts are closed, or have limited opening.  There were places I could have gone but the M23 Northbound is shut between 2 junctions,  for its second of reported 4 weekends.. from Friday evening to early Monday morning.  So given there are queues of traffic to get onto the motorway higher up.. I avoided going in that direction.So I decided I'd visit Wakehurst Place.  Whilst the National Trust own the land (and members get in free) it's a Royal Botanic Gardens run property.. and not that long ago the organisation (RBG) introduced parking charges for those who didn't have passes or who weren't paying for entry.Subsequently I limited my time there so not to have to pay exorbitant parking costs!!Load of cyclamen as you enter the gardens.Down towards the Water GardensThe Walled GardenGiven my self-allocated time was up, I decided that, as Nymans was not that far away, I would go there for lunch and a wander...There was a queue for parking, and just at the point I decided to call it off, a place became free.I started with a scone,, of course !! and very nice it was too..So off for a wander... the skies were grey, but it was very mild.. about 10 degrees.Ponders & FrankThe scent of Daphne Odora was almost over powering.. beautiful though!!and with that.. off I went homewards.. and when I got there.. the sun was out!![...]

Sheffield Park.. the sun disappeared


The sunrise this morning was glorious... pity it didn't last thoughDidn't know where to go today.... so headed off to Sheffield Park for a walk and some fresh air.A felled tree which is going to 'change shape' shortly as part of diep-haven, a festival of contemporary creation,  having involvement at Sheffield Park..and lunch!!Heard a Woodpecker drumming today for the first time this year... Spring is coming!![...]



After shopping popped into Warnham.. plenty of the regulars at the feeders. Blue, Great and Long Tailed Tits; Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Female Pheasants, Blackbird, Robin, a Coal Tit, Nuthatch, 1 Female Siskin and 1 Goldcrest! and 2 Grey Squirrels.... ;) Heard Great Spotted Woodpecker..On the water, Pochard, Shoveller, Mallards, Tufties, Moorhen, Coots, Gulls, Grey Heron, and in the trees, Cormorants.[...]

Walking the dog.. the sun shone!!


Two year's ago today, I was doing the same thing with my daughter (and on that occasion my grandson) with a walk along the beach to the cafe.The wind was bitter, but the sun was glorious as we walked today...A lone surfer getting ready to hit the water..and walking back an ominous black cloud formed... it never rained though!![...]

Claremont Gardens... and a brief appearance of the sun!!


Local weather forecast was awful but further north it promised to be much better.  I headed off to Claremont Gardens....I'd been driving in rain and very wet roads, but as I got nearer into the next county, the roads were dry and the sky (relatively!!) brighterIt was mild and good to just wander... very few people about today..Camellias blooming beautifullyand I saw a very fast moving Goldcrest..  dreadful picture but ... evidence :)A black-headed gull getting its summer plumage!!A pit stop for lunch; had a couple of scones today... quite hungry and the scones seemed smaller that usual..Cheery Winter Aconites..Had another walk.. and the clouds started to clear.. and smatterings of blue sky andunbelievably ... sunshine!!and with that I headed off home.. about a third of the journey back I drove into very wet roads and rain..'s still raining as I type this!![...]

All quiet at Widewater Lagoon


Just standard food shopping today with a brief wander at Widewater Lagoon.  As I'd left Tesco's it was sunny with blue skies and was warm.. by the time I got to Widewater, the clouds had gathered and the temperature has droppedVery quiet in terms of bird life, - a few gulls, a couple of Redshanks, the family of Mute Swans (7 in total but spread out between the extreme ends of the lagoon), a couple of Little Egrets and that was about it..except for a few posy crows near the car park.[...]

Nymans.. for lunch and a wet wet walk..


The weather today was ... pants..  It started with heavy rain, turned to snow, and then back to rain again.I popped into town and then decided to go to Nymans Gardens.It was lunch time, so had a very tasty Tuscan Bean Soup .. followed by..a fruit scone.The rain had eased a little, so suitably clad I headed off for a walk.... some of us decided that staying in the back pack was a good idea!!Hellebores bringing some colour..Snowdrops coming through.. lovely to see..and the lichen on the tree was prettycheery CyclamenSome colour in the Rose GardenWe sought shelter for a bit in one of the doorways of the house"Knock knock"... ah well... another day....hmmm.....Helper to the gardeners..and finally, having decided the rain was never going to stop.. we headed off home..Really good to get some fresh air, a bit of winter colour... and rust ... :)[...]

Chichester for a wander.. and a new discovery


Horrid day in terms of weather.. rained most of the day and very grey skies.  I was in no rush to get out but in the end went into Chichester for a wander.As it was round lunch time when I arrived I stopped at Patisserie Valerie for a salmon & cream cheese bagel.. which came with a rather large portion of French Fries.. all very tastyA wander round some shops for something I needed and then through the town.  Light was not conducive to decent picture taking.The Market cross where four streets converge..The cafe was in here, where I had lunchand on the walk back to the car park, I took a detour and came across Priory Park - click HERE for more information.Today the ground is used by Chichester Priory Park Cricet Club who play in the Sussex Cricket League Division Two... Chichester City Colts Under 9s football team play here too, it's affectionaly know as "The FortressThis building is the GuildhallAnd I saw my first treecreeper of 2018 - totally wrong camera for birds so a record shot.and in the park was a reasonably large aviary... two of its occupants.and a very pale Grey Squirrel searching for buried treasureAlbeit a town wander, it was good to get out and great to find something new. [...]

An odd day.. but rewarded at Warnham LNR..


There are times when time doesn't feel 'real'.. today was one of those times.Had a medical appointment this morning, then needed to give a lift to a friend over a reasonably distance.. original chauffeur had been taken ill.. and finally managed about 1/2 hour at Warnham LNR on my way home.The usual culprits but good to see Redpoll, Siskin, Redpoll and Wren..not the best of pics today..[...]

Sovereign Harbour.. a very short walk!!


I was in Sovereign Harbour today; principally to meet a friend but also to discover the 1st winter Black Guillemot.The sun was glorious but the wind strong and bitingly cold!!  I saw the Guillemot through the binoculars.. it dived... and by the time I got nearer .. had disappeared. and I didn't rediscover it ... so o pic.. was really glad to have seen it though.Birds were mostly Cormorants today...We wandered back to one of the many cafe for hot coffee and lunch!!..Good to get the bird  😃[...]